he gets me


I plan to dance for you today. So, if you don’t come, I’ll probably be lonely. To me, ‘people’ are you and only you. That’s why you must come.”


oh god.wow….

Andre Styles interviews Ed Sheeran for Mix 107.9 Columbus. 

“The most attractive thing for me is um… just, self-confidence. Someone that loves the way they look but isn’t sort of like, shouting about it. You know, it isn’t a… uh, insecure thing. Where, you know, they’re just comfortable with who they are. I think that’s the most attractive thing.”

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Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #38

Can we all just agree that Reid exposing the unsub’s father as a child molester at the end of The Uncanny Valley (5.12) was probably one of his finest moments in the entire show?

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so i finally talked to my dad about going down to california for the concert….and he didnt say no….but he also didnt say yes….he wants me to plan the trip down to the minute and present it to him and then he will tell me whether I can go or not….

When ur dad gives you late christmas gifts

[ not to cause any drama or anything but ol i VER / @iuriis GETS SO MUCH HA TE ? I JU ST, I SW EAR TO GO D? it hasn’t happened yet but i don’t think anyone’s opinions of oliver will tear me away from him. he’s probably my best friend – you have to really get to know him to know he’s not that bad. ]

here’s 2 important things about the boy i’m dating

  1. he knows i really like vampires and asked if it was a kink (it is not)
  2. we took a bunch of photos of him today bc he wants a new profile pic on fb and instead of just.. deciding on one he put his top 4 together on ms paint and sent it to me to help him pick one

“how my small talk at family reunions usually goes”