he even does some work for them

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How would Levi, Erwin, and Hanji deal with a s/o that isn't apart of the survey corps being worried about them?


  • Even though they do have a mailing system, it’s not something he can do often. He actually keeps a daily log of the things he does as long with some loving notes to his partner, and he’ll send them everything in one go so they know he’s okay.
  • On his off days he’s usually the one to come see them. It’s easier that way, because the last thing he’d want is his partner coming to see him only to be turned away because he’s too busy with work.
  • Knowing he has someone to return home to makes him do a lot better in battle and also makes him a bit more compassionate, but it’s definitely not something he’d admit to them or anyone else.


  • Uses his power to a slight advantage on his part. When he knows it won’t hinder his work or anything else, he’ll take a free day to go visit his partner and tell them he’s doing fine.
  • Tends to be more calm and logical during battles because he doesn’t want to think about his partner when they find out he’s dead.
  • Makes sure to send them letters and updates whenever he can, which is frequently because of his position.


  • Appreciates how worried her partner gets, and enjoys how they care about her so much. She’ll often tell them not to worry simply because “It takes takes a lot more to kill the Hanji Zoe than that!”
  • Sometimes she simply gets too caught up in her work to remember to update them on her status, which has caused them to unexpectedly show up to her work more than once.
  • On the chance that this does happen, she’ll let them spend the whole day in the lab with her, despite any orders she may have gotten not to.

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Any drabble we could be graced with? Any snippet our queen might bestow upon us measly peasants? ;)

I haven’t actually written much more of anything, but this is from the famous/non-famous one:

Louis stocks the shelves for approximately an hour before he gets bored and comes back to the front counter to pester Harry. He’s not cut out for menial work, always wandering away and abandoning things halfway through. Harry’s pretty sure he sees it as some sort of holiday and only does things as long as he finds them entertaining.

If he was an actual employee Harry would mind. He’s not, though.

Now he’s leaning over the counter, arse practically up in the air, trying to distract Harry from the inventory list he’s got in front of him. A year ago it might have worked, but now Harry is more than adept at fending him off while he concentrates.

“You’re boring,” Louis says sulkily, still hanging off the counter.

Harry doesn’t even look up to reply. “We can’t all be popstars and celebrities, sweetheart, some of us have normal jobs,” he says.

“You’re not paying attention to me,” Louis rebukes, and Harry is about to answer that, he is, except Louis says, frantic and fast, “Shit, Liam’s outside.”

Harry doesn’t even think, grabbing Louis’ shirt at the shoulders and hauling him all the way over the counter until he falls over the other side, scrambling to hide against Harry’s knees, underneath the counter and out of sight.

It doesn’t take long for Liam to enter the shop and stride directly up to the counter. Harry evens his breathing and makes a show of being surprised but not overly so. “Hey, Li,” he greets.

Liam’s expression makes it very clear that he’s not buying it. “Hey, Harry,” he returns easily enough. “You seen Lou lately?”

“Nope, not lately,” Harry says, jerking as Louis decides now would be a perfectly good time to bite him through his jeans. He squeezes Louis’ shoulders between his calves until he settles again, and Harry can practically hear the grumpiness as he does.

“Right,” Liam says, expression clearly disbelieving. “So you haven’t heard from him for a while?”

“Nope,” Harry repeats, lying through his teeth with a wide smile to really sell it.

Liam’s expression shifts to openly unamused. He leans over the counter and says clearly, “Lou, you’ve got until nine a.m. tomorrow, then you’ve gotta be back for a radio interview. Deal?”

Louis pops up from underneath the counter so fast Harry nearly gets knocked out of his chair. “Deal,” Louis says brightly, nearly toppling over as he reaches across to give Liam a hug. Harry steadies him absently with a hand on the small of his back, and waits for the hug to finish.

It takes a while. Liam’s saying something too low for Harry to hear, almost directly into Louis’ ear, and Louis is nodding along with it. By the time they let go Harry’s shin is twinging from Louis’ heel pressing into it, and he ends up with a lapful of Louis.

“How experienced is Mads Mikkelsen in the kitchen?”

Janice Poon: “My god, he’s brilliant. I accused him, once, of practicing at home and pretending that he was a quick study. It’s hilarious how good he is. I did give him some lessons, but he doesn’t need them. He’s marvelous. He strolls around like “lah-di-dah, just another day at the office,” but he’s brilliant with everything he does, even the fight scenes. I know that we’re not talking about food, now, but he does his own stunts.”

“The show has a big overlap between gore and food; do you work with the special effects department at all?”

Janice Poon: “Oh yeah. Sometimes, the real thing doesn’t look as real as the fake thing. We did a scene with a heart surrounded by entrails, just a nice little presentation. My real hearts were lovely, but didn’t have large veins coming out of it because of the way they cut them at the abattoir. And the prosthetic one did, so we combined our efforts after arguing about whose blood to use: the real foodsellers blood or the special effects blood. The blood thing is funny. Everybody uses the same formula, but the only difference is that costumers put detergent in theirs so it comes out easier.

Another time, I was making a fake arm with a hand, and obviously I couldn’t fake a hand, so we used a prosthetic arm with a hand and then switched it out for an arm that Hannibal could carve into this… thing, which you’ll see.The departments are all astonishing. I was getting a coffee, and one of the actresses pulled up her robe sleeve, and it looked like the skin on her arm had been taken off entirely. The makeup people had painted her arm to look like prosciutto. It looked just like raw meat, and the funny thing is that my first thought was, “Exactly! I can use slices of prosciutto!“” [Janice Poon interview for Hopes&Fears on June 23, 2016]

Details of Hannibal

Kylo Ren's Vision of Hux (reflection of Werewolf!Ren and Emperor!Hux)

Timeline: Pre-Force Awakens and it ends when Hux tells Kylo Ren about his vision.


  • Kylo Ren’s head
  • Violence
  • Possible inaccuracies regarding certain things
  • Blood and gore
  • Their whole garbage compactor relationship
  • This does not go to Emperor Hux
  • This thing was 14 pages and 4,000+ words in Word
  • Kylo wouldn’t shut up (no, that does not include all these warnings)

General Hux was woefully over-qualified for the position of General. He was a strategist that worked best on large scale. Galactic scale. He was a man who had, at minimum, twenty-six plans dedicated to each weakness in the original plan, and then twenty-six more until he had everything planned for near every eventuality, and even some impossibilities.

Kylo only knew this because he once chased Hux’s thoughts along them, careful to keep his presence quiet and….

It was amazing. It was brilliant.


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i feel you, and i think you're definitely on to something with han. he and leia had a really strong relationship, so it had to have been something big that split them, bigger (i guess) than just ben falling to the dark side even, because we all know they're better at working together than apart.

it’s hinted at constantly that leia and han are trying to avoid some sort of argument - i assumed this was an argument over kylo in some way like the fact han doesn’t believe he could be redeemed but leia does… but they had that discussion and …no argument at all. 

look @ this:

in the novel it mentions that when leia says ‘if you see our son. bring him home’ han wants to say something but hes afraid of starting an argument and he doesn’t want to end on that note since hes not sure hes going to survive. maybe the argument is about rey??? some early theory suggested it was too ‘painful’ for them to talk about  and it’d hurt them but i never really bought that? maybe its more than that. maybe its that they don’t talk about her simply bc if one of them does bring her up it completely tears them apart all over again and you’ve got shouting matches and han running from it all?

 if hans somewhat responsible for what happened to rey then no matter whether it was a mistake on hans part its going to cause tension - even if leia understands and doesn’t blame him like its suggested. its possible han suspects who rey is but he can’t bring himself to say a thing about bc hes not sure and he doesn’t want to ruin this moment with leia over it when he thinks he might be walking to his death this time. then when he sees rey again escaping without help hes almost completely sure rey is who he thinks she is - hes ‘perhaps more grateful’ than anyone bc he knows if she is his daughter then theres a chance he can make whatever he did right and get her back to leia - he dies trying to bring both his children home. maybe rey is part of what motivates him to step out and face kylo. its all for his family. thats han solos legacy: he messes up but he always tries makes it right. always - and when leia sees rey again she just knows exactly what han died for. in the end he did make it right - at least a little way, and thats why leia is ‘grateful’. 

On a different Venture note, I maaaaaaay sort of be shipping Brock and Shore Leave now, in a romantic-but-not-sexual, definitely-very-open-but-also-very-devoted, super-lowkey-but-still-adorable way.

Like not a lot of physical intimacy because Brock’s not super comfortable with it, but he’s slowly working on getting used to it, and there are maybe some cuddles sometimes, etc. But I’m now imagining Brock being very subtly giddy over all Shore Leave’s silly nicknames (”Brock of Ages”, “Brock Lobster”, etc) and things like “my love”, etc; and Shore Leave just taking so much pride in being able to fluster him even when he’s pretty much the only one who can tell it does. And both of them just finding immense comfort in knowing they have each other for support, adoring each other’s dumb quirks (”oh there is a ladder RIGHT THERE” “yeah, THAT’S a lot of fun” / Brock laughing at Shore Leave tearing up/off his own S.P.H.I.N.X. uniforms after every mission / etc).

Just, having this whole dynamic that doesn’t “look” romantic to most people but absolutely is to them. And like, probably denying it if anyone ever asks because Brock doesn’t feel like explaining how he can be romantically-but-not-at-all-sexually attracted to men, and Shore Leave doesn’t want to force him to need to so he respects that, but just…… :”3 Yeah.

*gasps excitedly* More Van Rijn!!!!! It makes perfect sense that he’d found the library; the muses were all about education, and the only thing better than learning from a teacher is learning from a book. And the secrets!!! Gosh the novelization paints him as such a reclusive figure (nobody knows ANYTHING about him) the prospect of learning???? And possibly getting more narrative parallels???? OH my goodness I have so many questions, and some of them aren’t even about his work. MOST of them aren’t even about his work. How did he come to Andronicus’ court? Did he join up before the Coalition formed or after? Was he even the first spark Andronicus employed? What made him so dedicated to Andronicus? does the wavelength of his notes mean that he worked on the Storm King’s lightning effects? Some of them? Most of them? All of them?


I am officially working on a comic! It's called: Hikensha

Here’s the basic rundown:
This is before the Senpai Rescue Mission series started timeline wise, and it’s about Savannah and Trap! They actually used to be friends! Trap wants to form a evil group with Savannah but she refuses which leads to dramatic kidnapping and torturing! He had to kidnap her all by himself since he did not have his henchmen back then like he does now. This is pretty much about their timeline and how they came to know each other even before the Senpai Rescue Mission series started! Notice in the series, Savannah never quite questions Traps identity unless in pitch black darkness where she can’t see him.. Why? Because she knew him before anyone else! ( plot-twist, I know )
I’m working on the prologue as we speak and will have it up shortly! @marionecto and a few others already knew I would do this since i told them, but some of you might not!
Now you may be wondering: “ But what does Hikensha mean? ”
That means Test Subject in Japanese! We’ll work on why this comic is called that later.. But for now… I hope you enjoy the comic that’s soon to come!

♥ :Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise.

 Prowl finds emotions to be rather hard to understand, but it’s even harder to properly express them.

It’s true that most of the time he tends to keep them hidden, but even when he does want to show them, it doesn’t really work as planned.

He can feel them deep in his spark, and they are actually quite vivid. But for some reason, finding proper words, gestures or expressions to convey them is never an easy task for him. 

He has no eyebrows

in the spot where eyebrows grow

Did they burn off
did he shave them
is it a style choice
a religious observation
the side effect of some disease
or a medication
a birth defect
a runaway gene
a tradition set by his mother
a dye job gone wrong
does he work with explosives
does he possess a telepathic mind
does he know what I’m thinking
what am I thinking
is he a swimmer
would that even help
it has to make some difference
instruments are pretty complex these days
accuracy never hurt nobody
am I right

Then you get hit by a bus

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katie x harry for the ship meme please :)

insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible
- neither of them are bad dancers!

likes to watch reality tv
- harry does secretly. katie catches him a few times when he’s supposedly doing “work” in his office but really he’s kicked back watching some keeping up with the kardashians. he made her swear to secrecy.

refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone
- katie! harry always comes home to katie lounging around with close to nothing on. he does not mind.

is the jealous / protective one
- harry. since katie worked in the nightlife entertainment business, he just wants to protect her from all the bad guys out there and he’s very over protective and over bearing at times. 

goes all out on the holidays
- katie. before katie came into harry’s life, he was always such a grinch. he never cared about christmas. but katie has started to get to him and he finds himself growing quite fond of all the christmas lights and decorations katie has been putting up around the apartment.

cries over books
- neither of them.

is terrible with kids
- harry thinks he is terrible with children but he is quite good and so is katie.

drinks too much caffeine
- harry. he works long hours and always needs to stay 100% focused so he drinks a lot of coffee’s and red bull’s throughout his day.

could sleep for twenty-four hours straight
- katie. harry never sleeps. he could sleep for 3 hours a night and be fine while katie loves to sleep in.

never wears matching socks
- every since katie started doing the laundry, they’ve both have had their times of wearing mis matched socks.

punches a tree when they’re angry
- harry! definitely! especially when intoxicated or over tired!

gets scared by the toaster
- katie when she’s just waking up.

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The awakuzu when their so follows them around like a duckling and always asks for a hug, even if they already were hugged?

Shiki doesn’t mind giving hugs, but it does get in the way of his work so he politely asks his s/o to leave his work place so he can get his work done. If they refuse despite his polite requests, he asks some of his subordinates to escort his s/o to where they need to be too (school? Work? How can they not be doing anything??)

Akabayashi doesn’t mind it either, in fact he is happy that his s/o is constantly around him. But that also poses as a problem, seeing as he is not just a member of the yakuza, but also seen as a dangerous threat even within Awakusu-kai. So he’s pretty sure that the Awakusu’s wont hesitate to turn on him if they think he’s up to no good that can potentially hurt their organization/their boss, so it wouldn’t be good for everyone to know who it is that he values the most.

Aozaki just sends them home both because he’s getting irritated and because they’re getting in the way of work. But he does also take into consideration that his job is dangerous, but that’s like only after he’s already sent his s/o home.

Ah, so I suppose that’s why Kelvin was in the John Bowe birthday video up at the Home Farm set, Chrissie wants him to work at Home Farm because she’s trying to catch Bernice out and prove her to be some sort of cheat it seems. I wonder if maybe he does begin working there but it’s Chrissie who falls for Andy? I sure hope not… I mean I don’t even think Robert would care other than the fact it’s his ex missus with her brother (tbh I think he’d find it more funny than anything), why does every single woman seem to somehow end up with Andy? Hopefully not and this love interest of hers is still Rakesh so I can never bother watching the pair of them again, although even if it was Andy I wouldn’t watch, so…


he was cold? goshiki had been moving enough that he worked up a sweat, but not everyone had the e n d u r a n c e for such things. he didn’t have any gloves on him, but..

                   he rubbed his hands together vigorously to heat them up from the friction as much as possible before reaching out to take the other’s hands into his own. it wasn’t the best option, but it was ALL they had until they made it some place warm.

              ❝ your fingers really are freezing ! does this help at all ?

          goshiki’s lips curled into a small smile, his breath visible in the bone chilling air. the two of them hadn’t spoken much, so he hoped this wasn’t TOO awkward. it was better than freezing though..

It was honestly strange, that he was cold, maybe he hadn’t worked as hard today as he should’ve but it wasn’t very surprising, even being on a volleyball team, he wasn’t very active.  It was even stranger since he hardly ever got cod like this.

As he watched the other reach out to hold his hands with his slightly warmer ones he giggles softly, at both the action and the comment he made on it, “I told you I was cold.”  He retorted, shrugging his shoulders but nodding at him happily.

“Amazingly enough it does, thanks!”

// So my friend should be getting his phone working again soon and when he does we will //FINALLY// have access to the rest of the cosplay photos we took at con. This means I can finally show you my Yukihira Soma cosplay :D as we got some pretty good shots, I even got to go behind a mini cafe counter and take photos like I was serving, which was awesome as the workers let me near the till and behind the counter which was real kind of them :)

Hopefully you guys will like it :D should be able to get them up in a week or two if he can get the phone working by then.

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man the other day i was buying groceries cause i do that sometimes, and i had my three gallons of grapefruit juice up there on the conveyor, and i was buying them at work so the guy checking me out was a friend of mine, and he says

“do i even want to know?”

and i’m just like what the fuck does that mean

what am i gonna be doing with three gallons of grapefruit juice is there some sex ritual i don’t know about??

some fuckin evil cult that uses grapefruit juice to commune with eldritch horrors or something like what the fuck else am i gonna be doing but drinking this stuff 

i like grapefruit juice don’t fucking drinkshame me damn

On new years day I went to a doctor to address my fatigue, constant mood swings and depression because it has been seriously affecting my ability to work for the past couple of years, but even more so recently. 
I had a full page of tests run and was waiting with my fingers crossed that my results would come back with some kind of deficiency to explain how I’d been feeling. Pop a vitamin - stop napping three times a day, sounded perfect right?

When I went back for my results, a doctor scanned through them and summarized “bloods are fine, what does this mean for you?”
He’d been quite blunt from the beginning and I wasn’t sure whether he expected I was coming in search of easy pills or what but the entire interaction was horrible. I basically began to cry immediately because I didn’t know what that meant for me.
Were my symptoms make believe?
I’m being told I’m perfectly healthy, yet I’m miserable and exhausted all the time. He didn’t examine me, he didn’t ask about my diet, my activity or any of my symptoms, he truly was stuck in his daily grind of meeting with patient after patient after patient, and I don’t hold it against him.

So I cried about that for a few days and resigned myself to the understanding that what was happening to my body was being directly inflicted upon by my unhealthy mind. 

How ever stubborn this will sound, I pretty much refuse to see a psychologist and I don’t want to take medication. I need to reinforce the fact that I don’t consider it weak for other people to take medication, I think if it’s death or medication you need to take your medication. If it improves your quality of life, do it. It’s really rare for me to get so low that I feel the impulse to hurt myself or worse. I lose perspective of what holds importance in my life though and I become cold toward those I really love who deserve far better from me. This negative mindset doesn’t just hurt me, it hurts those around me, it’s very heavy even while shared. 

I decided really recently to adapt a vegan diet for my health and it’s interesting how easy it has been for me. I thought going straight from a meat inclusive diet to a plant based one would take longer. Basically all I’ve done is stop bringing non vegan products into my house. I had tuna cans and non vegan food products in my kitchen that I intended to use and simply not restock but I very quickly became disinterested in the products entirely and gave them away.
The last time I cooked an egg it tasted good but there was this aftertaste that I didn’t enjoy, I was washing my mouth out under the kitchen tap and realised that I’d done that various times after eating egg, and thought distinctly ‘I’m ready to stop eating those now’ and that was that. Along with it has come a natural desire to do as little harm as possible so I am conscious of not only food I buy but any product I buy.
Today I found a completely vegan cafe/grocery shop just ten minutes from my house, I felt safe there but I also felt hyper aware of the fact that I was very new to the whole thing.

Jack and I went out for burgers last night and I did my research online before going because I didn’t want to ask questions. Thankfully they were fucking lovely and when they realised I was removing certain items from the burger they told me exactly what everything had in it, I deeply appreciate good customer service. I have this nagging insecurity that people will automatically find me annoying if they realise I’m adapting to a vegan lifestyle, which is ridiculous but likely. My boyfriends family members become obviously irritated when I contribute to conversations about current social justice issues (even though I’m rarely the person to bring up these issues) and so the vegan thing will probably kill them. Thankfully, I have gone into this with no desire to change any persons views and haven’t expected to. Funnily though, my boyfriend has voluntarily changed his diet, my best friend feels more inspired to transition from vegetarian to vegan and my mother has also begun making more ethical dietary choices.

Since my dietary transition I haven’t craved meat but more importantly for me, I haven’t craved sugary foods like lollies - apart from the very first week which was only hard physically, I was literally shaking. My caffeine addiction is gone, I haven’t been feeling bloated - which was one of the problems I brought to the doctor, my outlook has improved, I have a positive attitude which is really new. I like learning about nutrition and how to prepare meals creatively, I’m growing several types of herbs because it’s now become practical. I get exercise every day because I’m already feeling positive and I’m in the motion. I ordered 5 kettle-bell weights online and they arrived today so I’m really eager to go use those for squats. I’ve got plenty of meat on my ass that will look awesome toned lmao anyway.

This post is sort of a log for me to look back on and if it can help anyone, that’s great. I’m open to advice and questions and whatever else.

Portrait of the Pirate F
  • Portrait of the Pirate F
  • Chara/Frisk/Flowey/Alphys/Undyne
  • UTAU

after 62 consecutive pacifist runs, you think you’d want even one little thing to change

this might be the one that I’ve worked on the longest bc of the fact that i used all 10 usts this time. I actually had this ready yesterday but I wasn’t sure if I should lower some of the backup voices more, so I kept them the way I lowered them yesterday. I tried my best to keep the main melodies at normal volume

ust: Soffie101