he dont like taking pictures


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I saw you, you’re a hero. Like a for real superhero which is…I’m not like a groupie stalker type, but oh my God! That is so cool.


I love my precious caveman, part 2

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im looking for a fic where phil wont let dan over to his flat because he tells dan that its covered in art but dan goes over there uninvited one day and phil lets him in and dan sees that his lounge is covered in just polaroid photos of dan and him and he's all 'i told you it was covered in art' because hes always telling dan that HE is the art? it had to do with photographs or polaroids i dont remember which title thank you!!

Polaroids -  Phil says he likes to take pictures of art. Dan knows this, but he doesn’t know the full extent of it. Not until he goes over to Phil’s flat for the first time and sees that his walls are covered in it.

- Emily