he emailed us what was i supposed to do

So I know one of the people doing the rotation with me out at the next site and he’s arguing with me vehemently about when we’re supposed to be there for processing, and I have copied and pasted what I believe are two very clear pieces of supporting evidence from the emails, where she specifically says to be there at 6:30. He’s all “but I thought somebody said something about 8!!!” and I’m like, buddy, go for it. Show up at eight. Hell, if you can find an email where she tells us to do that, I’ll join you. But don’t pitch a hissy fit because I actually read the emails and you didn’t.

Men: they hate being wrong SO MUCH, especially when they’re arguing with women. He just hasn’t responded. I don’t know whether he’s digging through the emails now trying to figure out where he got that time from or just ignoring me because he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong.

So…you all remember that debacle from my workplace last week, where SOMEBODY decided they could take over a big part of my job and lock me out of the system and then just stop communicating?

-smiles big and toothy- It’s already coming back to bite them.

On top of Upper Management not liking that That Guy has not thought through the related processes and refuses to clarify what he is and is not going to do, I got a call today from the New Guy who they gave my job duties to. You know, the New Guy who was supposed to be super-experienced and need minimal training and be able to just dive right in?

New Guy is not experienced at all. New Guy is used to seeing this process from another angle, and does not know what to do with the stuff that That Guy dumped in his lap with little to no instruction. And apparently That Guy has been unreachable by phone or email on the subject for DAYS.

So not only did That Guy take time-sensitive work away from an experienced person, he gave it to a newbie who needs training on the process and then refused to train the poor guy.

So I’m getting on a call with New Guy this afternoon to go over the process like the professional and helpful TEAM PLAYER THAT I AM.

And all the while, I am cackling to myself and rattling that pickle jar like a fuckin’ martini shaker.