he gave up revenge for a chance at love

Why Eren didn’t kiss Mikasa

So, as I believe all of you know, Season 2 of Snk end a couple of days ago. and ever since I’ve seen a lot of people saying (unederstand screaming) wtf, eren is such a dumb ass idiot why he didn’t  kiss Mikasa ! They were talking about this scene

As an ereri shipper I would just answer, because he loves Levi, but that’s the yaoi fangirl answer, my real opinion is different.

So here we go, let’s explain this scene !

To me there is three main reason one is linked to their relationship and the other to the situation

How did Eren see Mikasa ?

When we (the fan) think about Mikasa, we think about the badass soldier with a red scarf and an obsession for Eren. But we have to remember that Eren and Mikasa know each other since childhood. Also the way you meet someone is something really important about your future relationship, and especially for Eren and Mikasa.

On this day Eren see an orphan girl and deciede to offer her the one thing she was deeply missing a family. I think it’s the key of their relationship, she’s like a member of his family to him.  He wanted to protect her, that’s the kinda of things a brother will do. He often refered to her like his sister or a member of his family. Also Eren didn’t see Mikasa as a woman for the moment. This isn’t my point of view here but what Isayama said. Eren is still young and didn’t have the time to think’s about girl, because AOT is a cruel world were you didn’t have the time to think about your love interest, that’s my second point.

There is no place in Eren’s life for a romance

Lets’ imagine your Eren. You’re a teenager, who saw his mother being ate by a titan and who swore to destroy them. Then you became a soldier, see many of your comrades die, discover your a titan shifter and some of your friend aswell. Would you have the time to think about love ? Definitly not, your caught in a war, and your world is changing evryday, you just doesn’t have the time for a romance. At this time of the story Eren only thinks about destroying the titan and get his revenge, he isn’t ready for loving someone in this way. 

The situation

They are surounded by titans, Hannes just died, they are about to die, everyone is about to die. Thats’ why Mikasa confess to Eren beacause she realizes it’s her last chance to do it.

Eren know that as well, he understood what Mikasa doing. But he can’t let that happen. He can’t just kiss her. Because if he do it, he know it will be because it’s the end, it wil mean he gave up. But that’s impossible for Eren he can’t accept to die, especially not when he can finaly get his revenge over the titan that kill his mother.

That’s why he stand up and fight, becauqe even if there is less than 1% of chance for them to survie, Eren want to fight till the end, he refuse to gave up and say goodbye to life.

To sum up here are the main reason :

  1. Eren see here like a sister
  2. He’s too immature and doesn’t have a place for love in his life
  3. kissing her will mean he accept to die, so he refuse and fight instead

That’s my analytic, your free to agree or not, hope you  find it interesting ^^

Death’s Choice

I tried really hard to get my kid out of my neighborhood. When he was born, I made all the promises I’m sure my old man made to me when I was young.

You’re not gonna live like this.

You’re gonna be better than me.

You’re gonna be somebody.

But what does an eighteen year old know about getting anybody outta anywhere? I couldn’t even get myself out. Me and my girl lived in my mom’s basement while we tried to get our shit together for Abel’s sake, but it was never gonna work. She was younger than me, she didn’t want to be a mom, and she split when he was only a couple months old.

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A list that details all of the good deeds that Rumple has done for other people because he loves them, and/or because he just felt like being a decent person.

This is in response to all of the haters, who are acting like the 6B finale was the first time Rumple did the right thing.

Yeah, right…Rumple’s done the right thing on this shit show on many occasions, going all the way back to S1, but then got pushed back by getting rejected by his loved ones, anyway, over and over again, so that the plot/narrative could revert him back to being the villain post S3, and/or give him more conflict.

A. He crippled himself to get out of the war, so that his son could have a father, and got shunned for it as a “coward” by his village. You could call this one morally ambiguous, and open to individual interpretation. Some people will see it as a selfish and cowardly choice, and say that Rumple only did it because he wanted to have the chance to be a father, but I think it was a very brave and noble thing that he did for the sake of his son, not himself because he was very adamant that he did the right thing for Bae back in the beginning, then Milah and the rest of his village kept telling him that he “should have fought, and died in battle,” and called him a “coward” so often that he believed it of himself too.

B). Bravely took on an evil curse to save his son and all of the children of his village from getting drafted into a war, and his good intentions bit him in the ass when the curse began to corrupt him and turn him into a magic addict.

C). Backed down from sword fighting Hook, so that he could protect Bae and be his father back in his village in the EF before he was the DO.


D). Spared Robin Hood’s life because Belle reminded him that his wife was pregnant, and that he was not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless.

E). Let Belle go from his castle, gave her freedom, and expected her to never return.

F). Let Belle go again because he thought it was for her own good in S2 when they first reunited, but she refused to leave.

G). Traded the gauntlet to save Belle from the Queens of Darkness back in the EF.

H). Gave Belle a library twice, and expected to gain nothing in return for it, simply because he loved her.

I). Helped Henry out with magic, just to be nice, and because he liked him back in S2 a couple times.

J). Tried to give Belle back her memories when she fell across the town line in S2 with TLK, she screamed in his face, and it didn’t work because she didn’t remember that she loved him as Belle.

K). Went to Neverland to stop Pan, and save Henry. Trapped Pan in Pandora’s box, only for him to break free, and swap bodies with Henry without his knowledge.

L). Gave Charming a healing potion for his dreamshade wound in SB with no price.

M). Then, he decided to selflessly sacrifice his life to save Belle and Baelfire (and the rest of the town by default) in the 3A finale when he realized this, and saw that he had no other options left without any prompting from anyone else to do so.

N). Immediately dropped his dagger down at Zelena’s feet, and willingly chose to give up his freedom to her to save Belle’s life, and hold on to Baelfire just a little longer.

O). Rescued Belle’s heart back from Regina with Will.

P). Let Belle go with Will (twice), and even gave her the real dagger to try and stop him when the last flicker of red was fading away in his heart.

Q). Fought off a bear, and risked his life to save Belle without magic at the tip of fingers, and was able to pull Excalibur from the stone because he proved to be a true hero.

R). Fought off Hook, and risked his life to save Belle when he was unable to use magic at the tip of his fingers, while Hook was the Dark One.

S). Gave Belle his car keys, and told her to go off and see the world to save her life when Storybrooke was amidst a crisis with Dark Hook trying to send everyone to the UW, and he didn’t expect anything in return from her.

T). Double crossed Pan, and saved Robin’s life in doing so. Mostly selfless. He had nothing to gain from doing that, except for the fact that the heroes would hate him more than they already did.

U). Tried to wake Belle up with TLK from the sleeping curse in the UW. The automatic response that a lot of people have to this is that Rumple still was too afraid to let go of power/didn’t believe in Belle’s love for him. However, interviews with Adam and Eddy saying that it didn’t work because they “were in a bad place,” and Emilie saying that she thinks it didn’t work because Belle was angry with Rumple, and the whole dream TLK seem to suggest that it didn’t work because Belle couldn’t fully accept all of Rumple at the time.

V). Backed down from attempting to accelerate Belle’s pregnancy, so that he could use the magic shears of destiny to separate their child’s fate to “make him love him,” and stop him from destroying his family or whatever horrible thing he threatened to do with taking the the easy way out with magic because she made him realize that it terrified her, and would hurt her. Still got bit in the ass for doing the right thing, anyway, when Belle gave their child away to the Blue Fairy without his consent because the EQ sped up her pregnancy to get revenge, and Belle thought it was him.

W). Saved Emma’s life with no thanks in return. I’m not totally sure whether this one was selfless or not in motivation because I didn’t watch the episode.

X). Darkened his soul, so that Gideon, his son, wouldn’t have to. No one asked him to do that, and he needed no prompting. That was selfless.

Y). Double-crossed the Black Fairy, selflessly chose love over power, turned down the chance to bring back Baelfire, faced off his evil half, and broke the Black Fairy’s curse by being the Savior of the town.

That’s a series of 25 good deeds in the total of six seasons for Rumple that were motivated by true love that he feels for someone else, or just wanting to be a good person, whether totally altruistic in nature or not, and this last one seems to be his ultimate redemption arc on the show in the present day storyline from here on out since Rumbelle got a HEA and Emilie De Ravin won’t be coming back as a regular next season (sad, but also happy because they can’t shit on Rumbelle anymore).

I don’t think that Regina (though I love her) or Hook have done that much good in the name of love for other people in the entirety of the series, but they got the more consistent redemption arcs without half as many hurdles because they had the stronger support system throughout the series, not Rumple. This is why I’ve always said that Rumple is the “villain,” who feels less like the “villain,” and more like the unappreciated and misunderstood underdog on this show. Rumple is the most inherently brave, loving, and selfless character on OUAT, regardless of whether he’s a hero or a villain, I actually think those categories are both too narrow for someone with such a vastly morally gray compass as his character has always had, to be honest, and don’t ever tell me otherwise. BYE!

Fic: How Lucky We Are (4/?) (M)

Author’s note: Funny how evil cliffhangers draw in the reviews, huh? This took a bit longer than I hoped but I hope you like it! Plenty of twists to come!

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 4

“Where is he? What have you done with him?”

It was David, not Snow who answered her. “Emma, you weren’t supposed to see…”

“I wasn’t supposed to see the guards dragging the man I love away? How could you do this?”

David scowled. “He’s a pirate, Emma,” he snapped sternly. “He admitted it!”

Emma blinked, stunned. “What?”

Snow appeared, a piece of parchment in her hand. “We received this a few hours ago.”

Emma snatched the latter and read, fury and heartbreak warring in her. How could he do this? How could Killian throw their future away? Didn’t he love her? She made her choice, she wanted him above all else. But as she read his words, over and over again, the real knowledge of what he’d done weighed on her heart. Killian did love her. He did. He loved her so much that he was willing to give up his freedom so that she wouldn’t sacrifice her family. He was willing to give up the only life he’d known for over three hundred years so that she could be happy. I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust. How could those few words bring her to tears?

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Whoa, one question at a time. And boy what difficult questions they are.

Since Manfred only appeared in a handful of cases in the series, despite his extreme importance in Edgeworth’s life, it’s rather hard to judge how he felt about Edgeworth along those dark fifteen years. No wonder there are diversity of headcanons and theories about that matter. But since you asked what I think, I’ll write about my own thoughts.

1. Manfred’s feeling for Edgeworth

Did Manfred “loved” Miles Edgeworth? It’s a complicated question. I do think that he developed some attachment to the boy, because as you said, he raised that kid for more than a decade, and even the most abusive caretakers do have some kind of bond with their children. But I think Manfred’s affection and pride toward Edgeworth was more like a master’s love for his favorite tool, or his favorite piece of work, and less like a parent’s love for a child. A living and breathing child who possesses his own mind and will.

Manfred never decided to raise Edgeworth because he felt sympathy for the poor orphan boy. He took the child for his huge plan of ultimate revenge. Well, and also it’s my long-time headcanon that Manfred was a sexist and he always wanted a son.(Link) He always dreamed of a perfect son to raise into a perfect prosecutor, and despaired when all he’d got was two girls. So he got jealous of Gregory to have such a son, a son who idolized his father and wanted to become a lawyer, and decided to use that boy for his revenge.

Manfred fed him, dressed him, raised him, and taught him into a perfect prosecutor he always wanted, in lieu of a son he could never obtain. So yes, that boy was dear to him. But that was all Edgeworth was. A substitute. He was Gregory’s substitute for Manfred to pour down his wrath and revenge, and also the substitute of the ideal son Manfred never had. Manfred never viewed Miles Edgeworth as a person who had a feeling of his own. He demanded the boy to “Do not disappoint me” in AAI, and Edgeworth’s answer was “I swear to uphold your honorable name, or my name isn’t Miles Edgeworth!”

So Manfred loved Edgeworth? Maybe yes, but only for selfish, twisted reasons. Did Manfred love Edgeworth like a normal parent loving his child? Nope. He never did. Parental love is a selfless love to wish for child’s happiness and respect the child’s feelings. I actually don’t think that Manfred was even capable of those kinds of love. Which brings to my next point…

2. Manfred as a parent in general

Considering the fact that Manfred raised Edgeworth to eventually kill him, it’s rather curious that he treated the boy totally equal to his own child, Franziska. If Manfred was nice to his own daughter while he abused the boy, his hatred toward Edgeworth would’ve been pretty obvious. But no, he was equally strict and abusive to both children. Franziska even thought that her father liked Edgeworth more than her, and hurt from it.

Of course this is partly due to the fact that Manfred was ridiculously thorough about his revenge plan that he had to make sure nobody would even think that he would make Edgeworth die. This is the guy who actually trained the parrot just in case that Phoenix Wright might cross-examine her. But also, I think Manfred was a kind of person who couldn’t feel genuine love toward other people, even for his own daughter. He only loved himself. Even when he loved others, it was all for his own benefit. Just like Damon Gant, who stated in RFTA that “There are only three people I look out for: Me, Myself and I.”

So Manfred was like a father in medieval royal family. A father who would say to his children that “I would rather see you dead than dishonored.” There are various headcanons about his elder daughter, but in my headcanon, she married a rich guy of prestigious family by her father’s order. It was never important whether she loved his husband. I think Manfred was planning to get Franziska married too as soon as she reached the legal age. Perhaps with Lance Amano, the only son and heir of Amano Group, or with Sebastian, the only son of Chief Prosecutor Debeste. His elder daughter failed to produce grandson for him, only one granddaughter, and he wasn’t getting any younger.

As I said, Manfred was attached to Edgeworth for his own selfish reasons. I think his feeling for his own daughters were pretty much same. He raised his children to think that they were not worthy to be loved unless they were perfect, and Von Karma name was more important than their own happiness.

3. What if Edgeworth stayed perfect?

If Edgeworth managed to protect his perfect record, and he never changed to value the truth more than victory, would Manfred still went on his plan? I think YES. Even though Edgeworth grew dear to him, I don’t believe Manfred would ditch his fifteen years of giant plan for his sentimental emotion. I actually wrote a post about AU where Manfred gave up his revenge because he loved the boy too much to lose him(Link) but I firmly stated it as an AU because I think there’s no way it would happen in canon.

One reason I think Manfred HAD to carry out his plan was because statute of limitation for DL-6 was almost over. In AA universe, statute of limitation for murder was only fifteen years, and after that, the chance of letting Edgeworth be executed as his father’s murderer would be forever lost. I don’t know. Maybe Manfred was actually planning his revenge to take place a little sooner, but he was postponing it all along because he couldn’t bring himself to kill the boy when he was such a perfect foster-son. But it was already the year of 2016 and his time was running out. It was now or never. He couldn’t possibly let go of his last chance of revenge forever.

Another reason is that even though Manfred treated Edgeworth like his own son, he still never forgot the boy wasn’t really his son. He said in AAI that “A worthless person like you has no right to claim such a thing as perfection!” So apparently, Manfred thought that Edgeworth would never be able to achieve perfection because he was the son of Gregory, the lowly defense attorney. For God’s sake, that was the first day of Edgeworth’s trial as a prosecutor. What a great way to give his blessing on such an important day. It looks like Manfred always remembered that the boy was still Gregory’s son, even on the glorious day when he started his career as a prosecutor.

I’ve seen many fanworks about Manfred’s reaction for Edgeworth’s loss against Phoenix Wright. Wrath, disappointment, betrayal. I agree to all of those. He would’ve felt enraged, disappointed, and betrayed that the perfect student he raised himself was defeated by a rookie defense attorney.

But on the other hand, I think he secretly felt relieved.

As said in AAI, he thought Edgeworth was not worthy to claim perfection. So when Edgeworth became renowned as Genius Prosecutor, of course Manfred felt pride for raising a perfect student, but he also felt uncomfortable to see Gregory’s son being so awesome like that. I think he was even jealous, because Manfred himself was getting old and less capable as a lawyer, while Edgeworth was so brilliant. Seriously, we all saw him being much better lawyer than his mentor in the game. Manfred had to threaten and yell at the judge and witnesses to win his case, but Edgeworth never relied on such childish tantrum. Instead he made fair points and provided valid arguments.(Link)

This is why I think that Manfred felt joy and relief to find that Gregory’s son finally got defeated and humiliated. While of course he still felt angry and disappointed for his student too. It was contradictory feelings toward his target of old revenge who was also happened to be the son his never had. Yeah, he felt a little sad to let Edgeworth die. But not sad enough to let him live.

Manfred von Karma only loved himself. Maybe he loved Edgeworth a little, in his own way, but he still love himself much, much more.

What I really want to know is why I haven’t seen that many pro-John blogs mention that at some point through John’s journey, it stopped being about revenge and started being about saving Sam?

Because let me remind you, John knew. He knew what Sam was. He knew what Azazel’s plan for him. We found out in My Time of Dying when he’s bargaining with Azazel. 

We find out he knew Sam is potentially dangerous in Hunted, which means he probably knew Sam had demon blood in him. 

This to me indicates that at some point, probably long before the series started, John found out that the demon that killed his wife is also going to make his son into a pawn for the demon side in the apocalypse. This, to me, explains everything. This is why he never gave up. This is why at times the boys thought he put finding the demon over them. Not because he was mad with revenge, but because he couldn’t lose his son the way he lost the love of his life.

And he chose to sacrifice himself to save them some time instead. He allowed them the chance to save themselves. I’m sorry, but thats more than Dean has allowed Sam in the past 5 seasons. 

Why We Love Captain Swan

After this week’s emotional episode, I’ve been thinking a lot about why we are all so obsessed with the story of Captain Swan. The first thing that I always think of though, is how I identify so much with Emma. Granted, most of us are not orphans (from a fairytale land) who grew up in the foster system. But ask yourself this: have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever been lonely? Have your parents ever let you down? Have you ever been dumped by a guy you thought loved you and wanted to spend the rest of his life with you? Did someone ever disappoint you so much, your heart became so vulnerable and raw, you just wanted to run away? All of these things, I’ve felt and experienced at one point in my life. And yet, despite all the horrific things Emma has gone through, she is still a good person, who when she chooses to love, she loves with her whole heart. She has the potential for great magic, and the ability to do wonderful things. Likewise, we all have the ability to love (as deeply and as freely as we want) and we all have the potential for “magic” in our daily lives, by the choices we make and the things we do in faith and in hope. We all have a little Emma in us, deep down inside. The scared little girl who doesn’t want to risk her heart, but knows that when she does amazing things can happen.

Her relationship with Hook fulfills our emotional needs on many different levels. First, it is the classic case of good girl tames bad boy. Chances are you’ve been in love with a bad boy before, one you hoped and wished by the sheer strength of your will you could change for the better. Rarely does that transformation happen. More often than not, he leaves you with a broken heart and an unfulfilled dream. The fact that Emma could get Hook to give up his life’s quest for revenge and make a complete 180 is satisfying beyond compare. We’re talking about the ultimate bad boy - black leather, guyliner, a pirate and a thief, a womanizer. He gave everything up for one reason and one reason alone: Emma. OK, you can sigh now. That is beyond ridiculously romantic, and the fact that it almost never happens in real life makes the success even sweeter. 

He’s a reformed bad boy, but he doesn’t stop there. His affection and attentions towards Emma are unparalleled. He gives her 100% of his attention (when she allows him to). Still, he isn’t what you’d call clingy. He gives her the space she needs, physically or otherwise. But he never stops wooing her and flirting with her, just enough to remind her that he is still utterly devoted. The other thing that Hook gives her in spades is understanding. How many times do you meet a person in your life who you feel like really gets you? I mean, the kind of person who you could stay up all night with having philosophical discussions on the meaning of life, or even just being silent with, and you know that you don’t have to explain yourself, you can just be. The third part of the Hook trifecta of love is, in fact, love. But not just admiration, respect, and desire. Unconditional love. And this is where a love story becomes epic. So fraught are our daily lives with selfishness and self-centeredness, it is a thing of rare beauty to be loved unconditionally. No matter what Emma does or says, Hook still loves her. Even when she is pushing him away, his love does not waiver. This, my friends, is what we all wish for when it comes to a partner in life. Lucky are the few who can find it.

It may seem like Emma really gets the best deal out of this relationship, but keep in mind that her love is still growing. She has so much potential to love, so much magic in her heart, when she catches up with Hook, she may even surpass him. Where Hook’s transformation was sudden and obvious, Emma’s has been slow and tenuous. She is like a rare flower beginning to blossom under the attentive care of a gardener’s thumb. Emma is a beautiful person, and she really need do nothing else except be herself. That is enough for her reformed pirate. He receives the benefit of her beauty, inside and out. Her kindness, her faith, and her trust are hard-won treasures.

So, yes, Emma and Hook are ridiculously attractive and adorable. Yes, they have fun playful banter. Yes, their kisses smolder so much they practically make the screen catch fire. But when it comes down to why they touch us on a deep level and hold our hearts captive, it has a lot to do with the secret dreams, desires, and unfulfilled wishes we carry in our own souls. Hook satisfies our need to see someone change for completely altruistic reasons, and for a solitary reason: to win the heart of a woman. It’s a lovely dream and a lovely ship. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in their story, and I hope with all my heart that they will truly get the happy ending they deserve.

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Regina is literally called "The Evil Queen" because she's evil and manipulative and she's killed so many people it's unreal. How could someone NOT hate her? She is the CENTRAL VILLAIN OF THE SHOW LIKE WHAT??? I mean I appreciate the character's presence in the show because it makes it interesting but I don't actually LIKE the character like what???


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