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Could you do a scene where human Bee can't talk because of an accident and Knockout tries to talk to him but fails???

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what you meant by this but I still liked the idea and went with it, it’s not the most polished but still I hope you like it!


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Ok, y’all, I’m sorry for starting with a hug microfic that wasn’t prompted when I have so many great fluffy hug prompts but… here’s an angsty Keith-and-Hunk hug set some handwavy time around “Blade of Mormora.”

Keith stood at the bathroom mirror, poking at the bruises that covered his torso instead of smoothing the healing salve on them like he was supposed to be doing.  He’d bandaged up the cut on his shoulder, because that actually did hurt, though not as much as he thought it would have if it weren’t for the suit the Blades had provided.  Had it been able to close the wound because he was Galra?  He knew the deep purples scattered across his skin weren’t Galra, but every time he touched one and felt another spike of pain it was more reassurance that they were bruises, and he was human, and maybe, maybe, maybe the Blades were wrong.

He was too lost in thought to notice Hunk’s footsteps in the hallway until the door swung open beside him, and then halfway closed again.  "Whoops!“

Keith wasn’t sure whether to say "I’m in here” or “Don’t come in,” but before he could decide, Hunk figured out what he’d seen.

“Wait -” the door swung open again and Hunk was looking worriedly at him, “That’s a lot of bruises.  What did they do to you over there?”

Keith’s heart jumped a beat.  He didn’t know.  Shiro hadn’t gotten there yet, or Hunk hadn’t been listening, or he hadn’t - he didn’t know.

“I -” he stuttered, “It was a test, I-”

Hunk’s face darkened.  "It was a test?  What the heck?  Who does that?  Those Galra-“

Keith tried not to flinch.  "It’s not their fault,” he interrupted, “I volunteered.  I wanted-”

He’d wanted to know about his heritage.  What a surreal thing to remember.  Now he’d give anything not to know about it.

Hunk’s face softened again, as Keith gestured wordlessly, unable to explain himself.

“Well, it still looks like it hurts.  I’m glad you’re ok.”

Hunk stepped into the bathroom and wrapped his arms carefully around Keith, avoiding the cut on his shoulder and most of the bigger bruises.

Keith froze for a moment, but when he felt Hunk pulling away, it suddenly occurred to him that this might be the last hug he ever got.  Shiro was going to make it through the rest of the story, or the Blades were going to mention his heritage, and then everyone would know and this might be his last hug.  He wrapped his arms around Hunk, stopping him from letting go, and squeezed tight.

Hunk seemed surprised, but didn’t let go, letting Keith half melt into him like he didn’t usually let himself relax enough to do.  Hunk’s arms were strong and firm and solid, and Keith just wanted to breathe in the leftover cooking smells hovering around Hunk’s clothes and never let go.

“Oh man,” Hunk said, tightening the hug just a little bit once he decided he could do it without hurting Keith.  "It must have been really rough.“

Hunk had no idea.  When they finally broke apart, Keith had to fight back tears, and only managed not to sprint away by clenching his stomach to make him feel stronger at his core.  It only mostly worked.

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Hello, may I have a scenario where Todoroki does kabe don to his crush (it's when someone slams his hand against the wall) because he's getting jealous that his crush didn't pay enough attention to him? (Sorry if I made mistakes, English isn't my first language) Thank you in advance !! ^^

((todoroki: they aren’t paying attention to me *knocks a vase off the table*))

Todoroki knew it was irrational to get upset that you weren’t focusing on him at this very moment, but he couldn’t help it. Watching you laugh with your other classmates, smiling and giggling at their jokes, causally touching somebody else’s arm… irritated him, somehow. You weren’t so affectionate with him. He felt stupid admitting it to himself, but he really wanted your attention. And he was gonna get it, no doubt in his mind.
He caught up to you after the bell rang, ready to do… something? for you to take notice of him. You looked up from your phone and smiled at him, and any plan he had dropped out of his mind. “Hey Todoroki, what’s up?“
He felt his open hand meet the wall by your shoulder, and heard you make a noise of surprise. You were searching his face with those big, beautiful eyes, and he could only come up with one thing to say.
“Go out with me.”
Your cheeks turned red, and he felt his get a little pink too. “…What?”
He leaned forward and put his forehead on yours, immediately becoming embarrassed but deciding to leave it there anyway. “Please.”
You looked like you were overheating, the closer contact bringing more of a flush to your entire face. Todoroki worried that maybe he’d gone too far, stepped over the line, ruined this good thing you two had going, when you said, in a voice barely audible, “okay.”
Todoroki blinked. He wasn’t expecting that. “Wait, really?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “let’s do it. …Did you have any place in mind?”
He sure as shit didn’t, but at least he’d gotten your attention. The two of you could work it out later together.