he eats it realistically

sherlock loves pizza okay? greasy, cheesy, melty pizza. cheap quick late-night pizza, fancy high-end gourmet pizza, everything in between. he likes all kinds of toppings but his favorite is just a good, gooey five-cheese, the kind that pulls slices away with cheesy strings, which he gathers up with his fingertips of his other hand, and he always giggles and closes his eyes with enjoyment and gives john cheesy tomatoey greasy kisses when he laughs. and later when he gets the lactose-intolerant tummy ache he flops out on the sofa and whines, but when john tells him to stop eating pizza then, he just rolls his eyes. be realistic, john. 

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We can request full alphabets... 🤔 *Slips you a hundred dollars in monopoly money* How about a Kurt Wagner alphabet? And we can keep this between us... 😅 Sorry, I'm a dork! But would the that be okay? If not that is fine, I know it is a lot! Hugz!

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

You’re just a great big cuddle pile. Either him or you will go grab all the blankets and pillows that got tossed off the bed during sexy times and bring them in to create some sort of giant cocoon. Sometimes he likes to spoon you all protectively, and other times he’ll nestle himself under your arm, resting his head on your boobs as you cuddle and stroke him.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He’s grown to love his tail, its now his favourite part of him. He loves that its unique to just him and also how sensitive it is when he’s turned on.

His favourite part of you is your hands. He’s still insecure about his own, but the feel of yours on his skin just makes him tingle with the softness you your touch and the smallness of your hands compared to his.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) 

I think we can all agree with Kurt’s lack of experience he’ll cum pretty quickly when you two start having sex. And he’ll cum quite a bit, he can’t control himself and he’ll cum copious amounts in you before pulling out quickly only to continue painting your belly with his seed. Even when he manages to control himself after a while, he still doubles over in ecstasy when he cums.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Its not really a filthy secret but for Kurt it definitely is. Before you two got together he would often fantasize about you. That was when he first started touching himself, imagining how soft and warm your skin would feel. He didn’t talk to you for the five months you spent in the mansion together, instead believing he would make a fool of himself and you would find him disgusting he kept his distance, he began to fantasize about what you sounded like up close and how you would laugh. His filthiest dream came one night after he had seen you in your deep blue bikini you had picked especially to tempt him; that night he had a very vivid dream he was on his knees eating you out, it was so realistic he could swear it was actually happening. He cam in his pants and woke up in a sweat, worrying peter, his roommate, may have heard him mutter something in his sleep.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

My precious little blueberry is so inexperienced! He had absolutely no idea what he was doing when you first got together but that doesn’t mean he didn’t please you. You guide him through the entire experience, how to touch you and what to do; and in turn help him figure out what he likes.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) 

He’s a little fluff ball, all his favourite positions are very sensual, with lots of touching and eye contact. [NSFW] [NSFW]

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) 

He’s quite serious when you first start having sex as he’s not that experienced and just wants to get it right and make you feel good, but as time goes on he gets more giggly and fun during sex as he starts to loosen up.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

It’s kind of a mix, most of its black but there are tiny flecks of blue you can hardly see. It’s not a complete jungle, Kurt’s very particular about his appearance so its trimmed down quite neatly. He has also been know to trim it for the seasons (Peter insisted its an american tradition), his christmas tree pubes were your favourite.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Sex with Kurt is always so sensual and romantic. Even when you’re mad for one another the eye contact he keeps lets you know he’s always thinking of you and how you’re feeling. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcannon)

Even with what is it, three fingers? he can jack off just fine. He’s a little hesitant at first as he’s always seen it as a sin, but after a while he begins to play with himself, stroking lightly over himself, tightening his fist at certain points and rubbing at his tip. When you show him how to fondle his balls he absolutely loses it.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He isn’t a man of many kinks; he likes to use his tail when possible, the sensitive tip always a favourite pleasure spot for him and a nice surprising touch for you. He does have a praise kink though, he loves when you tell him how well he’s doing and how good it feels.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

He prefers to fuck you in your bedroom, always transporting you two back there if things get a bit too heated anywhere else. But he does actually love it when you have baths together, making them dirtier than they should be by you riding him. You’ve also made him cum in his pants in the library, starting by palming him off under the table and eventually reaching into his trousers but still finishing him off from outside his underwear. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) 

He loves when you wear midnight blue, he feels like its his mark and everyone knows you’re with him. What turns him on the most though is definitely if you gently stroke his arm up and down before leaning in closely and whispering filthy things in his ear. As much as he doesn’t really go for the risk factor he loves that you’re so daring, the things you say to him make him go slightly purple and the feel of your breath on the shell of his ear makes him twitch slightly in his pants.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He wouldn’t be into hurting you, in any way. It’d take you months if not years for you to convince him it was ok to spank you let along anything else. he also doesn’t like to choke you, he cant stand to look at his hand gripping your throat like that or the thought that he might hurt you.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) 

He’s a little shy when he first goes down on you, being super aware of his teeth and the fact he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, but after a while he really warms up to it. He loves the taste of you but will only eat you out until you cum once because he just can’t wait for you (unless you ask for more.)

Receiving oral and he’s in another world, if the cute little blueberry could go red he would. Its a completely new sensation for him and even if you did it a thousand times his reaction would always be the same. He can cum in a matter of minute when you have your mouth around him if he doesn’t push you off first to finish in you.

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He’s got quite a slow pace to start off with, he’s nervous which makes his hips buck into you at random. But once he gets into it he won’t realize how fast he’s going until you’re screaming in bliss at the way he’s hitting into you.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

You don’t have quickies that often, mostly when either one of you are feeling particularly rampant and just have to have one another, but even then you always manage to get back to your room courtesy of Kurt’s bamfing. In general though you both prefer proper sex as it allows you to enjoy each other fully, and you can never be bothered to move once you’re one anyway.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He hates taking risks. He doesn’t like the fact that someone might catch you or even hear you, he doesn’t want to share you with anyone in any way, even if its just on the off chance.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

When you first started just a simple touch could set him off, his imagination would run wild with what you looked like with no clothes on so when you touched him it would be like a sensory overload. 

He’s got really impressive stamina once he gets over the initial faze of everything being new to him. He surprised you one afternoon, taking you to your room and locking the door, you guys went for so many rounds, you didn’t emerge until the next morning, unless you count Kurt bamfing to the kitchen to bring back snacks in just his white boxers.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

He doesn’t own any and to be honest he was a little red in the face and kind of scared when you showed him yours. But he’s not one to shy away from something new, and if it brings you pleasure he’ll definitely give it a go. Your wand is his favourite; he loves that he can still fuck you and hold it to your clit, he can even feel some of the vibrations himself at the base of his cock.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) 

He teases by accident. Sometimes he’s a little unsure of his actions making them drawn out and agonizing if he’s hitting exactly the right spot but keeps on stopping because he thinks he’s hurting you.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Kurt’s moans are more light shrieks of surprise and new found ecstasy. He gasps a lot as most things are still quite new to him, the whines that come from the back of his throat when he cums are the absolute best though.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He’s a surprise hair tugger. He doesn’t seem like it but when he’s in the zone he’ll reach out and grab a hold of whatever he can, usually your hair. He runs his hand through your hair before taking his grip and tugging, making your pussy clench around him and in turn he stutters into you.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) 

He’s got a surprisingly big dick. Like he never really thought of it as being big before until the guys thought t would be fun to see who is the biggest, they were all shocked when Kurt pulled out that monster. I’d say he’s about average thickness if not a little slim but not so much, his cock still looks like it could do some serious damage.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

It isn’t an extreme of either, but with this all being new to him, he has found that it creeps up on him at some very in opportune moments, forcing you to drag him off into a spare room or away from the others at least to take care of him.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

The little bean falls asleep so fast. He’ll try and stay up just looking at how beautiful you are in the afterglow of your lovemaking but he falls asleep almost as soon as you start stroking your fingers through his hair.

First ‘I love you’ with Jisung
  • Here it is
  • Here i am at it with the dreamie boy fluff
  • These boys constantly have me soft
  • Send help i am going into cardiac arrest
  • Okay okay let’s begin before my heart actually melts
  • You had known jisung since the two of you were little bitty kiddos
  • Like the littlest. Around age 5 was when you two met
  • You met him in kindergarten when he accidentally pushed you off the slide at recess
  • Some other kid had pushed him and he fell into you and then the two of you were in a pile on the ground sobbing
  • You were sobbing because you were hurt
  • He was sobbing because he just wanted to make friends and he ended up hurting someone!!
  • The teacher carried both of you inside and asked what happened and Jisung started crying even harder because he was scared to get in trouble
  • After the teacher left you hugged him to make him feel better because he wouldn’t stop saying sorry
  • That’s when three year old jisung went home and told his mom and dad that he loved the little girl on the playground
  • Fast forward a decade and the two of you are inseperable
  • From that day forward the two of you refused to be anything except best friends
  • You were there when he would shoot little commercials and you were there waiting after his audition when you two were in fifth grade
  • You remember him running out of the building with a huge smile on his face after they told him he had made it
  • And riding with his parents to go get ice cream to celebrate
  • And the two of you share a huge cup of Stracciatella ice cream
  • Which realistically he eats most of
  • And he just talks for hours and hours about how excited he is
  • Until three days later he realizes he has to move away and he won’t be able to talk to you
  • And the two of you spend the day before he has to leave crying your eyes out
  • And you go with him to drop him off
  • And you cry even more
  • Jisung ends up trying to back out of training because he’s so scared of leaving you and his parents
  • But you push him through the doors and watch him walk away before you can start crying even harder
  • You didn’t talk to him for almost three years after that
  • But you still thought about him every day and you never really got super close with anyone else
  • Until one day you got a call from an unknown number and decided to answer it
  • And you heard a familiar voice over the phone and actually screamed
  • “jiSUNG IS THAT YOU?!”
  • And you finally heard him laughing again
  • He got your number from his parents
  • You spent hours on the phone talking and for two years you two talked every single day whenever you had the chance
  • It got to the point where it felt weird if he practiced too late and didn’t get to talk to you
  • And you meet all the NCT boys through FaceTime
  • And he tells you all about mom taeyong and dorky mark and his new friends in Dream
  • The boys teased him constantly because he never shut up about you
  • One day his parents finally got to visit him right before his debut
  • And they invited you to come along
  • And you were going to surprise Jisung!!
  • So you’re on your way and you’re texting Jisung about how excited you are for him to debut and you wish you could be there
  • And it’s the night before his debut and all of the dreamies are gathered in a practice room talking about how excited they are
  • And all of their parents are there and there’s tears and smiles and so much happy!!!
  • But you haven’t walked in yet
  • And Jisung is talking with is parents about how happy he is
  • And then you hear him mention how much he wishes you were there
  • And the time is now!!
  • You walk into the room behind Jisung and Chenle literally gasps ”itS HER”
  • And everyone turns around to look at you and Jisung doesn’t think he’s just f r o z e n
  • Until you run over and tackle him in a hug
  • And of course you both topple onto the floor and you’re both sobbing
  • “What are you doing here?! You didnt tell me you were coming?! I missed you so much, oh my god oh my oh man wow its you you really came youre here!!”
  • And he just can’t shut up
  • Johnny and ten are in the corner quietly screaming about how their little boy is in love
  • And you spend the whole night sitting talking with Jisung and the rest of the boys
  • Until management comes in and tells you the boys have to sleep
  • And so they all file out of the room and say goodbye
  • Until you’re standing there with Jisung
  • And he’s about to start crying again and so are you
  • “You really have to go?”
  • And you nod because you have to leave for school tomorrow and his parents have work
  • And he just hugs you really tight and doesn’t let go for what seems like forever but really isn’t long enough
  • And management is trying to shoo you out the door
  • But jisung won’t let you go
  • “Please don’t make her leave don’t take her away”
  • “Jisung I’ll see you again soon don’t worry”
  • And he just gets really quiet and sad
  • And you give him another big hug and then you turn to walk away before management actually drags you out
  • But he runs after you and hugs you again
  • “I love you.”
  • “Jisung you what”
  • And he just takes a deep breath
  • “I love talking to you and thinking about you and texting you and facetiming you and i love your face and your voice and your smile and everything about you makes me happy and i love you”
  • “Jisung, I love you too”
  • “Please don’t leave…”
  • “I have to, but don’t forget I love you too and you’re going to do great tomorrow, okay?”
  • And the last thing you hear is Jisung yelling down the corridor that he loves you and misses you already as management escorts you from the building

(for the most precious @blueberry-jisung who I am convinced is going to marry Jisung 💙)

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Yesss the ask box is open! Sidon and revali favorite food headcannon

This is my first ask that I’m officially answering! Please do tell me if I get these characters wrong. Practice makes perfect. ~Mod Kai 

Favorite Foods

Sidon: Being a shark, he obviously eats aquatic life just like his realistic counterpart. He would most likely love eating shrimp and if not that, salmon. Tasty fish, am I right? Favorite food: shrimp or salmon.

Revali: Realistically, he’d be one for seeds and worms but this is fucking Revali we’re talking about. He’s a hard one but he would most likely lean towards sunflower seeds or anything with seeds involved. Favorite food: anything with seeds involved.

-Mod Kai

My Mistake


  • #19 with EXO SEHUN ?^^
  • #19 with sehunniee??????

19) You and your bias eat at the same cafe every morning and your orders are always confused.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Sehun x Y/N

Type: fluff

I looked over the menu while twirling a piece of my hair aimlessly with a few fingers. Taking another sip of coffee, I sighed, trying to decide what I was going to eat this morning. 

I looked up just as a handsome man I had noticed in the cafe a few times before slid in across from me in the booth. I watched him with furrowed brows as he picked up a menu and began to look at it through tired eyes. I stopped myself from speaking and leaned upwards, slowly analyzing the empty tables around us. Did he think I was someone else he had intended to meet in his morning haze? 

I sat my menu down and outright stared at him as he casually perused his own menu, looking relatively carefree. After a few minutes, I cleared my throat and his eyes flew up to meet mine. 

“Oh, I’m so rude,” he smiled. “Good morning.”

He gave me a quick nod before looking back down at his menu. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it again, more confused than I was previously. 

He looked back up at me and sighed, placing his menu down on the tabletop. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I…um…you…I’m sorry, do I know you?” I finally spit out, crossing my arms. 

“Not exactly,” he nodded. “But you’re going to.”

“I’m afraid I’m not following,” I whispered, already exhausted after being in this man’s presence for only a few moments. 

“You eat here every morning,” he muttered, placing his palm under his chin and setting me with a lazy expression. “You look at the menu for about ten minutes while you drink your coffee, and then inevitably decide on the same thing week after week. Three scrambled eggs with cheese, and a biscuit. Kind of heavy for a breakfast in my opinion, but an okay choice nonetheless.”

“And you know this…how?” I spluttered, contemplating how quickly I could get out of this booth and away from the apparent stalker before me. 

“I know this because every morning, I also come in, pick blindly from the menu, and order. But day after day, I end up with three scrambled eggs with cheese, and a biscuit in front of me,” he nodded, now leaning back and crossing his arms. “And day after day, I tell the waitress that it’s okay that she made a mistake and she hustles off with the plate to you and I get my food about three minutes later.”

I nodded, remaining quiet as I analyzed his story. I began to speak, but he cut me off. 

“So yesterday I decided it’s not okay. I’d save the poor darling a few steps and sit across from the source of my problem. Oh, and also, I’m Sehun,” he said in a quick sentence. 

My jaw opened again as I contemplated what I was going to say. My brain was functioning entirely too slowly as I struggled to get coffee into my system to be able to manage this guy. 

“Hi sweeties, I see you decided to sit together this morning!” the elderly waitress smiled, clutching her order pad. 

“Why hello Gretta, how are you this morning?” Sehun cooed, batting his lashes at the older woman. It was difficult to tell through her thickly applied rouge, but I think a blush lingered beneath her wrinkled cheeks as she smiled at him. 

“I’m wonderful Sehunnie,” she giggled. “What can I get for you?”

“Three eggs with cheese and a biscuit,” he said, looking me directly in the eyes, a smirk tugging on the corners of his mouth. 

“And what about you?” Gretta asked, smiling down on me kindly. 

“A number seventeen,” I nodded, a smug expression on my face as I stared back at the strange man. I sure as hell didn’t know what a number seventeen was, but I was not going to order the same thing just to spite him. 

“A bit early for raw squid, don’t you think?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

I began to panic as I looked at him, my eyes growing wide. I snatched the menu back from Gretta and began to turn through it aggressively. 

“A number seventeen is an omelette,” I said numbly, closing the menu again and flinging it back toward Gretta who took it from my hands. 

“Oh is it?” he said, a glimmer of amusement in his eyes. “My mistake.”

“Alright, I’ll go put that in for you two,” Gretta nodded as she waddled away. 

“Clever,” I muttered, nodding at him as I sipped from my coffee cup. 

“I tend to be,” he nodded with a smile. “Do you have a name?”

“Yes,” I said, picking up my cell phone and thumbing through it. I wasn’t going to offer any more information than he asked. HIs smugness was simultaneously a turn off and a turn on, so I was more than willing to play his game. 

He arched a brow at me and smirked. “And that name is?”

“Y/N,” I hummed, looking away from him. 

“Pretty,” he whispered. “Oh, and it’s a nice name too.”

I rolled my eyes and glanced back down at my phone. “Does that usually work?”

“Nope,” he chuckled. “But you should probably start getting used to it.”

“That’s not the first time you’ve told me I’m going to have to start getting used to something,” I grumbled, finally looking up at him from my screen only to look back down again. 

“Well, if that sweet woman can get our orders right this way, I’ll be a fixture in your life every morning for the foreseeable future,” he smiled. 

“Until I find a new cafe to go to,” I sighed, not even bothering to look up to know that Sehun’s face fell. 

“Or,” he tried. “You accept your fate.”

I put down my phone and leveled a look at Sehun just as Gretta returned. She sat the plate of scrambled eggs in front of him and my omelette before me. 

“Is everything looking good?” Gretta smiled with a nod. 

“Beautiful,” Sehun whispered, looking kindly at the old woman. “Thank you.”

She nodded again before disappearing. I attempted to keep my lingering eyes away from Sehun’s plate, full of my normal order. My stomach growled as I looked down at my own omelette, filled with spinach and other cubes of meat I didn’t recognize. I sighed as I sawed into it with my fork and tried not to groan as I put it in my mouth. 

Sehun watched me, chewing thoughtfully on his scrambled eggs before he heaved a sigh. He reached across the table, moving my coffee out of the way, and slid our plates opposite of each other, putting the scrambles eggs before me. I began to protest, but he hushed me. 

“You should be happy with what you’re eating,” he hummed. “But have realistic expectations, not everything can be as pleasant as your company for breakfast.”

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Is Natsu an idiot?

Now, “idiot” is often used affectionately when Natsu and Gajeel and other teenage males in FT are acting in an over-the-top, goofy, and stereotypically teenage male way. I’m not addressing that sort of usage in this post. Instead, I’m addressing the opinion that Natsu has an IQ a tad higher than that of your average rock and that fighting, eating, sleeping, and childish pranks comprise the entirety of his thought processes.

That said, let’s get into this!

It’ll come as no surprise to my followers that no, I don’t think Natsu’s an idiot. Here’s why:

Doing or saying some idiotic things doesn’t make someone an idiot.

Or, put another way, even smart people do dumb things. 

Take, for instance, Lucy, the only one who solved the ridiculously complicated word-puzzle in the S-rank exam. Here are some of her not-so-shining intellectual moments:

To me, there’s a big difference between a stupid idea or action, and a stupid person. I think Natsu, like Lucy, has done some dumb things, but he isn’t defined by them.

People have intellectual strengths and weaknesses

So maybe following long, complex logical arguments or thinking things all the way through is not one of Natsu’s strengths.

But he has shown himself to be smart and insightful in other ways.

The most obvious is during battles. Natsu thinks outside the box in ways that make other people want to smack him upside the head and yell, “You fool!”

But Natsu frequently comes up with crazy ideas that work.

He ate Etherion to power up and went all Dragon Force on Jellal. He nullified his own magic in order to eat Zancrow’s god flames.

Natsu used his head more than his magic when he faced Yuka and Toby. He exploited the weakness in Yuka’s magic to defeat him. And Toby?  Natsu got Toby to take himself out.

Natsu’s smart in other areas, too. I think his emotional intelligence is quite high.

He recognizes other people’s pain. He saw how much it hurt Erza to see Jellal arrested. He saw how sad Lucy was over her father’s death. He noted how upset Yukino was when she came to see Lucy during the GMG, and went out after her to apologize. He knew how hard it was for Flare to find her people frozen in the Sun Village.

And his responses to people in their pain and need are often spot-on. He knows that people like Erza and Gray need tough love. He knows that Lucy needs a gentler touch when she’s hurting.

He has inspired and comforted a great number of people.

Some might say that he does all these things on instinct, but Natsu has also shown that he can plan and think things through.

He talked Lucy into joining his team before the Everlue infiltration. She was manipulated and realized it too late.

Or take how he took out the supports in the Temple of the Moon so that the moonlight could no longer fall on Deliora.

And he realized before anyone else did that there was a strong chance that a high-ranking council member–like the Chairman–had sold everyone out to Tartaros.

Exaggeration for Effect

Mashima exaggerates certain physical and personality characteristics for effect, usually fanservice or comedic.

Most Fairy Tail girls are well-endowed. Many of them also wear highly impractical clothing for combat. It’s not that Erza’s dumb for wearing armor that doesn’t protect her vital organs, it’s fanservice.

Similarly, Mashima exaggerates personality traits for comedic effect. Natsu’s idiocy, like Juvia’s fangirling, falls into this category. I don’t think Juvia belongs in a psych ward because of her delusions and hallucinations. Similarly, I take Natsu doing dumb things as less of a comment on his intelligence and more about Mashima creating funny moments.

What lies behind Natsu’s “idiocy”?

Now, even though Mashima exaggerates for comedic effect, he does root his exaggerations in the personality traits of the relevant characters.

Natsu says “I don’t get it” when people explain things, but is it because he can’t get it or because he’s so results-oriented that he wasn’t really listening to the hows and whys in the first place?

Because when he thinks it really matters, he’ll listen. Zirconis’ story about Acnologia was much longer than Ultear’s explanation of second origin, and you could tell from Natsu’s face that he understood the significance of what he was hearing.

Natsu is hot-headed and impulsive. He’d rather be taking action than sitting down and talking things through–especially if his friends are in danger, or have been hurt. This leads him to frequently jump the gun.

And you know what? Sometimes he’s right to act quickly. When he and Happy flew off to the ex-chairman’s house, Erza and Mira were in danger. If he hadn’t followed them right away, he could’ve lost their scent (by the time Wendy arrived at the ex-chairman’s house, the trail had gone cold).

Some of the same traits that get him into trouble are also responsible for his victories. If he were cautious and realistic, would he have even thought of eating Etherion? At Tenrou, wouldn’t he have listened to Makarov, gathered his friends, and fled the island, instead of staying to fight Grimoire Heart?

He’s a kinesthetic learner. He learns by doing. And sometimes that works, like when he figured out how to unleash lightning-flame mode during a fight:

and… sometimes not:

Natsu’s weaknesses are also his strengths at time, and vice versa.

Let’s take another example of Natsu’s “idiocy” from Galuna: Natsu’s fixation on the chief’s sideburns.

Trust Natsu to ignore the demonic features and focus on the hair. He’s so silly… or maybe his reaction has more to do with his acceptance of other species as people only superficially different from himself?

Natsu was raised by a dragon. His best friend is a flying blue cat. He’s not fazed by horns and spikes and weird clawed hands.

Same at the Sun Village. After his initial shock at the giants, Natsu had no problem with them. People are people to Natsu, whether they’re dragons or Exceeds or demons or giants. He’s really accepting of others, and when Sherry made the comment about the Galuna villagers being like Deliora’s horrible children, he was furious on their behalf.

There’s a lot more to Natsu than meets the eye.

I won’t go more into this here, but I’ve said before that Natsu tends to hide at least some of his feelings. I’ve also noticed a disconnect between what he says, how he looks, and what he does. One quick example of this: in the Natsu & Asuka omake, he’d fooled the guild into thinking he seriously lost to Asuka. Only later, after seeing Natsu shoot fire with accuracy, did Lucy realize he’d lost to Asuka on purpose. All his previous blustering about “All’s fair in love and war!” and “I ain’t going to lose!” was just a cover.

Makes one wonder what else Natsu’s said and done that’s just a cover for his real thoughts and feelings?

Too Dumb for Love

I see this from some frustrated Nalu shippers. Friends, if Natsu is clueless, than so is Lucy. Most of the romantic gestures in their relationship have come from him, not her. He’s given her flowers, remembered anniversary dates, treasured keepsakes, leaned in for a kiss. She trusts and cares for him, but she’s not looking any deeper than that, either, right now. I’d say she’s even more oblivious than he is. At least he’s come out and said that she is something precious to him (to f! Rogue, not her, though. *siiiiigh*) We haven’t seen a corresponding confession from Lucy.

So, let’s not blame the lack of Nalu resolution solely on Natsu, okay?


To sum up: There are times when Natsu’s an open book and there are times when he’s an enigma. Just because he displays his anger freely doesn’t mean all his feelings and thoughts are out there for the world to see. When he does or says something that looks dumb on the surface, it’s worth probing to see what might lie beneath it.

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I'm trying to write a full AU fic of my own, and I love how you guys portray these characters and keep them so true to form, even in alternate universes. I'd really like to try and stick to that as much as possible, so aside from your own head canons, do any of you have any advice on writing any of the characters, specifically root and shaw? I really want to do them justice and I know max was talking about a balance of characterization/romance earlier. Thanks!

for root specifically, i know a lot of folks tend to write her as just overly sexual and flirty all the time? and that’s like…not who she is as a person. she has her moments, sure, but she’s dorky and lame and there’s so much more to her than just ‘in love with shaw.’ she loves all of her people so ardently–finch, john, the machine, bear, even fusco. she’s fiercely protective of her people. and TM doesn’t take a backseat to those relationships, ya feel? i think a lot of time people aren’t really sure how to write for TM, so there’s a lot of ‘TM whispers something in her ear or w/e and that’s all.’ root’s relationship with TM is intimate and so so important to her and her identity, and even if you’re not writing that relationship it’s something you gotta keep in mind just for character perspective. i think it’s also important to remember that she’s definitely not neurotypical and carries trauma from a super shitty childhood.

this got real word-vomity real fast, sorry! hope it helps!

- ros

oh my god i love questions like this thank you. root and shaw are my faves and i love writing them and helping other people write them. and oh my god i love talking about shaw. it’s really easy for me to write as shaw because we probably have the same pd? and so when i’m like What Would Shaw Do it’s super easy because i just. you know. write about me. i’m bad at explaining my brain so here’s some things to do/not to do when writing shaw: shaw loves animals more than people because animals don’t expect anything out of you. shaw loves root because she respects her boundaries and always knows when to push and when to back away. shaw has a very strong moral compass that was instilled in her by her parents. shaw finds strong emotions annoying (both hers and others) because she doesn’t know what do to with them but feels like she needs to do something. shaw is not a super aggressive top who bosses root around in the bedroom. shaw is good at undercover work because she has a lot of experience in performing emotions. shaw does not enjoy killing for the sake of killing. shaw is not always angry, she just has a flat affect. shaw gets easily frustrated when people are emotionally hurting because she feels helpless.

i didn’t want to take up too much space, but send another ask if you want more specifics or whatever. i love talking about my favorite grumpy kitten.

- max

hm! ok! when im writing ANY character i like.. before i even start writing, i want to like. have a grasp on their Voice you know- so i’ll think “i want to communicate the idea of say "want to go to mcdonalds?”“ and then ill think "how would this character say that, based on what they’ve experienced in life” because the way i see it, once you have a thorough understanding of what a character has been through to get to the point that they’re at today, the voice comes easily

warning for food and mentions of disordered eating

  • so for root, with this example i’d go for like “now, kiddos, i know it isn’t exactly le cordon bleu, but i’m really craving a big mac. and fries. and a mcflurry.” - the reasoning here being that root rarely eats a lot in canon, but im imagining this scenario being after a great victory- her inhibitions are lowered, she trusts her friends not to judge her for eating. but, being root, she cant just eat a normal amount instead of a small amount, she needs to go All Out and dramatic with it, because thats what she does. but there’s still a vulnerability in her asking- a vulnerability some may interpret as being sly or crafty (which she lets happen, because its more powerful than the truth)
  • for this specific example, i’d make shaw reply like “damn, root. that’s an appetite. where do you put it all?” (root: “i think you know, sweetie ^uo) “but yeah. sure, i could go for a burger.” this is the sameen shaw equivalent of support- the first three sentences are praise, from shaw, because she doesnt really know how to do praise in a way that isnt vaguely reminiscent of like, how she would have been praised in the marines. the second two sentences both show the fact that shes pretty easygoing, she likes food, but she isnt as into like Brand Names as root. root specifically brings up the mcdonalds names as a “joke” wherein the punchline is “me! this big anti-corporate messiah! jokingly endorsing mcdonalds!” (not to say anyone really get it except her- id say 90% of roots jokes end up that way), but shaw just. doesnt have time for that. her humour is much more cut and dry
  • reese would be, realistically, “finch?” because he too has problems with eating (think him, kara, and snow in the diner- and that you only see him eating when you know he feels safe, like a prey animal) but also he has problems with worrying that finch judges him. he DOES want that burger, johns an all-american burger dude at heart, but more importantly he wants to do the Right thing
  • finch, in this bizzare au where he doesnt hate mcdonalds on the principal of “i was poor once and it was traumatizing never want to think about it again”, says “hm. i admit it that it isn’t my first choice, ms. groves. but i’d be happy to accompany you, ms. shaw, and mr. reese to an establishment of theirs, of course. that is, if you’re interested, mr. reese?” he says so many words because finch is the kind of person who clarifies things the whole room knows- both for the purpose of exposition (in-show) and because he has a weensy superiority complex, and i think sometimes subconsciously doesnt realize that other people might be as good at keeping track of stuff as him. he doesnt say he wants mcdonalds because even though he DOES, finch is in the habit of little white lies to protect his person, and thats okay because all his friends can see right through them. he checks in with john because he wants john to know that its okay to want to eat, and hes happy to support him in doing that- but he isnt as concerned about root’s food recovery. mostly because he trusts shaw to take care of her 

i have no idea if that made sense and it got really long but. i hope it did

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Do you think Daryl started using a spoon to eat the jelly to impress Beth after he had grossed her out earlier by using his fingers?

Lol. That’s so cute! I would love to think that, and maybe he did. He was eating it rather daintily, now that I think about it. Realistically, once he got far enough into the jar, it required a utensil to reach the jelly.

It’s possible he just used his fingers that first time to intentionally gross her out, as a joke, trying to change the subject. Beth had just paid him this huge compliment by implying he was one of those “good people” she keeps mentioning still exist. And she was smiling at him and holding his gaze, he was getting sucked in and he needed a way to release that flutter of romantic tension he may have felt in that moment.

Good old fashioned goofing around is a sure sign that Daryl likes her and he’s being awkward and using humor as a means of hiding it. He does that a lot with her in “Alone.” Best yet, though, after her “gross” comment, she still smiled as she walked away. ♥

Note: A lot of people are messaging me saying Daryl has never used a spoon before. While that thought made me smile, I realized, yes he has. We see him eating cereal in the prison in Season 3, with a spoon. So we do know he has some preexisting table manners. :) But I love you all for being so passionate about it! xoxox