he doesnt need anyone else

i ship sangbum, so i dont prefer the ending to end up with the boys being separate from each other. yknow, sangwoo in prison and bum being free. even if sangwoo is going to be in prison, i’d like to see bum suddenly go crazy because then he doesnt have anyone else to give him the attention he needs anymore like sangwoo did.

i wonder how the people who dont ship sangbum will react like when they see bum like that

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Well Anna at least those awful magazines are stating something that is truly the truth. Harry is loyal so so so loyal to his boy that he doesnt even need to look at anyone else.

i mean have you seen his boyfriend’s body in swim shorts???? (or in general) why would he look at someone else no wonder he’s on his phone lol

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But Aang's dead. Nothing Katara can do about it now. It wouldn't be that crazy if she moved on I guess

Just because Aang died doesn’t mean she’d stop loving him. They were together for 50 years, that’s not something you just get over. Plus why would she want to? There’s nothing wrong with being in love with your husband, she doesn’t need to go off and find someone else.