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Some Villainous Headcanons
  • They all go shopping together–their tastes are polar opposites so it’s difficult to find meals to cook that everyone will willingly eat. Each shopping trip usually leaves a trail of chaos in its wake. Black Hat hexes free samples in the grocery store to grow faces and start screaming at innocent bystanders. Demencia inevitably tries to ride in the shopping cart. Black Hat prefers to push the shopping cart because it makes him feel like the leader, but will begrudgingly relinquish it to Dr. Flug when the latter is particularly nervous, because it grounds him and gives him something to focus on/support himself with 
  •  They always snag extra paper bags in the checkout, so Flug will have some in reserve 
  •  Flug has a stock pile of puzzle games on his phone and computer because they help him focus/come down from anxiety attacks. He’s absolutely inhuman at rhythm games. It’s one of the few things he and Demencia both enjoy, that they can bond over.
  •  Black Hat is an eldritch creature who is thousands of years old, and had his thumb in a number of history’s natural disasters and manmade calamities. He is fluent in virtually every language, including some not meant to fall upon human ears. 
  •  Any damage to the gang’s clothing is mended by Black Hat, with his reality-altering capabilities. He’s able to clean the house this way as well, but 5.0.5 seems to enjoy cleaning, so BH usually only steps in if part of the roof caves in or a wall gets blown out 
  •  When someone is about to take a bite of a sandwich or some other portable piece of food, Demencia finds it hilarious to sweep in and snatch it out of their hand just before it reaches their mouth. She does this mostly to Black Hat and 5.0.5, as Flug never eats in front of the others. 5.0.5 usually starts crying, and BH flies into a sputtering rage, though he never actually does anything to her.
  •  Flug often goes through periods during which he is nonverbal. He’s fluent in ASL, and often communicates with written notes or sign language when he doesn’t have the energy to speak. The others have even learned his signing–5.0.5 sees it as a fun game to learn, and Demencia finds ways to string signs together to say things to tease and aggravate Flug when he’s in more social moods.
‘Why Don’t You Kiss Her?’

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: April 12th, 2017
Warnings: Shy Bucky. Fluffy Bucky. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
AN: LOOK WHO FINALLY WAS ABLE TO POST SOMETHING!!! Confession, I have some Jesse McCartney on my playlist–this is one of his songs. I am unashamed to admit that I love this song! I first heard it when I watched Kim Possible So The Drama and have been hooked ever since!

‘Why Don’t You Kiss Her’ : Jesse McCartney (the lyrics will be typed in the fic, but if you wanna listen to it!)

“Bucky!!” (Y/N) squealed followed by loud giggles that echoed throughout the compound. Bucky’s fingers were wiggling as he stalked her around the couch with a mischievous grin on his face. The two of them were playing cat and mouse around the room, as Bucky’s hat was clenched in her hands and being held to her chest. (Y/N)’s giggles were being fought back behind her captured lip as she watched every movement Bucky was making. Deep down she knew he could easily capture her, but Bucky never did. He enjoyed dragging this sort of thing out. 

“Come on, doll, gimme my hat back. Then aaaaallllll this will be over.” His Brooklyn accent seeping through his charming smirk as he slowly began circling her again. 

She giggled and shook her head, “How about a trade? Give me phone back and then I will give you, your hat back.” Her feet moving slowly in circles making sure her back is never towards Bucky. 

“Well, that is what you get for sneaking Snapchat pictures of me with those animated features covering my face!” He chuckled at her, mentally planning his attack, “You turned me into a cat!” Tilting his head at her with a smile, “Then made my head into a cookie! That ain’t cool, darlin.” His smile growing as (Y/N) began laughing again, “Annnnddd let us not forget you did that FaceSwap thing–you put Sam’s face on mine!” Pointing his metal finger at her. 

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June 13, 2011

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I was surprised to see Jace poke his head around the corner, “the door was unlocked.”

“Yeah, sure,” I nodded. Jace and I barely spoke a word to one another in almost a month. It’s been killing me, to be honest, but I don’t even know where to start with him. Talking about feelings is pretty high on the list of things I hate. 

“So,” Jace began, “I’m moving out. Thought I should let you know.”

“I’m that terrible, huh?”

“Shit, no,” he frowned, “I didn’t mean it like that, Gorgeous. It’s just that…things have been tense between us. I thought it’d be best. For both of us.”

I felt a pang in my stomach, “That’s nice of you,” I said sarcastically.

“Look,” he sighed, “I know I wasn’t the greatest to you. In fact, I was pretty shitty sometimes. And I know how bad I fucked up. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“…I wasn’t that great either, if we’re being honest,” I admitted, “I picked some stupid fucking fights with you. Sometimes I think I just enjoy fighting about stuff.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “like that time you bit me because I told you a platypus wasn’t a bird?”

“Fuck off,” I pouted, “I don’t remember you complaining about biting any other time?”

“True enough,” he smirked. 

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“Dinner time” (Villainous drabbles)

“Dinner time” Drabble 3

There are rules to be followed in the Hat Manor. One of them being to never leave the toilet seat up. The other is when it’s time to eat, everyone has to come and sit at the dinner table. It does not matter what anyone is doing, Black Hat demands it and even he follows his own rules. Anyone who does not comply is sent to the basement to face the “Beast”. So far, Dr. Flug, Dementia and 5.0.5 have never seen the “Beast” but they remembered a time when Black Hat kicked a party clown down there. The poor entertainer knocked on his door and gave him a balloon animal, which made the demon grab him and toss him down the stairs. They never saw him come out.

One ring of the bell, ranged by Black Hat made the trio quickly rush to the dining table. Dr. Flug is the cook in the home and he was the one to pass out each plate of food. In a hierarchy, like in Black Hat’s home, Black Hat is the one who gets served first. The demon could eat anything that appears tasteful to him but his favorite will always be a rare steak, with a dash of salt and a glass of apple cider.

Dr. Flug, wearing a frilly apron, placed the bloody food down in front of Black Hat and nervously served his champagne glass with apple cider.

“E-enjoy, S-Sir.” Dr. Flug stuttered before going around him to serve Dementia next. Black Hat sat silently with a bored look as Dr. Flug slowly made his way around the table. Dementia’s taste buds usually consists of sugary candy and drinks. It is a hassle for Dr. Flug, who has to make baked goods along with what is called “a healthy meal”. Dementia was bouncing with excitement as Flug presented her with cupcakes, with green and pink frosting, drawn to look like her face.

“Wow, Flug, this is cute!” Dementia smiled widely while poking her finger into one of the cupcakes that had her eye drawn on it.

“Oh, uh thanks Dementia-” Dr. Flug said as he looped around to 5.0.5. “It took me all afternoon to make it just right.”

“Oh, really?” Dementia gave him a grin and slammed her hand onto the cupcakes. Dr. Flug’s shoulders slouched forward as he gave her an unimpressed gaze. He placed a bowl of salad in front of 5.0.5, who shook his head in disappointment towards Dementia, who batted her eyes innocently. Dr. Flug finally sat down in his own chair besides 5.0.5, with only a glass of water and a straw in front of him.

“Finally.” Black Hat muttered before picking up a fork and knife. “Now, everyone eat and everything better be off your plate before you even dream of leaving this table!” Black Hat growled, his sharp teeth protruding. He stabbed his steak viciously before tearing off a piece and placing it in his mouth.

Dr. Flug quickly picked up his drink and sipped quietly. Dementia is the loud eater in the house, devouring her meal with vigor, like a starving animal. 5.0.5 is more neat when it comes to his food. The loveable bear enjoyed each bite of his food and savoured it. Suddenly as they began, Dementia’s face quickly turned sour and a shade of green before spitting out her food.

“Oh yuk!”

Black Hat slammed his fists on the table, lifting from his seat. “Dementia! What have I said about your disgusting spit?!”

Dementia ducked in her seat, her tongue still out of her mouth. “B-but, Black Hat!” She whined. “My cupcakes taste gross!”

Dr. Flug blinked. “Oh, it must be the asparagus frosting.”

“Asparagus?!” Dementia shrieked.

“Yeah, I thought it will be a little bit more healthy for you.”

“Ew!” Dementia pushed her plate away and crossed her arms. “I’m not eatin’ it!”

Black Hat let out a snarl. “You will eat it Dementia, or did your forget about my warning?” His voice changed, making everyone at the table shake in their seat. When he switches into his intimidating voice, they all know when he is deathly serious. “No one leaves until everything is finished from their plate.”

Dementia whimpered. “B-but-”

“No buts! If you want to leave, you have to clean the litter box for my little pet downstairs…” Black Hat gave her a large grin when she shuddered. “Your choice.”

Dementia pouted and turned back at her plate. She shot a glare at Dr. Flug, who pretended to be looking off to the side to avoid her eyes. She sighed and wiped her finger on her plate. She stared at the dab of green frosting and with her stomach turning she put it in her mouth. She reeled and kicked but she forced herself to eat it.

Black Hat, feeling satisfied sat down in his chair and began to eat his own meal. Dr. Flug, having finished his drink, slowly turned to Black Hat who was quietly chewing. The young doctor slowly lifted up a shaking finger.

“Um Mister Black Hat, S-sir?”

“Hmm?” Black Hat muttered giving Flug an annoyed glare for having been disturbed.

“M-May I go and eat my meal in the lab now?”

Black Hat swallowed and scoffed. He lifted up his gloved hand and shooed him away. Dr. Flug immediately removed himself from the dinner table and ran out of the room towards the safety of his lab. Dementia pouted and grumbled.

“No fair…”She said, giving her food a glance. She wasn’t even halfway done. She was jealous that Dr. Flug didn’t need to actually “eat” with them, due to his “condition”. His paper bag mask hid his real face and he refused to lift it up and eat in front of them. Black Hat showed him mercy and recommended to sip his drink at the table before leaving to eat his own meal, in private.

Black Hat dabbed his mouth with a black napkin before tossing it aside. He lifted himself up and placed his hands behind his back.

“5.0.5, don’t forget to do the dishes.” Black Hat sternly said. 5.0.5 nodded, since he does not mind doing household chores. Black Hat shot a glare at Dementia, who chuckled nervously before glancing back at her food. “Don’t even think about throwing away your meal, Dementia, if there is one thing that irks me more than heroes, is people treating their meal like inedible garbage!”


“I-I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dementia forcefully smile, Black Hat shot her one last look, narrowing his eyes in suspicion before walking out of the room. Dementia sighed heavily and poked at her food. There was no getting around it, she would have to eat it. With a breath, she opened her mouth wide like a fish and gobble up the cupcakes. She chewed and gagged, and chewed again before finally she defeated her adversary.

5.0.5 happily clapped his paws for her accomplishment, which made her feel a little bit better. She got up and did a dramatic bow. Now, all there was left to do was distract Dr. Flug and ruin his inventions in revenge of what he put her through.


I hope you all enjoyed! ^_^ 

Fanfic ideas for Villainous.

· Black Hat goes to shopping. He is bored.

· Dem enjoys a puzzle game and a chewy toy she found. She falls asleep at the end.

· Dr Flug falls asleep on couch watching tv. Nobody messes him, they let him sleep.

· 5.0.5 hugs everyone in town. Black Hat watches and laughs at the discomfort until it comes for him.

· The whole cast meets your oc and makes fun of bad movies.

· Dem and Dr. Flug plays a racing game while 5.0.5 eats popcorn.

· Black hat pranks people.

· Dem finds 12 chewy toys and 35 new foods.

· 5.0.5 is scared of things. It’s adorable. I want to comfort the poor baby.

· Dr Flug tells us about a dream he had last night.

· Dem enjoys skating and tv movies while drawing a picture of her oc.

· 5.0.5 find a tiny lizard.

· We all know that Black Hat is a lovecraftian horror older than sand, tell me what happens when he out lives the rest of the cast. We both know he’s going to do it someday.

· Did Dem have any crushes before our favorite walking villain cliche?

· Dr Flug tries to test dangerous things on himself because science and a lack of test subjects.

· 5.0.5 is terribly fearful of Black Hat. What happened to cause that?

· How many people came before our cast? Black Hat has been EVIL for a long time. I think he’s had people before them. I also something happened to them. All of them.

saltytaledaze  asked:

Hi! Your headcanons for STARISH waltzing with their s/o are super adorable! I was wondering if maybe I could request the same thing for Quartet Night? Thank you so much and I hope you're having a good day! ^_^

Course you can! Tell me what you think~



  • This waltzer here is a little on the clumsy side
  • Reiji kinda nearly got onto his knees to worship his s/o because she looked stunning in her dress. His s/o had to peel him off the floor
  • For some reason he cannot seem to stop looking at his s/o with a goofy grin
  • Lame jokes about the couples waltzing around just to crack his s/o up
  • He had this dangerous glint to his eyes when you were dancing in his arms and would smooch his s/o on the dance floor. No regrets.
  • He enjoyed himself immensely. He even wore his hat (with a complimentary green feather) to the event


  • You deserve a medal if you were able to drag him onto the dance floor
  • Him in a suit though. A++++
  • Was lowkey jealous if he caught men staring at you. As you were twirling around together, he couldn’t do anything
  • Ranmaru did kiss you though. Very passionately. He even muttered a “You look beautiful.” with a grunt but he was smiling.
  • He was a little on the rough (he had too wild a look in his eyes) but he did pretty alright.
  • He had fun because he was with you but wouldn’t admit it 8)


  • “You look beautiful.” The sincere tone in his voice was what made you blush that evening. He looked very handsome in a tux too.
  • His steps were the most precise albeit a little stiff
  • Perfect rhythm though
  • Was smiling softly at you the entire time
  • You tripped and Ai leaned forward and caught you safely. The closeness between you two made him flush
  • Loved every minute of it. He’d even suggest that you do this more often :D


  • from how he escorted you to the dance and till the finish. It was gracefully perfect
  • Camus picked your dress and damn, his choice was just amazing
  • His waltzing skills are something to envy because they are smooth, elegant and graceful altogether
  • His firm but gentle hand on your back as he expertly guided you across the floor. You looked like you were gliding through the sky
  • He was the perfect gentleman. He kissed the back of your palm at the end of it, promising that this wasn’t your last waltz
The Signs As Suburban Dads
  • Aries: John, Age 43. 4 kids. The dad that gets really competitive in neighborhood cooking/BBQ contests. Wears a lot of polo shirts, probably a DILF. Was really wild as a teenager and his wild side still probably shows through a lot.
  • Taurus: Thomas, Age 42. 3 kids. The dad that loves to spoil his kids and take them to lots of baseball games. Treats his daughter(s) like princesses and his son(s) like royalty. Loves going to neighborhood block parties, although always tends to drink a bit too much at them. Major DILF, has all his daughter's friends swooning.
  • Gemini: Ian, Age 45. 3 kids. Loves his kids and wife more than anything, is always trying to show off for them and please them. Goes to every single one of their kids' sports games and probably has coached at least 3 baseball teams.
  • Cancer: Brian, Age 41. 2 kids. A major stay-at-home dad. Is very smart and is always helping his kids with their homework. Wears a lot of hats and enjoys golfing any chance he gets. Probably really tall.
  • Leo: Steve, Age 45. 5+ kids. The typical BBQ dad. Loves throwing house/block parties, always tends to drink way too much at these. Loves his trophy wife, probably sells weed throughout the neighborhood.
  • Virgo: Nathan, Age 46. 1 kid. Is very quiet and reserved at parties, doesn't really like to socialize much. His favorite time of the week is family game night, where he gets super competitive. Loves cooking dinner for his family, makes the best meals ever.
  • Libra: Chuck, Age 47. 2 kids. Used to always smoke cigars, recently switched to vaping since it is way more 'hip'. Loves going out at night to bars and stuff with his wife, smokes a lot of weed and probably has a twitter, snapchat, instagram, and tumblr.
  • Scorpio: Chris, Age 41. 2 kids. Makes a lot of dad jokes, wears a lot of baseball hats. Is always making business calls on his blackberry, gets super into holidays and always makes it a competition to buy the best gifts. Volunteers at the school a lot. Hates his mother-in-law.
  • Sagittarius: Mark, Age 42. 4 kids. The "cool" dad. Is always trying to keep up with the new trends, always wants to take his kids hiking and to baseball games and just outside doing stuff. Is probably super tall, eats a LOT at dinner, major DILF.
  • Capricorn: Jeff, Age 46. 3 kids. Has a strong disliking towards the neighbors, is always traveling on business trips and stuff. His favorite day of the year is 'take your kid to work' day. Bought the biggest house he could find for his family. Has a really obnoxious mom.
  • Aquarius: Michael, Age 43. 2 kids. Watches a lot of sports, is always playing golf on the weekends and in his free-time. Secret stoner, sneaks out to the porch to sneak a quick joint way more often than he probably should. The "fun" dad, gets into fights at his kids' sports games and adores his wife more than anything.
  • Pisces: Tim, Age 44. 3 kids. The hot dad. All of his daughter's friends are so obviously in love with him. Has a trophy wife, loves drinking champagne and fancy drinks. Dresses in polo shirts and khakis, works a lot but always manages to make time for his family.

Interesting tidbit, Black Hat’s clothing seems to be most reminiscent of the 1850’s , lower cut vest, longer coat tails, top hat, and even pant cut. Although he does opt for a more modern tie and his upturned collar seems to be most likely inspired by the greasers of late 1940’s early 50’s (probably because it was seen as a very rebellious subculture and even taboo (evil)), his style choice may be indicative of how long he’s been around or even just the time periods he specifically enjoyed.

moonlightcombustion  asked:

Hey could you please do a type contrast between ENFP and ISFP because I'm trying to figure out which I am. I think I might be ISFP because I'm pretty sure I have inferior Te because I'm quite impulsive and I don't usually think things through and I used to like to have things in control and to behave according to rules. I've always typed myself as ENFP before though or very initially I also thought I was INXP. I looked on ur type contrast page and couldn't see this one so I thought I'd ask!

Someone out there is laughing at me. My phone literally hit me with this ask 35 seconds after The Scarlet Pimpernel ended and I watched it with an ISFP.

Why does that matter, you might ask? Well, Percy is an ENFP and Marguerite is an ISFP. Go watch it. It’s worth it, I promise. It stars Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. The plot is about a British aristocrat (ENFP) who goes under the alias of “The Scarlet Pimpernel” to rescue people from the French Revolution and winds up falling in love with a French actress (ISFP), who is then manipulated by her ex-boyfriend (INFJ) into trying to find out the identity of the Pimpernel.

As a Ne-dom, Percy has a few excellent things going for him, and a few pitfalls.

One, he’s absolutely hilarious and can snark at the drop of the hat. He enjoys manifesting his feelings through barbs, insults, innuendos, and suchlike, often to express his contempt for the current state of French politics (”You should send your tailors to the guillotine!“ he quips, dissing French fashion; Chauvelin says, “We shall send our king instead, and exalt our tailors,” and Percy retorts with, “Alas, then tailors will rule the land and no one will make the clothes. So much for French fashion!”)

Two, he keeps the larger picture in focus at all times and manages to stay one step ahead of his adversary – this is Ne/Te, allowing him to innovate on the fly just enough to keep ahead of Chauvelin; he engages “plans” and easily sets them into motion, he delegates tasks to subordinates, and he argues rational reasons why they must remain a small group and incognito.

Three, he can revise his plans and abandon all former ones at the drop of a hat, which in the end saves his neck because he had a few minutes to scheme.

Four, he is largely concerned with philosophical abstractions – even though he is using them for mockery much of the time, the real focus of his jabs is the sensory world (he’s pretending to be “the most idiotic fop” in England, for the greater good, because he self-identifies with the French aristocracy - Fi) – fussing about clothing, mocking French fashion, and over-exaggerating his feminine traits to throw people off (emphasis on low Si).

Being so laid back and trusting his ability to get himself out of messes has its disadvantages – Percy almost gets himself killed because he permits one of his League to disobey his orders – his strong sense of Fi (“I am not your boss, and you must do what you believe is right”) is almost his undoing, and his lower Te prevents him from stepping in to lay down the rules, which would have been for everyone’s greater good. His Ne is naive and idealistic – he underestimates how dangerous Chauvelin is due to personal dislike (Fi), and underestimates how dangerous individual situations can be. His Ne’s “we’ll wait and see what happens, and I can revise it later if need be” isn’t always in his favor.

His low Si is also a pain when it comes to believing a piece of information about the woman he loves. Percy has such a poor connection to his own sensory impressions that he cannot contrast and compare what he’s told about her actions with the woman he knows (stronger Si required) and thus believes the ideas he hears (Ne) and retreats into himself, emotionally – he tries to hide “his contempt” but cannot really manage it (Fi).

Since there are two introverted feelers at the heart of this story, there’s a huge presence of misunderstandings, lack of communication, the inability to be frank with one’s feelings as things happen, and the inevitable frustration that comes from each person pulling away from the other to process their feelings, when it might resolve everything if they just… talked.

If Percy is the idealist, Marguerite is the realist who sees more than Percy because she pays attention with Se and interprets with Ni. Early on, strangely drawn to him despite his foppish behavior, she asks him, “Are you an actor too, playing in some strange charade?” She knows he’s lying to her, and to society, but cannot put her finger on why; she senses the shift in him when he believes something about her that isn’t true and says he “wears THE MASK (his fake self) in private now, as well as public.” This is her Fi/Ni loop, sensing Percy is not being authentic to his true self in others’ presence and intuiting his reason why – he must be hiding something because he doesn’t trust me.

Her intuition isn’t quite strong enough to figure out that he’s the Pimpernel, until she sees a visual representation of the Pimpernel symbol and associates it with her husband (Se). She is willing to accept him as he is, though it frustrates her (Fi-dom, disinterested in changing another person; Percy expresses his open disapproval in a much more brutal tert-Te manner, intended to punish her for her perceived wrongdoing and in so doing, change her). She reacts to his coldness by pulling away. Marguerite is offended that he will say nothing in her defense when the accusations become public – society’s opinion matters to her less than that he doesn’t believe her, nor intend to forgive her; and instead of telling him it’s all a lie, she stops confiding in him altogether. Since she isn’t an extrovert, she’s far less confrontational and cutting than he is, when she’s upset (she never confronts him with aggression or demands answers for his strange behavior, but rather tries to appeal to his better Fi-nature).

She isn’t as good at innovating on the run as he is, because he’s an extrovert and has stronger Te, but her impression of who she is, who he is, and who Chauvelin is, is much more grounded and realistic than his (”You shouldn’t tease Chauvelin; he’s very important in the government” = he’s dangerous, Percy, and whatever game you are playing, you need to stay out of his way).

She aligned with the Revolution until it became something she disagreed with, and could no longer morally support, then her Fi slammed on the brakes and she ceased any involvement. She refuses to pretend to be anything she is not. Percy is more willing to compromise who he is, behind a facade; he puts aside his pride and loops out of his emotions as much as he can, in order to deal with what is in front of him (even as his marriage falls apart, Percy focuses on “getting the Dauphin out of France”).

So, in short:

Percy’s Ne is naive and idealistic and he relies on it a lot, reasoning he’ll deal with that problem when he gets there; he falls back on strong Te to get things done, but all the mistakes he makes are sensory-based (underestimating people and situations, making failed escape attempts, etc). His lack of a strong connection to a stable Fi (it’s under Ne’s influence) means he can dismiss his love for Margot, and show her nothing but contempt, disapproval, or a false side of his nature (Te and Ne).

Marguerite prefers to take things at face value (Se) unless something tugs at her subconscious awareness and informs her that this person is dishonest, hiding part of themselves, pulling away from her, or malicious in nature (Fi/Ni). SHE is the one who tells Percy that their romance is moving too fast (he responds, “My heart dictates the pace” – aw, such a romantic sap he is), and because personal integrity is so important to her, it pains her a great deal that he is being inauthentic to himself and to others (Fi) until she understands why.


Fo4 gang reacts to Sole getting one of those motorcycles working and taking the companion on a ride

This one was a great prompt, thank-you darling didn’t include codsworth and strong because I had no idea how they’d get on a darn motorcycle :) 

Cait: She’s in love with the freedom, Cait act’s as a bit of a daredevil sitting in many different positions and even daring to stand up on the seat while sole drivers,

Curie: Finds the ride a little scary but very romantic, she holds onto sole tightly as she relaxes and enjoys the view. 

Danse: He holds onto sole tightly enjoying the speed and dust trails. he encourages his friend to drive faster, it reveals a rebellious nature to the stoic soldier 

Deacon: It terrifies him, he closes his eyes and screams with terror as sole goes faster laughing at their friends reaction. 

Dogmeat: 100% coolest doggo in the commonwealth he enjoys sticking his tongue out 

Hancock: He has sole drive him around the commonwealth, telling them the mayor needs to ride in style, he constantly shows off, shouting “peasants” to all those who’ve shunned him 

Nick: He’s not to comfortable sat behind sole, but taking the lead and cruising through the commonwealth slowly is a different matter,  he enjoys the scenery and calmness

Maccready: Being the big child he is, he throws his arms in the air demanding to go faster and for sole to do wheelies and jumps

Preston: It makes him nervous, he doesn’t like to go to fast but trusts that sole will drive carefully, he eventually begins to enjoy it, holding onto his hat as they ride 

Piper: She loves it, she enjoys the thrill and the wind in her hair, it makes her feel like a queen of the roads. 

X6-88: He’s a pro, telling sole to sit behind him as he expertly navigates and makes hard turns, one hand on the handles, the other holding his gun as he takes out ghouls and monsters, 

#7: The End

Don’t know how I managed to make this a 7 part ficlet thingy – but thanks for reading!

I’m about to go devour some pozole, so I’ll catch y’all in the new year!

Leave comments, send me questions, request stuff!

And, as always, thank you :) x

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“So are you guys dating again, or?” asked Harrison as he stirred some sugar into his tea. You were at Tom and Haz’s house out in England, enjoying the warm summertime. 

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anonymous asked:

Mb, doesn't Liam have those bee shoes too? Wasn't he papped in them or something? Now all we need is Niall in the shoes!

Niall needs to get papped in a beekeeper costume. We know he likes hats, so he would probably enjoy it.


Joe DiMeowgio - Just set out the baseball and wait. Joe is an easy kitty to please.

Guy Furry - Either the glass flower vase or the heater stove will attract this cooking cat.

Conductor Whiskers - Alls you need for this cat is the here-and-there rail.

Saint Puttrick - Get this cat by placing either the Kotatsu or the Silk Crepe Pillow. 

Tubbs - I’m sure everyone is aware of how to get Tubbs, but for those who aren’t all you need to do is lay out food and wait. 

Ms. Fortune - She will come to visit once you have placed a Cardboard House.

Bob the Cat - This adventurer will come when you place the Cat Metropolis. 

Mr. Meowgi - Either place the Sakura Pillow, the Scratching Log, or both to attract this cat. 

Lady Meow-Meow - Purchase the Luxurious Hammock and have Sashimi out, and you’ll see this cat come around. 

Kathmandu - This cat comes around when the Temari Ball is placed.

Sassy Fran - Find this kitty inside of the Cardboard Cafe. Attract her by placing Sashimi or Ritzy Blitz. 

Xerxes IX - This esteemed kitty requires the Zanzibar Cushion. He likes Sashimi.

Chairman Meow - This kitty will come to play with an Earthenware Pot.

Ramses the Great - Find this cat by placing the Tent (Pyramid). The higher quality the food, the better.

Billy the Kitten - This cat is attracted by the Cowboy Hat. He enjoys the Thrifty Blitz food.

Senor Don Gato - You can find this cat by placing a Mister Mouse. 

Frosty - Find this kitty by placing the Snowy Pillow, Marble Pad, or Tent (Blizzard).  She is attracted to Sashimi. 

I hope this helps everyone out on their hunts for rare cats!

“Wubba lubba dub-dub!”

Besides one of them being a genius scientist I think there’s basically no difference between Rick and Alsmiffy.

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Hello! I was wondering would you like to do hcs for x men (Peter maximoff, kurt wagner, Alex summers etc..) where reader is trying to teach them how to crochet. I would appreciate it if ya would write it :3 p.s. Love your work!!❤️

Heyo- so I don’t know anything about crocheting sooooooooooooo….

Peter Maximoff

  • He’d get impatient really fast.
  • Like one second you’d show him the motion, the next second he’d be tangled up in yarn. 
  • He’d get really mad really quick when he saw that you got further than him.
  • He’d pout and whine until you turned your attention back to him.

Kurt Wagner 

  • He’d put all his focus into it.
  • No like he’d tune you out.
  • Then he’d stay up all night.
  • The ‘clicking’ kept you up for a while, but eventually you fell asleep. 
  • When you woke up he was super excited to give you the scarf he made. 

Alex Summers 

  • He wouldn’t be all that interested.
  • But since you asked he’d play along.
  • Eventually, when his patience ran thin he began to tickle you.]
  • Or anything else that would distract you. 
  • When you wake up your yarn would be ruined from being wrapped around yours and Alex’s feet. 

Scott Summers 

  • He’d be really grumpy about it. 
  • He’d just watch you.
  • Eventually he’d give in and try.
  • Not that he’d tell you but he enjoyed it. 
  • As a surprise gift he’d make you a cute little hat. 

Erik Lehnsherr 

  • Once you showed him the basics, he’d just control the needles to do it all day long.
  • 24/7- click click click 
  • He wouldn’t even make individual items, it would just be a never ending scarf.

Charles Xavier 

  • He’d see into your mind to see how excited you were to show him.
  • So he’d be just as excited as you.
  • Although, he found it to be a little repetitive. 
  • Not that he’d tell you that.
  • So he’d put up with it for the day.

Warren Wortherington 

  • He’d do everything to put it off. 
  • Eventually you sucked him into it.
  • He’d be grumbling so much that you had to bribe him into staying quiet.
  • So the two of you sat there, cuddled up, crocheting in silence.
  • Warren ended with a huge knot.
  • He did smile in the end, since you placed the cute little hat you made on his head.

How about some head canons for undertaker - Asked by anonymous


  • He is absolutely, without a doubt, pansexual. Gender means nothing to him, and he only cares about the bonds he makes with people.
  • While he isn’t all too great at it, he enjoys making origami figures to pass time. He finds himself making them instinctively when he has free time, and he leaves little cranes and stars all around his shop.
  • He doesn’t really cuddle very often. However, if he ever finds his partner taking a nap in the middle of the day, he will definitely take advantage of it. He lifts their head up to place in his lap and just sits there, admiring them and very gently caressing their face, extremely careful to keep from waking them.
  • He once walked in on his partner trying on his trench coat and hat, an experience he actually really enjoyed. Every now and then he suggests they wear it again, loving how baggy the coat is on them and how adorable they look drowning in his clothes, his hat drooping on their head.