he even crossed his legs

Pushing Buttons (Part 2)

Steve x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Unprotected sex (wear a condom, pee after), oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, slight choking, hair pulling, dirty talk, bossy/demanding Steve, rough sex, mentions of being tied up, ass slapping. Also, swearing

WC 2794

AN: I told you there’d be a part two. I’m sorry I’m such a wordy mother fucker but it’s worth it. (so fucking worth it). Enjoy.

After Steve left, you took a long, hot shower. You needed to wash the mission off your skin and you scrubbed long and hard until you felt clean. Then, you turned the water as hot as you could stand it and just stood under the stream.

You had no idea what possessed Steve to kiss you. You were kicking yourself for not kissing him back but you had been shocked into inaction. One minute he was yelling at you, the next, his lips were against yours. You brushed a finger up against your lips trying to make sense of what had happened.

You were also stalling. You didn’t want to go down to dinner and face everyone. You were upset that you’d have to sit out the next three missions. Three! You could feel yourself getting angry again and you took a deep breath trying to calm yourself. You were also embarrassed at your behaviour. You had let your anger get the better of you. But, dammit, you still didn’t know why he was so pissed during the mission.

Eventually the water turned cold and you quickly dressed and headed down to eat. You were hoping it wouldn’t be a full house since you didn’t want to have to answer any questions but luck wasn’t on your side because almost everyone was sitting around the table eating together. As soon as you into the room, everyone stopped talking. You knew they had been talking about you and it made your skin prickle.

“Oh, come on,” you muttered under your breath, taking your seat.

“Sam told us what happened,” Wanda spoke, not unkindly.

He had the decency to look embarrassed.

“Really Wilson? You couldn’t wait for me to share?”

“I’m sorry! After I came to check on you everyone wanted to know if you were okay. It just came out.”

You didn’t respond, instead, choosing to ignore him and eat in silence.

“C’mon, Y/N. Don’t be mad.”

“I’m just impressed you got him to yell at you,” piped up Natasha from the other end of the table. “He never yells.”

“Lucky me then,” you replied, sourly.

Just then, you heard someone clear their throat behind you.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” you turned around. “Does that count as subordination, too, Sir?”

Steve rolled his eyes at you, “No. That’s just you being a brat.”

You could feel your nostrils flare. Standing up abruptly, you picked up your plate, “I’m not that hungry after all,” you said leaving the table before you could get in any more trouble.

No one followed you out. 

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Meta: Izaya and Post-Ketsu Penitence

Orihara Izaya is very good at running.

He spends almost the entirety of the main Durarara canon running; mainipulating, yes, conniving and plotting and doing his utmost to cause as much trouble as possible, but also running, from Shizuo, from his feelings, from what he wants, from all the unhappiness that becomes more and more clear as the story continues. And finally it catches up with him, when he’s too tired or has lost too much of his will to keep running anymore.

There’s much to be said about that final fight he and Shizuo have with each other: how structured it is, how different Shizuo’s approach is, how half-hearted all Izaya’s attempts to fight back seem; but most important is that Izaya was never meant to survive it. He makes this more than clear even explicitly in canon, when he says that it’ll be worth dying if he can take the monster of the city down with him; and while Shizuo’s own death doesn’t seem to be a necessity, Izaya certainly views his own that way. (“Do it, monster.”) He goes into that fight ready to die, prepared to die, expecting to die; and then he doesn’t, and he’s forced to confront exactly that future that he had hoped to avoid.

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jedifinnrey  asked:

robert/damien + graveyard date

hope you enjoy this friendo! :)

request fic here


Damien hummed contentedly and angled his head back against the oak tree he had taken resident under. It was peaceful here, the kind of quiet that was comforting deep in your soul. When he explained that to Robert, he got a raised eyebrow and an amused, “You find soul comfort in a graveyard?”

“Yes,” Damien bobbed his head, “It’s something that I cannot explain. You need to experience it yourself.”

Robert had considered him for a moment and then shrugged, “Alright then.”

Honestly, he hadn’t expected that meant that Robert would join him on one of his trips to Maple Bay cemetery. It was one of the oldest parts of town, had been hallowed ground since the 1700s, and it was one of those places that seemed to breathe with all the years that it had. Architecture from every century – tombs and headstones handcrafted from marble that were now faded with age and yet were no less beautiful and newer, smoother edges of the 21st urns and gravestones that were in the deeper parts of the land.

Damien didn’t venture down there often, not when his favourite place was in the middle of 19th-century graves, upon a slight hill and under a tree that had been there for longer than the cemetery had been.

It was nice, but somehow, with Robert beside him, it was even better.

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| abstruse | Bill Cipher

ok so a warning in advance i wrote this premise at three in the morning so its prob gross and unedited bc i dont feel like reading it over right now. also its a two shot so the next part will come another time




1. difficult to understand; obscure.

The first time you met him you were but a child.

Evening long gone, you stared through your curtains into the darkness, moonlight shining through the silky material and making a dreamlike bath of silver onto your bed.

You kicked your legs restlessly. Summer had begun to creep in and you were becoming agitated with the weather. With this in mind you wrestled off your blankets, no more a cool swaddle of comfort but hot and constricting.

The closet creaked.

You stiffened. You could only see through a sliver of the opening, but it was terrifying. Your foolish imagination pictured something staring at you from the darkness, some unknown monster ready to devour you.

A whimper forced itself from your throat as you pulled the covers back over you, drawing them up to your neck. You looked away but that only made it worse; the fear of what could be there intensified - and if you weren’t looking then what would stop it from devouring you?

So you switched to staring the closet down again, only to lose your wits and look away, the cycle repeating. At the end you were shivering, soaked in sweat as you shut your eyes tight.

I’m going to d-die, mommy, daddy, h-help-!


At the voice your thoughts came to a halting stop. 

“Well if that’s not dramatic, I don’t know what is, kid.”

You were still tense, small hands grasping the sheets so tight you could rip them apart. A hot fear pressed itself into your stomach, but childish curiousity won out, and the world came back into vision as your eyes snapped open.

A wide eye stared back owlishly.

Your lips parted to let out a silent scream, frozen in shock. The eye blinked, an inky black pupil dilating as it examined you. 

The horrifying thing was that you had sworn it had just been bright gold.

“W-Who-” Your bottom lip trembled. Another look proved that the creature didn’t have one eye, no the other was just covered in a weird cloth - you had seen the same thing in one of the pirate picture books in your living room. 

Actually this may not even be a creature. The longer you stared it proved that while a stranger, the man in front of you looked every bit like, well, a man, and not the monster you were imagining. 

The stranger adjusted his eyepatch, leaning back so that you were given an even better vantage point. He rocked on his heels and moved to the left in a motion so smooth it was like he was walking on air. Your stomach squeezed when you realized he was. 

“Go away!” You said, voice shaking but defiant. The man only raised a single eyebrow. 

You did what you were used to doing to escape the monsters. You closed your eyes so tight the skin burned and covered your face. 


He was still there, impossibly. His gaze rested on your form and he snickered, leaning on his cane. You opened your eyes again in fright.

“Not gonna work, kid,” He tapped his finger to his head. “Can’t escape what’s in your mind.”

“M-My mind?” You mouthed uselessly, barely processing this, but easily distracted. The clockwork in your head ground slowly. “So you’re my im-ima-” What was that stupid adult word. “-imagination?”

“There’s a difference to being from your mind and in your mind, kid.”

You screwed up your face. “You make no sense mister.”

He giggled again, and it really was a giggle, one that stretched his lips too wide along snow white teeth and rose uneasy goosebumps to your arms. “I don’t make sense? You are awfully polite to someone you don’t know, who invaded your room in the middle of the night.”

You were dutifully reminded that yes, he was exactly that as soon as the words left his mouth. The fear that had left and been replaced with naive confusion and curiousity instantly came slamming back into you.

As if sensing your terror, his eye flashed gold again. You had no time to feel good that you hadn’t been crazy earlier as he invaded your personal space to get right in your face, a smooth, gloved hand pressing a finger into your temple. 


This time, when you screamed, it wasn’t silent.

You were bawling by the time your parents burst through your bedroom door, snot bubbling in your nose and tears leaving salty trails down your cheeks.

Through the cooing questions of ‘what’s wrong honey’ and pats of comfort, you just managed to spot the man watching you with the same grin.

You pointed. “There! Mommy there!”

You could only look in disbelief when your parents turned back to you. The expression on their faces was one you were too accustomed with. The same look they had when you dropped a plate of cookies because they had been too hot and you were impatient. The same look they had when you got frightened of something in a movie and they had to remind you that it wasn’t real. 

The same look they’d had countless times when you told them of monsters in your closet.

“Darling,” Your mom sighed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “There’s no one there. Do you want to sleep with us tonight?”

You held straight eye contact with the man as he winked, putting a finger to his lips before disappearing.

The second time you met him must have been at least four years later.

You’d been getting ready for school, adjusting yourself in the bathroom. You washed your face, looked up, and there he was in the mirror, looking back.

You shrieked.

The heel of your foot hit the door as you lurched back, and you lost your balance, slamming your head into the wall with a pained grunt.

“Y/N?” The muffled voice of your dad came from somewhere in the house.

“I’m fine!” You yelled back unconsciously, far too occupied, still rubbing your head while your vision spotted.

The man sighed.

“Just as clumsy it seems,” He mused before phasing out of the mirror like it was nothing, looking around your bathroom. A flash of amusement passed through his eyes and you realized in horror a pair of underwear you possessed was hanging off the towel rails. You grabbed it, face burning.

He scrunched up his nose in mock disgust, before his expression went neutral as he rolled his eye. “Please kid. You’re like what, five? Calm down.”

“I am not five,” you bristled, defensive of your age. “I turn ten this year. Ten!” You held up all your fingers, proud of the achievement. Ha!

The man let loose a laugh, that odd one, the hollow scrape of pitch that echoed against the walls. 

“I’m surprised you remember me,” He tilted his head, and the floating top hat followed the movement.

Of course you did.

That night had traumatized you as a kid. You couldn’t begin to remember all the nightmares dreams you’d had about him since then. Always grinning, always behind you, looping his cane around your body at the last moment to pull you into the void.

“I guess,” was all you said. It was a relief to see that you weren’t insane and imagined that as a kid, or at least that you were just forever crazy, even now. 

He hummed, crossing his legs in the air as he invaded your personal space yet again. You tensed.

“I’m not scared o’ you,” You told him, stressing the words in case he didn’t hear you properly. He snorted.

“Says the one scared of make believe monsters in their closet.”

“I-you-” You sputtered. “All children were scared of that at point! I was only a kid!”

He seemed the most amused at this. “I’m pretty sure you’re still a kid, but whatever floats your boat, brat.”

The outright staring competition that took place after that was broken when he cupped his chin in his hand, his eyes lidding.

“Aren’t you late for something?”

You narrowed your eyes at him before jolting, wiping your hands on your skirt and running out of the bathroom. “School!”

He trailed behind you lazily, and you weren’t surprised when your parents didn’t notice the snickering man, flailing upside down in the air beside you in the car.

“Y/N, didn’t I tell you to stop messing with my hair?” Your mom stared at you in the rear view mirror.

“B-But!” You held out your innocent hands but she only sighed in disappointment and turned her eyes back to the road. You shot a glare at the man, who only let a Cheshire grin cross his expression.

He didn’t stop following you after that.

Whether it be at school, or at home, or wherever you went actually, it was like you had a persistent imaginary friend. That’s what you had convinced yourself he was - since no one could see him but you; however as you grew older you started to waver on that theory when the things he did would affect the real world.

(Like that one time he got mad at your fifth grade teacher and splashed her coffee mug all over her blouse with a monotone “oops”.)

You didn’t ask him why he was always around, and to be fair you didn’t want to know. At first he had been a pest, and you had been very adamant on getting him to leave you alone. But as the days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and then to years, you grew worried of the exact opposite. 

When had he left such a permanent stamp on your life? Was it when he saved you from tripping into a ditch that one time in third grade? Or when he gave hell to the guy who had embarrassed you in seventh grade by pretending to like you only for it to be a prank? (The look on his face when an invisible gust of wind knocked him off balance and his bag into the mud, giving him a makeover from the splash will forever make you collapse into giggles.)

“Why did you do it?” You remember asking, mascara running down your face - why did you bother dressing up for him, for this “date”, he was just like the rest, you were an idiot - when you got home that day. The glove wearing psychopath that followed you around did not care the most about you, this you knew from experience and many embarrassing memories. So why, at times, did he make it seem like he did? 

Your imaginary friend only stared at you blankly, making you shiver. He got like this sometimes - where his grinning persona would falter and you got a glimpse at the insanity beneath. There were occasions when it slipped, when he would hurt you and not worry about it - you were not mentioning that knife accident - or when he would just stare into space like a statue. 

This was one of those moments. Your hand was frozen with a baby wipe, in the process of wiping your mascara off while he stared at you with something swirling in that bottomless, pitch black void of his eye. He called you kid all the time, but the look now on his face was unreadable, timeless, as if he had been around for such a long time it was incomprehensible for you, seen things you couldn’t imagine. 

His head tilted, blonde tufts of his hair falling in front of his eye-patch. You blinked and then it was over, whatever had been there was gone and he was grinning like normal.

“Why not?” He rolled his eye, flicking your head so that it clonked painfully into the mirror. You yelped and whirled around to give him a piece of your mind but he was already gone. You rubbed at the spot on your temple that would have been bruising if any of that was real.

Yes, if it was real. You had learned long ago that while the bane of your life could mess with the outside world to a certain degree, he couldn’t actually touch you at all. It was only in your mind that he projected into when he did.

Still, pain he formed in your mind hurt just as much as in real life.

You stared at your reflection, dropping the dirty wipe into the garbage limply.


“What?” His voice was startled in a way that you had never heard before. 

You blinked. You had gone to take a dip in the pool, and as you floated on the water’s surface, peering up, it had come to you.

“I said, Bill,” you repeated. “I can’t keep calling you ‘imaginary friend’ my whole life.”

He had never given you a name for him, and you in turn, like you always did, never asked. But he had been in your life for way too long, and you needed something to tie him down, something tangible you could finally latch his presence to.

Maybe that’s why he looked at you that way once the word left your lips. Maybe he didn’t want to be tied down.

“Why ‘Bill’?” He asked after a long silence, sitting on top the water’s surface as easily as you were floating.

When you didn’t answer he grew impatient and hooked your ankle with his cane, pulling you closer with a deadly tilt in his expression. “Why. Bill.”

While he didn’t actually pull you to him - again, he couldn’t touch you - the image in your mind of him doing so had distracted you enough that you lost your careful poise and floundered under the surface. You came up spluttering, hair sticking to your face and your mouth.

“What the hell,” You batted the water harshly with your palm, sending a splash at him with an annoyed tick of your eyebrow. 

The water phased right through him. “Don’t make me repeat myself, Y/N.”

You stopped. It was never Y/N. It was always ‘kid’, or some other ridiculous nickname he gave you. Whenever he said your actual name you knew he wasn’t joking around.

“I don’t know,” You rolled your eyes, gesturing to the brick pattern of his shirt. The shirt accompanied with his bow-tie and dapper but messy look over-all somehow just…fit the name perfectly. “It suits you.”

The man eyed you before laughing into a gloved hand. It bordered on the brink that you wondered if he was really okay, but eventually he stopped, shaking his head with a smile that let you know he had some kind of inside joke you weren’t aware of.

“What?” You asked. “Making fun of the name?”

“Not at all,” He mused, snapping the end of his glove onto his wrist, and you pretended you weren’t fascinated by the way the soft material accentuated his skin. “Bill, I like it.”

“Really?” You said, mouth open before you cleared your throat. “I mean, uh, okay.”

“Really,” He clarified, that glint in his eye again showing there was something you were definitely missing before he stretched his arms above his head. 

Just like that he was gone.

You absorbed his absence, going back to floating, the clouds looking to be pieces of taffy in the sky.

Wonder when he’s coming back this time, you wondered absentmindedly. 

Bill - yes, we were sticking with this - was sporadic. Sometimes you went to bed, and he was still there in the morning. Sometimes he followed you around for weeks at a time before he disappeared. But he always did, fading into the air around you like he was never there. 

He could leave and be back in five minutes, or you wouldn’t see him again till the next month. Once he didn’t return for almost a whole year and you wondered if you were finally regaining your sanity, but alas, you found him lounging on your bed when you arrived home from school. 

You always wondered where he was going, but you didn’t bother to ask him. (You were scared, too scared, you never asked him anything) He had a life just like you did, so there was no point.

You made a finger gun with your hand and halfheartedly flicked it to the sky.



Got7 Reaction to you being dared to give them a lap dance.

Mark ~ Mark at first would play it off when the members dared you he would be like” nahh its cool.” When low key lowkey that’s what makes him wet.

JB ~ He would try and hide from the members that it turns him on but when he start growling with want to touch you then everyone will notice.

Jackson ~ He would’nt even turn sexaul he would just smile and when yall are done he’d pull you on his lap and say” noona… you never cease to amaze me..” *lowkey lowkey i want someone to look at me the way Jackson looked at this camera.<3**

Jinyoung ~ This child would silently enjoying his lap dance and he’d stick out his tongue like he does when he’s enjoying himself.

Youngjae ~ OOOOkeEe this lil perfect sunshine fluff ball ray of light would even though he likes it he would want to because he doesn't wan get a boner so as soon as you get up he crosses his legs :D

BamBam ~ even though the members said no touching he’d pull you by your hips and harder onto his crotch and when time up he’ll be like “Damnn that wasn't long recount.”

Yugyeom*my baeby my nigga dat boi wit dem long ass legs mah boi *~ he would would not denies that he like it he’d be biting his lip and moaning a little kinda like youngjae<3

and sparkling evermore

Strifesodos Week day 1 - Reading
It’s still the 18th somewhere! 
Cloud visits the library and explores poetry, one of his least favorite things, with his crush.  

The ShinRa library, tucked into a back corner of the 47th floor of the iconic Midgar Tower, was pretty nice.

Cloud hadn’t thought that too many military folks read a lot of books—perhaps that was presumptuous of him.  Heavily muscled, frightening military personnel didn’t really mesh with the image in his head of a bookworm (a nerd, like you were in Nibelheim if you read books for fun).  But to his surprise, he found both infantrypeople and SOLDIERs with books in their hands all the time.

 After all, missions could be long and tiring. There weren’t always stations to recharge your PHS or tablets.  Life in ShinRa Tower, despite what the bigwigs at the top said, could be tough and… boring at times, even.

 So perhaps some people read for the same reasons Cloud did—life at ShinRa was kinda crappy, actually, and books offered a nice escape during his personal time.  

The library wasn’t massive but there were lots of shelves in the space they did have that were packed with books, and even a couple tables and chairs.  Cloud liked it there… but honestly, he’d like it a lot more if Genesis Rhapsodos wasn’t always hanging around.  

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Shaken (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by bovaria

Summary: It’s been months now. It was getting harder and harder to deny it, and harder and harder to ignore his girlfriend’s texts and calls. Starring with you was amazing. But now Sebastian struggles with wanting to do more than just be something on screen.

Word Count: 1796

Warning(s): n/a

A/N: Apologies for the long wait!

Prompt: Hey! Idk if you write for sebastian stan but if you do (and if you don’t just write it with Chris) can you do one where seb and reader are starring in a movie together and they’re always flirty in interviews and stuff and sebastian (and reader) starts to develop feelings but he’s really confused cuz he’s in a serious relationship and sorry it’s so detailed :) there ya go - anon

He can’t stop. Even when he crosses his legs. That foot will not stop shaking. A nervous tick, maybe? Clearing his throat, Sebastian leaned back in his chair before taking a long, thoughtful draw from the cup of coffee in his hand.

It was just another interview. Nothing new. But his phone burned in his back pocket, blowing up with hundreds of missed calls and texts. He knew he was wrong for not responding. But how could he when he still hadn’t come to terms with why Margarita was pestering him? How could he, when he still so feverishly denied it could even happen?

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You're Ours

Characters: Dean, Sam, Crowley, reader

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 1046

Summary: When Sam and Dean find something out about you that you didn’t even know, you think it’s going to change their whole perspective of you.

You and the Winchesters woke up on the floor of a room, it was somewhere unfamiliar. Well it was unfamiliar to you, they seemed to know where you were. “Where the actual hell are we?” You asked them.

“Actual hell” Dean said with an annoyed smile.

“What?” You asked in confusion.

“Y/N, welcome to hell” Sam said with a groan. “Why are we in Crowleys room with the throne?” Sam asked Dean.

“Real question is why isn’t Crowley in his throne?” Dean continued the conversation between him and Sam, leaving you in confusion.

“Guys” you said, bringing their attention to you. “I’ve only lived in the bunker for like 5 months I’m still not all caught up on the whole demons and hell thing… Who’s Crowley?”.

“King of hell” a British voice said behind you. You turned on your heels and faced a man with a beard who was sitting in the throne that was empty a few seconds ago.

“You’re.. The King of hell” you swallowed thickly. You knew this man, you knew him very well. When you turned to him, he noticed who you were.

“Winchesters, what are you doing with Y/N?” Crowley asked a he stood from his throne and walked closer to you all.

Sam and Dean both looked at each other, “You know each other?” Sam asked.

You kept your eyes on Crowley, looking him up and down… “He’s my father” you said angrily. The Winchesters eyes grew wide as they looked between each other. They soon came to terms with it, this wasn’t the weirdest thing that had happened to them.

“Still holding a grudge are we love?” Crowley asked with a perky smile.

“You left me you asshole, how are you smiling about this” you said through gritted teeth.

“Does that mean that Y/N… Is half demon?” Dean asked. Crowley rolled his eyes and stepped back to his throne, all three of you following to stand in front of him.

“No, no Y/N isn’t half demon, I got her mother pregnant after you did those trials and turned me half human, she’s only a quarter demon” Crowley winked.

“Is this some kind of joke to you?” You said with no more anger in your voice, you weren’t surprised anymore about how he was reacting, he left you and your mother like it was nothing.

“No, jokes are funny, this is boring” he sighed as he crossed his legs.

“Boring? I didn’t even know your name when I was growing up, all I remember is seeing your face that one time that came back, how can you just say that this is ‘boring’ like nothing happened?” you shouted.

“I didn’t come back for you anyway, your mother stole something from me and I wanted it back, it’s not like I ever pretended to care you had nothing to hold on to” he sighed. You crossed your arms over your chest and took a step back away from him, you couldn’t even look him in the face.

“What do you want with us Crowley?” Sam asked.

“I need your help” he said as he stood from his throne.

“Too fucking bad we’re not interested” you said with a normal toned voice, no anger, no fear, nothing. Sam and Dean looked at you in surprise, you’re normally the happy one, the nice one, this was a new side of you they’d never seen.

“Don’t you want to at least hear what I have to say?” Crowley sounded annoyed.

“No, so thanks for the free trip to hell and everything but I think I’d like to go back home now” you smiled sarcastically.

“Sassy one, gets it from her daddy” Crowley smiled.

“I didn’t get anything from you” you snapped.

“What do you want Crowley” Dean asked, jumping in to your argument.

“Like I said, I want your help” he said with an evil grin.

“Like Y/N said, too bad” Sam said with his bitch face that you adored so much.

“Send us back” Dean said bluntly.

“But-” Crowley started but Dean cut him off.

“Now” Dean shouted.

And with a click of Crowleys fingers, you were back in the library in the bunker. You felt better as you looked around at your surroundings, but now you realised that the boys knew who your father was. Your whole life you barely even knew him; only what he looked like. Now you found out that he was not only a demon but the King of hell. How would the boys feel about you now they knew this? You saw the way they looked at him, with hate and disgust, what if that’s how they saw you now?

They stood there awkwardly, they looked to each other and then to you. “So Crowley-” Sam started.

“Yeah let’s not go there” you cut him off, it was more than obvious that you didn’t want to talk about it.

“Yeah you’re right I’m sorry” Sam chuckled nervously.

“But I just- I wanna ask you guys something” you said as you looked down at the floor, unable to look them in eyes anymore incase they looked at you the same way they looked at Crowley.

“What is it?” Dean asked, now you needed to look at them, you wanted to see their faces when they answered your question. You wanted to know if they were telling the truth.

“Do you see me differently now? Like I’m not worth as much to you as I used to” you asked with your hands squeezed tight, like you were holding on to the last bit of hope you had as hard as you could.

“No, of course not” Sam said with a big sigh, he couldn’t believe you would even consider that “-We love you the same”.

“But the King of hell, I’m his” you said with a tear rolling down your cheek.

“No” Dean said. “You’re ours, you were never his.“

You wiped the tear away and smiled, ‘you’re ours’ you kept replaying in your head. Growing up, you didn’t have much of a family, you never really had for walls or a roof over your head for very long. But here you had found a home, you found a family. There names were the Winchesters, they were your home.

little-giant-yixing  asked:

Can I have a headcanon for all the main Karasuno boys (+ Ukai and Takeda if you want and since you said you wanted more Ukai requests) watching sappy romance movies like "The Notebook" and "If I Stay" with their s/o? Any tears? Lots of cuddling? Snarky comments?? Thanks! :)

I’ve been eying this request for so long lmao 

So, I did Ukai and lEV my bb bc I don’t really know Takeda that well but if you wanted him too just send in another request and I’ll be happy to do that for ya

also, rlly sorry I didn’t post this last night! My family was usuing my computer bc theirs broke 


- Literally has to be dragged into watching sappy movies. Was probably done as an apology for being extra salty on a particular date

- Would never admit to it, but actually gets really into the plots sometimes. Like, he will unintentionally tighten his grip on his s/o during suspenseful scenes and stare intently at the screen

- Always cuddling with his s/o during the movie bc “he might as well get something out of it” right

- No tears, but a lOT of snarky comments when he feels the movie is particularly cheesy, and besides, he would much rather hear his s/o laugh than cry


- Lots of hand holding during the movie??? Idk i dont see him as a huge cuddler outside of bed but like definitely wants to be close to his s/o and have physical contact

- Cries along with his s/o, not ashamed

- They take turns picking out sappy movies when they do end up watching them. Yamaguchi enjoys the Titanic

- Snacks are always a must when watching movies for him


- Literally will never ever pick a sappy movie, but wont really complain when his s/o wants to watch it

- Silently wipes away tears, hides it from his s/o

- His s/o knows

- It’s almost automatic for him to hold his s/o in his arms, and watching movies changes nothing


- Bouncy bean will not sit quiet, and talks throughout the movie, expressing every emotion that comes across his mind “But ____, they have to end up together!”

- Shifts around from cuddling with his s/o to clutching onto a blanket or pillow, lunging forward at the TV

- More often than not knocks over the snacks they have prepared while having an emotional fit, the mess goes unnoticed till the movie is over

- Silently wipes away tears along with his s/o


- Along with kickin action movies, sappy romantic movies happen to be his forte

- Will try to stay ‘manly’ and not cry, but totally lets a couple fall at the climax of the movie

- Will always cuddle up to his s/o, usually an arm strewn around their shoulders along with them both wrapped in a blanket

- Sports that ‘spoon in an ice cream tub’ aesthetic when watching movies


- Doesn’t really care much for romantic movies, but as long as his s/o is pleased so is he

- Huge cuddle bug is the small spoon when watching movies, shoveling hand full after handful of chips/popcorn into his mouth

- Stone cold, not one tear fell during any movie, If I Stay included “____ it’s really not that sad come on”

- Loves it when his s/o absentmindedly runs their hands through his hair during the movie, honestly one of his favorite parts about movie night


- Loves any kind of movie, really. Though romcoms are his favorite, some straight up romance is always good once in awhile

- When a romantic scene is playing out in front of them he will become all touchy-feely with his s/o, whispering sweet things into their ear while leaving small kisses

- Blankets draped around the two are a must

- Likes to curl up with some warm hot chocolate when watching a sappy movie, regardless of weather


- Not a big crier tbh

- However will always cuddle up to his s/o during movie night. He loves to play with their hair

- Doesn’t eat much while watching movies wither

- Honestly like 96.32% of his attention is on his s/o, maybe like 3.8% on the movie if it has an intresting plot. Maybe.


- Not really one for romantic movies, minimal complaining beforehand but will settle once they begin

- During the movie he will run his hands soothingly along their body in an attempt to comfort them, maybe even kiss their head a bit when they start to cry, smiling at the sweetness of it all

- This is like the one time he will pig out with you bc he usually has a p strict diet but his soft spot for you is also p big so

- Won’t cry, unless the movie somehow really touched him


- He absolutely loves cuddles, and will curl up under a huge blanket with them. Them usually on his chest

- Totally bawls, the both of them. A tissue box is always present

- As tradition calls, a bowl of popcorn is present. Its kettle tho

- His favorite movies are sci-fy and things like them, but sappy movies immediately follow


- Most definitely cries at sad parts don’t even fight me

- He sits side by side with his legs crossed on the couch while intently staring at the screen, a beer in hand while he yells at the characters as if they can hear him

- Blankets and pillows are thrown around, maybe draped across their shoulders

- Sometimes will ‘snuggle’ up with his s/o, giving them chaste kisses before returning their eyes to the screen


- So emotional during any kind of movie, and he will let you know exactly what he’s thinking. A talker

- When he sees the couple on-screen doing romantic things or going on fun dates he almost always suggests that they should do that, a smile taking over his face as he imagines it

- Will always hold his s/o close and in his lap

- Not really a big crier, but will occasionally if he’s feeling particularly sappy

Vacation (Part 7) Finale

Summary: In which Tony decides to take the Avengers and you on a trip to Hawaii.

Vacation Masterlist.

Originally posted by manny-mellark

After what seemed like an eternity, the moment had finally come for your first kiss with Peter. It was everything you ever dreamed it would be.

So much sadness yet joy was sought out into the kiss. You never wanted it to end. You almost wanted to punch yourself to see if this was actually even real.

But it was.

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stranded | michael au

a/n: this idea is SO CUTE i’ve never read a oneshot like this before?? its not old!! i love it!! thank you for submitting it, i really appreciate the requests and i really loved writing it! i had so many different ideas and i kept erasing them and starting over and getting so angry and flustered but FINALLY here is a draft that i really am happy with :)

word count: 2500+


Finally the day had come. The day that you had been waiting for since you were ten; since you got your first glimpse at the city that you would grow to admire. You were finally taking your first trip to London, England. You’ve dreamed of this trip for over ten years, and today it was becoming a reality.

Grabbing your luggage and checking your apartment for the final time, you closed the door to your home—saying goodbye to it for the next two weeks. If you were going to go across the world, you were going to go big or go home. Two weeks of traveling England, just you and your dreams.

As soon as you arrived at the airport, you cursed yourself for having the constant need to be extremely early for things. Everywhere you went, time was of no problem for you because you would be early. Well, today, your excessive need to be early was a bad thing. Two and a half hours before your flight was scheduled to take off, you found yourself flipping through a magazine in the lobby of the airport.

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Crossing boundaries

Anon requested:  Can I request something angsty with Ravi plz

Hi sorry just saw the response! Happy ending please! <3

Here you go, hope you like it ^^ 

Ravi x Reader

Angst, fluff

2,323 words


You opened your eyes slowly trying to adjust to the light when you suddenly became aware of the snoring man lying next to you. You reached for your phone to check the time and sighed in relief when you found that you had two more hours before having to force yourself out of your apartment in this cold weather. Your body shivered and you pulled the comforter over your naked body as you snuggled into the snoring Ravi, or Wonsik as he always asked you to call him when the two of you shared such intimate moments. Your fingers trailed his toned abs and chest before going down his abdomen. You gasped when you realized he was as naked as you were and moved a bit further in embarrassment. Last night you weren’t as embarrassed as you are now, but things were different when lust took over your senses and you wouldn’t mind seeing him naked and touching him in every possible way. Now as he lay next to you, he didn’t look like the sexy beast he was last night, and seeing him naked made you blush. 

His snoring ceased and he started stirring in bed as he slowly opened his eyes to look at you.
“Good morning, beautiful.“ 

He said in his raspy voice and you gave him a smile.

“Good morning." 

He printed a kiss on your temple before saying:

"I wish I could wake up to this every day." 

Here he goes again, you thought to yourself. Just when you thought you had given him enough reasons not to tell his group members about your relationship, he was still hinting and whining about it. You rolled your eyes as you lifted the comforter off your body to get off bed. He pulled your arm. 

"I still don’t understand why we can’t tell them." 

"Why do we have to tell them? What difference would it make?" 

You reached for his shirt on the floor and put it on before leaving him in bed as you walked toward the bathroom. 

He got off bed, put his undergarments on and followed you. 

"Because I hate seeing other dancers hit on you in front of me. I hate seeing you chatting and laughing with the boys around me without being able to say anything when one of them touches you or hugs you. I should tell them because they’re my members, my friends. What if they walk on us making out in the practice room? Last time I almost had a heart attack when Hakyeon knocked on the door! Can you imagine what it would feel like to have them know about it like this? They’d kill me!” 

You entered the bathroom and closed the door. He was absolutely right. They’d definitely get mad about it and your position as a backup dancer will be at risk. But you had your reasons and you didn’t think it was time yet.

You found him sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for you to come out of the bathroom. Once you were out, the conversation continued. 

“Baby please! We need to tell them! I can’t keep lying to them about my place every time I’m with you. I can’t see you in the practice room and pretend I’m not dying to kiss you!" 

He was interrupted by a buzzing on the night stand next to your bed. He looked at your phone and read Taekwoon’s name on the screen. 

"Why is he calling you?" 

He looked at you suspiciously and you gave him no answer as you ran to snatch your phone away from him. 

"He probably wants to remind me about today’s practice." 

You did your best trying to hide your nervousness. Wonsik sat up and walked in your direction as he said:

"We don’t have practice today, remember?" 

You swallowed hard as he continued "Answer him." 

You hesitated for a second and he almost yelled "Do it!”

Before you could swipe your finger across the screen, Taekwoon hung up. You almost sighed in relief but held it in not wanting to raise more suspicions. 

“He hung up." 

You said as you turned around and walked toward the kitchen hurriedly.

“I’ll go make us something to eat.”

"Where do you think you’re going?" 

He pulled your arm, and for the first time ever since you started seeing each other, he was angry. His grip on your wrist tightened as he asked: 

"Is this why you don’t want us to tell them? Is it because of him?" 

You yelped in pain as you tried freeing your wrist from his hold. 

"Wonsik! You’re hurting me!" 

"You’re hurting me too! Do you… Do you like Taekwoon?" 

"What? Are you out of your mind?" 

"Answer me! Do you like him?”

He paused for a second and then said:

“Of course you do! Why am I so blind? You spend a lot of time together and he’s the only one you’re close with! Why am I only noticing this now?" 

You pushed him away and freed yourself from his grip, yelling: 

"You’re such an idiot! Taekwoon is my cousin!" 

You left the room and collapsed on the couch in your living room, leaving him dazedly looking in the direction of the door. He stood there for a couple of minutes trying to grasp the situation before following you. He looked at you and called our name faintly but you ignored him. He knelt down in front of you and placed his hands on your knees but you continued to ignore him. 

"I’m sorry. I…”

“Did you think I wasn’t serious about this? About us?”

To have him accusing you of cheating on him hurt, a lot. He sighed audibly. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?" 

"I didn’t tell anybody. Nobody knows." 


You wiped your tears away as you said:

"Because… Because I had to prove that I got this job because of my talent and my hard work, not because of connections.”

He sat on the couch next to you placing a hand on your cheek. 

“I know you’re serious about us because I am very serious about it too. But you also know that I can’t do this without telling them.”

You let out a sigh. 

“Taekwoon will be so disappointed in me. He made me promise not to get involved with any of you." 


"Because he doesn’t want anything to affect your concentration on work." 

He pecked your lips before saying: 

"You’re one of the reasons I love going to the practice room. It’s because I can see you and be close to you but it’s also difficult because I have to pretend I’m not dying to talk to you or kiss you or put my arms around you." 

You stood up and walked inside your room, leaving him puzzled by your lack of reaction. 

"Where are you going?" 

You didn’t answer as you picked up your phone. A few seconds later he gasped when he heard you saying "Taekwoon… I need to tell you something. I’m dating Ravi." 


"I know” was all Taekwoon said when Wonsik told him the two of you were seeing each other. You looked up at him in surprise and he said”

“Did you really think I believed all the lame excuses both of you gave me at the same time without suspecting something was going on between you?”

“I’m sorry.”

You whispered. Wonsik reached for your hand and held it in his as you sat facing Taekwoon in his studio. Taekwoon then addressed Wonsik:

“Did you forget about the rules?” 

Wonsik lowered his face in shame. 

“I like her; I can’t do anything about it.” 

You looked at him and your lips lifted up in a smile. The smile disappeared when Taekwoon yelled:

“I don’t care! Work is work. You knew you shouldn’t do this and you still did!”

You flinched and your breathing hitched as you lowered your face, trying to hide the unshed tears in your eyes. 

“This is not something I can control!” 

Wonsik was almost yelling back and you squeezed his hand lightly, not wanting him to get overwhelmed with it. Taekwoon shook his head in annoyance before standing up and pacing the room. He then asked Wonsik to wait outside before turning to you: 

“We have to tell Hakyeon, and the management. The punishment will be up to them.” 

He paused for a second before saying:

“You know you could get fired.” 

“I know,” you said faintly. 

“Is he really worth it?” 

His voice softened and you lifted your head to look up at him. You glanced in the direction of the door before looking back at him and nodding. He placed his hand on your shoulder before asking again”

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes, Taekwoon. I like him, a lot… and this is all my fault. I… I broke my promise and I’m willing to take any punishment you find suitable. Just don’t make us break up, please!” 

He sighed audibly and then said: 

“Wait outside and let him in.” 


“Do you like her?” 

Taekwoon asked and Wonsik could only nod. 

“Are you willing to take any punishment for what you’ve done?” 

Wonsik bit his lower lip before answering: 


He paused for a second and then said “But I want to ask you for permission to take her out properly when this issue is over.” 

“Are you kidding me?” 

Wonsik looked at Taekwoon before saying 

“No. I like her and I know she likes me and I don’t see why we can’t see each other.” 

Taekwoon let out an audible sigh and then said:

“We’ll see about that…” 


“I know.” 

Hakyeon said and your jaw dropped. Does everyone else know? Were you that obvious? You exchanged looks with Wonsik who was as surprised as you, if not even more. Hakyeon crossed his legs as he sat facing you. 

“So… let me guess, your first time was when Wonsik said he fell off the stairs after meeting with Taemin while Shinee were actually promoting in Japan.” 


Wonsik’s cheeks turned bright red. He didn’t know Hakyeon could be very specific. He clearly remembers how he, and you, were awfully sore the morning after you’ve had your first time together and he used that as an excuse while you said you were on your period. Wonsik never thought Hakyeon would check Shinee’s schedule and find out about his little lie. 

“And then when you said you’d spend the night with Kai while she said she was sleeping at a friend’s house.” 

Hakyeon paused for a second before continuing, 

“And then… when you said you’re meeting up with some old friends and she said she’s spending the night at her parents.” 

“Will you please stop?” 

Wonsik was starting to get irritated, especially when signs of discomfort were showing on your face. 

“I’m just trying to say: you can’t really do anything behind my back.” 

Wonsik sighed audibly. 

“Now what?” 

“Now… now you’ll be stuck with cleaning the toilet, doing the laundry and making dinner for 3 months, and she’ll probably get fired.”


“No but. She said she’s willing to take any punishment.” 

Wonsik turned to look at you but you avoided his gaze. He then turned to Hakyeon: 

“Please! We didn’t do anything wrong. I mean… I’m sorry we had to lie but we really like each other! What’s so bad about that?” 

“You know the rules.” 

Hakyeon said coldly and Wonsik’s tears rolled down his face. 

“This is unfair!”  

You stood up and ran out of the room. 


Wonsik called after you but you ignored him as you closed the door behind you. He opened it and pulled your arm, taking you in his arms. You buried your face in his chest and let your tears wet his shirt in silence. 

“I’m so sorry.” 

He whispered. 

“It’s my fault. I should’ve listened to you.” 

You said between your sobs. He stroked your hair and back as he let his tears flow freely down his cheeks. 


“Aren’t we being too harsh?” 

Hakyeon asked. 

“Nah. They deserve it for trying to fool us.” 

Taekwoon answered as he looked at you from the studio’s glass door. 

“But… shouldn’t we tell them now? I feel bad seeing them cry like this.” 

“You’re just too sensitive; let them suffer a bit more.” 

“I honestly don’t mind them dating, as long as it doesn’t affect their work.” 

“I do mind, he should have asked me first.” 

Taekwoon said without looking at Hakyeon who rolled his eyes and said 

“Well if you told us earlier that she’s your cousin, things would have been different.” 


 A week later, you were all in the practice room working on Wonsik’s solo stage when you tripped and lost your balance. He jumped off his chair and knelt down next you. 

“Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine, it’s not serious.”

Their dance instructor cleared his throat and you both looked at him. 


You nodded and stood up going back to your position. Wonsik rubbed your back gently as he whispered in your ear: 

“Please be careful,” before going back to his chair. When the practice was over, you were the only two left in the practice room. Wonsik sat on the floor and motioned you to sit between his legs. You rested your back against his chest and your head on his shoulder. 

“Were you hurt?” 

His breath tickled your ear and you couldn’t hold your giggle. 


“Nothing. And no, I wasn’t hurt.” 

“That’s a relief.” 

He wrapped his arms around your body pulling you closer. 

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” 

You looked up at him, “Do what?” 

“Just be with you without worrying about anything.” 

You smiled at him and then asked:

“Are you happy now?” 


“Is it worth all the cleaning you have to do?” 

He smiled at you before pecking your lips, “It’s worth everything in the world.”

anonymous asked:

maybe you can ignore the heat by doing other things? eating, playing a game, reading.

“I don’t really wanna g-get up right now…”

David shifts, biting his lip as he tried to cross his legs even tighter.

“I-I’ll just…w-wait it out…”

Heat shoots up his spine and lets out a muffled high pitched whine. He needed something to bite before he bit his lip to the point of bleeding.

[Need A Howling Good Time M!A 6/15]

Drawing the Line

Petopher AU

Rated: PG13 (death, murder, language)

Author’s Note: When Chris Argent saves the Hale pack from a house fire, he inadvertently changes all of their destinies.  


When Alpha Talia Hale sent a personal invitation to attend a pack meeting, one did not refuse, especially if one was a “retired” werewolf hunter living on the Alpha’s territory.


The Argents were long time residents of Beacon Hills and up until a few years ago, the family of hunters had co-existed with the family of werewolves for two generations. They were not allies, but respected each other to give one another a wide berth. Chris’s father, Gerard, was the principal of BeaconHillsHigh School at the time, happily enjoying his new life as an educator and protector of young adults. When he was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer, Gerard had petitioned to Alpha Hale for the bite in the hopes to cure his disease – but she had politely refused, as was her right.

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Birthday Sex

Title: Birthday Sex

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Do Kyungsoo

Genre: Smut

Notes: I hope you guys like this little one-shot with Dyo. Happy birthday babe.


“Shit” Kyungsoo mumbled.

He opened his phone to see three missed calls and a text from you. Had he not dozed off into a nap on the plane to China, he wouldn’t be scared you were going to be mad.

He called you back. “What the hell?” You questioned, mad at him for making you scared. He knew you had a fear of planes, so you always wanted him to answer your calls.

“Sorry, I fell asleep.” He rubbed his eyes and began to sit back up in his chair. “You scared the hell outta me, Soo.”

He felt a tap on his shoulder and raised his eyebrows to Chanyeol sitting next to him. There was a sleepy Jongin who’s head laid on his shoulder, and Yeol had his index finger to his lip. Soo scoffed and turned towards the window.

“I said sorry. Why’d you call?” He heard you laugh sarcastically on the other line.

“Kyungsoo. What’s today’s date?” You were smiling to yourself at his stupidity. It was cute.

You heard a shuffle on the other line, then a gasp. “What did you get me..” He said excitedly like a child on Christmas.

“Just check your messages.” You sighed, hanging up the phone. Soo looked confused as he clicked on the conversation that read “New Picture Message From: Y/n!”

The picture opened and his pants became 12 times tighter. Your lip was seductivly caught between your teeth and your finger laid at the corner of your mouth. His eyes scanned down to your chest, where red lace surrounded a silky black bra. The garment almost failed to cover your chest.

Your panties were small enough for him as the same red lace around the same black silk. It looked so expensive to him but all he wanted to do was rip it off you.

Kyungsoo began to text back. “How is this a birthday present, Y/N? All you’ve done is make me hot and bothered, and I don’t even get to touch you yet.” He sent, crossing his legs in attempt to hide the massive erection that threatened to rip his pants as he thought of ripping those garments off you.

His phone vibrated and he glanced at the text. It was another picture message along with the caption, “Think again.”

The picture turned out to be the view of an airport, a Hong Kong airport. The exact one he was landing on right now.

He quickly grabbed his bags and stormed ahead of the boys, being the first to be surrounded by crazed fans and screaming girls.

He shoved through, looking for a sign that either said Exo or his name.

He then spotted you, no sign tho. His frustrated frown turned into and evil smirk as he ran up to you and pulled you by your wrist outside and into some taxi.

“Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen, Qǐng.” He said in his improved Chinese accent. The driver nodded and quickly sped off from the boys to the given destination.

Soo’s hand had an unbelievably strong grip on your thigh, and it honestly terrified you. He leaned over to whisper something and your pulse sped up. “It was torturous to do that, you know. Oh, but you’re gonna pay.”

He calmly looked back in front of him, watching the driver drive. You glanced down to see the enormous bulge that almost shot his button of his jeans.

You leaned over also. “Maybe I should ‘clean up my own mess’.”

Your hand slid over his lap as you intently watched the drivers eyes to ensure they stayed on the road ahead. Soo’s eyes began to widen and he flicked your wrist.

“Don’t.“ He growled. You smirked and sat back in your seat, watching his facial expressions.

After what felt like a lifetime to Kyungsoo the driver pulled over at a fancy looking hotel. “Xiéxié.” He mumbled and stepped out of the car. Opening the door for you, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you behind him to the desk.

Without even giving the desk lady a glance, he pushed you into the elevator and closed it.

He took no time to push his floor and pin you against the wall. You hopped up onto the railing and wrapped you legs around his waist.

“Somebody’s in a hurry..” You teased, pulling him closer. He gave you a devilish look and shut you up with his own lips against yours. He pulled off your tank top, which coincidentally failed to hide the new lingerie.

Throwing it behind him, his eyes were glued to your breasts as he thuroughly admired it’s beauty. He could peel his eyes off, just stare. His hands glided to your back where he was seconds away from unclasping it, though the ding of his floor stopped his actions.

He picked you up bridal style, forgetting about the tank top he left on the floor.

“Soo, my ta-” You both stopped to stare at the women who waited in front of the opening. Kyungsoo paid no attention to the looks they gave him. You cleared your throat and Soo slipped pass them, heading straight for the room.

He pushed the key in, not putting you down for a split second before he shoved the door open with his foot.

As it flew shut behind you, he put you down only to swipe his hand across the kitchen counter. All the little napkins and nicely organized coffee sweeteners fell to the floor and he turned around to grab your hips and set you on the counter.

You both took this time to peel each others clothes off hurriedly. His shirt, your shorts, his jeans, your bra and panties - which he didn’t forget to admire for some minutes before shredding to pieces of torn fabric, his boxers.

You both found yourselves naked breathing heavily, Soo’s lips against your and his hands on the counter beside you.

You laced your fingers in his hair, your hips bucking to meet his erection as his soft, cloud like lips enveloped your nipple. Your head was thrown back when his teeth also met with it.

“Soo, please..” You moaned, his precum coating your thigh. “It’s my birthday, I get to do as I please tonight.”

He suddenly picked you up by your hips, tossing you to one of the made bed. He sat on his knees, your legs still wrapped around his waist.

His hands slowly skimmed down your side, then back up. He only used the light tips of his fingers which drove your crazy.

You knew if you were to touch him when he didn’t say you could, he would be frustrated so you averted to clutching the sheets beside you instead. He licked his lips, admiring the way your cheeks flushed in the low lighting.

You pursed your lips together, closing your eyes and trying your hardest not to buck your hips up, tho Soo obviously felt it.

“Shh, baby. Just be patient.” He said before fixing his head at your nape. He left light kisses with his thick lips. His hot breath tickled your clit.

You whimpered, not being able to control your hips as they bucked at his lips. He didn’t get frustrated, just held them down. His tongue prodded at your pussy, his eyes watching your face contort.

“You look so beautiful like this.” He mumbled, the pad of his tongue flat against your wetness.

You moaned loudly, arching your back into the air. Just when you thought you couldn’t handle it anymore, he added his two slender fingers to the mix. Pumping quickly at the start, his tongue flicked your clit.

“Fuck, Soo. Yes..” You moaned, flipping your head from side to side as you rolled your hips to his movements.

Your stomach tightened. “I’m gonna cum, Soo..” You were on the verge of release when he pulled away, causing a whine to echo through the room.

He picked up your leg and threw it over his shoulder. You felt his erection prod at your throbbing entrance and your held his hips, pulling them shamelessly towards yours.

He didn’t do anything, just watched your sexually frustrated fit until he felt bad enough to slip all the way into you.

He watched your face contort as you adjust to his length and he adjusted to your tightness. Slowly, he began to pump in and out with a steady rhythm. He had to admit, this felt good after the long plane ride, taxi-ride and elevator wait.

He let his elbow fall by your head as he continued his pumps, getting harder by the second. He took your bottom lip between his teeth and stared at your eyes with his filled with lust. It was something he did during sex that just made it a hundred times hotter.

Forehead sweat formed with his thrusts becoming sloppier and rougher, the modern hotel bed even whining with them. You gasped as he finally hit that spot.

“Soo, right there..” You panted, your hips bucking at the pleasure. He aimed deeper and harder, hitting that perfect spot over and over again. Before you knew it, your sight went white and you came all over him.

The excess helped for him to slip in and out faster. He gasped, “Shit, I’m cumming..” He sighed, his hips stopping as he buried himself deep inside of you.

You admired the beauty written all over him. His forehead creased with pieces of sweaty hair stuck to it. The muscles in his shoulders flexed with his abdomen. All of him was your definition of perfection.

He rode out his euphoria, pulling out and falling beside you. He pulled you under the covers and onto his chest sleepily, his eyes lidded.

“Happy birthday, Soo. I hope you liked your present.”

“I’ll buy you more lingerie, I promise.” He mumbled without opening his eyes.

“Yeah you are. That was fifty dollar Victoria Secret.. Oh and a new tank top.” You demanded, falling into sleep on his chest as it rose and fell deeply.