he enjoyed the hat

Some Villainous Headcanons
  • They all go shopping together–their tastes are polar opposites so it’s difficult to find meals to cook that everyone will willingly eat. Each shopping trip usually leaves a trail of chaos in its wake. Black Hat hexes free samples in the grocery store to grow faces and start screaming at innocent bystanders. Demencia inevitably tries to ride in the shopping cart. Black Hat prefers to push the shopping cart because it makes him feel like the leader, but will begrudgingly relinquish it to Dr. Flug when the latter is particularly nervous, because it grounds him and gives him something to focus on/support himself with 
  •  They always snag extra paper bags in the checkout, so Flug will have some in reserve 
  •  Flug has a stock pile of puzzle games on his phone and computer because they help him focus/come down from anxiety attacks. He’s absolutely inhuman at rhythm games. It’s one of the few things he and Demencia both enjoy, that they can bond over.
  •  Black Hat is an eldritch creature who is thousands of years old, and had his thumb in a number of history’s natural disasters and manmade calamities. He is fluent in virtually every language, including some not meant to fall upon human ears. 
  •  Any damage to the gang’s clothing is mended by Black Hat, with his reality-altering capabilities. He’s able to clean the house this way as well, but 5.0.5 seems to enjoy cleaning, so BH usually only steps in if part of the roof caves in or a wall gets blown out 
  •  When someone is about to take a bite of a sandwich or some other portable piece of food, Demencia finds it hilarious to sweep in and snatch it out of their hand just before it reaches their mouth. She does this mostly to Black Hat and 5.0.5, as Flug never eats in front of the others. 5.0.5 usually starts crying, and BH flies into a sputtering rage, though he never actually does anything to her.
  •  Flug often goes through periods during which he is nonverbal. He’s fluent in ASL, and often communicates with written notes or sign language when he doesn’t have the energy to speak. The others have even learned his signing–5.0.5 sees it as a fun game to learn, and Demencia finds ways to string signs together to say things to tease and aggravate Flug when he’s in more social moods.
The Signs As Suburban Dads
  • Aries: John, Age 43. 4 kids. The dad that gets really competitive in neighborhood cooking/BBQ contests. Wears a lot of polo shirts, probably a DILF. Was really wild as a teenager and his wild side still probably shows through a lot.
  • Taurus: Thomas, Age 42. 3 kids. The dad that loves to spoil his kids and take them to lots of baseball games. Treats his daughter(s) like princesses and his son(s) like royalty. Loves going to neighborhood block parties, although always tends to drink a bit too much at them. Major DILF, has all his daughter's friends swooning.
  • Gemini: Ian, Age 45. 3 kids. Loves his kids and wife more than anything, is always trying to show off for them and please them. Goes to every single one of their kids' sports games and probably has coached at least 3 baseball teams.
  • Cancer: Brian, Age 41. 2 kids. A major stay-at-home dad. Is very smart and is always helping his kids with their homework. Wears a lot of hats and enjoys golfing any chance he gets. Probably really tall.
  • Leo: Steve, Age 45. 5+ kids. The typical BBQ dad. Loves throwing house/block parties, always tends to drink way too much at these. Loves his trophy wife, probably sells weed throughout the neighborhood.
  • Virgo: Nathan, Age 46. 1 kid. Is very quiet and reserved at parties, doesn't really like to socialize much. His favorite time of the week is family game night, where he gets super competitive. Loves cooking dinner for his family, makes the best meals ever.
  • Libra: Chuck, Age 47. 2 kids. Used to always smoke cigars, recently switched to vaping since it is way more 'hip'. Loves going out at night to bars and stuff with his wife, smokes a lot of weed and probably has a twitter, snapchat, instagram, and tumblr.
  • Scorpio: Chris, Age 41. 2 kids. Makes a lot of dad jokes, wears a lot of baseball hats. Is always making business calls on his blackberry, gets super into holidays and always makes it a competition to buy the best gifts. Volunteers at the school a lot. Hates his mother-in-law.
  • Sagittarius: Mark, Age 42. 4 kids. The "cool" dad. Is always trying to keep up with the new trends, always wants to take his kids hiking and to baseball games and just outside doing stuff. Is probably super tall, eats a LOT at dinner, major DILF.
  • Capricorn: Jeff, Age 46. 3 kids. Has a strong disliking towards the neighbors, is always traveling on business trips and stuff. His favorite day of the year is 'take your kid to work' day. Bought the biggest house he could find for his family. Has a really obnoxious mom.
  • Aquarius: Michael, Age 43. 2 kids. Watches a lot of sports, is always playing golf on the weekends and in his free-time. Secret stoner, sneaks out to the porch to sneak a quick joint way more often than he probably should. The "fun" dad, gets into fights at his kids' sports games and adores his wife more than anything.
  • Pisces: Tim, Age 44. 3 kids. The hot dad. All of his daughter's friends are so obviously in love with him. Has a trophy wife, loves drinking champagne and fancy drinks. Dresses in polo shirts and khakis, works a lot but always manages to make time for his family.

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Are you... by any chance... attracted to Akechi's wicked and evil grin? I mean... even if they would put that face on pancakes... I would probably still eat them too??? And even looking like that...n-nevermind!!! (Though his sad puppy eyes are definitely the cutest! It's also interesting watching at which kind of dialogue he has that kind of expression on a second playthrough.) I also loved your Fem!Akira dating haedcanons. Though the ones with Akechi got really depressing later one... ;_;

D-don’t be ridiculous…


You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.


June 13, 2011

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I was surprised to see Jace poke his head around the corner, “the door was unlocked.”

“Yeah, sure,” I nodded. Jace and I barely spoke a word to one another in almost a month. It’s been killing me, to be honest, but I don’t even know where to start with him. Talking about feelings is pretty high on the list of things I hate. 

“So,” Jace began, “I’m moving out. Thought I should let you know.”

“I’m that terrible, huh?”

“Shit, no,” he frowned, “I didn’t mean it like that, Gorgeous. It’s just that…things have been tense between us. I thought it’d be best. For both of us.”

I felt a pang in my stomach, “That’s nice of you,” I said sarcastically.

“Look,” he sighed, “I know I wasn’t the greatest to you. In fact, I was pretty shitty sometimes. And I know how bad I fucked up. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“…I wasn’t that great either, if we’re being honest,” I admitted, “I picked some stupid fucking fights with you. Sometimes I think I just enjoy fighting about stuff.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “like that time you bit me because I told you a platypus wasn’t a bird?”

“Fuck off,” I pouted, “I don’t remember you complaining about biting any other time?”

“True enough,” he smirked. 

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Would it be okay if I requested 27 and 16 for Tequila? I really, really appreciate all that you do for this fandom by the way! Thank you so so much for all of your amazing writing (and tequila and whiskeh material!) 💗

Pairing: Reader x Agent Tequila.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 512
Prompts: “I’m going to kiss you now.” / “Hey, have you seen my-Oh!”

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Mine. Not Yours. Mine

“Alright! We shall start the bidding at 1000 dollars!“ Black Hat said with excitement

Black Hat grinned as he looked over at the several villains standing in his office and several of them raised their hand calling out how much money they would spend.

The crew needed money, lots of it, and soon. So, Black Hat came up with the idea of having an auction to sell off several products of theirs to their clients. Of course with it being Black Hat’s idea no one could say no so preparations were immediately started.

It was 5.0.5 and Demencia’s jobs were to clean the mansion send out invitations. Flug’s job was usual, build the machines. As for Black Hat, he didn’t do anything, but that was expected from him.

Once the day finally came, Black Hat welcomed all his clients in and the auction began. Flug presented the inventions and gave a demonstration, filled with joy as all of them worked perfectly for once. But that joy was quickly washed away as Black Hat took all the credit for the inventions.

Flug sighed and walked to the back of the room while the bidding took place.

Leaning against the wall, he hummed and mindlessly watched as Black Hat sold many of his inventions to several villains.

‘Stupid Black Hat…’ He thought, ‘Couldn’t he give me just a little recognition?!’ He was glaring daggers at Black Hat through his paper bag. He was so angry that he didn’t even notice a tall gentleman stand next to him.

"You must be Dr. Flug~” A smooth voice cut him out of his thoughts.

Flug looked up to the man and nodded his head replying, “Yes that’s me.”

The man grinned wide at Flug, showing him his white pearly teeth. He held his hand out speaking happily to Flug “It’s so wonderful to meet you~!”

Flug blinked flushing softly before slowly reaching his hand out and shaking the man’s hand. “T-Thank you.” Flug stuttered out shyly.

“I’ve been fascinated with all your inventions in the catalogs for so long! I’ve been waiting for a chance to meet you, and I must say you’re a genius!”

Flug blushed darkly at the man’s words. He’s never been complimented before. Especially about his inventions. He didn’t know what to say. After a while, he finally stuttered out, “T-Thank you! T-That means so much!”

The villain nodded and hummed chuckling softly at Flug’s excitement. But could you blame him? No one has ever complimented him, especially about his work and genius.

“I was wondering,” The man spoke again, making Flug look up at him awaiting his words. “If perhaps we could have dinner or go somewhere to talk. I’m hoping you could give me a few pointers on making some inventions of my own.”

Flug couldn’t believe his ears. First, this man was complimenting him and saying how amazing his work was. And now he wanted to take him out to talk about science?! This was a dream come true.

“Y-Yes!” Flug blurted out before covering his mouth and flushing darkly. He cleared his throat and nodded his head shyly, “I-I mean, yes, that sounds wonderful.” He smiled.

The villain grinned and gently pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to Flug. “Give me a call cutie~” The cooed before walking back over to his seat.

Flug nodded and held the number closer to his chest smiling. This was one of the best days of his life.

But, of course, he could never enjoy something as standing over him was Black Hat, who looked beyond pissed.

“Lab. Now.” Black Hat hissed out before grabbing Flug and dragging him away to the lab.  Flug trembled in Black Hat’s grasp, his hands clinging to the card with the villain’s number.

Once the two of them made it to the lab, Black Hat threw Flug to the ground and slammed the doors shut locking them.

“Who the hell were you talking to?!” Black Hat hissed.

Flug whimpered and flinched shrinking down in fear of Black Hat before stuttering out an answer, “A-A client s-sir…”

“What did he want?!”

Flug looked down at the card and bit his lip. “H-He said h-he liked the i-inventions and wanted t-to meet me…” Flug trailed off and trembled softly.

Black Hat grunted and snatched the card out of Flug’s hands. He looked at it and narrowed his eyes before ripping it to pieces. “Well your not going to talk to that buffoon.” Black Hat huffed.

Flug’s eyes widened as he watched the pieces of the card fall like snow onto the ground. His fists clenched and he felt an unknown anger rise in him. “No.” He said looked up at Black Hat.

“…What?” Black Hat spat, narrowing his eyes.

Flug gulped and stood slowly “I-I said no. Y-You can’t tell me who I can and cannot speak to.”

Black Hat scoffed and glared at Black Hat “Of course I can, I own you Flug.”

Flug clutched his fists harder and stomped his foot “No you don’t! I am my own person!”

Black Hat growled and towered over Flug. “You belong to me! And you will NOT go see that scum of a villain!”

Flug was at the end of his limit. “Why do you care so much!?”


The lab went silent. Both Flug and Black Hat flushed darkly before Black Hat swiftly turned away and walked out the door.

Flug was left speechless. He’s never heard Black Hat use the word “love” before.

He couldn’t help the smile that crept to his mouth as he picked up the pieces of the card and threw them away.
Oh my goodness, you guys! I’m so sorry for this being really late, I was having major writer’s block and it’s all blah! Again sorry but here you are! Hope ya’ll enjoyed it!

I’ve got several requests that I’m very excited to work on! So thanks guys for the requests!

I’ve got about 5 more PaperHat type prompts
and an Undertale prompt as well! :D I’m excited! Hehe!
Anyway! Laters guys!

;;Forever In Love As A Whole;;

Pairing: PaperHat

Prompt: H.C. that after dating Flug for a hundred or so years (whether Black Hat made him immoral as a demon, or Flug was already if he’s some sort of creature) Black Hat becomes softer.

Because as their time together goes on Black Hat gets more comfortable about expressing emotions and such. I could also see him spoiling Flug more with finer items (and better models of planes, no scratch that, real planes) - @paperhattt

It was minimal; the hugs, the kisses, and the cuddling. Each moment the two had alone together, BH was like a soft giant with his Doctor, he would rest with his arms around Flug’s shoulders as the other worked.

The  Doctor loved the little kisses that his boss pressed into his neck or his cheeks when he did something correctly. The other either stayed with him while he worked, the two of them all alone, or he was in his office, working on his own things.

On moments where Flug felt lonely when his boss was working in his office, he would sneak in and curl up in his lap and fall asleep after watching him scribble down bills or something of the sort. And the demon allowed him.

Ever since Flug and his boss had gone on their first date to a park, which had gone terribly since the demon hated children, he received little hugs that BH said were to make him happier than his boss.

Flug bought it, but inside he knew that it also made th eldritch happy to feel his warmth. The presence of one another had grown immensely since that day.

Their first kiss, a few 5 years or so after their first date, was nothing much. It was more of a goodnight kiss to the lips that lasted a mere second, but it meant the world and everything to the scientist as he had begun to age from his youth.

He would make up little excuses to feel the demon’s lips against his again. Something so little as burning his bottom lip to accidentally biting the bottom lip until it bled from his nervousness.

Because of those little excuses, Black Hat enjoyed the bashful expressions he received after firmly placing his cold lips against the warmth of the scientist’s.

Therefore, the two gradually got closer, soon it escalated from little kisses that lasted a second to full blown make out sessions that troubled the human’s hormones quite a bit.

.However, the two didn’t escalate it any further, due to how inexperienced the scientist was.

BH didn’t want to mess anything up in this relationship, he found himself puzzled at times when he wanted to have the doctor begging on his knees but instead was cuddling him to sleep.

Once the demon realized how little time his scientist had at 45, he felt saddened. How could he lose this scientist?

But he wouldn’t, he knew the right way to help the scientist was to bring him to the underworld with him.

So he did, he brought his human lover to his homelands and showered him the fountain of youth, assuring his scientist that he would last forever in his arms now.

The scientist’s face had never been more crimson than the flames that surrounded his home lands. After that day in the underworld, BH never let his hand leave the scientist’s hand.

Black Hat finally admitted to himself that he was going soft with Flug on their 102nd year together. He found himself unable to hold back on his hugs and kisses to the scientist.

It happened so frequently that the failed she-lizard creation could only watch in pure shock but amusement as the doctor’s face was unbearably red when those cold lips made contact with his skin.

BH had never been a man of anniversaries and neither had the Doctor, but on their 110th year, he had bought Flug a license. The license, however, was for being a pilot.

This excited the Doctor and he had refused to remove his arms from around the eldritch demon’s neck, squeezing him tight to his body, for an entire thirty minutes.

Due to giving an anniversary gift to Flug on their 110th year of dating, he bought Flug a lamp that would shine an airplane on the ceiling. The scientist had never been so happy in BH’s eyes.

He hopped up from his bed after laying down and viewing it, holding Black Hat’s hand with his gloved one as he watched the airplane fly through the clouds. The words that read around the plane were, “Wait for the real thing”.

Black Hat couldn’t contain his smile as the scientist began kissing his cheeks in appreciation.

He wrapped his little arms around the demon and squeezed tightly, muttering an ‘I love you so much’ with an amount of confidence the demon had never seen him have before.

It made the eldritch smile when he watched his scientist grow in confidence with him by his side. And in that very moment, he let those words leave his throat with a smile,

“I love you too, Flug.”

A Newcomer? Villainous x Reader

A/N: I’ll start posting each day once I get that WONDERFUL drawing tablet! It’s around the corner! Don’t worry. But today I was sitting at my laptop and thought: “How would the Black Hat Inc. members react to a newcomer to the business? These are just some headcanons, but if this takes off I just might think about creating an x reader fic for it..? Probably not on tumblr, but maybe Wattpad. Anyway, ENJOY! Toodles!

Black Hat:

- He was probably the one who ordered you to join the company anyway (which most likely means he liked you enough in SOME way to bring you on the team).

- He will be the one to show you around, and introduce you to all his evil memorabilia. And of course, he’s going to show you, and take credit for all the glorious evil inventions (in which Dr. Flug created).

- Hm, we must find you something more EVIL asap! (Clothing. He’s gonna want you to look like Dracula goddamnit!)

- Show me how evil you can be.. NOW GET TO WORK!

Dr. Flug:

- He will most definitely show you the lab, and introduce you to all the equipment! (also to show you the chemicals you can and cannot touch)

- He’s so happy to have you here!! It’s someone to talk to that’s not a bear, a psycho, or his boss.

- He’s gonna make sure to inform you on everything you need to know about everyone (especially the boss) because he only hopes for the best for you!


- Someone new? Wow! You look nice! Lots of hugs and comforting.

- Hey wanna bake some cupcakes together? I sure do!

- 5.0.5 is gonna do their best to make sure you feel comfortable in your new home! If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, look no further. 5.0.5 is always open for cuddles.


- Demencia is going to literally attack you with questions. She’s so curious as to who you are!

- Come check out my SICK setup! Oh, by the way, do you play any instruments? WE COULD TOTALLY BE A BAND!!

- She’s probably gonna want to play something on her guitar for you, I mean c'mon.

- She’s so full of energy and curiosity, she’s probably gonna bug you until Black Hat comes along and takes you away for something important.



Black Hat x Hero! Reader

A/N: LET ME BE CLEAR! This. Does. Not. End. Well. For. You. (Also, a bit of gore! I never got around to that Gore insert…the plot fell apart so I hope this makes up for that!) I wrote Black Hat as a true evil mastermind, manipulative and back stabbing (heheheheh). He doesn’t return the sentiment…but he plans to use it in the future. Lemme know if you want more of this.



Smoke burned your eyes as you flew through the air, dropping off a final group of citizens to safety. The members of Black Hat Inc (or at least the ones useful in a fight) were wreaking havoc once again on your beautiful city. Buildings were on fire, cars were crashed, and that demon had already robbed most of the banks in town, you didn’t even want to think about the casualties…the screaming. You blinked away the stinging in your eyes and flew quickly back into the fray.

Detaining the science boy and that insane candy-haired girl was a challenge in itself. The first held his own rather well with his two ray guns, even grazing your form more than once before running off. The girl was even worse, she ended up running off to the same place the doctor had…their boss.

They talked about him back at the academy. They warned you of his power. You had always admired his power, his drive, and if you were honest…him. If he were a hero, if he were convinced to be a good man… it was a long shot at best. This man or whatever he was…was evil personified.

Black Hat.

He sent off his henchmen with a threatening glare that promised punishment…but later. For now he wanted to face you…alone…

Sweat rolled down your forehead, and you could feel your body tense.


This man-no- this monster standing before you had killed countless heroes just like you. You had been warned not to face him alone, that he’d destroy you the moment he got the chance.

Breathe, y/n.

Making eye contact with him made your blood run cold. He grinned up at you from under the brim of his hat, the flames of surrounding buildings shining in his monocle. And that chuckle…so cold…so menacing…so…


Wait, what?! Y/n no! Get a hold of yourself! This was a criminal. This was THE criminal. Handsome or not, he was still a threat!

“Ah, so you are the newest nuisance they retrieved to face me.” He said, “Allow me to introduce myself, my dear, I am Black Hat, and you are..?”

You didn’t say anything at first, choosing instead to glare at him and hope that you looked intimidating.

Black Hat smirked. Your attempt at intimidation didn’t bother him in the slightest. He made his way towards you at a moderate pace, holding his cane in one hand and observing your reaction. He could sense your fear..and also…your attraction? He chuckled a bit.

“Your name…” he said in a low hum.

“Y/n.” You replied curtly, wanting to limit the contact you had with him, but before much could be done he was holding you by your throat in one hand, his cane raised threateningly in the other. You squirmed in his grasp, powerless to do anything. How could one person be so strong?

“Ah…well then, I look forward to our next meeting.” He smiled devilishly, enjoying your panic.

“Next?” You choked out. Black Hat never left any heroes alive.

He pulled you closer slowly, hooking the curved end of his cane around your neck so his other hand could move to your back.

“I can’t just kill something as pretty as you.” He said in your ear. You involuntary shivered under his touch, and he smiled wider. You were frozen there, incapable of response.

He spun you around quickly and his claws tore through your shoulder like a hot knife through butter. You let out a scream as Black Hat laughed. Your pain his entertainment. He kept the cane around your neck, lifting your head next to his as you sank to your knees.

“If this relationship is to continue, dear.” Black Hat said turning his hand inside your bleeding wound, the sudden intensification of the pain making you see spots. You choked out a small scream as Black Hat continued, “You must understand that you cannot trust me.”

He unhooked you from the cane’s grasp, kicking you down to the ground. Tears burned your eyes now, not the smoke as you gasped for air.

He leaned down to your groveling form and added, “And I always get what I want.”

Somewhere above the two of you, you became aware of a plane of some kind. That scientist with the bag on his head shouted in an ever fading distance. The handsome form of Black Hat above you.

Black Hat chuckled and left you there, confused and bleeding profusely on the ground. You knew he was showing you mercy. You knew this was unusual. Why? Was it because….

Black Hat knew you wouldn’t die and he enjoyed torturing you too much to be upset about that. They had never given him such a pretty plaything before, and he would enjoy breaking you in every sense of the word.

“They should know better than to send someone with such a weakness.” Black Hat chuckled to Flug, who simply steered the aircraft back towards the manor, slightly confused and not even desiring to ask about the blood covering Black Hat’s clothes.

“Dinner time” (Villainous drabbles)

“Dinner time” Drabble 3

There are rules to be followed in the Hat Manor. One of them being to never leave the toilet seat up. The other is when it’s time to eat, everyone has to come and sit at the dinner table. It does not matter what anyone is doing, Black Hat demands it and even he follows his own rules. Anyone who does not comply is sent to the basement to face the “Beast”. So far, Dr. Flug, Dementia and 5.0.5 have never seen the “Beast” but they remembered a time when Black Hat kicked a party clown down there. The poor entertainer knocked on his door and gave him a balloon animal, which made the demon grab him and toss him down the stairs. They never saw him come out.

One ring of the bell, ranged by Black Hat made the trio quickly rush to the dining table. Dr. Flug is the cook in the home and he was the one to pass out each plate of food. In a hierarchy, like in Black Hat’s home, Black Hat is the one who gets served first. The demon could eat anything that appears tasteful to him but his favorite will always be a rare steak, with a dash of salt and a glass of apple cider.

Dr. Flug, wearing a frilly apron, placed the bloody food down in front of Black Hat and nervously served his champagne glass with apple cider.

“E-enjoy, S-Sir.” Dr. Flug stuttered before going around him to serve Dementia next. Black Hat sat silently with a bored look as Dr. Flug slowly made his way around the table. Dementia’s taste buds usually consists of sugary candy and drinks. It is a hassle for Dr. Flug, who has to make baked goods along with what is called “a healthy meal”. Dementia was bouncing with excitement as Flug presented her with cupcakes, with green and pink frosting, drawn to look like her face.

“Wow, Flug, this is cute!” Dementia smiled widely while poking her finger into one of the cupcakes that had her eye drawn on it.

“Oh, uh thanks Dementia-” Dr. Flug said as he looped around to 5.0.5. “It took me all afternoon to make it just right.”

“Oh, really?” Dementia gave him a grin and slammed her hand onto the cupcakes. Dr. Flug’s shoulders slouched forward as he gave her an unimpressed gaze. He placed a bowl of salad in front of 5.0.5, who shook his head in disappointment towards Dementia, who batted her eyes innocently. Dr. Flug finally sat down in his own chair besides 5.0.5, with only a glass of water and a straw in front of him.

“Finally.” Black Hat muttered before picking up a fork and knife. “Now, everyone eat and everything better be off your plate before you even dream of leaving this table!” Black Hat growled, his sharp teeth protruding. He stabbed his steak viciously before tearing off a piece and placing it in his mouth.

Dr. Flug quickly picked up his drink and sipped quietly. Dementia is the loud eater in the house, devouring her meal with vigor, like a starving animal. 5.0.5 is more neat when it comes to his food. The loveable bear enjoyed each bite of his food and savoured it. Suddenly as they began, Dementia’s face quickly turned sour and a shade of green before spitting out her food.

“Oh yuk!”

Black Hat slammed his fists on the table, lifting from his seat. “Dementia! What have I said about your disgusting spit?!”

Dementia ducked in her seat, her tongue still out of her mouth. “B-but, Black Hat!” She whined. “My cupcakes taste gross!”

Dr. Flug blinked. “Oh, it must be the asparagus frosting.”

“Asparagus?!” Dementia shrieked.

“Yeah, I thought it will be a little bit more healthy for you.”

“Ew!” Dementia pushed her plate away and crossed her arms. “I’m not eatin’ it!”

Black Hat let out a snarl. “You will eat it Dementia, or did your forget about my warning?” His voice changed, making everyone at the table shake in their seat. When he switches into his intimidating voice, they all know when he is deathly serious. “No one leaves until everything is finished from their plate.”

Dementia whimpered. “B-but-”

“No buts! If you want to leave, you have to clean the litter box for my little pet downstairs…” Black Hat gave her a large grin when she shuddered. “Your choice.”

Dementia pouted and turned back at her plate. She shot a glare at Dr. Flug, who pretended to be looking off to the side to avoid her eyes. She sighed and wiped her finger on her plate. She stared at the dab of green frosting and with her stomach turning she put it in her mouth. She reeled and kicked but she forced herself to eat it.

Black Hat, feeling satisfied sat down in his chair and began to eat his own meal. Dr. Flug, having finished his drink, slowly turned to Black Hat who was quietly chewing. The young doctor slowly lifted up a shaking finger.

“Um Mister Black Hat, S-sir?”

“Hmm?” Black Hat muttered giving Flug an annoyed glare for having been disturbed.

“M-May I go and eat my meal in the lab now?”

Black Hat swallowed and scoffed. He lifted up his gloved hand and shooed him away. Dr. Flug immediately removed himself from the dinner table and ran out of the room towards the safety of his lab. Dementia pouted and grumbled.

“No fair…”She said, giving her food a glance. She wasn’t even halfway done. She was jealous that Dr. Flug didn’t need to actually “eat” with them, due to his “condition”. His paper bag mask hid his real face and he refused to lift it up and eat in front of them. Black Hat showed him mercy and recommended to sip his drink at the table before leaving to eat his own meal, in private.

Black Hat dabbed his mouth with a black napkin before tossing it aside. He lifted himself up and placed his hands behind his back.

“5.0.5, don’t forget to do the dishes.” Black Hat sternly said. 5.0.5 nodded, since he does not mind doing household chores. Black Hat shot a glare at Dementia, who chuckled nervously before glancing back at her food. “Don’t even think about throwing away your meal, Dementia, if there is one thing that irks me more than heroes, is people treating their meal like inedible garbage!”


“I-I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dementia forcefully smile, Black Hat shot her one last look, narrowing his eyes in suspicion before walking out of the room. Dementia sighed heavily and poked at her food. There was no getting around it, she would have to eat it. With a breath, she opened her mouth wide like a fish and gobble up the cupcakes. She chewed and gagged, and chewed again before finally she defeated her adversary.

5.0.5 happily clapped his paws for her accomplishment, which made her feel a little bit better. She got up and did a dramatic bow. Now, all there was left to do was distract Dr. Flug and ruin his inventions in revenge of what he put her through.


I hope you all enjoyed! ^_^ 

Can I try it?

(Part 6 to Insomnia)

A short amount of time had passed and Flug grew hungry again. He wandered into the kitchen to find something more filling that could keep him full.

He finds some fruit in the fridge and decided he could make a smoothie. That seems filling, or at least enough to keep him until morning.

He shoves a couple different fruits and juices into a blender and soon has a fruit smoothie. He sets it aside to clean his mess, as he accidently spilt a bit on the counter.

Finally he is holding a nice big glass filled with his fruit smoothie and he goes back to the lab, not wanting Dementia to walk into the kitchen, see him, and start asking questions.

Flug gets to his lab and puts a straw into the beverage, taking a sip. The drink was sweet and tangy, with a slightly sour aftertaste. It was cool and refreshing, though a bit thick. “Hmm. Could have added a bit more juice to the mix…” He swishes it around in his hand, watching the liquid swirl around in the glass.

“What could have used more juice?” A deep voiced asked from behind him.

“Oh!” Flug spun around, almost spilling his drink. “O-oh, Jefecito! I didn’t hear you come in! How… how long have you been standing there..?”

Black Hat stared at him with an emotionless expression. “I’ve just arrived. Now I believe I’ve asked you a question, Doctor.”

“H-huh?” Flug started, trying to remember. “Oh! Oh, yes. I made a smoothie with some fruit, but I didn’t make it right…” He trails off, looking down at the drink in his hand.

Black Hat looks at the drink as well. “A smoothie? I’ve never had one. What’s in it?” He had never been interested in foods before, and the only drink he had ever been fond of was coffee. After finding that food wasn’t so bad, he was slightly willing to try a few new things.

He was only willing to try foods that Flug enjoyed, though.

Flug looked back up at his boss, “What’s in the smoothie? Oh, uh… various fruits I found in the fridge. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries… I think I put a lemon or a lime in there, that’s probably why it’s sour…” He stops and thinks for a second before snapping back to reality. “There are other fruits in it too, but I forgot what. I also put some grape juice in it, but I don’t think I put enough…”

Black Hat nods his head and thinks to himself before hesitantly asking, “Can I try it?”

Flug halted his train of thought and looked at Black Hat, slightly confused. He… he wanted to try it? He actually… wanted to try it?

“Uh… sure. Let me get you a straw. They are easier to drink that way.”

He walks over and sets it down on the desk. Black Hat walks over to it while Flug walks to another table to get him a straw. Black Hat leans forward and sniffs it skeptically. He didn’t entirely trust it but if Flug liked it, it must be at least tolerable.

It smelled… odd. The aroma was unfamiliar and he was debating if he liked the scent of something so sweet and sugary.

Flug cut his debate short when he plunged another straw into the beverage, the movement catching Black Hat’s attention. He looked up at Flug and cleared his throat.

“So… I just drink it? Out of the straw?”

Flug nodded nervously, highly doubting that Black Hat would even remotely enjoy this.

Black Hat reached forward to grab the straw, guiding it to his mouth. He took a sip, no emotions were shown on his face or even in his body language. Everything was dull and dead.

After getting a generous amount in his mouth he stood up, swishing it around along his tongue, taking in the flavors and trying to pin point what they were. After a few seconds of this he swallowed.

“Well… that was aa-aaAHH!” The sour aftertaste caught him off guard and he stepped back with one foot, scrunching up his face and shaking his head violently.

The sourness passed and he stood there staring at Flug, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“What was that?” Black Hat whispered, in awe at how a flavor could make his body react in such a way on its own.

“That was probably the lemon or lime. They are a bit sour, especially lemons.” Flug answered. He wouldn’t say it but he found Black Hat’s reaction extremely amusing. He should introduce him to new foods more often. Maybe just get him to eat a lemon whole.

Flug cleared his throat, trying very hard not to laugh at the thought of his boss eating a lemon and how he would react. His whole body would probably scrunch up and shudder and he would yell out in surprise and-

Flug coughed a bit, hiding a few giggles. He’d have to save that thought for later.

“How do you make a smoothie like this?” Black Hat asked. He enjoyed the drink, and wanted more. He didn’t want to take this one from Flug as he obviously needed it, he actually went out on his own to get it without being yelled at to eat.

“Well, I’d show you, but I used the last of he strawberries. Wait, do you like it?” Flug’s eyes widened and he looked up at his boss. He was quite shocked that Black Hat enjoyed it.

“Yes, I do like it.” Black Hat tried not to stutter, as he was slightly embarrassed that he did like it. “Is there not another way to get more?”

He covered his embarrassment well and Flug didn’t notice. “Well… we could… uh…” He twiddled his fingers together nervously, looking at the floor. “We could share mine?” Flug looked up at his boss, blushing slightly at the thought. They’d be sharing the same drink and their faces would be so close and they would- Oh gosh he was blushing!

Flug was thankful to be wearing a bag, as it hid the fact that he was slowly becoming more and more flustered.

Black Hat thought for a moment. “Don’t you need it, though? You went out to make it yourself. You must be hungry.”

“Oh no, Jefe. Well, yes, I am hungry, but I can never finish a whole glass on my own. It’s too big, I can’t drink all that.” Flug straightens his posture, hoping it would help calm his nerves. It only slightly helped.

“Well… if you say so. We will share it, then?” Black Hat asks, confirming that Flug was sure he was willing to share. He hated to admit it but he was secretly hoping Flug would say yes. The idea of drinking together seemed… appealing? Somehow?

“Ah, yes. Yes, we can share.” Flug nods as he talks, getting anxious. He sits at his desk and takes the straw under his bag and into his mouth, taking a small sip.

Black Hat nods and stands at the other side of the desk, following Flug’s lead and grabbing the straw, taking a sip of a similar size.

It takes Black Hat a few minutes to realize how closes their faces are, and to realize thats the reason why Flug is frantically looking around the room and fidgeting in his seat. He himself becomes weary of the situation, but continues to stay put.

He starts to feel that odd familiar sensation in his gut. It feels like butterflies are flying around in there, flapping their wings and brushing them against the walls of his stomach. He glances at Flug and the feeling gets more intense, finding it’s way up to his chest. He furrows his brow and looks away, not wanting to be noticed.

They finish the drink and flug pulls away. Black Hat shoots up, clearing his throat. “That was delicious. I have work to attend to now, I’ll be on my way. I’ll see you in an hour.” He turns swiftly and speedwalks out of the room, wanting to get out as soon as possible. He walks down the hall to his office and slams the doors shut.

“What are you doing, Black Hat!” He yells to himself, “You are the most powerful entity this world has ever come across! You have never been defeated before, and now just the gaze of some human has you running! What is wrong with you!” He bangs his head on the door, swearing to himself.

Meanwhile Flug sits in his lab, silently staring at the empty glass.

He just shared a smoothie with his boss.

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Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Summer 2017 - Day 5

On FFdotnet and Ao3

Hello, friends!  Is it midnight yet where I am?  NO! Does that mean I am technically posting Day 5’s fic on Day 5?  YES!  I literally finished this about five minutes ago so there has been no editing going on.  I’ll fix all the mistakes before I post to FFdotNet and Ao3. Probably.

Anywho – I wrote a fic today.  It’s … a thing.  That I did. But it’s on time, so yay for me.

Day 5 - The Wrong Trouser Of Time (Fanworks focusing on canon divergence)

I’m Not Saying a Word

Even from his bedroom, Sherlock could hear the low, impatient murmur of reporters and cameramen milling about outside Baker Street.  Some of them had been waiting nearly a quarter of an hour.  As far as Sherlock was concerned, they could continue to wait until he had a chance to say hello to their last guests.  Who were uncharacteristically tardy.  Or, at least, Molly was; he had no idea if the fiancé was generally punctual or not.  

When Mrs Hudson had first suggested throwing a small engagement party at Baker Street, he had balked; but he really did owe John something for letting the man think they were going to be blown to pieces on that train car; champagne and nibbles it was the least he could agree to.

He finished his phone call with Mycroft, delighted that for once it was brother dear who had to suffer through another jaunt to the theatre with Mummy and Father.

“Come on.”  John tried to urge his friend to deal with the reporters outside, no doubt in a hurry to return to Mary and his glass of champagne.  “You’ll have to go down.  They want the story.”

Sherlock was tempted to remind him that they were waiting for Molly, but he knew John would read too much into it. John did have a point, unfortunately, the people outside would only wait so long before ringing the bell and becoming a nuisance.  He rolled his eyes and moved past him.  “In a minute.”

He stepped into the siting room and immediately noticed that the first bottle of had been emptied.  Everyone else already had a glass at hand, but who knew what would happen to the second bottle if he left them unsupervised while he went downstairs.  He popped the cork and crouched down next to the coffee table to pour a glass for Molly. It briefly occurred to him that he should save one for the fiancé, but he shrugged the thought off by reminding himself that he wasn’t even sure the other man drank alcohol.  No sense wasting a glass.

He looked up just in time to realize that Mary was looking at him, even though she was talking to Mrs Hudson.  “We were interrupted last time.”

John chimed in from behind.  “Yeah.”

Ah, the aborted proposal. Admittedly, he did have something to do with that, yes.

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Black Hat! I wanna see him sing the edgy songs!!


Black Hat x Reader

A/N: I dunno what qualifies as edgy, but I heard this song (Let’s Kill Tonight by Panic! At the Disco) and I thought a slower, more jazzy version (with slightly altered lyrics) would fit BH nicely. Here ya go!! I hope I did well! :3&

You were sitting in the music room, taking a break from practicing to sit and take a nap. After a full day of running errands for Flug, you were completely exhausted. Playing the piano helped you calm down a bit and now your mind was ready for sleep to overtake you. So that’s what you did.

Black Hat walked in a while later, looking to practice the organ. He almost didn’t notice you, asleep on the couch, but when he did, a small smile graced his lips. Anyone else and that smile would have turned malicious, but it just stayed there. Anyone else and he would have gone to play the organ as loudly as he wanted, but because of you he went over to the much quieter piano.

Being as old fashioned as he was, Black Hat quite enjoyed the piano, and began cycling through some tunes he’d grown to appreciate over the years, from Danse Macabre to Bad Boy Good Man. His taste varied widely, but many of the tunes in between were filled with a jazz style that would have stuck out to you had you been awake.

After a while, he looked back to you, making sure you were still asleep. Your breathing comforted him in a way, and he found himself singing a much slower version of a familiar song….

If I retreat, words, wars and symphonies
Make room we’re taking over here
I’m the galantine, cold and alone, it suits me well
Won’t find me perching here again

May your feet serve you well
And the rest be sent to hell
Where I always have belonged
Cold hearts brew colder songs
Fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
Stomp your feet and clap your hands

His right hand improvised a small insert as he proceeded to the chorus, smiling at the idea of bloodshed with you by his side.

Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Let’s kill tonight

He played a new instrumental feature on the piano, comping with his left hand under a haunting, yet beautiful improvised melody on he right. He didn’t know you’d woken up, and were standing behind him with interest, until you put out your left hand to add harmony to the melody he’d made. You both sang the words quietly, Black Hat playing chords and you putting in your own add libs on occasion.

Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type
Let’s kill tonight

Fanfic ideas for Villainous.

· Black Hat goes to shopping. He is bored.

· Dem enjoys a puzzle game and a chewy toy she found. She falls asleep at the end.

· Dr Flug falls asleep on couch watching tv. Nobody messes him, they let him sleep.

· 5.0.5 hugs everyone in town. Black Hat watches and laughs at the discomfort until it comes for him.

· The whole cast meets your oc and makes fun of bad movies.

· Dem and Dr. Flug plays a racing game while 5.0.5 eats popcorn.

· Black hat pranks people.

· Dem finds 12 chewy toys and 35 new foods.

· 5.0.5 is scared of things. It’s adorable. I want to comfort the poor baby.

· Dr Flug tells us about a dream he had last night.

· Dem enjoys skating and tv movies while drawing a picture of her oc.

· 5.0.5 find a tiny lizard.

· We all know that Black Hat is a lovecraftian horror older than sand, tell me what happens when he out lives the rest of the cast. We both know he’s going to do it someday.

· Did Dem have any crushes before our favorite walking villain cliche?

· Dr Flug tries to test dangerous things on himself because science and a lack of test subjects.

· 5.0.5 is terribly fearful of Black Hat. What happened to cause that?

· How many people came before our cast? Black Hat has been EVIL for a long time. I think he’s had people before them. I also something happened to them. All of them.