he freaks me out for some dumb reason

My beauty and the beast experience

So, I read a lot of people writing about batb first impressions, when the movie came out. It took me some weeks to actually sit down and list them. So that’s what I came out with.

Believe me or not. I only found out about the existence of this live action when I saw the teaser and everyone started talking about Emma Watson in my timeline on Twitter. Then, I looked for some info and found out Dan was the beast 👏. He was my biggest reason to watch batb in the first place.

Then when the trailer arrived it took me a whole freak day to watch it. Cause I was a dumb emotional lady. I knew I would cry rivers… So, when I finally watched I did cry rivers. Literally. I never ever in my life cried watching a trailer.

I have this thing with me. When I set my mind in watching something, I dont care to read others’ opinions about it. It can be poisoning. So, I went to watch batb “hate” free. Spoilers free also. I had little info about it. I watched the 1991 version before, though. You know, to see what they improved, changed or cutted in this version.

I found Emma’s singing so lovely. I wanted to cry. Actually when she started singing my heart was like beating so fast “OMG, this is really happening”.

The beast singing evermore, I felt his pain, I felt his love, his sadness and I almost cried my eyes out. And the only thing I could think was “I CAN’T BELIEVE HE SANG A SONG”.

I can’t believe it I like them so much. They’re vivid. Powerful and I really wanted to dance in Gaston’s song.


Emma’s Belle is different. But a good different that was how I perceived. She was more serious, more adult like. The funniest thing is that Emma looks incredibly young in this movie, but Belle’s attitudes are much more mature. And I loved it. I totally saw Belle in Emma. A new and deep version of the character. I really didn’t get why people complained about her. Did we'all see the same movie? Cause I got some doubts here.

So, I was there shocked by the Beast being shot three times. I was like desperate, so involved, almost in the edge of my seat. I was holding back my tears, being a good girl. Trying not to scream in a whole crowded movie theater. That I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE KISS SCENE. So when Belle said “I love you”. I was like “MAN NO! OMG THE KISS. THEY’RE GONNA KISS! I CAN’T BELIEVE EMMA IS GONNA KISS DAN STEVENS. DUDE, I AM GONNA PASS OUT”
Then, the whole scene, the seconds before, he turned to see her, then we could see him too. I was with a big smile on my face. Then when they did kiss and she was the one who started all I was like, my beating heart almost out of my chest “Dude, this kiss looks so real, that I can feel it in my heart. Wth. ” It was so emotional, so well done. The cameras, their hands. I perceived all of this when I watched it.

Celine starts playing in the credit scenes.
I was shaking.
Actually I said something “This movie is amazing. The best movie, musical ever.”
Still shaking.
My brother" Let’s go".
Me “I’m shaking, dude.”
My mom smiling still with 3D glasses on.
Me “Mom did you see him? He was so beautiful in his prince form”
Mom with heart eyes “yeah omg. Very handsome.”

I was like “I can’t believe it he just teased us about their future married life! Prince, you’re savage.”

Lily: Hey Remus!

Remus: Merlin Lily, what happened?

Lily: Well, you know how I went to talk to James? Well…I was standing there looking at James dumb face and I freaked out. I ran and for some bloody reason the stairs decided to move the exact second I stepped onto them, and I…fell

Remus: Why were you running anyway? I thought you liked him.

Lily: I panicked, and why should I tell him anyway. He doesn’t need to know.

Remus: You have to talk to him. Look what it’s doing to you.

Lily: Why should I? You don’t tell Sirius your feelings.

Remus: Actually we’ve been snogging for sometime now.

Lily: What?

Remus: What is wrong with me today?

Remus: James sleeps with that sweater you thought you lost. Sirius sleeps in curlers. 

Remus: Peter isn’t a virgin. Merlin! 

Remus: This pen is grrrrrrreeeeblue.

Lily: Merlin Remus. Quick! What are the answers to the potions final you just took? I’m taking mine next period. 

Remus: C, A, D, F E, Short answer Bezort, Unicorn blood, Wormwood, The last parts a practical test so you’re on your own there. WHAT IS GOING ON!

Lily: I don’t know, but you should stop talking before you say something really bad.

Remus: I’m going to go, Lily.

Lily: No you aren’t You’re going to help me practice asking James out. I’ll be Lily and you be James.

Remus: You are Lily.

Lily: Put your glasses on. Now, pretend to be James. 

Remus: Fine. Hi, I’m James Potter. I don’t always brush my teeth. 

Lily: Hi James, I have something to tell you.

Remus: *sweats* What is it?

Lily: Well, Remus may have let it slip that you loved me, and I have been thinking about it.

Remus: And I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Obsessively almost. 

Lily: I think maybe we should go on a date. Just one to test it out. Nothing serious.

Lily: It’s just that I’ve had this sudden urge to do all these coupley things. Have a picnic, Sit under the stars, Dance under the moonlight, cheesy I know.

Remus: Speaking of moonlight *mumbles indiscriminately* 

Remus: Somethings wrong with me Lily. I got to go. You’ll do great Lils.

*Yelling from afar* 

He already writes about how he wants to snog you in his diary!

Lily: Merlin…You gotta stop doing that.

                                                 …To Be continued.                

(ooc thank you to my lovely Remus @lundayy  and to @asktheboywholived   who is the whole reason we are now continuing what started as a simple gif set into parts)                       

Picture Trail

HAPPY SECRET SANTA @kristannacenterstage! I AM THE ABSOLUTE WORST AND I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy it lovely! Again, I am so so so so so so so sorry for being so late! (also sorry if it horrible cause I legit feel like this is the worst lol also what in the hell are titles)

Pairing: Kristanna (DUH)
Words: 1568
Summary: Everyone is acting super weird and Anna is not a fan.

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