he freaking stops playing to laugh at him

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Can you RFA gang being left alone with their new baby for the first time. Like MC had to go grab diapers or something and they are alone with the baby for the first tine

◉ Yoosung 

  • For a while he just watched the baby sleeping
  • He leaned over the crib and contemplated touching the babies little feet
  • But he didn’t want to disturb the infants sleep
  • It was odd for him to be the only one home
  • He wasn’t exactly worried…
  • But it was just strange to think that you weren’t there if he needed help
  • Eventually he got on LOLOL while he waited for you and the baby napped
  • He was in the middle of playing when he heard soft cries coming from the crib
  • It took him a second to remember that you weren’t home
  • Freaked out and jumped up to get the baby
    • “Awww…are we hungry little guy?”
  • He picked him up so delicately and held him in his arms
  • Grabbed a bottle from the fridge and prepared it while rocking the baby
    • “Wanna watch daddy beat some monsters while you eat?” he smiled, “your dad is so good, he can play with one hand!”
  • He felt pretty proud of himself and his multitasking abilities
  • Explained everything he was doing in the game
  • Every now and then he’d stop to give a light kiss to the babies head
  • And he laughed when he got excited at defeating a monster and the baby smiled
    • “Oh! You like that? No one can beat your dad!”
  • He was just about to stop playing when you came home
    • “Oh, he’s awake? How is everything?” you asked
    • “Great, honey. He just ate…and I think he likes watching me play”
  • You laughed as you brought your bags inside
    • “Now don’t start using the baby as an excuse to get online.”
    • “No! He laughed I swear!” he gave you a kiss

◉ Jumin

  • He’s not worried at all when you have to leave and fetch diapers
  • After all, he’s Jumin Han
  • He can handle anything
  • He’s feeling pretty confident until the baby starts crying
  • He holds her at eye level
    • “Now, what’s the matter…”
  • Right, she can’t talk
    • “You’ve just eaten…so you can’t be hungry…”
  • He checks her diaper, but it’s dry
    • “Now, how did MC do this?”
  • He holds her to his chest and starts to pat her back
  • Thinking maybe she needs to burp?
  • After several minutes of her still crying he is starting to get worried
  • He doesn’t want MC to come back and think he can’t handle his child
  • As he begins to rock her he hums a little bit
  • To his surprise she starts to quiet down and relax
    • “Oh? You like that?”
  • He puts on some soft opera music and hums along for her
  • Pretty soon her eyes are closing and she drifts off to sleep
  • Just as you come home
  • You can hear him humming as you creep into the bedroom
  • You smile wide
  • And see him laying her down gently in the crib
  • He closes the door behind you both and silently follows you back to the main room
    • “How was she?” you smile
    • “Just fine, perfect as always,” he kisses you

◉ Zen

  • Ummm…wait, what?
  • Okay he is a little panicky
  • It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he is scared of doing something wrong
  • Has you show where everything is like 5 times
    • “Zen, babe, you know what to do. Stop psyching yourself out,” you laugh
    • “You’re right…I’m sorry,” he takes a deep breath and holds the baby
  • Watches as you leave the apartment
  • Stares down at the baby in his arms for a while and smiles at how cute she is
  • He doesn’t know what to do at first
    • “Wanna help me run some lines?”
  • Sits with her on the couch and reads from his script
    • “I’ve listened to your lies for the last time, Rebecca!” he reads
  • The baby smiles and coos a little laugh
    • “No, you’re supposed to be upset you little cutie. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time to practice,” he kisses her forehead
  • She’s making little faces and he can’t help but take out his phone
    • “Mommy will want to see this!”
  • He’s taking selfies and short videos and sending them to you
    • “Me and the little actress in training are having a good time! Miss you!”
  • When she falls asleep he doesn’t want to put her down
  • Finally you come home and see them quietly sitting together, her nestled in his arms
    • “Why don’t you put her in her crib?” you say sweetly as you place a hand on his shoulder
  • He’s looking down on her and running a finger on her cheek
    • “I will…in a minute,” he smiles

◉ Jaehee

  • She’s got this honestly 
  • She has the babies whole schedule planned out
  • Feeding and nap times
  • She knows approximately how many diapers you guys go through in a day etc
  • She is supermom
  • And she urges you to go out and get some time for yourself
    • “Bring me back a pastry and a coffee from the cafe, please,” she smiles and calls to you as you leave the apartment
  • Plays her favorite Zen musical on the television while she rocks the baby
    • “This is the best number,” she whispers
  • Sings along to it
  • And the baby smiles
  • She’d never let anyone else hear her singing, though
  • Dances a bit while she rocks the baby
    • “I’ll take you to all of the shows you want when you get a little older. Maybe you’ll be an actor like Zen! Oh, but you don’t have to. You can be anything you want and I’ll still love you”
  • She almost lost track of time and rushes to get a bottle prepared
  • Just as it is warm enough he starts to get fussy
    • “I know, I know, here you go baby”
  • Her favorite thing is feeding him
  • Well, almost favorite thing
  • She loves when he falls asleep after eating
  • Which he always does
  • She places his sleeping frame gently in the crib
  • And presses a finger to her lips to let you know that you need to be quiet as you enter the apartment once again
    • “Your coffee and pastry as requested,” you whisper and hand them to her
    • “Thank you so much, I really needed this,” she sighs and gives you a quick kiss before taking a sip

◉ Saeyoung

  • It’s all fun and games until the reality hits that he’s alone with a tiny human that needs him
  • He’s read enough book and articles on the internet to take care of his own child
  • Sighs and reassures himself
  • Places her in his sling as he makes her a bottle
  • He LOVES baby wearing
  • Keeps his hands free
  • So nervous that he’s acting like he’s never made a bottle before in his life
  • Testing the heat on his skin over and over because he’s worried it might be just a little too warm
  • Finally it’s good enough and he sits down to feed her
    • “You have milk, daddy has chips!”
  • Pops a few HBC in his mouth
  • Drops a couple crumbs on her
    • “Whoops!” wipes them off, “don’t tell mommy” >.>….
  • Notices she looks a little weird
    • “What’s that face? You can’t have any chips yet you don’t have teeth”
  • Takes the bottle from her and starts to pat her back for a burp
  • And she spits up all over him
    • “Noooo! My hoodie!” T_T
  • Okay but he laughs a little
  • Takes it off and throws it in the wash
    • “You’re the first and hopefully the last girl to ever puke on me…you’re lucky you’re cute”
  • Grabs a book and holds her in the rocking chair
    • “I know you’re little, but I think you’ll like this story”
  • Reads to her until she falls asleep
  • And even he is dozing off a bit when you come home
  • You take her from him and put her in the crib
    • “Where is your hoodie?” you ask when you notice he isn’t wearing it
    • “She destroyed it,” he cries
  • You just laugh and laugh
    • “I wish I could have been here to see that,” you kiss him
    • “It’s not funny!” he pouts
The Bat(mom) Glare - Batmom x Batfamily

Summary : Everyone feels a bit…uneasy when Batmom gives them that glare.

I know I said the next fic would be about a jealous Bruce, but I had a dream last night about this story down there, and just had to write it, hoping it’s not too bad, hoping you’ll like it. As usual feedbacks are welcome ! Here 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It was at the very beginning of your relationship with Bruce that you discovered your “superpower”. Before that, you never really noticed, even though it was already there…No, it really was about four months in dating the Batman that you truly realized this capacity of yours. 

You had been friend with Bruce for years, and you knew about his nightly activities since quite a while…So when he told you you two shouldn’t be together anymore because it was dangerous, you couldn’t help but sarcastically laugh and give him your best “really ?” face. 

What, all those years it wasn’t dangerous and all of a sudden, as your relationship started to get serious, it became life threatening ? 

You remember him scoffing at you, saying it had nothing to do with you and him getting “serious”, while you perfectly knew it had everything to do with it. 

Words were useless to convince him, he was such a stubborn man, and he wouldn’t listen…So you just stared at him. Glared at him. You did not turn your gaze away, you did not leave like he told you to. 

You ignored Alfred and his sorry look, when he told you to follow him out of the batcave. You ignored Bruce when he started yelling at you to leave. You just glared at him, you kept your eyes on his silhouette. Until he said : 

-Stop looking at me like that. 

You didn’t stop. Because all of this was bullshit. Because he was pushing you away for a stupid reason. Because you knew he was doing it only cause he was afraid to get too close from someone and loose them too, like he lost his parents…So you just kept staring, glaring, without saying a word. 

-Stop (Y/N), please.

He tried to keep his composure for a long time. Damn stubborn man. 

Only, on that day, he realized that you were way more stubborn than he’ll ever be. Only, on that day, he realized, as your eyes wouldn’t leave his form, he could not go on without you. But he still resisted. For appearances maybe ? Or maybe he thought you’d eventually give up. You did not. You would never give up on him, he just had to deal with it. 

-Stop…stop looking at me like that…(Y/N)…please…

His voice was cracking. You had won. He knew it. You knew it. Because the reason he was pushing you away was bullshit. Being around him was dangerous ? Well big deal, leaving in fucking Gotham was dangerous anyway ! So you stared at him, glared at him, until he gave up. 

He needed you. Your support. Your presence. He knew it, you knew it. And under your intense gaze, he realized just to what extend he loved you. 

Love ? Yes. Yes it was definitely that. An intense, deep, unbreakable bond had always existed between you…and the day he finally asked you out, it became stronger than ever. No, he would not pushing you away because things were “dangerous”. You wouldn’t let him. So you stared, and he realized…

He realized just how doomed he was because of how much in love he was with you. Too damn much, probably…But it was a good kind of curse. He was glad to be doomed of loving you…

You stopped glaring at him when he fell into your arms, all his tough and emotionless demeanor gone. You stopped glaring at him once you knew he understood. You weren’t going anywhere. Period. At least, not until he’d stop loving you (which he knew would never happen. Could never happen. Hell, he was the one afraid you’d be tired of his shit and leave…But you’d never leave). 

On that day, he realized how much you meant to him, and you realized that you had magic eyes. If, with a simple glare, you could crack even the great Batman…Yup, you discovered your “superpower” the day Bruce understood you were the one and only. The love of his life. 

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Road Trip

I wanted so bad to feel your love…

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Masterlist | Ask/Request

Genre: Fluff, Angst
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 7776
Warnings: None

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.5

                                                 Part F I V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: let’s reach for 100, as usual! i really hope you guys enjoy this part as well (bc i kinda really like this part). im so happy to write this series and it makes me happy that ya’ll totally encourage me on it!! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, fivesix, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Helsinki, 18:28 P.M. (last day in Finland, concert day)

“Where the fuck is it?” Calum growled, throwing Ashton’s clothing up in the air as he dug through his things. You watched in fear as Michael, Luke, and Ashton watched with you. 

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He accidentally hurts you during rough sex


Jin would quickly turn into a father about it. He would run a full scan on you visually making sure you were okay. “Doctor Jin, we both know what happened so you can calm down.” you laughed through the pain. “I just wanna make sure I didn’t hurt you-” his face was low, “More than I did.” It took a little bit for him to accept that you weren’t mad at him, but when he did he made sure to go back to his normal happy self.


Yoongi might try to blame you at first even though it was clearly his fault. He would argue for a good minute until realizing you were truly in pain. “You know I didn’t mean it, right? I would never try to hurt you.” His face read regret and it could almost make you feel guilty for the situation except for the fact it wasn’t your fault. You simply reassured him it was okay and that you could continue later.


J-Hope was more freaked out than you at first. The first sign that you were in pain he was quickly feeling it too. “Hobi, it’s okay. These things happen.” you writhed out but you could see the guilt was eating him alive. “I’m sorry, baby, I won’t ever be that rough with you again.” He disspeared for the next 20 minutes and returned with all of your favorite snacks.


Namjoon would immediately stop and quickly take you into his arms. “I’m sorry I was so rough with you, baby girl. I guess I was just caught up in- you.” He smiled and laughed, making light of the painful situation for the rest of the night.


Jimin would start crying and apologizing. “I wasn’t paying attention, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I hurt you, I promise I’ll never do it again.” He would coddle you for the rest of the night even when you claimed you were feeling better. His attention was always so nice and he continued showering you in pet names and love.


At first Taehyung thought you were joking, the way you two normally did when you fucked. It took a good two minutes for him to realize you were actually hurt and in pain for him to stop. He instantly felt bad and was at your side for the rest of the night. “We can play your favorite game tonight, so you’ll feel better.”


Jungkook would freak out. His once sexy tone would quickly turn into a stuttering and confused one. He was Jungshook. He rambled on and on about not knowing what to do but listened to everything you told him to do to help you. “I’m sorry I’m so useless, babe. Especially after I got you into this mess.” he couldn’t help but chuckle. You simply laughed with him and pulled him in close to you to cuddle for the rest of the night.


 AU: Justin wakes Y/n up so she could hear the remix. 

“This view is magnificent.” Somebody next to Y/n said. She was sitting on a rooftop watching a sun rise, admiring the unity of colours. “It really is. Just look at it. It looks like it should be in some museum, viewed by many and payed respect like it deserves.” Y/n said, never taking her eyes off of it.

The person next to her chuckled. “Big art fan huh?”

Y/n opened her mouth to protest that when she heard an annoying, buzzing sound in the distance. She looked down thinking it was her phone, but it wasn’t. She looked to her side to ask him if it was his, but she was alone.

When did he leave? She turned her head back to the sun rise, but it wasn’t there anymore. But the annoying sound was there, and it was getting only louder and louder.

There wasn’t a sun rise in her eye sight anymore because she was staring at the window. It was still dark outside and she wasn’t sure why she was up. She turned around, in order to proceed sleeping when she heard it again.

She turned around and looked at her nightstand. Yep, her phone was buzzing like crazy. She groaned and reached for it, only to see she had four missed calls, and twenty unread messages from her boyfriend.

Suddenly she panicked, she was no longer sleepy. She quickly opened the text and she almost threw her phone somewhere.

Babe I have exciting news.
Babe are sleeping?
Babe wake up
Hey my remix is out.
Mamacita get up.
Y/N, you better get that pretty ass out the bed and listen to it.
It’s so lit, you’re going to love it.
If you don’t replay in two seconds I’m calling you.
Alright then, call is it.
Sorry didn’t mean to yell.
But seriously, wake up.
Love of my life.
People are freaking out over my remix while you’re sleeping.
Pick up your phone, my remix is more important than your beauty sleep, which you btw don’t need.

She couldn’t believe him, he knew what time it is here and that she was sleeping. Although, she does understand how important it is for him that she is one of the first people to hear his music and to react to it, but this, in her opinion, was unnecessary. She would react to it anyway. Was it at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m.

Her phone buzzed again.


Justin, I swear to God, you are dead once I see you.

Just as she was about to write something more, her phone buzzed again to inform her that Justin was calling. She took a deep breath and answered the phone.

Before she even got the chance to bring the phone to her ear, she heard loud music in the background mixed with Justin yelling something.

“What?” Y/n asked when she finally placed her phone near her ear.

“I asked, did you listen to it?” Justin asked all hyped and excited.

And his excitement made her feel a little bit bad. She knows how much music he likes making new music, and all she wants to do is to be there for him and support him, even though it meant to get up at 5a.m. She should be honoured with how much her man care about her opinion, not complaining.

She sigh before she spoke. “No Justin I didn’t. I just woke up and read your texts. I didn’t have time yet, but I will.”

Her respond didn’t seem to decrease his happiness. In his happy, cute little voice, he said “Can you do it now?”

“Well I have to end the call if you want me to listen to it. I didn’t even buy it.” Y/n said with a little chuckle.

“No I wanna see your reaction.” Justin said happily.  

“Alright, I will end the call, buy the remix and then facetime you, how about that?” Instead of an answer, Justin hung up.

She looked confusingly at her phone, but laughed at his adorableness. She quickly logged into the iTunes and downloaded the remix.

She paused the song and quickly facetimed Justin. He picked up immediately, and she noticed that he was now somewhere in a separated room, away from all that noise.

“You look hot.” Justin said smiling at her while she blushed.

“I look more like a lion with my hair everywhere, God, are those bags under my eyes? Damn Justin I really will kill you.”

“Love you too. Now press play. I want to know what you think of it.”

“Whatever.” Y/n mumbled under her breath and giggled, he didn’t hear her but he giggled too.  

She pressed play. Her face immediately lighten up, she was already in love with the melody, even though she heard only seven second of it. Justin seemed to be pleased with her reaction because he smiled too.

Come on over in my direction, so thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah” When Y/n heard Justin’s voice her heart started beating faster. She must admit his voice sounded better than ever. “Wow babe.” It was all she could say.

“You like it? Wait, that’s not even the best part.” Justin said with the biggest smile ever.

“Shh, I want to hear the lyrics.” Justin smiled while she was focusing on what he was singing about. Suddenly his angelic voice was replaced by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. And the she realised, it was in Spanish.

Her body started dancing to the rhythm, not understanding a word but still enjoying it. And the she almost choked on her own spit.

She pressed pause and looked at Justin in shock. “WHAT THE ACTUALL FUCK?” her eyes were wide open, looking at Justin in disbelief.

Justin was confused by her reaction, he didn’t know how to take it, and just when he was about to ask her, she cut him off. “SINCE A WHEN DO YOU SPEAK SPANISH? WAIT, BUT THE WAY YOU SAID DESPACITO THO. LIKE DES-PA-CITO. I THINK I’M HAVING AN ORGASM.” Y/n said.

Justin laughed so hard, he couldn’t believe her. “You’re so adorable babe, but you only heard one word in Spanish and you are already freaking out.” He giggled. “Cutie.”

Before Y/n pressed play again she mumbled “What are you doing to me with your music.” Justin smiled and so did she.

When the music started again, she couldn’t stop smiling and moving her body to the beat. “Damn papi.” She said and Justin only laughed harder.

She proceeded to listen to the song and too soon it was over. She pressed play once again. She felt like getting out of the bed and dancing like a lunatic, but she stopped herself.

When the song stopped again she felt the urge to press play again but Justin stopped her. “So what do you think?”

She didn’t expect that question, didn’t he already get it she was in love with it?

“It’s okay I guess.” Y/n said, with straight face, only to mess with Justin. Justin’s smile dropped as he mumbled “Aha”. Her heart sank a little bit, but she wasn’t sure since when was he so stupid.

“Dummy, I loved it. Didn’t you get that by my reaction? But I am still mad you woke me up tho.”

Justin’s face light up again with the biggest smile. “I am glad, your approval is the only thing that matters to me babe.”

Y/n smile grew even wider. “Now tell me, what we’re you saying in Spanish?”

Y/n wasn’t sure if she saw properly, but she was damn sure he blushed. “Don’t tell me it’s something explicit and very dirty.” She paused “It better not be our sex life boy.”

Justin shook his head and laughed. “Nothing too explicit, but maybe a little bit sexual yeah. But not our sex life no haahah”

Y/n only became more interested about it now. “Well then, tell me.”

Justin took a deep breath before he started “So basically it means something like this; Slow, I wanna breath in your neck slow, let me tell you things in your ear, to keep me on your mind when I’m not with you. Slow, I want to undress you with kisses, sign the walls of your labyrinth and make your whole body a manuscript. Step by step, soft and soft, we are getting closer little by little.”

When Justin finished, Y/n didn’t know how to react. This was a whole new side of Justin. Maybe not completely new but still. It wasn’t usual for him to put that side of him into music.

But she only found the song hotter now, since she knew what he was saying.

“Damn Justin, I need holy water and Jesus after hearing that. I feel like I sinned.” Y/n chuckled.

Justin laughed and shook his head. “You’re so adorable babe. Anyway, get some sleep now, I will see you soon.”

Y/n nod and said “I am proud of you. Love you.”

“Love you too baby.”

Monsta X: you kissing their wrists

Shownu: When you turned your head and kissed the inner part of his wrist, he stopped and looked at you. “What was that for?” You could see he was starting to blush, but you just shrugged. “Nothing, I just love you.” Will never admit that he likes it when you kiss him there. 

 Wonho: won’t promise that he’ll act innocently…He’ll just grin at you when you kissed his wrist, and starts tickling your sides. “I guess now we can’t focus on the movie…shame.” he’d lay himself on top of you and proceed to fumble with your clothes. After smacking him on the shoulder, you just scoff and say you wanna keep watching. You’ll be regretting that later, though… 

 Minhyuk: aw he’d blush and kiss your cheeks. He’d also ask you why you did that, then tell you that it tickled. He’d playfully demand that you kiss his other wrist as well, also giggling when you do. He’d pull you tighter into him, and kisses your neck sweetly. 

 Kihyun: he’d find this so random and funny bc you’ve never kissed his wrist before, but he’ll be all cute and kiss yours as well. He loves playing with your hands in general and he often kisses them all over, so from now on you do the same with him. 

 Hyungwon: omg don’t be surprised if he squealed. You’d burst out laughing, but he’s so cute when you caught him off guard. Except that he didn’t squeal bc of that, it’s bc you so cute and adorable and squishy and he loves the feeling of your lips anywhere on him. 

 Jooheon: I think he’d find it to be really intimate and he’d blush really hard. He’d hide his face in your neck and stop playing with your hair. “Y/n, stop being so freaking cute…you’re gonna be the death of me, I swear.” He’d whine. But you just find this as an excuse to do it more often, just to get a reaction out of him. 

 I.M: would probably be the same as Wonho. Seeing as you’ve never done this before, he’d be really surprised but happy nonetheless. But now he has a ‘problem’ and he’ll ask you why you did that if you just wanted to cuddle. He’d laugh at your expression, and promise you that he’ll get you back eventually.

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Could you make a Got7 version of "bts reaction to watching you deepthoat a banana for a sc video" ? Thanks!


He’d immediately take long strides to you and pull the fruit from your mouth, scolding you and asking what it was you thought you were doing. He’d tell you to be normal and not do things like that, he wouldn’t think more about it though, its not like he didnt knew just how far yours throat goes. 

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He’d watch you with a face that said ‘what the actual fuck?’ but he wouldnt tell you to stop, you do you. Still, he’d call you a freak playfully and shake his head and when he got the video you had taken in his own snapchat he’d look at you and try to keep a stern face ending in him failing and laughing a little to hard at you.

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He’d scream and whine your name, pulling your phone out of your hand and deleting the video before you could send it to anyone. He’d point a finger at you and tell you not to play around like that and when you asked him why and told him that it was funny he’d look around, down to his feet once and then back up to you, pressing his lips together and raising an eyebrow before walking away.

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He’d look across the kitchen at you with wide eyes and a round mouth as he watched you easily take most of the fruit. He’d wait until you had come back up, bitten off the tip and then pulled your phone down to send it to your friend. When you looked up at him he’d shake his head and look down, not quite sure what to say about what it was he had just witnessed. 

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He’d watch you with a shocked expression that turned into a wide smiled laugh, not quite sure what else he could do. You’d be able to make him blush instantly so as you turned to look at him as you pulled the banana out he’d tell you to get away while trying not to bust out laughing. 

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He’d watch you with a smug grin, waiting for you to finish your snapchat before coming behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist as you continued to eat the banana he’d be goofy as you continued to video him until you were done, and then his hands would travel south while he whispered ‘how about you put me down your throat now?’

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He’d ask you what you were doing as you back up into him video taping. When he noticed exactly what you were doing he’d blush and cover his cheeks asking you to stop videoing. When he asked why you would do something like that to him and you just shrugged he’d groan and rub his face, pulling you into a hug really just to try and hide the growing problem he was having. 

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BTS Reaction to their s/o getting injured

@marie-sarah said: “Hello love! I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a reaction to bts s/o getting injured or something like that? I recently sprained my ankle and could use some fluff!!”

I’m so sorry about your ankle! I hope you feel better soon <3 Thank you for the request, and I hope you like it! <3 

Seokjin: The first thing he did was scold you. The idea of you getting hurt at all was a scary thing to him, and he would ask you a million questions as to how exactly it happened. “Is this someone else’s fault? Did someone do this to you? Are you sure you’re okay? Who should I call the cops on?” 

You laughed at how dramatic he was unintentionally being. “No one, silly. It was just an accident.” 

“Oh.” He said. “Well in that case, do you want ice cream? It always makes me feel better.” He would spend every free minute doing his best to cheer you up and keep your mind off your injury until he was sure you were better. He would bring you flowers and balloons, along with cheesy cards filled with dad jokes to make you smile. 

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Namjoon: “So can I sign your cast?” He asked, after making sure that you were otherwise okay. He was used to injuries himself, and knew what a hindrance they could be to everyday life. “Don’t worry, I’ll help out with anything you can’t do until you get better. I’ll even come over and do your dishes.” 

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Jimin: Even though he always treated you well, he would treat you like absolute royalty if you were injured. He would insist that he do everything, because you had to rest so you could heal. “What are you doing up?” He complained as he saw you walking across the room. 

“Um…Getting water?” 

He scooped you up in his arms, placing you back onto the couch. “You’re supposed to tell me when you want something.” 

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Jungkook: “So does that mean we’re not going jogging tomorrow?” He joked, knowing it was out of the question. Seeing you hop around on one foot or limping made him feel bad though, and he wanted to do something to help. So he took the opportunity to show off his strength and carried you around every chance he got until you were fully healed.

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Yoongi: While he didn’t seem outwardly concerned at first, all of the little things that he did for you made it clear he was. He would text you to remind you not to strain yourself and get plenty of rest, because if you weren’t careful your injury could get worse. He also brought over food whenever he could, telling you that it was important to keep your strength up. “You know you scared me when you said you were injured.” He pouted. 

“I told you it was just a sprain.” You pointed out with a slight laugh. 

“Yeah, well…” He pulled you close, as though trying to reassure himself that you were really okay.

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Hoseok: It would take him a while to believe that you were really alright. Yeah it hurt, but you’d live. Once he finally listened to you and stopped freaking out, he went back to his usual self. “Oh my god, don’t die on me, we’ve only just found each other!” He gasped for extra dramatic affect, and you couldn’t help but laugh. He seemed satisfied once he saw you smile, and made it his personal mission to make you laugh as much as possible, especially while you were injured.  

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Taehyung: Like Hoseok, he would try to distract you as much as possible. “Do you want to play a board game? Or we could watch a movie, whatever you want to do.” He kissed your nose, and you grinned at him.

“Anything? Like, you’ll even sing to me?” He nodded enthusiastically, and the two of you spent the rest of the afternoon singing along with songs and trying to rap all of the cyphers. He made sure to keep you positive by sending you memes, or taking the most ridiculous selfie he could and texting them to you at random times.

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Imagine warm spring day. You and Loki, being the best of friends, walking in the forest. You are so excited because you used to walk and play here when you was a child. You are jumping, running and laughing. Each time you do so a warm smile turns up on his face. Suddenly he stops walking and just looks at how you move, talk, how your hair is waving and glittering it the sunlight. You realize that Loki is not longer by your side. You turn around and see him staring at you. 

“What?” He doesn’t answer. “Hey Loki”, as you talk he approaching you without saying a word. “What’s the matter? You’re freaking me out.”

“You know”, he towers over you, standing so close that you can hear him breathing. “It’s so hard to resist”. You look right in his eyes ready to drown in them. He steps closer and strokes your hair. “I never told you this and maybe I shouldn’t do it but… ” He pauses and breaks eye contact.

“Hey, that’s okay. Tell me, please” you’re calming him and taking his hand.

“Y/N, I… I don’t want to be your friend… I can’t”

“What?! Why?!” you’re surprised and pissed. “What the hell you’re talking about? Loki, what’s…”.

“I want more” he interrupts in a high tone. There is a long pause. You don’t know what to say and neither does he. “I want to touch you where friend shouldn’t”. And he looks at your lips. 

You smile, put your head on his chest and giggle. “You’re a fool…”You feel his heart racing so you step back, taking his hands in yours. You see how he is scared don’t know what’s on your mind and you give him a warm smile. He steps closer, stopping just an inch from your lips. You hear him breathing heavily. He kisses you tenderly wrapping hands around your body. You’re putting your hand on his shoulder and with another one stroking his hair. You answer him with a more passionate kiss and feel like there is nothing left in the world except the two of you. He breaks a kiss for breath in. He’s still holding you in his arms. He cups your face and looks right into your eyes. “Hell of a friendship we have” you chuckle.

He smirks, kissing you on the forehead. “Yeah, I guess so”.

You look in his now almost dark eyes and stand on your tiptoes to be able to reach his lips. You kiss him desperately. And you make sweet and passionate love on the grass as sunlight play on your naked bodies united by the same feelings.

Morning After Confessional.

Summary: Following a TV marathon, your best friend wakes up groggy… and with a confession to make. 

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

Prompt: I got the entire “Lin and reader watching crappy reality TV” request from anonymous here and then incorporated prompt #199 from @otpisms as well to make it all well-rounded and fluffy. Just how I like ‘em. 

Words: 2,615 

Warnings: Mild cursing. 100% fluff. 


(Another shoutout to @hamilbye for reading this for me again. You’re the best, Nat. My favorite person. Seeing as this trope is one of your faves, this is dedicated to you.)

No!” You screamed, covering your face with your blanket, letting only your squinted eyes see the television screen. Next to you, Lin only laughed, remarking on the female heroine’s actions on screen. You glanced over at him and rolled your eyes.

“How are you not freaked out by this?” You questioned him, your eyes narrowing as you watched the light from the television dance over his facial features.

He looked over at you, “(Y/N), you invited me over for a horror movie marathon. This is entirely your fault if you’re scared.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d enjoy the horror movies.” You remarked back, almost grumbling under your breath.

“It’s cinematic mastery at its best – controlling the human psyche, predicting your next reaction. What’s not to love?”

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GOT7: confessing when they think their crush is asleep

Oooooohh I had fun writing the other one so I’m excited and !! thank you very much wow


Mark couldn’t explain why he had said it, but when he saw you sleeping so peacefully, something tugged in his heart and those three fatal words slipped out before he could catch them. Immediately, your eyes shot wide open and found him standing over you and he’d feel his stomach drop. He’d manage to offer a small smile through his internal panic and shyly ask, “…So?” and pray to every deity he’d ever heard of that you wouldn’t reject him of course you wouldn’t. If you told him you returned his feelings, I’m fairly confident he’d crawl beside you on whatever you were ‘sleeping’ on and have a little mini cuddle session awww mark ily


Jaebum’s heart would stop when you opened your eyes and gaped at him, but only for a second. After all, he’s always made his feelings really obvious, subtly not taking your hand in his and staring at you admiringly even after you blushed and asked him what he was doing. So when he figured out that you were awake to hear him say he loves you, he’d think well, now that’s out of the way. He’d shoot you a small smirk and say, “It’s true, if you were wondering,” and watch your face closely to gauge your reaction. If you said you loved him too, he’d feel a massive weight lift off his shoulders as a smile broke over his face, which was slightly pinker than it used to be 


Jackson would hate that he confessed like this, accidentally. He’d probably have a mini-freak out when you opened your eyes and gaped at him, making a panicked high-pitched noise and waving his hands around to try and tell you to forget about it. He’d probably stutter something out about he was going to confess to you next week, so maybe you could just wait until then because he really put a lot of work into it and you’ll like it, he swears omg calm him down. Truthfully, he’s dying to know if you return his feelings or not and the curiosity/agony would eventually get the better of him and he’d stop his panicking to ask if you do with a serious expression on his face


Jinyoung would freeze when you ‘woke up.’ His heart would stop for a second and then it would beat faster than ever before, the only thoughts running through his brain would be curses. He would’ve wanted his confession to you to be perfect so you’d remember it forever and, more importantly, he’d know what to say and do. He’d just sort of stare at you with his mouth hanging open before clearing his throat and deciding to just go with it. He’d tell you it was true, that he really cared for you, but if you didn’t return the feeling or needed time to think, he understood. If you told him you felt the same why wouldn’t you tho he’d blush and do his precious eye-smile thing before asking you if you wanted to go for dinner tomorrow night again why wouldn’t you


Dead. Please help Youngjae, okay. He’s always more reserved and awkward around you because he likes you a lot and doesn’t want to make a fool of himself, but now he feels like he’s gone and done exactly that. His eyes would get wider than you’ve ever seen them and he’d blush and try to stutter something out about how he was sorry, so sorry, and will be leaving now, so you can go to sleep for real he promises he won’t bother you again save him. He probably would get up to leave run away but if you told him you liked him a lot, too, he’d stop and laugh a little because wow he cannot believe his luck


When you suddenly opened your eyes after his ‘confession,’ BamBam would try his hardest not to let you see how much he was freaking out. He’d probably try to play it slick and tell you there were a lot of things he cared deeply about: dancing, food, music, animals, whatever. Basically, he’d be trying to cover his ass but it would not work because his hands would shake and he’d have a panicked look in his eyes as he prayed that you’d either buy his flimsy excuse or see through it and say you returned the feelings. If you did accept, he’d let out a little laugh and shriek of joy, then go back to trying to play it cool and say, “Of course, why wouldn’t you?” hit him


Nope. He’s not prepared at all. Yugyeom would’ve been planning to confess to you soon, but not like this. He’d blush when you looked at him, a few nervous laughs escaping his mouth. He’d probably run his fingers through his hair and try his hardest not to look at you because he’s terrified of what you’ll say. “Honestly,” he’d explain, “I mean it, but it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I’m sorry for that.” When you say you feel the same way, it would be like five seconds before he actually processed that fact and allowed a big-ass smile to take over his features

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The Angel and The Prophet

Summary: Reader is a prophet and has eyes for her trench coat wearing guardian angel

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 2803

Warning: Language, Fluff, SMUT, bondage I guess, NSFW

A/N: @arcturuz requested Cas smut and here it is! Special thanks to @sofreddie for talking through the idea with me :) Quite nervous about this one, never written for Cas, so I hope I just do the angelic stud justice! Fingers crossed!
Also! Absolutely mind blown by the reception on This Means War, thankyou so much for the love, it’s honestly made my weekend.

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Dear Diary…or whatever

You’re new so…Hi! Never written a diary before, but there are things going down in my life that has just GOT to be recorded.

Where do I start? This has been the craziest couple of months I’m not sure if I’m dreaming in all honesty. We’ll go from the top I guess.

I’m walking home from work one night, cutting through the park. This crazy storm just seems to start and it’s like it’s following me. I’m jogging along, very wary that I’m in a wide open space but I can see my apartment block so I just decide to make a break for it. Then I hear this loud crash and I black out. Somewhere in this black out I had a dream. Two guys, proper lumberjack lookalikes with all the plaid, driving along in this sweet ass car, talking some crazy shit. Demons and monsters and something about vessels for Michael and Lucifer? Stopping the apocalypse? Real bat shit stuff.

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soulmate! Seokmin (pt.2)

anon requested:  Hi! I recently got into Seventeen and woah did I slipped into the diamond life so hard ㅋㅋㅋ I really like your blog and I’m hoping for a part 2 for Seokmin’s Soulmate post. Than you so much in advance!

  • you thought you had seen it all
  • thought you could predict it all
  • working with celebrities everyday and just being all around busy as ever when filming for MBC music
  • you really thought the world wouldn’t be able to surprise you with anymore happiness
  • lol were you wrong
  • because there was Seokmin in front of you
  • your actual sunshine
  • standing in front of you, holding flowers and a plane ticket
  • pulling your suitcase
  • “Seokmin what are you doing here?”
  • you had been absolutely ecstatic knowing that MBC let you film a special of Seventeen’s Diamond Edge World Tour
  • which meant you got to travel with them at their concerts
  • and you were leaving tonight to meet them at the next stop
  • but the best part had been hearing you would be able to spend time with Seokmin
  • you had both called everyday, him generally from a different country
  • “I can’t wait until you get here and we can go on dates.”
  • “When I get there Seokmin, we can do it all.”
  • and you had felt his anticipation through your shared emotions for weeks
  • but you never expected him to meet you from the airport
  • with not only your ticket but a ticket for himself too
  • “Let’s fly together and go together”
  • he reached for your hand
  • “You’re actually flying with me? You’re actually here? I thought you were with the others.”
  • he gave you his light laughter that never failed to make your heart flutter, the smile that always lit up even the darkest of places
  • “Yep the company let me fly back here to pick you up and fly with you to the next world tour stop.” He pulled you into a hug
  • you hadn’t seen him for what had been the longest 1 month, 4 days, and 3 hours of your entire life since you last found out he was your soulmate during the last filming for show champ
  • yes you kept count
  • yep you were that girlfriend
  • hey that’s what happens when you find your soulmate, anytime spent apart felt like forever
  • seriously the time dragged on without him
  • you never really noticed how much you missed him
  • before you had seen him often on music shows
  • now of course you hadn’t seen him for a while cause of the tour
  • but he was always on your mind
  • and now he was in front of you
  • holding you in his warm embrace, an actual person, not just a face or voice through a phone
  • you hugged him tightly, sighing slightly at how comfortable it all felt
  • “We’re going to miss the flight lets go!”
  • and you both took off towards the security station to check your bags -until you both settled into the plane seats
  • him giving you the window spot so you could look out
  • you excitedly looked out the window into the night sky, the lights along the takeoff platform flashing
  • grabbing onto Seokmin’s arm tightly when the plane took off
  • and him laughing at your reaction and taking your hand in his
  • drawing little hearts on your palm while you asked about the concerts and about how he’s doing
  • “It’s tiring but I had so much fun and I’m so thankful to all our carats!”
  • or him asking about your life
  • even though you guys call everyday and talk
  • all the tiny details flew out of you as you talked about the prep for the Diamond edge special and how you selected the crew specifically
  • and as you talked about how you had filmed some carats who had seen the diamond edge in Seoul
  • you hear heavier breathing and feel Seokmin’s head fall on your shoulder
  • his hand still holding yours in his
  • his breathing slow
  • “Guess you must be tired.” You giggle
  • and you ruffle his hair a bit as he sleeps on your shoulder
  • before you fall asleep too
  • the both of you sleeping on the plane side-by-side
  • his head gently resting on your shoulder and your head resting gently on top of his
  • the flight attendant walking past the two of you thinking you’re both the cutest couple she’s ever seen
  • the whole filming process and the concerts felt like a dream
  • the two of you walking in a foreign place trying all the different foods
  • holding hands wherever you go
  • looking at all the local shops for little keepsakes to buy
  • you getting to film parts of Svt’s concerts
  • but mostly you just staring at how incredible they were at performing
  • but especially Seokmin
  • and when it was time to go home
  • you didn’t want to leave
  • didn’t want to leave the walking the streets of foreign places
  • the late night runs to the hotel’s vending machine for snacks
  • and all the giggling at the other Svt members sleeping
  • but Seokmin was going to go back with you and you would have a whole week together before he’d have to go to the next leg of the tour
  • and so in that week
  • you both tried doing it all
  • literally having all the dates
  • going for boba tea every afternoon in one of those really cool boba tea places
  • where they have board games and Jenga to play as well as popcorn chicken, waffles, ice cream, and ramen
  • stealing sips from each other’s drinks
  • “hey get your own!”
  • “yours tastes better though!”
  • “it’s the same thing Seokmin!”
  • holding hands to walk into Starbucks in the morning to buy coffee
  • taking cute selcas together even though you can’t yet post on SNS
  • “What did the company decide about the soulmates?” You say nonchalantly stirring your tea
  • “well now that everyone’s found theirs, they’re going to have to make a press conference for all of us. We have to tell the fans but they’ll understand, our carats are the best.” His eyes sparkled talking about his fans and you loved it
  • “Won’t your fans rampage, I mean since you’re super good looking and you got stuck with me as a soulmate.” You laugh
  • he grabs your hand tightly making you jump a little in surprise
  • “You’re beautiful and amazing ok? Our fans understand, after all they all have soulmates out there too.”
  • he must have felt the insecurity you felt behind your joking comment
  • but the added empathy and feeling of happiness when he told you that
  • made the both of you smile
  • “Plus you’re so pretty how could they rampage?”
  • “Mmkay Seokmin, whatever you say.” You laugh
  • you hadn’t met all the members’ soulmates then though you knew you were the last in svt
  • you and Seokmin weren’t together as long as the rest of them, but you felt impossibly happy
  • every piece seemed to click
  • and you were happy to finally get time to spend with him
  • walking along the streets to look at all the stuff for sale
  • you trying on a pair of sunglasses that makes him smile brightly at you in the way you love so much
  • “I’ll need these sunglasses if you keep blinding me with that smile Seokshine.”
  • “Stop omo, y/n.”
  • buying matching sunglasses
  • until a shop plays boom boom
  • and you both burst out laughing and he pulls your arm and starts teaching you the choreo. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Freaking. Shop.
  • pumping his chest at the chorus “boom boom” part
  • making you bend over with laughter
  • and the shop owner to come over to the both of you
  • “You guys are such a cute couple!”
  • “Thank you.” You hide a smile
  • “Do I know you from somewhere?” She asks Seokmin
  • and you both laugh
  • “I get told I look like that Dokyeom guy from Seventeen”
  • you smack his arm, dying
  • the shop lady just winks at the two of you and turns away before the both of you break into a fit of giggles
  • you both wander from shop to shop looking at stuff
  • “We should get those keychains that I promised last time.” You smile at him while linking your arm with his, a skip in your step
  • “I have a better idea”
  • he drags you into this tiny jewelry shop on a corner
  • “What the heck Seokmin?”
  • he laughs ignoring you and turns to the staff there
  • “I called earlier about my order?”
  • “Ah yes sir please wait a moment.” They go into the back room
  • “What order Lee Seokmin?!?!”
  • “You’ll see.”
  • and you watch as the employee brought out a pair of matching rings from a display case in the back
  • placing it in front of the both of you
  • as you look closer you see they’re couple rings
  • one is a crescent moon with your initials on it
  • and the other is a sun with L.S. Engraved on it
  • Seokmin lightly takes your hand and the sun ring, gently helping you put it on your ring finger
  • and he puts on the moon one with your initials
  • “Look they match and everything!”
  • he smiles at you shyly and you feel the nervousness he’s feeling
  • wondering if you’ll like it until it feels like his heart might burst
  • trying to scan your emotions for your response
  • until he feels the immense amount of happiness as you look down at the ring and start tearing up at how pretty it is
  • “Seokmin…”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Of course!!!!”
  • “Good because no refunds”
  • “Omg stop!”
  • “Hehe I got the hyungs to help me pick it.”
  • “When did you…?”
  • “yesterday morning when you were filming something.”
  • “It’s beautiful thank you.”
  • “not as beautiful as you.” He laughed
  • “Staaaahhhpppp!”
  • “By the way this isn’t an engagement ring no, that ring will be different.”
  • you blush, smacking his arm flustered
  • “YAH!!! You!!!”
  • “I’m just joking.” He chuckled pulling you in to hug you
  • “Don’t look at anyone else now. Even all the cute idol boys who will call you PD-nim and noona.”
  • “Yah Lee Seokmin, I’m not that old!”
  • he pulls away to look at you before placing a kiss on your cheek
  • “You’re mine though.” He says giving his signature smile
  • and you both wear the rings out as you walk
  • holding hands and talking about anything and everything
  • the sun starting to set in the evening as you walk towards the Han river
  • “Oh one more surprise!!”
  • he pulls you over to an area by the Han river
  • where there’s a picnic blanket and food packed
  • “Seokmin when did you have time for all this???”
  • “Well I’m leaving soon again for diamond edge and I wanted to make the most of our time.”
  • he pulls you down to sit next to him on the blanket
  • “there’s kimchi, kimbap, anything you want to eat.”
  • “Did you ask Mingyu for this?”
  • you giggle and unwrap some of the plastic wrap to eat
  • and you both eat the food happily while looking up at the gradually darkening sky
  • “The fireworks show should start soon.”
  • he points out toward a barge and the crowd of people sitting by the river
  • and you rest both your hands on the blanket and look up at the stars
  • and he scoots closer to sit next to you wrapping an arm around you
  • and that moment is when the first brightly colored burst of firework sets off in the sky
  • and you gasp at how pretty it all is and point up at the sky
  • leaning yourself against Seokmin’s chest
  • just enjoying the beautiful scene and the fireworks booming and exploding in the sky to the time of your rapid heart beats
  • and you turn to look up at his face
  • and you reach gently to kiss his lips when he turns to look down and meet your gaze
  • your lips meeting right as another round of fireworks goes off
  • your heart rapidly beating in your chest rivaling the sounds of the fireworks
  • and both your emotions just being a happy mess that can’t be described in words
  • as you stay there in that blissful moment
  • lips gently on each other’s with the sky lighting up in colors above you
  • until you pull away blushing snuggling up into his chest again
  • your emotions you both felt from each other explaining more in that moment than talking ever could
  • it was perfect
  • the sky was bright with reds, blues, yellows
  • fading gently

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The Seventeen Soulmate Series

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess

so like what if One and Twelve run into Clara in the Christmas Special but she doesn’t know that Twelve is going through the process of regeneration, so she is just happy to see him. And they go on an adventure with One and then like Twelve does something mean/rude and Clara slaps him (not too hard though) but then he starts glowing with regeneration energy (like he has been since the series finale but Clara doesn’t know that) and she freaks out because you know how she always threatened him about “slapping him so hard that he’ll regenerate” so she thinks that it’s actually happening for real now…except Twelve stops the regen. again and Clara is like shocked/relieved and Twelve is scared but also laughing as he plays it off as a prank and gives her a hug before she can slap him again for pulling that prank but also because he needs to hide his face and not tell her that he’s dying because he wants to spend these last moments with her happy and not sad/worried. All the while One is trying to stay as far away from Clara because he don’t wanna be slapped into regeneration.

EXO: meeting your family

Xiumin:  he’s hyper enough at the thought of meeting your huge family, and can’t stop asking you questions about them. He won’t have a reason to be nervous bc he knows they’ll love him…but like you’d expect, he’d be really quiet when you’re introducing them to him and smiling in his direction.

Suho:  junmyeon has planned the perfect outfit and the perfect lines to recite once meeting them. Instead of things going according to plan though, he’ll get swept up by your huge family and all the laughter and jokes shared around. He’ll honestly be speechless at how loving and accepting they are, and ofc the amazing food.

Lay:  he’ll make it seem like it’s your wedding day tbh he’ll totally go overboard, buying presents for your parents and grandparents and everything. Yixing would want everything to be perfect bc he thinks first impressions matter. He’d make their head spin with his breathtaking smile and him complimenting everyone until they practically faint.

Baekhyun:  ever since introducing you to his family a while ago, he’s been asking nonstop if he could meet yours. He won’t make it noticeable but he’d be so nervous and would probably over think everything. A smile will be plastered on his face the whole time, bc he can’t believe they went out of their way to have a party just for you two, so expect him to be the life of the party once he stops being so shy.

Chen:  he’s too busy chatting up your older cousins and relatives to be nervous, it’s as if they already accepted him into the family as soon as he walked in. He’d be throwing sly smirks your way and winking, knowing they’d totally love him as much as you do.

Chanyeol:  probably would refuse at first, just bc he won’t know what do. He wants to impress them very badly but doesn’t want to be the center of attention, so he’ll let you talk the whole time while he blushes and nods along. Will stay by your side the whole time, not once letting go of your hand bc he’ll freak out.

D.O:  it would seriously be hard not to like him, but he’s still nervous nonetheless. He’d be such a gentleman and buy flowers and a couple bottles of wine for the night, and laughs along happily at your family’s antics and jokes. They’d be able to tell how much he really loves you bc he won’t stop looking in your direction and smiling hazily.

Kai:  “y/n, what do I dooooo?” Jongin will pout and play with your hands and even show you some aegyo until you tell him he doesn’t have to talk. He’s nervous bc he knows he’ll be stumbling over his words, and tbh he doesn’t wanna be questioned by your huge family bc he knows they’re all protective of you. Instead, he’ll tag along whenever you are and only talk when he’s spoken to, the shy lil puppy.

Sehun:  dresses appropriately for the occasion and makes sure everything looks on point since he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Probably will go as far as surprising you too, buying you a necklace before heading over to your parents’ place. He’ll blush mad hard when you brag about him and the group, but takes the time to be full of himself and smirks. Honestly he’d love your family as if they were his own.

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Baby- Sebastian Aho

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Apparently Finland is not doing so well in the worlds and I’m just very confused as to their roster like… where’s everyone? Anyway… here’s some cute Sepe! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: hey, i know ur probably really busy but if u want/have time could you maybe do one with sebastian aho something where the reader is pregnant and about to give birth and hes there or something :) btw i freaking love ur blog so much like wtf ur an amazing writer❤


              “You have everything?” you asked for the third time.

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Narry sexual tension and flirtingL...

This took me ages but here  i go…..These are some of my favourite narry moments sexual tension/flirting/cute moments on stage. I’m gonna focus ‘on stage’ this time 👀😉

Remember Niall giving Harry flowers and waiting for a kiss…..Imagine 2015 Harry missing a chance like this lmao

Niall and Harry getting ready for a ‘chest bump’ is that the name? Anyway, Harry was ready but Niall had other ideas….he just wanted to hold Harry….relatable 😧

When the “narry serenading each other” was barely a thing.

Harry and Niall dancing to a song….or attempting to. This is one of my favourite moments tbh. Just them being idiots together….and the dance is…..ridiculous 😰

The beautiful moment when Niall is passing by and he gets distracted for a moment because he can’t stop staring at Harry…..ME TOO NEIL ME TOO 😍

A common thing: The boys trying to get their attention because they’re too distracted *cough* in love *cough*

Now that we’re talking about “distractions” what about those times Niall was being a little shit provoking horny Harry….everything was peachy 🍑

AAND don’t forget this one..

Remember that iconic moment when Niall’s bum actually touched Harry’s dick…..This is the nasty shit they were doing back then…I mean same Harry 👀🙊

The ballroom dancing night……One of the hottest moments ever. Niall was literally on top of him….remember the ‘Niall’s always on top", thank you Harry we finally understand. I C O N I C ❤👬👏

Harry checking Niall out. Niall loves the attention ❤

Speaking of checking out, Niall being a hoe because he knows Harry loves it. He’s looking at Harry making sure he notices when he looks at his dick. What was he trying to say? I think we all now tbh 👀🙊🍑😛

When it comes to narry the 'serenading’ is an important concept. These are Harry and Niall singing to each other #INVESTIGATEYOU&I 👀👀👀👀

Even more when this is clearly an inside joke 😉😉

I hate them 😧🙊👀

Harry telling Niall that he loves him deserves a mention because honestly I’m 10 years younger by just watching this precious, spontaneous moment 😭👬💔

Speaking of iconic moments we all talk about how Harry said he’d do Niall in front of thousands of people, in front of their own families, but we never pay attention to their individual reactions after that confession (because we all know Harry wasn’t kidding). When any other guy would freak out or be shocked after that Niall just out there flirting with Harry biting and then puckering his lips and I’m pretty sure he said he’d do Harry too but the mic didn’t catch that 👂

That was someone Harry clearly enjoyed..

Zayn noticing Niall and Harry dynamic. Niall trying to play it cool 

Zayn doesn’t fall for that

Zayn teases Niall about it and Niall becomes this nervous teenager with a crush 👀

*Niall and Harry harmonizing* *Harry looks at Niall*

*Niall fonding over Harry telling him to sing and laughing at him* *harry…..*

*Harry can’t stop smiling* *harry….nuts*

You know how we all talk about Harry loving Mullingar? Well in this case we’ll talk about Harry and Niall giving some love to Holmes Chappel. Niall out of nowhere talking about driving around Harry’s hometown.

I’m Zayn. Waiting for them to finish….

This is also another “we’re in our own bubble” moment. If you watch the video you can hear Louis telling them to introduce the fucking song already lmao.Harry was ready for the snogh though 😉❤👬👌

Not my gifs.

The Mukami brothers having a little sister to take care of


+ He looks at the little girl who now sitting on the sofa
+ She’s wearing a dress designed with crystal beads and ribbons
+ He walks towards the little girl and sits beside her
+ The little girl looks at him with her round, dolly eyes
+ Ruki thought for a second that this little girl beside him is a real doll, not their little sister
+ “Do you have a name?” He asked.
+ The little girl tilts her head
+ Ruki raised his right eyebrow a little
+ Do this little girl understands him?
+ Guessing that she will not answer his question
+ He stands and grab his book on the coffee table
+ He opened the book and starts reading
+ However, he noticed that the little girl is secretly peeking at the book he’s reading
+ When their eyes met, the little girl turns her head as if she’s embarrassed to be caught
+ Ruki chuckled at her little sister’s action
+ “Want to read this book with me?” He asked
+ The little girl beams at his big brother’s offer and nods her head
+ Ruki taps his lap and the little girl excitedly sits on it
+ He thinks the little girl has a simple mindset
+ That is so right at her very young age
+ The little girl looks at him and murmur a low but audible ‘thank you’
+ Taking care of their little sister is not so bad after all, he thought


+ The vampire idol is very excited when he learns they have a little sister coming to their mansion
+ He’s now going to have a little entertainment in this mansion
+ When Kou saw the little girl for the first time, he suddenly pinched her cheeks
+ “Oh! So the toothless kitten has a soft cheeks, huh?”
+ The little girl is now frowning at Kou
+ Being called a 'toothless kitten’ while pinching your cheeks is no fun
+ She glares at her big brother Kou
+ But Kou thought it’s cute and adorable
+ “So the toothless kitten is too brave to glare at me like that, eh?”
+ The little girl huffs in annoyance and walks away
+ But Kou follows her
+ “Toothless kitten, where are you going?”
+ But the little girl is now ignoring him
+ She’s angry at his teasing big brother
+ Kou is not pleased
+ He’s not used of being ignored, especially if the one who’s ignoring him
+ Is a tiny, toothless kitten like her
+ “Hey! Don’t be like that, kitten~” He coos
+ The little girl stops and face him
+ “Meanie…” she mutters while pouting
+ “No, I’m not~” He said while smiling
+ Kou grabs a lot of candies from his pocket
+ And handed it to the little girl
+ “Here. It’s for you.” He said while putting the candies on her small hands
+ The little girl’s eyes suddenly twinkled
+ But she’s still trying her very best to frown at his big brother
+ “Thank you.” She shyly said. “But I still hate you…”
+ Kou laughed at his little girl’s words
+ He knows that she’s lying
+ “What did I do to deserve an adorable little sister?”


+ What…?
+ This little fellow is one of his siblings?
+ But she’s so tiny
+ Like a miniature doll
+ And why did she keeps on following him?
+ “Hey tiny doll, stop follow me!” He orders
+ And the like girl is like “….???”
+ Poor little girl can’t understand his big brother Yuma
+ Instead of shooing the little girl again away from him
+ He just simply ignore it’s existence thinking she will leave him on her own
+ So Yuma goes to his garden full of vegetables now ready to harvest
+ Yuma is about to pick the ripe cherry tomatoes
+ When the little girl suddenly talked
+ “Tomatoes!” She happily exclaimed
+ “Heyㅡ”
+ Yuma wants to stop the little girl because NO ONE can touch his precious vegetables
+ But he’s late. Too late.
+ The little girl is now holding two cherry tomatoes in her two tiny, little hands
+ Oh boy….
+ Yuma grabbed the little girl on her shirt, like he’s grabbing a kitten
+ In an instant, Kou is now standing in front of him
+ Without a word, he throws the little girl on her and Kou catch her
+ Poor little girl thinks they are playing so she’s now laughing
+ “Keep that freaking doll away from my garden. Got it?!”
+ Kou simply shrugs then he walks away with the little girl on his shoulders
+ Yuma glanced at the little girl once more
+ “Thank you~!” She happily said to Yuma while waving at him
+ Maybe he will forgive this little girl for now


+ Looking at the little girl in front of him
+ The other three said it’s their new sibling
+ And she will be now living in the mansion with them
+ 'Is this little girl will love me?’ He thought
+ The little girl looks at him curiously
+ Azusa smiles at the little girl
+ “Little Eve…” he murmurs
+ He kneels in front of the little girl
+ And hug her small body tightly
+ The little girl, even she’s a little confused, hugged him back
+ Azusa snuggled on the little girl’s body
+ He likes his little sister’s warmth
+ And how her small body fits to his arms when she hugged him back
+ Azusa slowly released the little girl from his hug
+ And get a small knife inside his pocket
+ He now handed it to the little girl’s hand
+ “Hurt me….”
+ “Show your love on me….”
+ The little girl is now confusedly looking at small knife she’s holding
+ Is this some sort of a welcome gift?
+ She looks at his big brother Azusa’s face
+ Who is now looking at her with some glint of hope in his eyes
+ Hope that she will hurt him
+ But instead of doing his big brother’s wishes
+ She drops the small knife on the floor
+ And gives his big brother a bear hug
+ And then….
+ She bites his big brother on his neck but not enough to draw blood
+ She did it several times until she’s satisfied
+ Azusa is shocked on his little sister’s actions
+ “Why….?” He asked.
+ Instead of answering, the little girl giggled at him
+ Somehow, Azusa feels something nice towards the little girl
+ Something called “affection”

🎃 Halloween Special: Pranking them 🎃

⤖ Day 3 Halloween Special: BTS x Reader

⤖ BTS Reaction to pretending you’re dead [Prank]

Originally posted by charrytommoto

It was around halloween time that you decided you should prank scare your boyfriend as you two were too old for trying to wear costumes and trick or treat. You had gotten the idea from the place of all bad ideas, the internet.

You would lay down in the place between the kitchen and the living room, gotten fake blood and had stained your neck and the floor where you would lay down. Using your art skill, you had decided to make a fake wound that would resemble a knife stab, once that was done you waited for your boyfriend in that position.

When you heard the familiar voice of your beloved, you had shut your eyes and tried your best not to breathe. As he comes inside, he peeks his head in attempt to look for you and thats when he sees your figure laying on the floor. 


“Y/N?!” He would freak out, he would attempt to see if your breathing and perform CPR while -probably- crying, he would gradually freak out even more because you’re not “responding” he would resort to calling an ambulance and that was your queue to end the prank.

“What the hell Y/N, you scared me to death”


When he sees you laying down he would be alarmed, his poor vision makes him unable to see the fake blood stain in the dark, but as he crouched and saw your neck he would scream for seconds and turn his attention to you trying to see how he could help. He would keep calling your name and you began to feel bad. When he found out it you weren’t hurt, he would say something like “I’m not making you food for a week! How could you do that, I’m already dying of old age”*


When he sees you, he would stare blankly for minutes unsure how to behave, he would think its a prank and he ignored you and goes to the room. You being persistent, you would stay laid down longer and that begins to alarm him.

“Y/N quit it, I know you’re just playing around so just stop and come cuddle with me” You ignored that, making him alarmed even more, so he walked to your figure and thats when you decided to jump scare him, obviously frightening him to half death. “You seriously have problems” he would say.


He would fall for it and be so scared, he would be worried you had gotten killed and the killer is still in the house. He would skeptically try to see if you’re breathing but his fear would probably make him unable to tell. He would freak out for hours making you laugh and thats when he knows he got pranked.
“This isn’t funny Y/N, I thought you really got killed” but end up being apologetic about his reaction to it.


His reaction would be mixture of J-hope and RM, he would try to help you but would be so scared and cautious. Like the others he would fall for it and think you’re dead and would start crying, making you feel so bad.
“Jimin, baby… I’m okay” you would slowly say as he sit in front of you embracing his knees, he would give you a silent treatment for a few hours and laugh it off later.


Taehyung would be scared but keeps it calm and tries his best to help, he would be confused and starts spitting profanities while he collects you in his arms and rushes outside with no hesitation, when he reached the car, you stopped the prank and he was so confused, thinking you were suddenly conscious “Are you okay?? Please stay with me” he would tear and when he heard your giggles, instead of being angry he’d be so relieved and would lean his head into the crook of your neck saying to not ever do that to him ever again.


He’s the master of all pranks, he had probably thought of doing this to you at some point and so his reaction would be very close to Suga but way more calm, he would keep saying “You can’t beat me at my own game” and “Stop it, you’ll just get tired”.
When you did get tired you got up, cursing at him for not falling for it but as you slip from the wet floor he would be panicked then, and tries to catch you in his arms…. so after all, you did manage to frighten him a little.

A/N:  *(I’m not saying Jin is old but he always says stuff like that)