he don' wanna be anyone anyway


me, an astrology intellectual: yoongi is a pisces sun so he genuinely cares about a lot of things and he’s so sensitive and he really victimizes/blames himself for shit (like a true pisces would) remember in that interview he said that when the girl broke his heart, he started blaming himself that he wasn’t good enough or how he felt like he wasn’t good enough for his parents because he wasn’t doing what they wanted him to do? he blames himself so much for things. pisces ass. and the thing about it is that, yoongi is also a virgo moon which means that he especially cares for his members and us so much. he’d do anything for either one of us. he loves us so much. he just don’t wanna show it bc virgos hate showing their true feelings smh. they always wanna know everyone else’s deep feelings n issues but don’t wanna show anyone theirs. SMH ☕️ anyways, all i’m saying is yoongi actually really does care he just tryna scam y'all n make it seem like he don’t. lying ass pisces ass headass boy.

Let’s talk about hanzo shimada’s “Left tiddy”

Hanzo’s kimono is often part of a lot of jokes within the fanbase, which is fine because i love making fun of it too but i don’t think a lot of people know what his outfit really means aside from “Left tiddy out for comedic effect LOLOLOL”

I learned from curse entertainments, recently uploaded video called “Behind the hero: hanzo” which i will put the link here for anyone who wants to watch it.

it talks about things like the origin of hanzo’s name and the origin of his last name and who he is based off of if you wanna check it out if you’re interested.

Anyway, Hanzo’s Kimono is actually traditional Japanese attire for Archery sporting competitions.

They wear their Kimonos like this to stop any wind obstructions when strawing and aiming their bows. However this isn’t the type to wear when you’re in battle. His outfit also is just more than to show off his tattoo for “Bad fashion purposes”.

Speaking of his glorious tattoo:

His tattoo is a traditional form of Japanese tattooing which is known for being exceedingly painful and time consuming. Tattooing was done for spiritual and decorative purposes but in modern day japan, tattooing have an origin of criminality around them. It was outlawed for many years and tattooing was done underground and become associated with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.  His tattoo would seem to be why he’s part of the Shimada crime family, which probably have/had functions similar to modern Yazuka but they seem to be linked to the way he controls the dragons so it’s inking could be magic embedded so he can control them. I think it seems kinda rude to make fun of something like this, as long as you don’t go to extreme lengths with it because it’s not a style choice he just thought looked cool.

  • someone: Hey, you're pretty cute! Wanna go on a date?
  • me: I... I'm sorry. It would be a waste of time. I don't think I can be with anyone after what happened with him.
  • someone: Who?
  • me: Maybe you've heard of him...
  • me: His name is Sasuke Uchiha.
  • me: When he was a kid, his brother murdered his entire family. A few years later he took the chunin exams and a guy bit him or something and then his brother came back and a bunch of other stuff happened.
  • me: One thing lead to another and Sasuke left the village...
  • me: I wanted him to come back but...
  • me: Anyway, everything's fine now. We won the war and he's on a journey of redemption or something, but I know he'll come home soon. If he doesn't, I'll find him and bring him back myself. Believe it.
  • me: My name's Naruto Uzumaki, by the way.

So I drew some fanart for @markiplier Uhmmm it’s not that great lol but I just wanted to make Markimoo smile today I guess.. I dont wanna type much since I would prefer not to cry today and I don’t wanna waste anyones time so yeah! Thank you Mark for being there for all your fans and you could never disappoint any of us!!! 💛💙💜💚❤ Also, as I was drawing the one with Mark in the red shirt my four year old brother was watching me and I have almost the same haircut as Mark except im blonde, I also have Brown glasses but anyway.. I am wearing a red tank top and my baby brother kept saying I was drawing myself 😆 he kept trying to take the drawing and show everyone and kept pointing at it and saying my name… So yeah I just thought it was funny lol

A mini rant (pun intended)

Listen… if Simon does have a girlfriend that doesn’t automatically mean you should hate on her…. That’s not gonna benefit anyone ever. It’s his life, he’s 24 ffs he can date whoever he wants. I don’t wanna be negative but I’m gonna be realistic… there was a very very VERY slim chance that any of us fans were gonna be in that position anyways. So please, before you decide to send hate or send anything nasty to Simon or his gf (if he has one) think about how you would feel if someone was saying horrible things to you for being with someone you love.

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Seb was talking how New York was an amazing backdrop for movies in some interview and that he likes Woody's movies (which are like the epitome of NY movies). Honestly, I did not know the controversy about him until people were complaining about Seb liking his movies :O I'm 25 and thoutght I followed the industry well -.-. I don't wanna defend him, but maybe he doesn't know about his private life? Anyway, no person is unproblematic anyone who thinks otherwise is bound to get disappointed :)

Yeah I mean I didn’t know about any of the controversy until people on here told me about it, and then I brought it up to my parents and they hadn’t heard about it either so it’s possible he just doesn’t know about it? But idk, you’re right though. I’ve already called Seb out on stuff before now so it’s not like he was ever the pinnacle of human perfection but I don’t think anyone is really :’) 

Me Throughout Seven's Route

Seven: We should keep our distance.

Me: My heart is shattered, Seven ;-;

Seven: I guess I have feelings for her.

Me: Awwwww ily too bae~

Seven: I don’t care about your feelings, alright?!

Me: *stares at all the pieces of my heart on the floor* *sobs uncontrollably*

Seven: I.. I want you to stay by my side. Will you?

Me: …*walks out* I can’t. I can’t do this anymore.
*goes back in to finish his route*
You’re ruining me.



Thanks anon, sorry fot the long wait.



He will just pretend that nothing is happening and will keep talking with you until you kick him.

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You start to talk with Kris and he close your mouth.

Xiumin: She will not talk to anyone before talking to me. Sorry baby.

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Chan gonna give you this stare when he ask if you are hungry and you don’t answer him. 

Chanyeol: Gurll, are you okay?

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Suho: So if you don’t wanna talk to me, talk with Mr. Cuddles. “Annyeong, cutie”

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Suho: Okay, Mr. Cuddles don’t need you, he got his EXO-L’s. 

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Suho: She is so bad, isn’t Mr.Cuddles? 

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Luhan would send some videos to you, knowing that you will not answer anyway.

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Sehun: All right, don’t talk to me anymore because you don’t gonna have all theeese tonight, your sassy girl. *Teases you*

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Look at all the fucks that he gives while play with his video-games.

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Chen: Yeah, but you really don’t wanna take a shower with me? 

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You just sighs and he keep playing with you until you smile to him.

Chen: Should i take my clothes off?

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FanFan gonna be a little angry at first but at the and, will play with you.

Kris: Fine, you’re mute and i’m blind and can’t see you girl. 

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On his mind: “Don’t kill this girl, keep calm and don’t throw her by the window.”.

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Tao: Please baobei, talk to me! I can’t handle it anymore!

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Lay: Even if I dance like this you will not talk no me? 

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Stalking? No, definitely not.

The rogue NPC has left the building, off to do his own thing. One of our players knows who he is, and is screaming out of character someone, anyone to follow. Our wonderful halfling ranger and half-elf sorceress combo decide that they’ll go out after him.

Sorcerer: “What are we doing anyway? Interrogating him?”

Ranger: “We’re just following him!”

Sorcerer: “So stalking?”

Ranger: “Following.”

Sorcerer: “Stalking. C'mon, we gotta keep a distance but not too much of one. Don’t wanna lose him.”

Ranger: “I knoooow how to follow people. Sorta. In forests. And they’re usually four-legged. And animals. But the rules can’t be that different, right?”

Sorcerer: “I’m sure there are many differences. Where do you think he’s going?”

Ranger: “A house? A building. Is that the fish place? The Fish house. Thing. Where Max and Loa fought naked?”

And then they realized the rogue NPC was giving away information to the corrupt government and was going to kill them so they booked it the heck out of there.

WHAT!!?! Who’s this? Hue… Ya’ll probably forgot me. It’s been forever since I posted art-. Anyways, here it is at last! My design of gijinka/human Mangle… Or.. er… Toy Foxy? Weh… She/He’s repaired for this one.

Ah…! Maybe I should put a description…?


Well. It would take a while… And I’m gonna start my series later so I don’t wanna spoil anything….

So here’s just the design. 


Enjoy it.

There’s more to come.

‘til then.

Bai I guess…

Hurgh. Imma vomit-

I’m such a noob at tumblr still tbh-

And yes I do have a G+ where I posted this picture first at https://plus.google.com/u/0/102260357852810689165/posts

No harking at it for stealing. K? K. 


i don’t wanna alarm anyone but freddie is probably cuddled up against louis’ chest right now and louis tells him everything about football even though he’s like 2 weeks old and most likely asleep anyway but louis doesn’t care he’s just enjoying the bonding time with his son

Lol, I never believed Ouma would be immature, although I think he may be just a little outrageous, but not as how the fandom makes him to be, only when someone goes against him, just like any ditactor. When I first saw him, I knew he wouldn’t be cute nor immature as most people thought. It just shows how the fandom can be a little naive, superficial and overly judgemental. But I don’t wanna offend anyone as I’m pretty much like that sometimes too. Anyway, because of his cute shota appearence, nobody imagined he’d be the SDHL Dictator and this is what they got. Obviously, if he is really the Ultimate Dictator, he HAS to be able to reason, strategize, plot ingenious schemes, execute them well, manipulate, be a eloquent speaker and more importantly, he has to be charismatic. Again, just like any successful dictator in humanity history. Just look at Hitler. He was more charismatic than he was intelligent. Plus, he probably knows that he looks cute, so he’ll definitely uses his cuteness to his advantage, like pretending to be innocent to manipulate people into following his rules. But of course, it wouldn’t be very fun if he was just some generic dictator. Like Hitler, he has to have some traits and quirks that make him memorable. Afterall, this is Danganronpa, where shota dictators run around with cool capes while waving grape fantas.

“Don’t even think about it, idiota.” cit. Ezekiel

(He’s so shiny and looks so angry and scary and I just wanna pet him a lot but I have a lot of contrasting emotions about it sorry. Anyway David Castro’s dog, Ezekiel, is a Dobermann and I agree abt having him as the new security dog for Hotel Dumort since during the day literally ANYONE can come without any control)

i know i say this a lot but im seriously shook by cameron monaghan’s acting as jerome???? its so good, and he’s like… 22? he’s intimidating, umpredictable? don’t get me wrong, the cast is awesome and talented but ive never seen anyone become a fucking maniac such as this character is in literally 10 seconds (first scene)…. the laugh is perfect, the smile the looks the voice is so great, its crazy. anyways if u dont want to see gotham but you wanna know about this guy check these scenes out and judge for yourself