he even won an award already

The people who covered up Moonlight’s win by talking about how gracefully the producer’s of La La Land handled the situation need to find a new way to express their casual racism because that moment was not. graceful. 

Almost every moment of that awkward scene was a huge slap to the face, a huge display of disrespect to the cast and crew of Moonlight, who put their heart and souls into their movie only to have their moment stolen from them. And I do mean stolen in the strongest sense of the world. That shit was stolen, on purpose. 

From the very moment that man opened the envelope he knew something was wrong. He knew there was a mistake. He knew he shouldn’t have gone forward, but that woman saw La La Land and never questioned it because obvious and said the name anyway. That was the first hit. 

Then they let the cast and crew come on stage, knowing it was wrong, knowing there was a mistake, knowing the further they let this go the more detrimental it would become. Second hit. 

Jordan Horowitz didn’t know they had lost. He gave his speech as planned and passed the mic along. But halfway through Marc Platt’s speech, they were told. You could see it on their faces. They knew, but didn’t stop him, didn’t say hey this isn’t for us, hey this wasn’t ours. They let him go, they let him have his moment, a moment that wasn’t his. They kept the light from Moonlight so Marc Platt could shine. Third hit. 

Then, the shit they really can’t be forgiven for happened. They let Berger speak. By this time they all knew Moonlight won. They all knew the award wasn’t theirs. But they gave the award to Berger ANYWAY and let him speak ANYWAY. They stole that moment. They knew it wasn’t there’s but decided they’d speak because they had that spotlight anyways. Berger didn’t even tell the audience what he already knew, that they had lost, until after he saw someone come to do it for him.And when he did, he didn’t give the glory to Moonlight, he didn’t say their name or congrats, he just said “We lost, by the way” and prepared to leave the stage with his award. Had Horowitz not stopped all of them and said “No, wait, Moonlight won” that’s what they would have done. They would have taken that moment and run away with it.

Moonlight’s win will forever be overshadowed by this moment, by what the producera did not say when they needed to say it. Grace would have been to tell the truth immediately. Grace would have been to let the audience know the rightful winner. But the producer’s of La La Land tried to give their speeches and leave. That’s not grace, and ya’ll need to stop applauding white people for doing the bare fucking minimum.

Batfam Mall Trip Headcanons

Cowritten with @ninjathrowingstork

  • Bruce is the only one allowed to drive and control the radio. This decreases the death threats by 50%
  • Shotgun is on a rotating schedule
  • Seating rules for the Wayne mom van: Damian and Tim will not sit together. Cass and Steph will not sit apart. Babs will ignore you unless your aura is orange, there is nothing you can do to make your aura more orange. Dick must on no account be given alcohol; Jason must at all times be given alcohol, and will need an hour to violently protest the whole trip before leaving. And, most importantly, Damian will be working under the presumption that you are trying to kill him unless proved otherwise, so avoid giving him blunt instruments, sharp knives, or hot liquids
  • Once arrived, everyone must stay together. Last time resulted in damages, broken bones, and being banned from an entire restaurant chain
  • Do not let Babs in a tech store too long, she will either buy out the store or start a Costco style demonstration of why these products are crap
  • If there is a fitness center, Cass is not allowed in. She will leave with 560 phone numbers, 15 boys crying because she put them to shame, 10 with injuries trying to keep up/beat/impress her, and a job offer
  • Tim is not allowed to buy his own lunch, it will contain very little actual food and too much caffeine
  • Do not get between Jay and Dick at the arcade air hockey table. Let them duke it out between them. This feud has been going since Jason’s voice squeaked and isn’t going to end soon
  • Jason must be kept on a timer in all bookstores. Also a tracker so he doesn’t decide to just move into their stockroom and never leave. Tim is almost as bad but can be bribed away with the promise of Starbucks
  • If there is a bouncy place, Bruce is required to rent the whole place for the day in advance. No young child should be subjected to his family in the bounce house.
  • Steph is to be under supervision inside the Icing, and never allowed in with Damian. Last time the two were in the Claire’s, he almost ended up with a pierced ear, and took a week to stop sulking over it. Steph will try to buy all the nesting makeup kits and anything purple
  • Dick is never again allowed to take Damian to the furniture to test mattresses again
  • Damian is to be under heavy supervision at any pet shop, and must subject himself to a minimum of three (3) pat downs when leaving
  • Any Batkids attempting the dance game demo must be reminded that it is 1) a game and 2) not worth using full acrobatic abilities to show each other up with
  • Cass and Tim will destroy any and all challengers at DDR, do not challenge them or we will be here all day. Damian is especially not allowed to challenge them, because he will be a close third, refuse to quit, and hurt himself trying to beat Tim.
  • The Lego store will be a 4 hour trip in itself, with everyone leaving with their own personalized minifigures, the new kit they’ve been wanting, and Babs having neatly sorted those bins in the back of loose pieces
  • Jason must never be allowed in the Hot Topic alone, and Dick must never be allowed in with anyone
  • Shotgun on the way home is awarded to who can find the weirdest decoration or collectible. Every single one, whether it won or not, is kept in a China cabinet in the manor that Alfred loves to dust and is quite the conversation piece at parties
  • Steph will grab whoever is closest and make them get their makeup and nails done with her. Even Bruce is not immune.
  • No one is allowed more Harry Potter merch. Not because Bruce has anything against it, but because he already has four different rooms in the manor dedicated to it, one per house and decorated as closely to the common rooms as possible/theorized. They do not need anymore. No. (They all leave with some anyways. Every time. He should know better)
  • Additionally, no playing Quidditch in the parking lot. They don’t have enough people anyway
  • Shopping cart races in the parking lot are also banned, because the Batfam motto might as well be “go big or go home”, and it’s hard to have a reasonable patrol schedule when most of the family is in some type of cast or brace.
  • Likewise, no surfing down the escalator handrails
  • Randomly yelling “ice bucket challenge!!!” And upending your drink over your sibling’s head is not allowed
  • Planking was banned when Bruce continually had to come retrieve his children from the top of shelving units
  • Before that, Dick was banned from planking because balancing perpendicular to the guardrail with sheer ab strength is 1) cheating because he’s already an acrobat, and 2) going to attract security when you do it on the third story of the mall
  • Adding to that, he is further forbidden from, while balancing on the rail, flinging out his arms and shouting “I’m flying, Jack” across the food court
  • Damian is not allowed near any pet food aisles. Not because of his affinity for animals, but because he will try to feed it to Tim, arguing that it’s better than he feeds himself sometimes anyways (he’s not wrong, hence Damian trying to make the point and save his brother from himself). Further, should Damian slip away and manage to procure said dog food, Tim is not allowed to grab a fork from the food court and eat it while staring Damian down
  • Jason is not allowed near hand soaps and shaving creams since he turned an aisle into a giant slip ‘n slide (all the kids and overworked Millennials had a blast, the adults overseeing them did not)
  • Dick is banned from figure skating down any slip 'n slide aisles Jason is responsible for
  • Dick is banned from figure skating in general when there’s a skating rink at the mall in the winter
  • All children are banned from skating together because they get competitive. Shouting out scores to siblings as they skate is frowned upon but not prohibited until it starts to get out of hand
  • If there is a fitness center that offers yoga, Dick is also banned. He will end up teaching the class, leave with even more numbers than Cass, 7 people with pulled muscles from trying to match his bendiness, and at least 18 women all convinced they’re his girlfriend or that he was hitting on them
  • If there’s a Brookstone or similar store, no one is allowed to start battles with any of the gadgets, or else try to modify “improve” any of the gadgets, and should be strictly supervised
  • Unless they’re in one of the massage chairs, in which case they’re not to be disturbed until it’s time to leave the mall
  • If there is a massage place at the mall, Bruce basically has to reserve at least one masseuse for the entire day and alternate children. He goes last and always gets one that’s geared toward headache treatment
  • Tim is not allowed near a display laptop. Neither is Babs.*
  • *exception: if the mall’s radio station is terrible, Bruce will “lose track” of them so they can hack and fix it
  • Dick isn’t allowed to pick the music anymore, even if he could have hacked it from his gauntlet computer when he was their age
  • Babs is not allowed near copies of Fifty Shades of Grey or the subsequent books, because they have a tendency to “spontaneously combust” when she’s around. Other, more… unfortunate…things have happened to them after Cass walked past the display.
  • There is a running tradition of buying siblings weird, fun socks they’ll like. It’s like a secret Santa exchange, with everyone drawing random names before they leave for the mall. There is also a game of trying to buy the person’s socks without them noticing while they’re in line with you. Bruce has more Superman and Wonder Woman knee highs than he will ever wear in one lifetime (including the ones that have little capes). Steph gets ones with baked goods on them. Damians are all animals. Tim’s are all nerdy pop culture ones from like Hot Topic. Dicks are all brightly colored. Babs likes anything odd, and Cass likes pastels, which confuses everyone. Jay likes food ones, but Tim won brother of the year when he got Jason tombstone ones during Halloween because of how many death jokes he could wear on his feet, he was so excited. No one knows who found the zombie socks for Jason.
  • Dick will insist on riding the little animals you can rent for the day. He will try to get Dami to join him. All sharp objects must be kept out of range when this happens. Dami will eventually yield, but not without a fight to maintain his reputation, and it turns out they charge more when they have to clean out blood stains
  • Damian is not allowed to fill out mall surveys, ever
  • Damian is also not allowed to fill out entries for new cars, and his siblings are not allowed to help rig the drawings in his favor. He’s 10, he doesn’t need a car yet, I don’t care if you drive better than Steph (no, Steph, don’t hit your brother), you don’t get a car till you can legally drive. Being able to reach the pedals isn’t enough.
  • Dick is not allowed near crying children in a toy section because he will buy every child what they want every time, and while Bruce doesn’t mind so much, they really don’t have time to buy every child in the mall a toy when they hear he’s playing Santa. (If given warning, Bruce will absolutely sponsor a buy children toys trip (he’s even played mall Santa himself a few times), but do not drop it on him on the day of)
  • Anyone riding the carousel must be seated properly. Climbing to hang around the front of the animals head or perch on its neck or anything else is not allowed. Certain circus boys aren’t allowed on any animal more exotic than a horse due to the whining and begging for a Bat Elephant that always follow
  • Theater hopping is absolutely not a “stealth exercise ”
  • Jason and Damian are both, for entirely separate incidents, banned from those super powerful vending machine bouncy balls.
  • Damian isn’t allowed to buy ice cream from one of those hi-tech kiosks that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream
  • Photo booth sessions are only allowed 2 siblings at a time, and nothing more silly than facial expressions are allowed
  • Any concealed gadgets must stay hidden, even inside the photo booth
  • Tim, Dick, and Babs are not allowed to change the wifi passwords of stores with rude employees. (An exception is granted to stores who are clearly mistreating employees. The distraction gives Bruce time to lead a revolution)
  • Bruce is only allowed to try to buy up one business per mall trip
  • If there is a nice stationery store, Babs will stop to test out the fine pens. You are not to interrupt her or she will try to use your blood as the ink of the next fountain pen she tests
  • If a new handheld game comes out that more than one sibling wants, everyone gets their own copy to prevent save data from being erased. This has prevented wars
  • Jason only gets to stop at one sunglasses kiosk to try on pairs. Dick must be allowed to stop at every kiosk due to how many pairs he goes through.
  • Stephanie is the best haggler at the outrageously overpriced kiosks, especially perfume ones. She also has a good idea of how things should be priced so that retailers still make money without gouging customers, so just let her do her thing and everyone will be happy. maybe take notes
  • Bonus: Bruce has, on more than one occasion, been in the process of dressing to go golfing or yachting or something that requires shorts with WE members, only to discover that the kids have ganged up and stolen all his socks. All of them. Except the JL ones. He has to wear caped socks golfing. He just sighs and says sometimes his 10 year old is the most mature of the lot, and they all nod in sympathy. He will ironically wear the Batman knee highs, because there’s no way anyone who knows Bruce Wayne would suspect him of being Batman if he’s wearing ridiculous Batman socks
EXO Reaction to you being an Idol as well and winning a daesang against them.

anon requested: Can you please write a reaction on how EXO would react if youre an idol as well and happen to win a daesang against them like how they’d congratulate you when you see eachother (doesnt have to be smutty but go w the flow if u know what i mean ;))))) but in general how would they show their pride hehe. Thank you!!

- admin s.

Intro for all individual reactions: He and you had been friends for a while now but there had always been something more than friendship between the both of you. 


Originally posted by icallhimbangjamesbang

You were walking up the stage currently and Minseok couldn’t take his eyes from your figure. He had watched you the whole evening and he was getting hornier by the minute. He was in no way angry or sad that is group lost against you, he was, in fact, very happy to give you a congratulations gift later that both of you would like. 

Later when everyone was backstage congratulating each other, Minseok made it quick in walking to you and taking you with him around a corner no one except for the two of you was. He kissed you on the lips desperately and smirked after you had parted. 

‘‘Congrats for winning against us. I have a gift for you that I wanted to give you for long but now I finally have a reason.’‘


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Junmyeon was a little bit angry and sad that they had lost but he was still happy for you. When you were walking down the stage he quickly grabbed your hand when everyone was already focused on the announcement of the next award and kissed the back of you hand slightly. 

‘‘Congratulations, princess. I’m very proud of you! Let’s meet up later… Daddy has a present for his little winning girl.’‘

You were shocked at first but there had always been some sexual tension between you and Junmyeon so you couldn’t wait until later, to see what his present was and you hoped it would bring you to cloud 9. 


Originally posted by baekshitbyun

Yixing is like the biggest patron you’ll ever see. He had already won so many awards he really was happy that this time it was you who had won the daesang. 

The award show had already ended and you were a little bit sad that Yixing hadn’t congratulated you yet but the moment you were walking out the back door to your car, you saw Yixing leaning against the wall smiling at you. 

‘‘You really thought I forgot you, huh? Come on, I’ll drive you home.’‘

While he was driving you home he laid his hand on your bare thigh and caressed the skin under it. You wouldn’t be sleeping today, that was for sure.


Originally posted by sefuns

To be honest Baekhyun had waited for this moment for so long now. He was rooting for you to win this award so bad, he wanted to lose against you just that he can finally make the next step. 

It was time for the aftershow party and all the ídols had already gathered in the club. Baekhyun was sitting in the lounge with the rest of Exo when he saw you enter. He quickly stood up and walked to you, immediately sliding an arm around your waist when he got to you. He whispered in your ear and slowly slid his arm down until his hand rested on your butt. 

‘‘Hey beautiful. I waited for so long for this moment. Let’s celebrate your win, shall we?’‘


Originally posted by lawlliets

Jongdae and you were already this far in your relationship that you both knew you liked each other more than only friends but more than meeting up in secret sometimes and holding hands hadn’t happened yet. 

The moment you got announced that you had won the daesang, Jongdae knew today was the day he would make the next step. As soon as you both were alone he kissed you passionately. 

‘‘How about we do the next step in our relationship today, baby? You know, as a celebration of your win and as comfort for my loss.’‘


Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

As soon as he heard your name Chanyeol began to smile brightly and clap like a maniac, he was so so proud of you he almost forgot you had won against them. He even stood up and clapped when you walked passed them. You giggled and made a sign, telling him to meet you later.

In the short break of the show Chanyeol and you met up but it wasn’t like you thought it would be. Chanyeol crashed his hand into the wall beside your head and captured you in between himself and the wall behind you. 

‘‘I’m very proud you have won. You really deserve it. But you won against us, you think you can comfort me?’‘

He smirked and you exactly knew what that meant. This night would be longer than you expected. 


Originally posted by lovinthesoo

I think Kyungsoo is like Yixing. He is also a very big patron and doesn’t mind to loose since Exo already won so many awards. After the show is over he texted you to come to the parking lot where he will wait for you. So you walked there and saw Kyungsoo leaning against your car, smiling. 

‘‘Hey sugar, I’m going to treat you for a late dinner, whatchu say?’‘ 

You smiled back and nodded but before you could enter the car, Kyungsoo gave you a little kiss on the lips, whispering against them.

‘‘As my girlfriend of course…’‘

You knew that you would never forget this day.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jongin had already given you looks the whole evening. You didn’t know if it was just you being paranoid but when there was a little break and he grabbed your hand dragging you into an empty dressing room, you knew you haven’t been paranoid. 

‘‘Let’s have some fun Y/N. Oh and congratulations for winning against me…’’

His undertone made clear he was happy for you but would still have to punish you for being so successful. 


Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun and Junmyeon are the only ones who would be a little bit angry and sad over their loss. Sehun though would be annoyed too that he had lost against you. Of course, he would be happy for you but it hurt his pride that he had lost against the one woman that made him feel like a horny teenage boy again. 

Soon, when there was a moment you two could meet, he grabbed your chin and pressed a dominant kiss on your lips. 

‘‘I guess I have to show you that I’m still the boss between us, don’t you think sweetheart? Oh and congrats for winning.’‘

There was no way you could walk properly tomorrow. 

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Can I have a BTS reaction to you accidentally spilling a drink all over their expensive suit? And this is right before a performance or award or something

I would be absolutely destroyed if I did this like ruining the beautiful clothing these boys wear? Sins.


He’d be upset as you knocked your drink into his lap right before they were announced to win an award. He wouldn’t be mad though and instead accept your help in wiping the liquid off his lap and jacket. When they were called he’d force a smile and kiss your temple. “At least it was a clear drink. Don’t worry love.”


All he did was go in for a hug before he was to step onto stage for their opening song, but as he stepped to you and a stylist accidentally bumped you, you couldn’t help the drink that sloshed forward and wettened his white shirt. He’d look down at the light pink stain and nod his head slowly. He really isn’t one to care to much about his clothing and on any other occasion he would laugh it off but there was no time. But when the stylist who bumped into you sent the blame your way Yoongi looked at her with harsh eyes. “You ran into her, you fix it. Hurry.”


You were so excited that the boys had won the award they were up for that when their name was called you jumped with excitement your smile was quickly turned to horror as your drink spilt onto Namjoon. The cameras were already on your table so there was no hiding the fact it had happened, but even if they weren’t, it wouldn’t have stopped the smile that covered Namjoon’s face as he laughed and pulled you into a huge hug whispering a happy ‘dont worry’ in your ear. When he got on stage he’d smile and hold a hand to his now wet shirt. “Whoops.” He’d begin with making everyone, including you laugh.


He was about to go onto stage for a dance piece he we performing by himself. He was standing next to you with his arm around your waist talking with two of the other boys. You, being so proud of him, moved the hand you were using to hold your drink to tap against his chest as you bragged about him to the others, but as the drink sloshed over your hand and onto his white shirt you lost your train of thought and quickly moved your hand to start trying to try his shirt. You’d apologize over and over again, scared he’d get up set, but instead he just laughed and took the drink from your hand and pouring the rest over his body. “The fans will love this.” He said kissing your blushed cheek and moving over to the mouth of the stage as Yoongi stepped off. 


Jimin wouldn’t want to make a big deal about the face you spilt red wine over his shirt, if anything you were lucky he was in a shirt that had red markings scattered around it, but never the less he half heartedly kissed your cheek before stepping onto stage. You braced yourself for this set of songs to finish and wouldn’t help but feel nervous at the fact that he was probably very mad at you, but as you stood there with your arms crossed, watching him wave to the faces as he exited the stage you all but expected him to walk right past you. Instead he stripped the shirt and threw it off to the side before wrapping his arms around me. “Really, Jagi, if you wanted to get me shirtless all you would have to do is ask.”


He wouldn’t be mad if you spilt something on him as they sat there watching their friends get called up for their awards, instead he’d just sit there nd ask you for your help to dap the liquid of his lap. He’d then lean forward and whispered in your ear about how close your hand was to his member and then he’d give you he’s loving laugh and a sweet kiss to your cheek as you threw the napkin at him. 


Jungkook would have been whispering things into your ear that made you giggle as you sat with the boys watching their friends perform. At one point he’d say something that made you choke on your drink and spill a little on his leg. He’d just chuckle and wipe it off before going back to telling you funny things in your ear.


Me and my cousins watched Snow White and I can’t help thinking of nct dream and omg just hear me out OKAY


- Is the fully capable leader.
- ehem not so fully capable tbh
- I bet Doc can’t fry an egg for his life.
- stutters
- Listens to grumpy (which is lowkey Donghyuck) one sec but the other sec he   disagrees with whatever bad idea he has.
- Is probably scared af when they face problems but tries to maintain a calm       composure so the other members could follow.
- Like when they washed.
- he was nervous af but he was the one who took the lead.
- just like how Mark tries to keep his best not to cry when they won their award when most of them are already crying :’)


- Stubborn af
- Savage
- Is the one who mostly picks a fight with Doc (Mark)
- guys, even though grumpy was grumpy about playing the piano he still plays     it IM–
- Again tsundere, pretends to not care but he is the one who acts first when         Snow White was in trouble.
- Just like how Donghyuck takes care of his members, he was the one who fed   Taeyong in nct life first cause he was still cooking, he fed mark in mmc too         despite of how he refused too :’)
- Even though he is grumpy/ savage he loves his members


- Again, Happy.
- This dwarf is the smiliest of course.
- I mean Jaemin, his smile is blinding.
- When there is tension Happy would be the one who would be bubbly and all smiles.
- Jaemin is named healing smile
- you know heals the tension with his smile.
-You get it.


- The members did mention Jisung probably sleep the most.
- I recall them saying he could sleep anywhere.
- I dunno
- The kid does sleep a lot, he is very tall.
- Sleepy always sleeps, of course.
- And when they are in a group he seems clueless.
- He is clueless most of the time.
- But he manages to get through every situation.
- How
- Like Jisung.
- Remember mmc.


- dopey is the youngest and ehem the cutest.
- Im not saying that Chenle is hella cute but that’s exactly what I’m saying.
- You see dopey doesn’t talk.
- but can scream and what not
- kinda like Chenle
- He only knows limited korean
- And he is capable of doing unhuman dolpin scream
- I think dopey is also number one for shameless extra anticts
- exactly like Chenle
- Also soft af
-his name is dopey
- dope
- Awesome
- Chenle
- President


- I really think bashful is like Renjun
- Mainly because shy type
- but who knows.
- he might just be shy
- blushes a lot.


- I couldn’t put Jeno on anywhere before
- that’s why i hesitated on doing this.
- But, the accuracy omg.
- I didn’t think the 7 dwarves are so accurate to nct dream
- Jeno owns cats.
- but he is allergic to them
- I could only imagine Jeno sneezing nonstop when he is around his cats.

love (hits hard)

anonymous asked:  Hi there~ Are scenario requests still open? If so, may I request a scenario about Jun from Svt? Let’s say one of his celebrity crushes has a very dark image and sings sad songs so he thinks she (reader) will be intimidating in real life, but once they meet at like an award show or something he realizes that she’s very down to earth and kind. And he asks her out in the end? Thank you in advance!!! <3

genre: pure fluff 

characters: wen junhui of seventeen 

notes: it’s been y e a r s since i’ve written anything OTL so please excuse my horrible attempt at filling this request. anyway, i hope you like this anon!! 

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“You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” AU + jikook~

Pairing: Jikook
Prompt: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,450

“We’re sorry you’ve had to wait this long,” Hoseok frowns, as he settles in the seat across from Jungkook in the waiting area.

“It’s alright,” Jungkook smiles. “This is a huge organisation after all, I’m sure everyone here is very busy.”

Hoseok looks almost relieved by his reply, the corners of his lips tugging up in a small smile. “The manager will be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, any questions?”

Honestly, Jungkook had many questions. Or perhaps many may still be an understatement. This is BTS they’re talking about - the advertising and marketing agency that has clinched top position for almost a decade. It’s been Jungkook’s dream to get into BTS ever since he decided on the marketing and communications route when entering university. And now he’s here - sitting in the office with the human resource manager and waiting for his interview slot. Jungkook doesn’t even know how he managed to pass the preliminary rounds to get to this final stage. It’s still so surreal, and Jungkook draws a blank at Hoseok’s question.

Hoseok is still patiently waiting for a reply, so Jungkook blurts the first thing that comes to mind. “What’s the manager like?”

“The manager interviewing you?” Hoseok seems to light up at that. “His name is Park Jimin. He joined us two years ago and is one of our youngest managers around. A really talented man if you ask me. The best we could possibly ask for. You know the perfume ad that won the Emmy for Commercials last year?” At Jungkook’s nod, he continues, “Jimin helmed that project.”

Two years and a manger running the biggest projects there are? Winning top awards after a year in? Hoseok doesn’t even look thirty and he’s calling Jimin young. If anything, Jungkook’s already in awe. But before he can get another word out, there’s a voice from across the waiting room. “Hoseok hyung, I’m ready.”

“Finally, busy man.” Hoseok grins and stands, and Jungkook quickly follows suit, casting his glance across the room. His breath catches.

There’s a man in a white shirt and black slacks, sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows and first two buttons undone to give off a more casual vibe. He’s small in stature, a good few centimeters shorter than Jungkook, but he carries himself with an air of confidence. And he’s smiling, eyes reducing to slits and mouth wide in a grin. Jungkook tries but fails to stop staring like an idiot because holy shit, no one prepared him for this. Hoseok said young, but he didn’t say good-looking. Hot, Jungkook’s mind supplies unhelpfully and he resists the urge to club himself in the head with Hoseok’s tumbler.

“Is this the interviewee with you?” Jungkook jolts a little at that, focusing his gaze just in time to find Jimin’s attention now on him. His gaze is sharp but not unkind, almost a little inquisitive as he gives Jungkook a quick onceover. Jungkook bows deep in greeting, praying hard that his knees don’t give in from how weak they feel.

“Yeah,” Hoseok says. “This is Jeon Jungkook.” He guides Jungkook forward with a gentle grip around his elbow. “All yours now, Jimin.”

“Thanks, hyung,” Jimin says before gesturing to Jungkook. “Come on, we’ll use the meeting room down the corridor.”

Once they’re both seated, Jimin turns to him and smiles. “Glad you could make it for the interview today, Jungkook.”

“I-It’s no problem.” Jungkook groans internally, that did not come out right. Jimin’s gaze is distracting (this close Jungkook sees that he’s wearing grey contact lenses) and Jungkook’s mind is a mess. “I m-mean uhh I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

“Well,” Jimin picks up a pen, scribbling down something short. “Tell me more about yourself.”

With Jimin looking down at his paper, Jungkook feels like he can finally catch the breath that’s been knocked out of him earlier. “My name is Jungkook, and I studied marketing and comm-”

“That’s in your resume,” Jimin cuts in. Jungkook blinks, fingers toying with a stray thread at the waist of his slacks. “I want to know what’s special about you, what makes you stand out from the crowd.”

Against his will, Jungkook’s eyes wander to Jimin’s full lips, his thoughts drifting a little before he snaps back, chiding himself silently. Licking his lips, Jungkook starts, “I uhh… I’ve been doing some work, I mean freelance work since freshman year. Oh, I umm,” he pauses, digging through his bag to pull out a file. “I brought my portfolio.”

Jimin reaches for the file, their fingers brushing and Jungkook quickly retracts his hands, tucking them between his thighs to keep them from shaking.

“Look pretty good,” Jimin says, as he flips through the file.

“Thank you,” Jungkook mutters. He lets himself stare at the manager’s small hands and wanders how they’ll feel clasped in his bigger ones.

“You know,” Jimin starts, and Jungkook jerks a little at his voice. There’s a hint of a smile on Jimin’s lips as he stares straight into Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook tries not to break the eye contact, even if his insides are squirming so much that he wants to get up and move around to get rid of that feeling. “You’re awfully nervous for someone this talented and experienced.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says. Jimin raises his eyebrows in question. “Uhh… thank you?”

Jimin tips his head back and laughs, and it catches Jungkook off-guard (it’s a professional interview for a top company after all). It should be unattractive with his eyes disappearing and nearly all his teeth showing, but all Jungkook can think is how he still is terribly handsome. He’s whipped and so, so screwed. Taehyung’s going to have the time of his life teasing him if he finds out that Jungkook is having a “high school crush” on his maybe-soon-to-be manager.

“Cute,” Jimin utters softly, but Jungkook still catches it. He dies a little inside.

“So, Jungkook,” Jimin starts again. “I know this is a huge organization and all, and it may seem a little intimidating, but you don’t have to be so nervous.”

No, Jungkook thinks. No, Jimin’s got it all wrong. Because Jungkook, with more than three years of design experience on his belt, is not at all worried about his skills. He isn’t at all nervous because this is some huge ass company that rakes in millions per project and billions each year. 

No, if there’s anything that’s making the ever-confident Jungkook sweat and stutter, it’s Park Jimin.

“Your resume and portfolio is pretty impressive,” Jimin is saying. “Maybe you could tell me what concerns you have that is keeping you nervous now?”

How is he going to explain that it’s not the job but Jimin’s face and overall presence that’s making him jittery? Jungkook sighs mentally. Why does Jimin have to be so damn hot and cute all at once and mess with his mind?

“I mean…” The lilt in Jimin’s voice has Jungkook finally focusing his gaze on the manager. He blinks, confused, because what? Jimin is smirking?

“If it helps you relax and stutter less, I could always turn around so you don’t have to see my face,” Jimin says.

It take three whole seconds for Jungkook to process his words before he colors, unconsciously covering his face in embarrassment. So he’s not only a stuttering mess but he actually said those thoughts out loud. Called Jimin hot and cute to his face at an interview.

“I’m sorry,” Jungkook mumbles. This is it. His only chance at BTS is gone. Jungkook doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry at his stupidity.

“Jungkook,” Jimin says. He waits until Jungkook lowers his hands to look at him before continuing. “Let me ask you one question: Do you really want this job?”

“Yes,” Jungkook blurts, nodding to emphasize his point. “It’s been a dream job for me.” Vaguely, Jungkook registers that he didn’t stutter this time.

Jimin doesn’t answer immediately but continues to stare right at Jungkook, assessing. Jungkook tries not to fidget, biting on the inside of his bottom lip to keep still.

“You’re hired.”

“I’m- wait, I’m hired?” Jungkook can’t keep the incredulity out of his voice.

“Yes,” Jimin’s smiling, “You start next week, congratulations.”

“Thank you!” Jungkook can’t keep the wide smile from spreading across his lips. “Thank you so much.”

“I’ll see you then.” And Jungkook takes this as his cue to leave, gathering his things. Just as he’s stepping over to the door, Jimin starts, “Oh and Jungkook?”

Jungkook spins around in response, one hand on the door handle.

“You’ll be working directly under me,” Jimin says, gesturing to himself. “So get used to this face.”

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Can you please do #28 with Jensen please ❤️💕

“You’re still mad?” - Yes, Jensen. Yes I am.

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“Will you quit pouting at me?” Jensen chuckled as I watched him pack his things, while I folded my arms across my stomach and huffed. This wasn’t fair. “I told you I was sorry.”

“But, Jensen, we said we’d stick together,” I furrowed my eyebrows as I fought the tears building in my eyes. “And now you’re off to be a big television star and I’m stuck here to rot without you.”

“You’re still mad?” He was trying to stuff one of his suitcases so full and I couldn’t help but smile lightly. He never knew how to pack. “Y/N, this is a huge opportunity for me. This show could be the one, you know?”

“I know,” I whined, lying back down on the bed. “But you’re going to get super famous and you’re gonna forget about me. You’ve already won awards for Days of Our Lives and - and - people just love you. It’s really hard not to love you.”

Suddenly, I felt him on top of me and he brushed some hair out of my face. Even though we were just friends, this was normal for us. We were that close. “I will never forget about you, Y/N. That’s impossible.”

“I guess I’ll let you move to Vancouver,” I smiled along with him. “On one condition.”

He chuckled and kissed my forehead, “What’s that?”

As I stood up, I bit my lip and gave him a sheepish smile, “Get me Jared Padalecki’s autograph.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re unbelievable.”

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a short prompt.  I how it’s not too disappointing, i know you’re all waiting for a much longer fic from me and i fear this one is not very good.  

anyway, I’ve heard some people wishing for a slightly softer Finn and a more confident Rae, so I put that in this au.  This is a little one-shot that wouldn’t get out of my head once I saw the prompt.  I hope you all like it.  I’d love to see your takes on it, so feel free to re-write it if you like the prompt – I don’t own it!

 Also, just a reassurance I’m still working on season 4 - just very slowly – I’m working on about 12 things at the same time.  My head is a jungle of ideas!  But believe me that my beloved mmfd is still in there!  And I still care about Rae & Finn and all of you.  

I was wondering if any of you had even the slightest interest in me posting any of my non-mmfd fanfics?  I am working on a long one that really doesn’t require you to be in the fandom (it’s probably better if you’re not) that has a big girl lead, lots of pining and longing and almost kissing, sexy sex of course, and also werewolves, mages, fighting dragons and exploring ancient ruins and stuff.  If enough people seem interested in reading it, I might post that as well as my mmfd stuff here.  

Typical CW for my stuff: swearing, sex, I think that’s it.

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i hope you all like it!

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Okay this is complete speculation but what if the la la land mixup was staged to happen, like how that one post pointed out how the official oscars page tweeted that La la land won despite that they would’ve known that Moonlight won and wouldn’t have an excuse to for some reason to have tweeted that it was la la land

Like it was staged ( the nominations def not knowing) so that the oscars would be even more talked about like think about it how they would even mix up the biggest award of the night accidentally giving them an envelope (the envelope he got was for best actress) that would’ve already have been opened and announced (and possibly given to Emma stone as a keepsake)

The mistake got cleared up in what less than 5 minutes not even so back to the twitter thing how did they make the graphic that La la land won when they already knew the winner was moonlight, the people posting would’ve knew it wasn’t la la land since they knew moonlight won

The twitter thing could be explained that they had some random worker tweeting that didn’t know the final award wins but even that doesn’t really seem likely since it seems like everyone in the oscar organization would’ve known who won the biggest award of the night

This is just a conspiracy theory really maybe it actually was an accident but 👀

Movie pitch!

Producer: Lets make a movie called 12 Years a Slave. It’s about a free man living in the North who is captured and sold into slavery, and has to live as a slave for 12 years in the South while protesting his freedom before he finally gets to return home.

Person: Oh, isn’t that a true story? That will make a great movie. Who are you going to cast?

Producer: Tom Hanks!

Person: … but isn’t the story about a black man?

Producer: Race isn’t important. The story can be about a white man who was a slave. It’s about telling the best story we can.

Person: Okay, but the story is specifically about a black man who was free but forced into slavery, and the white people who wouldn’t believe him, and kept him in slavery even after they had proof he wasn’t a slave.

Producer: There were white slaves too.

Person: What? But… I mean why can’t you just cast a black actor to play this character who was historically black? The guy being black was central to the entire story!

Producer: We cast the actor who we thought would do the best job in the role. Tom Hanks has won an Oscar, after all.

Person: There are plenty of black actors who have won major awards. Also, isn’t casting a white actor to play a historically black character taking jobs away from black actors, a group that already has way less representation in leading roles in Hollywood than they should?

Producer: Well, we need a star that can sell the movie. Audiences don’t pay to come and see black actors. They want to see actors they know and love.

Person: Wouldn’t they know and love more black actors if you cast them in more lead roles?

Producer: Okay, fine. What if we use makeup and special effects to make Tom Hanks look black?

Chris Pine Imagine

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Both being actors and also being a couples sometimes makes you two have a healthy competitions. For example being nominated for the same award. You both don’t really care who wins it’s just fun games. But deep down you hope the other person wins. 

“Ready?” you asked Chris as you both arrived at the red carpet. 

“The question is if you are ready” Chris joked and got out of the car. You two walked the carpet in each other arms. Everyone loved when you took photos together. It always made you both smile and would see the loving looks you gave each other while the other wasn’t looking. After some photos you had to do interviews, and since you two were together and also nominated for the same award they wanted to you to answer questions together. 

“How are thing with you two?” the interviewer asked making you look at each other “I mean since you’re both nominated for the same award” you both laughed out. 

“Oh we hate each other now” Chris joked and you joined in

“We now sleep in different room because of it” it was very obvious you both were joking. 

“We really don’t care about it” Chris said looking at you “I believe I can speak for both of us when I say we would be happy of any of us won the award or any one else in that category.” you nodded 

“Everyone of those people deserve the award. They all are very talented” you added to what Chris said. And you truly meant it. They all were amazing, the work they had done was even more amazing, so it didn’t matter who won. What was important was to have fun and that’s what you and Chris did. 

When you two walked in got some drinks and went to talk to some friends. For a while you went your separate ways. You talked to your friends from your newest movie and he went to his. Long time hadn’t passed when Chris was already by your side. 

“Excuse me lady, I’d like to steal this beauty away from you” he said to all the women standing with you. They all smiled and nodded. 

“Miss me already?” you asked Chris as you walked to your table. 

“More then you know” he helped you sit down and gave you a new glass of wine.

The award show began. Even thou it was an award show it was very uplifting. Chris held your hand and watched the show, soon your nominee was up. Chris leaned to you 

“I hope you win” you said to Chris making him smile, before he could say anything to you his name was being called. You already had a feeling he would win and was more then happy for him. Chris deserved it. 

He walked on the stage and accepted the award. 

“Thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who worked with me on this movie and made it possible, but there is someone I also want to thank.” he smiled at you. “I want to thank my lovely girlfriend. She’s the reason I still do this. she’s my motivation and I actually think you should have won this. So when I we get home, no I’ll do it now” everyone and you watched Chris. He walked down the stage and to you. He handed you the award “You should have this. You worked very hard on the movie. This is yours” you were in a shock, you had never seen anyone really do that. You didn’t know if he could even do that. 

Everyone in the room started to clap. 

“Can you even do this?” you said to Chris. He laughed and nodded. He placed the award in your hands and kissed you.  That was a moment you would never forget, the world would never forget. 

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Word Count: 1030

Type: Confession

Brief: Your group and EXO have are well known rivals in the industry but there’s a secret that both you and Sehun have been hiding from the public.

*Y/G/N = Your Group Name. **Y/S/N = Yours and Sehun’s Ship Name.

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Wicked Game- Namjoon

AN: Sooo Im back with one shot with Namjoon and I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Genere: Romance, Angst, 

WC: 2547 (thought it was longer heh, but enjoy)


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You were just a ordinary girl with not so oridanry boyfriend.  True, you treated him like you would everybody else but you were one of the few that did. You knew him and beahaved with him as Kim Namjoon. And it wouldn’t be any different when he turned  into Rap Monster from  BTS, yes that famous BTS and that famous Rap Monster, but  unfortunately it is different . Why?

 Not becaue of you or the way ou are with him. The probem is him. You and Namjoon were dating for 3 years now. And everything was perfectly fine until lately. BTS was a big thing, they were already super popular in South Korea and they were starting ti get extremely popular worldwide. They even won Billboard Music Award. You were really proud and happy because of this. 

 And for some time now he’s been acting like two different people. When he was with you he was you sweet, loving and cute boyfirend Nmjoon, but when his friends were around…he changed into Rap Monster, sexy,charismatic leader of Bangtan Boys. And of course let’s not forget…a ladies’ man. He acted like you weren’t his girlfriend. He was cold and he ignored you. He didn’t even care how you were feeling when he was flirting with all the girls. But once you were alone with him he was again Namjoon- your sweet boyfriend.

You tried to not take it seriously. You explained it to yourself that he needs to keep your realationship a secret for boys, your and his own good. But it was getting worse everyday. At first he would just igonre you and acted like he didn’t know you. He was cold towards and was begin crabby. Then he would start flirting with girls, and it wasn’t just him begin nice, he would put his arm around them and his hand on their thighs and sometimes his hand would go a little bit too low. You tried to ignore it but every time it happened you felt really hurt, but you really loved him. 

-Namjoon!- You called him as you were getting ready in the bathroom.

-Yes babe?- He asked and stood by the door.

-Why do I have to go too?- You looked at him with sulky face.

-Because I wan you to be there with me.- He kissed your forehead

.-Yea like it makes any difference to you.- You whispered under your breath.

-You said something?- He looked at you.

-No no, I’ll go put my shoes on and we can go.- You were already annoyed because you knew that the minute you step out of the dorm he will turn into Rap Monster and you’ll be just a friend.

-Come on sunshine, what’s wrong with you?- Namjoon asked as you finised tying your shoes.

-There’s nothing wrong with me. I should be asking you this question.-You looked at him with angry eyes.

-Oh boy here we go again. Y/N I already told you that I need to act like that to keep my image and to protect you.- He looked annoyed.

-Protect me from what excatly?- You asked.

-From all of this. You kniow that living as idol isn’t easy and if fans would find out that I’m dating you they wouldn’t leave you alone.- He said as he grabbed the keys and opened the door.

-Oh yeah but when they see you flirting and putting your hands all over some girls they won’t react.- You were already angry and just wanted this night to end.

-Babe, please you know I love you.- Namjoon kissed you and you two went to meet with the boys.

Those three words were enough for you. Everytime he said he loves you, you just let go of this and pretend like it’s not gonna happen again, but it will. After you went downstairs you met with the rest of the members. You drove to the the bar where their friend were waiting. When you were around them Namjoon was still your loving boyfriend but it didn’t matter. Seokjin wa sthe only one that noticed how Nmajoon chaged. Jin was there to help you deal with when Namjoon would hurt you. He would comfort you, even when you were around their friends. He wasn’t like Joon. He wasn’t ashamed, he didn’t worry about his image. Seokjin was you bestfriend.

When you got the bar Namjoon, now Rap Monster, already started ignoring you. You knew this is going to be a long night. As the time passed by everything was as usally. Rap Monster was ignoring you, not paying any attention until you saw the girl that was staring at him. And the worst part…he was staring back at her too. Giving her little simles. This was the begining of the disaster. After 5 minutes of exchanging eye contacts and smiles she was going in our dirction. 

-Hi guys.- She said in her annoying high voice.

-Well hello there.- Of course Rap Monster was the one to say it back.

-Mind if I join you?- She said while putting her hand on Rap Mon shoulder.

-Not at all.- He smiled back at her.

-Y/N, are you alright?- You heard Seokjin’s voice as you looked at the girl that was getting too comfortable with your boyfriend.

You just looked at Jin and he already knew your answer.

-Wanna get out of here- He asked?

-No, it’s okay, you came here to spend time with your friends. I’m gonna be fine.- You assured Jin.

-Come on, I don’t care about them now. I hate seeing you like that.-He grabbed your hand and you two went out of there silently.

-It’s not like Namjoon will notice anyway.- You joked witha little pain in your voice.

-Wanna go get some ice cream?- Seokjin smiled at you.

-Sure.- You smiled back at him.

You two went to the nerbay convenience store and bought some ice cream. You loved spending time with Jin. He always cheered you up, And made you laugh at his dad jokes. After that you two went for a walk.

-Y/N I know that Namjoon is begin a dick and I know him for so long but I really have no idea why he’s like that. What;s weird to me is that when he’s around us he is normal.- Jin sounded confused.

-I know. That’s exctaly what I’m thinking. But he is doing this to protect me and you guys, and his image, at least that’s how he explains it.- You were upset just by thinking about it.

-We should probably go back, it’s been already an hour since we left.- Jin changed the subject when he saw how upset you were.

As you came back first thing you saw was Namjoon ans this girl. They were so close to each other. He had his arm around her and she was whispering something to him. At that moment he looked at you. And he just stared, while this girl was all over him. And then he just looked away.Just like this, ike it was nothing to him. That’s when it hurt the most. 

-Okay guys it’s getting late, we are going back home.- Jin annouced as he saw what just happend.

-Awww come on hyung, let’s stay jus a little bit more.- V ans Jimin looked at him with puppy eyes.

-No, we’ve got some thing to do tomorrow and we need to get some sleep too.- Jin sais as he opened the door of the van.

Whole ride everyone was quiet. Namjoon, now your sweet boyfriend tried to talk to you but you told him that you are tired. As you got home, first thing you did was go the the bathroom and stay there until you calmed yourself. 

-Y/N?- You heard Namjoon’s voice and knocking on the door.

-I was just leaving so don’t worry you can use the bathroom.- You said as you opened the door and went to the bedroom.

-I want to talk no use the bathroom- He followed you.

-I’m tired, we’ll talk tomorrow.- you told him as you layed in bed.

-Okay, I love you.- He kissed your forehead and went to sleep.

It was 3 am and you couldn’t fall asleep, you looked at Namjoon who was sleeping like a baby. You went to the kitchen and sat at the table with cup of water in your hand.

-You okay?- You heard Jin’s voice.

-Yeah, I’m fine.- You lied.

-Don’t lie short stuff.- He sat next to you.

-Look Y/N I know you love Namjoon, I can see it. And i’m glad that he has someone like you in his life. but if he keeps on behaving like this then I don’t think he’s worthy you or your love. I think that it will be better if you..broke up with him, for your own good.- Jin said with serious voice.

-No. I will show him that two can play that game.- You answered with smirk.

-As you wish.- Jin said as he stood up and went to his room.

You’ve decided to show Namjoon that you can be like that too. You’re gonna show him how it feels.

Next day you decided to start your plan. You haven’t seen Namjoon since morning. He and boys had some stuff to do and you decided to go shopping. You bought sexiest dresses you could and heels. You were going out with him and the boys to meet with their friends again tonight. But this time the roles are gonna change. 

-Y/N are you ready?- You heard Hoseok.

-Yes, I’m ready.- You said as you went you of the room. You made all of them wait, including Namjoon, you wanted him to see you looking so different today.

You wore red thight dress and black heels. You put on strong make up and the face that Namjoon made was priceless. 

-Wow.- Was all he said. 

In the car Namjoon couldn’t stop looking at you.

-Babe, you look amazing. Do you have something planned for us later?- He asled as his hand was on your thigh.

-No- You brushed his hand off.

When you got the bar you sat next to one of his friends on purpose. Again he was now Rap Monster not your boyfriend Namjoon.

- Well hi there.- His friend, Jun started conversation.

-Hi.- You smiled in the sexiest way you could.

-How come we haven’t talked before?- You could sense that he was flirting and you decided to play along.

-I have no idea, but i’m glad we can talk now aren’t you.- You put your hand on his shoulder.

You could already see that Namjoon was disturbed by this. You mtalk with his friend for the whole time, you didn’t even look at Namjoon. You laughr at Jun’s jokes and were sitting really close to him. He put his arm around you and started whispering something to you. And you laughed. When you saw Namjoon…he was angry, but you didn’t care. When the night was over and you two were alone at home he stared acting like Namjoon again.

-What was that all about Y/N?

-What do you mean?- You pretended like you didn’t know what he was talking about.

-You were all over Jun. What the hell? He was flirting with you and you didn’t really seem to care about that.- You could see that he was so jealous.

-What? No I was just trying to be nice and polite to you friends. I wanted to get to know them.- You answered with smile.

-But Jun wasn’t the only one there.- Namjoon was mad at you.

-Just stop it babe, you know i love you.- You used the same thing that the does ever time you are mad at him.

For the next couple of weeks you were flirting with guys at the bar and Namjoon was doing the same thing. It turned into some sick game between you two. And when you came home both of you acted like nothing happened.

Tonight wasn’t any different. You flirted with one of his friends Shin and he did the same with some girl at the bar. But this time he couldn’t stand it and so did you. Shin was getting way to handsy and Namjoon clearly didn’t like it. When Shin out his hand on you thing and started going up Namjoon just exploded. He grabbed you and took you outside.

-What the fuck Y/N?!- He yealled at you.

-Stop making a scene Rap Monster.- You called him that on purpose.

-Stop? Shin was almost in your pants and you want me to stop?! The hell is wrong with you?- Namjoon looked mad as hell.

-Yeah what is wrong with me. I just realised that I turned into you.- You two were just yelling at each other.

-What do you mean?- He looked confused.

-Stop acting Rap Monster.

-Stop calling me that!

-That’s who you are. Every time we go out you turn into ignorant Rap monster, you ignore me, flirt with other girls and you don’t even care how i feel and then when we get home you act like nothing happened- At that point you were done with everything.

-Y/N…- He stopped.

-Don’t you see Namjoon that this turned into some fucking wicked game between us. It’s not even a relationship anymore. We are competing with each other and then we act like nothing happened. That’s not normal.- You just wanted to get over it so you told him how you feel.

-I…I had no idea you felt that way.- He looked  embarrassed.

-Yeah because you never asked.You always said that you want to protect me.- You could feel tears in your eyes.

-Baby…I’m so so sorry. I just thought…I don’t know what I thought.- He looked at you.

-Namjoon I don’t care anymore. I can’t do this any longer. It’s too much for me. It’s over.- You just walked away.

-Y/N!!!- He yelled but you were too hurt to do this now.

You decided to stay at your friend’s place tonight and think about everything. You ended up staying there for a week. One morning you woke up to someone’s loud voice. It was Namjoon.

-Y/N let’s talk…please.- he begged.

-Fine.- You wanted to hear what he has to say.

-Y/N I’m so sorry I don’t know how to apologize to you. I didn’t realize how much I have hurt you by behaving like this. I can’t believe that I did that to you. To the love of my life. You’ve put up with that for so long and i can’t be grateful enough for your love and I can’t live without you. I love you. Please give me another chance.- He looked broken.

-Joonie, I love you too, but how am I supposed to know it’s not gonna happen again.-You weren’t sure if you were ready for this.

-Because from today we are official.

-What?- You were surprised.

-Y/N I love you and I don’t want to hide our love or you.- He looked into your eyes.

-Namjoon…I love you too.- You looked at him and you two kissed.

-But babe promise me one thing…


-Don’t go near Jun or Shin okay? - he smiled and you two laughed.

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As far as Kent Parson knew, he was the only Omega in the NHL. It wasn’t that being an male Omega was rare; there was an alright percentage of male Omegas in the population. It wasn’t even that male Omega athletes were rare. It was just that being an Omega in the NHL was not allowed.

Until recently.

But that was six years after Kent had already made a name for himself in the league all the while pretending to be a Beta.

The only people that knew were management, his coaches, and his trainers. They knew Kent could play and didn’t care what his designation was. Omega or not, he brought the Las Vegas Aces two Stanley Cups. And everyone was sure that he had not hit his prime yet.

Regardless of how good he was, he had to keep the fact that he was an Omega secret. He used scent blockers. He was on heat suppressants. The best heat suppressants. He only came off of them in during the off season. If there wasn’t a big tournament over the summer.

Which there always was.

In the six years he’d been in the league, he’d only gone through his heat twice.

Doctors and trainers told him that it wasn’t healthy to have so few heats in such a long period of time. But Kent knew what he had to do to continue playing in the league. He knew his body. He never knew when the heat would hit after he came off the suppressants. The first time it was a right after the season ended. The second time he did it it came two weeks before the preseason started.

He didn’t want to cut it that close ever again.

So he stayed on them. Month after month after month.

Even after he came out as being both gay and an Omega.

Because although he had already established himself in the league, he felt like he had even more to prove.

He was grateful for the support of his teammates and his family and his fans. While they couldn’t protect him from everything, they had his back. And that meant everything to Kent.

Now he could be himself. Even if everyone else didn’t want that. But he couldn’t go back on it now. Being an out Omega meant too much to too many people.

So he played hard enough and good enough that designation didn’t matter. There was always an alpha or two on the ice that tried to be an asshole about it, but he never let it get to him. There was always his teammates, or someone on the other team there to stick up for him.

That, and he had a pretty good resume as an NHL player already going. Even if they tried to take away his accolades, it didn’t change the fact that he still won awards and cups.

Everything was going well. The Aces were winning which meant that more people were talking about the team instead of the Omega that was on it.

They were on a four game win streak before they went on a four game road trip. Their first game was against the Providence Falconers.

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Madancy Movie Night 2: The Reckoning

Egged on by precisely no one, @avidreadr2004 and I consigned ourselves to the lot of the eternally traumatised and tormented.  On Wednesday night, armed with tea, ginger ale, and what I’m told is quite good vodka, we watched Basic Instinct 2.

We barely escaped with our lives.

As it turns out, if you want to venture into Hell, using the buddy system is a quite good tactic.

Highlight reel below the cut:

(NOTE:  It is long.  Very long.  Because this film is so terrible that the only way I could cope was by continually typing out sarcastic comments of decreasing coherence and increasing capitalisation.  On the other hand, ow, my fingers.)

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