he enjoyed the hat

#7: The End

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“So are you guys dating again, or?” asked Harrison as he stirred some sugar into his tea. You were at Tom and Haz’s house out in England, enjoying the warm summertime. 

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❄December 20th❄

A/N: 4 Days until Christmas??? Where has time gone? I’ll try and get at least one more scenario done for you guys and maybe I’ll do a mood board or something? If someone has an idea please just tell me! x


Snow days with Jungkook!!!!

  • okay I feel like this cutie would get so excited when he’d look out the window in the morning
  • “Jagiya look how much new snow there is!”
  • must go outside
  • no protest is allowed
  • “dress warmly!”
  • he’d make you wear his sweater bc it’s “warmer than yours”
  • really he just enjoys seeing you in his clothes
  • he’d put a hat on your head and pull it down so you wouldn’t see anymore and your hair would be a mess
  • but you could never be annoyed at him when he’d flash his bunny smile at you
  • at first you’d just run around and explore the garden full of snow a little
  • then you’d get the idea of building a snowman
  • and I’m telling you he’d get so into it
  • and he’d be hella good at it as well
  • you’d concentrate a lot when you’d put the eyes and mouth on the snowman
  • he’d bend down next to you and watch you
  • “You’re so cute when you’re focusing on something”
  • then he’d steal a kiss
  • or three
  • “Stop kissing me or I’ll mess it up!”
  • “He looks good already! A little like Namjoon-hyung”
  • and you wouldn’t see any resemblance but go with it anyways
  • then he’d rush inside to get a carrot for the nose
  • you’d hide somewhere behind the house corner with a snowball
  • when he’d come back outside you’d hit him and giggle adorably
  • but he wouldn’t admit how cute you looked
  • instead he’d form his own snowball and walk towards you dangerously
  • “Kookie! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! Please don’t!”
  • and you’d giggle even more
  • but a meter away from you he’d suddenly drop the snowball and just trap you between his frame and the wall
  • he’d stare at you intensely and you’d probably forget how to breathe for a second
  • extra Jungkook™ mode on
  • “This is what I get for being a good boyfriend?”
  • you’d apologize but giggle anyways bc he would sound so cute and mad
  • and this smooth fucker would just lean in and kiss you again
  • he’d taste of coffee and even though your lips would be cold it would be great
  • and after a few seconds of deepening the kiss (no he wouldn’t pull away and you couldn’t bc you’re backed up against a wall) he’d slide his tongue over your bottom lip
  • and your knees would suddenly feel a little like jelly
  • and you’d open your mouth and as soon as his tongue touched yours you’d feel dizzy of how good of a kisser he was
  • and you’d almost feel mad when he’d all of a sudden pull away and say
  • “Namjoon-hyung will have to wait for his nose a little longer”
  • and pull you back inside the house
Headcanon #43

One day when McCree went out to do some errands, he left his usual cowboy attire behind and went out in some casual clothing. Hanzo found the attire lying on the bed, when he took a look around the house and saw no one was there he put on the hat and the serape. He enjoyed the comfortable feeling the clothes gave off from the fabric and smell itself. He was saying very lovey dovey things about Jesse and was glad that no one was here to hear him say that. Until he looked at the bedroom door and saw McCree standing there. An awkward silence lasted about 10 seconds before Hanzo quickly took cowboy accessories off of him and sat on the bed in a intimidating posture.

Hanzo: “Welcome back, wannabe cowboy. How dare you leave your clothes lying around like this. Why I tripped on them and got them stuck on me. You should apologize now.”


ixcaliber replied to your post: i should be reading about 90 more pages of this…

sanji visiting a fast food restaurant. sanji shouting at people throwing away half eaten food in the park. sanji as gordon ramsay in kitchen nightmares. sanji’s peeling a banana but its a sanji inside. sanji with his stand: Blue Oyster Cult. sanji cuts open a watermelon for all the strawhats to enjoy. sanji puts on a detective coat and hat he’s gonna solve a murder mystery. sanji decorating his bedroom. sanji plays a board game designed for children. sanji plays minigolf

holy shit.

What We Might Be Able to Learn from Lucas’ Past Behavior Because of the Jellybean Scene.

Some important key thoughts about what drives Lucas is he thinks the universe wants him to be with Riley because she fell into his lap (even though he knows Maya pushed her), and he likes the way Maya teases him with hahurrs and nicknames. 

It is very clear in GM Crazy Hat that Lucas enjoyed Maya hahurring, and he participated in enjoying the game with her until around GM Friendship when he seems to completely take up the Moral Compass ideal and Riley’s prince. He appears to have put the game on hold with a few moments peeking through. However, in GM Pluto he gets the advice to not give up on his dreams in other words: don’t give up on what he wants. 

Next episode in storyline order is GM Mr. Squirrels where it appears Lucas has attempted to start the game up again with less than good results. He mentions that he couldn’t take Maya’s teasing anymore. Now for a guy who likes her teasing, what is it exactly that he couldn’t take anymore? That he was resisting admitting that he liked it for so long in Season 1? That he was fighting his beliefs of what he thought the universe wanted for him against what he wanted to do? That if Maya was going to continue to play the game, it wasn’t fair that he didn’t get to participate just as much? Certainly seems like it given that he doesn’t appear as annoyed with her in the end of the episode as he might have been in the beginning.

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I bet Simon not only intends to benefit from the boys until the very last day. I think he also possesses this inner desire to make both them and us cringe and struggle. Like a sort of compulsive sense of spite and delightful pettiness that he’ll make a good use of as long as he can.


Urnie (left) and UFO (right) celebrating UFO’s first birthday!! He enjoyed a tuna pâté cake and these glorious hats! Urnie wanted to play with them and was too small to wear it and too big to fit inside. UFO, after much wrangling, wore his hat like a champ for 30 seconds and then ran at great speeds while rubbing it on the floor, trying to detach it. Thus leads to these photos of them as complete doofuses.