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What kind of s/o Itachi and Kakashi would like please (personality, hobbies and looks, but not 'attractiveness' more long hair or short hair, tall or short, and stuff like that. Thx

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy! I put the “keep reading” thing up because this ended up being really long in my opinion and felt that it would be better with it there. But this is completely SFW

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Me: I’m fine

My heart: 👀👀👀 taehyung?? 👀👽 how come??$ how did the first time he discover it?? Did he just casually scrolling and found a link?? Or does he really know the shit we do??? Does he cringe while reading it or does he all giggly????:!? Has he ever read smut? Or too scared to even read one??? Or maybe a fluff lover?? Or a hoe for angst??? Has he teared up while reading angst fiction??? BUT TAEKOOK FICS??? THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH??? HaS HE FOUND ONE?? WELL IT WOULD BE ODD IF HE HaSnt??? BUT HAS HE EVER?? HAS HE EVER PERSUADE JK TO READ IT TOO LIKE “HEY I FOUND THIS FIC OF US IT SAYS THE GENRE IS ANGST I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS BUT ITS SO SAD YOU SHOULD READ IT” rip im done chong-jojun-balsa me is less frustrating than this

Sebastian Stan having Tumblr would include

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  • it’s a Saturday evening
  • Seb is a bit bored so he decides to do what he always does when he’s bored
  • he goes on Instagram
  • posts a few pictures
  • answers a few fan questions
  • breaks a few hearts
  • and then something catches his eye
  • “Tumblr?” lil Sebby thinks
  • “what is Tumblr?”
  • he does what any other rationally thinking human being would do
  • he goes to kitchen, grabs a soda and ice cream from the fridge
  • then he goes back to his room and looks up Tumblr
  • and there it is, the tiny blue and black icon, shining in its glory
  • our lil excited Seb clicks on it and decides to sign up
  • “what harm could this do?” thinks the lil nugget
  • little did he know
  • he writes sebstan as his username
  • it is already taken
  • he tries sebastianstan
  • it is also taken
  • “who are these savage imposters?” thinks the romanian god
  • for his 14th try he writes “chubbydumplin”
  • and finally, it is not taken
  • for password he choses an easy one “justtrynastayalive384″
  • and then, finally, after 14.2 minutes of sweating, the blue/green/sometimes a bit gray eyed puppy signs in the graveyard of social lives, Tumblr
  • the first thing he writes in the search bar is “sebastian stan”
  • thousands of pictures appear on his dash
  • this much dedication of his fans makes him blush
  • and then, somethings catches his beautiful eye
  • “Night of love and lust” - sebastian stan one shot
  • without thinking this romanian kitten clicks on it and starts reading
  • the beginning of the story was cute and innocent
  • “the relationship between “me” and this someone named “y/n” is adorable” - thought the lil burito
  • “what kind of name is y/n?”
  • but then, Sebby saw something he would never be able to unsee
  • SMUT
  • the intercourse was very descriptive but Sebby found himself lost in the writing
  • he liked and reblog the one shot, but not before following the author
  • and then he read another fic
  • and another
  • and another
  • and then …. Sebastian made a life changing decision to write an imagine
  • he wrote his first one
  • then the second
  • he got his first like and follow
  • the likes and follows he was getting encouraged him to write more and more 
  • and soon the actor was writing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he then found some Stucky posts (which he, of course, liked and reblogged)
  • he reblogged new memes
  • he even wrote some headcanons for himself
  • he read a Stucky smut and thought to himself
  • “how am i going to look in Chris’ eyes after this?”
  • but the allure of the fics was too strong to resist
  • his phone was blowing up with messages from his friends but he wasn’t paying attention to it
  • he was lost in the ever sucking abyss that was called Tumblr
  • it was 10 in the Sunday morning
  • he was on his 14th Stucky fanfic
  • and with 124 likes, 50 followers, red eyes and a happy heart, he went to sleep

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My dude I have such a hard time staying in my lane like most of the time I prefer Jean, but sometimes I like Eren and sometimes I like someone a little softer like Armin (though I wouldn't sleep with him) I used to like Bertholdt but I struggle to get over what he did and sometimes if I'm feeling ~scandalous~ there's Levi but gghanskdiahsvdh I always go back to Jean

Nahh dude, nothing wrong with that I’m the same. Marco is #1 bae always has been and always will be but lately I prefer to write Jean but I also go through Eren/Bertholdt (he’s actually my second favorite character in the series lol) phases. Sometimes I just really wanna read Levi smut even tho he’s far from my fave?? And Reiner and Erwin are always in the back incase I wanna deal with them.

You don’t have to stick to one thing bro, taste the rainbow entire menu.

Educational Programming

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Charlie

Reader gender: female

Warnings: fluff, meta stuff, cussing

The evening began with you and your best friend making a poster to take to the Supernatural convention this weekend.

You were drawing some symbols on it and joking about how ‘what if Castiel actually showed up?’ And 'how do I summon Jensen Ackles?’. It was all fun and games until your hand connected with one of the symbols and you’re not sure what you said to make it happen, but you were no longer in your living room with your best friend.

Your whole body hurt pretty badly and you woke up in a barn. You didn’t notice anything very suspicious, but you noticed the 6'4" moose of a man running towards you from outside.

“Hey are you okay? That vamp hit you pretty hard.” His hazel eyes were mesmerizing as he reached out a hand to help you up.

“You- you- you’re- uh…” Dammit (y/n) get your shit together! “You’re Jared Padalecki!”

“Did you hit your head? Um… My name’s Sam. Sam Winchester… Maybe we should get you some ice.”

“Oh. Yeah. Yeah.” You nodded in agreement and got up, starting to walk with him.

“Are we going back to the bunker?” You asked.

He stopped dead in his tracks. “How do you know about that? We’ve never met, have we? I- I just came to scope the place out and you were already here, fighting. ”

“Shit. Okay. Sam, I gotta tell you something.” You found a couple chairs and sat down. “My name is (Y/n) (Y/l/n), and I am from an alternate universe. In my universe, you, Dean, Cas, Crowley… All of you guys are on a TV show called 'Supernatural’. Can you wrap your head around that?”

Sam’s jaw was halfway to the floor, brow furrowed as he slowly nodded. “Yeah. Yeah I got it. But… But how? What?”

“Here. One sec.” You pulled out your phone, but realized maybe your phone would’ve been affected by the crossover as well. But it wasn’t. Thankfully your Tumblr and Pinterest boards were still in tact. You pulled up Misha’s Twitter and moved around to show Sam.

“See. This is the actor who PLAYS Castiel. He’s got a wife, two beautiful kids, he’s happy and the best guy you’ll ever meet.” You looked over to Sam and there was a smile spreading across his face.

“Okay now you.” You grinned and went to Jared Padalecki’s Twitter. You pulled up a picture of him and the kids. “Your actor also has a wife and two beautiful kids. Now I’m gonna prepare you here, your actor married the actor who played Ruby.”

“Excuse me?” Sam was actually surprised.

“Yeah. Hey, don’t sound shocked. She’s hot and you guys did sex scenes. Sometimes it’s inevitable.”

You shrugged and then pulled up your tumblr. “Okay, maybe we should keep this part to ourselves? Maybe not? I just don’t want to piss Dean off. But in my world, there’s a ridiculous amount of people that want Dean and Castiel to… Be together.” You took a deep breath, “A few episodes ago, when you guys were on the case with the Supernatural musical, the whole fandom practically had heart attacks when you kept talking about Destiel. It was hilarious.” You started laughing just thinking about it.

Sam was laughing too, “Dude you have no idea how ridiculous they are. Fucking eye sex all the time!”

You nodded, coming down from laughing with tears in your eyes. Once your vision was no longer blurry, you looked over to see why Sam’s eyes had gone so wide looking down at your phone. It was a destiel manip on your dash and damn it was hot but it was freaking Sam out a little bit.

You snatched your phone and put it in your pocket. “I’m gonna need that ice now?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Sam nodded and got up, leading you to the Impala.

“Baby!” You smiled excitedly.

“Baby’s in the show too?”

“Duh.” You rolled your eyes with a smile, getting into the gorgeous classic car. “Oh. My. God. This is even better than I could’ve imagined.”

Sam shook his head, laughing.

“What were you doing here anyways?”

“Like I said, scoping the place out. Wanted to make sure Dean and I wouldn’t be in over our heads. Then I saw you and that tumble thing-”


“Right. Tumblr. And hey, I gotta show Dean and Cas… I’m guessing you know who Charlie is too?” Sam looked over to you as he started driving.

“Yeah! Charlie is like- the best.” You started fangirling. “She’s so awesome! And she’s a geek and God, she’s beautiful and-”

“Someone’s excited…” Sam mumbled.

“Shut up! I can’t be excited?” You chuckled.

“Didn’t say that.” Sam smiled and turned his eyes back to the road.

Soon enough, you were back at the bunker. And you were bursting at the seams with excitement. You were going to meet all these people!!! These amazingly hot, wonderful, hilarious, great people.

You practically skipped into the bunker with Sam.

“Let me just- I need to go tell everyone I’ve brought someone back. Stay here for a sec, (y/n).”

You nodded and smiled, waiting just inside the entrance.

A few moments later, Sam’s voice echoed through the hall to you. “Okay, come on down to the library! I’m sure you know the way.” You heard him walking back and you followed the sound of his footsteps.

“Hey, everybody!” You walked in, Dean, Cas, and Charlie were sat at the table while Sam grabbed a book before joining you.

Charlie’s eyes lit up at the sight of you, “Who’s this?” She smiled.

Sam started, “That’s-”

“I’m (y/n). Nice to finally meet you guys! This is- this is real! You’re real! I mean of course you’re real, but I didn’t mean- wow.” You sighed, blushing from embarrassment and excitement.

Dean gave a small nod and wave, while Castiel sat up next to him, “Hello, (y/n). It is nice to meet you.” He smiled and you practically melted, his eyes really were that blue! “Nice to meet you too, Cas.”

Dean and Castiel were sitting next to each other and you just- dear god they really need to make out already.

You turned to Sam, “is there a hunt tomorrow?”

He nodded, “Vamps. The ones I was checking on earlier. I’ll get that ice.”

“Ohhhh. Cool. I mean- not, like… Thanks.” You mumbled as he got up.

Charlie laughed, “We get it. So who even are you? I mean not to be rude,” she blushed. “I just wanna know.”

You smiled, “I come from an alternate universe. I know, it sounds weird. But you guys deal with a lot of weird stuff so… Anyways, I was in a universe where this,” you motioned to the room with both hands, “this is all a tv show. You guys are characters, this isn’t real, everything’s a set or filming location… You following me?”

With confused faces shifting to an understanding one, Charlie, Cas, and Dean nodded.

“Let’s go watch it! It’s called Supernatural and it’s on Netflix.” You smiled wide and giggled.

Dean groaned, “We know what happened. I don’t think we need to watch it.”

“Yeah. You do. You need to see what goes on when you aren’t there! You might find some cool stuff out! It’s educational programming.” You turned up your nose at him jokingly. He chuckled and got up, Sam coming into the room and giving you the ice. “What are we doing?”

Charlie cut in, “We’re gonna watch Supernatural.” She smiled and everyone was standing now, heading towards wherever you were gonna watch it.

You got there and Sam plopped into a chair, Castiel and Dean ironically sitting in a love seat and then you and Charlie sat in chairs like Sam.

You started up an episode and it got to a point in the show where Dean and Cas were having serious eye sex.

“DESTIEL.” You blurted it out on accident and immediately wished you could suck it back in. But that’s not how words work.

Dean’s eyes went wide as his face went a little red. “Shut your face.” He muttered.

Sam fell back in his chair laughing while Castiel squinted at nothing, obviously not understanding what you meant. Charlie was laughing too, “Sam told me about that!” She leaned in and tried to only let you hear what she said, “And he got the fic links. He read all of them in two days. Even the smut.”

Your jaw dropped as you looked over at Sam, “Why haven’t you locked them in a room together yet?!”

“Sorry!” He shrugged, still laughing as he wiped tears from his eyes.

Dean rolled his eyes so hard you thought they might’ve fallen out of their sockets, and Cas was still glancing around the room with an awkward, narrowed gaze. “I don’t understand that reference.”

You laughed and looked over at him, “Cas, 'destiel’ is the couple name for you and Dean. Lots of people want you to be together. And everyone thinks you’re secretly in love.”

Castiel blushed, even deeper than Dean if possible, looking over to him. “Dean. Are you in love with me?”

“What? Wha- now, why would I be- come on, Cas. You’re- you’re my best friend. My friend. That doesn’t even- I don’t even- psh.” Dean scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Just answer the question, Claire.” Charlie mumbled and you turned to give her a high five, whispering, “Breakfast Club. Nice.” Before turning back to the scene that was unraveling right in front of your eyes that you’d dreamed about forever.

Dean glared at Charlie for a moment before looking back to you, “Why would you even bring that up?”

You began, “Well, if you’re so flustered about-”

“I’m not flustered.” Dean groaned.

“Fine. Well you also know that people want you and Sam to be together. Like, together together.” You raised your eyebrows at him.

“Ew! No! That’s disgusting! We’re brothers! Gross!” Dean wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“Okay, see, that’s not the same reaction you have when people mention you and Cas-”

“That’s because we aren’t related!”

“We do have a profound bond, Dean.” Castiel cut in.

“Shut up, Cas.” Dean turned to Castiel, who now looked like a kicked puppy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t-”

Cas looked down, “Maybe I should go…”

Dean frowned, “No Cas, you don’t need to. I didn’t mean-”

And with that, Cas was gone.

“Look what you did. You upset your boyfriend.” Sam half frowned.

“I’m gonna go- I don’t know.” Dean sighed before heading off to his room.

“I should probably turn in. Got a big day tomorrow.” Sam smiled and said goodnight before heading to his room as well.

Charlie turned to you, “Oh my gosh, that was… Ha…”

“I know. I know.” You chuckled.

“Is there an episode where they finally kiss or what?”

“Not yet, but… We can have a little simulation thing to see what it’d look like. Photoshop artists and Tumblr. Perfect mix. My Tumblr is different than it may be in this world. Look.” You pulled out your phone and showed Charlie, navigating to one of your favorite blogs. You showed her the destiel manip that Sam had seen earlier.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as you handed your phone to her. “Oh. My. God. They’re- they’re kissing and Cas is- and Dean… Woah.” She laughed and started scrolling.

“So that’s destiel, and Sam and Dean together is called 'wincest’ and… There’s so many ships.” You sighed.

She smiled at you. “Well let’s talk about them! What about Crowley? Is he meant to be with anyone?” She laughed.

“Oh sure, there’s of course the reader inserts in fics… And he’s been shipped with Bobby, Abbadon… Even Cas, actually. Tons of others I can’t even think of.”

She shuddered a little bit, “Ew. Okay. No more Crowley. I don’t like him. Who else is Sam shipped with?”

“Jess, being the main one of course. Um… Castiel sometimes… Oh! How could I forget?! Gabriel. That’s the main person he’s shipped with.” You smiled.

“Gabriel?! He’s so short and evil though!” She raised a brow.

“Nuh uh! He’s not evil! Sure he did some mean things but those were pranks! And it’s actually really cute. Some people don’t think so, that’s okay. I’m not super into it but I’m not hating or anything.” You shrugged. “But if you ship destiel you ship sabriel. That’s basically how it works.”

Charlie hummed in agreement. “I guess I could see that… Do they- am I shipped with anyone?”

You blushed a little bit, “Yeah! Totally. But I mainly ship me and you. You’re pretty awesome.”

She smiled, “So are you. Thank you for the info.”

You smiled and nodded. “No problem, Charlie.”

“I think I should probably go to bed. Did the boys give you a room… Or?”

“No. I wasn’t sure what I’d do…” You scratched the back of your head.

Charlie stood up and grabbed your hand, pulling you to stand as well. She kissed your cheek, making you melt. “Stay with me. My bed’s comfy.”

“Really?” You giggled.

She laughed, nodding. “Yep. Come on.” She started pulling you towards her room.

You took a breath, “So… Sam really read all those fics?”

She chuckled, “Yep. At least all the ones Marie sent. Some of them were pretty long too.”

“Wow. Even the smut?”

She nodded as you got to her room. “Yeah. But you probably shouldn’t talk about that much around him. He kinda freaked out a little bit.”

“Oh. Got it. But we definitely gotta get Dean and Cas together.”

“Oh! Totally.” She smiled and you both crawled into bed.

“They should read some. I bet Dean would be into it.”

“Oh he’d totally eat that shit up. Just… Don’t ever mention Twist and Shout… Especially to Sam. He was crying for a week.” She laughed.

“Promise.” You smiled and hesitantly cuddled up to her.

She wrapped her arms around you and kissed your forehead. “Good. Maybe we should take Cas to the beach some time though…”

“Don’t you dare.”

“I know. I was joking.” She yawned.

“Goodnight, Charlie. Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being cool. And mainly for letting me sleep with you. I mean not like sleep with you. But like SLEEP sleep with you-”

“You sound like Felicity Smoak. Shut up and go to sleep.” She chuckled.

“Yeah sure… Night, Diggle.”

“Ah ah, I’m totally Oliver.”

“Well, you are a Queen…”

She almost fell out of the bed laughing. “We’ll never get anything done if we keep this up.”

“I’m okay with that.”

“Me too.”

So Sean posted something on snapchat saying who’s in London rn ? And I sent him a snap saying Me BISH thinking he wouldn’t even open it so I carried on reading smut and then I got a notification saying Sean is typing and in my head I was like wait what and then he fucking sent me a snap saying “ sup” IM SCREAMING I CANT BELIEVE HE FUCKING NOTICED ME. I SENT HIM ANOTHER SNAP BUT HE JUST OPENED IT I THINK ITS BECAUSE HE WENT TO SLEEP BUT OMF
Sup — Sean grandillo , 21.08.16

i hope this kind of works.  

Dorian rummages through one of his packs in search of a specific text, having been reminded of something by what that last, now dead, Venatori had said. He unthinkingly pulls a few books out, each one is tossed aside as soon as he skims the cover to determine that they are not the book he’s looking for.  The search continues. 

His muffled curses and the flying books catch the Bull’s attention. Catches everybody’s attention.  Although, they had all long grown used to Dorian’s tendencies so fitful searches for books were nothing new.  It’s more the paperbound book that smacks the Bull in the horn that makes him turn his head.  

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