he even won an award already

The people who covered up Moonlight’s win by talking about how gracefully the producer’s of La La Land handled the situation need to find a new way to express their casual racism because that moment was not. graceful. 

Almost every moment of that awkward scene was a huge slap to the face, a huge display of disrespect to the cast and crew of Moonlight, who put their heart and souls into their movie only to have their moment stolen from them. And I do mean stolen in the strongest sense of the world. That shit was stolen, on purpose. 

From the very moment that man opened the envelope he knew something was wrong. He knew there was a mistake. He knew he shouldn’t have gone forward, but that woman saw La La Land and never questioned it because obvious and said the name anyway. That was the first hit. 

Then they let the cast and crew come on stage, knowing it was wrong, knowing there was a mistake, knowing the further they let this go the more detrimental it would become. Second hit. 

Jordan Horowitz didn’t know they had lost. He gave his speech as planned and passed the mic along. But halfway through Marc Platt’s speech, they were told. You could see it on their faces. They knew, but didn’t stop him, didn’t say hey this isn’t for us, hey this wasn’t ours. They let him go, they let him have his moment, a moment that wasn’t his. They kept the light from Moonlight so Marc Platt could shine. Third hit. 

Then, the shit they really can’t be forgiven for happened. They let Berger speak. By this time they all knew Moonlight won. They all knew the award wasn’t theirs. But they gave the award to Berger ANYWAY and let him speak ANYWAY. They stole that moment. They knew it wasn’t there’s but decided they’d speak because they had that spotlight anyways. Berger didn’t even tell the audience what he already knew, that they had lost, until after he saw someone come to do it for him.And when he did, he didn’t give the glory to Moonlight, he didn’t say their name or congrats, he just said “We lost, by the way” and prepared to leave the stage with his award. Had Horowitz not stopped all of them and said “No, wait, Moonlight won” that’s what they would have done. They would have taken that moment and run away with it.

Moonlight’s win will forever be overshadowed by this moment, by what the producera did not say when they needed to say it. Grace would have been to tell the truth immediately. Grace would have been to let the audience know the rightful winner. But the producer’s of La La Land tried to give their speeches and leave. That’s not grace, and ya’ll need to stop applauding white people for doing the bare fucking minimum.


Me and my cousins watched Snow White and I can’t help thinking of nct dream and omg just hear me out OKAY


- Is the fully capable leader.
- ehem not so fully capable tbh
- I bet Doc can’t fry an egg for his life.
- stutters
- Listens to grumpy (which is lowkey Donghyuck) one sec but the other sec he   disagrees with whatever bad idea he has.
- Is probably scared af when they face problems but tries to maintain a calm       composure so the other members could follow.
- Like when they washed.
- he was nervous af but he was the one who took the lead.
- just like how Mark tries to keep his best not to cry when they won their award when most of them are already crying :’)


- Stubborn af
- Savage
- Is the one who mostly picks a fight with Doc (Mark)
- guys, even though grumpy was grumpy about playing the piano he still plays     it IM–
- Again tsundere, pretends to not care but he is the one who acts first when         Snow White was in trouble.
- Just like how Donghyuck takes care of his members, he was the one who fed   Taeyong in nct life first cause he was still cooking, he fed mark in mmc too         despite of how he refused too :’)
- Even though he is grumpy/ savage he loves his members


- Again, Happy.
- This dwarf is the smiliest of course.
- I mean Jaemin, his smile is blinding.
- When there is tension Happy would be the one who would be bubbly and all smiles.
- Jaemin is named healing smile
- you know heals the tension with his smile.
-You get it.


- The members did mention Jisung probably sleep the most.
- I recall them saying he could sleep anywhere.
- I dunno
- The kid does sleep a lot, he is very tall.
- Sleepy always sleeps, of course.
- And when they are in a group he seems clueless.
- He is clueless most of the time.
- But he manages to get through every situation.
- How
- Like Jisung.
- Remember mmc.


- dopey is the youngest and ehem the cutest.
- Im not saying that Chenle is hella cute but that’s exactly what I’m saying.
- You see dopey doesn’t talk.
- but can scream and what not
- kinda like Chenle
- He only knows limited korean
- And he is capable of doing unhuman dolpin scream
- I think dopey is also number one for shameless extra anticts
- exactly like Chenle
- Also soft af
-his name is dopey
- dope
- Awesome
- Chenle
- President


- I really think bashful is like Renjun
- Mainly because shy type
- but who knows.
- he might just be shy
- blushes a lot.


- I couldn’t put Jeno on anywhere before
- that’s why i hesitated on doing this.
- But, the accuracy omg.
- I didn’t think the 7 dwarves are so accurate to nct dream
- Jeno owns cats.
- but he is allergic to them
- I could only imagine Jeno sneezing nonstop when he is around his cats.

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“You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” AU + jikook~

Pairing: Jikook
Prompt: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,450

“We’re sorry you’ve had to wait this long,” Hoseok frowns, as he settles in the seat across from Jungkook in the waiting area.

“It’s alright,” Jungkook smiles. “This is a huge organisation after all, I’m sure everyone here is very busy.”

Hoseok looks almost relieved by his reply, the corners of his lips tugging up in a small smile. “The manager will be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, any questions?”

Honestly, Jungkook had many questions. Or perhaps many may still be an understatement. This is BTS they’re talking about - the advertising and marketing agency that has clinched top position for almost a decade. It’s been Jungkook’s dream to get into BTS ever since he decided on the marketing and communications route when entering university. And now he’s here - sitting in the office with the human resource manager and waiting for his interview slot. Jungkook doesn’t even know how he managed to pass the preliminary rounds to get to this final stage. It’s still so surreal, and Jungkook draws a blank at Hoseok’s question.

Hoseok is still patiently waiting for a reply, so Jungkook blurts the first thing that comes to mind. “What’s the manager like?”

“The manager interviewing you?” Hoseok seems to light up at that. “His name is Park Jimin. He joined us two years ago and is one of our youngest managers around. A really talented man if you ask me. The best we could possibly ask for. You know the perfume ad that won the Emmy for Commercials last year?” At Jungkook’s nod, he continues, “Jimin helmed that project.”

Two years and a manger running the biggest projects there are? Winning top awards after a year in? Hoseok doesn’t even look thirty and he’s calling Jimin young. If anything, Jungkook’s already in awe. But before he can get another word out, there’s a voice from across the waiting room. “Hoseok hyung, I’m ready.”

“Finally, busy man.” Hoseok grins and stands, and Jungkook quickly follows suit, casting his glance across the room. His breath catches.

There’s a man in a white shirt and black slacks, sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows and first two buttons undone to give off a more casual vibe. He’s small in stature, a good few centimeters shorter than Jungkook, but he carries himself with an air of confidence. And he’s smiling, eyes reducing to slits and mouth wide in a grin. Jungkook tries but fails to stop staring like an idiot because holy shit, no one prepared him for this. Hoseok said young, but he didn’t say good-looking. Hot, Jungkook’s mind supplies unhelpfully and he resists the urge to club himself in the head with Hoseok’s tumbler.

“Is this the interviewee with you?” Jungkook jolts a little at that, focusing his gaze just in time to find Jimin’s attention now on him. His gaze is sharp but not unkind, almost a little inquisitive as he gives Jungkook a quick onceover. Jungkook bows deep in greeting, praying hard that his knees don’t give in from how weak they feel.

“Yeah,” Hoseok says. “This is Jeon Jungkook.” He guides Jungkook forward with a gentle grip around his elbow. “All yours now, Jimin.”

“Thanks, hyung,” Jimin says before gesturing to Jungkook. “Come on, we’ll use the meeting room down the corridor.”

Once they’re both seated, Jimin turns to him and smiles. “Glad you could make it for the interview today, Jungkook.”

“I-It’s no problem.” Jungkook groans internally, that did not come out right. Jimin’s gaze is distracting (this close Jungkook sees that he’s wearing grey contact lenses) and Jungkook’s mind is a mess. “I m-mean uhh I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

“Well,” Jimin picks up a pen, scribbling down something short. “Tell me more about yourself.”

With Jimin looking down at his paper, Jungkook feels like he can finally catch the breath that’s been knocked out of him earlier. “My name is Jungkook, and I studied marketing and comm-”

“That’s in your resume,” Jimin cuts in. Jungkook blinks, fingers toying with a stray thread at the waist of his slacks. “I want to know what’s special about you, what makes you stand out from the crowd.”

Against his will, Jungkook’s eyes wander to Jimin’s full lips, his thoughts drifting a little before he snaps back, chiding himself silently. Licking his lips, Jungkook starts, “I uhh… I’ve been doing some work, I mean freelance work since freshman year. Oh, I umm,” he pauses, digging through his bag to pull out a file. “I brought my portfolio.”

Jimin reaches for the file, their fingers brushing and Jungkook quickly retracts his hands, tucking them between his thighs to keep them from shaking.

“Look pretty good,” Jimin says, as he flips through the file.

“Thank you,” Jungkook mutters. He lets himself stare at the manager’s small hands and wanders how they’ll feel clasped in his bigger ones.

“You know,” Jimin starts, and Jungkook jerks a little at his voice. There’s a hint of a smile on Jimin’s lips as he stares straight into Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook tries not to break the eye contact, even if his insides are squirming so much that he wants to get up and move around to get rid of that feeling. “You’re awfully nervous for someone this talented and experienced.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says. Jimin raises his eyebrows in question. “Uhh… thank you?”

Jimin tips his head back and laughs, and it catches Jungkook off-guard (it’s a professional interview for a top company after all). It should be unattractive with his eyes disappearing and nearly all his teeth showing, but all Jungkook can think is how he still is terribly handsome. He’s whipped and so, so screwed. Taehyung’s going to have the time of his life teasing him if he finds out that Jungkook is having a “high school crush” on his maybe-soon-to-be manager.

“Cute,” Jimin utters softly, but Jungkook still catches it. He dies a little inside.

“So, Jungkook,” Jimin starts again. “I know this is a huge organization and all, and it may seem a little intimidating, but you don’t have to be so nervous.”

No, Jungkook thinks. No, Jimin’s got it all wrong. Because Jungkook, with more than three years of design experience on his belt, is not at all worried about his skills. He isn’t at all nervous because this is some huge ass company that rakes in millions per project and billions each year. 

No, if there’s anything that’s making the ever-confident Jungkook sweat and stutter, it’s Park Jimin.

“Your resume and portfolio is pretty impressive,” Jimin is saying. “Maybe you could tell me what concerns you have that is keeping you nervous now?”

How is he going to explain that it’s not the job but Jimin’s face and overall presence that’s making him jittery? Jungkook sighs mentally. Why does Jimin have to be so damn hot and cute all at once and mess with his mind?

“I mean…” The lilt in Jimin’s voice has Jungkook finally focusing his gaze on the manager. He blinks, confused, because what? Jimin is smirking?

“If it helps you relax and stutter less, I could always turn around so you don’t have to see my face,” Jimin says.

It take three whole seconds for Jungkook to process his words before he colors, unconsciously covering his face in embarrassment. So he’s not only a stuttering mess but he actually said those thoughts out loud. Called Jimin hot and cute to his face at an interview.

“I’m sorry,” Jungkook mumbles. This is it. His only chance at BTS is gone. Jungkook doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry at his stupidity.

“Jungkook,” Jimin says. He waits until Jungkook lowers his hands to look at him before continuing. “Let me ask you one question: Do you really want this job?”

“Yes,” Jungkook blurts, nodding to emphasize his point. “It’s been a dream job for me.” Vaguely, Jungkook registers that he didn’t stutter this time.

Jimin doesn’t answer immediately but continues to stare right at Jungkook, assessing. Jungkook tries not to fidget, biting on the inside of his bottom lip to keep still.

“You’re hired.”

“I’m- wait, I’m hired?” Jungkook can’t keep the incredulity out of his voice.

“Yes,” Jimin’s smiling, “You start next week, congratulations.”

“Thank you!” Jungkook can’t keep the wide smile from spreading across his lips. “Thank you so much.”

“I’ll see you then.” And Jungkook takes this as his cue to leave, gathering his things. Just as he’s stepping over to the door, Jimin starts, “Oh and Jungkook?”

Jungkook spins around in response, one hand on the door handle.

“You’ll be working directly under me,” Jimin says, gesturing to himself. “So get used to this face.”

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anonymous asked:  Hi there~ Are scenario requests still open? If so, may I request a scenario about Jun from Svt? Let’s say one of his celebrity crushes has a very dark image and sings sad songs so he thinks she (reader) will be intimidating in real life, but once they meet at like an award show or something he realizes that she’s very down to earth and kind. And he asks her out in the end? Thank you in advance!!! <3

genre: pure fluff 

characters: wen junhui of seventeen 

notes: it’s been y e a r s since i’ve written anything OTL so please excuse my horrible attempt at filling this request. anyway, i hope you like this anon!! 

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Can you please do #28 with Jensen please ❤️💕

“You’re still mad?” - Yes, Jensen. Yes I am.

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

“Will you quit pouting at me?” Jensen chuckled as I watched him pack his things, while I folded my arms across my stomach and huffed. This wasn’t fair. “I told you I was sorry.”

“But, Jensen, we said we’d stick together,” I furrowed my eyebrows as I fought the tears building in my eyes. “And now you’re off to be a big television star and I’m stuck here to rot without you.”

“You’re still mad?” He was trying to stuff one of his suitcases so full and I couldn’t help but smile lightly. He never knew how to pack. “Y/N, this is a huge opportunity for me. This show could be the one, you know?”

“I know,” I whined, lying back down on the bed. “But you’re going to get super famous and you’re gonna forget about me. You’ve already won awards for Days of Our Lives and - and - people just love you. It’s really hard not to love you.”

Suddenly, I felt him on top of me and he brushed some hair out of my face. Even though we were just friends, this was normal for us. We were that close. “I will never forget about you, Y/N. That’s impossible.”

“I guess I’ll let you move to Vancouver,” I smiled along with him. “On one condition.”

He chuckled and kissed my forehead, “What’s that?”

As I stood up, I bit my lip and gave him a sheepish smile, “Get me Jared Padalecki’s autograph.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re unbelievable.”

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Okay this is complete speculation but what if the la la land mixup was staged to happen, like how that one post pointed out how the official oscars page tweeted that La la land won despite that they would’ve known that Moonlight won and wouldn’t have an excuse to for some reason to have tweeted that it was la la land

Like it was staged ( the nominations def not knowing) so that the oscars would be even more talked about like think about it how they would even mix up the biggest award of the night accidentally giving them an envelope (the envelope he got was for best actress) that would’ve already have been opened and announced (and possibly given to Emma stone as a keepsake)

The mistake got cleared up in what less than 5 minutes not even so back to the twitter thing how did they make the graphic that La la land won when they already knew the winner was moonlight, the people posting would’ve knew it wasn’t la la land since they knew moonlight won

The twitter thing could be explained that they had some random worker tweeting that didn’t know the final award wins but even that doesn’t really seem likely since it seems like everyone in the oscar organization would’ve known who won the biggest award of the night

This is just a conspiracy theory really maybe it actually was an accident but 👀

Movie pitch!

Producer: Lets make a movie called 12 Years a Slave. It’s about a free man living in the North who is captured and sold into slavery, and has to live as a slave for 12 years in the South while protesting his freedom before he finally gets to return home.

Person: Oh, isn’t that a true story? That will make a great movie. Who are you going to cast?

Producer: Tom Hanks!

Person: … but isn’t the story about a black man?

Producer: Race isn’t important. The story can be about a white man who was a slave. It’s about telling the best story we can.

Person: Okay, but the story is specifically about a black man who was free but forced into slavery, and the white people who wouldn’t believe him, and kept him in slavery even after they had proof he wasn’t a slave.

Producer: There were white slaves too.

Person: What? But… I mean why can’t you just cast a black actor to play this character who was historically black? The guy being black was central to the entire story!

Producer: We cast the actor who we thought would do the best job in the role. Tom Hanks has won an Oscar, after all.

Person: There are plenty of black actors who have won major awards. Also, isn’t casting a white actor to play a historically black character taking jobs away from black actors, a group that already has way less representation in leading roles in Hollywood than they should?

Producer: Well, we need a star that can sell the movie. Audiences don’t pay to come and see black actors. They want to see actors they know and love.

Person: Wouldn’t they know and love more black actors if you cast them in more lead roles?

Producer: Okay, fine. What if we use makeup and special effects to make Tom Hanks look black?

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Word Count: 1030

Type: Confession

Brief: Your group and EXO have are well known rivals in the industry but there’s a secret that both you and Sehun have been hiding from the public.

*Y/G/N = Your Group Name. **Y/S/N = Yours and Sehun’s Ship Name.

Originally posted by chanyeolluscious61

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My A/B/O AU. If I forgot any tags, please let me know.

-.- . -. - / .–. .- .-. … — -.

As far as Kent Parson knew, he was the only Omega in the NHL. It wasn’t that being an male Omega was rare; there was an alright percentage of male Omegas in the population. It wasn’t even that male Omega athletes were rare. It was just that being an Omega in the NHL was not allowed.

Until recently.

But that was six years after Kent had already made a name for himself in the league all the while pretending to be a Beta.

The only people that knew were management, his coaches, and his trainers. They knew Kent could play and didn’t care what his designation was. Omega or not, he brought the Las Vegas Aces two Stanley Cups. And everyone was sure that he had not hit his prime yet.

Regardless of how good he was, he had to keep the fact that he was an Omega secret. He used scent blockers. He was on heat suppressants. The best heat suppressants. He only came off of them in during the off season. If there wasn’t a big tournament over the summer.

Which there always was.

In the six years he’d been in the league, he’d only gone through his heat twice.

Doctors and trainers told him that it wasn’t healthy to have so few heats in such a long period of time. But Kent knew what he had to do to continue playing in the league. He knew his body. He never knew when the heat would hit after he came off the suppressants. The first time it was a right after the season ended. The second time he did it it came two weeks before the preseason started.

He didn’t want to cut it that close ever again.

So he stayed on them. Month after month after month.

Even after he came out as being both gay and an Omega.

Because although he had already established himself in the league, he felt like he had even more to prove.

He was grateful for the support of his teammates and his family and his fans. While they couldn’t protect him from everything, they had his back. And that meant everything to Kent.

Now he could be himself. Even if everyone else didn’t want that. But he couldn’t go back on it now. Being an out Omega meant too much to too many people.

So he played hard enough and good enough that designation didn’t matter. There was always an alpha or two on the ice that tried to be an asshole about it, but he never let it get to him. There was always his teammates, or someone on the other team there to stick up for him.

That, and he had a pretty good resume as an NHL player already going. Even if they tried to take away his accolades, it didn’t change the fact that he still won awards and cups.

Everything was going well. The Aces were winning which meant that more people were talking about the team instead of the Omega that was on it.

They were on a four game win streak before they went on a four game road trip. Their first game was against the Providence Falconers.

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Wyatt won the Most Entertaining award at his school science fair for his working night-vision goggles. I didn’t even know “most entertaining science project” was a thing, but if anyone’s going to win it, it’s Wyatt.

Boone was disappointed he didn’t win anything, but he was happy for his brother. Also, his Robo-Mouse 2.0 was a big hit with the fair attendees. We explained the difference between a crowd-pleaser and an award-winner and he seemed to get it.

Anyway, both are already planning their next projects, each in the same individual fields of study. Boone wants to make a more complex robot and Wyatt wants to make working suction cup gloves.

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Melly- if Z's anxiety prevents him from attending an awards show where he knows he has already won, how on Earth is he going to play in front of thirty thousand people in Japan in 4 weeks time? I am not blaming him of course- I just hate that his management is putting him in this position. He really needs someone strong to say take a year out, take two even and come back when you feel ready. Instead they just seem to want to make the quick buck- is tortuous to see this unfold in front of us.

To be fair, we have no idea what the reason for him not attending was, so I’m not going to ring the doomsday bell for him or say this was due to anxiety. The only pieces of the puzzle we have are that has been seen a handful of times in New York since that meet and greet for SGT on March 24, with his usual A+ hair and skincare game on point, but looking like he’s sad in his heart boob. Before March 24, he was fairly active during the month. 

Previous to that even, he has been contractually fulfilling all the Business Hoe stuff tied to Zigi and fashion icon!Zayn, which has tended to be the case for him for awhile now. 

 Zayn seems to be going through some shit. Whatever it is, I ho(e)pe he’s taking some time in a well-constructed and tastefully decorated blanket fort and that he knows we’ll be here whenever he’s ready.

W H A T ?!?!

AND SO WAS FALSETTOS!!!!! THIS ISNT OKAY WITH ME. I understand that all of those others deserved the award but !!!! falsettos is so amazing??? and they didnt even win one award?? AND ANDREW STILL HASNT WON AN AWARD!!? GIVE HIM A TONY ALREADY! HIS SMILE DESERVES A TONY ALL ON IT’S OWN!!!

so my advisor is nominating the chair for some diversity award (last year it was the “department”) and he asked me to help him work on the letter which is due tomorrow (he asked me today at 7pm). and like. okay that’s already kind of annoying but I am writing this letter and I am like basically the chair said “okay” to my efforts. Like a lot of stuff is what I personally did (cuwip, mentoring, lgbt stuff). Like yeah he approved me for applying to host cuwip (after a lot of convincing) and he approved me of conducting the lgbt+ survey and he like approves stuff that swip does.

it just makes me uncomfortable.

last year when the “department” won the award it was really awkward because the chair wasn’t even around for the interview and so eventually i got pulled into the interview and slowly the interviewer was realizing it was my time and effort. and like had basically said that and I tried to keep it very political like “we all work together!” and stuff and saying how there was a lot of work to be done still etc but still trying to answer the questions honestly about what I had done and in the end who ever edited the stuff only kept in a small clip of me saying “georgia tech is great!” or something.  

but like. i am feeling really shitty about this. I realize my advisor just wants to make the department look good by getting these awards and applying for what he can and I already got awards about some of this stuff (the lavender award this year and the graduate woman of distinction two years ago). but like… i dont think he realizes that it is like pushing me down by doing this

idk am i being whiny?

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Del you already recovered from the bbmas hon? I'm not ok 😌🎉

honestly im really used to bts winning awards so im over the fact that they won but !!!!!! im never gonna be over how good my man looked with his sexy leather pants n pretty hair n deep voice controlling all the interviews i can’t fv8kgn tell you how sexy that was !!!! i was thinking about him all day i even dreamt about him god……..he’s so frickin beautiful !!!!

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa,  (born 63 bc?—died March, 12 bc, Campania [Italy]), powerful deputy of Augustus, the first Roman emperor. He was chiefly responsible for the victory over Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium in 31 bc, and during Augustus’ reign he suppressed rebellions, founded colonies, and administered various parts of the Roman Empire. Of modest birth but not a modest man, Agrippa was disliked by the Roman aristocracy. In his own interest he scrupulously maintained a subordinate role in relation to Augustus, but he felt himself inferior to no one else.

Virtually nothing is known of his early life until he is found as the companion of Octavian (the future emperor Augustus) at Apollonia, in Illyria, at the time of Julius Caesar’s murder in 44. Octavian, the adopted son of Caesar, returned with Agrippa to Italy to make his political claim as Caesar’s heir. In 43 Agrippa is thought to have held the office of tribune of the plebs; presumably in this capacity he prosecuted the tyrannicide Cassius, then absent in the East.

In the struggle for power after Julius Caesar’s death, Agrippa served as one of Octavian’s key military commanders. In 41–40 he fought against Mark Antony’s brother Lucius. In 40 he held the post of praetor urbanus (magistrate mainly in charge of administration of justice at Rome) and was a major figure in negotiating a settlement between Octavian and Antony at Brundisium. During the next two years he was away on campaigns in Aquitania and on the Rhine River. When he returned to Italy, he conspicuously refused to celebrate a triumph for his successes in the north, but in 37 he held the office of consul. In the spring of 37 Octavian and Antony came to an agreement at Tarentum, and it must have been then that Antony arranged the marriage of Agrippa to the daughter of Titus Atticus, a wealthy friend of Cicero.

Octavian’s efforts to resist at sea the son of the republican general Gnaeus Pompey, Sextus Pompeius, had not met with success. Agrippa therefore took charge of the operations. He constructed a fine harbour at Puteoli in the Bay of Naples and then won, in 36, two decisive naval victories (at Mylae and Naulochus), ending the threat from Pompeius. For this achievement Agrippa was awarded a golden crown. In 35–34 Octavian waged a vigorous campaign in Dalmatia, and in this Agrippa had a distinguished military role. In 33 Agrippa served as curule aedile (magistrate of public buildings and works) at Rome, even though it was a much lower post than the consulate that he had already held. He used the opportunity to win favour for Octavian by spending his own funds lavishly on building baths, cleaning sewers, and improving the water supply. When Octavian and Antony finally came into direct conflict at the Battle of Actium in 31, Agrippa commanded the fleet and was primarily responsible for Octavian’s victory.

During Octavian’s absence from Rome after Actium, Agrippa managed affairs in the city together with Maecenas, the great patron of poets. In 29–28 Agrippa and Octavian jointly conducted a census and carried out a purge of the Senate; in 28 and 27 Agrippa held the consulate again, both times with Octavian (from 27, Augustus) as his colleague. In 23, a year of constitutional crisis, Augustus fell ill and presented his signet ring to Agrippa, who seemed thus to be designated the emperor’s successor. Agrippa took Augustus’ daughter Julia as his wife after divorcing a niece of Augustus (Marcella the Elder), who had replaced Atticus’ daughter as his wife some four or five years previously.

Agrippa went immediately to Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, from which he administered affairs in the East. The nature of Agrippa’s constitutional power (imperium) at this time is controversial. It has been argued whether the Senate in 23 gave him an imperium greater than that of any other provincial governor in the East (imperium majus). After Augustus’ death Roman historians claimed that Agrippa’s sojourn at Mytilene was a kind of exile as a result of Augustus’ preference for his own nephew Marcellus. This appears implausible. Agrippa was soon back in Rome to act on behalf of the emperor, who himself left for the East in 22. Before Augustus’ return, in 19, Agrippa had left for Gaul and Spain. In Spain he finally subdued the recalcitrant Cantabrians.

Returning to Rome in 18, Agrippa received the power of a tribune (tribunicia potestas), which Augustus also possessed. Perhaps, too, he received an imperium majus, if he had not been granted it in 23. He participated in Augustus’ celebration of the Secular Games at Rome in 17, after which he returned to the East as vicegerent of the emperor. In 15 he accepted an invitation from Herod I the Great to visit Judaea; while in the East, he established colonies of veterans at Berytus and Heliopolis, in Lebanon. He next settled an uprising in the Bosporan kingdom on the Black Sea and set up the cultivated dynast Polemo as king. Herod led a fleet to support Agrippa in the Bosporan affair, and, when it was over, the two traveled together along the coast of western Asia Minor.

In 13 Agrippa’s tribunicia potestas was renewed, and at this time without doubt he received (or had renewed) a grant of imperium majus. Troubles in Pannonia required his presence, but the rigours of the winter of 13–12 caused a fatal illness; he died in March of 12 bc. Augustus delivered a funeral oration in honour of his colleague; a fragment of that oration, in Greek translation, has recently come to light.

Agrippa deserved the honours Augustus heaped upon him. It is conceivable that without Agrippa, Octavian would never have become emperor. Rome remembered him for his generosity in attending to aqueducts, sewers, and baths; and in the mid-20s he completed the celebrated Pantheon. One of Agrippa’s five children by Julia, Agrippina the Elder, was the mother of one emperor (Caligula) and the grandmother of another (Nero). Agrippa’s autobiography is lost, but an extensive geographical commentary that he wrote influenced the extant works of the geographer Strabo and of Pliny the Elder.

Shawn Mendes - Tea for four

Request:Can u do an imagine with Shawn where u two are married and u have a daughter that is 2 or 3. Can you make it as a Y/N? Thank you so much! I love your blog! 😊💕

I chose the name Luna for the little girl, because I read that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their daughter Luna and it is absolutely adorable!


The last few days had been crazy. I had so much work I barely slept and I was happy to be over with this huge project that kept me from living a normal life lately. I was lucky to have such an amazing husband like Shawn, because he became a full-time parent while I was struggling with my work and made sure everything was alright at home and took amazing care of our two year-old daughter, Luna.

It was finally Friday, and I had the whole weekend off so I could spend it with the most precious human beings in the world. As I opened the front door it seemed like the house was empty. I walked through the hall that had several selves on the wall full with all the awards Shawn won. It always made me feel so proud of him when I walked through this room and saw how far he had come. I was one of the few who knew who he was when he was still part of the Magcon Tour even though many already forgot about it. But not me. I’m his wife, I remember every memorable moment of our lives from the day we first met, our first kiss, our first anniversary, the day he proposed to me to the moment we became parents.

As I walked into the kitchen and set my bag to the table a familiar, sweet giggle hit my ears coming from the backyard. I smiled to myself making my way towards the door and stepping out to the terrace I loved so much, because Shawn literally made it into the best spot to read a good book while drinking hot tea and watch Luna playing outside, I saw the two loves of my life.

“Mommy!” Luna screamed running towards me and she slammed to my legs hugging them tightly.

“Hey Princess, are you playing with daddy?” I asked leaning down and picking her up into my arms.

“Yes! He is a dragon!” she giggled saying the words almost incomprehensibly. I looked up and saw Shawn walking towards us, his hair messy, and it even had some grass in it, he was in his sweatpants and a white t-shirt and this was my favorite look on him. The casual, normal and yet still incredibly sexy husband.

“Daddy is a dragon? Why didn’t he say that to me before I married him?” I asked gasping making Shawn chuckle. He stood next to us with his hands on his hips and looked at Luna with so much adoration that I could start crying right there. Or was it because of something else?

I had a secret I had been keeping from Shawn for a few days because I was waiting for the right moment to tell him and my hormones were telling me that was it.

“Luna, why don’t you bring your dolls out? We can have a tea on the terrace,” I smiled at her making her eyes brighten up.

“Tea! Tea!” she started chanting as I set her down and she ran into the house to get her favorite dolls.

“Hey, uh, we have to talk about something,” I said turning to Shawn.

“Y/N, if this is about work, I told you, I’m happy to stay at home with Luna. You can finish the project, baby,” he smiled at me kissing my forehead. I smiled and shook my head.

“No, it’s not about that. But I’m glad to hear that,” I lightly chuckled. I was nervous, maybe even more than the last time we had this kind of talk. Maybe, because back then it was planned. Now it was a surprise for both of us. “So the thing is, that soon I think I will be forced to stay at home, because… I won’t be able to work.”

“Is something wrong at work?” he furrowed his eyebrows at me concerned. Even though his incoming was much more than enough he always supported me through my own career and helped me to have my own job.

“No,” I shook my head smiling that he didn’t get what I was saying. “No, it’s just, you know, it’s hard to work with a baby and a two year-old at home…” I finally said watching his facial expressions change from second to second.

At first, his face dropped, his lips parted and his eyes went wide. Then a huge smile spread across his face and last, I saw a single tear slip out of his eyes as he picked me up from the ground and spun me around in his arms.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked shocked and I just nodded laughing. “I love you so much Y/N,” he mumbled burying his face in my neck as he kissed my skin all over again. “There is going to be another mini us!” he cheered making me laugh. He used to call Luna mini us too when she was smaller, because she had the facial expressions of Shawn but with my eyes and his slightly curly lock.

“Yeah. I’m six weeks pregnant, I found out a few days ago, I was just waiting for a peaceful moment to tell you,” I smiled as he leaned back so we could look at each other.

“I can’t believe that the girl I met when I was eighteen is going to give birth to my second child. I love you baby,” he mumbled capturing my lips in a sweet kiss. “How do we tell it to Luna?” he asked as we heard her tiny feet tapping on the floor inside signaling that she was coming.

“Let’s wait until it can be seen and then we figure something out. Until then, we should slowly make her get used to the thought of a sibling,” I suggested as Luna stormed out of the house carrying her dolls and then sat them down into the grass.

“Okay, I agree,” he nodded pressing a kiss to my temple and then we both joined Luna and her dolls, or should I say, all three of us? Because she didn’t know just yet, but her little brother was with us then…