he drank the fly on accident

oh how the tables have turned


aka the one where Emma Swan is on the opposite end of the ‘fake marriage’ au spectrum. [part one] [part two] [ao3]


Killian Jones is getting married.

Ask her a year ago, a month ago, a day ago – hell, even a minute ago and those four words would be the last words she’d think she would ever hear. But this one tops the charts:

Killian Jones is getting married to Ruby Lucas.

And it isn’t that she hasn’t seen them (her, Killian’s been MIA, but she guesses it’s her fault after all) since their studying days, isn’t that she hasn’t tried rekindling the bond the three of them used to share, not that every couple of months she doesn’t invite Ruby out for noncommittal coffee dates, so while things may not be the same as it used to be, the news is pretty much the last thing she expects to hear.

Or read.

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