he finally showed her the cottages~~~

The Enchantment Alternative

Epilogue: A New Teacher

Previous Chapter: Chapter Fifteen: A New Gift

Note:  Thank you to everyone who read this story, and an extra thank you to the people who took the time to leave me a few words of kindness on each chapter.  You have no idea what it meant to me to have your support.  I hope you enjoyed this journey.  I did.  This may not be the last you will see of these two wizards, but this is the end of this story.  Thank you.

Amy was outside of her house with Gregory, her friend and the man who tended to her horses, when she saw Howard and his wife, Bernadette coming up the path. She dropped her work with the plants that had long gone from training to calming hobby.  Her training was now in much more complex spells, and she often went with Sheldon to work by his side.  She ran over to greet the pair.  It wasn’t often enough that any of her friends from town came to visit.

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God!Ahkmenrah x Dancer!Reader:  Tribute

 I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night At The Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Y/N!”  A voice called through the thin wooden door of your room.  “Are you ready yet?”  Quickly tying a sash around your waist, you walked over and opened the door. The village elder (and your grandmother) stood before you, leaning on a gnarled wooden cane.  “Are you ready, child?”  You nodded and followed your grandmother to the village center.  It had been a tradition that every year, one girl was chosen to dance before the Gods as tribute.  This year, you were chosen for the task, and you were equal parts excited and nervous.  It was a huge honour, but it also came with a lot of responsibility.  Your thoughts raced as you thought of all the possible outcomes.  What if you missed a step?  What if the Gods rejected your tribute?   With one small mistake, you could shame your village for eternity!  Seeming to sense your anxiety, your grandmother laid a reassuring hand on your forearm.  “You will do fine, Y/N,” she assured you. 

“Thank you, Grandmother,” You smiled as you approached the village center.  Waiting for you was a grey donkey with flowers and ribbons woven through its mane.  After helping you climb onto his back, your grandmother took a silver amulet from around her neck and looped it around the donkey’s.  The amulet began to float, catching the donkey’s eye.  It tugged gently on the donkey’s neck, which prompted it to start walking.  As you were carried from the village, you looked back over shoulder, wondering how long you would be gone. The donkey trotted along for what felt like ages until it suddenly stopped.  You looked around.  You heard a snapping noise, and you whirled around to see the amulet floating in the air above you.  It began to spin and glow, as you watched in awe.  As the glow got brighter, you had to shield your eyes with your hands.  The wind picked up suddenly, and the donkey spooked.  It reared up, throwing you from its back. You landed on the ground and curled into a ball, still covering your face with your hands.  Soon everything went silent.  Shakily, you looked up, gasping at the sight. Instead of being surrounded by trees, now a towering pair of stone doors sat in front of you.  Slowly standing up, you brushed off your outfit and nervously approached the doors.  Reaching out, you knocked on the door as firmly as you could.  The doors instantly creaked open.  Taking a deep breath in, you steeled your nerves and walked inside.  Behind the door was a courtyard filled with lush plants that you were certain you’d never seen before.  As you looked around, a young woman with brown hair approached you.

“Are you this year’s tribute?”  Gulping nervously, you nodded.  She clapped her hands together and smiled.  “Wonderful!  If you could follow me, I’ll help you prepare.”

“Thank you…”  You trailed off, realizing you didn’t know her name.

“Oh!  My name’s Rebecca.”  She supplied.  You smiled.

“Thank you, Rebecca,” She looked at you expectantly, and you realized you forgot to tell her your name as well.  “I’m Y/N,” You quickly added.

“Nice to meet you,” She said, as she led you away to prepare for your performance.  After what felt like hours of polishing and stitching (you were a little banged up when you fell) you were led to another pair of large doors.  These ones were gold instead of stone and had intricate designs carved into them.  Before you could knock the doors smoothly glided open.  Rebecca nudged you from behind, and you slowly entered the room.  You thought the room was empty, until you looked up.  Sitting on a balcony that stretched around the perimeter of the room sat the Gods.  There was a man with a moustache, a woman with long black hair, a woman with curly red hair, a man with short brown hair and a boy who looked to be his son, an Asian man with long black hair, a man with cropped black hair, a man with blond hair, and a man with tan skin and brown-black hair who was watching you intently.  They all sat in the shadows so you couldn’t fully see their faces and therefore didn’t know which Gods you were about to perform in front of.  You immediately sunk into a low curtsy. 

“I come to offer tribute,” You said as confidently as you could.  You heard murmurs as the Gods debated whether or not to accept your tribute.  Finally, the room quieted.

“We accept.”  You nodded and stood up straight.  Almost immediately, music started playing.  You bent and twirled to the music, expertly performing the routine you had been practicing for months now.  As you danced, you felt a particular pair of eyes never leaving your form.  When you finished, the room was silent.  After a few moments, a lone pair of hands started clapping.  You looked up as the God who was clapping stood up and stepped forward into the light. You bit back a gasp as you realized which god was applauding you.  As Ahkmenrah, God of the Heavens applauded your performance, you curtsied again as Rebecca came in and led you out of the room.

You had changed into a pair of pyjamas hours ago and found a book that you had finished hours ago.  You lay on the massive four poster bed, bored out of your mind.  Eventually, you decided to go on a walk in the gardens.  You pulled on a pair of shoes and wrapped a robe around you before you left your chambers.  You wondered around the gardens for a good chunk of time, admiring the flowers and fountains that surrounded you.  Suddenly, you heard a twig snap behind you.  You whirled around and found yourself face to face with Ahkmenrah.  You gasped and immediately dipped into a low bow.  He chuckled.

“There’s no need to bow,” You stood up, nervously fidgeting with the belt on your robe.   He smiled.  “You don’t need to be nervous, Y/N.” He assured you.  You dropped your hands to your sides and mumbled an apology as you continued to stare at your feet.  “Hey, look at me,” You slowly raised your head to look at him.  When your eyes met, he smiled.  “You were wonderful today,” He praised you.  You blushed and smiled, causing his own grin to widen. 

“Thank you, my lord,”

“There’s no need to call me ‘lord’, Y/N.”


“No buts,” He stopped you.  “Just Ahkmenrah is fine.” You nodded.  “Would you care to join me?” He held his arm out.

“I’d love to, my—” He shot you a playful glare as you looped your arm through his. “I mean Ahkmenrah.”  He pulled your arm closer and laced his fingers through yours.

“Wonderful.”  For the next few hours, you both wandered through the grounds, talking about anything and everything.  When the time came for you to return home, you were surprised to find yourself reluctant to leave.  When you first found out that you were chosen to perform, you wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.  Now all you wanted was to stay longer.   Over the three days you had been there, you had befriended many of the Gods, but you were closest to Ahkmenrah.  So you were both sad and happy when he didn’t show up at the gates with everyone as they bid you good-bye.  You were sad because you wanted to see him one more time before you left, but you were also glad in a way.  You weren’t sure if you would’ve been able to handle saying good-bye to the God that had unknowingly stolen your heart in the span of a few days.  You wondered if what you felt was even real.  You had heard legends of the Gods being able to manipulate the emotions of mortals.  Before you could any more on the matter, you were snapped out of your trance by Rebecca, who was handing you a pouch of food for your journey home.  She pulled you into one last hug.

“Take care, Y/N,” She told you when she let you go. 

“Thank you for everything, Rebecca,” You answered as you were helped up onto the donkey you had ridden there on.  As you were settled on its back, the amulet around its neck began to guide your mount back home.  After hours of riding, you finally spotted your village in the distance.  Your donkey suddenly sped up, seeming equally eager to return home.  As you got closer, you could see the outline of your grandmother.  But standing next to her was the figure of someone you didn’t recognize, until you were close enough to see their facial features.  Your face scrunched up in confusion, which quickly melted into surprise and shock when you realized that it was Ahkmenrah.  You slid off the donkey’s back and was immediately engulfed in a hug by your grandmother.

“You did wonderful Y/N!”  She told you warmly.  You smiled and hugged her back.  She let you go and turned to Ahkmenrah, who was watching you both with a smile.  “Y/N, I’d like you to meet Ahk, he’s just moved to the village.”  You raised an eyebrow at Ahkmenrah, who was watching you with a gleam in his eye. 

“Oh really?”  You said coyly.  “And what attracted you to our humble homes, Ahk?”

“Not what, but rather who,” He told you. 

“I told him that you’d be happy to show him around,” Your grandma answered.  You could’ve sworn that she sounded smug.  

“I’d love to,” You said, looking up at him and offering your arm the same way he had offered his to you a few nights ago. You both found yourselves unable to look away.  You were both finally snapped out of your trances by your grandmother clearing her throat loudly, causing you both to jump.  She gave you a knowing look and mentioned something about “going to pray” as she walked off to her cottage, leaving the two of you alone.   As soon as she was out of sight, you whirled on Ahkmenrah.

“What are you doing here?”  You demanded.  He watched you with that same smile, before suddenly becoming serious.

“I couldn’t let a girl like you leave, Y/N.  I’ve lived for eons, and not once have I met anyone remotely like you.”  He answered.  Your breath caught in your throat.  Did that mean…?

“Ahk, what are you saying?”  You asked him cautiously.  He gently tugged you by your arm into his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m saying that I love you,” You could practically hear his smile.   You smiled and wrapped your arms around him.

“I love you too,” You mumbled into his chest.  His lips brushed against your forehead.  You both stood there in each other’s arms; too content to move.  But soon you remember your task.  You separated yourself from him and grabbed his hand.  He was watching you intently, grinning all the while.  “Now come on,” You smiled.  “It’s going to get dark soon, and it’s way harder to show someone around when you can’t see anything.”  He laughed and let you pull him around the village, happy that he had finally found someone to share his life with.

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Cold Kisses

Luna Lovegood x Reader

Request: Could I have a Luna/reader where the reader is in love with her but she isn’t sure how to tell her and it just kinda slips out by accident and Luna kisses her? Thank you so so much babe!!! <3

A/N: Turns out Luna is a harder character to write for than I thought…


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Your name: submit What is this?

It was a chilly mid-September afternoon. The cold clung to you despite the attempt you had made to bundle up, leaking through the thick layers of clothing you had on. A dense fog lay close to the ground, clinging to the leaves littering the floor thinly frosted in white.

You rubbed your glove covered hands together before you shoved them into your coat pockets, hoping to get some warmth from the extra coverage. The cold wind bit at your nose and cheeks as you walked to Hargrid’s cabin.

The door to his small shack sung open and a pale blonde haired girl stepped out, the wind sending her hair flying into her face. She reached up and tucked it behind her ear as you stood there transfixed by her beauty. She glanced around the grounds of Hogwarts, her eyes finally fixing on you. A smile broke out onto her face and she raised a hand, waving slightly.

You broke out of your reverie and lifted your hand, waving at Luna who stepped out of the doorway, showing Hargrid’s large figure and bushy beard.

“Y/N!” He roared happily, lifting a large hand at you.

You grinned at him, and began walking towards the cottage once again, half of your mind still fixed on the whimsical beauty who was walking away from the hut.

“Hi, Hagrid!” You greeted once you were closer to the large half-giant.

“How are yeh?” He asked, picking up a large watering can that seemed like child’s toy in his large hands.

“I’m alright, thanks. What about you?” You asked politely, stepping back as Hagrid readjusted his moleskin overcoat, pulling it tighter across his body.

“It’s a bit nippy out, but I’m alright.” He replied with a smile, his black eyes sparkling. “I saw the way yeh were staring at Luna. If she didn’t catch it before, she should have by now!”

Hagrid.” You groaned. Hagrid chuckled, his laughter vibrating through his chest as he patted you on the back. 

“Oof.” You stumbled forward slightly, though you quickly gained your balance, having being used to Hagrid’s strength.

“When are you going to tell her?”

“Uh, never. The feelings are one-sided, I know that.” You shrugged helplessly, your eyes trained on the ground as you walked, knowing you would probably see that pitying look in Hagrid’s eyes.

“You don’ know that.” Hagrid replied, pouring the water over some plants which you had no idea were the name of - you were never entirely good at Herbology, 

“Please, she’s never looked at me like that, I’m just her friend.” You sighed.

“Hogswash.” Hagrid said gruffly, “'Course she likes yeh, it’s exactly what she was talkin’ to me abo-”

“What?” You interrupted.

“Should not have said that.” Hagrid mumbled, “I shoul’ not have said that.”

“She likes me? As in, like-like?” You asked quickly, a smile growing on your face.

“Yes.” Hagrid sighed, “But you didn’ ‘ear it from me.”

You grinned, “Where is she now?”

“Forest. But don’-”

You didn’t hear the rest of his sentence as you had already took off running towards the expanse of trees, the leaves crunching underfoot.


“Hello, Y/N.” Luna greeted whimsically, patting a grim looking creature. It was a winged horse, though much larger with a thin, skeleton body and reptilian features.

“Hi, Luna.” You greeted shyly, all the confidence and vigour that had filled you leaving as suddenly as it had come to you.

“You see them too, don’t you?”

“They pull our carriages.” You nodded slightly, stepping forward slightly, “What are they?”

“Thestrals.” Luna informed you, turning her pale eyes towards you. “They can only be seen by people who have seen death.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “That’s morbid.”

Luna let out a tinkling laugh, your heart beating faster at the sound. “They’re quite gentle, really… But people tend to avoid them because they’re a bit…”

“Different.” You finished for her.

You suddenly noticed the lack of warm jacket or scarf on her. “Aren’t you cold?” You took off your scarf, handing it to her.

“I-thank you.” She glanced down at her feet, where thankfully she had worn some shoes. A light blush tinged her cheeks, though you weren’t entirely sure it was due to the cold, or to your gesture.

“No problem,” You smiled. The thestral stepped closer to you, lowering it’s head as it kept eye contact. You reached out your hand hesitantly, holding it still in the air for a moment before gently placing it on the muzzle of the creature. The thestral leaned into your touch and you relaxed, stepping closer to the creature. “These are quite beautiful, in their own way.” You muttered.

Luna smiled, digging into her bag and pulling out some raw meat. The thestral moved towards her, eating out of her hand. She smiled slightly as the muzzle tickled her hand and she rested her other hand near on it’s head. You could feel the warmth of her hand as it gently patted the creature near yours. A small smile worked it’s way onto your face as you watched the way she interacted with the creature.

“I think I love you.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. You hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

“What?” Luna’s grey eyes turned to look at you, wide in surprise.

“Shit. I hadn’t meant to say- actually, I did mean to, only I thought I had thought it, not said it out loud-” 

“I like you too, Y/N.” Luna cut you off, a small smile playing on her lips.

“I wanted to tell you in a different way. Not like this.” You mumbled angrily to yourself.

“That’s alright, I’m glad you did tell me.” Luna admitted.

You sighed, a smile slipping onto your face, “So, how would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I would love to.” Luna smiled. A short laugh escaped you and you glanced down at the ground, your heart warming at her acceptance as relief filled you. “Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened at her bluntness, though you quickly got over it and you nodded. She smiled slightly, grabbing your hand and pulling your closer. You closed your eyes and leaned in, meeting Luna’s soft lips with your own. A spark flared in your chest and you melted into the kiss, moving your spare hand to her hair, pressing yourself into her.

“Woah.” You muttered when you finally pulled away, slightly breathless, “Tell me you felt that.”

Luna nodded, “I blame it on the nargles.”

The Baby Bump Book

Once again, after far too long, I present the final requested one-shot fic! This one is for @under-the-bed-tales – S0riel skelepreg with trans lady Sans. And lots of fluff!!! Oh, and I also threw in a tiny bit of weight gain. It’s only natural, right?

This is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written for this pairing, and probably ever will write. Which is very appropriate, as it’s thanks to Bed and their wonderful art that I even started kinda liking this pair at all. 

Further requests are closed.

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anonymous asked:

I read someone saying they hated the movie!Romione kiss because 'in the book the reason why Hermione kissed Ron was because of house elves' while the movie!Romione kiss Could have been filmed better, I- I feel uncomfortable at the implication that Hermione only kissed Ron because he showed concern for the house elves? I thought it was more of a 'the straw that broke the camel's back' type thing and not 'I'm only kissing you because you care for house elves now' thoughts?

I understand why that would make you feel uncomfortable; viewing it as some type of reward or something really takes away from the real emotion behind it. As you say, it was a case of the straw breaking the camel’s back. Think of Ron in fourth year; insecure,thoughtless (not on purpose, but it hurts), and not really getting it about the whole house elf situation. 

But then fast forward to the end of sixth year and beyond. He comforts her at Dumbledore’s funeral, he starts making a concentrated effort to consider her needs, he’s thoughtful and protective. And as I’ve mentioned recently with the Cattermoles, Hermione loves it when Ron shows his soft heart; those moments where he drops the gruffness he uses to protect himself. Then, after he comes back and destroys the locket, he throws himself into cheering them up and keeping them motivated, taking the lead instead of just letting them all drift. At Malfoy Manor–well, I don’t have to go into the basement scene, or how he got her to Shell Cottage. and then, after all this, he thinks about the elves even when Hermione has forgotten. 

Hermione isn’t kissing him because he’s admitted she was right, or because he’s somehow now ‘worthy’ of her. It’s because she’s been watching him grow, and now he’s finally started to accept himself, and how he’s become more confident in speaking his mind and letting that softness show, without disguising it with sarcasm. Ron is finally letting himself be the person that she always knew he was; a person that was compassionate and protective of others. 

Have you ever watched someone you love do something kind for someone? Have you seen them turn a small child’s tears to laughter, or come across them napping with a dog that they always grumble about? Those single instances don’t make you suddenly love them, but it does bring those feelings bubbling to the surface, and you want to express them. And that’s what that kiss was. It wasn’t a sudden revelation, but an overflow of love. 

The Coat Rack

Felt the need to write some post 4.11 fluff…

Something shifted after Emma returned Killian’s heart that night. No words were ever spoken to initiate the change, it just happened. Emma and Killian were together. It was as if all of the “what ifs” and “I don’t knows” disappeared and there was just an unspoken understanding. Together.

Emma showed up the next morning outside of his door without notice and Killian appeared, dressed and ready to join her and her, scratch that, their, family for breakfast. Hands immediately found their place entwined, steps in synch, smiles returned. It was as easy as breathing. Neither noticed the slight upturn of David’s eyebrow or the sweet knowing smile Snow was giving them both. Spotting the two approach, Henry gave his best teenager eye roll, before scooting over to make room for the couple on the bench next to him. And this is how it went, every morning. Until it didn’t.

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In honor of Cerise appreciation month for the EAH fandom I would like to point out something about our favorite Hood with a secret.

Read the 2nd book of EAH because it gives you a real insight on the Hood/Wolf family and how much of a family they truly are.

First of all just because Red and Big Bad can’t be seen in public together doesn’t mean Red raised Cerise on her own because in the book it stated that they had built a cottage together and that Big Bad sneaks through the back door to not be see and they live together in content as a family.

Then in the book Red also told Raven that sometimes her and her husband sometimes regret that they went off-script and because of their actions their daughter is forced into secrecy. 

Finally in Cerise’s Picnic Panic Big Bad happily hugs his daughter but is sadden when Hunter shows up and spoils their family time and he has to act all big and bad just to get him to leave and not raise suspicion about why their all gathered together for a picnic.

 If you ask me this family doesn’t seem broken at all in fact it shows how far love can go with a family in a world so hostile about going against your part. 

#58 - Flying


“Niall. I can’t do this.” You said grabbing his wrist as the plane started moving. “This is wrong. I can’t do this. Niall I have to get off.” You were really panicking now the plane was taking off the ground. You were just about to get up and talk to the flight attendant when nniall put his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, hey, hey it’s alright. Come ‘ere” he said pulling you into his chest. “Listen, you are perfectly safe, you know why? Because I’m here and I’m always going to protect you” he whispered making you giggle into his chest. “Niallllll! You’re such a loser.” You laughed before craning your neck to give him a light kiss. “Yeah but you’re a bigger loser” he smirked as he swirled a bit of your hair around his finger and tickled your nose with it. After about 10 minutes of playing with your hair and rubbing circles into the palm of your hand, you were fast asleep with your head on Niall’s lap. “See, nothing to worry about. I’m always going to be there for you” he whispered before leaning down and kissing the tip of your nose.


It was your first time flying and you couldn’t have been any more excited! You had been counting down for weeks and even read up on facts about planes and how they work. When you were younger it was your dream to become a pilot but neither of your parents liked flying and once you left home you could never afford it.  You gasped as the plane engine roared to life. “Liam did you know that the first flight on the first ever plane happened on the 23rd of December 1903? Liam that’s almost 141 years ago! Isn’t that amazing? I mean, it was only in flight for 12 second, but look how much technology has changed! Liam! We’re! Flying!” you said excitedly looking out the window. All Liam could do was watch in awe as you bounced excited up and down your seat spewing out a billion and one facts about planes and flying. ‘hey, y/n. don’t tell me all your facts right now. You’ll run out soon and then what will we do on all the other flghts were going to go on?’ Liam said grinning at you. You gently pushed him as you said ‘o don’t worry, Ive got plenty of plane facts.’ Before winking at him and finally shutting up.   

First time flying, amazed


You and Louis were visiting your parents for the week at their small cottage in Sussex. On the first night you were showing Louis around the town you grew up in when he saw the poster. ‘Hey, y/n look at this. Paragliding, that sounds fun have you ever tried it?’ he had said before he looked over and saw your ghost like face shake your head quickly, you then explained your fear for paragliding after your cousin tried it and ended up breaking her leg. He nodded like he understood and left it, for the night. It was the coming towards the end of the week now and Louis had somehow managed to convince you to give it ago. ‘It’s completely safe, plus I’ll be there’ he kept saying until finally you had given in and agreed only if you could do it with him.

It was the day of the paragliding now and you were nervous. Louis hadn’t let go of your hand throughout the whole safety speech and now you were both strapped up and ready to start paragliding. You were just about to take off when you decided to close your eyes and keep your head down. About two minutes later you felt Louis warm hand on top of your cold one. ‘Hey love, look! We’re in the air! We’re flying!’ he excitedly said as you both looked at the view in front of you. ‘Thank you so much for doing this with me y/n. I’m glad that you’re the person I get to fly with. It really makes me appreciate everything, especially you. I love you so much’ he said before leaning over and kissing you on the cheek making you smile even more.   


He was asleep, as usual. But this time was different. Normally when you and Harry fly together you sit in the window seat, but this time you and Harry had a competition going to see who gets to pick which seat to sit in and sadly he had won and picked the window seat. Never again. His long legs were strewn across you pinning you to your seat for the 8 hour plane journey. You had tried many times to gently move them so you could go to the toilet but no. his long giraffe legs were too heavy for your little butterfly arms to lift so it seemed like you were stuck. ‘y/n?’ you heard softly during hour 6. ‘Yes sleeping beauty, have you finally decided to wake up?’ you said turning your head and smiling at him. ‘How long was I asleep for?’ he groggily asked while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. ‘Too long, you’re never sitting by the window again. I’m going to wet myself’ you said before kissing his cheek, moving his legs and darting down the aisle to the toilet.   


He was fed up. Fed up of the fans constantly swarming, the paparazzi, management. Everything. You and Zayn had only met through friends about a month ago and have only been out in public twice yet they already knew where you lived and everything else about you, and he had barely gotten to know you himself. That’s why it surprised you so much when he had shown up at your door at 4:30am with a suitcase next to him. All he had said was ‘let’s get away, just you and me’ and here you are sat on a private plane watching the sunrise as you fly to a remote part of France. Throughout the short flight you sat facing each other, playing with each others hands and talking about anything you could think of. You told each other childhood stories and things no one else know. You were unsure whether the butterflies in your stomach were from flying in a plane or the way he looked at you like you were the world either way, you were positive that this plane journey was the start of something great.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hey everyone its Natalie. This is my first imagine/preference so sorry if its not that great. I wanted to post something and this was the closet to be finished bit of writing that I had. Thanks everyone and remeber you can follow me on my personal  http://the-game-is-never–over.tumblr.com/ (does the link work? Idk how to link things properly)