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How about a little fic where Rocket, Groot, and Tony are geeking out over the Iron Man suit (and Tony can totally understand Groot) while Peter stands off to the side in amusement/joy at the sight of his boyfriend and family being total dorks before joining them in the conversation or just standing behind Tony and wrapping his arms around him and snuggling up while listening to the nerdy engineers go at it?

A/N: This drabble doesn’t contain any plot spoilers for GOTG 2; however, it does spoil an after credit scene. Proceed with caution. 

“Not bad for something made on this backwater planet.” Rocket stroked his chin as he looked over the hologram blueprints for Tony’s latest Iron Man suit. He grabbed one of the suit’s arms and eyed the repulsor. “Could be better though.”

“Excuse you?” Tony said snidely, holding the tablet Peter had given him, which was loaded with as much information on the most badass technology in the universe.

Peter sat back in one of his boyfriend’s lab chairs, sipping what Tony swore was a recreation of the Squeezeit drinks he used to have in his lunchbox when he was a kid. He didn’t remember the drink being so sugary, and he was having a hard time drinking it now.

“I’m not saying you did a bad job. You did as good a job as you could have, considering all you had was crap.”

“I am Groot.” Groot never looked up from his video game. Groot used to be intrigued by Tony’s lab, but ever since Tony banned Groot from playing with anything flammable, Groot had taken to finding a corner in Tony’s lab and playing whatever handheld video game he had in his possession.

“Don’t you start with me, sapling.” Tony wagged his finger at Groot, smiling the whole while. He knew exactly what kind of reaction he was going to get out of the angsty teenager.

“I am Groot!”

“Right, right. You’re not a sapling. How about ‘sprout?’”

“I am Groot!”

Groot hunched his shoulders and glued his gaze onto his video game, refusing to talk to Tony anymore.

Tony chuckled. “Aw, c’mon. Don’t be like that.”

“And to think people call me an asshole. At least I’m not picking on kids.” Rocket picked up a screwdriver from one of Tony’s toolboxes and without any warning started taking apart the armor.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tony flung himself over the top half of the armor. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Rocket shrugged. “What? I’m doing you a favor. I’m upgrading your armor.”

Tony shook his head. “Not without telling me in exact detail what it is you’re going to do.”

Rocket sighed. “Fine. Pull up a chair while I explain it to you, primate.”

Tony grumbled something that Peter was unable to hear from his location, but Tony did as Rocket asked and plopped himself in the nearest chair. Rocket then dragged the hologram showing the blueprint of the armor forward and had the hologram zoom in and out of pieces of the armor Rocket wanted to improve. At first he spoke slowly and deliberately, like he did with Groot when Groot was still young. However, once Tony started butting in with his own thoughts, Rocket picked up the pace, and soon the two were working on building a completely new suit of armor.

The sight of Tony working with Rocket–Peter’s family–warmed something in Peter. He felt like he was high, and he wasn’t going to come down from the rush anytime soon.

He set down his drink and walked over to Tony.

With the sound of his footsteps as his only warning, Peter wrapped his arms around Tony’s shoulder from behind.

Tony paused in what he was saying to look behind him. He smiled when he saw it was Peter.

Peter returned the grin, his happiness doubling.

“I am Groot,” Groot groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You’re going to have to learn about the birds and bees some time, kid,” Tony hollered at Groot.

Groot sneered. “I am Groot.”

Tony clutched Peter’s arm and laughed at whatever Groot had said.

The moment was pretty damn close to perfect, and Peter loved it.

It’s not what it looks like! (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader

Warnings: Nudity, cursing, and mentions of smut (Tony catches the reader and Peter in a compromising position and makes some assumptions…)

Request by @snowybeats: Can you do one about Peter Parker walking in on Y/N naked then Peter tripped on something and fell on Y/N the Tony walked in to see Peter is on his daughter Then tony ran to his lab to get is are Iron man suit and you can think of the rest, so please?

A/N: OMG me and my friend @avengemenugget were talking about a funny scenario just like this and now someone has gone and requested it! I’m so happy! I hope you all enjoy! Also I don’t mention in this if the reader is Tony’s biological father or adopted, I’ll leave that up to your interpretation. 

You stepped out of your shower and wrapped your hair up in a towel. One of the perks about spending your Summer in the Avengers tower was that you got your own bathroom as opposed to sharing one with your dorm-mates from boarding school. The other was that you got to hang out with the Avengers, and one very cute teen protege of your father that had caught your eye…And that you always caught staring lovingly at you. You looked around and noticed that you were without a towel. Oh well, you’d just have to walk naked into your room to find one. It’s not like there would be anyone in there… 

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Not So Gentle 2/4 - Peter Parker Drabble

Prompt: Reader has been kidnapped only to find out her long time best friend is apart of this scheme, she faces a whole new side of Peter.

Warnings: Mention of suffer, bleeding, beating, fluff, reassurance, Plot twist

Word Count: 930

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

A/N: Leave your comments let me know what you think :)

~part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4


“Was beating the crap out of him, really necessary?” The two men watched as Peter took a punch after punch to a worn out punching bag.

“The kid was showing weakness, someone had to remind him who he’s working for now.”

“Oh and he knows it! But if that was your way of reminding him, then we are far from getting anything out of the girl.”

“The first plan wasn’t working out, so we had to go in a different way.”

“So turning Tony Stark’s hero in trainee against him, and kidnapping his pride and only joy was the best way to go?” The man quirked an eyebrow at his boss.

“The job wasn’t getting done.” He shrugged.

“So it appears…” Drew said.

“Any way, I have to go run some errands tonight, watch over them will ya.” His boss patted his shoulder glancing once more at the boy who was letting off steam.


“Hey Parker!” Drew nodded his head towards the basement.

“I’m going.” Peter put on his jacket and zipped it up.

Peter opened the door and descended down the basement.

You heard the sound of footsteps approaching, but you were too weak to care about who was coming down again to make you suffer.

Your head hung low. Your stomach bleeding out slowly and painfully. The stab wound really did a number on you. And the fact that this was Peter’s doing made your suffering much worse. Whatever they embedded into his head, this wasn’t your Peter, he wouldn’t do this to you, to the team. You wondered what your dad thought of this, was he even looking for you, was he even trying to stop Peter from doing the wrong thing.

An indistinct voice was what you heard. Sometimes you were going in and out of a conscious state. 

“Y/N? Baby I’m right here, okay? I’m right here.” Peter took a hold of your limp hand that rested on top of the arm rest. He placed a hand to your cheek gazing over your broken down features.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” He placed his head on your lap. 

“I-its n-not your fault.” You whispered. Your voice going raspier by the minute. 

“It is my fault, because of me, because of Spider-Man, you’re hurt!“ He cried out.

 “T-They f-forced y-you to-” You couldn’t even get out your sentence before Peter started interrupting you. 

“Don’t waste your energy okay.” He kissed your forehead, “I’m gonna get you home, that’s a promise.” He brought your hand up to his lips and kissed it. All you could do was give a nod weakly.

Peter had to go again because Drew let him know that he had to be back upstairs. If it wasn’t for Drew, Peter wouldn’t even be going down to check up on you and trying to keep you alive. So for that, Peter was at least grateful for.

“How’s she holding up?” Drew asked him as they sat in Peter’s room playing a video game until their boss came back. Out of everyone Drew seemed to be the only sincere person between the rest of the assholes. 

“She’s holding on for as long as she can.” Peter muttered. 

“She’s a fighter I’ll giver her that.” Drew nodded. 

“Yeah that she is…” Peter breathed out. 

“Listen Parker, I’m not suppose to say anything, but Toomes is going to be gone all night tomorrow.” 

That sparked Peters’s interest, “Why are you telling me this?” 

Drew looked around to make sure no else was around, “As much of a great asset you are, your still just a kid, just as much as Y/N is, you two shouldn’t even be involved in this, and I know that’s not much of a choice for you, but she doesn’t deserve to go through that.” He pointed out the door.

“But what’s does that have to do with Toomes?” Peter shook is head.

“Your not getting it” Drew palmed his forehead. “Toomes. Will. Be. Gone. You. Get. Y/N. Out.” Peters eyes widened in realization.

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because I know what it feels like to have someone you love get punished for your own mistakes.” Drew looked down at his shoes finding them quite interesting. “I know that making you hurt Y/N was as much as my doing as Toomes, but after you did what we forced you to do, seeing her look at you with so much pain, I couldn’t just stand by and let her die. I’m also helping you because if I don’t Tony will kill my ass, then your beat your ass because this plan didn’t go as planned!” Drew smacked him upside of the head.

“Hey I’m trying, and it’s not my fault you agreed to this!”

“The mission was to get in and get her out. Well were in Parker, so now we just get her out of here.” Drew murmured.

“I didn’t think I’d have to hurt her in the process.” Peter’s eyes watered.

“Hey, don’t worry, she’s going to be fine, and this will all be over before you know it.” Drew reassured Peter by giving his back a slight pat, “You needed an inside man, so I’m doing my job as one Parker.”

Peter simply nodded. “The Vulture won’t know what hit em.”

Part 3 

Off Limits ~ Peter Parker

Word count: 3,171

Relationship: Peter x female!reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, small panic attack.

For some reason, Peter managed to do everything Tony Stark told him not to do. That included staying away from daughter, but Peter was intrigued by the girl he couldn’t stay away. There was a beautiful light to her that made Peter feel a way that he had never felt with anyone else. The way her skin glowed in the sun, how her smile would light up the room, made Peter forget that Tony clearly stated his daughter was off limits, but Tony was asking for it when he practically assigned his daughter to babysit Peter in Germany, and then at his high school after that.

“Peter, there is some girl here who says she needs to speak to you” Aunt May called out, startling Peter who had no plans with anyone, especially not a girl. He sprung up from his bed to find a familiar face in the room. Not someone he knew personally, the daughter of a man he had admired since age six.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Stark” she stammered shyly. She stood with her arms behind her back, she was rocking back and forth on her heels and she was looked down. Peter would have thought she would have been much more confident, but she reeked of anxiety.

“P-peter Parker” He replied probably sounding just as nervous as her. His palms were sweating, heart, pounding, legs practically shaking.

“Could we talk in your room?” she asked quietly looking up, giving Peter a kind warm smile that made his heart melt.

“Uh- yeah sure” he stumbled, then led the way to his room. He opened the door for her, a quiet ‘thanks’ left her lifts as she walked towards the bed, slowly sitting down. “So, is there a reason you came,” he asked, “Not that I care or anything, you’re amazing”, he rambled, his cheeks going bright red along with hers. She smiled at him and then quickly looked down. They stood there in silence. “Wait, how do you even know who I am” he pressed breaking the awkward silence between.

“Um, well, my dad, he, um needs help with something, and he asked me to come recruit you because he’s recruiting someone else”, she stammered, still gazing down at her feet.

“Recruit me for what” he puzzled, an excitement coursing through his veins at the thought of Tony Stark wanting his help.

“I know you’re Spider-man” she blurted, standing up and hitting the part of the ceiling where Peter hid his suit quickly covering her mouth. He leaped to cover the suit trying to deny the accusation she just blurted out.

“What, I-I’m not Spider-”

“Cut the crap Peter, I had one of my dad’s robots follow you home last night, well I mean follow Spider-man, but anyways my dad needs your help in Germany, and he told me to come get you on board” she interrupted walking towards him.

“Germany”! He squeaked, burying his face in his hands. “I can’t just leave out of the blue, I have school and homework”

“Please Peter” she begged grabbing his hands. “I can do your homework, and we can tell your Aunt that you have something called a Stark internship that you applied for, my dad really needs your help.

“Okay, okay” Peter agreed, compelling her to smile. A smile that captivated Peter, which made him stare probably way longer than he should. She released his hands and walked towards his door.

“I know this is super short notice, but we have to leave in the next 15 minutes” she started walking out the door. After the girl had exited his room. He quickly grabbed his clothing and shoved it into a duffel bag, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The thought of adventure making his head spin, thinking of the miles of possibilities working with Tony Stark could give him. The brightest light at the end of the tunnel was becoming an avenger. Something he had dreamed of since they saved New York. He had never been so overjoyed in his life, This had been the first time since his Uncle Ben died, that he had actually felt the warmth of true happiness. He cut out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door causing him to jump up, from the sudden noise.

“Peter how long does it take you to pack” She teased.

“Sorry I got distracted” he laughed, lifting his duffle bag, running to the door. He bursted out the door, but everything went in slow motion when he saw Y/N laughing at something May had said to her. She obviously had warmed up, and stopped being as anxious as she was when she first walked in. The sight of her laughing made Peter’s heart skip a beat. He couldn’t comprehend why, because he had just met her. She turned her head, and gave him a wide smile gesturing her hands to follow her out the door. She left the apartment to allow Peter to say goodbye to his Aunt. After giving his Aunt a heartfelt hug he left the room following Y/N to the elevator. Both Peter and Y/N went for the elevator button touching hands. Peter felt the places of skin she touched light on fire. Y/N quickly pulled her hand out of the way, the blood rising to her cheeks making them the color of the rose. Peters doing the exact same. The elevator door ringed, and the quickly made their way into the elevator.

“Sooo, why do you do what you do,” she asked breaking the silence. He tilted his head, and have her a confused look.

“I mean you’re 15 years old, why do you choose to be a hero, I mean it’s incredible what you’re doing at such a young age” she clarified, looking into his eyes with a curious look, clearly amazed at the fact this boy managed school, a social life, and saving the city as freshman in high school.

“When you can do the things that I can do, and you don’t, and the bad things happen they happen because of you” explained fiddling with his hands. His thoughts trailing to his Uncle Ben who had been killed by a robber. He had had a fight with his Uncle, and left the house in rage. His Uncle had went out searching for him, and had been ambushed, and even with the things Peter could do, he couldn’t save his Uncle. The man who was practically his father. He felt tears sting his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away.

“You lost someone” she whispered, he looked up at her, eyes glossy. She didn’t need him to answer because she knew. “I’ve lost someone too”. She breathed, reaching out to grab his hand. They sat there gazing into each others eyes until the elevator reached the ground floor. Happy was at the bottom level, and she quickly released Peter’s hand and dusted off her leggings.

“Alright, hope you don’t get air sick” she smiled clapping her hands together. They walked out of the apartment building to the car parked at the side of the road. Happy opened the door for both of them. This was the most expensive car Peter has ever stepped into, to be honest he was freaking out. He took a deep breath as he applied his seat belt.

“You good Parker,” she asked giving him a concerning look.

“Yeah this is just a lot to take in, and I don’t even know what I’m doing for this, and I’m just ner-”

“Hey, don’t be nervous, you’re going to be fine, you are the bravest 15-year-old I’ve ever know, and I’ve only known you for hour” she interrupted giving me a warm smile, then turned her head to look out the window. Peter looked forward at the opening that revealed a not so happy, Happy Hogan.

“So why do they call you Happy”? Peter asked curiously, but Happy just rolled up the window making Y/N giggle.

“His name may be Happy, but he’s rarely happy” she chuckled looking back out the window. For the rest of the car ride the two of them kept their eyes out the window until they arrived at the airport. The car pulled up on the runway revealing the private jet. Peter had never been on a plane, nor had he ever left New York. Peter and Y/N followed Happy to the jet, he gestured his hands, signalling the two to get on first. Peter stepped onto the jet, his heart racing, he looked to the cockpit to see no pilot.

“Woah no pilot” he asked, looking to Happy who rolled his eyes at the boy. Y/N sat down at a seat on the back of the jet, Happy took the front. Peter rushed to the back taking a seat next to Y/N who was laughing at how thrilled the boy was. His goofy smile made her feel butterflies.

“Have you ever been on a jet”, she giggled, applying her seat belt.

“No, I’ve never even been out of New York” he exclaimed, probably too loud, because Happy glared back causing Y/N to burst out laughing. “What”? He asked confused at what was so funny to her.

“You are just so excited, it’s kinda adorable” she laughed leaning back in her chair, as the jet began to take off. Peter gripped the armrests of the chair, his face going from goofy to nervous as anxiety washed over. Y/N must have noticed because she grabbed his hand.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be fine” she cooed, giving a small smile, and then closed her eyes, but she didn’t release his hand. “You should try to get some sleep, It’s going to be a long plane ride” she added. Peters brain was buzzing from the high he was getting from the adrenaline pumping through his veins with the all the new things he was doing and was going to do, but he closed his eyes knowing he needed to get some sleep. He was beginning to feel sleep overcome his body until he felt a weight on his shoulder. His eyes fluttered open to see the girl next to him cuddling into his shoulder. His breath hitched, as he looked down at the beautiful sleeping girl who was using him as a pillow. He smiled and closed his eyes sleep finally washing over his body.


Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open attempting to adjust to the lighting on the jet. She rubbed her eyes, and then stretched out her arms. She felt a kink in neck that she had most likely gotten from sleeping funny. She tilted her head to the side rubbing on the irritated area.

“Landing in 5 minutes” Happy yelled, waking up Peter who practically jumped out of his seat.

“Morning sunshine” she giggled, as Peter groaned slouching into his seat.

Once the plane had landed Y/N quickly got up running to the exit, and off the plane. She ran to her father who was waiting for her outside of the plane and engulfed him into a huge hug which Tony gladly accepted.

“Hey there squirt” he marveled hugging his beloved daughter. His daughter detached from the hug running over to Natasha to give Tony time to discuss the plan with Peter. Peter took the car with Happy and Tony, and Y/N went with Nat who drove her own car. Nat took Y/N around Germany since she had never been there. Tony did the same with Peter, but it was more of them discussing, and making sure Peter knew exactly what he was doing.

Later In the day, they met back at the hotel to get ready for the fight against Cap. Y/N led Peter to his room and told him to get his suit on. Once she went out the door, Peter quickly put on his suit and walked out the door.

“Peter, what the hell are you wearing” she squeaked, eyeing up his homemade suit.

“My suit” he questioned confused at why she was asking. She quickly gripped his hand, dragging him back into the room, going through a door he thought was a closet.

“Woah, I thought this was a closet, this is still my room,” he asked, but she ignored the question.

“The case Peter open it, and hurry up” she whined walking towards the door he thought to be a closet.

“A minor upgrade” He questioned, reading the note on top of the case. He opened the case to reveal a brand new suit. “Holy shit, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” He squealed, releasing the suit from the case, he stripped from his old suit, putting on the new one as quickly as he possibly could. He was ready to impress Tony Stark, and he knew he could do it. He made his way out the door, to find Y/N pacing.

“Okay that’s so much better” she sighed in relief. “Now let’s go Happy is waiting in the car”.

The two kids rushed down the stairs and practically sprinted to through the lobby getting the odd stares from the people at the check in counter. Happy was waiting outside looking down at his watch.

“Finally, how does it take to put on a suit” he sassed crossing his arms to his chest

“Okay, it’s not my fault he didn’t know my dad made him a new suit” she retorted, glaring at Happy, because of his tone.

“Alright kid let’s go” Happy yelled breaking the silence. Happy walked to the driver’s seat and got in. Peter began to walk to the door, but Y/N stopped him.

“Please be careful Peter, these people have much more training in combat, and some of them will be stronger, just don’t get yourself involved in anything you can’t win, please” she begged looking up at him with glossy eyes.

“Hey, look I’m going to be okay” he assured grabbing her hand. He gave her a warm smile, unlike the goofy one she had received since she met him. He began to walk away, and held her hand until it slipped away when he got to far away from her. Y/N felt a tear fall from her eye, which she quickly wiped away. She had only known this boy for 24 hours, why did she feel so attached. She watched as the car down away, and she stood there frozen to the ground. Her body tense. She attempted to calm herself down, but her dad, and a boy she had became very fond of could get severely injured, or worse. She slowly made her way towards her room, taking deep breaths as the elevator, began to move. Once the elevator reached it stop, she couldn’t hold in her tears, or her feelings. Most of the time Y/N was good at keeping her feelings to herself, but the stress of this was too much. She sprinted to her room, and attempted to slide the key in, but her hands were to shaky. After multiple attempts she gave up, sliding her back down the door, burying her face in her hands as she sobbed. She trusted her father and Peter, but anything could go wrong. She felt her chest tighten at the thought of any horrible outcome. Anyone from either side dying would be detrimental to her. She was so close with every member of the team, and truthfully they were her only friends. After her small panic attack, she was able to catch her breath, and get into her room. She flopped down on the bed looking at the ceiling. Exhaustion hitting her like a train. As much as she wanted to stay up, her body fought it, as she fell into a deep sleep.


Her eyes fluttered open to find her dad sitting, and drinking coffee. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. She scrambled out off her bed, darting to her father, and hugging him as tightly as possible.

“Is everyone okay” she whispered. Feeling tears sting her eyes, as she expected the worst.

“Everyone is fine, but Cap got away,” he said kissing her forehead. She blinked away her tears and ran towards the door.

“I’m going to go see Peter” she shouted as she ran out the door. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, and practically knocked the door down with how loud she knocked. The door opened to reveal, a just woken up Peter Parker rubbing his eyes. She pounced on him engulfing him in a huge hug. She cuddled her head into his chest feeling the warmth of his body. Peter’s eyes went wide open, trying to process what was happening, but once he figured it out, he wrapped his arms around her waist snuggling into the hug. Once they pulled apart Y/N noticed the bruise forming around his eye. She lightly touched it causing him to wince at the contact.

“Peter are you okay” she exclaimed clearly worried.

“Yes Y/N, I’m absolutely fine” he assured, pulling her into his room.

“But you have a blac-”

“I’m okay” he interrupted in a soft voice. He put his hands on her shoulders making her feel better. “Do you want to do something fun?” he asked out of the blue.

“Well, that depends” she smirked.

“How about you just take a chance, and say yes” he suggested.

“You’re lucky because, I’m in the mood for an adventure Parker” she giggled walking towards him, as he was opening up the window.

“So that’s a yes” he questioned, and she nodded his head. “Then hold on,” he said grasping her waist and pulling her out the window. She squealed wrapped her arms around Peter as he climbed up the side of the building until they reached the top. He let go of her setting her safely on the roof. He walked over the edge of the building and sat down at the on the ledge putting his legs over.

“Are you coming?” he asked gesturing for her to come over.

“I’m kind of scared of heights” she laughed nervously.

“And I won’t drop you” he replied

“Okay fine, but no games Parker” she murmured, walking towards the ledge her legs shaking. He helped her over, and she wrapped her arms around him scared to fall. He gripped her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Just breathe, Y/N” he whispered. She took a deep breath and started to admire the view from the top of the building. She felt her body relax in his arms, and the anxiety she had been feeling the past 2 days had started to fade away, as she was held in the arms of a boy she knew for sure was going to steal her heart.  

Sexual Harrasment

Summary:  Tony Stark is your boss’ boss’ boss’ boss, but he’s taken an interest in you. After saying no he flexes his power.

Warnings: THIS IS A NON/CON-RAPE STORY. Please do not read if this offends you. Smut

Pairings: Tony Stark x reader

Words: 2800

A/N: For all the anon’s wanting more Mercy.  Here is just a straight up Non-Con Tony story.

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“Good Y/N, you’re here finally.”  Tony smiled when you went into his office the third time that day. “I need a feminine opinion.”

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You stopped at least five feet away from the man as he held his arm out.

“Mr. Stark…”

“Tony.” He walked over to you and slid his hand around your waist. “How many times do I have to tell you.  It’s Tony.”

“Tony.”  You crossed your arms. “I really can’t neglect the accounts like this. I’m a junior accountant.  For these special projects hire someone to make this their full time job.”

“Paying for this sort of thing isn’t my style.”  His eyes were glued to you, but you refused to look his way as he pulled your side. “Just kidding.”

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Good Luck Finding Cinderella

“I’m pretty.” Tony cocked his head to the side and watched as black tresses cascaded over his shoulder and side. He tapped at his lips, which were painted ruby red, then traced his eyes. His eyes were large like some anime character’s and his lashes were thick and lush. He palmed his chin and cheeks. Soft as baby skin and twice as smooth.

“Who said you could look at yourself yet?” Rhodey grabbed Tony by the arm and drew Tony back to the bed where Rhodey had spent the last hour and more adding extensions to Tony’s hair and applying makeup to Tony’s clean shaven face.

Piles of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and many cosmetics slid across the bedspread as Tony landed on the mattress. Rhodey grumbled as he stood behind Tony and took a comb to Tony’s hair. He snatched a few bobby pins off the bed and held them in his mouth as he grumbled.

“I didn’t actually think you could do it. I was prepared for a disaster, but I actually look like a girl. A flat chested one at the moment, but a girl nonetheless.”

“I told you I have sisters and cousins, didn’t I?”

“That just tells me everyday is a battle for hot water and private time, not that you’re actually good at this kind of stuff.”

Rhodey rolled his eyes. He gave Tony’s head a particularly rough shove forward then did some braid-y-thingie with Tony’s hair.

“I had an emergency makeup artist on speed dial and everything,” Tony mumbled.

“And aren’t you glad you don’t have to call them? Your adventure tonight is going to be a secret between the two of us.” Rhodey thrust out his pinkie at Tony.

Tony grinned and hooked his pinkie around Rhodey’s. “What are we? Five?” he razzed Rhodey. He loved the childish act though. It soothed the part of him that was still scared Rhodey would betray him one day. He’d known Rhodey for a few years now, and Rhodey had always been by his side even when he was at his worst. Even so, he’d been burned so many times, it was still hard for him to believe that Rhodey was the best friend he’d been looking for all his life.

“So are you going to dance with the prince?” Rhodey teased as he styled Tony’s hair.

Tony scoffed and playfully tried to elbow Rhodey. “I only want to see what all the fuss is about.” Truthfully, Tony understood why the Wakanda prince was such a big deal. Wakanda was a very powerful country and had resources that everyone wanted to get their hands on. What Tony didn’t understand was why for the first time ever, Howard had forbidden Tony from attending the prince’s welcome party at the embassy. Usually Howard forced Tony to attend such things. The one-eighty in attitude made Tony curious, and now Tony wanted nothing more than to march into the embassy, waltz up to the Prince T’Challa, and say something shocking.

“Right, you bought a one of a kind gown just so you could stare at the prince. Sure thing, Cinderella.”

“You’re just jealous because I’ve proven that no matter what, I’m always beautiful.”

“Watch it, I still have my makeup brushes. I can turn you into a pumpkin if you keep that ego up.”

Tony feigned a forlorn sigh. “How did I end up with an abusive fairy godmother?”

Rhodey twisted Tony’s hair.

Tony laughed.

Rhodey soon finished with Tony’s hair. He then helped Tony pick out the bra size that looked the most natural with Tony’s body. Tony was disappointed that Rhodey nixed the D size bra, but once he saw himself laced up in his flowing crimson gown, Tony could admit that Rhodey had been right about the cup size. D would have been too much.  

“So would you date me now?” Tony chortled. He’d linked his arm through Rhodey’s as they headed toward the garage. Tony dangled his strappy heels from his finger–mindful of his press ons.

“Maybe in another universe.”

Tony was a tad disappointed in Rhodey’s answer, but he had expected it. He’d spent the early half of their friendship flirting mercilessly with Rhodey, and while Rhodey had always responded good-naturedly, Rhodey just wasn’t interested in anything sexual or romantic. He was open to late night drunken cuddles, though, so Tony was pleased.

Rhodey held open the car door and helped Tony inside. Tony was grateful that he’d picked a gown that didn’t have a bulky skirt or else he would never be able to drive himself to the embassy. With a hug and a few final well wishes, Rhodey shut the car door and took a step back.

Tony drove off to the embassy. It took him longer than he’d have preferred to get to the welcome party, but it was worth it in the end. Everyone and their mother seemed to be attending the party, and so Tony had managed to avoid the line by showing up late. He gave a fake name that he’d arranged to have put on the guest then strode into the party.

It wasn’t the fanciest party Tony had gone to, but considering it was a bunch of politicians and such who were hosting the shindig, the event was nicer than their normal parties. Tony would describe it as Sunday Brunch With Grandma. The food was plentiful and every table had a flower arrangement. The music was performed by musicians and classical. Everyone either drank champagne or water.

In short, it was boringly elegant and tasteful. If it weren’t for his curiosity, Tony would have pivoted and strolled right out of the room.

Instead, Tony snatched a flute of champagne when a waiter wandered by with a tray full of glasses. He took a sip then dove into the crowd, searching for the guest of honor. He had to mingle a little bit, but for once Tony was amused by the small talk. It was obvious no one recognized him dressed as a girl, and he found it enjoyable to every now and then mention his name and see the reaction it got out of people.

He didn’t have many fans among the older crowd. Those closer to his age varied in their opinions of him, but even the most irritated of his peers acknowledged Tony’s intelligence and skill set.

Tony was enjoying himself so much that as he moved to retreat from the group he was currently mingling with, he bumped into someone who had just been trying to pass by.

“Sorry.” Tony seized the arm of his victim without thinking, yanking the young man back into place before he could fall to the ground. “Wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The young man paused for a moment. His dark gaze assessed Tony, and Tony took the opportunity to check out the cutie in return. Soft, springy curls crowned the guy’s head, and Tony’s fingers twitched to touch the curls. A goatee that arced thinly around the lips then covered the bottom half his chin reminded Tony of the first time he’d kissed someone with facial hair and how rough it had been.

Tony certainly wouldn’t mind kissing the guy in front of him to see if his kiss would be equally as rough.  

“No, the trouble is all mine. I was not paying attention either.”

“Sounds like we’re both to blame then.” Tony smiled, then just for fun, he held out his hand like he expected the man in front of him to kiss it. It wasn’t everyday Tony got to dress up like a girl and attend a fancy party. He was going to take full advantage.

Dark eyes sparkled with mischief. The young man eyed Tony’s hand then took it and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “So it would seem. However, I am not the one who would have had to face the wrath of the Dora Milaje.”

The Dora Milaje? Tony flipped through his memory like a rolodex until he found what he was looking for.

The Dora Milaje were the personal bodyguards of Prince T’Challa.

Tony glanced in the direction Prince T’Challa had come from and a woman who radiated strength and authority stood just a few paces away. Her sight was locked on Tony, and Tony swore she could see right through him; that she knew that underneath the dress and makeup Tony was just a boy.

Except he wasn’t just a boy. He was the same age as Prince T’Challa, and just like the prince he was a genius. He may not be a prince, but he was set to inherit a company that affected the lives of billions. He was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let some overprotective Xena wannabe scare him into submission.

“So I guess that makes you the prince this party is for. Personally, I think it’s lame. I’ve been to Easter parties more exciting than this. You should complain. One word from you and we could get a rock band in here as well as some decent alcohol.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying yourself.”

Tony scoffed and tossed back the last of his champagne. “Please, Prince Charming, don’t pretend like you give a damn whether someone is enjoying this party or not. This is all just a show, and everyone here is a clown.”

Prince T’Challa quirked an eyebrow and met Tony’s gaze challenging. “Everyone?”

The prince’s inflection gave off the real question he was asking: “Even me?”

Tony smirked. “Everyone.” Tony thrust his champagne flute at Prince T’Challa. “Mind holding this? Thanks.” Tony didn’t give Prince T’Challa an option, shoving the glass into Prince T’Challa’s hands before the young man could stop him.

Tony snatched another flute off a passing waiter’s tray and sipped from the new glass. “So Prince Charming, I hear you’re a genius. What’s your field?”

“Excuse me?”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Field of study? Please tell me you’re a genius in the math and sciences and that you’re not going to pull out some crap about being a literary genius or some bull shit like that.”

“You don’t like literature?”

Tony shook his head. “Literature isn’t objective. It’s important, but I like dealing with hard facts. I don’t need nor want to get in debate about whether King Lear was a hypocrite and got what he deserved in the end or if he’s truly a tragic character and should be pitied. I much rather talk about artificial intelligence, psychics, or even just space.” Tony paused. “Star Wars and Star Trek are also an option.”

Prince T’Challa chuckled. “So are you a Picard or a Kirk fan?”

Tony threw a hand over his fake boobs. “You are Prince Charming.” He fanned himself. “Don’t stop talking nerdy to me.”

“Then perhaps you’d like to hear about Wakanda’s research into artificial intelligence?”  

“Stop, I’ll be kissing you by the end of the night.”

Prince T’Challa didn’t stop, and Tony was entranced. He was enchanted by Prince T’Challa’s crooked smile and the way his eyes lit up as he spoke to Tony. He was enthralled with each new piece of information Prince T’Challa shared with him, and before long, Tony had pulled Prince T’Challa over to a table so Tony could take notes on napkins. He was disappointed to realize that some of the technology Prince T’Challa mentioned using in his experiments did not currently exist in the USA. However, after making a few inquiries, Tony was positive he could develop something similar if not better.

He enjoyed the warm hand Prince T’Challa rested on his knee as Tony drew schematics of the tools he intended to craft. Happiness blossomed in his chest whenever Prince T’Challa looked at his drawings and pointed out something he’d failed to consider and then offered a solution or alternative.

They talked back and forth and it wasn’t until Tony’s back ached from arching over his drawings that he realized the party had thinned out immensely.

A glance at the clock told it was late enough to be considered morning. With a curse, he stood up and shoved the napkins of schematics into his bosom. “Hate to engineer and dash, but it’s going to take forever for me to get rid of all this makeup and I need it gone before the evil dragon guarding my castle learns that I snuck out for the evening. You’ve been a marvelous prince though. Thanks.”

“Before you go, may I-” Tony didn’t hear what Prince T’Challa said. The moment Prince T’Challa had stood and made a move to reach for Tony, Tony had taken off like a rabbit after hearing a gunshot.

He ran out of the embassy and to his car, ripping the door open as fast as he could. He plopped himself into the driver’s seat then bent to undo his strappy heels–he couldn’t drive with the damn things on. He was about to throw them in the passenger seat when a thought came to him. The night really had been like a fairytale, so why not go all in?

Tony opened the compartment where he kept insurance papers as well as a few pens. As quickly as possible, he scribbled a note on the bottom of one shoe then tossed the shoe out of the car.

He then slammed the door and started the car. He didn’t look back to see if anyone had actually followed him outside.

He grinned to himself. Even if Prince T’Challa never found his shoe, Tony would be happy. He’d had fun and at least he’d gotten some cool schematics out of the evening.

Part 2

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Bucky to Tony 'I love you, you idiot.'

Tony eyed Bucky suspiciously, watching as the cranky super soldier prepared two sandwiches, one of which was Tonys favorite. He even used the special mustard and specific bread Tony liked.

Then Tony eyed Bucky even MORE suspiciously when he placed Tonys sand which carefully on the table and then sat down next to him and started eating silently.

After several minutes, Tony took a careful bite, then another and another because holy crap Bucky made a good sandwich.

They both cleaned their plates and then Bucky folded his hands on the table and looked at Tony seriously.

“I’ve been trying to talk to you for months and couldn’t figure out what to say. And you have been pretty damn oblivious or playing hard to get or SOMETHING and I’m tired of it.” He stated and Tony blinked at him.

“I literally have no idea what you’re–”

“I’m in love with you, you idiot.” Bucky said calmly. “And I’ve been making an ass of myself trying to show you and you aren’t cuttin’ me any slack. So there it is– I’m in love with you, and want to know how you feel.”

“Um.” Tony stared at him for a minute. “I am feeling completely surprised because I had no idea. However I am also feeling relieved because I’ve wanted to get in your pants for ages. So you know…” he looked down at the empty plate. “Maybe you can cook dinner for me since you are shockingly good at this, and we can try it.”

“Just like that?” Now Bucky was eyeing HIM suspiciously.

“I’m easier than you guys give me credit for.” Tony said with a shrug. “We could have done this months ago.”

Finally Bucky smiled, slow and sweet and Tony almost forgot how to breathe.

“So is that a yes to you making me dinner?” He managed and Buckys smile grew, one hand reaching out and tracing over Tonys lips.

“Only if you take my pants off after.”

“Hey.” Sam interrupted, from his position leaning against the counter. “You guys know I’m standing right here, right? Like maybe don’t schedule naked liaisons while I’m right here?”

“Or we could skip dinner and…” Tony ran his hand up Buckys thigh. “….and see how we both feel after that.”

“Sure thing sweet thing.” Bucky murmured and Tony almost melted.

“Your room or mine?”

“Seriously you guys!” Sam cried. “I am RIGHT HERE!”

“Leave.” Bucky ordered, without ever looking away from Tony, and Sam threw his hands up in disgust and stomped away. “So… my room?”

“I have a bigger bed.” Tony countered.

“You’re room it is.”

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i have a trope prompt: tony stark and getting bullied??

(I…warped this and threw in Peter. I apologize).

Tony blinks. “Peter, where the hell did that shiner come from? You’re supposed to give me a full report every time Spider Man engages.”

Peter ducks his head bashfully. “It’s not…it’s not because of Spider Man.”

Tony stares at him. “Then it’s…” Did the kid get mugged? Take up a sport? Did May…Tony shakes his head. That’s ridiculous.

“At school, one of Flash’s friends, uh…they don’t usually get physical, so it’s not that big a deal, but…”

It all clicks for Tony then. “It’s a big deal,” he says firmly. “It’s a very big deal, kid, do not tell me some asshats bullying you isn’t a big deal.”

Peter pinkens, an interesting effect with the purple eye. “Mr. Stark, no, really, it’s normal, and I…”

“Bullying is never acceptable,” Tony says.

“How would you know?” Peter snaps. “You don’t have to…you didn’t…”

Tony chuckles dryly. “Peter, I know you, like, think I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread, but you seriously over-estimate me if you think a kid four years younger than everyone else and too nerdy to keep his mouth shut and interact properly didn’t get the crap kicked out of him on occasion. Even if it wasn’t physical–I did sometimes have bodyguards–all the rest of it, that was there. I was the undersized nerd baby, a great target.” Tony feels the rush of distant memories. “Their favorite was pretending they were accepting me, then laughing when I fell for it.”

“That’s…awful,” Peter says.

Tony shrugs. “It happened, I survived. The point is, it’s not okay.”

“What did you do?” Peter asks.

Took it, Tony thinks, because he had no other option. His Dad had no sympathy, his mother no sway. He couldn’t get the mocking “poor little rich boy” expression from administration anymore.

At MIT, Rhodey was a good buffer, but he couldn’t deal with everything and Tony didn’t want him to. Really, the best solution was to get rich and famous and show the world the iron facade.

But Peter doesn’t have to take that approach. Tony feels sick, thinking of this kid with an iron press smile,

“How ‘bout getting picked up by Iron Man tomorrow?” He asks. “Star intern, all that. Let them see who’s backing you up. You point them out, I scare ‘em into submission with my stare.”

Peter looks torn momentarily–likely, Tony thinks, knowing the kid, between the desperate need for help and the desire to fight his own battles–before he nods.

“And Peter?” Tony says, making sure he has the kids full attention. “I’ll give them a talking-to tomorrow, but if they cross any sort of line again, you go to the school. And if they don’t do anything, you go to the police, okay? No one gets away with this.”

“It’s…just high school,” Peter mumbles, staring at the ground.

“It’s a crime,” Tony says. “I think you have enough to worry about without it. Like, speaking of, how you’re going to integrate Karen into these goggles. Chop-chop, Peter.”

The task seems to put Peter’s mind at ease, which is good, because Tony has a speech to plot, readying to put the fear of Iron Man into some bullies.

Nurse Parker

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: Cheesy AF, plot makes no sense?, Aunt May’s cooking isn’t that bad guys, a lil’ kiss, okay a bunch of kisses.

Words: 1,987

A/n: I got sick and started having Peter Parker feels and this was born P.s. By “sick” I mean mother nature decided to intervene my life that was going okay for once.

Summary: An accident at work lands you at the Parker’s residence.

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Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering if you can write a Hannah Baker x fem!reader imagine? I haven’t seen many Hannah imagines and I think she deserves more. Maybe you can place it around the time of the dollar valentine thing (or whenever you decide really) and the reader shyly asks out hannah to Rosie’s diner? Maybe you can even add a sprinkle of angst if Monty or someone tries to annoy the two girls when they’re on their date, leading to the reader to cuss him out? You can play it out however you want really!

Author’s Note: Dear requester, I tried so hard to input a little angst there at the end with the Jocks, but everything I came up with just didn’t seem right. I’m sorry. I hope you still enjoyed bi!Hannah fluff.

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Rip! Rip! Rip!

A girl sobs outside the bathroom stall and you cringe. All you had wanted to do  was do your business in peace, but apparently someone had decided to have a full on break down in the girl’s bathroom. Joy.

As more ripping can be heard, you peek out through the crack in the door and see none other than Hannah Baker- Hannah Baker who’s angrily ripping off the numerous pictures that had been plastered in all the bathrooms of two girls kissing.

You know for a fact who the two girls are in the picture, but you didn’t care to tease them for it or help spread around any gossip. What two girls did in their personal bedrooms was their own business and whoever took the picture (looking at you, Tyler!) was a total asshole.

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So I’ve seen a lot of people doing it, decided to do that too.

Here, some of the Marvel characters/random comments according to my friend with no knowledge.

“Even I know that, this is Iron Man.” 

“Captain America? More like Mister America 2k17, still searching for a Miss America?”

“Nanananananana BATMAN”

“She’s having powers, yes? The cutest always get some kind of dark secret or crap, for the plot twist.”

“Is he gonna spit something out?”

“I’m like 101% sure that he’s the only one with common sense.”

( “Why?” )


“Raccoon and gay mom friend.” (( ???? ))

[ Whistles ] “Ma-damn!”


“"You both have the same irritated expression while thinking.” (( What. ))





3 minutes into the episode and we already have Steve and Tony hanging out together

smiling at your secret husband, nothing suspicious about it

walking arm in arm

not Stony enough for you?

it gets better

I present the most Stony moment in the history of the Stony moments


Tony, you could grab him by the belt thingy Steve attaches his shield on but noooooo

holding hands is the superhusbands way to do it

let’s talk battle

Steve, could you BE holding him any closer?!

and this?!

he could had just move away!

nope, Superhusbands go down together

speaking of going down together

save it for after the battle, guys

when you go back to your not shared bedroom and not being secretly married


gifs from Avengers Assemble s3 ep14

To Lose An Heir | Peter Parker

Summary: The protégé of Tony Stark (Peter Parker) and the billionaire’s own daughter are expecting their first child. Both Tony and Peter expect and want it to be a son so the child can carry on a legacy. None of them expect it all to come crashing down and none of them are prepared to know what it feels like to lose an heir…

Warning: tear-jearking story

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Short Story

Requested: It was not requested. This was my own idea…

A/N: Just to let all of you know, this short story is set and based in the future. Both Peter and the reader are well in their twenties. They both are studying under the influence of Tony Stark though…


Originally posted by waywarddaughter

The results were in and the daughter of the billionaire Tony Stark, stare at the conclusion in disbelief. Y/N looked up at her doctor, and he confirmed it with a soft and kind smile.

“Congratulations,” he announced. Y/N quickly grabbed her purse while the doctor put the paper in a small manila envelope. When she turned around, he handed her the envelope, and she extended her thankfulness to him.

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Prison was not nice to Captain America’s team. 

They were beaten up and pushed around by guards without a grudge. Some of that was from the battle, and some of that was from being thrown into a maximum security prison. Sam, Scott, and Clint basically got off free compared to Wanda.

Out of the four of them she was the worst. They had taken her to another room and forced into a straight jacket and a shock collar. She had been gone for hours before they finally threw her in there with them, right next to the cell with the guy sleeping on his tiny cot. Clint tried to ask what had happened, but Wanda wouldn’t speak. Instead, she just looked down, sitting against the wall and whiter than a sheet. Clint had a murderous rage shoot through him at the sight. Because Wanda hadn’t just been arrested. She had been pretty much tortured. 

They don;t really know how long they had been down there, but nobody was talking. Instead they were entertaining themselves in their own way. Scott with his drumming, Sam with his pacing, and so on. But everything was disrupted when the man next to Wanda woke up, sitting up groggily. Clint and Sam, who were across from him, looked him over, only to find that he wasn’t a man at all.

He was just a kid. 

Scrawny little thing with a shock of black hair and dull, icy eyes. The collar around his neck looked a lot like Wanda’s, but it wasn’t exactly the same. No, this one was bright green and blinking at them. 

The clothes he was wearing made him look bigger than he actually was, and that made them all worry for him. Because, while they’ve been in pretty bad shape for hours now, this kid must have been here for days. He wasn’t restrained like Wanda though, and Sam couldn’t tell if that was good or not. 

The kid snuffed once before looking around, still groggy. His eyes widened slightly when he saw them. It was the most life they had seen in those eyes in the past minute or so since he’s woken up. 

“Who are you?” He asked. His voice was hoarse and quiet, and it made Clint wonder just how long that collar has been on. Long enough to start causing scabbing, from the looks of it. 

“We’re the Avengers, kid,” Sam answered. The boy just nodded and let out a big yawn before swinging his legs over to the side and stranding up, stretching his thin frame like a cat before relaxing again and walking up to the window.

“Avengers, huh?” He asked. “What, did you not sign the Accords, either?” 

“You know about that?” Scott asked. The kid rolled his eyes.

“International news, dude. I told them I wasn’t going to sign it. I had no reason to, I mean. Shit, I never left my city. But they decided to throw away the key anyway. Go figure, right?” 

“What’s your name, kid?” Clint asked. He was standing at the window too, now. 

“Well, not Kid. It’s Danny,” he answered. 

“So you’re a superhero?” Sam asked. If he refused to sign the Accords that meant he did some world-saving of his own. Danny was silent, but he nodded hesitantly before looking Sam in the eye.

“Yeah. I, uh…I have powers. This collar though,” he gestured to the thing around his neck. “This collar prevents me from using any of them. And if I try it automatically shocks me. So, yeah.”

“It doesn’t look like it’s from the government.”

“Oh, it is. Maybe not from this particular branch, but there’s a government agency called the Guys in White. Nasty people. Full of idiots, too, but they have their moments.”

“What do they do?”

“Well…You’re not going to believe me,” Danny answered. 

“Kid, one of my best friends is Captain America, and his war buddy just came back from the dead two years ago. I’m sure you can trust me to keep an open mind.”

“…You make a fair point, I guess. And it looks like we’re going to be here a while. Okay, um…Do you believe in ghosts?”

“You’re a ghost?” Scott asked. 

“Yeah. Well, half ghost. A halfa. I, uh, protect my town from invasions and shit. There was actually a couple days where the city ended up sucked into the Ghost Zone and I had to save them, so that was fun.”

“What the hell are you-” Clint started, but was cut off by the doors sliding open. 

And in walked Tony Stark. 

Everyone  but Danny seemed to immediately tense up as Tony walked around, stopping in front of each of them. He glanced over Wanda, brought up Clint’s family, and disrespected Scott. He stopped completely at Danny, though.

“Who are you?” He asked, his brows coming together as he looked Danny up and down. Danny chuckled and shook his head, sitting back down as he did so. 

“You think the Avengers were the only heroes out there, Stark?” He asked. And wow, for a teenager he looked pretty old, what with those eyes that looked like he had been through wars. “This is what I get for being the good guy, right? Load of crap. Tucker will be really disappointed, let me tell you.”

Tony opened his mouth to say something, but instead closed it and moved on to Sam, who had his back turned to him. He couldn’t think about kids in prison. Because what if that was Peter? This kid though, he hadn’t picked a side. He had carved out his own little corner of the world to protect, and though the Accords it was ripped from him. Tony kept telling himself it was the boy;s fault. If he’s in here that means he didn’t sign the Accords. It was his own fault. 

He was still thinking about the kid when he got the information from Sam that he needed.


“Someone’s coming,” Danny said, perking up. The hairs on his arms were standing up as he himself stood up, walking up to the glass. Sam turned around at that, and Danny saw the smirk on his face as a big blonde walked up to him. 

“Hey, man. Nice vacation?” Sam asked. The other man didn’t say anything. He just chuckled and punched the control panel next to Sam’s cell. The glass slid open. 

He did that with all of them, one by one. When he got to Wanda he gripped her collar tight and tore it in half with just his brute strength. Clint took over and cut her out of her straight jacket. 

“Are we gonna get Danny, too?” Scott asked. Steve turned around, and it was like the super soldier was seeing him for the first time. Sam grinned at him.

“Told you Captain America was one of my best friends,” he said with a shit-eating grin. Danny returned it was a small one of his own. 

That seemed to be all that Steve Rogers needed, his decision on breaking Danny out with them concrete. The panel sparked and sputtered, and the glass slid open. Danny stepped out, holding his hand out. Steve shook it.

“It’s an honor to meet you, sir,” he said. Steve nodded and let go. Danny didn’t take it personally though. He wasn’t really well known, and they were kind of in the middle of a prison break. 

Steve gripped his collar like he did Wanda’s and looked him dead in the eye as he tore it apart.

“Don;t try anything,” he said. Danny only nodded in response, glad to finally be able to breathe properly again. He smiled as he rubbed his neck, raw and sore from the thing hindering him.

“Do you have an escape plan?” Danny asked. Steve shrugged.

“Plane I cam in on probably got locked down,” he answered. “It shouldn’t be any trouble stealing it back though.”

Danny nodded, letting his transformation rings wash over him. Black to white, blue to green, prison clothes to jumpsuit. A complete transformation. Everybody’s eyes were wide, and Danny smirked, jumping up into the air and letting his legs turn into a wispy tail.

“I think I can help with that.”

Captain’s Vigilante (8/?)

Word Count: 4600ish

Warnings: Language, violence, so much action (I’m sorry for being so descriptive about those btw it may get boring). All research (also some of the science stuff) that was done by a quick glance of Wikipedia. Please don’t expect things to be accurate, I’m not good at these kinds of things.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

A/N: This was supposed to be only one but it turned out to be too long so I split it up. Next chapter will be out very soon!! Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 9 | Part 10  | Part 11 | Part 12


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Steve ran; he ran as fast as he could. 

He got to his motorcycle and sped off, no question exceeding the speed limit. His heart was pumping out of his chest, he could hear ringing in his ears, his hold on the handle bars were tight enough to distort it out of its shape. He wouldn’t be this worried if what he didn’t have that conversation with Tony earlier right before he left. Tony’s words were all that was echoing in his mind, anxiety pumping through his veins. 

“It’s like a lightning rod.” Tony turned the baton around as it glowed, inspecting it. He was proud of his invention. He spent a good amount of time on it. “Shocks the person in fainting." 

"Hella painful,” he said proudly as if that’s something to boast about. Steve could only roll his eyes. He’s seen [Y/N] done better weapons but he kept his mouth shut and let Tony have his moment. 

“You wanna try?” Tony asked as he faced Cap, the weapon almost grazing his face, making him move away. Steve eagerly shook his head which made Tony huff in annoyance. He dumped the weapon back on the table, silently whirring with its electric charge. “Oh well, I’ll have a chance to test it later." 

Steve chuckled at him talking to himself as he handed over the files he had on his hands to Tony. Tony glanced him up and down, taking a note of Cap’s getup. It was causal but it was his usual outfit for one of his missions. 

"Another mission, capsicle?"Tony removed his safety goggles, his eyes scanning over the files Steve had brought him. "You’ve been incredibly busy these past few months." 

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Talk It Out

Request: May I request a fic where reader refuses Bucky’s wedding proposal and then they don’t talk to each other while Bucky gets really sad and depressed like a kicked puppy but the Avengers force them both to talk and the reader says she scared about him replacing her or something (completely up to you tbh).

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst(?), fluff

A/N: I hope ya like thissss :)

It was a nice sunny day, the wind was blowing ever so perfect and Bucky was pulling you up to the tower’s roof.

“Bucky can you just tell me why you’re taking me up here?” you whine as he pulled you by your hand.

“It’s a surprise.” he replied, glancing back at you with a smile. You let out a long sigh but kept quiet until you two arrived at the top.

You look out to all the buildings, cars, people and smile. You would never get over the view that the tower’s roof provided. You have been up there countless of times with Bucky. Up there was where he had confessed his feelings for you, where he asked you to be his, where you two first kissed. It was also where you two would go when Bucky would wake up in a pool of sweat due to his nightmares. You had a lot of memories up there.

Coming back to reality, you turn around to Bucky. “Bucky, why are we-” you stop talking when you see that Bucky was no longer standing, instead, he was kneeling down on one knee, a velvet box which displayed a ring in his hands.

“Y/N I love you. More than you could ever imagine. You were the first person to treat me like and actual human being. You made me feel wanted. You became my best friend from the start. You helped me adjust, you stayed beside me when I would have nightmares and I just.. God, I knew from the very first moment you spoke to me that I loved you. And ever since then, my love has grown exceedingly. I-I.. Well I-” Bucky paused for a moment and cleared his throat. “I spent a month on this damn speech and I can’t seem to get it right.” he let out a nervous chuckle. “The point is, Y/N, will you marry me?”

You had froze in that moment. You hadn’t realized you’d been crying until you lifted your hand to wipe at your face. This was so sudden, you hadn’t been expecting it.

Bucky looked up at you, the hope gleaming in his eyes as he waited for your answer. What would he do when you said yes? Cry? Hug you? Kiss you? All of the above? He-

“No.” your voice pierced through his thoughts and caught him off guard.

“W-What?” he stuttered, standing up.

New tears began to fall from your eyes. “No, I won’t marry you Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyes began to fill with tears. “B-But I love you Y/N. A-And you love me and-”

“I’m sorry.” you shake your head before leaving him up on the roof.

2 months later

After you had rejected Bucky he retreated back to his room where he bawled his eyes out for the rest of the week. Steve, Wanda, Natasha - even Tony and Sam would go up to his room to try and talk to him but he wouldn’t budge.

Bucky had barely come out of his room afterwards and when he did, he wouldn’t speak a word to anyone. He hadn’t gotten much sleep either. He had dark circles around his eyes; he was a wreck.

The rest of the Avengers had finally had enough of his moping and crying, they decided to do something about it. Natasha had called you, saying she needed your help teaching a group of teens how to fight in hand to hand combat and you agreed but not before asking if Bucky would be there to which she said no. That was an obvious lie.

Steve and Clint managed to get Bucky out of his room and pulled him into the gym, talking about how they needed help moving some new equipment in. Making up some excuse, the two men left him in the room, meeting up with Wanda who had told them you just arrived.

Natasha quickly guided you to the gym, telling you to go in and she’d be back in a bit, she just had to get a couple of things. You nod and enter the room. Upon hearing the door shut behind you, you spot Bucky sitting on the bench press, waiting for Clint and Steve to come back. He lifts his head and his eyes widen, meeting your gaze.

Feelings hit him like a truck going full speed and he stood up quickly. “This isn’t right.”

“Uh.. Natasha said she needed help training some teens here.” you murmur, watching Bucky stride over to you.

“There’s no classes today.” he replied, reaching behind you and pushing at the gym door. It wouldn’t budge. “Fuck.”

“What’s happening?” you question but Bucky ignored you. His eyes searched for the camera in the gym and when he spotted it, he glared.

“This isn’t funny, you guys. What the hell is happening?” he shouts.

“We’re tired of seeing you so sad, Buck.” Steve was the first to speak, his voice coming through the speakers.

“Yeah, it’s annoying.” Sam chimed in, causing Bucky to roll his eyes.

“Same goes for you, Y/N. Natasha and I hate seeing you so down in the dumps whenever we visit you.” Wanda’s voice echoes. Bucky turns to glare at you.

“With all that crap being said, you guys aren’t getting out of there until you talk about everything and make up.” Tony sighs.

You advert your eyes to the camera. “This is bullshit.”

“Don’t care, get to it.” Clint spoke and you groaned.

“Turn the sound off, give them some privacy.” you could hear Steve say.

“No, I wanna hear.” Tony huffed.

There were shuffling noises as Steve grunted out, “Turn it off!”

After that, you didn’t hear anything and assumed Steve had won that little argument with Tony. Before you could do anything else, Bucky spoke up.

“You’re down in the dumps?” he repeated Wanda’s words, still glaring at you.

“Yeah I-” he cut you off.

“How the fuck are you down in the dumps?” he snapped. “Were you the one who’s heart shattered into pieces? Did the love of your life reject your marriage proposal? No, so I don’t understand how the hell you could be so fucking sad!”

“It affected me too!” you shout.

“I’m the one who got rejected! Not you!” Bucky replied, eyes wild and sporting tears. Without even giving you time to say something, he continued. “These two months have been hell for me, Y/N. All I could think about was you and what I did to make you say no.”


“Is it because of who I am? Because of what I did? Y/N you said you loved me, flaws and all. You said I wasn’t a monster in your eyes a-and..” he let out a sob which only broke your heart further.

“You’re not a monster, Bucky. Not to me.” you take a cautious step towards him, seeing how close he’d let you get before stopping you. You got close enough to touch his arm but when you tried, he stepped back, giving you a harsh look.

“Then what is it? Why’d you say no?” he asked, wiping at his face.

“I can’t tell you, it’s-”

“I deserve to know, Y/N. It’s been two damn months and all I can think about is what I did wrong.” he spoke, stuck between being angry at you and crying.

“I was scared, alright?” you let out a shaky breath, carding your hands through your hair. Bucky just stares at you, waiting for you to continue. “I’m not good enough for you, Bucky. You deserve someone who can give you the world. I’m just.. Well me. I was scared, thinking you’d realize I wasn’t what you needed and that you’d leave me for someone else whether it’d be four months into our marriage, six months, a year, three.” you stop and sigh, rubbing your hands with your face. “Something always goes wrong with marriage. I don’t want to be that married couple who always argues and fights or even something more worse.. I don’t want anything bad to happen to us Bucky because I love you so damn much.”

You had started crying and turned away from Bucky, feeling stupid. The thought of marriage scared you. You had always heard about married couples fighting all the time and even having affairs. You didn’t want that for you and Bucky. He meant so much to you.

Bucky walked over to you and turned you back to face him before engulfing you in a comforting hug. You breathed in his scent, eyebrows pulling together when you smelled woman’s perfume instead of his.

“Why does your hoodie smell like perfume?” you question, pulling away to look up at him.

He looks down at the hoodie and chuckles. “I-It’s yours.” he stuttered. “The perfume, not the hoodie. You always wore this hoodie. I keep it with me because it reminded me of you.” you smile before things got serious again. “Y/N I love you more than you could ever imagine. I would never hurt you. You’re it for me, doll. I will never find someone that makes me feel so happy, so.. loved, like you do. I’d do anything for you Y/N because god dammit, I’m so in love with you. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but you have me wrapped around your finger.”

You chuckle lightly and wrap your arms around his torso, burying your face into his hoodie. “If I were to get married to anyone, it would be you.”

Bucky smiles, running his fingers through your hair before leaving a kiss on the top of your head. “I’d be the most luckiest guy in the world to have you as my wife.”

You look up at him, still pressed against his chest. “What about kids?”

“Oh, yes. Hundreds.” he smiled and you laugh. He looks at you with such adoration; so much love in his eyes and it was all for you. “I love you.”

You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have this man in your life. “I love you too.”

Bucky kissed your forehead. “Let’s get married?”

There was that same hope in his eyes from two months ago but this time, you wouldn’t say no. “Let’s get married.”

Bucky smiled, so very happy that you had said yes and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a kiss which soon turned into a heated make out session in the middle of the gym room.

“We asked you to talk and make up, not to create porn.” Tony’s voice bounced off the walls and the two of you pull away, but only to tell him to fuck off before continuing on with the kiss.

A/N: Welp, I hope ya liked this!


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Nobody (Part 4)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: I think just a few curses in this one

Words: 2633-ish 

A/N: I have a hard time writing Bucky.  Hope it’s okay :/ 

Bucky’s POV

One moment Bucky was running with a living skeleton on his shoulder and the next he was laying on his back in a mound of snow, completely winded; his gun and the girl had skittered away.  The Hydra thug who had tackled him loomed over his head and aimed a kick at ribs. Bucky rolled the side and blocked the blow away with his metal arm.  The thug groaned as his shin collided with vibaranium.  Taking the man’s distraction to his advantage Bucky hopped to his feet and hit him with a bone crunching front kick to the chest.  The thug crumpled to his knees and with a furious whirr of his arm, Bucky swung back and cracked the man across the jaw.  The impact sent several teeth flying and the Hydra agent was out cold before his face hit the snow.

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Here’s another prompt! I wouldn’t have gotten this idea without my gal @lestradeslover

Requested by: Anon - “45&70 with tonyyyy from ncis 💖”

Word Count: 623

Pairing: Tony x Reader

45. “What are you looking at?”
70. “Do you trust me?”

It was late during the day, both yourself and Tony had managed to finish together and on time. Gibb’s sending everyone home for a long weekend, or with hopes of a long weekend anyway. You’d managed to get out for a good jog with Tony after getting home, after some lovely time in the shower with your husband you were both now in the living room, the news on the television while you were curled up in the armchair doing a crossword.

You didn’t know what made you look up, maybe you felt eyes on you but when you did lift your head Tony was not quite looking at you, more looking past you. You tilt your head with a small curious smile, “What are you looking at?”

He held up a hand, moving to the edge of the sofa slowly, “Do you trust me?”

“What? Yeah of course…but that doesn’t tell me what you’re-”

Tony, suddenly bending forward from the sofa across from you, picked up one of his jogging sneakers stopped you from talking.

“Tony!” You exclaimed when he launched said shoe, sending it whizzing passed your head, colliding with the newly wallpapered wall behind you. Jumping out of the single high back chair you where in you give him a glare, “What are you playing at DiNozzo?!”

“It missed!” He gasped and stood too after watching the spider drop from the wall. Crap, “A spider. It was behind your head.”

“A spider?!” You shrieked and moved to climb onto the sofa, then hopped onto his back, your legs and arms attaching themselves to him around his shoulders and waist, “Get it.” You ordered and pointed towards your chair, “Kill it.” You shuddered.

“I’m not going to kill it but I can’t get it while you’re hanging on me like a Koala Bear, [Y/N].” He chuckled and rubbed your leg soothingly, “You’ll be safe on the sofa.” He patted your lower leg and held himself steady while you slipped off back onto the sofa.

You watched Tony move over to the chair that you were previously sat in, mentally deciding not to sit there at all for the rest of the night, “Tony be careful.” You told him forcefully.

“[Y/N] it’s a spider, it can’t hurt me.” He told you calmly but you didn’t miss the slight chuckle in his voice.

You scoff, “Ever heard of the Black Widow?”

He scoffs right back at you while moving the armchair, “I doubt it’s a Black Widow..” He bends down, moving the magazine rack and let out a triumphant laugh, “Got ya’!” He said, using a glass, that previously had your favourite wine in and a piece of paper from a magazine to trap the spider.

“Oh my- get it out! Now!” You order, pointing to the door that led to the french doors of your kitchen, “Tony I mean it if you come near me with that, so help me…”

“Relax,” he laughed and shook his head fondly at you, “It’s going outside.” He assured and disappeared towards the kitchen and straight out into the back yard.

When Tony returns you’re sat hugging your legs, staring at your previous seat, you glance up to see Tony with a clean, fresh large glass of wine, “Thank you.” You murmured and shove him when he sits with his bottle of beer, “Don’t laugh at me.” A pout formed on your lips which Tony couldn’t help but kiss away.

“I won’t laugh.” He promised, “Much.”

You tutt and shove his shoulder again before lifting his arm to wrap it around you.

He kissed your hair and hummed, “I’ll be your Italian in shining armour.” He grins when he feels you giggle against him.

Tag list: @imagicana @lestradeslover @octxgonxl

ok ok ok but BUT have we imagined a world where there’s no deep drama between all the avengers and because of that bucky and sam pick on peter all the time and to the point where steve keeps feeling the need to get involved and tony god of course tony lets them do it because they don’t know he’s still watching their every move and ok so maybe he also knows what everyone’s doing at all times and maybe sometimes he even joins in on it and yeah everyone still thinks it’s a little bit crazy to have this kid next to them in battle but bucky and sam are always the first to be by his side, faster than even tony, and that’s why the pranks and jokes don’t bother him because he knows they love peter the way that he does and when bucky and sam see peter get hurt they kick the crap out of whoever did it and say shit like “try picking on someone your own size” and honestly it’s all a little embarrassing but afterward when they’re all cooling down they tell peter that they only stick up for him because well they’re the only ones allowed to be mean to him and peter smiles, trying not to show his teeth, but he can’t help the widening grin because he always wanted brothers, wanted the rough housing and the gentler moments, and here it is. here’s the things he thought were permanently taken from him, they’re sitting across from him with bruised knuckles but light behind their eyes and he still doesn’t feel like he’s said thank you to Mr.Stark, Tony, Tony, he remembers how he called him Tony on the field today, enough. But Tony always says he doesn’t need thanks, that he shouldn’t have pulled a kid out of queens but he did anyways and they’re all a little bit grateful. Even Steve but not when Peter imitates the gym tapes.