he doesn't understand why she wants to know so much about humans

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Leave mimi alone. If you could get over your jealousy for one second you would see would a sweet person she is. I follow her because she doesn't look for fights unlike blogs like yours. Yet there are fights on her blog cause of people who don't have anything better to do like you.

so it’s been a while and i finally worked up any sort of courage to address all of this and i will do it under this one ask because out of all the ones mimi’s “fans” sent me, this one was the most civil

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the signs as people from my university
  • Aries: That girl who loves partying and socializing with people, she's a fangirl of so many buffed-up singers and she's so pretty. She's kinda judgmental and she's homophobic but she follows so many gay people and likes their posts and nobody in my generation really understands why. She can be really impulsive sometimes and she hates classes but she's a good friend and a funny person
  • Taurus: That girl who is always late, she has social anxiety and she's silent af. Grades are not her forte'. She tries to socialize very hard and everyone is annoyed by the fact that she tries to discuss things that she really doesn't know shit about. She is afraid of some professors, she is christian af and she is kinda lost, but she's a good girl who believes in the supernatural and she always invites us to coffee at her place
  • Gemini: The girl who loves spending time with people, she always loves to discuss about every topic, she knows so much about many things, she's doing great with her grades and she's among the top 5 students in the entire generation. Also, she has PERFECT, sonorous American accent and everybody loves it. She always initiates coffee gatherings but nobody really comes because she's not that much of a leader and her voice is so soft so nobody could really hear when she's talking. She's also a passionate gamer AND in the same time she finds time to maintain her grades and social life
  • Cancer: That (jock) guy who's the tallest one, he's blonde, buffed-up and he's the definition of a straight white boy. He's childish as fuck and he can become very boring sometimes. Once, my colleagues have shooed him out of the cafeteria because he was bothering them. He also tells so many stupid dad-jokes and laughs at his own jokes, flirts with some professors, has been single since forever (not that he's ugly - he's average looking but he's so much boring sometimes because he doesn't have any real friends and he gets excited about people so he doesn't know WHEN to stop). He literally flirts with every single female human being that he can find and he pushes them all away because he's pushy af. He's also introverted and doesn't really know his way with girls
  • Leo: That girl who's one of the top students in the generation. She's always smiling, she has the best grades, she always tries to present this "perfect" image of herself. She is very intelligent and she loves reading, she gets drunk like every second day but that doesn't stop her from maintaining her perfect grades. She's very successful and she's a good leader, she knows all the fresh gossip and she always sits in the first row with her best university friend. In fact, she and her best uni friend are hated by everyone because they're just so successful and everyone's jealous of them. She also secretly hates everybody and gossips with her best uni friend. She and her friend have tons of screenshots ready to blackmail people if anyone says anything against them lmao. But everyone (every zodiac sign) in this generation pretends we like each other so...
  • Virgo: That professor who's VERY detail-oriented and she's a big perfectionist but she can't fix her awful handwriting. She's very successful and she has TONS of potential, she literally KNOWS EVERYTHING about her subjects but sometimes she can really drain us physically and emotionally. She gives us tons of assignments and homework and she always gives us lectures on the most difficult courses. Jfc she behaves like we study in Cambridge / Oxford. But don't get me wrong, she's NOT a bad person. She's actually a VERY good person and at the end of each semester she buys us coffee and tea, she talks with us about our experience with the course and she just wants us to learn some things that we should learn, that's why we perceive her as "difficult" and "problematic"
  • Libra: That girl who loves hugging, has great communication skills and is a social justice warrior. She thinks that she's everyone's friend and she always tries to criticize everyone's opinion, thinking that she'll seem and sound more intelligent. She also listens to rock and metal, she loves children and she smokes a lot, she's very sensitive and she's very friendly. Once, on the Facebook group of the university, she tried to accuse Pisces of something he didn't do and he literally ruined her in front of all those people, that was one of her biggest mistakes she's ever done in uni because she didn't know that that guy can be pretty evil when someone tries to insult/hurt him. The next day in uni she was on the verge of a mental breakdown because that guy really hurt her with his words, making her look stupid and pretentious, and everybody stopped talking to that guy for like, a month or two
  • Scorpio: That girl who's late in class 90% of the time, and those 10% she's not present in class. She is very quiet and she doesn't show particular interest in anything. She doesn't have a taste in fashion and style, unlike most Scorpios that I know. She just wants to go home all the time and nobody knows what she's doing in her life, she's so mysterious and she's not a good teamworker because she doesn't really care about her grades
  • Sagittarius: That girl who can't stop talking and she's always arguing with someone but we all love her. She's very communicative but she's insecure at the same time. She has tons of likes on Facebook and Instagram. She's a VERY open-minded girl, she hates racism, homophobes, nazi scum and racists. She's a really good friend with Leo and Pisces but Capricorn is her bff and her roommate. She has an excellent taste in fashion, style and music and she has S_L_A_Y_I_N_G eyebrows. I think that she's bi/lesbian but maybe she's closeted. She always hugs Capricorn and gets beaten by Capricorn because Capricorn can't stand people touching her
  • Capricorn: That girl who loves vintage notebooks, loves taking studyblr photos and uploads them on tubmlr and Instagram, she loves journeys and we haven't heard her talking for THREE GODDAMN YEARS. She is very antisocial and introverted but she has excellent taste for art, film, music and she's like 24/7 on her phone because it's obvious that she can't stand most of us but she's always sweet and supportive when someone approaches her. Sometimes she doesn't want to talk and she just smiles as a response. She's Sagittarius' best friend and roommate and they've became really close friends. She also loves journeys and she's a daydreamer but she's very intelligent. Her grades are not that good, she's not an attention whore and she tries to be "invisible" but she simply can't
  • Aquarius: That guy with his cockney accent who has insane memory and loves football. He's actually a loner, he's a bit creepy and weird, le loves britpop and indie nd he was one of the best students in the first two years of uni but his grades dropped. He's like, very secretive and he can be pretty arrogant and you just can't sit next to him because he's telling jokes all the time which takes your attention away. He is a loner and once he publicly told us that he used to have cyber sex with his girlfriend because she lived in another country and they've never met in real life (I mean, who tells such things omg Aqua get your shit together). He tries to insult people and he tries to be sarcastic but he can only be sarcastic with the stupid ones. He also thinks that he's a know-it-all and that he's the most intelligent person in the world. He can be really judgmental sometimes and he pushes people away with that
  • Pisces: That guy who always sits in the first row with his best university friend and is one of the top students in the generation. He's also a model, nerd, gamer, works out and whatnot. He is sweet to everyone and talks to everyone but he can be very sassy at times. He was the one who had a verbal fight with Libra because Libra triggered him and he destroyed her verbally. He's really skinny and dreamy and he has a very deep voice and an excellent taste in fashion and style. His style is kinda dark and he's so aesthetic. He listens to some music that no other people in the world listen to but he also listens to some mainstream music. In fact, he listens to whatever he wants and he doesn't really think about what other people think about him. He tends to roll his eyes a lot and he cares about his physical beauty more than he cares about his love life. He's too egotistic and self-centered and he's extremely picky, which makes him single most of the time.

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Can I request a hc rfa +v & saeranwhere mc is very very intelligent and introverted and people always tell her she's boring since she doesn't like talking much. I'm so sick of it, it happens to me all the time :( Your blog is so awesome & I love it^^

1. Omg thank you ^‿^
2.If people don’t respect the fact that you’re introverted drop them! Trust me, you’ll find people along the way that can understand that introvert doesn’t equate to boring whatsoever!
3. Personally I’m pretty extroverted, so I’m basing MC off the traits of my introverted friends and what I think I know about it, but if it’s not quite what you were looking for just let me know~!

Sidenote: When people hear the word ‘Intelligent’ a lot of them think of the traditional “Good at school, well read in this and that subject, yada ya” and I just want to remind everyone that there is different types of intelligence. And I’m not saying that to be all “Don’t feel bad uwu you’re special too” I’m saying it because it’s a fact. Some people are good at standard education, some are amazing in the STEM field, some are masters of reading social behaviour, some humans are talented artists, etc. For the sake of writing I’m going to write MC as a very Literary Based ‘intelligent’ (because that’s one I’m personally familiar with) I just want to make sure everyone knows that ‘Intelligent’ isn’t defined by the books you read or anything of the sort. Ok rant over. 


  • At first he thinks you don’t like him, that once you met him you weren’t as infatuated with him because he seemed cooler in the chat
  • Don’t worry Yoosung no one thought you were cooler in the chat 
  • Eventually though he realizes you’re just introverted! Even at RFA parties you stand by him and quietly sip your drink and listen to everyone talk rather than take the attention for yourself.
  • He originally questions why you don’t want to greet the guests yourself, but then comes to understand that you’re just more of a wallflower. But that doesn’t make you any less great!
  • But one party he notices you being extra standoffish. Everyone in the RFA is standing and chatting with each other and you’re not there.
  • He finds you off to the side of the room pretending to be distracted by something on your phone
  • “MC? Why are you over here?”
  • “Oh, hey Yoosung. I was just uh, checking in on…uh”
  • “Come on MC just tell me what’s wrong” He pleaded
  • You decided not to lie, it’d feel good to get off your chest anyways “I just feel like I’m so…boring. Everyone else in the RFA is super chatty and have fun stories to tell and all my life people told me I was boring cause I didn’t talk…I felt like I was bringing down the mood.”
  • “What!?” YandereYoosung: Activated “Who ever said that to you?? That’s so dumb!! They’re dumb!!!1!” 
  • You had to calm Yoosung down from his mini rage before too many people looked at you guys. You go to grab his arms but he ends up grabbing your shoulders and looking deep into your eyes
  • “MC just because you’re quiet doesn’t make you boring! You are so great, and so smart, and so..so everything good! How much you talk doesn’t matter!”
  • You just kind of stared at him for a second with a blank face. No one had ever been so adamant about assuring you that your ‘flaws’ weren’t flaws.
  • A smile fell upon your lips and you quickly brushed a tear away, which snapped Yoosung back into his normal flustered boy mode.
  • “Uh sorry for grabbing you” He pulled his arms away immediately and blushed
  • You shook your head and chuckled.
  • Then you grabbed his hand, making him confused and ever more blushy uwu
  • “You’re right. Let’s go stand with the others” You had the biggest smile on your face as you led him back to the group.


  • Jaehee didn’t mind introvert MC at all
  • And as a fellow intelligent introvert, you two got along just fine. 
  • You could have very interesting conversations when you felt chatty while making coffee together
  • Or you could appreciate each other’s company when you both felt just like being silent while doing your own activities. 
  • ‘Boring’ would never cross Jaehee’s mind when thinking of MC, MC was her lover Best Friend! You are always putting a smile on her face and she puts one on yours.
  • She’s also been called ‘boring’ before so she’s always conscience to remind you how much she enjoys your time together, and how not everyone has the same idea of what ‘fun’ is. 
  • You two are quite the pair, silent, but deadly
  • Goddammit that just sounds like a fart joke
  • You two are some of the quietest when it comes to the RFA members, but you’re basically running the scenes from behind the curtain. 
  • And you’re both perfectly happy with that. You two organize the party and deal with the guests who are also more introverted, and the rest of the RFA can handle the other guests and public relations. It’s a good setup
  • And you never think about being ‘boring’ again, because how can you feel boring when you’re surrounded by friends and a lover and doing what you love?


  • You being introverted never really bothered him…because he never really noticed.
  • Zen has such a big persona it fills the room for both of you. Everyone is too wrapped up in Zen’s stories that they don’t even notice your silence or occasional escape to the less crowded areas of the room
  • He’s the perfect cover. He’s so obsessed with the idea of taking care of you and being the ‘provider’ of sorts even though it can be too a fault, it works well for you because he even starts speaking on your behalf by accident.
  • “Oh how are the two of you?” Someone will be looking at you but Zen takes it as open opportunity to answer for both of you
  • Even questions more aimed towards you “Oh, MC, what are you doing these days in your spare time?” You stammer out a couple words, which Zen mistakes for you being humble rather than shy, and he begins praising you and going into detail for you “MC doesn’t give themselves enough credit!” He’ll cry out, then he goes on to list everything you’ve been up to and just how awesome a job you’re doing. You recognize how someone could find it annoying, but it works for you personally since it saves you the nerves of having to talk with strangers for long periods of time.
  • Even when it’s just the two of you it’s nice because Zen always has something to say, always has a compliment to give or a story to tell. He could talk for hours and you’re happy listening. And when you do want to talk he shuts right up and gives you all his attention.
  • One flaw is he doesn’t always see you getting tired after hours of social interaction. He could float around a crowd chit chatting with anyone and everyone for hours, meanwhile you get a little antsy to leave. But usually with some hint dropping you make it clear you’re ready to go and Zen ushers you out like the Knight he is.
  • It’s because you two work so well he doesn’t understand when his coworker calls you boring
  • “Excuse me?” Zen scoffs
  • “Yeah” His fellow actor laughs as he puts his costume on “I always imagined you’d end up with another social butterfly, not someone so..quiet. And when she does talk it’s like..I don’t know all really boring stuff that I haven’t heard about since my school days.”
  • Zen gives him the biggest scowl. “Just cause MC doesn’t blabber on and on about random shit the way you do doesn’t make them boring. In fact it makes them pretty interesting, because obviously if MC doesn’t talk much, they must have something pretty great to say if they decide to open their mouths in front of douche bags like me or you.”
  • His coworker was silent
  • Zen can’t wait to go home and tell you all about how he schooled his dickbag scene partner


  • Like Yoosung at first he’s worried your silence is a sign of distaste
  • He can’t help but worry so much that he makes a call to V, looking for advice
  • V laughs
  • “Jumin, are you telling me you’ve met someone whose introverted? Someone who doesn’t verbally open up much? Gee, where have I met someone like that before? Oh! I should introduce you to my friend, he’s the exact same way.”
  • What friend V who do you hang out with besides me
  • It takes him a while, but finally Jumin gets the joke and realizes you two are the same. 
  • He starts paying attention to your body language more, realizing more and more that you are comfortable with him and just don’t verbalize it all that much
  • Besides it’s not like you guys don’t ever talk, you’re just not as chatty as you are on messenger. Probably because that’s just typing from behind a screen, so it makes you less anxious. He can understand that.
  • One day he comes home to find you on the couch reading Shakespeare
  • MC you like Shakespeare? 
  • Turns out you like literature in general, something Jumin also has a taste for in his rare bouts of free time.
  • You two begin chatting about older pieces and genres, ranging anywhere from fictional masters like William Shakespeare to poetry writers like Yi Sang.
  • It’s actually one of your longer talk sessions, ranging a few hours of just straight talking. Once it’s over though, you two are happy to cuddle up to one another and just throw a movie on.
  • Jumin is often called boring himself, and he never pays any mind to it. But when you two are talking one day and you mention how much it irks you that people call people like the two of you boring he just 
  • “So let them. Their opinions will never affect either of us, especially since we both know the value of our own words and have each other to share them with.”
  • A grin crawled on your face. You loved how graceful he made the phrase “Fuck those guys” sound. 

Defender of Justice

  • “Wow, I never thought you’d end up with someone so … normal.” Vanderwood mused while looking at a picture of you and 707 sitting on his desk.
  • “I wouldn’t call MC normal” Seven chuckled as he tapped away at his computer.
  • “Really?” Vanderwood cocked an eyebrow at the back of Seven’s head as he placed the picture down. “Maybe they were just quiet that time I met them..”
  • “No.” tap tap tap “MC’s always quiet.”
  • Vanderwood squinted at Seven now, assuming the red head had cameras set up so he’d see the look on Vandy’s face at some point. “So she is boring?”
  • Seven sighed a dramatic sigh, Vanderwood could tell immediately whatever the hacker was about to say was well rehearsed. The fucker always trapped him into weird conversations with some strange moral lession. 
  • “Vanderwood, vanderwood, vanderwood. You’ve called MC quiet, normal, and boring….none of those words have anything to do with each other~” Cue 707 going on a playfully long and annoying rant explaining why you were quiet but by no means boring. Normal was up for debate.
  • Seven had always understood you.
  • He put on quite the exuberant and extroverted exterior, but on the inside, Saeyoung was also an introvert.
  • You were never boring to him because he knew you had so much going on in your brain despite your few words explaining the thoughts running around up there
  • And you knew this because the two of you were constantly analyzing each other
  • And you both knew it
  • It became some weird sort of game, picking up on subtle cues and few words you guys would exchange, and figuring out the other’s intention
  • It got so intense the other members of the RFA swore you guys were telepathic or had made some weird secret language between each other


  • He grew up with Jumin so he understands
  • He is quiet as well, but he doesn’t mind being the conversation driver at all, or just sitting in silence together while you read or play games or do whatever your heart desires
  • He is just happy to be near you.
  • Given his eyesight is a bit weak, so sounds make it easier to figure out whats going on in your head, so he just learns to listen to the things you do. Your footsteps, your breath, pages turning, pencils on paper, computer keys clicking.
  • He understands you so well without words, but when you do speak he’s in love because everything you say is so thought out.
  • Or you just….”Sneep”
  • “What MC?”
  • “I don’t know. I was just thinking and…I thought of the word ‘Sneep’ I don’t know it’s just one of those things that’s fun to say aloud….Sneeeeeep” And you started giggling “it’s just so weird”
  • Jihyun laughed.
  • Ok so not everything was some profound rhetoric, but he enjoyed anything that comes out of your mouth.
  • “Try it!” You egged him on
  • He paused for a minute, and prepped a really funny deep voice and just “Sneeeeeeeeeep
  • You both had a hard time controlling your laughter.
  • He knew he’d never have a boring moment with you


  • At first he was worried you were constantly mad at him
  • Saeyoung is loud when he’s in a good mood…so shouldn’t you also be loud when you’re happy?
  • He hasn’t had much healthy human interaction to judge so he’s confused and worried
  • But you two manage to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes serious
  • One way or another you realized he was feeling this way and sat him down to talk, saying you were never mad you just…were quiet. You said you’d start being more vocal if he’d feel better..
  • “No…I…I trust you.” Saeran trusted that you meant it when you said your silence was nothing bad, he wanted to always trust and believe with you so despite his own anxiety he was going to. You were touched.
  • You figured a good compromise for the two of you, you were quiet, but that didn’t mean you weren’t physical. If you two were close you’d always take his hand in yours and give him reassuring squeezes. It became so common he started grabbing your hand first.
  • Constant smiles from you when one of you would walk into the same room as the other
  • Attached at the hip when sitting anywhere.
  • Much like with Seven, you two communicated a lot through action, and Saeran wasn’t very keen on anything academic aside from a bit of coding, but even then he didn’t have much to say about it
  • But he loved to listen to you talk about. He’d feign interest in classic novels and evolution theories just to hear you talk about them and tell him about them. You’d get so passionate about them, he’d hope that one day you’d get the same starry eyed look on your face when talking about him that you do when talking about Multiverse theory.
  • He never found you boring,  even if he didn’t actually have an interest in the subjects you were talking about, he was in love with how you talked about them. The passion you had. There is nothing boring about passion
  • And so what if you’re quiet? 
  • Quiet is important for sneaking up on the enemy and obliterating them from this plane of existen-
  • Quiet has it’s perks. 

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Hello! Do you have any Sterek fic recs that also slightly involve the "pups"? Lol like, Derek refers to the rest of the pack pups, or not even that. He acts like an older brother, mentor, parent, etc. Doesn't even have,to be canon. Thanks!

Hi love! Hope these help fill your craving, it was a bit hard to search for but I agree. We need all the Derek-taking-care-of-his-pack fics. He’s such a softie <3

Maybe More Than He Should Be by MellytheHun (G 1k)

Prompt: “Finding the other wearing their clothes.”

I touched your lips and held your hands when they were shaking by honeymoonmuke (G 3k)

Derek knows just what to do when Stiles has a bad day.

Choice by Omni (T 8k)

Derek knows what it feels like to not really have a choice, what it’s like to be manipulated. He’d never take away someone’s right to choose freely. The fear of even accidentally doing so is enough to hold him back from acting on his own feelings.

Stiles has never had a problem making his own choices, and fuck anyone who would try to tell him he can’t.

(Or: Stiles gets bitten by a different alpha, but of course would prefer to have Derek as his alpha. And also just, you know, have Derek.)

Of Wolves and Doughnuts by Hatteress (goddammitstacey) (T 22k)

When Derek was fifteen, circumstance and a goddamn doughnut had seen fit to Bond him to Stiles Stilinski.

In which Derek is more cunning than anyone gives him credit for, Stiles doesn’t understand why the new Alphas in town are all up in his business and everyone gets a violent crash-course in what it means to be Pack, whether they’re in it or not.

Now We Hunt by Onlymystory (M 23k)

When Chris and Derek decide the humans of the pack need weapons and self-defense training, it doesn’t take long for Stiles to prove he’s no beginner. The only problem is that he stopped being a hunter a while ago, and he’s not sure he wants to return, even for his pack.

Or a canon-divergent fic with hunter!Stiles, none of our favorites dead, and lots of pack feels.

Don’t Know What You’ve Got (‘Til It’s Gone) by Cobrilee (T 25k)

For once, Derek would like for his pack to appreciate him, to treat him like he’s their alpha. When life gives him exactly what he wants, Derek finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s a badass alpha, and he realizes maybe he doesn’t want it as much as he thought he did. The whole, “the grass is always greener” adage, as Stiles would say.

Speaking of Stiles… Apparently in this new world they’re mates. He’s starting to think he likes it here after all.

You Can Stay As Long As You Want by jacyevans (T 25k)

When Derek arrives upstairs, Erica takes one look at him, rolls her eyes, and takes the bags of groceries from his hands.

“So I see Mr. 5B has arrived,” she says, leaning against the counter, shoulders shaking with laughter.

Derek hates his pack.

Stiles and Scott are the new tenants in Derek’s apartment building. While Derek and Stiles attempt to ignore their burgeoning interest in each other, their respective packs make sure nothing will keep the two idiots from falling in love. Except maybe the faulty elevator.

Better Fortunes by SmallBirds (40k)

When a group of sinister men attempt to kidnap Stiles Stilinski from the Brooklyn apartment he shares with his stepsister, Lydia, Stiles is forced to activate a spell that translocates him to where he’ll be safest.

Derek Hale isn’t sure what to do about the soaking wet young man he finds wandering down a Beacon County roadside during the middle of a thunderstorm, but he feels compelled to help him. There’s something about Stiles that Derek finds fascinating, and before long the two become embroiled in each other’s lives.

Despite the threat to his life and the sudden upheaval of everything he’s ever known, Stiles is having a hard time feeling too upset about that.

We Got Something Magic by alisvolatpropiis (E 50k)

Scott is never bitten, so Stiles never meets Derek or learns about werewolves. He is, however, since a young age, captivated by a recurring dream of a beautiful, red-eyed wolf that he comes to hold dear to his heart. After college, he moves to Seattle and decides to get a tattoo to acknowledge his dream Wolf, finding a lot more than he expected at Triskele Tattoo.

In which Derek is a tattoo artist and a good alpha, Laura is alive, and Stiles and Derek share each other’s dreams.

Stand By Me by Hepzheba (E 53k)

Derek goes back to Beacon Hills to become a deputy, leaving his two sisters in New York. In Beacon Hills he finds a new best friend, a new pack and maybe even love. But there are also a rogue Alpha and crazy hunters disturbing the peace of Beacon Hills.

The Boy Who Tamed the Sourwolf by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (E 94k)

Stiles is used to being second tier in everyone’s life. How easily people forget him and move on to bigger and better things. Used to always being in someone’s shadow. Leave it to Derek Hale to shatter those expectations.

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Hey I read somewhere on your blog that you believe that Sans doesn't remember the resets and just figures out that it happens. Since I'm on the side of Sans remembering resets can you show me what evidence or argument you have for your opinion. I want to find out which is more likely to be cannon (cause I don't think Toby said anything about that).

EDIT: I wrote this about a week ago and thought I’d completely lost it. But I managed to find it today so I’m posting it now. I’m not bothering to re-read it however. So this was written a week ago so my mood was probably in a different place than it is right now (aka more combative and aggressive). Anyway here ya go. Hopefully I wasn’t THAT big a jerk here;

I haven’t finished my Pacifist run through yet so I don’t know if he says anything in that playthrough, but considering most of the direct contact you have with Sans is in the Genocide run through it may not matter (Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll get to Pacifist when I’m ready myself)

At the end of Genocide, (If you’ve played the game before obviously) Sans reveals a lot of info about how much he knows regarding the resets, and it’s very telling as to HOW he got the information.

When he confronts the human in the Hall of Judgement at the end, it’s because he’s reached the conclusion that the human will not stop and nothing can change that based on him just watching the Genocide run from a distance. He’s also come to the conclusion that the human is impossible to stop, THIS he mentions based not on what he remembers, but by what he’s discovered himself.

He mentions talks a lot about “our Reports” and stuff. (forgive me if my exact wording isn’t correct) as well as “their analysis”. He mentions how “they” have been monitoring the situation and have “noticed a lot of flux in the timespace continuum” and how timelines keep changing and altering, and through analysis “they’ve” come to the conclusion that he human is the one responsible for the changes in events, always in the human’s favour.

(That seems like a very strange question to ask if he knew for a fact, isn’t it?)

If Sans simply remembered the timelines and knew the human could reset things then why the hell would he need data and analysis to know all that?

He has residual memories, but then so does everyone else. He mentions that “He can’t help but feel that we were once friends”. He mentions this not as a memory, but as a lingering feeling (much like Toriel remembers which kind of pie you like although she’s not sure HOW she remembers or even knows that). Sans has a feeling that there was perhaps a friendship between the human and himself, but he cannot really remember it. Which is PART of the reason the whole thing has him so despondent. He realised that a reset doesn’t just take away what could have been a happy ending; it doesn’t even have the decency to let you REMEMBER the happy ending.

So he uses that residual memory as a weapon to literally backstab you. It’s another ploy to cut you down because at this point Sans is pulling out every trick he has the longer you’re able to keep up with him because he’s just fucking done with you. Later on if you KEEP coming back and fighting him he says “if we ever WERE friends, don’t come back.”

People seem to forget that Sans is a LIAR. He lies throughout most of the game. And a LOT of the things he does are deliberate ploys to misdirect or hide the truth. Most of the time it’s not malicious, most of the time it’s legit just a survival strategy, sometimes it’s just to be a bit of a jerk because Sans is a practical joker by nature, but if you start becoming a problem in a genocide run, he doesn’t magically start telling the truth all the time. He only starts mentioning a memory of being friends with the human after he starts sweating and getting tired in the fight. He realises you’re not as easy to put down. and only THEN does he even bother mentioning the possibility of being friends before. It’s another ploy using what little info he has. Even Sans’ info says he’s “the easiest enemy” which is an obvious lie. People forget that Sans is all about misdirection and blatant lying in various degrees which is part of the reason his fight is insanely frustrating. He keeps telling you things about his attacks or what’s about to do which are either misleading or just outright untrue.

So Sans has residual memories, but that doesn’t mean he remembers anything with clarity. He’s no different from the other monsters. He just happens to be insanely smart, and he’s extremely scientifically minded. I’m not sure who the “They” are that he talks about. My first instinct would be he’s talking about Alphys but he never mentions her by name so I’m unsure about that one.

But again, the point is, why the hell would Sans talk about reports and data to “figure out what’s going on” if he remembered and could just say “oh shit! The human’s resetting to get the odds in their favour!” you don’t need all this science hoo-ha for THAT! If Sans remembers the resets and decided he needed to do a bunch of science to figure out what’s going on… he’d be kinda stupid wouldn’t he? And Sans has shown through VARIOUS other situations in the game that he is ANYTHING but stupid.

People mistake Sans’ deductive reasoning for “oh he remembers!” and for the life of me I cannot understand why. If people actually listened to what he says instead of memeing about bad times maybe this wouldn’t be such a problem. But honestly, if you’re somebody who actually played Genocide (unlike me who watched it on youtube I guess) I can kinda understand missing some of this, since you’re so stressed out by the fight and trying to survive you may not be absorbing Sans’ conversation. (Much like I had people tell me they actually completely missed Papyrus leaving the Royal Guard when he calls you in Waterfall because the person playing is so busy trying to survive Undyne’s attacks that that little bit of info often goes unnoticed)

Why would Sans be such a special snowflake to remember things when literally NOBODY ELSE (besides Flowey but he’s a special case) remembers anything but residual stuff? It just doesn’t make sense.

Long story short; Sans is smart and figured it out using the tools he had available to him. He didn’t need a “special circumstance” (ie memory) to get the answers. He had exactly the same info as everyone else, but was intelligent (and distrusting) enough to look into the situation a little deeper since he had the resources to do so.

I had to watch a little of this fight for these screenshots and I hate watching this fight more than anything in the world so I hope you’re happy)

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ikeistheallstar  asked:

Hello! I heard holiday requests were open for a little! I'd like to request some headcanons of what the MM cast would give MC for Christmas! It doesn't have to be a specific item you have to google, though!! Please take your time and thank you in advance!

A/N: oooo, here we go!! if its a little short im sorry, i was excited to open them a bit but i got extremely sick yesterday (this post is scheduled for now~) so ^^;;

*NOTE NOTE NOTE: Listen, at the very end, I included Rika for those who like her, so please be respectful about it yall! ^^ 



-He wishes he could give you more than he did
-Like, is just a few gifts enough? What if he only got one? What if they aren’t that expensive, would MC care??
-No, Yoosungie, they would not
-Because he gets things you’ve been very vocal about 
-You want some in-game cash for your favourite game? Done.
-You want that cute plush you saw at the store at the other day? Done.
-Also one to buy a /TON/ of candy and hope it counts as a gift


-”It’s a framed and signed picture of my face, MC~”
-No but really he’s thoughtful for things you want but also things you /NEED/
-Like you want something cute to wear? But you need a new coat? 
-He’s combining the two and is gonna go all out
-Well, as all out as he could- he wants to spoil you but you understand if he can’t
-After all wouldn’t you rather he pay off the TV before you brEAK IT 
-But as much as he tells you that he’s only getting a few things you need but will surprise you with something really nice that caught your eye~


-She actually likes to get something the both of you can enjoy!
-Like, matching sweaters? Done. Exchange favourite books? Done!
-The type to make you a sweets basket full of all of your favourite goodies
-Basically anything customized to your interests is what she gets you
-So the two of you would get each other large boxes, and fill it full of things that you like
-Example, hers?? Coffee beans and limited edition Zen merch~
-Which means she does the same for you!! Except she puts way more into yours than you do hers and you have to win at showering her with gifts, it never ends


-Anything you even looked, he’s got for you
-He wants to give it to you all at once but you have to talk him out of it
-You looked at this one shirt? Consider it done. You have 4 of them now, just in case.
-But really, if he has to choose just a few
-He’d pick ones he got solely because he thought you’d love them
-Like a really nice watch, fancy necklace, anything a little shiny, just for you~
-But you still have to convince him that just one is enough, please, Jumin


-Kinda like Jumin, wants to spoil you
-But settles for making something from scratch for you instead
-So you end up with tons of little mechanical things around the house
-Why is the tree moving? It’s just tons of little bots he’s made, climbing around the branches
-Another robot is bringing you other gifts, drinks, candy canes, everything you want
-Except he still buys you something you’ve been looking at and refuses to let you get him anything


-Also ready to give you handmade gifts
-But honestly they’re so sweet?
-Because they’re hand painted portraits of you
-Some are posed, others are from his favourite memories with you
-And this loser?? Hangs them up while you’re sleeping and tries to tell you Santa left them
-It’s still really sweet though? Like he can’t wait for you to see them
-Helps you pick where to hang them up around the house- and no Jihyun we can’t hang them on the bedroom ceiling for you to look at


-Okay but he just looks through your search history??
-He pays attention to things you look at over and over again and he just gets you that
-Until he realizes you were looking at something over and over again because you were getting it for him
-Then he realizes too late and now the two of you have matching hoodies
-Which is okay because you lowkey wanted one anyway? You were gonna just steal his
-So it works out that he got that too, in fact he’s happy about it because he won’t have to fight you for his
-But he also wants to get you something else too, so he’ll pick something that reminds him of you
-Says he’s fine if you return it but honestly it would hurt so he really hopes you like it


-Missions to many different places
-Means gifts. From many. Different places.
-But he waits until Christmas time to give them to you because he knows how you are around that time
-“What do you want from Christmas?” “Oh, nothing-” “DAMMIT MC”
-So anything he comes across that reminds him of you, he’s getting it
-Even if it’s something small! The small ones hold a lot of meaning to you, actually. Because they’re small and delicate, and you know he had to be careful with them
-Like a small little glass animal? He wants to give you one, he picked it up overseas. But he’s afraid of his own strength, and has to hold it like it’s another, small, human so he doesn’t accidentally break it


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mentallydatingstingeucliffe  asked:

Okay so think about this, Lance's birthday is right after Shiro disappears and no ones in the mood to celebrate it. Hunk wants to throw a surprise party for Lance but Keith and Allura both think it's a waste of time that they could be using to find Shiro. Meanwhile Lance is thinking about his family back on earth and how much he wants to celebrate with them

-Keith doesn’t actually think its a waste of time he’s just worried about Shiro. 

-Hunk makes Lance a cake, only for Allura to be like, “Why are you two sitting around?! Go try and help us find your leader!!” 

-That triggers an panic attack and Allura accidently makes it worse cause she is an akward bean that doesn’t understand humans. But eventually The whole team is dragged too the dinning room, and they all see Hunk trying to (And failing) talk Lance out of a panic attack.

-That kind of helps Keith regain reality, and he realizes just how bad a leader he’s been, and how much Shiro wouldn’t be proud of him. He pushes through, and a week after The Great Birthday Disaster™  and he tells him what happend and Shiro is shook. 

-They both go to great lengths too make sure nothing like that happens again

merllennium  asked:

18, can will be the one crying b/c He doesn't find himself a good enough nurse?

18. While someone’s crying (you can get a crying will but for another reason bc i have big feelings about this)

Will lost a patient. That is evident as soon as Nico comes home and hears the eerie quiet of their apartment. There are only so many reasons Will wouldn’t be listening to music or humming as he cooked or cleaned or did whatever. And considering the difficult case he’s been worried about for several weeks now…

Nico leaves his shoes and coat and bag to the hall and silently makes his way through the apartment to the bedroom. He finds Will lying on Nico’s side of the bed, hugging a pillow and legs folded close to his chest, staring at the wall without probably really seeing anything. He looks so small and vulnerable like that, his face emotionless but ready to crumble under the slightest pressure.

It breaks Nico’s heart.

Without saying a word, Nico walks to the bed and lies down behind Will, carefully wrapping an arm around him to avoid startling him. Will is stiff, his muscles tense, but when Nico presses against his back he takes a hand and squeezes it so hard Nico’s fingers could break. Nico pushes a knee between both of Will’s, pulls him closer, and presses his lips comfortingly to the back of his neck.

Little by little the tension leaves Will’s body, but with the momentary calm comes the tremble; quiet sobs shaking Will’s body as he tries to keep them in, tries to be strong in a way he doesn’t need to be, tries to not fall apart. Will has always been soft, he’s always felt things deeper than Nico can understand, and for all the times Will has helped him calm down after a nightmare there are just as many times Nico has been there for Will’s cries and fears.

“You’re the one that told me”, Nico whispers against Will’s skin and strokes his knuckles with his thumb, “that being able to cry over a loss is the strongest thing a soldier can do.”

Will turns around in Nico’s arms and buries his face to the soft fabric of Nico’s shirt before letting the tears fall freely. Nico holds him tightly, dying a tiny bit inside with every sob and whimper, and runs a hand up and down Will’s back in a what he hopes is a soothing motion. His other hand buries itself to Will’s hair, holding Will’s head safely tucked under his chin as their bodies shake from the power of Will’s cries.

Nico knows words are pointless. He’s never been good with them, and this is not the time to start experimenting. And he knows how he himself would feel in his weakest moments if someone were to shoot empty words and promises to his face. Things will be okay, eventually, that is true, but that’s not something you want to hear when your whole world is gloom and dark.

“She was barely eleven, Nico”, are the first words Will manages to get out between the tears. Nico hates to hear them, hates that Will has to face dying children most every day, but he holds on tight and listens and maybe lets a tear fall on his own cheek, too. “She was just a child, how can - how can the fates be so cruel?”

Not having an answer that would be satisfactory to either of them, Nico stays quiet and just kisses Will’s hairline softly. It’s a question he has had frequently since he first learned about the nasty old ladies, and no matter how much he tries he will never understand what good could ever come from letting innocent children die. What he does understand is Will’s need to work in the children’s ward, helping and trying to prevent every death that he can, but in these moments where even that isn’t enough it’s hard to see the point in anything.

All Nico can do is hold Will through the sobs, smooth back his hair and help him breathe when it becomes too much. In and out, slowly, in and out, until all that’s left is bloodshed eyes and trembling lips and a wet spot of tears and snot on Nico’s shirt. That’s when Nico finally dares to smile, just a little, just enough to make Will know he’s proud of him regardless of what he thinks of himself.

Will tilts his head up enough to press their foreheads together. It’s something he’s always found comfort in, they both have, and Nico can feel calm settle in their bones.

“Why couldn’t I save her? Why couldn’t I save an innocent child, just this once?”

Will is not asking him, not really. Nico knows that, but still he cups Will’s cheek gently and presses a soft kiss on his lips before whispering, “Because when you take off the armor, every soldier is still only human.”

(thanks for the prompts, everyone!)

Megamind sentence pack
  • "Went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good."
  • "Things could be a lot worse."
  • "Oh, that's right. I'm falling to my death."
  • "My end starts at the beginning."
  • "I was eight days old and still living with my parents. How sad is that?"
  • "I set out to find my destiny!"
  • "And our glorious rivalry was born!"
  • "A much different fate awaited me."
  • "A baby! How thoughtful!"
  • "I was given an opportunity to better myself through learning."
  • "Evil is sent to quiet time in the corner."
  • "Being bad is the one thing I'm good at!"
  • "I was destined to be a super villain."
  • "(he/she) would win some, I would almost win others."
  • "You're fun."
  • "To count every second of you 87 life sentences."
  • "Looks like you're going to miss it, by several thousand years."
  • "I'd be watching you like a dingo watches a human baby."
  • "Hey, I love you, whatever!"
  • "The city doesn't pay you to loaf."
  • "You were right. I'll always be a villain."
  • "You got it, boss!"
  • "Who's your man?"
  • [shoots gun in the air repetitively in celebration]
  • "Who would I be without you?"
  • "And I love you, random citizen!"
  • "I kept it cold and damp, just for you."
  • "Would it kill you to wash the bag?"
  • "Actually, most of it comes from an outlet store in Romania."
  • "Please talk slower."
  • "Should've known you'd try to crash the party."
  • "We all know how this ends - with you, behind bars."
  • "Yeah, not panicking."
  • "You've fallen right into my trap."
  • "Still warming up, sir."
  • "The sun is warming up?!"
  • "Who's side are you on?"
  • "Could someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?"
  • "Your weakness is copper?"
  • "First off, what a turn out!"
  • "All I did was eliminate the most powerful man in the universe."
  • "Let's just have fun with this, c'mon!"
  • "I understand you, little well-dressed bird."
  • "Is something wrong, sir?"
  • "Just think about it. We have it all...yet, we have nothing."
  • "Without him, what's the point...?"
  • "Perhaps we took him for granted."
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Are you ready to be a slave army? What do you need to know."
  • "Chicks don't like bouncy houses, they like clowns!"
  • "I made a horrible mistake."
  • "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly."
  • "If only the world had a reset button."
  • "I didn't know you had...feelings, are you okay?"
  • "I think we should run. Bye!"
  • "Oh, I'm too close! I'm genuinely scared right now!"
  • "I'm a villain without a hero!"
  • "For the greater good of bad!"
  • "You don't know what's good for bad!"
  • "There's a doormat here saying secret entrance!"
  • "It's called formal speedwalking."
  • "Oh, what fun!"
  • "Or I'm gonna find out what this weird looking gun does!"
  • "You're so fit! And...strangely charismatic!"
  • "You were right about that door being exciting!"
  • "Daddy's sorry!"
  • "Wow, a brave one, isn't he?"
  • "I'll call you tomorrow...partner."
  • "That was awkward for everyone, because you hugged him instead of me."
  • "Who is this man we've infused with godlike powers?"
  • "Use the forget me stick!"
  • "Wow, you look fantastic."
  • "So you're like...my space dad?"
  • "I'm your space step-mom!"
  • "No frickin' way!"
  • "Can't wait, l-o-l, smiley face."
  • "We don't want to battle our new hero in a dump now, do we?"
  • "[name] and I...were never a couple."
  • "It was the only name I could trademark."
  • "Who wants churros!?"
  • "You've fallen in love with [him/her]!"
  • "The bad guy doesn't get the girl!"
  • "I'll just pack my thing and go!"
  • "I usually just hear villains, have you been naughty."
  • "Are you crazy!?"
  • "We're like an old married couple!"
  • "I am extremely boggled."
  • "Why are you so evil?"
  • "Did you really think that I would ever be with you?"
  • "I only took the gig to get the girl!"
  • "Evil returns with a backhand!"
  • "En garde!"
  • "Speak, apparition."
  • "We're gonna die!"
  • "I knew you'd come back!"
  • "Well, that makes one of us."
  • "It mostly involves not dying."
  • "My death was greatly exaggerated."
  • "Going somewhere, besides jail?"
  • "You're not gonna be laughing for long."
  • "There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes."
  • "I finally had a reason to win. You."
  • "He's just not used to positive feedback!"
  • "You know, you look pretty good in white."
  • "You know, I like the sound of that."

dera-chan  asked:

I think Hide and Rize already knew each other before Kaneki met her because in that remake chapter they stare at each other while the panel doesn't focus on Kaneki. That's why he probably tried to warn Kaneki when he said she will become a monster when she takes her glasses off or asked him why he didn't notice the ghoul closest to him.

You know, now that you pointed it out, it really did seem like he knew her. So I went back and read the original chapter one and then the redrawn chapter, and apparently Ishida said to compare them both, and honestly, original chapter raises no suspicion to me but the redrawn chapter has me feeling anxious.

Knowing Hide, if Kaneki told him he had a crush on a cute girl, I feel like he would encourage him or tease him about it, but I think he’d be happy for him. He even told Kaneki he would help him formulate a plan beforehand.

But Hide doesn’t do that with Rize, he does the opposite; he tries to discourage Kaneki from pursuing her but does it quite subtly so it doesn’t seem like he knows something by joking about how she’s out of his league and the like.

I mean, if you think about it, Hide already knew that Kaneki was going to pursue her anyway. Even if he did think she was out of his league, that was really no reason for him to refuse to help Kaneki. If he knew who Rize was, then it makes sense that he didn’t want to be involved in this.

Also, this is the face he made when he first saw her. He seems quite surprised ?

Anyway, after discouraging Kaneki a bit, Hide says this, with a really ominous looking expression.

He looks really serious, and he says “girls aren’t something you choose based on looks,” literally minutes after this.

Kaneki notices that much himself.

Hide clearly knows that there’s more to Rize than meets the eye; he might even know that she’s dangerous. Of course there’s this famous line too.

However you look at it, Hide knows more than he’s letting on, and I don’t think it’s just because of his intuition. I think he knows because this isn’t the first time he’s seen or heard of her, and if the Washuu theories are true, then it’s not difficult to see why; Rize was a garden kid herself. It could be possible that they both grew up in the garden together and somehow managed to escape, but Hide doesn’t want anything to do with her. That’s why he backs out of his promise to help Kaneki and leaves directly after he sees Rize.

If Hide really does know Rize from the garden, then that only serves as stronger evidence for the half human theories, which brings me to another thing I noticed. So everyone’s always going on about that “When will you notice already? The “ghoul” that’s closest to you?” line, but directly after saying that, Hide says something just as, if not even more suspicious.

“It seems you don’t understand… what my true form is…”
Sure, that sounds like a joke, but it’s a follow-up to his previous statement which was said with a seriously unfunny smirk, and Ishida included this deliberately for sure.

Now, I’m going to speculate that the true meaning of this line was lost in translation; I feel like it was translated to “true form” but perhaps more implies “true nature.” “True form” kind of makes it sound like Hide’s some kind of ungodly creature, but if he’s talking about being a half-human or something akin to that, it would make more sense that he meant “true nature”.

This whole redraw is pelting Hide with red flags, and I definitely think something relating to the garden, half-humans and/or Rize is going to be revealed about him.

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thinking about how sven wound up in space since it doesn't seem like he's horrifically traumatized like shiro. it'd be pretty dramatic if the alteans landed on earth, and humanity was like 'oh no, please don't lobotomize us!" but then it turned out that the empire was there for the alien refugees camped out all over the place secretly, so humanity was like 'oh, ok, proceed'. which would be better, political dissenter altean akira, or galtean akira on the run from the brain surgeons? both?

Hm you know I’d say Earth probably was fighting Altea though? We know Galaxy Garrison was training fighter pilots after all, and Sven seems like someone who’s been with the resistance for a long time. I imagine our Shiro wouldn’t have been so hostile to people that meant no harm. And when he’s helped by a garla, he’s the first one to trust them. Sven strike me as much more wary and less sympathetic. I feel like he probably joined the garrison knowing he was signing up for an intergalactic war rather than just getting thrown into it. (I feel like this also matches up with his 80s backstory more). Plus, Hira did say they wanted to “spread peace to every world.” I think that includes Earth. 

As for Akira, I’m thinking Half-Altean instead of half-galra (because it still frames him as someone from the “enemy,” has the potential to put a rift between him and teammates, ect). I headcanon he’s one of the personal royal guards of the current Empress. But she thought he turned on her and put him through the hoktril operation. Here’s a quick edit thing, full backstory for it below the cut

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Bts reaction to their s/o being insecure about skintone:

Anon Requested: Hi! Could you do a BTS reaction to their Indian s/o who is insecure because she is not Korean, and insecure about other beautiful Korean women? Hopefully a little fluffy, just a little. Sorry if its too specific! Thanks!! 🌼

Could you do a reaction where their black s/o is insecure about their skin tone? I love you and your blog btw!!!

A/ N: I know I haven’t met you but I’m positive you’re hella beautiful. Just wanted to say that.


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“ you know…” you said, fumbling with the hem of your shirt. “No, I don’t” Jin giggled “c’mon tell me” he insisted, oblivious to what you meant, “Oh for god’s sake Jin, I’m not Korean okay? I’m not as pale or pretty…” your words trailed off and he abruptly stood up. “ You think any of that matter to me? huh?” he pushed your chin up to look at your face and gently said, “ You’re the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen”


Originally posted by loveblushes

This bro isn’t as straightforward with his words okay, he 100% loves you but expressing it in actions is easier for him than in words. He would make sure you notice how much he isn’t into other girls, doesn't pay attention to someone particularly pretty and if you voiced your insecurity to him he’ll just pull you closer and make you taste how he feels about your beauty.


Originally posted by hobiga

He’s hurt that you feel that way but he wants to discuss it nevertheless. Like he will stop whatever he is doing, sits down with you and just tries to show you how much it just doesn't make a difference to him. He’ll pepper your face with honest kisses as he soothingly rubs your back. Hoseok is gentle, so gentle you will have zero doubts when he says that you are breathtaking.  

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by rapnamu

At first Namjoon will just sit and look at you, listening to you venting about how you’re not feeling confident. He knows what’s up, he probably even saw it coming, so instead of focusing on your words he gets distracted with you. You lips, your hands, you body, your hair, the way you pull in a breath. They’re all so pretty he couldn’t help keep his lips to himself once you’re done. And that, to him, is more than enough proof of how he feels.


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

This Mochi is good at observing, and one thing is worrying him. You. Sometimes, on special nights out or at some sort of event, your confidence will drop so significantly only an idiot wouldn’t notice. So when he once got you to talk about it and you confirmed his suspicions, he felt hurt. He sat with you for hours, made you hot cocoa and talked about how much you’re so unique, he’ll never grow tired of you.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by jiminarmy

He didn’t see it coming at all. You’re his perfect little angel, so why do you feel that way? Does he not show his love enough? Does he not kiss you enough? He felt confused because if I don’t love you, would I do all of that? Out of hundreds upon hundred of girls who would melt at the snap of his finger, he chased after you, he explained. If that wasn't enough to prove how irreplaceable you are for him, he doesn't know what will.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“First of all,” he interrupted your explanation of how you are not Korean therefore you’re not as pretty “I don’t understand how race or ethnicity have a say in if a person is beautiful or not cuz, I mean look at you. Living breathing beauty. Second and most important, you, the way you are, will forever be the one I cannot live without.”

anonymous asked:

Idk why people are all THAT shocked about Leif killing someone. I mean yes, it was innocent person (probably, cause who knows really), so I kinda understand but still. I imagine main trio has their own count of dead bodies left behind as well - for better or worse reasons but still, killing is killing. I mean hell, even we helped kill Yvonni at some point, so let's not act as if Leif is the only evil, and everyone else is totally innocent. Pretty sure there are dirty lil secrets left to uncover.

Okay so first of all Anya was definitely an innocent victim in all of this. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and while we didn’t know her at all, murdering her was still wrong no matter how “innocent” she could have been.

Now about Leiftan… I’m not that shocked to see that he doesn’t have any problem with killing someone in cold blood like this, considering the revelation in ep 17 (and his apology in ep 15). But compared to the other boys, he didn’t kill someone to protect someone else or something like that (which I still think is wrong, cool motive still murder). He killed Anya for… literally no reasons.

I think… in the case of Leiftan, people tended to see him as this very “white” character despite the fact that he was very shady and now that he did something so terrible as killing an innocent person, he is now seen as “black”. Because he could have chosen not to kill this person, but he didn’t. His first instinct was to kill. And now, he’s seen as a character so irredeemable that loving him would be wrong. And I think that’s a very… boring way to see things.

What makes the story and the characters in Eldarya so interesting imo is that everything is gray. And the best example of this is the whole Blue Sacrifice thing. The history teacher tells us in ep 14 that the Big Bad Humans forced the kind and weak faeries to go into exile, but then in the next sentence, he tells us that the faeries didn’t hesitate to slaughter an entire race because they refused to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But still, they’re presented as the “good side”.

Another example would be the potion fiasco but let’s stop talking about it lololol

I don’t think there’s a “good side” on Eldarya. Nor that the characters are either completely “white” or “black”. It’s a mix of “white” and “black”. And if “killing an innocent” is “black” for Leifan, then what would his “white” counterpart be ?

To me, that would be his feelings for Gardienne.

Listen… this is probably because I feel very empathetic toward Leif’addicts lmao, but I want to believe he’s being genuine with her. That she brings the good in him. That, while he has to be judged for his actions, he isn’t just this evil guy everyone seems to see him as now. It’s more complex than that. Complex is great okay.

We don’t know what his plans are and personally, I still want nothing to do with him. I can understand how ep 18 could throw you off but if you still love him,

don’t give up on him.

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posts about how lotor doesn't know how to do basic things without the generals like taking care of his hair have started bugging me. one of the first things we learn about him is that he fights alongside his soldiers - that doesn't lend itself to him not knowing life without being pampered. neither does being /exiled/. it feels like people are just making fun of him for looking more feminine and also don't care that they're downgrading his generals from comrades-in-arms to maids.

I… haven’t seen those posts but that sounds pretty incongruous with Lotor and the Generals’ characters. I agree with what you’ve already said on the matter, and, furthermore…

The thing about my read on Lotor is, the more I think about him, the more he reads like Shiro: which is to say, he’s kind of an anxious mess, all things considered, who’s just really good at faking to the contrary.

Since he’s so observant, it’s pretty rare for him to be startled, but every time he does, without fail, he flinches with his whole body. Good examples I can think of: s3e2 right when Coran attacks the cruiser, s4e5 waking up after Acxa knocked him out, and in s4e6 when ships start firing on him without warning.

So basically Lotor is someone I can see having actually, a lot of hangups about being caught off-guard or from a blind angle. In that sense I think he’d want to be able to do as much as possible about his personal grooming alone by himself.

Also it’d be just plain unlike Lotor to not understand something just because he’s delegating it. All parties being on the same page is important to the entire team. The only time they fail to communicate is late s4 when they’re actively coming apart at the seams as a team- which tells us that exchange of mutual understanding, and not taking people or their labor for granted.

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Could I request the ndrv3 guys with a bi female S/O? But they don't find out she's bi until her extremely biphobic ex sees them on a date together and goes to "warn" the guys about her? (with said ex being why she was too nervous to come out to them?)

I love this idea! I’m actually a bi girl myself so I definitely get where this is coming from!

Shuichi Saihara:

  • You guys were just relaxing at the library, switching novels and manga as you finished them and nuzzling into Saihara’s shoulder
  • When you glanced up you noticed your ex walking over, your body visibly stiffening at the sight
  • He wasn’t exactly… accepting of who you were, saying some horrible things after finding out that you were bi
  • You had kept that part of yourself a secret from Saihara, not wanting the same thing to happen with him
  • But it looked like your secret was about to come out as your ex came up to Saihara and tapped him on the head.
  • “Hey, dude, I see your hanging with (Y/N) here. Figured id let you know that she’s a bit of whore, shes probably fucking a few girls behind your back.”
  • “Excuse me?” Saihara asked, confusion and anger bristling up inside him.
  • You were already close to tears, digging your nails into your palms and refusing to look at either of them
  • “Yeah, she likes chicks too. What, she didn’t tell you? Figures, makes it easier to eat pussy behind your back. Sorry to burst your bubble, man, but I’m doin’ you a favor.”
  • Your ex walked off and you burst into tears, trying to be quiet since you were in a library. “I-I’m not… I’m not cheating on you, I s-swear!”
  • Saihara pulled you close and wiped your tears, trying to keep other peoples attention from you. “I know, I know you wouldn’t. But… was the other part true?”
  • You nodded, taking a shaky breath. “Y-yeah… I’m bi, Shuichi, a-and I wanted to tell you but… my ex broke up with me on the spot when I told him and I r-really don’t want to lose you!”
  • You started crying again, hiccuping when you felt a kiss pressed to your hair. “I would never break up with you, especially not over your sexual preferences. You like who you like, there’s nothing wrong with that. I trust you and I know you would never cheat on me.”
  • You smiled softly as Saihara pulled you up, neatly putting your books back on a cart to be reshelved and taking you home for some cuddles and crime shows, the best date you could think of with no chance of being yelled at by your ex

Kaito Momota:

  • Kaito was eagerly leading you around the space museum, pulling you from exhibit to exhibit with the biggest grin on his face.
  • Perhaps you weren’t as into space travel as your boyfriend but you were having fun nonetheless
  • Well, you were anyways
  • Seeing your ex, who apparently worked there now, immediately had you hiding behind Kaito, shaking and trying to convince him to leave.
  • “Just a sec babe, I just want to finish reading this. We’ll go to that little cafe you like, I promise!”
  • It was too late anyway, your ex had already spotted you and made his way over, crossing his arms.
  • “Shocked to see you hanging around a guy now, after what you told me. Or maybe he’s just for show so you can fuck all the chicks you want and not get called out for it.”
  • You whimpered as Kaito turned around, touching your arm gently in hopes of calming you. “What the fuck, asshole! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but you need to leave, I’m not going to let you talk to my girlfriend like that!”
  • “Hah, seriously? You haven’t told him that you like both cock and pussy? That’s honestly hilarious, poor guy has no idea how much a little slut you are! Telling you now, buddy, might want to drop her before you catch her scissoring with some slut.”
  • That was it for Kaito, no one talks about his girl like that! So he punched your ex square in the face and walked off, pulling you behind him until you got outside
  • You were crying when you sat down on the bench, fighting to breath as Kaito rubbed your back gently.
  • “Hey, sweetie, it’s okay. Shh, I got you, I won’t let him do anything to hurt you, I promise!”
  • “Y-you must think I’m h-horrible after what he said…”
  • Kaito shook his head quickly, drying your tears with his jacket sleeve and making sure your ex hadn’t followed you out
  • “No, honestly I didn’t really get what he was saying, something about you liking girls? If… if your gay i-”
  • “I’m not gay, just b-bi… I swear, I love you, i-its not a lie!” You waved your hands quickly, earning a little smile from Kaito
  • “Hey, its cool, it doesn’t bother me. I wish you would have told me, but if that asshole was the reason you didn’t then I get it. I love you too, babe, and ill make sure he doesn’t touch you again!”
  • You sniffled and let Kaito pull you into a tight hug, fingers tickling your sides until he got a giggle out of you.
  • “That’s better! Come on, let’s go to the gift shop! Loser buys the astronaut ice cream!”
  • You squealed and raced Kaito to the gift shop, his relaxed attitude making you feel much better.


  • You had taken Kiibo to the park, laying in the grass to watch the clouds. You kept pointing out little shapes that he struggled to see, overanalyzing and blushing when you kissed him
  • When a shadow loomed over you, you both sat up, squinting to see who was there.
  • “Long time no see, (Y/N)”
  • The second you heard that voice you went pale, it was most definitely your ex-boyfriend, likely here to start something
  • “W-what are you doing here?”
  • “Well, I saw you with your little robo-boyfriend here and figured id give him the heads up about your little habit.”
  • Kiibo looked very confused, looking between you and your ex nervously
  • “Don’t d-do this…”
  • “What, and let him get screwed over the same way I did? Listen, dude, I don’t really get your deal but your girlfriend here likes pussy. Actually, that’s probably why she likes you, pretty sure robots don’t have fuckin’ dicks.”
  • Your ex laughed and walked off, leaving you with silent tears streaming down your face and a very confused boyfriend trying to figure the situation out
  • “Who was that? And what was he saying about you?”
  • Before Kiibo could ask any more questions, you kissed him messily, pulling back with a sob
  • “I-I… he was my ex, we had a really bad break up. A-and he was kind of right. I’m bi, Kiibo.”
  • “Bi?”
  • Sometimes you forget that Kiibo doesn’t always get human things so you quickly explain that it meant you liked both girls and guys.
  • “B-but I love you the most, I would never stray!” You cried, sincerely hoping Kiibo would believe you.
  • You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting to be hit or yelled at like your ex had done when you told him, but you only felt the cold chill of metal arms wrapping around you
  • “I’m sorry you felt as though you had to hide that from me. I may not understand sexualities very well but I trust you, I know that you love me. A-as for my… anatomy…”
  • You shook your head and just nuzzled into Kiibo’s chest, hearing the whir of his fans. “Don’t worry about that, I don’t care. I just want you, Kiibo.”
  • You refused to let go and Kiibo didn’t mind at all, laying you down and using the blanket to make sure his metal body didn’t hurt you or make you too cold.
  • You wound up falling asleep on Kiibo for a few hours as he stroked your hair, feeling an overwhelming amount of emotion for you as you slept

Gonta Gokuhara:

  • Gonta had taken you to a bug exhibit at the science museum! He was rushing all over the place, pointing out all the bugs to you and telling you their scientific names without pause.
  • While bugs weren’t exactly your favorite thing in the world, you loved watching Gonta when he got so excited, bouncing around like a small child.
  • You had been checking out some of the butterflies when you heard Gonta’s curious voice above the others in the exhibit, catching your attention.
  • “Gonta doesn't… understand.”
  • “Wow, she really knows how to pick’em, jeez. But yeah, I’m warning you, you’re going to catch her in bed with some bitch, she’s a total slut. I was smart enough to cut her the hell off before it happened and I recommend you do the same.”
  • Your ex walked off and Gonta looked even more confused, glancing from your ex to you repeatedly. You quickly made your way over, pulling Gonta to an empty hall and making sure your ex wasn’t around
  • “G-Gonta doesn’t really know what just happened… that man said really mean things about (Y/N)…”
  • You nodded, sighing softly. “T-that was my ex-boyfriend, Gonta. And… h-he was talking about him I’m bi.”
  • “Bye? (Y/N) is leaving?”
  • You almost giggled, taking Gonta’s hand and holding it tightly. “No, um… Bisexual, it means I like girls and guys the way most girls just like guys.”
  • Gonta nodded, smiling softly. “Oh! Gonta understands that! (Y/N) likes having boyfriends or girlfriends! But why was (Y/N)’s ex saying such mean things about it?”
  • “He’s the reason I never told you, when I told him, he, u-um…” You teared up and Gonta scrambled to hug you, nuzzling your hair.
  • “He said mean things to (Y/N), right? Gonta is very glad he is your ex now, (Y/N) deserves a true gentleman! A gentleman would never call his girlfriend those mean things!”
  • You smiled into Gonta’s chest, pulling back to kiss him sweetly. “That’s why I’m with you now, because your the best gentleman and I love you, I promise I would never cheat on you.”
  • “Gonta knows! If (Y/N) was a boy she would be a great gentleman!” You blushed a little, that was some of the highest praise from Gonta and it had you smiling, feeling much better than before

Kokichi Ouma:

  • It was one of the rare days when Ouma was content with a simple date at a cafe, the two of you sharing a miniature cake.
  • “Mmm, (Y/N)-chan? Can you get me one of those sweet coffee thingys?” You winced, the last thing Ouma needed was caffeine, but you gave him a kiss and went up to the counter to order the horribly sweet drink
  • When you glanced back over someone had taken your seat, another glance had all the color leaching from your face. It was your ex and based on the look on Ouma’s face, he didn’t have anything nice to say.
  • The second the coffee was put into your hand you walked back over, just in time to hear the end of the conversation.
  • “Hey, no need to get all pissy. I’m just trying to warn you before you wind up walking in on her and some other chick with their legs in the air. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll invite you to join, eh?”
  • Your ex laughed and smirked at you, moving to get up before Ouma’s hand shot out and grabbed his shirt, an eery smile on his face
  • “So that’s what you think of her, hmm? Listen, buddy. I’m the leader of a very large, very evil organization. And with one phone call, I can have a few of my followers come to your house in the middle of the night. They will tie you down, strip you naked, and turn you into the biggest laughing stock the world has ever seen. And that if I’m in a good mood. Now fuck off before I have to pull out my phone, got it?”
  • Your ex sighed and walked out, waving a hand in annoyance. Ouma pulled you to sit, taking his coffee and looking you over. “That wasn’t a lie, by the way. I could totally get DICE to do that.”
  • “T-thanks…” You managed a shaky smile and took a bite of the cake, blinking back tears.
  • “(Y/N)-chan! Stop looking so sad, ill cry too!”
  • “Sorry, Kokichi, I just… you weren’t bothered by what he said?”
  • Ouma shrugged and sipped his coffee, grinning as the sugar filled his system. “What, that you like girls too? I’m bi too, doesn’t bother me.”
  • You blinked, Ouma was bi? Well, that certainly made things interesting. You smiled softly and took a sip of your own drink.
  • “Awe come on! You still look all upset! Let’s go to headquarters and play that game you bought!”
  • Ouma grabbed his coffee and his cake, pulling you outside with his free hand as you stumbled and tried not to fall.
  • But a couple rounds of Twister with a very hyper (and handsy) Ouma was more than enough to lift your spirits, ending up in a tickling match that had you breathless and giggling.

Rantarou Amami:

  • The two of you were shopping at the mall, Amami helping you find a dress for a relative’s wedding, when it happened.
  • Apparently, your ex had finally found a job because he was working at the first store you peeked into, coming up to Amami as you ducked into a changing room
  • “Hey, dude. I see you’re with (Y/N) there and I figured id give you a heads up about her. She likes chicks, so I figured you’d want to know before you see for yourself.”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • Your ex laughed at Amami’s growing confusion, not realizing the unbridled anger brewing inside him. “Don’t bother asking for a threesome either, little slut likes to keep the bitches for herself.”
  • “Alright, you need to stop. My girlfriend is wonderful and I know she would never cheat on me, regardless of her sexuality. I don’t know why the two of you broke up but it looks like it was for good reason if this is how you spoke to her. (Y/N), get dressed, we aren’t going to buy anything here.”
  • You quickly got dressed and followed Amami out, letting him lead you into another store and hiding in a changing room.
  • “Alright, so I have a feeling there’s something you need to tell me?”
  • You nod and sit on the bench, Amami holding your hand reassuringly.
  • “S-so, you probably figured out that I’m bi… I hope it isn’t a problem for you, I swear i-”
  • Amami leaned down and kissed you sweetly, cutting you off. “Whoa, it’s okay. Two of my sisters are bi, its no big deal. Your not the kind of person who would sleep around, I trust you. Your ex, or whoever he was, isn’t worthy to be around you. You can tell me anything, okay? No matter what, we’ll have a conversation about it and get it figured out, I promise.”
  • You smiled and stood up to hug him, pressing your face into his chest and relishing in the warmth.
  • “We still need to find your dress, princess, as much as I would like to stay in here all day.”
  • You giggled and popped out of the changing room, letting Amami pick out some dresses for you try on, your worries melting away.

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

  • Korekiyo had convinced you to go around the history museum, spouting off facts as you went from exhibit to exhibit.
  • It may not have been your favorite date in the world but Korekiyo was clearly in his natural habitat so you were content, it was quite cute to see him bustling around to look at artifacts
  • It was going great up until a much too familiar face made its appearance, your ex tapping Korekiyo on the shoulder so you would both turn around.
  • “Well shit, I thought you were a chick. Oh well, this works. Dude, I saw you with (Y/N) and I figured id warn you about her. Shes, like, half lesbian or some shit. Either way, figured you would want to know so you can cut your losses. See ya!”
  • Before either of you could speak he was gone, leaving you shaking with tears in your eyes, clinging to Korekiyo’s arm. “O-oh god… fuck, I wasn’t going to tell you, I’m s-so sorry Kiyo!”
  • You were crying hard now and Korekiyo was quick to lead you somewhere else with fewer people, gently rubbing your back.
  • “Shh, darling, it’s okay. It’s quite common for humans and even animals to have sexual preferences outside of the opposite sex, there’s nothing wrong with that.”
  • He spoke gently, letting you cry yourself out until you were able to relax a little, getting you to sit down.
  • “M-my ex… when I told him he f-freaked, he accused me of c-cheating and called me n-names. I was too scared to tell you, I d-didn’t want it to happen again.”
  • “I would never call you such horrible things, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong. Come on, smile, crying doesn’t suite such a beautiful example of humanity.”
  • You smiled softly at the compliment, always feeling so special when Korekiyo called you that. Your smile triggered his and you could see it in his eyes as the both of you returned to the exhibit, making sure not to give your ex even a glance as you enjoyed your evening.

Ryoma Hoshi:

  • You had convinced him to go to a tennis match, the first one in years. The two of you were sitting together, sipping sodas as you watched the players.
  • “Ryoma, can you explain how this works to me? They keep calling things out but I don’t get it…”
  • “Love means zero, and-”
  • He was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder, turning around to see your ex. He had seen a picture before and knew it had ended badly, so why was he talking to you guys?
  • “Dude, aren’t you that tennis pro who went to jail?”
  • “Why do you care?”
  • “Eh, doesn’t matter. I just figured id give you a heads up about your little girlfriend. I don’t know if she told you but there’s a pretty good chance shes fucking a chick behind your back. I never got lucky enough to catch her in the act but oh well, maybe she’ll let you in.”
  • With that, your ex returned back to his popcorn, muttering under his breath about the match. You had tears in your eyes and Hoshi could see how much you were hurting, looking into your lap as your nails bit into your thighs
  • Before he has the chance to do anything, a rogue tennis ball flies from the court and hits your ex square in the jaw, pulling a choked laugh from you
  • Your ex storms off and leaves you with Hoshi, who is looking at you quizzically.
  • “I-I guess I should explain, huh?”
  • “You don’t have to, I pretty much get it. Your, what, bi? Or pansexual?”
  • You nod at the first option, laying your head on Hoshi’s shoulder and smiling softly. “Yeah, bi. I’m sorry for not telling you but after him… i-i couldn’t.”
  • A quiet kiss on your forehead calms your worries as Hoshi turns back to the game, continuing his explanation of points to you.

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how about hcs about merformers tfp bots react to his/her s/o confessing that they're aquaphobic?

Optimus Prime:  Though the concept seems strange to him, considering he’s lived his whole life in the water, he does empathize with you.  The ocean is a scary place after all, especially for something as small as you.  He’d never try to make you get in the water if you don’t want to.  He’s perfectly happy swimming alongside your boat while he talks to you (you notice the waves always seem considerably calmer whenever he’s nearby).  Or if you’d rather not be near the water at all, he’s more than willing to shapeshift into his human form to take you for walks along the beach.

Ratchet:  He scoffs a bit when you first tell him.  After all, you humans aren’t exactly built for aquatic living, are you?  Why your species continuously tries to adapt to environments they’ve got no business being in is beyond him.  But despite his usual grumpiness, you can tell he’s worried slightly for you.  He’d never want you to feel uncomfortable or put your self at risk just to see him.  He’ll gently encourage you to take things slow and offers to teach you how to swim in the shallows, but he won’t push the issue too much if you don’t want to.

Bumblebee:  He’s very… confused when you explain your fear to him.  You’re afraid of water?  But you drink water?  The whole planet is practically made of water??  YOU are mostly water???  He doesn’t quite grasp the concept.  Still, even if he can’t understand your fears, he can at least be supportive and accommodating.  You’re afraid to get in the ocean by yourself?  He’ll offer to let you ride on his back or stomach.  Rather keep your feet on the ground?  No problem!  He loves exploring the human world!  He’s fine with keeping the majority of your dates to seaside carnivals or walks along the beach.

Arcee:  You expect a tough, fearless mer like Arcee to laugh at you when you tell her about your phobia, but to your surprise she’s very understanding.  “Everybody’s afraid of something,” she says matter of factly.  You ask her if she’s afraid of anything and she smirks and says Bulkhead breaching on top of her.  Arcee makes it a point never to force you to go in the water.  She knows that everyone deals with phobias in their own way.  Arcee’s also very protective of you and let’s you know that she’ll smack anyone who dares to make fun of you about your fear.  Of course, if over time, you get to a point where you’d feel comfortable swimming with her, she’s gladly take you for a spin on her back.

Bulkhead:  In all honestly, he’s a bit relived.  Sure, he might have been looking forward to going diving with you, but at the same time, dry land is probably the safest place for you.  Do you have any idea how dangerous the ocean can be?  There are sharks.  Sharks, y/n.  Even still, he does gently nudge you to talk to a professional about your phobia, but he won’t push the issue if you say no.  His favorite thing to do with you is lie out on the beach on gloomy days when there’s no one else around.  He’ll also help you build sandcastles and let you bury him in the sand in human form (just be sure to uncover him before the tide rolls in.  He’s still a mammal after all.)

Wheeljack:  He’s not exactly what you’d call sympathetic at first.  He thinks being afraid of the water is kind of silly, especially when you live so close by.  (Truthfully though, he’s a bit wounded because he’s worried you might also be scared of him or that you won’t want to come see him anymore.)  If he makes you upset with his seeming indifference, or god forbid makes you cry, he’ll feel like absolute slag.  Hey, hey, no!  Come on!  He didn’t mean it!  It’s not stupid.  He didn’t mean to upset you.  Please don’t cry!  He’s a bit more sympathetic towards you from then on, and doesn’t bring it up again.  But just because you can’t get in the water with him, doesn’t mean he still can’t show you a great time!  There are plenty of secret coves and beaches he can still show you as he swims alongside your boat.

Smokescreen:  Like Bumblebee, he’s very confused.  (You don’t like the water?  How can you not like the water?  The water is great!)  Unlike Bumblebee, however, he’s far more adamant about changing your mind.  Smokescreen takes it upon himself to be your personal phobia coach, which goes just about as well as you’d expect.  His idea to have you conquer your fears is to throw you into the middle of the ocean with no life jacket.  After receiving the verbal beating of a life time from Ratchet, as well as a few days of the silent treatment for you, Smokescreen sheepishly apologizes.  He never meant to freak you out.  He only wanted you to see how cool his home could be.  He’ll never do it again, promise.  He tries much harder to be supportive and listen to you from then on.

Ultra Magnus:  He doesn’t say anything, but he does give you some serious side-eye about it.  Don’t take it too personally, he just has a hard time relating.  When you’re as big as he is and have no known predators, the ocean doesn’t seem all that daunting.  Still, you’re his human, and it’s his job to keep you safe.  Worried about storms?  You never see so much as a dark cloud anywhere near the beach from then on.  Don’t like not being able to see into the water?  Oh, look at that!  Suddenly the shallows seem crystal clear where you live!  Afraid of all the things that might be lurking in the deep?  Well, there might be some odd things down there, but you know what the ocean also has?  Dolphins!  Lots of Dolphins!  You know Ultra Magnus will deny any of it if you bring it up (something about an abuse of power), but he’s certainly not going to object to a few extra smooches now and again.

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Oh wow, until you wrote it down couldn't put my finger on it, but Cercei does dislike being touched by anyone she doesn't regard as an extension of herself... A result of Tywin's weird take on sexuality I guess? It's one of the main differences between her and Jaime, I think. He seems to dislike this distance between him and most other human beings, and seems to really enjoy human contact when he gets it (ie Brienne, even when they weren't fond of each other).

It’s kind of hard to separate book and show Cersei here just like it’s always hard, they’re so different. But I will do so! 

Cut for length and references to literary portrayals of mental illness.

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Look, I don't like Dany either, and I don't always agree with her behavior, but I do want to acknowledge that she's fighting a war. During wartime, horrible things happen, that doesn't instantly make her a terrible person. And, this may be a stupid question, but I don't understand why you keep saying her crimes are worse because Jon has killed people too. He fights as well. During wartime, everything's allowed.

‘During wartime, everything’s allowed.‘ 

Originally posted by kyleeandmyranda

With all due respect anon, but NO.

I am fully aware that Westeros is entirely based on some magical fantasy world Martin created with his brain alone, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to judge her behavior as if I have literally no knowledge of what is right or wrong. 
‘They have no laws in Westeros so she can do whatever she likes’ is not how I’m judging the characters of ASOIAF. In fact, knowing Martin, reading all his interviews, being fully aware of his own political opinion, I can assure you that he wants you to judge these characters with your own values in the back of your head. He wants you to think ‘Do I agree with this?’ he wants you to see the grey. He wants to tell us something. He didn’t write an insanely politically complex and culturally detailed world for you to shrug ‘It’s fantasy, it’s war, whatever. She’s killing? I mean, who cares, people get killed all the time lol DRAGONS!(@!!!’.


Okay, where to start?

‘During wartime, horrible things happen, that doesn’t instantly make her a terrible person.‘ - I hate this argument. During war time terrible things happen, and you try to refrain from tagging along with that pattern as much as you bloody can. If you don’t and take the easy road (’Fuck olive trees, I’m a Targaryen, Fire and Blood!’), you’re weak, wrong and a shitty human being. In those cases when you have no choice, there are a couple of reasons that may cause you to get away with it. Unlawful violence can be excused due to content, distress, self-defense, countermeasure, necessity or force majeur. 

Jon killing people, each and every time, falls within the scale of these. Dany killing? Often not so much or not at all. So the comparison is void. 

Doing horrible things during war time makes you guilty of war crimes. War crimes don’t have a name in Westeros in the sense that they’re not written down and ratified, as they are today, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, that doesn’t mean we should be totally fine with Daenerys burning people. Just because Westeros has no declaration of Human Rights, does not mean I should suddenly forget that I personally believe that every person is innocent until proven guilty according to the law, by a fair trial, with proper defense. ‘It’s war, so Dany burning people who may not be guilty is fine by me’ is… a staggeringly dumb opinion to have. Yes, even if these people used to be slavers. 

I have been astounded by the amount of ‘it’s war’, ‘Cersei is worse’, ‘Cersei would do the same’, ‘They should’ve bended the knee’ and ‘They chose not to surrender!’ arguments that flooded not just tumblr but the internet. Seriously? That’s really how people feel? Are your Dany tinted glasses that thick? Does she have to be perfect? Daenerys has done some horrible things. Owe up to it, because this is not negotiable and denying it will make you look like a hypocrite. 

As for your comment ‘All is fair in war’, please, please change your mind. You did not seem to only refer to Westeros, which is problematic. War in itself is wrong, but within it, when it has become unavoidable, we must do all we can to keep damage as minimum as possible. 

Let me introduce you to the two wonderful latin terms: Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello. That first one is a general term for international law referring to what conditions allow states to use force. The second is the laws that hopes to minimize the use of force as much as possible when no longer avoidable. 

The international community fails every day at preventing war crimes, at protecting innocents and the vulnerable. BUT, I dare say, that they are successful from time to time as well. Lives are at stake, it’s about people. Of course Westeros is fake, but what happens in these books or in that show often is not. Of course queens don’t often set soldiers on fire with their dragons when they refuse to bend the knee. But the concept of punishment by murder following refusal to obey has been a constant issue of Human Right’s breach throughout human history. 

NOT all is fair in war. If Dany had swooped in on her dragon and set Jaime Lannister alone on fire, she could’ve flown away with her head held high (though I’m not 100% sure, as Jaime at the time of LTA had only attacked Tyrell forces, in a countermeasure to Dany attacking Casterly Rock, but I’ll have to look into that, and I won’t cause time). She didn’t though, she burned food for innocents (for no reason), attacked not out of self-defense, destress or necessity but out of frustration, and executed after surrender, though that last part is irrelevant, because you are never allowed to execute prisoners of war, until after they’re found guilty of crimes. That said, Daenerys is an invader. Her entire campaign does not fall within the scales of anything justified. 

‘It’s war’ is, never was, never has been, never will be a proper excuse for cruelty, tyranny, murder or reckless violence… especially not when your self-centered crappy excuse for destructive war is ‘I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will.’ 

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That disconnect on loving/being loved is one of the major conflicts between Cas and Dean (as I see it). Now, this might not be popular but I think Dean did a lot of mistakes in their earlier relationship that has contributed to Cas not getting it now (along with Cas' angelic perspective, of course). Dean is trying like hell to undo some of the damage, kudos to him, but that's why Dean gets in a fit when Cas doesn't answer, risks his life, takes stupid risks and Cas being all "this not ok now?"

Heck okay… Over dinner, Mr. Mittens was talking to me about Scorpion (which he watches and I don’t, really, other than sort of letting him keep me informed about the character dynamics, because I watched the first season with him and it’s nice to know that the various characters are getting along and doing well…)

I do have a point bringing up this completely different TV show, I swear…

The show itself is about this group of geniuses who are all sort of ~socially outcast~ because of their various talents, to the point that most of them had been wanted by various governments for various criminal activity… but they’re all assembled together to solve these sorts of global threat type situations.

The main character is this guy called Walter who’s a supergenius who was arrested for hacking NASA when he was a little kid. So he’s always been on the U.S. Government radar as a potential threat. But he’s not American by birth. This will be important later…

Anyway, in the pilot episode they meet this woman named Paige who was working as a waitress at a diner. She’s just a normal working mom, but she falls in with this group of geniuses because she’s got her own sort of genius: translating humanity for these people who despite being brilliant are sort of “rusty” in the “people skills” department…

So Walter and Paige sort of have this interesting dynamic, and are both attracted to each other, but he’s got like ZERO in the way of people skills or understanding his own feelings, and she thinks she’s got nothing to offer him because she’s just this regular person.

Her son, however, is also brilliant, and Walter helps her to understand her son while she helps him to begin to understand people in general.

At one point Paige discovered that Walter was secretly married to one of the other members of the team, but it was only so he could gain U.S. Citizenship, and she felt betrayed that he’d lied to her about something that big… even though he never had any romantic interest at all in that other character (and all this was only revealed because someone else had asked her to marry them, and she’d kept turning them down, because she couldn’t divorce Walter without him getting deported, but that was supposed to remain a secret… blah blah blah, misunderstandings ensue before the truth finally comes out…)

(ETA: This other character Walter was married to? Her name is Happy.)

Three seasons later, whoops Walter has made a sort of deathbed (drug-induced) love confession to Paige that he didn’t remember making (because drug-induced deathbed confession) BUT IT WAS VIDEOTAPED and then used against him later. When he realized what he’d confessed to her, he began pushing her away.

He found her a “regular” job so she wouldn’t be “in danger” from working with the team anymore, pushing her away emotionally, because he was terrified that now he’d confessed his love to HER that she would use that confession to break his heart. (because why would she love me back…)

Meanwhile she’s angry with HIM for pushing her away because she WANTS to work with the team, and it’s not his job to babysit her…

So Mr. Mittens is telling me this entire sordid tale, and I asked him, “But do you think they’re endgame for each other? Like they’ll eventually get together?” And he’s like “Absolutely. It’s obvious how much they love each other. They just need to communicate.”

And I sat through that entire description from him while eating a pancake like this:

(I have this gif saved as “dean chews judgmentally”)

So you can probably make all the comparisons ever to Dean and Cas through Paige and Walter, because the underlying story is almost beat for beat identical.

So tell me they aren’t writing this as a romance.

  • Blake: Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you.
  • Ghira: What is it sweetie?
  • Kali: You know you can tell us anything.
  • Blake: I know. It's just... This may come as a shock to you both.
  • Kali: Haha. I'm sure we can handle it.
  • Blake: *inhale* Okay... I'm not dating Sun. We are just friends.
  • Ghira: That's more along the lines of relieving new dear.
  • Kali: Ghira.
  • Blake: The reason why I only like him as a friend is because I like, no, love someone else.
  • Kali: Aaaaaaw Sweetie.
  • Ghira: Please tell me it's not any of his other teammate.
  • Blake: No dad. SHE isn't. *Looking a bit more nervous.*
  • Kali: Blake. We know you are bisexual. And we still love you no matter what. After all we knew right away that you and Ilai weren't doing late night combat training.
  • Ghira: We will always love you, Blake. Plus, Now I don't have to warning about early grandkids.
  • Blake/Kali: DAD!/GHIRA!
  • Ghira: I'm kidding. I'm kidding... Partly.
  • Blake: Sigh. Okay that answers a few things but that's not all.
  • Kali: Oh? What else is there?
  • Blake: ...
  • Ghira: Blake. You can tell us.
  • Blake: *She begins to shack with tears in her eyes.*
  • Kali: Sweetie. What's wrong? *Both her and Ghira get up and move to Blake's sides, both hugging her as she she cries.*
  • Blake: She... She saved me from Adam... And... And lost her arm because of me. *sniffle* She has done so much for me. And I left her when she needed me the most to protect her.
  • Kali: Oh honey.
  • Ghira: I'm sure she will understand. Though, I never thought Adam would attack other faun-
  • Blake: She's a human.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: A... Human?
  • Blake: It's part of why I left... Adam said he would destroy everything I love... I was afraid if I stayed with Yang. He or the white fang would go after her. It's why I... I wanted to bring her here, where I thought the white fang wouldn't be but I was afraid... I was afraid that you two would be...
  • Kali: *Pulls Blake into a tight hug.* Blake. My baby girl. We love you no matter what and no matter who you love whether they be a Faunus or a human. I mean, We did start the originally to unity humans and faunus.
  • Blake: *Smiles and hugs her mom.* Thank you mom. *she then turns to her dad who is in deep thought.* Dad?
  • Ghira: ... I'm sorry Blake. *he said as she stood up.*
  • Blake: Dad? *She said with a heart broken look.*
  • Kali: Ghira? *She questioned as they watched him walk to his deck and open a drawer pulling something as he walks back over.*
  • Ghira: You said her name was Yang? As in Yang Xiao-Long? *He asked handing the object to Blake, Kali meanwhile suddenly having a look of realization.*
  • Blake: Y-yes. *She said confused taking the object realizing it was a framed picture.*
  • Ghira: Then I am sorry Blake. But The woman you love isn't just a human. *Ghira told Blake who looked at him confused before looking at the picture as she gasped. The photo showing a younger Ghira and pregnant Kali with a younger Taiyang and pregnant Raven.* She is half faunus.
  • Blake: I don't... I don't understand.
  • Ghira: What I'm saying Blake is... *Deep breath.* Our future Grandchildren have a less chance of getting your ears.
  • Blake: *Blake stared at her fathers serious expression as it slowly breaks into a chuckling smile making her laugh as well as she stands up and hugs her dad.* I'm sure they'll still look lovely.... Thank you. Both of you.
  • Kali: Of course dear. *Kali smiled hugging her husband and daughter.*
  • Ghira: We love you Blake. No matter what... I just hope She doesn't have Tai's taste for terrible puns and jokes.
  • Blake: Uh... Yeah. About that. *Ghira groans*
  • Kali: Oh I like her already.