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Castiel’s Gift

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Pairing: human!Casxreader
Word count: 1,345
Warnings: angst
Request: Anonymous. Hey, could you write a sad/fluffy imagine with Soulmate!Reader x Human!Cas? Like they have a car accident and the reader is practically dying and Cas doesn’t know what to do, he panics and blames himself. Seeing the despair of Castiel, God (Chuck) appears and heals her. Cute ending with an overly emotional Cas <3 Thank you, beautiful.

The first time Cas saw you, he knew. You were dancing on the beach, barefoot, in a ankle length flowing skirt. It moved around you in such a way that it appeared to be moving in slow motion. For a top, you simply wore your bikini top. You were a free spirit, balancing him out in every way.

You’d opened up another side of life. The carefree side. You made being human far less daunting.

When Dean came around, needing Cas’s help, you’d laced your fingers with his, and smiled. There was nothing that you wouldn’t stand by his side for. You didn’t have the knowledge of a hunter, the fighting skills of one, and you weren’t really comfortable firing a gun. What you lacked in those areas, you made up for with determination, and courage. You took what they told you, and did with it the best you possibly could.

You came out the other side a bit banged up, but proud of yourself. Not that you intended to go hunting again any time soon. Still, Sam and Dean knew they could count on the two of you.

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