he don' wanna be anyone anyway

Yoongi: You probably don’t know this but-

Jimin: No, I know.

Yoongi: Shut up. Anyways, you probably don’t know this but whenever I see Hoseok, I wanna keep him in my pocket to protect him and love him. He doesn’t need anyone’s love but mine. I’m sufficient, I do a good job in making love to him-

Namjoon: Woah okay hold on.

Yoongi: -And all he needs is me. No one else can make him feel good and touch him real nice and love him like I do. You probably don’t know this-

Jungkook: Hyung, I rather not know.

Yoongi: -but I want him. In all senses. You don’t know him, my legend and my talented wife-

Taehyung: He’s a guy.

Yoongi: -and have you seen his skin? It’s like when you kiss it, you pull away tasting honey and damn is that not just perfect.

BTS: …

Yoongi: All I’m saying is I love him.

Hoseok: And I love you too.

Yoongi: Y-you do?

Hoseok: *sighs*

BTS: *sighs*

Hoseok: Yoongi, baby, we’re married.

Yoongi: …well, still.

Yoongi: Can we marry one more time? Please?

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Ok thanks, I get scared about these things, don't wanna annoy anyone. Anyways, Which Character never stays up past midnight? Which Character would accidentally go on a 10 mile walk? and last one Which character would be the tree in a school play?

(( 1. alexander and madison have the worst sleep schedules. barely anyone ever sees alex sleep at all, and when they do, it’s either him being passed out for twelve hours after staying up for 48, or him catching a catnap in the student council room at, like, 2pm.

2. alexander again. when he gets into fights with eliza and/or john, his go to method to calm down is to… well, flee the scene, more or less, which generally just means going on a walk for a few hours and coming back with a clear head. he also takes walks early in the morning when he needs to think.

3. none of the main three – alexander would probably straight up quit if he wasn’t given a main role – but maybe… I don’t think maria or bellamy would mind. ))

Mutant AU!Kang Daniel

Oh hey I haven’t posted anything writing related in a while. This is an AU that I came up with when I saw this photo. I might do more of these if they get alot of notes. If they don’t, I’ll still keep making them. Anyways have this AU!!~

  • You’re a mutant who went to the school or some shit 
  • You never told what your mutation did was 
  • While being there you befriended some people of wanna one including dan 
  • But no one had figured out what your mutation did because you had never showed it or said to anyone 
  • So one day while you are in class you glance to the side 
  • You see dan looking at you like that since he’s sat next to you 
  • You’re like what and he’s like what *does* your mutation do
  • You’re like I don’t wanna say what it is 
  • He’s like but you’re my friend tho 
  • You’re like I don’t want to 
  • He’s like well alright but here’s a deal 
  • You’re like what 
  • He’s like alright im gonna guess what it and you say if its right or wrong okay if I end up guessing correctly
  • Will you show me and if I don’t I’ll keep trying is that okay with you
  • You’re like fine I guess 
  • So throughout a few days he keeps guessing what it is 
  • You continue saying no 
  • But one day he comes to you kinda down and shit 
  • He’s like I give up I don’t know what it is
  • For some reason you’re like dONT BE SAD ;a; internally 
  • But externally you’re like well keep trying you’ll figure it out 
  • But he’s like I still can’t guess there’s too many possibilities 
  • You’re like well how many have you thrown out 
  • He’s like I don’t know I give up 
  • He looks even more down
  • You’re like asdfghjkl inside 
  • But you say hey don’t be sad you’ll find out someday 
  • He’s like but what if you never say what it is 
  • You’re like well 
  • He’s like please tell me I wanna know 
  • You’re like if you say so
  • His face brightens up 
  • You’re like internally screeching because what the shit
  • Why is he affecting you like this 
  • He goes you’ll actually show me 
  • You go yes but I cant do it for long only like a minute or so 
  • He’s like okay I don’t mind 
  • Your mutation is like matter manipulation and you make something levitate like a chair by example 
  • You turn it into something else idk what 
  • He goes woah you did that 
  • You’re like yeah I did 
  • He’s like you can do that with other things right 
  • You’re like yeah from atoms to planets 
  • He’s like holy mother of god 
  • But then he gets kinda down again 
  • You go whats wrong??? 
  • He’s like well your mutation seems amazing but mine compared to it isn't 
  • It hits you
  • You never knew what his mutation did 
  • You’re like but I don’t know what your mutation does 
  • He’s like oh I forgot to tell you
  • You’re like asdfghjkl internally 
  • He’s like well ramble 
  • You’re like what 
  • He’s like just say something 
  • You’re like what though??? 
  • He’s like just something okay 
  • You start quoting something from a book 
  • You hear your own voice change from high pitch to low and doing all of this crazy shit 
  • You cover your mouth and you go what
  • What happened 
  • He’s like that’s something my mutation can do 
  • You’re like what??? 
  • He’s like I can change sound to my liking 
  • You say that’s also amazing though 
  • He’s like but it isn’t compared to yours 
  • You’re like but yours is hella cool 
  • He’s like you sure 
  • You’re like yes absolutely positively 
  • He’s like thank u 
  • He flashes that dan™ smile 
  • You go asdfghjkl internally 
  • You’re like you’re welcome 
  • He’s like all happy and shit 
  • You’re like why is he so cute tho??? 
  • He’s like hey what if I help you control your mutation better 
  • You’re like um sure I guess 
  • So dan helps you control your mutation and stuff
  • You end up getting closer 
  • You end up playing pranks on each other 
  • Like you changing something that belongs to him into something else and him changing your voice when you aretalking to someone and doing this back And forth 
  • But one day dan doesn’t appear   you go hey where’s dan 
  • You look everywhere you can 
  • But he’s nowhere to be seen 
  • And not even your other pals know where he is 
  • You try to call him 
  • But it goes to voicemail 
  • You’re just dan where the shit are you, you never went to this point with the pranks 
  • Because you’re so worried about him there’s things changing into different things around you 
  • The next day he appears 
  • He’s like what the shit why is this so different from two days ago 
  • He walks around
  • He ends up finding this one room that’s guarded
  • He’s like hey whats going on
  • The two guys are like
  • So there’s a mutant who went out of control and changed things and so we contained her
  • He’s like wait is it (y/n)
  • They’re like yeah it is
  • He’s like can I go in
  • They’re like are you crazy
  • He’s like I can fix this I think
  • They’re like you sure though?
  • He’s like well ill try has anyone tried before?
  • They’re like yeah but it didn’t work
  • He’s like well what caused this
  • They both look at each other and go
  • Well it was you going away for a day
  • He’s like wHAT
  • They’re like you can go in but I don’t know if it’ll work
  • He’s like im sure it will okay
  • They let dan through
  • He sees you crying
  • He’s like (y/n)????
  • You look up at him
  • You hug him with all the strength you have
  • He’s like ???
  • You’re like I missed you
  • He’s like ??? but I just didn’t show up for a day
  • You’re like oFC I CARED THAT MUCH
  • He’s like wait what
  • You’re like wait I DIDN’T SAY THAT I DIDN’T SAY THAT
  • He’s like wait wait wait wait hold the phone what did you say
  • You’re like nOTHING I SAID NOTHING
  • You hide your face in his chest
  • He’s like alright then
  • Ye goes but did you say that you loved me
  • You’re like NO I DIDN’T but muffled
  • He’s like what did you say??
  • You’re like I didn’t say that I love you nope I didn’t
  • But he changes your voice so that he can hear what you’re saying
  • You go oh god I actually said that oh god why did I say that
  • He’s like oh so you actually said that
  • Then it hits you
  • He can change your voice
  • You’re like DAAAAAAAAN
  • He’s smiling and shit
  • He’s like well if you like me then I like you too
  • You’re like what
  • He’s like you heard me
  • You’re like YEAH I DID BUT WHAT
  • He’s like look at me okay
  • You raise your head to look at him 
  • He then kisses you
  • You’re like asdfghjkl internally  he’s like I like you too okay  you hide your head again
  • He laughs
  • You’re like DAAAAAAAN

[Yoda talking to Luke on TV] 
Luke: …so I AM a Jedi!
Husband: Look, Yoda, you know how this family is, if one of them’s asking for some Jedi title, just humor him and pretend he earned it. 
Me: “Oh…yeah, sure pumpkin, you’re absolutely a Jedi. Sure. Whatever you need to hear. Knight, Master, whatever. Hell, I’m almost dead so you can be GRAND Master if you wanna! Anyways bye, please don’t kill anyone!” 

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โ„น love your blog !! what do you think dating jasper is like ? i honestly wanna know more about him. ik his back story is known , but there must be more than "the one that looks like he's in pain", lol ๐Ÿ’Œ - the girl you made find twilight interesting :))

omfhnjgoehnejo thank you :3 

i don’t know if anyone knows this but i went through this huge phase where i could. not. get. enough. of. my. boy. jasper

i swear. he was like the love of my life. an angel sent down from heaven just for me. <3 my man. 

the good thing about jasper is that we don’t have much on him anyways, which leaves him open for interpretation. 

okay okay. so 

Dating Jasper, as a human may be a bit difficult to begin with. Ya’ll think Edward had a hard time? Jasper’s gonna have a harder time. But… in saying that, there’s so much more he would do for you in the mean time. 

I think he’s the kind of guy who would send you flowers every now and again with a cute letter attached. Whether he likes the same things as you or not, he’d give anything a go for you. He’d do things with you he didn’t like, purely because he knows it makes you happy. Jasper’s the guy who sees things that he knows you like and takes pictures of it to send you. 

I feel like, when he’s in love he may fall victim to being manipulated, so you might have to watch out that he’s not doing everything you want and love all the time, and that you make sure you spend time doing things he likes as well. 

He’s patient and hella supportive (I mean you’d have to be to be with Alice right?? lmao). You’re safety and well being would come before himself. I don’t want to think that he’d be the person to not let you go places. I think if you wanted to go places, with or without him, that he’d go over everything with you. Where are you going? Who are you going with? Do I have their numbers in case of an emergency? Do you want me to take you/pick you up? Whenever you want to leave, let me know. etc.. It’s not that he’s controlling or anything, just worried. 

He’s good to argue with. What’s better, summer or winter? You bet your man will have an opinion and if it’s not the same as yours you may get into an argument.  But do not fear, it’s not something he’d hold against you and you guys will probs just laugh about it after. And it lets you guys let off a bit of steam too, which can be healthy. 

At first, he’s not going to know his boundaries or limits unless you tell him. So his power may be a bit annoying to you if you’re not the kind of person who likes other people getting involved with your emotions. He’d likely be keeping a close eye on you and may intervene when he thinks it’s necessary, but what he thinks is necessary may not be to you, and it may make you incredibly frustrated with him. So communication would be a huge one for being in a relationship with him. 

Those are just some points, but overall dating Jasper would be amazing. Especially if you’re the kind of person who either loves a challenge and loves being with someone on the same mental playing field as you or if you like being able to fall into a submissive role from time to time because he sure as hell will take charge if you don’t want to. 

The vent fic no one asked for

“There’s a new student at school.”Thomas deadpanned. So that’s why he’s been so upset the entire week. His dads looked at each other with a sigh. Boco was the first one to speak up.

“Thomas. You know no one’s going to replace you right?”He noticed how his expression became even more downcast. Something else was going on and it didn’t just have to do with the new student.

“Come on kid spill.”James kneeled down to his height.  “You’re not sleeping again. We don’t wanna worry old iron over there.”He joked slightly gesturing to a fidgeting Edward standing next to him.

“I-It’s nothing.”He quickly wiped his eyes and smiled. “You’re right dad I’m not going to be replaced.”

Thomas turned around starting to walk away. He didn’t need to breakdown in front of anyone. Not his siblings. Not his parents.It was stupid anyways.

“Your feelings are not stupid.” Edward said making him stop in his tracks. Did he say that out loud? “But we won’t force you to talk to us.Just realize we’re here for you. All of us.”

His eyes widened a bit, swallowing the tears that were building in the back of his throat. His family always had the ability to make him want to pour out his deepest secrets. Especially Edward.

He breathed through his nose “I’m fine. Really. It’s something silly.” With that he continued walking until he was at his and Philip’s shared room. He opened the door waving back slightly. “Goodnight.”

Thomas closed the door behind him sinking to the floor and covering his head with his hood. Did they just not care anymore? He introduced his friends to each other in hopes they could all be friends together. But since Ryan came they seemed to ignore him.

He wasn’t mad at the new kid. He was just jealous. And that, he would simply have to get over. He didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with what seemed like petty jealousy.

He sob laughed. Then why was it eating him up inside. Percy. That’s why. His best friend and crush had been missing their usual meetings.

“I just want my friends back..”Thomas sniffed letting the tears he was holding back roll down his cheeks. He knew he was getting replaced. He had seen it all before.

But no matter how many times it happened he just kept trying to rebuild. And it hurt.


So uhh I haven’t been there for like a month or two?? Really sorry I didn’t say anything. Hope nobody got worried. I’m fine, it’s just a lot of stuff started to be kinda rough on me and I was, still am tbh, very tired and tumblr started weighing on me for some reason. But anyways on this fine Christmas eve I’m back here! A bunch of stuff that happened to me during my absence if anyone wanna know:

-School is hella hard and I’ve had lots of pressure on me lately

-broke my ankle playing volleyball lol ridiculous

-I have a boyfriend??????!?!??! How the fuck????!?!?!?!! Still don’t know wtf happened?? But I’m so fucking in love and he’s so so so sweet I really do not deserve him i don’t know how this happened

-still hella gay though, reminder that I’m bi

-I got a ukulele yesterday idk it’s cool

-hair is now red-pink

-I started realizing that maybe, possibly, I might have a little bit of depression or some symptoms of it but I’m still looking in that and trying to find out wtf is wrong with me and why I’m always sad.

-my friends who were really not in a good place and who I posted about are still not great but I’m kinda handling it or at least I’m trying

-did I tell you I’m in love

-I think it’s all I’m really sorry if I stopped answering and stuff it’s just it wasn’t good for me to stay there. But should be ok now :) that’s all for today, love to all of you and especially thoses who have to go through Christmas with biggoted families, I’m here with you ♡

itโ€™s intro time where i can use an icon i wonโ€™t ever be able to use ever again. but hi this is zoeย your best french friend i needย to work on my theme but iโ€™ll do that this weekend cause itโ€™s past midnight and i canโ€™t htlmย during the day soโ€ฆwe donโ€™t wanna deal with that at night do we. but hereโ€™s my boy kieran, and a little bit about him. anyways letโ€™s get down to business. if you read that with the mulanย melody we are best friends.

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OMG YALL i just remembered

so today i went out to lunch (w my mom & my grandpa) & i was in the bathroom and i have hella long fucking hair & i look femme as fuck, right

but i use the men’s restroom bc like….idk, that’s just what i’m used to & using the ladies’ feels. wrong despite how femme-aligned i am; i like don’t wanna make anyone uncomf u kno

BUT ANYWAY so i’m in the bathroom & i’m washing my hands & this guy comes in, sees me in the mirror, and full on STOPS IN HIS TRACKS & STARTS BACKING OUT OF THE BATHROOM LMAO & he’s like stammering & stuttering like “am i–is this–did i come in–”

& i’m like, no dude ur in the right bathroom i’m just hella girly, it’s fine it was SO FUCKING FUNNY

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Please don't take offence to this but is Oswald actually gay or not? I've seen some people say he isn't but most people say he is. You say that is canon on your page and I just want to know more about it because I'm confused.

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((Hey! To the anon who just sent me a Maverick Hunter Quest spoiler – don’t do that! I’m following the quest, I wanna see that stuff for myself!

And besides, unless Gungaroo gets a cameo appearance or something, there’s no way he’d know anyone from that quest anyway. X3 is WAY before his time!))

Hi guys! So as promised Iโ€™m re-posting this with my tag list! I hope you guys enjoy(ed)!

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Is It Just My Imagination

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