he dont drink

A reminder to maybe not throw things at Harry when he’s on stage performing or talking.. :-)

@tinyangryghost ‘s bnha OC is….smokin’ 👍👍

back in my day...

steve has helpfully illustrated what storytime looks like on my end.

Mod Hell: Do you guys want me to start archiving asks and answers–the long ones–on AO3? There’s not really a consistent tag for them and there’s getting to be a lot. If you guys are good with them in blog form, I’ll just leave them as is, but I’m happy to copy-paste them over if you’d like. 

…important serious question: is the line that rick says while walking out to be put into a core: “My tea did not prepare me for any of this?” or “MIT did not prepare me for any of this?” this is the most important question for sure ;) but really if you know thatd be great, thanks!

Hawkeye (2012) #11


Lotor trying to live up to what his mother did and holding it dear because she was a genious, gives me life

good morning sunshine 🌻

and here we have Artemi “Only Vodka” Panarin 

hi i’m frog and i cry over fictional stories about fictional stories *jackass theme plays but sad*