he doesn't smoke i don't care

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2 times. 1. in season 2 when Sam was possessed by Meg and they found out he had bought some cigarettes and was smoking dean said "Cause smoking, throwing bottles at people, I mean, that sounds more like me than you. " and 2. in season 9 when he showed up at gas n sip he said "I'll have some beef jerky and a pack of menthols." they don't explicitly say he does but it is definitely implied. I think there was another time but I can't remember....

i see your evidence and i reject it because there’s no way health nut dean winchester would put such toxic things in his body when he is so canonically committed to taking care of his own physical well being

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you say you're filled with positivity... but so many of your fans are sad about zayn leaving one direction and all you can do is make a tweet making fun of them. you're disgusting. do you even care that some people dedicate their time for these boys? what if you left the cube? I know you sure as hell wouldn't care, but your fans would. just because one direction are pop doesn't mean they're the worst band on earth. you're so fake it makes me sick. go smoke weed and don't make fun of my boys

Uh, I actually like 1D. I wasn’t making fun of anyone for liking them or even for being upset about Zayn leaving. What I was making fun of was people attacking random people on the Internet simply for expressing their opinion that the whole situation is a bit ridiculous. I’m sorry guys, I don’t mean to offend you but he left a band, he didn’t die. If you can’t see that there was even a bit of an overreaction to this whole situation then I suggest taking a step back. If I were to leave the Cube for the same reasons Zayn left 1D, I sure as hell hope people would support my decision and not be saying things like “#CutForZayn” because of it. Here would be my suggestion for anyone upset about Zayn leaving: do your best to respect his decision if you truly support him and 1D.

As for those of you who are having a rough time because of Zayn leaving, I hope you feel better soon. Really, I do. I’ve gotta be honest though, if one of my favorite artists said they were quitting a band/music to be with their family, I’d say to them “I respect that. You do what you need to do to make yourself happy.”

Also what does smoking weed have anything to do with this? I don’t know if that’s supposed to be insulting to me but it really isn’t, just fyi. Have a nice day :)

Signs as stuff I have gotten into trouble for in school
  • Aries: Laughing really loudly when the teacher said a butt joint in Design and Manufacturing
  • Taurus: Shouting John Cena when the teacher turned off the lights
  • Gemini: Shouting Deez nuts when the teacher turned off the lights
  • Cancer: Saying I ship it in Religious Studies between two guys who where fighting
  • Leo: Writing Senpai next to my friends name on a seating plan
  • Virgo: Saying Bro's before hoes when a teacher asked to talk to my teacher
  • Libra: I was accused of not listening in a class then was asked to repeat it she called me cheeky
  • Scorpio: asked to put my phone away and I said it was an iPod
  • Sagittarius: Saying he doesn't have a nice ass in English
  • Capricorn: Slapping someone who was taking my stuff
  • Aquarius: I refused to wear my wet P.E kit and he yelled at me and I replayed with "P.E IS A WASTE OF TIME JUST LIKE YOU!!"
  • Pisces: Saying the teacher smokes weed everyday not realising she was behind me the whole time

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My boyfriend of three years is completely changing. He doesn't care about anything or put effort into our relationship anymore. He started smoking weed and getting drunk and lets his friends talk shit about me, as if I don't matter. He's been going through some personal things but it's been going on for months and talking isn't helping because as he states "i do not care"

Once someone doesn’t care thats when trouble comes in. Once someone stops responding to anything you do, it just means they’ve completely walked away. I think you should be direct to him and if you can then cut ties with him. If you’ll tell me “But we’ve been together for three years! That would be a waste” Nope. It WOULD be a waste if you know its going nowhere yet you still stick with him. People change and sometimes, as i said in my quote, we have to break promises not because we want to but because we have to. Make this choice for yourself