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Congratulations, Julian Yee of Malaysia!

Mixed feelings right now. One needed to be in the top 6 in order to qualify for the Olympics. Michael Martinez finished 8th in the Nebelhorn Trophy but Julian just about made it at 6th place! Wow, we tropical countries have such a long way to go when it comes to these winter sports, but at least we are on the map because of the hard work of our athletes. Thank you for your hard work and good luck in the Olympics and future competitions! ❤❤❤

April 24, 1917 - Ukraine Demands Autonomy

Pictured - Ukrainians gather to hear a speech from socialist independence leader Mykhailo Hrushevsky in Kiev.

In an unprecedented act of divisiveness, Ukrainian politicians demanded autonomy within the Russian Empire on April 24, 1917. Their move came in the midst of a total breakdown of Russian military strength: all across the Eastern Front, soldiers were forming military councils, demanding peace, and fraternizing with the enemy. One regiment shot their commander when he refused to remove his shoulder-boards, which denoted higher rank.

In Ukraine, a pro-independence government formed out of a coalition of liberals and socialists. Called the Central Rada, it elected socialist politician Mykhailo Hrushevsky as its president. The speech he gave on April 24 was a rallying cry for all Ukrainians to unite: Ukrainian people! The time has come for your awakening, a new life after a more than 200-year sleep. Such unity would not last, however. During the Russian Civil War, Ukrainians found themselves fighting on countless different sides.


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin Conclusion
You can turn away and run from it. You can hide from it. And if you choose to do that, I’ll fly away. Or you can face it and confront it. Engage it. And maybe, maybe… you prevail and rise above it.

No Promises - Monster Woo [part 6]

You awoke alone on the couch with a throw blanket over you. Rubbing your eyes slightly it took you a couple moments to remember the events of earlier this morning. You smiled thinking of those 3 little words that were exchanged just an couple hours ago.

“Hey, Angel, you finally woke up,” you turned toward the kitchen where you found Young Woo with your pink apron tied around his waist.

“What? Why are you up?” You were not the best at waking up but Young Woo sure did think that you were funny when you did first wake up.

“I wanted you to get some rest since you’re always busy. So I thought I would do the dishes since I sort of distracted you before,” he smiled at you. It warmed your heart seeing him look so carefree unlike the rough exterior he had become famous for.

You slowly rose from the couch and stretched, exposing the bottom part of your stomach and sighing with how wonderful the movement felt. Woo had watched you with a slight smirk.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he started causing you to pause and furrow your brow.

“Oh…kay?” You asked tentatively. Woo looked slightly nervous which added to your anxiety.

“I was talking with my Hyung earlier and I sort of told him that I was seeing someone…well,” woo rubbed the back of his neck avoiding looking in your eyes. “He more guessed about me seeing someone. But now he wants to meet you. And I didn’t know what to say and you were asleep, so..” he trailed off leaving you to connect the dots.

“Oppa, that’s fine. I would love to meet your brother. How scary can he be?” You walked over to Woo and grabbed his hand. He looked up and gave to you a smile.

“Really? I mean, that’s wonderful but it’s not too soon?” He questioned causing you to chuckle.

“Don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve brought a girl home?” You half joked with him, giving him a little poke in the side. His eyes found yours with a deep crease in his forehead and his lips pressed together.

“Wait, Young Woo Oppa, you’ve never brought a girl home?” You dropped his hand and your mouth hung open.

“Well I never really dated seriously. And I just got busy and I don’t know” he tried to reason. Woo started stuttering and was a deep shade of red. It wasn’t common for a guy his age to have never dated seriously which he knew. You looked at him with eyes wide taking in this revelation.

“Not even in high school?” You asked tentatively. He shook his head.

“I didn’t date in high school and spent most of my dating years in California. And then the whole incident. By the time I got to Korea I had to go to the military and it’s not like I can find a girl there,” he laughed slightly as he reminisced about his past years. “And the girls I was with weren’t really the type to take home. And most of the time I wasn’t serious enough about them,” he met your eyes once again.

“So why me?” You asked in a quite voice that he almost couldn’t hear.

“Because your different,” Woo told you as if it was the easiest truth in the world. He gave you a smile grabbed your hand once more, giving it a kiss on each knuckle.

“Well, I’m sure it will be fine. But you haven’t told me much about your family. When is this meeting happening?” Woo tensed slightly.

“Tomorrow morning,” your mouth fell open. He gave you less than 24 hours to prepare. Sure you wanted to meet his family but that was fast.

“But, Angel, you’ll love them. Hyung is fun and easy to get along with. And his wife is an sweetheart. They even have the cutest kids that you’ll just love. It’s just that they’re always busy and with our schedules, it just worked perfectly. You’ll do fine, promise” he held up his hand with the other across his chest, a sign of his promise. You just rolled your eyes at his insistence and gave a small nod knowing that it was too late to cancel now it your wanted to make a good first impression. You noticed that he gradually had added in all the people you were going to meet after you already agreed. Sneaky, you thought to yourself.

“So tomorrow, does that mean you’ll stay here again tonight?” Young Woo followed you back into your bedroom and took and seat at the edge of the bed, watching as you went into to hehe closet and started pulling out clothes.

“Of course I’m staying. I just have to wash my clothes. And I swear, just the four of them. You’ll love my nephew. He’s my little buddy. And my niece is just the best. Not scary at all. Just a little lunch,” he explained as you picked out two outfits, one for your date tonight and another for the big event tomorrow.

“You’re lucky I love you, Young Woo,” you stated as you started to head off to the bathroom to change in private. Woo was already wearing his extra pair of clothes that he started keeping and hat your house for emergencies. He was lucky to be able to look like a model in a simple pair of jeans and white tee, while you always put and but more effort.

After about ten minutes you came out of the bathroom with a simple plum dress that went just to the top of your knees. Your hair was left down and you wore simple eyeliner and a nude lip. Even though he had just saw you, Young Woo was breathless when you came out. It never failed to shock him at how beautiful you were.

“So, burgers first? I worked up an appetite today,” you asked him while you sprayed your favorite perfume on your wrists.

“Whatever you want tonight, Angel,” he stated with a cheesy smile while he gave a chuckle at how greasy his line sounded. You just rolled your eyes and gave him a quick kiss as you passed by, ready to leave.

Remember that time when we were all scared that the promo still were about Darillium? Yeah. Fuck that. I don’t regret one moment of this episode. 24 years. He gave her 24 years. They lived happy for 24 years. They go on adventures. They kiss. They makeout. They steal things. They laugh. They cry. They fight. They travel throughout space and time. No one can convince me that these two aren’t in love with each other. No one can convince me that they don’t love each other. NO ONE. 

X-Files Fic

Years Left Unfinished

By gillyphile

Rating: T

Setting: Post-IWTB and Pre-Revival

Summary: Remember that time Chris Carter broke up Mulder and Scully but never really explained it? This is my attempt at exploring the flimsy reason he gave us. 

Year One

January 24, 2012

Mulder blinked his eyes open slowly, the sun filtering in through the living room window. He scrunched his nose and threw a hand over his face to shield himself from the onslaught of light. Rubbing at his eyes, Mulder sat up on the couch. He looked around and saw he’d left the TV on. He yawned, reaching for the remote to turn it off. He’d slept on the couch again. Scully had been busy at the hospital for the past few weeks, and she’d taken to sleeping there when she worked too late. Sometimes she would come home to get a change of clothes but leave again before he woke up. She usually left a note if she stopped by telling him to pick up some food.

Cracking his neck, he made his way to the kitchen. He eased the refrigerator door open and was met with mostly empty shelves and a couple expired items. He took out the orange juice and sniffed at it. It seemed fine, but Scully had warned him about the consequences of drinking expired beverages. He put it back in the fridge reluctantly and wondered if she’d come by during the night.

He hadn’t seen her in a while. Come to think of it, it had been more than a week since he’d last talked to her. Or was it longer? She’d been angry at him for not taking his pills. He refused to take anti-depressants. He wasn’t depressed. Just because he wasn’t working the x-files anymore and they were living in the middle of nowhere didn’t mean he was depressed. Maybe he shut himself in his office for days at a time and lost himself on conspiracy forums, but it was outside research and he had to keep track of paranormal abnormalities in the news. Anytime they spoke with each other these days seemed like one never-ending fight. It was a stupid fight. She wanted to help him get better and he didn’t think he was sick in the first place.

He lumbered into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, instinctively smoothing a hand against his scratchy jaw. He needed a shave. Scully didn’t like it when he grew it out too much. He reached for an unused can of shaving cream and plucked his razor from its perch next to Scully’s. His hand froze. Scully’s razor was gone.

He blinked. She never misplaced things. Scully was a stickler for having a “home” for everything. Something must’ve happened to it—her razor—the silly little pink thing he always teased her about because it was so unlike her. Maybe she just took it to the hospital with her because she was spending the night so often. But he couldn’t remember her having any major surgeries in the past week. An uneasy feeling clenched in his gut.

He opened the medicine cabinet, knocking over unopened pill bottles of anti-depressants as he tried to find her razor. Maybe she decided to move it. Or threw it out. He crouched down next to the toilet and emptied the trash can. Nothing. Panic started to build in his chest. He ran out of the bathroom and quickly surveyed their room. It looked cleaner than yesterday. Scully’s robe wasn’t thrown over the chair in the corner and her brush was missing from the dresser. Maybe she was going on a trip and she forgot to tell him. His gaze landed on the bed and then her nightstand. All her things were missing. His heart beat faster; this wasn’t happening. Mulder walked over to the closet and slid the door open. Her clothes were gone.

His head started to pound and everything became blurry as he stumbled to the front door. He needed to find her. This was all a mistake, she wouldn’t just leave, she—He saw the note on the door and an icy-cold feeling of dread spiked through him.


Science was always my north star of truth and cold-hard facts. But you showed me there was something greater to believe in, something beyond all the stars. After all this time, I thought the best thing I believed in was us. But I can’t keep following you into the dark, and I can’t keep fighting you. I don’t know what to believe in anymore, Fox.


He tore the note from the door, crushing it in his hand as tears threatened to choke him. He couldn’t breath. She was gone.

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Sarge. Bucky x Reader

Bucky x Reader where they are at Tony’s famous parties and the girls keep flirting with Bucky but the Reader gets jealous.

word count: 1.5k

Two months. That’s how long you had been gone for. That mission took every inch of your patience and sanity. You had to go deep undercover in Pakistan, transforming into the alias that was given to you. Yourself didn’t exist for two months, and you thought that a certain other teammate forgot that you existed as well. Before you left for your assignment, you told Bucky that you were thinking about moving more towards a relationship with him, and you had thought that he was receptive and his own words were:
“I want that too. But first, you have to be safe over there and come back in one piece.”

Well, you were back and in one piece, but Bucky was more distant than when he had first met you. Steve and Nat showered you in eagerness and relief at your return. Bucky barely stayed in the same room as you.

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anonymous asked:

Welcome back❤️! So if you missed it let me help you catch up a little. Monique held a house party at David's place while DD worked in Vancouver. He gave a 24 year old girl his house key and she shared it all on social media. Case closed and no more excuses and far fetched explanations why she's doing what she's doing with DD. I never saw why he wouldn't I mean sure she's young but still an adult and she's pretty with an amazing bikini body and she's into DD. What man would say no thanks to that!


So, it’s still not official that he’s with her but it’s definitely getting harder to deny. She’s not the dog sitter anymore. Or his personal trainer. Or his personal assistant. Or his smoothie-maker. So…other than housekeeper, which makes no sense since she spends most of her time WITH him other than at his residence alone, what is there? Anyone have ideas???

Those Aren’t Voices Pt. 2|| Stilinski x Reader

(part one)

Warnings: POSSIBLE TRIGGING CONTENT, MENTIONS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA AND DEATH (I also just kind of want to put a disclaimer that I don’t think that schizophrenia or any mental health disorder relates to being crazy at all but in this context I feel like it just it would make more sense for the character to not understand their disorder completely which is why I make them think of themselves as crazy. ANYWAY ENJOY!)

Word count:1162

Request: Yes sir, @johnsonxstilinski sorry i’m posting this so late, I went really into this  one so I really hope you enjoy it (and don’t fret there will be a part three)

Pairing: Reader x Stilinski 

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Tick Tock Goes The Clock. He Gave What He Could Give Her

24 years together.

After running through all of space and time, in opposite directions. After River spending years in Stormcage for a crime she didn’t commit.

He gave her 24 years of his time. The Time Lord and his wife. 24 years of a life together at one place added to 100s of years running together.

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