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IF YOU’RE GENTLE, I WILL BE GENTLE TO YOU, TOO like what kind of foreplay 




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Idk why I thought this but I have to know, out of naruto, who do you think are the most savage? Who are the straight savages in their respectable arena like, I gotta know. Who gives no fucks?

LMAOOO damn this is funny

Madara is obviously a straight savage. Savage since he was first introduced in the show holy shit. Came out of his edo tensei coffin like a savage too he didn’t even wait for the shit to open he blew the door off like who tf does that like been dead for yearsssss and he comes back just as salty, just as savage. Dropped not one but TWO meteors on all these shinobi he just fucked their shit up. Broke the edo tensei release at the last second just to come back down and beat ass. His entire fight vs the 5 Kage was just one savage L like every damn thing he said and did was savage. Roasted them the entire time too. So disrespectful. Let himself get stabbed straight through the damn bicep like a straight savage. Had his eyes closed 40% of the time he was fighting Naruto Sasuke Sai the bijuu like everyone and their momma like damn. I’m gonna say he’s the #1 savage. Everything he does is savage

Ay is a savage like you see the way he beat Sasuke’s ass that one time holllly shit no mercy Sasuke thought he had him with that Amaterasu and Ay went SIKE

Tobirama’s definitely a savage. Top tier savage. All he had to do was lift one finger and had everyone losing their shit. Came one finger close to ending Sasuke’s life. Sassed the shit out of the Sage of Six Paths like who does that. All around straight savage, too real, realest Kage to ever live. Takes no shit from anyone ever. All the while looking spiffy as fuck with the fur collar. Damn. What a classy savage

I knew Itachi was a savage the minute he roasted the shit out of Orochimaru and beat his ass at the same time. Trying to steal Itachi’s body and shit??? Orochimaru doesn’t learn. That entire final fight with Sasuke I just couldn’t believe Itachi throwing this boy around and shit like actually grabbing him and THROWING him like it was nbd. Also, when he and Sasuke fought Kabuto. And Kabuto wouldn’t stop talking. And Itachi was basically like “Stop talking. You die here.” i WAS LIKE OH HE BOUT TO DO IT OHOHO MYGOD

Gai is honestly a savage. How disrespectful he gotta be to forget Kisame EVERY DAMN TIME THEY MEET. Mainly, opening the eighth gate OOOOOOOO. Soon as those eyebrows lit up I knew some savage shit was about to go down he went the fuck in. Did not hesitate to fuck shit up

Hashirama may not be a textbook savage but there are times he’s raw af. That time he overrided Tobirama’s savageness with his own savageneess to make double the savage. Anytime he goes into sage mode. How is it not savage to summon that big wooden 1000 hands shit like, basically to bitch slap the shit out of people 1000 times like 1000 backhands boy wtf

Neji was pretty much the OG savage I can’t believe how much savagery he passed around in the Chuunin exams he was really out here trying to end lives 

Vanity Fair/Dunkirk Cast

Guys, it’s happening.

I just checked Aneurin Barnard’s Twitter and he has started following Vanity Fair Italia. He is already following Charlie Gray, the photographer who took the photo of Tom Glynn Carney for Vanity Fair IT. And as I’ve been writing this, Barry Keoghan has followed Charlie Gray too.

Charlie Gray specialises in photographing actors on and off set. 

Vanity Fair Italia is doing a feature on the young cast of Dunkirk dammit.

Give it to me now!!!!


Trump has a thing for killers

The first major scandal occurred late last year when renowned twitter troll @feckhead contacted Trump: “My parents who passed away always said you were a big inspiration. Can you please RT for their memory?” Trump happily obliged. Unfortunately, the image actually featured notorious serial killers, Fred and Rose West

After receiving heavy criticism for controversial remarks regarding a Vietnam veteran, Trump retweeted @ConnorBaldwin21’s “My bad ass Vietnam vet dad has balls too which is why he’s voting Trump!”. Helpful Twitter users broke the news to Trump that the picture he had retweeted was of Jeffrey Macdonald, a former US army officer and convicted murderer serving three life sentences. 

In a May 2013 tweet he referenced Jodi Arias, a woman who briefly fascinated the country when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend. “[Arias] stated that she follows me on twitter so I really hate to be saying that she is guilty but sadly, she is as guilty as it gets,” he wrote.  

don't listen - part 3

‘Do you have a Snapchat?’

‘Yeah, why.’

‘Add me.’

‘I already follow your story.’

‘I have a personal one. My assistant runs that one.’

‘You have an assistant?’

‘Yeah, Lin. She takes care of all the things I don’t care enough about.’

‘Does she run your instagram too?’

‘Yep. And twitter.’

‘That explains a lot.’

‘Does it?’

‘Yeah, it’s all so happy. It just doesn’t seem like you?’

‘Are you saying I don’t seem like a 23 year old girl?’

‘That is exactly what I’m saying.’

‘Hahah. That makes sense. It’s all a little bit annoying, isn’t it?

‘Only a little bit.’

‘She’s new and young and excitable and happy all the time. It drives me nuts.’

‘Well, that sounds terrible.’

Mo Guan Shan wondered, not for the first time, if his sarcasm was obvious over text.

‘She’s a little bit of a pain sometimes, but her heart’s in the right place. Plus, she cares about all of this SO much and does everything for me, so I tell her I love it and let her do whatever she wants.’

‘That’s really nice of you.’

‘You’ll understand when you meet her.’

This is the first time He Tian had mentioned them actually seeing each other again.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

‘How long are you going to be in the city?’

‘We’re here through the end of the month.’

‘I’ll be back home on thursday. Maybe we could hang out?’

‘I’d love to.’


He Tian’s european tour was two months long.

Mo Guan Shan had sent his first text on day 6.

At first they would exchange a text or every two days or so.

After three weeks, they were talking every day.

Despite their conflicting schedules and time zones, they kept up a nearly constant stream of conversation.

He Tian seemed to sleep very little so there were only eight or nine hours total when one of them was unavailable.

Mo Guan Shan was content with texting, where he didn’t need to worry about his appearance, but He Tian liked to use facetime, and had recommended, not very tactfully, that Mo Guan Shan should get used to it.

‘I have shit to do, I can’t put everything down to pick up my phone.’

‘I’m sorry, we don’t have to-’

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ Came a voice from off to the side somewhere.

The phone was pulled from He Tian’s hand and turned around.

‘Lin, what the hell?’

Mo Guan Shan found himself face to face with the pretty, dark haired girl he recognized from some of He Tian’s snaps.

‘What he is trying to say, is that he prefers FaceTime or phone calls so he can set the phone down and still fuck around with whatever he was doing. He phrased it terribly because he’s an idiot.’

He Tian appeared over her shoulder.

‘This is why I need her.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed, relieved.

‘Can I have my phone back, please?’



She smiled.

‘I’m Lin.’

‘I figured as much.’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you, Mo Guan Shan.’’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you too.’

‘Good things?’

‘Of course.’

As always, the conversation is ended by Jian Yi.


Lin sighed.

He Tian took the phone back.

‘Gotta go, i’ll call you later?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded as He Tian ended the call.

Barely two minutes later, He Tian’s name popped up again.

‘I thought you were supposed to- oh, hey.’

It Lin on the screen.

‘You want to come to the show?’

‘I don’t think I can make it there in…’ He checked his watch. ‘Seven minutes.’

‘Well…’ she waved the phone around a bit. ‘Well, this is about as close as you can get.’

‘I don’t understand.’

She smiled.

She really was very, very, pretty.

‘I’ll take you with me.’

Fairy tail 526 : Secret FT Memories Title Revealed link with Lucy vs Zeref! Confirmation Rahkeid’s demon, Secret name August, God Serena

Fairy tail : Theory Prediction 526 +

- Secret Fairy tail Memories Title is Eclipse/ the Carla’s prediction (Lucy crying) the 7/7/2017 ?
- My name is August, the true son of Zervis, he’s Moses??
- Rahkeid a demon, the secret book !!!
- God serena / Dreyar family link secret clue



I’m blasted! I worked on this theory for two weeks, for those who follow me on tumblr and twitter, some knew that the next theory was about “secret August name” and that Rahkeid was perhaps a demon

Arf I’m disappointed of not having managed to publish it Thursday !!! The video editing takes really too much time!

Anyway! This theory is therefore half true, with the last chapter, I would have really liked you to have discovered it before the publication of the chapter :( so i published this video anyways, to understand how I came to this conclusion.)

I also wanted to thank you, because today, we are more than 3000 subs!! ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im really happy !!!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

As I had told you big revelations are going to be made in the next theories this is going to be explosive !! XD

My dream would be to publish the theory about number 7 for the 7777 subs! But I don’t know if we will achieve this number a day haha ​​XD, so really think about sharing the theories and subscrib if you like my work and especially, activate the bell to stay subscriber (because youtube removes you from my subscribers due to the New logarithm :s)

In the meantime, take care

And thanks again for the +3k and for your messages

<3 Nina


I watched Dan’s latest video and feel really bad for him, he deserves a big hug. It made me really sad to see him cry and I really hate when people I admire look sad or even cry. I personally never thought his walking scenes were funny, I thought he looked gorgeous and, sure, I do find Danger men at work song to be entertaining, but it’s not like I completely forgot about the Internet is here song that was for a good deed. I mostly feel sorry about Dan not being followed by Pete on twitter anymore because If I were him I would feel devastated as well. However, some people take stuff too seriously and their opinions shouldn’t actually bother you. You shouldn’t actually care what others think because at the end of the day only opinions that are valid are your family’s, your friend’s and yours. I’m pretty sure Dan won’t ever see this, but I do want to spread some awareness that some of y'all should chill with all the memes, okay, some can be funny, but just don’t go that far to make him cry. (This stands for demon phannies as well, calm your tatas with all that shipping, it went overboard. I don’t give a sh*t if they are just best friends or the gayest people alive, I just want them to be happy, safe and continue making amazing content)

And If You Want Me... - Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull - M - Qunari Pirates! outtake

I offered on twitter to write snippets around pieces I’ve already written - POV swaps, missing scenes, timestamp pieces (the offer stands, if you’d like something). Here’s a Bull POV piece Emma requested, set in the middle of I Was Kidnapped by Burly Qunari Pirates!, immediately before Dorian & Bull get together. Note tags on main fic, my friends. Following snippet is moderately NSFW.

And If You Want Me…

Bull has been in love once before. He knows what it is, kind of. But he doesn’t have a plan.

800 words.

Keep reading

So I don’t really use my twitter but I sometimes do … any suggestions of people to follow? (anime, humor, random, etc) I’ll follow you maybe? :) Can’t guarantee, again, that I’m very active or even know the difference bt tweeting at and replying to a tweet, so I’ll prolly embarrass myself if I try to respond to you there, hahaha I mostly just lurk, checking some lists I’ve made and I sometimes retweet stuff that amuses me.

Anywho, shoot me an ask, msg or reply here or whatever, if ya wanna :)


TAEKOOK SERIES: if taehyung was a fanboy

in which kim taehyung has an instagram account and is way too in love with rising idol, jeon jungkook!

“oh my dear god, jesus christ, oh my… mom, I just!? oh my god, this ain’t happening, this ain’t happening. THIS IS HAPPENING, OH DEAR LORD, JEON JUNGKOOK IS, OH MY, HE IS FOLLOWING ME, AND I JUST?! CAN I TAKE A, OH I CANNOT DO THIS, DEAR GOD IM GOING TO CRY, I JUST NEED A… I need a minu-”


“Abort mission, he will find my blog.”

Kyle could probably make everyone’s lives a lot easier by designing supervillain costumes that are completely impractical, like they’ll make it hard to move without their pants falling down or whatever, but he just has too much pride in his work. He would honestly be pretty stoked to just tell people that he is the Green Lantern, but he put his real name on his twitter account so if people know that Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner, they will also know that Green Lantern is weedhorse69. He still does not know what Batman might do to him. He saw the news. He saw Wonder Woman wearing that tank top while she punched a giant gorilla mechsuit. He must take his secrets to the grave.

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I've been following you since the beginning of the Demon Boyfriends series and I've still yet to be disappointed. I love your style and your imagination. I always look forward to your art. Thank you for continuing to draw

Wow, what is happening, so many nice messages today~
I’m so glad you sticked around! I always feel a little bad that many people follows me for demon boyfriends when I don’t really draw them any more. (Although I thought about it recently when in the episode of svtfoe star, marco and jacky went to this fav boysband concert and I can’t belive they didn’t invite Tom, he’s such a big fun, it was his and marco’s thing, and when “too little too late” started to play I just…anyway, I saw some official art with them recently on one of the creators’ twitter. At least they kind of ship it too)
Actually this series defined the form of this blog. That I mostly draw comics, not actual fanarts. Ah, now I’m sentimental…
Sorry for sidetracking, what I meant to say is that I really appreciate that you stayed with me for so long and I’m glad you still enjoy the content, I hope I’ll never disappoint you and…
bless your heart? (I spent hours in texan!keith tag)