he doesnt even pretend to restrain himself

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k but like.. phone sex AU where sid's still a hockey player and doing it for fun (because that's a totally normal hobby, right?) and geno calls him when they're on a roadie and everyone's in the hotel for the night. bonus points if this is at the stage where sid knows that it's geno calling him, but geno doesn't know that it's sid. (or they both know but think the other doesn't)

ignoring the technicalities of how geno is able to get connected to sidney all the time when he calls the hotline, let’s say sidney picks up. he knows geno is in the next room over when he hears geno’s voice through the receiver, and geno doesn’t just want to chat today. he wants to get OFF. he talks about how amazing his teammate did today in a game (obviously referring to sid, even if geno pretends its a beer league that he goes to after his day job at the library) and how incredible he is. it takes every ounce of self restrained for sidney to not just bulldoze through the walls and attack geno himself