he gets to live with them :d

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Yes um, hi. Have you ever seen NSP or Game Grumps LIVE? I'd like to get to know more people who have because I don't really know anyone irl that likes them as much as I do! I got to see the boys perform in Nashville exactly 2 months ago! And a funny thing happened while I was there, and even though it sounds completely made up, it really did happen! From where I was standing, I could see Dan backstage, and he waved at me! It is in the top 10 happiest moments of my whole life!

I have! I went to the GG Live in NYC last October. It was definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever been to! I’m also going to the NSP show this August and I’m so beyond excited! I’ve wanted to hear NSP live since basically forever. It’s really a dream come true! Getting a Dan wave must have been super awesome! I really do love that he makes a genuine effort to interact with the lovelies as best he can no matter where he is. It’s one of the things I love most about him. He’s always of the mind that his audience is important to him and tries to show it whenever he can. It’s really the sweet and just the best.

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Ok random question if u could change anything about the series (other than merthur and them living gayly ever after safe and sound) what would you change

Do I get unlimited things to change? Or just one? I’m going with unlimited. To start:

  • Lancelot lives, and he and Gwen are together
  • Gwaine no die
  • Merlin tells Arthur about his magic sooner
  • Morgana doesn’t go Dark Side and understands the prophecy for what it is, and helps Arthur and Merlin. 

If I had to pick one thing I’d go with Gwaine doesn’t die. I mean, like you said merthur and them living gayly ever after safe and sound is what I really want, but if I only got one other change it would be that Gwaine lives.

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How would you describe your ideal Daddy? What qualities do they need to have to get you in the Little/Submissive mode?

Hiiiiiii Colin 🖤

Good question, physically I’d prefer them to be taller with a bigger build- nothing wild but bigger for sure. I picture them well established in their own lives - secure but missing that tiny piece (I have a few daddy friends in [open] relationships already and it’s hot but not ideal). In short, the ideal daddy focuses on me/us in a way that makes everything about him for me. That’s not to say the ideal situation is manipulation or one-sided benefit but because he lets me not have to worry about myself/“us” I’m able to put 110% into focusing on him.

Make sense? 🙃

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Can I get a scenario where a female Toshinori Yagi is being very motherly of her students, like Aziawa is being a slight bully to her children (class 1-A) and she starts nagging him in front of the class or just even doing simple mom things like cook for the kids (in the dorms) and talking them through things. Sorry but I love myself some Mom Might.

I think we all need some All Mom in our lives right now, he’d be a cool mother If he was female. I hope this is alright for you to read, too :> -on a writing scenario marathon and is unsure- ~,,~;;

The heartedly laughter filled the communal room as the entire class were conversing with All Mom(All Mom?). After the merging into dorms with the approval of their parents, All Mom wanted to pay a visit and prepare a delicious meal for them to devour the next day.

“So, how are you all doing in these dorms now?” She inquired for everyone to hear while passing the delicate plates and silverware to Izuku. The comments mostly contained ‘it’s awesome!’, ‘This is what it feels like to live with parents…’, 'It’s fun hanging out with everyone here!’ and more. All Mom kept her smiling face and tilted her head up a little, laughing with happiness. “Hah! Of course it’s fun here! I’m glad you all enjoy being here!” The students beamed happily, as well.

After finishing the meals, everyone brought their sleeping bags and gathered around All Mom for some storytimes or simply chitchating. All Mom placed herself onto the couches as the center of attention, comfortably relaxing and steaming coffee in her hand. “Everybody comfortable? I sure hope so, because we’re gonna talk about our fears… it can be anything and don’t be ashame of it. Everyone is going to be nice to each other, right??” Que the hinting towards Bakugou who casually shrugged his shoulders with a stern expression.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. I go first… this may be deep,but I’m really scared… of being a hero sometimes you know? I love it, but I’m just scared of losing everyone…” Mina confessed, her speech slowly quieting. The atmosphere became silent momentarily, until All Mom spoke. “That is a common fear we all have, even us heroes fear that too… but, you have to have faith in yourself, Mina. Don’t let that get you down as being a hero.” She flashes a warm smile, holding the cup filled with brown liquid closely to her lips.

“I have a fear too, I been having some doubts… of something… I can’t tell, yet. But I’m just afraid of failing…” Izuku rubbed the back of his curly hair, looking away while smiling, sadly. All Mom knew where this was going. She nodded her head, forming a solution. “I see… Midoriya, you do have potential in you. Don’t let anything ruin or stop you from succeeding, my boy. All of your classmates will support you, too. Stay positive. Failure is a step in success.” The whole room felt courage from her warming words, bringing hope to everyone.

“All Mom… you really are the Symbol of Peace.” Most of the clsss shouted out while few smiled contently. All Mom gazed her hues, watching the children’s patting each other’s back and such, spreading positivity. All Mom kept her motherly, warm smile while watching, “Of course.”
Shit Phase 1 Noodle Did To Annoy The Others

• Would respond to any chastising with “why?”. Once she managed to make Murdoc cry from frustration when he spent half an hour trying to explain why you can’t eat a yogurt with a pen lid.

• Would hide in the washing up basket for hours and make them all run around, worried sick, only to appear in a random place when she got bored and scare the shit out of them. One time 2D opened the fridge to find her eating a cake, after having been missing for nearly two days.

• Bathtime was an absolute NIGHTMARE because she loved to play submarine. Russel would come in with her towel and pyjamas, only to find the bathroom soaked.

• Related to the submarine incident, the water flooded through the ceiling into the kitchen and completely drenched Murdoc while he was trying to eat his Rice Krispies.

• 2D once drank her strawberry milk that she always had on a Saturday with breakfast and she screamed for a solid three hours. D can’t look at the stuff now without having a minor panic.

• She drew all over the walls without a care in the world. Russel would have told her off for it, but she drew a really cute mural of them in his bedroom in crayon so he couldn’t find it in his heart to be mad.

• Would sing “get the cool shoeshine” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ov-

• The band came home one day to find her sat in the living room playing with an iguana. No one knows how she acquired it, but Squish ended up becoming a full time resident of Kong Studios.

Dating Incest Girls

My most recent ex girlfriends have told me detailed stories about their secret fun. A few years ago I was dating a 18f that had been fooling around with her real dad since she was 11. She had big boobs at 10 and she said her dad and friends took notice as she developed. Her parents spilt when she was 11 and she went and stayed with her dad for a bit. She said she tried to take her moms role, she would take care of him and then she started catching him jerk off. She said she would masturbate a lot thinking about taking him and him having his way with her. One day she walked in on him jerking off and she walked up to him as he was still stroking it and asked if she could watch. He agreed and jerked off for her as she started to get aroused she asked if she could help. He took her hand and guided it on to his thick curved cock and she said she was hooked from then on. She said she stroked it and they made out and she had her tits played with and sucked on. She was so wet and turned on that she wanted to do more. So she got on her knees and without asking she took her dads thick rock hard cock into her young warm wet mouth. She said that was her first cock and her daddy showed her how to suck it and stroke it (she deff had good dick handling abilities). She said he came in her mouth and she spit it up because it was so much. A few times of her catching him or him walking in on her in the shower and playing with each other she was ready to take let her dad take her virginity. She had plans on doing it on his bed and making it hot and romantic, but she ended up catching him jerk off to a dirty mag in his garage while he was working on his car. She went right up to him and dropped to her knees and told him “I thought we discussed this is my job” as she took his cock into her mouth. He let her suck on it and make it nice and wet. Then she got up and pulled her pants down and started rubbing and showing him her tight wet pussy. He picked her up and laid her back on the hood of his car and started licking her pussy and fucking her with his tongue. She said she came from his mouth and started begging for him to fuck her, he was on the fence about it. He teased her by rubbing his big thick head around her smooth wet pussy, then rubbing in out her clit. She said she couldn’t take the teasing anymore and pushed herself into him, forcing half his cock straight up into her. They both let out big moans and embraced each other and started making out as he slowly slide it all the way in. She just laid there while he filled her pussy up with all his cock. She said it was painful but the way he touched her and the way his cock curved it felt good really quick. He pumped her a few times slowly making her gasp and moan. Then she told him “harder daddy”, and he just stated pumping harder and faster into her. She said she was so wet from everything that it really diluted her blood from breaking her hymen, but looking down at her dads thick curved cock going in and out of her all shiny and wet made her his little slut right then and there. She said they went at it for about 10 mins or so and he pulled out and came all over her bit tits. 11 yrs old with almost size D bra, big perky tits cover in her dads cum. God I would of loved to seen that. I guess I’m lucky though, I did get to catch them when she was with me 18 at the time. We were stopping by her dad’s house where she was living at the time. She was going in to change and be right back out. Well I noticed the light on in her dad’s office/studio from out in the car. I seen this shadow blur across the curtains, realizing it was my girlfriend popping in to say hi to him. Then I noticed she dropped straight down instead of back out to the side like she came in view of the window. Then it hit me, she just dropped to her knees in front of him. Well I knew there was only one reason for her to do that, so I opened my door softly and then didn’t even close it just so they wouldn’t hear me trying to close my door and stop. I slowly snuck up to the window to his office and luckily there was a bit of the curtain open. When I looked in I was shocked! There was my gf on her knees holding her dads cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other and licking up and down his shaft! I almost came in my pants right then and there, needless to say I had a rock hard cock then. She licked his shaft and then put it back in her naughty mouth and slide it all the way down with ease. You could deff tell she had been sucking that cock for a long time and knew how to work it. She was just gagging on it and then he stood up real quick took it out of her mouth and jerked it until he came all over her face. I was grabbing my rock hard cock through my pants not even realizing that I look like a big creep peeping in their window at night rubbing my cock. I watched as he took a shirt near by and gave it to her to clean her face off and decided to go back to the car before I’m spotted. I got back in the car and almost ripped my jeans because my cock was so hard. I took it out and started jerking off thinking about what I just seen with my own two eyes. Then I start thinking about all the stories she shared with me from the first time the had each other in the garage to that night she just sucked her dad off real quick while her bf waits out in the car. Never got to witness anything with any of my other ex girlfriends, but hopefully I can see something like that again. Still is the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. BTW I never said anything to my ex gf about what I saw with her dad, she was open about telling me but I knew that she would of felt embarrassed if she knew I saw and knew it was absolutely real.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump ...

Is one of those people who, if you met them at a party and had no idea who he was or that he was rich, you would very quickly try to figure out how to back away from.

More, from his handshakes to his in your face wealth and self importance, he knows you WANT to back away, so he’s got to get you trapped to keep you near.

What it must be like to live in so ego-damaged a soul I cannot imagine. I’d be sympathetic, even …. If he weren’t president, and his pathologies are ours to deal with.

It’s quite a thing.

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“Why are you/we whispering?” - Here's a prompt! I feel it's one you can use to sneak in two pairings if you wanted; one pair hiding and (accidentally?) spying on the other having a moment *snicker* I was thinking Ransom/Holster either way but I know you like Nursey/Dex as well! Go wild!

Justin’s coming down the stairs in search of a snack for the next leg of his o-chem study sesh, minding his own business and hoping there’s pie left over, when someone grabs his wrist and pulls him off his path to the kitchen.  

He’s not surprised to see it’s Holster pressing him against the wall, hand wrapped around Justin’s wrist.

“Can I help you?” Justin says flatly.

“Shhh!” Holster half spits his reply as he ducks down to peer around the corner and into the kitchen.

Justin hopes his eyebrows manage to convey how unimpressed he is when Holster straightens back up. He doesn’t let Justin move from the wall so apparently the message is not received.

“Dex and Nursey are in there,” Holster whispers, jerking his chin towards the kitchen.

“Why are you whispering?” Justin asks and gets Holster’s hand over his mouth for his troubles.

Justin lets out a deep sigh through his nose; there’s probably no more pie if the Frogs are working there. He licks Holster’s hand and when he can move his upper body without the 200-odd pounds of d-man crushing it, he leans to look through the doorway to see for himself, twisting his spine awkwardly because Holster still has his hips pinned to the wall.

Nursey and Dex are sitting side by side, their books spread out over the kitchen table. There doesn’t seem to be any pie left on the counter, but he’s looking into the kitchen from a weird angle so he can’t say for certain. It’d be a normal every day scene in the Haus except for the distinct lack of fighting going on in the kitchen.

Holster’s smile is kinda creepy when Justin straightens up.

“There’s no pie, is there?” he asks in his regular speaking voice. Holster punches him in the chest, which fair, Justin’s purposefully missing the point in protest of the snack he’s not getting.

“They’re getting along!” Holster says, voice as quiet as Justin’s ever heard it. It’s weird. Holster looks into the kitchen again. “Rans, the Frogs are growing up and D-bonding!” He whisper-shouts that last bit, spitting slightly.

“Say it, don’t spray it bro.” Justin wipes his face on Holster’s t-shirt.

“I’m just so proud,” Holster continues, ignoring Justin to still whisper-shout in his face. “It feels like just yesterday they were arguing about double knotting their laces.”

Justin rolls his eyes. “They were arguing about that yesterday.”

“Yeah, but look at them now, all grown up and sharing the table.” Holster sighs dramatically. “D-men bonding is so special. Do you remember our Frog bonding?”

Justin shakes his head, thinking back to their first year on the team where he and Holster somehow managed to live out of each other’s pockets without actually living together. Their off-ice bonding included a lot of bowling and arguing about T.V. shows, but whatever it worked and made their on-ice bond that much stronger.

He succeeds in shoving Holster off him so get can go find the cookie dough he saw Bitty mixing earlier if there’s no pie, but freezes in the doorway before he makes it further than a step into the kitchen.

“We didn’t bond like that in our frog year Holtzy,” he says quietly, staring at the train wreck that is Dex and Nursey full on making out over their homework. They’re really going at it, not even stopping for breath when Holster forgets he’s using his inside-voice and asks, “What?”  

He settles his chin on Justin’s shoulders to look past him into the kitchen. “Oh fuck, nope.” Holster laughs, his breath tickling Justin’s ear. “That was junior year bonding.” He grabs Justin’s hand again.

“You owe me a study snack,” Justin sighs, but lets himself be pulled out of the kitchen and up to the attic. He doesn’t want to deal with the fall out of either Frog noticing that their chosen spot for a moment isn’t so private anymore. Idiots.

“You wanna go to Annie’s?” Holster asks in a normal voice.

“Yeah, but text the Haus that there’s very important D-man bonding going on so they don’t get caught,” Justin says, nudging Holster out of the way so he can pack his backpack. He’s going to be productive even if the rest of the d-line isn’t.

“Are we gonna bond?” Holster wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. He laughs when Justin swings his backpack onto his back, narrowly avoiding slamming it into Holster’s gut.

“Never again if you don’t let me finish my notes.” Justin is only half serious with the threat. He turns to make Holster pack his own backpack so he’s not a complete distraction at the coffee shop.

“I’ll be good.” Holster grins, hooking his hands on the bottom of Justin’s backpack straps. He rubs his thumbs over the exposed skin where the the backpack has rucked up Justin’s shirt.

“You’re a such a liar,” Justin says. He pushes Holster away. “I’ll leave without you!”

Holster throws random books into his backpack as he replies, “You can’t D-bond without me Rans.”

Justin watches him pack a textbook that he’s pretty sure he hasn’t looked at since they first moved into the attic, and is really sure that he doesn’t want to d-bond with anyone else.

Holster’s answering kiss when Justin tells him so is worth the chirping he hears the entire way to Annie’s.

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:D Hey Miss Immortal!!! Can I request a fluff?! Chocobros catch their s/o staring at them, then s/o just smiles and tells him that he has a beautiful soul. <3 *heart flutters*

HELLO CUTE ANON! <3 Of course you may request a fluff- this is sooo up my alley omg- this is the kind of fluff I live for! :D Enjoyyy! Tagging @rubyreddemise because this Prompto drabble is my fluffy pride and joy and I feel you will appreciate it Ruby! <3

Noctis: Noctis has been fishing on the pier at Galdin Quay for HOURS. The guys are getting tired, so they quietly excuse themselves, leaving you alone with Noctis. At first, Noctis grumbles at losing his audience, but then calms down when he notices that you are still sitting just behind him, next to his tackle box, counting and sorting the different lures that he has managed to collect during his travels.

When you eventually finish sorting the lures, you glance up at your prince- no… king! You frown slightly at your persistent mistake- you always forget that he’s technically the King of Lucis now… since his father had passed in the Imperials’ attack on Insomnia. Your gaze softens as you fix your eyes onto Noctis’ strong and regal side profile. You still can’t believe that he chose you… that he wanted to be with you. It was just so surreal.

You don’t know how long you just sit there on the wooden slats of the pier, staring at your dear boyfriend, until Noctis yawns and stretches languidly with his arms spread wide. He pops his joints slowly before shrugging a few times to get his blood flowing, and you giggle softly at how adorable your young king is. Noctis’ midnight blue eyes immediately meet yours and he raises his eyebrows in amusement at your spaced-out look.

“Hm?” he hums his unspecified question. You blink and smile adoringly at your favourite person in the world and lean forward to press a chaste kiss to his cheek. You retract from him slowly and absolutely adore the light blush settling upon his pale cheeks.

“Nothing sweet heart. You’ve just got such a pure and beautiful soul and I can’t stop falling in love with you.”

Noctis’ eyes widen comically at your admission before he turns his body to face yours before leaning forwards, his eyes shutting blissfully just before his lips touch yours. You both share a sweet kiss on the pier, and for once, Noctis isn’t upset that his catch got away.

Prompto: You and the guys have just finished dinner and are now idly partaking in your usual nightly wind-down activities. Noctis is playing King’s Knight on his phone, fist-pumping to himself whenever he manages to beat a difficult level. Gladio is performing a light workout consisting of squats, push ups and sit ups. Ignis has just finished washing up all the used cutlery and is now leisurely reading a magazine. You are seated beside your sunshine boyfriend on the ground, and the two of you are leaning your shoulders against each other, viewing the pictures that Promto took during the day.

“Hey, the lighting’s good in this one!” Prompto turns his head towards you and grins, the corners of his bright blue eyes crinkling slightly. You lean closer to take a look at the picture display on his precious camera and find yourself smiling at the shot he took of yourself and Noctis grinning and hi-fiving each other after the conclusion of a battle.

“Yeah, you really have a knack for this Prompto,” your praise your boyfriend. He blushes at your kinds words- he always blushes when you pay him any type of compliment- and turns back to his camera with a little giggle.

Hehe, well… you know… the subjects of the shot are pretty amazing so…” you frown as you notice Prompto’s shoulders slump. You gaze at his side profile as he stares sadly down at the picture of you and Noctis. After a few idle moments, you lean forward and pepper soft kisses across Prompto’s jaw, making him gasp out of surprise. You shut your eyes and focus on the feel of Prompto’s slight stubble against your lips and smile as you feel him tilt his head to give you better access. You continue for a few short moments more before leaning back from your boyfriend and opening your eyes once again.

He’s staring at you, gaze soft, camera still clutched in his hands. You offer him a soft smile and brush some of his floppy blond hair from his face in a tender gesture. You’re both quiet for a bit, just looking at each other- forgetting that the others were milling around you, getting ready for bed.

“Why do you always look at me like that? I’m nothing special,” Prompto smiles sadly at you. You shake your head in slight disbelief, and look deep into those clear blue eyes that you love oh so much.

“I can’t believe someone with such a beautiful soul would think so lowly of themselves,” you say, your voice slightly reprimanding. Prompto laughs awkwardly and you continue speaking, “you’re amazing and I am so lucky to be yours.” You lean forward and press your lips tenderly against Prompto’s, eyes open and staring intensely into Prompto’s.

You watch as Prompto’s eyes tear up, as they clasp shut, and as he pulls you closer- his camera in his lap- kissing you with more fervour then before. You pull away and gasp for breath, and Prompto leans his head against your shoulder. His shoulders are shaking, and you know he’s overwhelmed by your admission. You bring your hands upwards to card through his hair- a comforting gesture.

“I love you, my dearest sunshine.”

“I love you too, my favourite muse.”

Gladio: Gladio grunts as he flops onto your shared hotel bed at the end of a very long day. You take a page from his book and flop down right beside him. Both of you are staring up at the generic off-white ceiling, appreciating each other’s warmth in comfortable silence. After a few peaceful minutes, Gladio lets out a sigh and sits up on the edge of the bed. You remain on your back, but you let your eyes linger on Gladio’s tense back.

“Babe, I’m gonna go grab a shower before bed. Do you wanna go first? Or come with me?” Gladio winks at his last suggestion. You sit up and slap him playfully on his muscly bicep.

“I think I’ll pass, you horn dog. You go do your thing- I’ll wait till you’re done.” Gladio grins at you before pressing a sweet kiss to your lips and making his way to the adjoining bathroom. You sigh happily, watching your boyfriend disappear into the bathroom.

You’re not sure when your eyes shut, nor do you know exactly when you fell into a tiresome sleep- but you awake the moment you feel the bed dip beside you. Cracking your eyes open, you catch sight of Gladiolus Amicitia sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but sleeping pants. You admire the garuda tattoo splayed across his back and trace the intricate patterns up and down his back with your eyes. Your gaze trails towards his damp, brown hair and traces the sharp lines of his jaw.

You suddenly find yourself gazing intently into Gladio’s curious, yet warm amber eyes. He smiles sweetly at you, and your heart flutters at the intimate gesture- you hardly ever get to see his unguarded smile. He’s got an image to keep up, after all.

“See something you like?” he murmurs, his gravelly voice rumbling low in his chest. You nod slowly, a blissful smile overtaking your lips.

“My Gladio’s beautiful soul.”

Gladio falls back on the bed, turning onto his side and gathering you carefully into his arms. You sigh at the warm contact of your cheek against his bare chest. Letting your hands roam his back freely, you cuddle closer to your much larger boyfriend.

Gladio lets out a short laugh, pulling you closer to himself.

“A little clingy tonight, aren’t we?”

You frown and pull away slightly, “you want me to stop?”

Gladio shakes his head, pressing a kiss to your temple and tucking your head back against his chest.


Ignis: You watch in awe as Ignis works his way around the portable gas stove with grace and poise. He consults his recipe book and adds in just a pinch of salt before stirring the risotto he is currently crafting. His hands are free of his gloves, and you watch his pale, elegant fingers work their magic as your evening meal is being prepared. You finally stand and make your way towards Ignis as he shut off the stove and begins to dish out five servings of food.

“I feel bad that I can never help you out with the cooking…” you admit quietly, taking two plates of food being balanced precariously on Ignis’ free arm. Your boyfriend of four years nods his head in thanks before turning back to the pot and serving up more.

“Darling, it’s absolutely fine. I enjoy cooking for you all,” you glance at him after you’ve handed the plates off to a rather famished Prompto, and don’t doubt the royal advisor’s words for one second. The small smile of contentment on his face as he served out the last of the risotto onto the final plate confirmed his love of cooking for you all. You move to take two plates from him, but he brushes you off gently when you reach for the second plate. You look up and lock eyes with his moss-green gaze. “It’s fine. I’ll do it, you go and eat- I know you’ve had a rough day.”

Your eyes widen at Ignis’ astute observation. You were indeed having a rough day, what with… that TIME of the month cramping your style and all (pun totally intended). But you hadn’t mentioned your issue to Ignis or any of the guys- it was slightly embarrassing, being the only woman in the group and all.

“Iggy… gosh. What did I ever do to receive so much love from such a beautiful soul?” you say, your voice incredibly soft as you regard Ignis with wide, reverent eyes. Ignis simply smiles down at you and quickly presses a chaste kiss to your lips.

“You brought me unending happiness, and a reason to give value to my own life outside of being Noctis’ advisor.”

Ignis pulls away from you and hands Gladio his plate of food before settling down onto his folding chair. He waits until you are seated beside him, and silently urges you to take a bite out of your favourite meal. You tear up at the wonderful flavours that hit your mouth and you smile gratefully at Ignis.

“How is it?” Ignis asks.

You nod slowly, regarding your boyfriend with a tender gaze.

“Amazing- as always.” Ignis positively beams at you before taking a spoonful of his creating into his mouth and chewing. Your heart fills with an unquenchable warmth and you find yourself falling deeper into Ignis’ juxtaposed suave and innocent charms.

when i was in eighth grade, we had the best art teacher: mr. krantz. he was weird, wacky, lived in pennsylvania, and was obsessed with cats. he’d let us sit with our friends while we worked, which was great. 

so, at the end of the 8th grade year, weird things started happening. in his school mailbox, mr. krantz started getting weird items in his school mailbox. it started with a pair of deer antlers, and then it was rabbits. lots of them. not real rabbits, but like, plastic toys and shit. in his mailbox, in his desk, even in his lunch.

and he thought that had put them all there.

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Pretty sure your inbox is full with the cute headcanons so I'm gonna drop in something different. Imagine years after the main plot and everything is said and done, Sakuya lives with Mahiru and Kuro. The three bond with each other. Mahiru especially tries to make Kuro and Sakkun to get along and it slowly works along the year. So when Mahiru finally dies (out of old age or an accident, you're choice), Sakuya and Kuro are left to comfort each other from the pain of losing of their sunshine :'D


I don’t want to imagine Mahiru dying ;__; but if I had to pick a way I would say old age. (cause at least he gets to live a fuller life that way. ahhhhh my heart someone kill me now) BUT ON A LIGHTER NOTE I cracked myself up imagining Mahiru starting tower over both of them as he gets older.  I even made some quick sketches for it cause its too good to think about:

(I am unsure about Mahi’s height cause manga said 5′4 but wiki said 5′5 but who cares)

Who knows if Mahiru gets REALLY tall or not, but the thought of it just makes me giggle so hard. Poor little vampires stuck in their teenaged bodies forever.

how does one draw an older Mahiru??? I doubt he would change that much because simple™ lolololol

Sakuya and Kuro are not sure how to feel here. Also like you said anon, I really like idea of Kuro and Sakuya becoming closer over the years, especially after Mahiru passes. Not becoming romantically involved or anything, I imagine a more platonic love. That’s way better for them in my opinion. Besides Mahiru always did want them to get along. ;w;

This is exactly what I have planned for my “After End” AU~ (well, minus seeing Mahiru’s death) just a bunch of cute and random domestic life things from these 3, and the petty competition for Mahiru’s attention that goes on for awhile. HAHAHAAAHHA.

I have a lot of ideas for this because of how much I love both individual ships and this ot3 in general~ <3 Thank you for sending anon now I will go cry some more.

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what's ur fave thing about stannis

thing?  as in singular?  wrong

  • “Stannis, however, ordered Shireen’s instructors to focus on matters relating to good governance: geography, history, religion, and classical literature … Shireen got a more thorough education than Catelyn or Cersei did.”
  • Stannis: The boy (Edric) is innocent.
    Mels: The boy defiled your marriage bed, else you would surely have sons of your own. He shamed you.
    Stannis: Robert did that. Not the boy. My daughter has grown fond of him. And he is mine own blood.
  • ” — you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.”
  • When Davos brought the onions to Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion he made sure everyone had enough to eat before he ate even though they were all starved.
  • H E  A D O P T E D  A  H A W K
  • H E  N A M E D  I T
  • *grinds teeth*
  • The only King to actually listen to the Night’s Watch and aide them at the Wall.
Dubbelsäng Does Not Mean Twin

Written for NurseyDex Week Day 2: Bedsharing and Room Sharing

Nursey/Dex Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

(Read on AO3)

Nursey is standing in the middle of the room staring at the box that just came in from IKEA. When they had argued about furnishing their new shared room, he had told Dex a million times that he could be trusted with the simple task of ordering them bunk beds. Only an idiot could screw it up.

Derek Malik Nurse was that idiot.

Somehow the bunk beds he had ordered were transformed into a queen sized bed, that was flatpacked and staring Nursey right in the face. Dex was going to kill him.

Grabbing his phone, the D-man dials the customer care number he found online and begins the waiting process to speak to a human, pacing the room as he waits. He has one day before Dex comes - he can totally fix this. Right?

An hour later, Derek is finally on the line with a human, being informed that while he could return the queen bed today, he’d have to wait two months to have the model he wanted delivered - it was on backorder and the IKEA outside of Boston was all out of stock. Hanging up, he begins to bang his head against the wall, realizing he was screwed. Better to get this over with now.

“What do you need, Nurse, that can’t wait until tomorrow?” Dex asks as he answers the call.

“So you know how I told you only an idiot could screw up a bed order? I’m that idiot,” he starts, explaining to his fellow d-man the mix up.

“But I’ll totally get an air mattress and sleep in the living room until the bunks can come in,” he assures the redhead over the line, totally hearing the other man mentally counting to ten.

“We’ve shared a bed on roadies, we can share a bed for a few months. Just try to assemble the damn thing without killing yourself, alright?” Dex finally answers, sounding exasperated.

“Umm…I’ll get Chowder to help.”

“Brilliant idea, Nursey,” he mumbles, before hanging up the phone.

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Sorry this took so long to actually get on here…I’d been typing…too much…hahaha…right so, HIGHLIGHTS! Just a reminder that what I saw was the first PREVIEW and I already know they’ve made some script changes, so until opening night on April 4th things will still be changing! Anyway here are my highlights (Re: Lauren trying not to just type out the entire musical.)

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I’m Sorry -- G.D.

warnings- smUTTTT

A/N I literally wrote this in church help

Grayson Bailey Dolan has been my mortal enemy since second grade. With his constant prodding and poking at my feelings and destroying every ounce of confidence i had (though it was small) he’s had complete control of me. So as i sit here, letting him hold me against the wall by my shirt, i can only give in. “Look. I’ve told you before. Leave me and my friends alone.” “Grayson, I was literally just walking past you guys. I didn’t even say anything, you were the one who talked to me, so i talked back.” “I don’t care. Find another way around.” He spits, eyeing my face up and down. He let’s go of the tee shirt in his hand, making me fall to the floor. The entire cafeteria at this point was staring at us; some laughing. “Gray, you wouldn’t hit a girl!” One of his buddies yelled, cackling. “Don’t speak so soon.” He muttered under his breath, just enough for me to hear as he turned away, walking back to his table. I don’t quite understand why he hates me so much. Ever since we were little he’d call me tree for being tall and make fun of my acne. i just grew a little faster than most kids, that’s all. Once we reached high school, he outgrew me by a few inches, and i got rid of my acne- so he didn’t really have many things to call me anymore. But that didn’t stop him from being a dick. So I do the unspeakable, and I waltz myself right over to his table, and stand in front of him. He looks up to me with a smirk and his friends emit a chorus of “ooh”’s, and before i could lose the confidence i have, before i can second guess myself, i punch him, square in the nose. Right in his perfect little face, where it hurts the most. “Fuck!” He yells, the whole cafeteria shocked and gasping. “What the HELL is wrong with you?” He seethes, holding his nose. He pulls his hand away to reveal red running down his hand.


 The principal’s office is never a fun visit. The smell of paper in the air is enough to make a person sick, and the fact i’m sitting next to Grayson makes everything even worse. “So, why did you punch Grayson in the face?” He turns to me and asks. “Cause she’s a-” Grayson cuts in.

“I asked her, Dolan.” He interjects, serving a disapproving look to Grayson. 

“He was being a dick.” I reply bluntly. Frankly I don’t care anymore; he’s been mean to me for a long time. 

I tell Principal Cole everything, every bit of what has been said and done since we were little. 

“Here’s what I’m gonna do,” He sighs. “I’m gonna put you two in a room together for 6 hours, and you are going to discuss how you both are feeling.” 

I get scared, worried he may hurt me back for punching him in the face while we’re in that room. What kind of punishment is this?

“Can’t you just give us detention and call it a day?” I ask rising from my seat a little. 

I look over to Grayson’s face, and he looks timid, but red all over.

“No. We did this once about 5 years ago and it worked wonders. They ended up being best friends.” He says with a prideful look on his face, clasping his hands together across his paper scattered desk. 

“What if we don’t do it?” Grayson pipes up, gravel in his voice. 

“You’re suspended.” 


We walk into our french classroom and everything is the same except for our hunched backs and no students or teachers.

We turn to look at the Principal and the counselor behind us, holding the door open.

“If you need anything, ring the office bell. Good luck, kiddos.” He says with a weak smile and closes the door, leaving two stunned teenagers. 

“He even took our phones.” He says, kicking the desk next to him. 

“Why did our parents agree to this?” I ask, looking at the ground, dreading the day to come.

“Well maybe if your dumbass didn’t punch me in the face we wouldn’t be here.” He grits, his voice extremely intimidating.

“Maybe if you hadn’t been such a douchebag to me ever since you’d known me, I wouldn’t have punched you in the face.” I spit back, finally gaining the courage to look him in the face. 

We get silent, and don’t speak to each other for two whole hours; we just sleep and, well frankly try not to look at each other. 

Then finally, I hear the words. 

“Do you know why I’ve always been a dick to you?” He asks, standing from his seat and walking toward me, though his voice sounds like he’s running out of oxygen. 

“Actually no. I’ve never even done anything to you.” I say, tired as all get out, putting my face back into my folded arms on my desk. 

He swings his leg over the seat in front of me, facing the back of the chair and sitting down. He lifts my face off my arms, lifting my face up to meet his eyes with his finger. 

My heart stops. 

I’ve never looked at him- like really looked at him. His eyes are like honey and his skin is the perfect golden tan. His hair is perfectly lush and brushed back away from his face, the dark shades flowing together like art. And his lips; god his lips. 

“Because, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” 

I can feel my skin tingle and fire awaken where his finger on my chin is. My eyes widen in shock, and he looks at my lips, his eyes full of hunger. 

“Then why-” He cuts me off with a kiss so hot it knocks my breath from my lungs, his hand on my face holding more authority and reason.

His lips are so intoxicating I forget where I am, the smell of his skin on my skin making me see stars. 

I pull away to look at him, and also to get a grip on reality once again. 

“I didn’t know how to handle it,” he whispers against my parted lips; he pulls away. “At first when we were little, I was just being a dickhead, but as time went on, i saw how gorgeous you were, and didn’t know what else to do other than be the same guy I’ve always been.” He says, looking away from me, tilting his head in shame. 

He reaches to touch my hand, but pulls away like my skin is a hot stove.

“I’m sorry- really. No one should have to go through that.” He stands up.

“It’s just that, maybe being a total D-bag is easier?” He says, and I follow his action, getting out of my seat. 

“Maybe I just-” I cut him off, smashing my lips against his, my hands on his chest. Our lips move frantically, our tongues sliding against each other like we’ve known each other’s bodies our whole lives. His hands snake around my waist, pressing me further against his torso and my hands slide up his chest and neck into this thick hair. 

He grabs the bottoms of my thighs, lifts me up and wraps them around his hips, grinding them into my own. 

In my head red flags are everywhere, telling me that this angsty, gorgeous, teenage boy is bad news. I know that, in the back of my mind.

I get it. 

But I’ve never been around a boy so alluring before, almost as if the trail of fire he leaves behind on my skin when he touches me is some sort of siren. 

He lays me down on some desk, laying his body on mine. 

Our hips continue to grind against each other, small groans and whines slipping past our combined lips. 

His big hands run up under my shirt to slip it off, the fabric thrown to the floor somewhere, and he wastes no time in unclipping my bra and throwing it to join my shirt. 

He sits up but only for a split second to rip off his own shirt, revealing to me his tense muscles ripping across his skin. I can’t help but clench my thighs together at the sight, sucking in a breath. Lightening fast he comes back to me, bringing our lips back together in a searing hot kiss that makes my whole body catch fire. 

He slips his hand underneath my panties, his fingers running in between my folds, feeling how embarrassingly wet I am. 

“God, fuck.” He breathes against my lips as his middle finger rubs my clit softy; enough to make let out a loud moan. 

I feel his hard on against my thigh, getting more and more hard by the second. 

He pulls his hand away to take the rest of our clothes off, his torso back on top of mine, my legs around his waist. 

He takes my red face in his hands, running his thumb over my cheekbone and gently asks, “Are you sure?” In the most sincere voice I’ve ever heard- and it’s especially strange coming from him. 

“Yes, god please.” I say, breathing rather heavy. He places his forearms under my shoulders to get better leverage, and places one last kiss on my lips. 

He looks deep into my eyes, deeper than anyone has ever looked, and pushes in. 

“Gray, oh god.” I moan out; he’s huge. He slides in and out of me at an intense pace, his face buried in my neck occasionally pressing kisses there.

My breathing gets faster and faster, the moans erupting from me no longer able to be stifled. 

He places his hand over my mouth, “Shh. What if they catch us?” The thought only makes the burning in my core more intense, making me groan against his hand. 

I’m no virgin, but nothing in my life I’ve ever done has felt so damn good

He lets out groans against my neck, the sound better than anything I’ve ever heard. He removes the hand from my mouth, and replaces it with his lips. We moan and whine louder than ever but our kiss stifles it just enough. 

He reaches down to rub my clit, and that’s all I can handle. The euphoria that takes over me is nearly too much, and I pull away to yell his name one last time, his name rolling off my tongue like honey. 

I see his face contort, and he pushes in so deep and cums inside me, soothing the burn I feel. We both freeze, taking in the pure pleasure. 

“Holy fuck.” He says, giving me a messy kiss full of tongue and desire. 

“Gray.” I whisper, my eyes slipping closed. 


“I’m sorry I punched you in the face.” 


So today is the day I get to post my story for the @sterekreversebang

It was inspired by @frogsandboxes amazing art - and she also drew an additional art piece for the fic I wrote for it! I love love LOVE It! :D Please check out her art post here.


Summary: Stiles and Derek grew up hating each other’s kind, embroiled in a war between hunters and werewolves.

But instead of wanting each other dead, they fall in love, which ends in them captured by hunters for that love. Stiles may live at the end of it because he’s human, but they will kill Derek, and that means leaving Stiles devastated and broken, and Derek is determined not to let that happen.

Stiles and Derek have to then find a way to escape or it will be end of the both of them before they can even try to put an end to the war.

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Smut

Notes: The lovely and amazing @troubleiwant beta’d this story for me, and she is just so amazing, she helped me so much! Thank you for all your help, otherwise this story wouldn’t be what it is <3


Derek swallowed past the lump in his throat. “Why did you do it? Why did you put yourself in the line of fire for me?”

He felt Stiles move his head against the back of his, most likely trying to look at Derek as best he could. “I’d always thought…even as I was falling in love with you, that I would be able to let you go eventually. That I would be able to do it without a thought at first, and even if it hurt after I’d fallen for you. But then I found myself running away with you, which is something I would have even considered before. Then when the time actually came to either stand aside or let them capture - no, kill you - I just…couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t choose them over you.”

“You mean your father,” Derek murmured, reaching back with his cuffed right hand to reach for Stiles’ cuffed left hand, and then he was entwining their fingers together, breath catching at being able to feel Stiles’ skin against his again, even just in this small way.

Stiles didn’t answer for the longest time before he whispered, “Yeah.”

“It was stupid,” Derek turned his head then as well, and felt Stiles’ temple against his, the faintest touch of Stiles’ skin to his. “You’re going to get hurt because of me.”

“I would have hurt worse if I’d let them kill you,” Stiles said.

“You would have healed eventually, though,” Derek said. “You would have moved on.”

Read the rest on AO3!

belgastel  asked:

i don't know if you're still taking these but whatever, thought i'd try anyway lol malec + "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

anonymous said: Malec + “have you seen the.. oh”

magnus loved potions. the process of making them required precision and research, patience, it was a delicate thing and there was something about it that magnus loved.

this potion however, was just being a little shit.

it required different amounts of each ingredient depending on who wanted to use it, and this particular combination was one magnus hadn’t encountered before. which is why he’s spent the entire day behind the closed doors of his office, brewing and mixing, trying to get it right.

he even called catarina, who was now in the living room, working out how much of the last few ingredients they’d need and tweaking the spell required to finish the potion.

magnus stretches his hand out to the side of the table, reaching for an herb he needed to add, but finding that it’s not there. his eyes scan his desk, but he doesn’t see the jar he’s looking for.

making his way to the living room, he yells out, “have you seen the… oh.”

magnus freezes in his spot as he takes in the scene in front of him. catarina sitting on the counter, chatting happily, talking with her hands as she’s always done. and the person she’s talking to is alec, who is putting pink and purple flowers in a deep blue vase, an easy smile on his face.

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sherlock comes back so confident that he and john can pick up right where they left off–you know it is just possible that you won’t be welcome / no it isn’t–and you know it’s what he spent two years hoping for, and he just so badly fails to take into account how much his death fucked john up because he doesn’t understand the extent to which john loves him. he was willing to jump off a roof and disrupt his life for two whole years just for john, but he has no idea that john would have done the same if given the chance, and it’s just infuriating to see them still getting it wrong, to keep mistaking each other’s intentions, because all it would take is one single conversation, just five minutes of resisting the need to repress everything and actually say how much they care about each other and they’d both be so much happier, and just, GOD, you two, how do you fucking live like this????

This is Us- Chapter 7

As they handed off their menus to the waitress, Murtagh waited a little impatiently for her to get out of earshot then turned his gaze to Jamie and leaned in. 

Jamie said nothing as he reached across the table and handed Murtagh his phone. Claire texted the pictures from yesterday over to him before he’d even gotten in his own door last night. He knew each one by heart, having looked his fill already.

Jamie watched with anticipation as his godfather patted his pocket to retrieve his glasses, putting them on in preparation to scroll. 

With a start he realized he’d never see either parents need to reach for reading glasses. They’d both died before living enough years to have aged into gray hair.

With his daughter lacking grandparents on either side of her family, he found himself doubly grateful for the irascible old bugger.

Theirs had always been an unusual relationship. Jamie was just a lad when his Mam was killed but he remembered enough. 

He remembered the way both is Da and Murtagh had looked at Ellen when, for her 30th Birthday Party– a big event held the year before her death, with two hundred guests and fancy tables with flowers from the gardens pouring from urns and a live band set up under a tent on Lallybroch grounds– she’d come down the stairs wearing a formal red dress, silky with a deep décolletage and red high heels. It was like seeing sun coming out after a long, cold winter.

He knew his Da and godfather felt the same way for as he glanced over at them, they wore identical expressions of awe. No one greeted her as she turned the second floor landing and caught sight of the three of them standing there, both men stunned into silence.

That didn’t feel right to Jamie who called up enthusiastically, “Ye look beautiful, Mam!”

His mother blinked, then noticed Jamie decked out in full kilt standing to the side of his Da and smiled in delight.

“Why, thank ye kindly, good sir. Its nice to know ye have such gentlemanly manners, lad. They’ll work wonders for ye when you get out in the world.”

He could feel his face get a little hot. When Jamie was pleased his ears turned a bright pink and a flush rose up across his chest. Same thing happened to his Mam so she gave him an extra smile of recognition.

Jamie saw though that directly after, her eyes strayed back to Brian’s and stayed locked on his as he ascended the last steps to greet her. Their conversation was muffled, but Jamie didn’t want to hear it anyway, it would likely end in the two of them snogging, which was nothing he needed to see, again .

So he turned to Murtgah only to find the man still watching Ellen, his eyes had an expression in them that made his wame feel a bit funny. As an adult Jamie had understood the longing that he’d seen there that day, the futile hunger never quenched.  

He also remembered that it was Murtagh in the weeks and months after Ellen’s passing that had kept the remaining Fraser bodies and souls together. Brian had good days and bad ones after but Murtagh always seemed to be there when needed, getting the kids supper, to school and back, the little things here and there that kept the house a home when the grief overwhelmed Da.

In the ensuing years Jamie had wanted to ask his father about the odd relationship he and Murtagh shared, both loving the same woman and yet best friends, but he didn’t dare to do so. 

Nor could Jamie speak of such matters to Murtagh, either.  One of the solid pillars of the relationship between his father and godfather was that neither man discussed Murtagh’s feelings for Ellen.

How much did Ellen know of Murtagh’s feelings? Clearly Brian not only knew, he’d counted on Murtagh to stand as stalwart guardian over his children to see them safe as he came to terms with the loss.

To surface that thorny topic would cause reverberations that might lead to even more losses for the family. But Jamie had eyes, a heart and sensitive soul that knew what lay beneath the surface nevertheless.

For all the complexities and complications of their family, Murtagh had loved both his parents and in that loving helped he and Jenny keep their memories alive. Having him here to share the surprise of Faith was a deeply satisfying feeling and Jamie eagerly awaited his reaction.

Glasses firmly perched on his nose, Murtagh looked down as Jamie watched his face; he didn’t disappoint. Jamie knew he was looking at:

Jamie straightening Jane’s bonnet as Faith beamed her approval elicited a puzzled expression of inquiry from Murtagh.

The two of them playing side by side, Faith with an animated look of determination and Jamie trying to be subtle about staring at her from the corner of his eye. Both had the same habit of squeezing the right side of their mouths down in identical lines of concentration. Jamie watched as Murtagh registered the fact the picture had captured that unexpected moment of symmetry and his bushy eyebrows rose all the way up into his forehead.

Murtagh scrolled forward and chuckled seeing Faith’s gleeful joy as the tower toppled over, colorful blocks frozen in mid-tumble, Jamie scowling in faux-horror.

He grunted when he saw Faith reaching for a piece of carrot from Jamie’s fork staring hard at the close up image of the girl’s face and lingered over the obvious shape of her eyes.

Jamie couldn’t suppress his grin when he heard a quiet, “Ah!” from his godfather.

Knowing that he had arrived at the picture of Jamie holding Faith in his lap reading her favorite story. Any lingering doubts Murtagh had were dispatched. In that image, looking at them head on, her face directly in front and close to his allowed for easy comparison; the shared Fraser features were unmistakeable.

Murtagh sighed as he looked at the last one, Jamie caught completely unaware tucking his daughter into bed. Not much of her was visible, just her curls exploding on her purple pillow as he kissed her cheek, with her wee hand patting the scruff of his face.  

Whatever Murtagh had been expecting, this wasn’t it. Surprise was not quite the word. As he handed Jamie back his phone, Jamie saw Murtagh’s cheeks were damp. But his smile was huge and the delighted twinkle in his eye warmed Jamie’s heart.

Jamie had always been the child of his heart, the one most like Ellen in looks and temperament. Murtagh found himself increasingly grateful as the years passed for the connection. 

If Ellen couldn’t give him the one thing he’d wanted from her (the moment her eyes met Brian’s, she longer had it to give), in the end, she’d given him something perhaps even more precious. Murtagh found he didn’t begrudge the trade, for all that he’d had no choice in the matter anyway.

Murtagh looked Jamie over, it was impossible to look into his face and not see Ellen’s eyes staring out at him. But for all that Jamie was his mother’s son, a fair bit of Fraser was in him, too. The reservoir of strength that lay in him, the sense of duty and loyalty that had been shaped by his father.

The sharp jolt of their loss had worn away but Murtagh found it was still with him, perhaps more rather than less as the years passed. He and Brian had managed to bridge the divide that threatened when, as a giddy young man fresh from from his first semester at university, he’d brought Miss Ellen MacKenzie home to Fraser lands to meet his folks during a break at the Edinburgh College of Fine Arts.

They’d been in the same Into to Form class. The first day they’d walked in to discover a nude model standing in the middle of the studio without so much as a by-your-leave. Instructed to find an open canvass and begin, Murtagh had been gobsmacked, trying hard to look at anything other than the model’s puckered nipples, big as shillings, staring straight at him.

He heard a snicker, a little mix of naughty and genuine amusement and raised his head. That’s all it took, one glance at her fiery mane and deep blue eyes, crinkling with embarrassed laughter over the top of a easel. He’d fallen instantly in love.

They’d been seeing one another, but not wanting to appear foolishly impulsive, he’d never told her how he felt. He’d played it cool, casual. The fall break was only a couple of days, too short for her to make the long journey back to the home she shared with her two brothers, so he’d invited her to come home with him. He was excited to show her the glens and hills of Broch Mordha, the color palette that had inspired his artistic roots in the first place.

The crisp fall air beckoned and they’d gone out for a walk over bramble and bush where they’d been spotted by Brian Fraser, out riding to check on the coos in the far field. He cut quite a fine figure, did Mr. Fraser, atop that pure white beast.  

Her head came up just as he was about to dismount. Distracted by her arresting looks, he’d been thrown off his horse and dumped unceremoniously into the mud at her feet.

She burst into laughter, but it wasn’t unkind. Brian replayed the last couple of minutes in his own mind knowing full well he’d been showing off, riding Donas to impress and had just made a cake of it. He couldn’t help but join her, his rueful barks of amusement filling the air.

Unfortunately for Murtagh, Ellen had taken one look at Brian’s chagrined smile and fallen instantly in love. The spark between them almost a tangible object spinning through the air.

Murtagh knew it was a wonderfully romantic story, but the pain of it not being about him was an aching wound, even years after her passing.

Brian had proposed to Ellen just before Hogmanay, she was still only 18, marrying him meant leaving University. Yet both Ellen and Brian knew from the second they met nothing else would do. 

So they persisted over the vociferous objections of her older brothers and Brian’s father, who (disgustingly) met Ellen and decided he wanted her for himself. Strange man, Simon Lovat.

Brian and Ellen were thus left on their own, no family on either side to smooth the way for the couple. Brian must have had a sense that there would be trouble for them. Perhaps that was why he’d come to see Murtagh before he’d even proposed. 

A sign of respect, Murtagh knew, and the only time Brian had ever acknowledged what lay between them.

“I ken I’m asking something of ye that I’m no’ so sure I’d be prepared to give ye had it gone the other way, but would you stand wi’ me, be my best man?”

Torn between wanting to tell him to go fuck himself and fear of what his life might become without Ellen MacKenzie in it, Murtagh took a deep breath and reconciled himself to the inevitable. 

It gave him some comfort knowing how deeply Brian had loved her, that and standing godfather to their bairns. A different kind of creation maybe but there was a true artistry in it for all that.

Murtagh was startled out of his reverie by a sharp noise from Jamie, clearly intended as an invitation to be nosy. He waited until their food had been laid before them and started in.

“I take it ye didna know about the wee lassie?” Jamie shook his head. “Did ye date the mother for awhile? Where did the two of you meet?”

Jamie filled him in on the details of his afternoon and evening. He mentioned Claire’s name as often as Faith’s, and Murtagh consciously made an effort to keep a knowing grin off his face.

“What’s to be done then?” He asked and Jamie understood what he meant.

“For now Claire suggested that we no’ make a formal schedule but bid me to come when I can. I’ve offered to walk them over to the daycare at the hospital in the morning so I can meet the staff and have my contact information added to Faith’s file. She, that is Claire, is working late so I can pick Faith up in the afternoon and drop her off at Claire’s and meet her sitter, Mrs. Crooke. This weekend Claire asked if I’d accompany them on  a picnic in the park, simple stuff, really. Did I tell ye she can count to twenty?” That set him off again on a litany of Faith-related accomplishments.  

Murtagh smiled to himself. He had known the Fraser siblings all their lives. More importantly though, he knew the man and woman that had raised them.

Murtagh took in the body language, recalled the last snap in the series and the look of desperate longing in Jamie’s face as he kissed his bairn good night, the quiet excitement and pulse of energy that thrummed through his body when, like now, he spoke of Faith and of Claire and he understood what Jamie couldn’t yet articulate.

He knew very well that once a Fraser gave his or her heart, it was irrevocable. Brian and Ellen moved mountains and defied both their families to be together. Jenny had known almost from the moment she met Ian that he was hers– no matter that they were bairns themselves.

Whether because of the moral code with which he was raised or due to genuine desire, Jamie Fraser wasn’t about to give up the family he never knew existed, not now. He had found them, and he was going to keep them.