he finally gets to talk to his mom!!!!!

this is just so fucked up, .….  he’s finally able to take a break and spend some time with his family after 5 years of being away from home and just talking to his mom on the phone. the first year he gets to be chilling with his family, he loses his mom, like what the fuck. … . .  this is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever seen in my damn life. 

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: I'm not fine. I don't understand what happens to Tye Longshadow in young justice? Does he stay in an abusive home? Does he report it? Does Blue Beetle help him? Blue knows about the abuse probably. So does he help him? Does it ever get better? Does the guy go to jail? Does Tye save his mom? Does Blue interfere? Will season 3 show us what happens? Will they touch on it? Will they finally talk openly or will they not? Does it get better? Seriously someone protect Tye and his mom plz

“Don’t you think so?”, your voice rang sweetly through his ears finally getting newts attention. He made eye contact with your amazingly (y/e/c) eyes. They held so much emotion and every time you looked at him it gave him butterflies. “Hmm”, he rang out with an answer. You smiled at his daydreaming, “Jacobs apple fritters are the best.” He nodded acceptingly and hummed an agreement. You went back to talking to the new acquaintance, you had just gone to get some more coffee beans for Tina and queenie, newt volunteered to go with, but you had found someone you knew.

He was board of the woman’s dull conversation, he didn’t mind yours though, you had a sweet way of talking. To him your voice sounded like soft pillows and the honey in his favorite tea. And your beauty surpassed that of any woman he had ever met, your wonderfully soft face relaxed his anxiousness and made it easier to be around people. He hated making eye contact but every time your eyes met his, he would linger in the awkwardness just a minute longer just so he could memorize every different shade of (y/e/c) your eyes held.

He had feelings for you, It all started when he caught himself talking about you to his creatures every time he went to feed them, the realization didn’t come to him until a painful Tuesday when he was feeding frank telling him a story about you explaining your book to him. He loved you. It hit him in the heart and he had to sit down and rethink everything. You definitely made an impact on the poor obsessed man. Every once in a while you would say something or do something so cute that the urge to hug you was the most challenging thing he ever had to do.

But what he didn’t know was that while he was zoning out thinking about your wonderfully stunning smile you couldn’t help but look over at his beautiful freckle covered face and wonder if you would ever be lucky enough for him to look at you the way you looked at him,just once.

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Yoon Taemin is a freaking warrior


Can I talk about this young man, for a sec?

List of shitty things that happened to Yoon Taemin:
•Best (possibly only) childhood friend disappears on him
•His mom leaves him w/ his alcoholic abusive dad
•His father then leaves him
•He didn’t even get to finish elementary school
•Had to work his ass off to pay his parents debts they left him with
•JUST WHEN he was almost finished finally paying off the debt, and things were looking up-he gets hit by a freaking truck.
•Proceeds to wake up in someone else’s body
•The person his soul went into is bullied horrifically and relentlessly
•Oh, & he meets his childhood friend again, but their persona has done a 180.

& the sad thing is, it took me awhile to even fully register how tragic his life is; because he’s so freaking strong willed & tough, never giving up, I completely overlooked how much pain he must harbor within him.
Taemin has quickly become one of my favorite characters, not only in BL, but just in general.
I love him so much…like, he actually is inspiring to me.

In honor of National Coming Out Day, here are some Destiel coming out headcanons:

  • Dean was Castiel’s inspiration for coming out, even though they weren’t even together at the time
  • Even after Dean and Cas got together, Dean was afraid to come out because he was scared of his parents’ reactions
  • Castiel enlisted his best friend Charlie to help build Dean a support network so Dean could feel safe and accepted even if other people didn’t accept him
  • After Dean feels safe and loved by all his friends and comes out to a few select people, he finally makes it official and comes out to his family with Castiel at his side
  • His Dad takes it hard, but his mom is extremely supportive and after some talking to, his dad comes around too and makes sure Dean gets a good strong hug and a firm “i love you, son”
  • Dean comes out that night online too, and he cries like a baby because he never thought his parents would accept him for being bisexual
  • They totally have sex all night and into the next morning and Dean struts like a bad ass the entire next day, holding Castiel’s hand out in public without any fear because he knows that his family loves him and that he’s completely accepted for who he is and who he loves
  • Dean and Castiel going to their first pride event after Dean comes out and Dean covered in the bisexual pride colors
  • Castiel laughing and draping themselves in the bisexual pride flag and kissing each other without any fear of who is watching
  • Dean and Castiel being out and proud and loved and accepted
Hinata’s (Worst) Toilet Adventure

A/N: SO I was browsing through my prompt listiee thinking of which to write first when @quickwitted-kiwi approached me with a lovely idea for Hinata’s bathroom-prompt. 

Talking about it, we changed the lers but the concept is same and all in all Hinata’s gonna get the tickles at his favorite place of places. Hope the anon and all of you still like it~!

Summary: Takes place after the finals! After beating Shiratorizawa, Hinata is so excited he wants to call his mom and let Natsu know. He retreats to the bathroom to make his phone call, which is gonna be his mistake of the century. Running into both Ushijima and Tendou is one thing, but having them gang up on him out of the blue…?

Word Count: 1769

“Come on guys, good work today! We’ll be off to eat our stomachs full! We deserve it!” Karasuno was gathering around their bags, collecting their stuff and getting ready to leave this amazing experience of beating Shiratorizawa behind them.

Hinata could feel the adrenaline remain in his body. They won. They won! He had to tell everyone! He had to tell Kenma, and oh God he had to tell his mom! 

Reaching for his phone he looked at his laughing team mates, and he sweated a little at the thought of calling his mother with them here. But he had to give her the message to tell Natsu they fucking won the game! Alright, this asked for a quick bathroom visit.

“G-guys wait for me, I need to go to the bathroom for a bit okay?” he asked, doing his trademark dance which he always did when he needed to pee.

“Can’t you go at the restaurant?” Kageyama asked, but Hinata had already turned around and ran away.

“Noooope!” On his way to the bathroom, he smiled and dialed his mother’s number.

“Yes mom. We won, we won! Can you believe it? Tell Natsu her brother’s heading for the Spring High Tournament! And then NATIONALS!” he barely let his mother finish her excited reactions, and he entered the abandoned bathroom. 

The match was finished and most people were preparing to leave. Finally some peace and quiet in the bathroom, and he happily finished his phone call while he stood at the sink and checked his own face in the mirror. His cheeks were still red with excitement, and this cheeky everlasting grin on his face? Ohohoh.

“Yeah yeah! I scored too! A lot! And you know what - these Shiratori-guys are monsters! They kept going like bwaammm and booomm and you know what mom? We still beat them. We beat the monsters! We - eeepp!” The shriek that escaped his lips was anything but humane, and he froze completely in shock. 

In the reflection he could see Ushijima walk out of one of the bathroom stalls behind him, and he immediately dropped his phone at his side.

“U-U-Ushiwaka…” Hinata slowly turned around, his shaking finger clicking away his call with his mother after which he shoved his phone into his pocket, his hand getting sweaty in less than three seconds.

“Monsters hm?” Ushijima mumbled in his low voice.

“I’M SORRY!” Hinata shrieked and ran towards the door, where he bumped into a tall figure that just entered.

“Oh. Satori,” he heard Ushijima say, and he looked up in surprise. Satori? 

“Number 5!” Hinata blurted out when he recognized the guy who had been his scary opponent only minutes ago, and he backed away, bumping right into Ushijima who was still behind him. Shit shit shit. What was with him and bathroom encounters? This was the worst!

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When Rick and Michonne finally go get Carl back (’cuz you know they will hunt down and find that boy), I want Michonne to totally freak out and scream at him and cry because she almost lost her son again. And I want Carl to be so heartbroken because he broke his mom’s heart. And maybe her reaction to Carl going missing is what brings on the Andre talk between her and Rick.

s/o to the person who requested this.

so imagine you were at the irwin’s to babysit lauren and harry when ashton comes running the stairs looking like a model shouting for his mom. but he stops in his tracks realising that he had just embarrassed himself in front of the cute girl who was sitting on his couch talking to lauren. he would try to play it off like he was getting something for harry and then introduce himself to you. but then harry and lauren would throw him under the bus and mention how he should be happy that he finally got to meet the hot girl from lauren’s instagram. and then he would get all blushy and tell you that they were just talking shit but the damage had been done and you couldn’t help but laugh along with them. he would actually want to meet you properly so he would cancel lunch with his friends playing it off as one of them having fallen sick, and then join the three of you watching a movie. and when lauren and harry fall asleep on the couch, he would move in closer to you and try and do the whole yawn stretch thing and rest his arm around your shoulders. you definitely noticed him try moves on you but you wouldn’t say anything and rest your head on his shoulder because you thought he was hella cute too. and at the end of the night before you left he would ask you for your number saying you guys should hang out not with lauren and harry, preferencing it with “i promise i haven’t stalked you on instagram, the kids are just full of shit.” and you found his nervousness so endearing and you agreed to get coffee with him sometime. and when the door closes you heard him yell “yes!” really loudly making you giggle because the cutest boy ever was into you.

Is no one gonna talk about how shitty the thing that Evan Hansen did? don’t get me wrong I love his character and everything but that was just so shitty. They just kinda glossed over that in the finale like yeah everyone needed it for something and it was like nothing happened. Also the way he treats his mom for most of it is just cold, shes trying and hes just making it harder. I still love the musical, I just feel everyone forgets about that part.

Hunk and Lance curl up under the blankets on the hard days. Hunk has his head shoved into Lance’s chest, and Lance has his face buried in Hunk’s hair, inhaling the scentless shampoo that the castle is stocked with.

They share stories of their families, ones they’ve heard countless times over and over. Hunk talks about his mom and dad, and the pet cats they got him, how much he misses falling asleep with them spread out over him. Lance talks about his little siblings, and how his mother never let him out of her sight without getting a kiss from him.

It’s hard, and it won’t ever stop hurting until they can finally be reunited, but this helps. Talking about it, being with each other. It helps a lot.

EXO Reaction To You Having A Miscarriage

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Could I get an EXO reaction where the member is your husband, and the two of you are trying to have kids, but once you finally get pregnant you have a miscarriage? (Sorry if this is too sad/depressing) 

*this actually happened to my brother and his wife a couple years ago. I know it can be really hard to have a miscarriage because in many ways you cannot properly grieve as you mourn the loss…*

Xiumin: *I see Xiumin trying to hold it together in front of you so he can focus on making sure you’re ok first… but he’d definitely be calling one of his close friends or his own family to talk through his own emotions regarding the miscarriage*
Mom…I know it’s late but I didn’t want Y/N to hear me as I talked about this but something’s happened to the baby…

Luhan: *Luhan doesn’t like crying or looking weak in front of other people, and he definitely doesn’t want to show how much it affected him to lose the baby in front of you. He doesn’t want to give something more to worry about but I can definitely picture him getting teary thinking about all the things he’d day dreamed that your kid would be…*
We’d had a name picked out and everything, we were painting the nursery and just to lose our child like this…It’s just unfair…

Kris: *I think his reaction would almost be more mature than the previous two because he’d be more willing to show you how he feels about losing your baby. He’d confess how he feels like there is such a loss of potential…everything your kid could be…*
I know we’ve lost so much, everything that little baby could be, and even though we have not technically our child as he was never born, we really have experienced a loss and we deserve the opportunity to mourn that loss.

Suho: *I really do picture Suho going on a walk to collect himself as he is another one of the members who wants to look strong in front of you. He’d definitely be thinking about how unfair the whole situation is - some people get pregnant despite birth control and condoms and while you two were trying to get pregnant, your success becomes a miscarriage.*
I just don’t understand why this had to happen, is the universe telling me that I wouldn’t be a good father? Because I know I will be a great father.

Lay: *Lay and Chanyeol would react similarly, channeling their emotions into music. Lay would want to heal or move on from the sadness through the music as well as use it to help you, he’d want to see that smile return to your face, that glow that he’d been enjoying seeing in you…*
Hopefully when I play this for her, she’ll smile again…I just want her to smile again…

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Baekhyun: *Byun will almost inexplicably lose his bubbly, loud nature over night but you would know the reason. Losing your child had just turned off that part of him for a while as he processed the loss and his grief. He’d hate knowing that he’s off but he knows he had to get through it…*
Everyone is asking what’s up but I don’t know how to explain it…Eventually I’ll be back to normal though.

Chen: *He’d react quite similar to Baekhyun but instead of just being less outgoing, he’d be less of a troll and he’d also channel some of his emotions into songwriting. He’d probably be awkward around you for a few days, not quite knowing what to do…*
I know that things will be ok but it’s hard to process this and I don’t know how she’s feeling or what she wants me to do…I just wish we could go back in time.

Chanyeol: *The last one who’s going to process his emotions through songwriting. But he’d probably involve you with it because he’d realize that it’s something you’re going through together and he doesn’t want to leave you in the cold. He’d still make efforts to look strong so you know you can rely on him…*
Hopefully by the time we finish this song, we’ll feel a bit and we can try again.

DO: *DO I think would react in an interesting way. As an introvert, he would fold into himself, becoming very contemplative as he processes his emotions but, as he’s also incredibly compassionate, he’d still be very much aware of you. He’d do tiny things, like hold your more than usual, cook only your favorite foods, bring home pastries for you to share and more. While he wouldn’t always be opening up about his feelings, he’d make it so you felt that he was there to support you and that he understood how you felt, even if he does it in more subtle ways compared to the others.*
We can get through this with each other, even  if I don’t know how to explain how I feel to her, I’ll do everything to make it clear that I will always support and love her.*

Tao: *Tao in my mind would have a lot of difficulty processing his grief because losing an unborn child is again such a great loss of potential, everything that child could be but at the same time, many do not consider it to be a real loss. He would also be frustrated with the unfairness aspect - other people your age get pregnant so easily and have children, why did it have to be hard for you?*
I truly don’t understand why this had to happen and why I have to feel this way.

Kai: *I picture Kai turning to his dogs, the children he already has while he processes his emotions. He doesn’t want to intrude on your own processing, giving you a chance to grieve without him bearing witness. So he’d talk through his feelings with his dogs and their very empathetic ears, figuring out how feels, before he talks to you.*
I just feel like I’ve lost so much, an entire life before that life even began…

Sehun: *Sehun is another one I don’t think likes talking about how he feels, so he’d keep a lot of his grief to himself, either as an effort to look strong or mature. But it would be obvious that he was taking this seriously as he listened to you talk about how you felt and would offer only the most genuine support and responses, without any sass or sarcasm.* 
At least I know she feels the same thing…I hope she knows that I’ll do anything to make it  better, anything to support her, without having to say it.

got7 reaction to you meeting their parents- yugyeom & bambam

a/n- this has been in my ask forever and i’ve finally dont it da;gljs i hope you enjoy it, anon! sorry for the long wait! (also, i hope i did this right. i know you said written reaction but i decided to put gifs with it as well)

Bambam- Bambam would be so excited to introduce you to his mom. In the days leading up to it, he’d be beyond hyper- constantly, cuddling you or singing or just flat out talking about your upcoming trip to Thailand. The whole plane ride there, he tells you stories about when he was little and all about his hometown to get you even more excited. When you finally make it, Bambam would pull you along through the airport until you’re greeted by his mom. She’s smiling wide as you two approach, and Bambam immediately gives her a big hug. “Mom, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my mom,” he’d introduce with a wide smile. You’d shyly take her hand and shake it, trying your best to appear good enough for your wonderful, successful boyfriend. “Oh my Bammie, how did you land one as pretty as her?” she cooed, rubbing her hand up and down your arm. You’d blush as he threw his arm around your shoulders. “I honestly don’t know, Mom,” he replied and placed an embarrassingly cute kiss onto you cheek. “Now, enough with the formalities. Let’s go show you my hometown!” ignore the microphone

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Yugyeom- He would be just as excited as Bambam, but since his parents were coming to meet you guys and not the other way around, he wouldn’t be as hyper. Instead, he’d take you shopping and you two would find cute welcoming gifts for his parents, then you two would spend some time wrapping them up while Yugyeom told you cute stories about growing up. When his parents arrived in Seoul, you met them at your favorite restaurant. Yugyeom hurriedly gave both of his parents a hug. “Mom, Dad, I missed you!” he’d say, then grab your hand and pull you closer. “I have someone I’d like you to meet. This is Y/N, my girlfriend, and Y/N, these are my parents.” You’d smile and give them both a small hug. “Hi,” you’d say and give a little wave. Yugyeom would be beaming from ear-to-ear, excited to get the night started. “Well what are we waiting for? Me and Y/N bought gifts!”

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So I was looking at this post and it got me thinking about asexual!Bokuto…

·      His whole life Bokuto is just FULL OF LOVE.  He wants to be friends with everyone, he gets attached easily, he cares about people like nobody’s business.

·      But he’s also a BOY and so as he gets older he’s bombarded with all these societal messages about how all boys want sex and he?? Doesn’t?

·      After some reflection he figures that he’s just a hopeless romantic, that’s all, he doesn’t think about sex because he wants the whole deal, the relationship, with kissing and cuddling and sharing your life together.

·      But even then he can’t help but notice how in all the romantic movies his mom loves, the climactic moment is always when the couple finally sleeps together.

·      “the talk” even begins with “when two people love each other very much…”

·      But that’s okay, he just hasn’t been IN love yet, that’s all…

·      Then he meets Kuroo and they are BEST FRIENDS and time passes and by their second year they are MORE THAN FRIENDS and Bokuto is HEAD OVER HEELS he loves kissing Kuroo and holding hands and goofing off together.

·      In their third year their time together starts getting more physical.

·      Deeper kisses and more touching and Kuroo seems super into it but after a certain point they cross a line and Bokuto find himself being not-so-okay with the way things are moving.

·      They’ve already exchanged “I love you”s and they both mean it, Bokuto means it.

·      But

·      He doesn’t want to have sex with Kuroo.

·      He tries. Like, really tries. He thinks maybe he’s just anxious because it would be his first time. He tries jerking off thinking about Kuroo and yeah his boyfriend is crazy gorgeous and yeah Bokuto’s body is responding but he is just super not into it and it doesn’t feel bad but it doesn’t feel good either.

·      So he promptly falls deep, deep down into his dejected mode and he can’t seem to get out. Because he loves Kuroo, he’s so sure of it, but obviously he doesn’t because when you love someone you want to have sex with them and he just doesn’t.

·      The next time they see each other Kuroo notices in about .2 seconds that Bokuto is #notokay.

·      Kuroo starts pushing because he knows when something is bothering Bokuto he has to talk that shit out. Bokuto tries to keep it in because he’s not ready to lose Kuroo yet, but eventually he just cracks and spills everything. How he loves Kuroo,really, he has to believe him, but he doesn’t want to have sex and he doesn’t know what to do he wants to show Kuroo he loves him but he doesn’t know if he can.

·      And Kuroo, once Bokuto has calmed down enough to look him in the eye, just smirks and is all “what the fuck are you talking about? You show me you love me all the time.”

·      Bokuto is like “????”

·      Kuroo laughs and starts talking about how “you text me that you miss me an hour after we’ve been together. You wake up at the crack of dawn everyday but you let me sleep in cause you know I go to bed so late. You spent two weeks cooking me different vegetables until you found a dish I liked ‘cause you were worried I’d get scurvy. You don’t like scary movies but you still watch them with me when a new one comes out. You named my favorite cat in Neko Atsume after me…”

·      And Kuroo just keeps going on and on, listing all these things Bokuto does for him until they’re both giggling and trying to out-sap each other and they feel even more in love than before.

·     (Later on Kuroo will sit down with his boyfriend and show him some websites about asexuality, but for now it’s enough to make sure Bokuto knows that Kuroo isn’t going anywhere)

·      A few weeks later, Bokuto is doing a morning run through the park when something catches his eye.

·      It’s a jagged stone, shades of red stripes with two points at the top that almost resemble cat ears.

·      Bokuto gets SUPER excited because “oh my gosh it’s a cat rock! And all stripy like a tabby! That’s Kuroo’s favorite! He’ll love it!”

·      So he turns right around and runs to Kuroo’s house.

·      As soon as Kuroo opens the door Bokuto thrust the rock in his face and is like “Look! Look! It’s for you!!!”

·      And Kuroo takes the rock and stares at it for a good minute and then he honest to God tears up and hugs Bokuto and is like

·      “This”

·      “This is the highest form of love I’ve ever experienced.”

·      And then they both just burst out laughing and everything is beautiful and wonderful.

·      Fight me.

@1piece the reason I’m confused is that he’s calling his mom a liar now? And also luffy? That’s rude??? I dunno it feels weird, just…hm…

@foxinpolkadots the problem is I didn’t want “help me save my literal abusers here let’s make a plan of action” I wanted “save me from my literal abusers beat them up and save me” but this arc has sure gone in some directions and shit.

Also in the beginning I got excited that sanji might have been shot but no false alarm

The Witch’s Son


Pastel genderfluid!Eren

Edit:  pt 2 

In which Levi finally sees this ‘cute witch’ the town can’t stop raving about and somewhere in the distance Hanji cackles. 

Levi decides he hates Hanji before he even gets to the damn store.

Really he hates himself for caving so quickly, but after a day of bossy customers; the weekly soccer mom book club who come in and ransack his shop while talking about diets and Pintrest; he feels like he deserves to heap some of his anger on Hanji. He can only listen to vapid suburbanites claim sugar causes autism so many times before he snaps.

Oh Levi, I need to pick something up from the shop down the road, can you get it for me when you go out? I can’t leave the register with this crowd. It’s the shop with the cute witch!”

Of course it was that shop. Ever since the damn shop opened a year ago Levi’s avoided it.

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things i require from the mama peralta ep

1. jake and his mom are BEST BUDDIES and it’s super cute/weird

2. amy and karen have a Girl Talk and get along right off the bat

3. jake finally makes peace with his childhood (insert heart eyes look at amy when he realizes she’s really The One)

4. holt and roger get into a dad off. holt wins. no question.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. roger peralta gets punched in his nasty ass fACE

I like to think that right after the big battle in issue #13 of young avengers Billy’s parents basically took all of the young avengers home to make them dinner and talk about all the things that happened and stuff??? and Billy and Teddy are just really glad to finally be home and there are lots of hugs from the Kaplan family, and then Billy’s mom starts making small talk with David while Billy’s dad catches up with Kate, and Noh-Varr is helping America get the blood out of her hair over the Kaplans’ kitchen sink.

Eventually conversation with the family dies down and Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan make dinner and David calls his own parents because it’s been ages since he’s spoken to them and his little sister Kim complains about him doing superhero stuff without her all the time

at dinner everyone’s pretty well exhausted so no one talk much except for Billy’s little brothers who will not stop asking the new team members questions. David ends up telling at least 10 stories about working with the X-Men and Billy’s brothers ask about everyone and they’re like, “so what’s Cyclops like??? is he a total jerk???” and David just. sighs the heaviest sigh ever to be sighed.

and then they’re like “have you met Magneto??? we’ve met Magneto did you know he’s Billy’s grandpa??? but he’s not our grandpa isn’t that weird???” “Yes I’ve met Magneto, yeah, I know he’s Billy’s grandfather, sure I guess that is weird.”

and they keep pestering Noh-Varr about “what’s it like living in space???” and Noh is just bored and reluctant with every question because it’s really not that interesting? and the kids don’t understand half the science stuff Noh talks about irt their spaceship and tbh Noh would rather just be talking about music.

also at some point Billy’s parents are like, “Noh-Varr. haven’t we heard that name before???” and Noh just freezes up because there are probably a lot of reasons Billy’s parents would know their name and none of them are good

and then Billy’s brothers are practically interrogating America because she always gives the vaguest answers possible, like “why are you covered in blood???” “because I was in a fight.” “who even are you???” “America. Already told you that.” “okay,, where are you from???” “I dunno, everywhere, kind of.” “so what can you do???” “lots of things.” “no I mean like what’s your superpower?” “kicking ass and saving people.”

and eventually Billy interrupts like, “it’s okay, she won’t tell us anything either.” But he tells them she can make portals to other universes and Billy’s brothers think that is the coolest thing ever

– When Minho was asked if he had ever thought of dyeing his hair blonde, he said he slightly tried it before. Then Kibum said that Minho’s face is too dark so he looked like a reenactment actor from overseas. And he also added that there cant be 3 blondies in a team. Minho’s mum asked Minho if he will do celebrity hair (ie. bright/light colored hair)
– They mentioned Minho’s hair colour when they talked about their desired styling. Minho said he has coloured it lightly. Key said Minho’s face is slightly tanned and looked like a foreign celebrity and said there can’t be 3 blondes in a group. Minho said his mom asked why don’t he get the celebrity hair colour (yellow colour). – 2011

mama choi it finally happened…