he gets so exasperated

everyone’s freaking out over ghost!yoongi in that sugamon photoshoot but all i’m thinking about is poor lonely ghost yoongi trying to get giant dweeb namjoon’s attention bc yoongi happens to really really really like this human even though he wears awful checkered shirts and reads books for prolonged hours on the toilet but alas the giant dweeb remains completely and blissfully unaware so yoongi is stuck between sulking in one corner of namjoon’s bedroom or (lovingly) glaring daggers at him through the mirror

I want a TV show where everyone else is completely wrapped up in all their drama and everything to like, almost soap opera levels, and then there’s this one guy who’s just…hyper-self-aware. Like he actually knows he’s a TV character, and he just gets so exasperated with everything.

Big huge plot twist? “Oh come on! I saw that coming like two episodes ago!”

Even more drama than usual sometime around the month of May? “Uh, guys? I think this is our season finale. One of us might die.”

Cryptic lines of foreshadowing? “Aw hell, what is it now?”

“Why am I in this scene? I literally serve no purpose to this storyline.”

“Dammit, I’m just a plot device in this episode.”

“Okay, there is no reason I should have to be shirtless for this scene. What’s that even about?”

“Wow, that was a really out-of-character thing for me to do. Who’s writing this crap?”

Okay but AU where instead of getting One for All from All Might he gets Recovery Girl’s quirk somehow 

So like, Deku being so EXASPERATED because the kids in his class get “injured” with a stubbed toe and suddenly need Local Green Medical Bunny to heal their oh so terrible wounds with healing kisses. 

 And like, Deku’s thinking “not what I meant by being a hero but being a hero for the other heroes has got to be something” so now he goes around with Recovery Girl to heal people in the country around the weekends. 

Whenever Recovery Girl isn’t around at Yuuei it’s Izuku’s job to be the healer so by the end of the month everyone in Yuuei knows there’s this cutie who’ll kiss you better and honestly why wouldn’t you let that punch get you just so you could go up to the nurse’s office?

Izuku hanging around All Might anyways because damn son, someone needs to look out for his sickly heroic booty and All Might can barely take care of himself on a good day. But it’s even better working than Recovery Girl’s original quirk because he has a superior understanding of how a person’s quirk works so he ends up having even more potent healing powers than she ever did. 

 And whoops, All for One notices how amazing his healing capabilities are and KIDNAPS HIM

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Dank Anon

Request: Reactions from the mentioned siblings when you give them lobster, pineapple, ramen, and tomatoes?

Ryoma is actually quite pleased to be receiving a lobster. Though his siblings look exasperated he doesn’t get the joke. Poor guy. So, completely not understanding the random gift he chalks it up to an act of kindness (assuming you’re on good terms with him as he’d otherwise act somewhat suspicious) and smiles gratefully. He’s big on seafood so he probably ends up eating it.

Xander is completely lost. His hair being ramen-esque is not something that’s ever been mentioned to him nor is it something he’s noticed himself so he doesn’t see the correlation and, like Ryoma, sees the gift as something quite random. Still, gracious as ever Xander is happy to accept the gift and if he trusts you he’ll give it a try. He rather likes it, to his pleasant surprise, and asks for more much to your amusement.

Takumi is literally so done. Unlike his elder brother Takumi gets the joke and his face turns into one of complete unamusement as soon as you hand him a pineapple. He sees right through that innocent smile he knows what you’re up to. Ain’t no foolin’ Takumi. ‘Haha, I’m a pineapple. So funny.’ He rolls his eyes but aside from saying that he doesn’t chastise you. Chances are he’s even good humored enough to stop Oboro from stabbing you even though he acts super grumpy. In the end he’ll probably keep the pineapple though - or give it to Setsuna when she asks.

If you give Leo a tomato he will be so happy. Like the sky will open up and kittens and puppies will rain upon you. Or, at least they may as well have when his expression is considered. Though Leo tries his best to look measured and even his eyes are positively aglow with joy and it’s clear that the simple present has filled him with immense, insurmountable joy. Once he realizes this though he’ll be quick to blush, coughing and looking away to try to keep his cool. He may ask you a few questions about where and how you got such a thing in the middle of the war but will ultimately thank you for your generosity. Leo is so happy with the present that he almost wants to put it on the mantle in his room but reasons that letting it rot would be a waste and eats it with his next meal.