he don' wanna be anyone anyway

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So I'm trash and in love with Otabek right, and theres this kid at my school who likes me, but he's a tad weird and I don't wanna date anyone so I rejected him. Anyways, whenever he does something weird (like one time he wore a leather jacket to the most important school dance of the year) I'll just like, jokingly think 'Otabek wouldn't do shit like that' but then I realize.... He fucking would - and I crave death

I am just laughing over here.
Anon, this is beautiful.

Otabek would wear his leather to the dance, stare at the DJ long enough to make him feel uncomfortable, somehow wind up at the booth to drop the sickest beat and proceed to roll out on his Harley, Yuri on the back yelling “laterrrr ya fucking loserssss” while flipping everyone off.

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do you think puma decides who they're gonna use (to pair jikook together) or whenever it happens, are they told without any choice or do they have a choice in this? because jimin did say he thinks he has the best working chemistry with jungkook so i think they would want to be paired together anyway

I don’t think they mind working with anyone within the group regardless of who it may be, and that they don’t have toooo much of a preference (but ofc you’ll always wanna work with your bfflll5eva ya know)

And I don’t think they have much say as we think they do, for a lot of things. It’s ironic that you brought this up cause I was watching the commericial, and it began with “MADE BY BTS”, and I was like I’M SHUUUUUUURE IT IS YOU CORPORATE SCAMMERS TRYNA CONVINCE IT TO BUY THE PUMA SHITES BECAUSE OPPA (and jungkook) MADE IT THEMSELVES PLZZZZZ

*cough* anyways. BTS makes great models for the brand. :D

TalesFromRetail: Not going to make a different item free because you don't have enough money.

Own a pop and mom video game store. Since day one my promo on used games has always been: Buy 3 get 1 free (the cheapest game becomes the free one).

Guy come up to the counter with four games. Ring him up, and the cheapest game is discounted (a $2.99 copy of Max Payne on the OG Xbox).

Guy doesn’t have enough money. He then demands that one of the other games should be free (the next cheapest one was $25). Told him it didn’t work that way, it will never work that way. I don’t have to have this discount if I don’t want to anyway. He storms out, come back about an hour later with more cash.

Some days I just wanna sell this place and retire to someplace warm. Anyone wanna buy a game shop in the midwest?

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whOA! You look so much older than the KAITO I know! No offense there, just a statement sauigydfag anYWAYS!! What does a retired dude like you do anyway? Wanna hang out? Here, have a leek (ask-leekmastermikuo)

KAITO didn’t know too many people outside the cryptonloids, who was this? They looked eerily like Miku. “Y-yeah maybe I am older than other KAITO, I’ve been around for a l-little while.” He squeaked. But yet again, he hasn’t really hung out with anyone for a while, he might as well attempt to. “I… I don’t mind the company, and uh… thanks for the leek?”

“so…i wanna test something here. one moment.”

He clears his throat unnecessarily.



“i disgusted myself. how can anyone stand to be that bubbly all the time?! gosh it’s so annoying.”

“anyways, that’s a ‘blueberry’ sans and you can tell why i don’t wanna be called that. i’m not some immature blueberry shouting his own praises. i’m dr. sans aster and i’d rather not be called ‘blueberry.’ if you want a nickname call me swap. it’s much better and doesn’t sound so stupid.”

“i am twenty three years old. i am a scientist and in training for the human equivalent of the military. i’m an adult. being treated like a child isn’t a nice feeling. you can think i’m ‘cute’ or whatever but please have some respect.”

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So I'm going through a breakup still talk to my ex and damn I wanna fuck him so bad pero like he told me we need time to see eachother cus I fucked up. Anyways I'm sexually deprived but I can't just fuck anyone and I don't go out much so it suckssss

Get a vibrator even the cute small ones put in WORK

I’ve realized that I’m pretty much over nendoroids and figures, which is unfortunate because I have two on preorder. (what can I say, I’m too spoiled by dolls) And there’s no point in buying something I don’t really want.
Since I don’t wanna piss off amiami anymore than I have already (they were already nice enough to let me cancel the preorder of the Kaito figure but specifically mentioned they won’t allow any more cancellations) if anyone is interested in the Yuri or Viktor nendoroids let me know! They come out in July and August respectively, and ill ship them from here in Japan once they arrive.
(I’m keeping Hotarumaru though, he’s too cute anyway)

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Your pictures of the sunrise album are so pretty aaaahhhh. And tbh Twitter is literally a melting pot of gross insensitive people with no regard for empathy so it's really worrying for me especially with my anxiety. I know jae is a grown man but I feel this need to protect him from the bull spewed on there, some people are so self absorbed and self righteous it's not good for his mental health, especially with how busy and tiring his life is already. Ok, QOTD, whats ur fav everyday6 side track?

Thank you! They were taken with my shitty android camera :)

And I agree, stan twitter is really annoying and wild so I don’t associate with anyone on there unless its a friend from other social media. The comments Jae get are actually so gross I try my best to not pop off. Like he’s here for his fans and friends- not random antis who just wanna start drama for attention ugh

but anyway my fave side track is I Would / It Would Have Been ❤❤❤

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