he doesnt have to introduce himself like that anymore

ok but can we take moment to appreciate how important it was to finn when poe named him?  ok so finn’s entire life he had been fn-2187, that was what he was addressed as, just like all the other stormtroopers had their combination of letters and numbers.  later finn decides that he doesnt want to be part of this anymore so he rescues this handsome pilot that can get him out and they introduce themselves.  poe doesnt have numbers and letters, he has a simple name because, of course, hes not a stormtrooper.  and when finn introduces himself with the name he was given, poe renames him.  poe gives him a name that no longer makes finn a servant of the empire and disconnects him from who he didnt want to be.  even if poe doesnt realize it, he gives finn something unique and his own, which he never really had before.  and it means a lot to finn. you can hear it in his voice how curious and happy he is about his new name (and this attractive pilot that gave it to him) when he says “yeah, finn, i like that” and they very easily become friends because of this and poe gives him the start to his new life

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you read the manga of OHSHC? i watched the first season but unfortunately i wont be able to read the manga but im absolutely dying to figure out what happened to our beloved club! what happened with them? what did they study in college? did they find significant others? gahhh! im mostly obsessed with the twins but i def wanna know about them all lol. also ive seen a picture of the manga and it looks like the twins dyed their hair? whattt? lol

okay so Tamaki’s mom came to Japan to visit, but shit went down and Tamaki wasn’t going to see her cause of his grandma and was going to miss her because she could only stay in town for a few days cause she was sick.

Haruhi was like “fuck that. I can’t let the love of my life screw this up” (she had seriously just realized she’s in love with him) so she got the other hosts and the girls to help. so they got him to the airport after this whole dramatic “must get there in time” sequence. And Tamaki saw his mom off and was happy and then him and Haruhi were on the roof. and Haruhi confessed.

and then Tamaki was a fucking dork and said he couldnt hear her over the plane, but he actually thought he just heard wrong

“Just now, Did you say you love me?”

And then she’s like “dammit if you heard me-!” and turns around and sees this fucking face

and he becomes this like pathetic shaking mess and haruhi goes on this big rant about how she really might now love someone as dumb and narcissistic as him and Tamaki is like actually scared she won’t love him anymore just like that and then

and then he kisses her and they get together yay.

Then Haruhi has a chance to go to school overseas but doesnt know how to tell tamaki and they go on their first date and the hosts have to make sure Tamaki doesnt screw it up (which he almost does several times lmao) and at the end she takes him to her mother’s grave and he introduces himself to her mom very respectfully and Haruhi finds out that he already knew about her scholarship because his dad’s the fucking dean of the school of course he knew lmao. And he says he’ll support her no matter what.

They throw a goodbye host club party and then she finds out that Tamaki got a room next to hers and is going abroad with her and he didn’t tell her lmao. And it’s very cute.

Then the host club moves into the same complex as them without telling them.

here’s a peek at Tamaki and Haruhi’s life together in america like 8 months after they moved in.

As for the twins! One has dark and one has light hair! They have a baby sister and went to art college back in japan. one became a fashion designer and the other a graphic design artist, and sometimes they model! No significant others that we know of!

Haruhi and Tamaki got married and had kids. They’re super cute and Tamaki freaks out over sales at the supermarket now lmao.

Mori senpai got married and had kids, and I think he became a stay at home dad? He’s very loving and affectionate with his family.

Honey senpai is out causing havoc. I have no idea what he does. probably something scary. (now that i think about it, i think he does something that has to do with martial arts?)

–can’t find any pics of him at the end whoops–

Kyoya took over his father’s business and stayed in America for college. Tamaki visits him on business trips. Also, he has a cat.

Kasanoda became a florist and him and Mei chan (she’s a fashion designer and i dont think she was in the anime) most likely ended up together.

Haruhi’s dad and Tamaki’s parents got really close. :P

Also, please be aware that Tamaki was the one who cried at their wedding

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