he doesnt wear them

i think one really cute detail is that Viktor used to wear gloves

at basically 



but once Yuuri gave him the ring

he stopped

Viktor Nikiforov is good and pure and so in love with Yuuri he’s so sweet my teeth are breaking apart 

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Hi! I just wanna say that I really realy love your werewolf!76 comic so much ♥ thanks for sharing it :)

What he said; Thanks dawg~

I got some commissions to finish but after that, I’ll be working on something new for the AU. Stay tuned!

fire emblem tryna tell me Camilla rides a dragon in bikini bottoms and high heels ?? ?

Introduction to; BTS!

Disclaimer; This is my first time doing an ‘introduction’ to a group post, so I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t already know who BTS is, I hope it helps a lot!

Meet BTS // Bangtan Boys // 방탄소년단! (Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

(Back row, left to right; Jungkook, RapMonster, J-HOPE, Jin)

(Front Row, left to right; V, Suga, Jimin)

BTS are a 7 member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They first debuted on June 13 2013 with their debut single No More Dream (we’ll get into their songs and MV’s later so bare with!) BTS fandom name is A.R.M.Y ( Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

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but apostate hobo mage ROBES

more jally headcanons

-dally smoked less when he met johnny because he made him feel more content and less stressed out

-dally likes to put his hands around johnny’s waist

-johnny gave dally a bracelet he made and at first he was iffy about wearing it but now he wears it everyday

-dally usually holds johnny really tight
-dally actually likes to write poems about johnny but he hides them away under his matress

-johnny makes dally flower crowns sometimes and he doesnt expect him to wear them but he does

-whenever its johnny’s birthday or christmas, he saves up the money to buy him something instead of stealing it because he wants it to be more special

-whenever they go to the movies with the gang, they end up leaving and going to the bathroom for like 10 minutes and the gang just pretends not to notice
-johnny always takes dally’s baggy t-shirts to wear

-johnny hates when dally gets into fights

-dally accidentally lost his temper with johnny one night when he came to him with bruises from his dad because johnny was trying to defend him so he yelled and he always feels bad

-theres looooots of hickies with them two

OK so the Danger Days Album and music vids are in Chronological order and I thought, that what if only Party died in the Battle in Sing? Bc in Traffic Report Jet and Kobra died, so they must’ve escaped the battle along with Ghoul (they only suffered burn injuries but Party died bc he was shot in the head). This would also explain why we only see Party being bagged up in Sing.

But there’s NO mention of Ghoul’s death. So what if Ghoul is the only one of the four Killjoys left, he doesnt wear colour anymore, it wouldnt be right to wear colour without them, and he’s cut his hair and just stays in the same house bc life isn’t worth living without them.

You’ve all probably figured this out and it’s probably wrong but idk i like it.

andrew and nicky bond over clothes alright
  • more specifically: neil’s clothes
  • even more specifically: buying clothes for neil
  • bc the both hate neil’s non-existing wardrobe
  • andrew rather secretly so but when nicky asks if he can get a ride to the mall to get him some stuff bc fuck if he has to see that shirt one more time, andrew just does it and even gets out of the car to lead the way in
  • nicky doesnt dare pick another store than the ones andrew strolls into
  • but oh does he pick clothes
  • pants, shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, chinos, shorts, gloves, even some decent socks
  • nicky buys some underwear too but not when andrew is with him because nicky is very specific about what pretty boy neil should be wearing but he doesnt think andrew would approve of him picking them out
  • he approves the other things tho
  • they develop a System™
  • bored, slightly raised eyebrows, a no
  • but a shrug Nicky definitely takes as a yes
  • so he picks out stuff he thinks neil might actually put on without being forced
  • and things that he himself think are way too boring but he needs andrew’s approval so he doesnt think hot pink dress vests with poka dots will suffice just yet
  • not even colour
  • so nicky doesnt even try with those
  • orange is fine, its given but other than that, neil gets a lot of black and gray
  • rarely white, but sometimes
  • but then one day
  • one day
  • nicky pulls up a cobalt blue shirt with a print on the front, just for fun and he gets a shrug
  • a shrug at a cloured shirt and nicky almost shits his pants because maybe that means he can finally get some interesting things for neil
  • it turns out, andrew approves on a lot of colours and nicky kicks himself for being so stupid that he never even tried to get neil some of these before
  • so he tries a couple of flannels
  • no problem
  • so nicky goes bold
  • he starts with leather pants
  • shrug
  • fuck
  • off he goes, with a lavender pullover with yellow cuffs, a piratey silk shirt, a turquoise velvet jacket, prints, prints, prints, colours, colours, colours
  • and there’s so many shrugs
  • nicky’s in heaven
  • (neil freaks out when he opens his wardrobe)
  • (bc he’s still not used to draw attention to himself)
  • (but andrew seems to like it when he’s wearing the things he’s bought, so neil just goes with it)
  • (nicky gets super many followers on ig bc he uploads outfit pics of neil all the time and nowadays that boy is clothed awesomely if nicky can say so himself)
  • they dont schedule shopping sprees really
  • they just do it
  • and as time passes, because lets face it, neil will never learn how to shop and doesnt understand why anyone likes it, andrew becomes slightly more involved in the actual shopping
  • he’ll say “in green” when nicky picks a blue sweater
  • and then that one time he’ll thumb at a tee with a small fox print
  • not taking it with him bc nicky ruins it by saying it’s a nice one
  • but nicky sees their laundry bag one night
  • and if thats not two of those fox prints shirts (one a size or two smaller than the other) he’ll eat his left toe and delete his instagram
  • (and we all know that will never happen)

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Lol she looked like a mess on the rocks, and Tom didnt give a shit! He was still hugging and kissing her. Also, remember that he wears old clothes with holes in them. 😂 That guy doesnt care about looks. 😚


iwachan™️ headcannons

shittykawa’s here 

- iwaizumi plays guitar and is really good at it. like this kid is musically talented

- he wishes he could wear skirts without being judged because he thinks skirts are Super Pretty

- he Cannot bake For Shit. once he tried to make cookies with oikawa and almost burnt down his house.

- poor iwachan has pollen allergies and gets sniffly in the springtime

- he is Super Clingy if he wants to be but keeps his cool most of the time

- as a kid he collected bugs

- under his bed he has a book of pressed flowers

- his hair wont stay down. once he had to try and tame it for a formal event and it took an entire bottle of gel and a can of hairspray to brush it flat, but even then it stuck up

- he owns overalls and likes to wear them

- pretends he doesnt care but Actually Cares A lot

- shows affection through insults 

- hes the type to own thousands of old camp shirts and shirts from marathons and charity runs that are all worn and soft

- he doesnt sing in the shower but sometimes hums to himself

- dog person. Very dog person.

- is the friend who will protects the smols at any cost

- 0 bullshit tolerance

- if he sees someone getting picked on he always steps in

- Not a moring person™️

- drinks coffee with two milks but prefers tea

- probably orders a frappe at starbucks

- likes to flex as a response to questions he doesnt know how to answer

- sometimes he will lie face down on the ground when shittykawa says something ridiculous 

- H U G E sweet tooth