he doesn't see the great in himself

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;


Decided to get some official looks down for the BadBrotherAU since it’s nice to be able to discern the differences.

Papyrus doesn't have a battle costume because  I feel like that was something Sans and Papyrus did together and seeing as how they don’t spend time together in this universe it wouldn't make sense. Not to mention BB Sans would make fun of him. 

Sans is a bit more content with himself. He’s very resigned though about the rests, more to the point where he doesn't do anything to stop it, just sort of lets it happen and see where it takes them. He goes to Grillby’s all the time and is a bit more social as he’s not spending his off time researching how to stop the rests and all that.

IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK :3 Can’t guarantee I’m going to be posting every week but at the very least I can say I’ll be around! <3


Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

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I realize you like Punk!Cas and Nerd!Dean... But another one of my favorite Aus is Punk!DEAN and Nerd!CAS. BARE WITH ME!!! There are the loud, rowdy jocks, the geeky, book-loving nerds, but you'll never see Dean with anyone. He's always alone. People say it's because he's so scary, nobody wants to risk messing with him. Others say it's just simply"how Dean rolls". He doesn't need to inconvenience himself with the presence of other people. He's the intimidating lone-wolf. (1)

Then we have Cas. Genius at science, charming, funny (in his own quirky way) - he’s got a good thing going, he’s got a great group of friends who all share his interests, he’s great with people, he’s fairly known among school. Then one day he’s paired up with Dean Winchester on a science project, and while all his friends think it’s “so COOL Cassie!” - all he can think is, “great, this guy.” Because really, Dean Winchester? Cas doesn’t get what the big deal is about him. (2)

He walks around, moping and glaring at anyone who crosses his path. Who does he think he is, huh? What’s his deal, is he trying to keep up some fucking image? What, does he think it’s cool? Does he think he’s scary? Intimidating? Puh-lease. Castiel’s not buying any of it. He thinks Dean is just a stuck up, angsty little brat. No, he KNOWS he is. (3)

(4) But three days later, he finds himself sitting on his bed with Dean Winchester himself, and they’re not doing an ounce of work, because Dean is telling Castiel about how he pool-hustled this group of guys this one time and holy hell, Castiel is gripping his sides from how hard Dean’s making him laugh. He doesn’t fail to notice how Dean seems quietly elated that he’s getting this reaction from Castiel

But no, Dean /blushes/. And Castiel is struck speechless for a second because here sits Dean-intimidating-lone-wolf-winchester on Castiel’s bed, blushing at the most medicocre compliment. Surely he gets compliments all the time? Castiel says as much. Dean only blushes further, to Castiel’s- what, amusement? He can’t deny he finds it incredibly… Endearing. God, he never thought he’d use that word to describe Dean. (5 )   
WOW THAT GOT SO LONG I hope that doesn’t bother you, that just- REALLY got away from me imsorry😂Idk, I just love the idea of that punk and nerd dynamic being switched around, y'know? Dean being this intimidating punk and Cas being a nerd but really it’s Dean who needs Cas’s love and reassurance, Dean who doesn’t have too much experience with people in any way, Dean who totally gets fucked senseless and owned and taken care of by Cas behind closed doors heehee So yeah. Punk!Dean and Nerd!Cas.

OR if you are I don’t give a flying fuck, and please do it more often??? PLEASE?

give me more of actually-a-soft-boy badass looking punk!Dean and nerd!Cas

If Jamie and Claire (and Wee Ian) could text: Jamie Fraser, Indian Agent" (ABOSAA) Edition
  • Wee Ian: now, dinna be cross auntie
  • Claire: well this is off to an excellent start
  • Claire: don't be cross about WHAT, precisely
  • Claire: if you tell me you or rollo knocked your uncle off a cliff on the way to the cherokee village i will ABSOLUTELY be cross
  • Wee Ian: no no no nothin like that :)
  • Wee Ian: I may have accidentally led the village folk to think Uncle Jamie's the king
  • Claire: the king?
  • Claire: of...England?
  • Wee Ian: aye, just that
  • Claire: erm...
  • Claire: might I ask why?
  • Claire: (I really don't think you needed to give him any more reason to be full of himself to be honest)
  • Wee Ian: weeel, there's no really a word in their language for agent, ye see
  • Wee Ian: and it was important to make sure they knew he had authority, so
  • Claire: so, King Fraser it is
  • Claire: he'll be insufferable i'm sure ;)
  • Claire: ...but hold on
  • Claire: why are you apologizing for that?
  • Claire: doesn't seem a great problem
  • Claire: least of all in the middle of the bloody night
  • Wee Ian: s'not that precisely
  • Wee Ian: see, they've taken it upon themselves to..erm...honor the visiting king
  • Claire: ....'kay.....
  • Wee Ian: ....with gifts....
  • Claire: ian this is getting tiresome.
  • Claire: what KINDS of gifts
  • Wee Ian: pelts
  • Claire: what's the problem with
  • Wee Ian: LADY pelts
  • Wee Ian: two of em
  • Claire: WHAT????
  • Claire: ....
  • Claire: I should be furious but honestly I just cnt stop laughing
  • Wee Ian: I KEN , RIGHT???? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Wee Ian: god above it's the most fun i've had in months
  • Wee Ian: they are DETERMINED
  • Wee Ian: and every few moments there just comes a wee sound from him
  • Wee Ian: like a pup that's got his tail trod on
  • Wee Ian: and i'm gnna pass out
  • Claire: and there's TWO OF THEM ON THE PROWL??
  • wee Ian: aye!! Slippery wee things too. Bet they're used to catching trout wi their bare hands
  • >>>Claire has added Jamie Fraser to the chat<<<
  • Claire: I hear you're having a rough night, darling!
  • Wee Ian: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 imgnapiss
  • Jamie: Ian ye [incoherent gaelic cursing] what in gods name did ye have to bring your auntie into all this
  • Jamie: can ye not tell i'm dying of shame already???
  • Wee Ian: god but it's so fun uncle
  • Claire: It's fine darling i promise
  • Claire: Ian was just explaining that if you come home with bruises and love bites, it was only from defending your virtue
  • Jamie: sassenach I'm so so sorry about this, truly
  • Claire: how about the old Dame Blanche trick?
  • Claire: can't sleep with them because your wife's a witch that'll curse them??
  • Jamie: will take it down a notch or two but an OATH will do quite nicely
  • Jamie: you're a Saint MND
  • Claire: you have my full support darl
  • Wee Ian: OH MY GOD UNCLE
  • Claire: what??
  • Jamie: WHAT??
  • Wee Ian: did ye no hear what the littler one just said??
  • Jamie: I mean i HEARD but I dinna understand everything she says
  • Wee Ian: she's saying how distraught she is that you've got the otath on ye because you're so....
  • wee Ian: : well equipped
  • Jamie: oh lord
  • Wee Ian: shewantsthegingerD
  • Claire: well at least she's got good taste
  • Jamie: :) That's verra sweet, sassenach
  • Claire: well, she DOES.
  • Claire: You ARE quite the tidy package
  • Jamie: aye... weel...
  • Claire: very befitting a KING
  • Jamie: oh jesus christ
  • Claire: Crown jewels and all
  • Jamie: ☺️☺️☺️😏😏😏
  • Claire: come home to me soon, your majesty?
  • Jamie: soon as I can
  • Jamie: canna wait to worship ye wi' tongues at your
  • Wee Ian: this is getting a wee bit personal
  • Wee Ian: even for me
  • Wee Ian: why don't ye tell them i'm your son, uncle Jamie, and see if they'd like to come pay ME some honor
  • Jamie: alright hold on
  • Wee Ian: this night keeps getting better and better
  • Claire: cocky, aren't we?
  • Wee Ian: oh aye well that's the general--
  • Jamie: sorry Ian
  • Jamie: seems as though they'd prefer to keep me chastely warm instead
  • Claire: PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's GOT to hurt, wee prince !!
  • Wee Ian: 😒😒😒😒😒😒

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Part 1: The kid hasn't been this twitchy since his high school days. Pre-possession. Stan wonders what's got him wound up so tight. It's been a great day. The swearing in ceremony was relatively short, the attending crowd small. Mostly family of the graduating agents. To anybody who doesn't know Stiles, he's his usual attentive self, but to Stan - who sees so much of himself in his grandson - there's a risk assessment currently in progress. Even John has picked up on the tension.

Stiles asks if they’re okay, if they want to head back to Georgetown now or later for their dinner reservations. Stan wants to ask why he keeps scanning the crowd. Should they be planning an exit strategy? Is there a threat? Supernatural or otherwise? He doesn’t. Just catches Stile’s attention, stares him down. John is watching them both, but says nothing. Lets it play itself out. Stan has pretty much seen it all. Worked cases that would make your skin crawl. And if he remembers correctly, one that actually involved skin trafficking for walkers. Has the scars to prove it. 

But that’s neither here nor there. Kid’s gonna have to pay his dues, but Stan’s put the right word in the right ear here & there. Let certain people know that it would behoove them to avail themselves of Stile’s, uh, special skill sets.  Something catches Stile’s attention to their left. His head snapping around so fast that Stan instinctively reaches for a sidearm that is not there. Today. John has tensed up, scans the crowd, but relaxes when he sees what Stiles has zeroed in on. He gives Stan a subtle shake of his head. The okay to stand down. 

A young man. Late 20’s, early thirties. Impeccable gray suit, dark scruff to balance it out. 30 yards from their location. Watching, staring. Mostly at Stiles. John lets out an audible sigh, nudges his father, asks him if he wants to talk to some old friends they spotted earlier. Stan just laughs out loud.  His grandson hasn’t stopped staring at the young man, mouth hanging open, a slight blush high on his cheeks. 

Oh, this is gonna be good. Stan wonders if he should make formal introductions now, just to be a shit, or later when he asks Stiles what his intentions are with Special Agent Hale. 

also a very quick scribble to celebrate how much I love the companions’ ability to injure themselves without any reason. xD

I’ve seen Deacon do it quite a bit in Nuka World (falling from elevators and stuff), but the most recent case was when I was heading to the exit of Nuka-Galaxy (feeling quite sick because yay simulation sickness) when suddenly I heard from behind a clang that was very definitely a garbage can, and then Deacon yelling ‘Ow ow OOOWWW’. I couldn’t help but laugh haha. I’m glad I didn’t see what he actually did to manage to hurt himself with the garbage can because it opens up lots of possibilities. ^u^

I don’t enjoy the idea of the companions getting hurt but the game mechanics just sometimes make it very hilarious. How. How did you hurt yourself walking through an empty room I don’t understand.

Homeland ended after season 4. Quinn didn’t really go to Syria. He thought carefully about what was best for himself for once, and finally decided to leave far away from Carrie, Dar Adal and the CIA mess. He’s currently living a peaceful life in a cabin in Iceland with Astrid and their german shepherd Leo.

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ugh thank you so much for sharing your Sangwoo perspective, it's SO on point and i couldn't agree more, the issue cannot just be solved by putting him (or Bum, for that matter) to jail and i'm glad someone in the fandom pointed it out so well defined. he sure as hell got great in "maintaining a facade" but just the way he doesn't even probably realise the extent of his inner loneliness and vulnerability makes me wonder whether Bum could somewhere in the long run even affect his murdering urges..

Yeah, indeed. 

Sangwoo is not a very self-aware person, not in a very complex level since he thinks he is self-aware, which actually blocks him from seeing a lot of himself. 

Sangwoo is pretty empty on the inside, as sad as that is, and his emotions are either very extreme or not there at all. 

Sangwoo’s whole deal, I mean his body literally blocking his ability to feel things, is actually a defence mechanism precisely so he doesn’t realise his inner loneliness and vulnerability as it would have been detrimental to his sanity even further. 

Bum is observant but he is also under a lot of pressure and constant threat of his life, so I don’t actually know. I think for that to happen, or at least for him to share that with Sangwoo, the power dynamic has to change a little. 

Also no problem, thank you for reading my perspective~~ 

Leaf ninja as animals
  • Naruto: golden retriever. The most loyal and good boy
  • Sasuke: cheetah. Opportunist, solitary by choice, fckn lethal
  • Sakura: roadkill
  • Shino: preying mantis. The king bug, you cannot take him
  • Hinata: lion. Deadly af and soooo loyal. Come at the fam, you getting slammed
  • Kiba: he would literally be Akamaru.
  • Shimamaru: octopus. He hides himself. He attacks. He is smarter than you. You try to catch him, but he catches you.
  • Choji: grizzly bear. He's gentle by nature and wants to chill and eat but step up to him, see what happens
  • Ino: bumblebee. LOVES flowers, makes flowers happen, a smol friend
  • Neji: great white. Doesn't care about you, minds his business, could destroy you but won't.
  • Tenten: baboon. Collects shiny things, group oriented, can f*** you up so bad
  • Lee: elephant. Smart and loyal, stronger than strong, peaceful boy who loves his friends. Try him up. I dare you.

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I also hate that most wants a freaking fight every arc :( I actually find fight scenes boring. Marineford was ok, but Dressrosa was so boring. And I hate how people wish that being a good fighter makes that character more amazing. That's why characters like Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper are so underappreciated. I can't understand people wanting Sanji to fight all the time. He can fight, heck he is strong. But that doesn't mean he should always fight. And he is a chef, which he takes pride in


I saw yesterday people complaining that this arc will end with a cake… and can’t understand why they’re so disappointed.

I remember Oda said that if One Piece would be just a ‘fight’ manga would be defeated by Dragon Ball, that’s why he focus more on the story.

Sanji is gonna show the great cook he is, he’s gonna save his crew, doing what he loves most: cook. And just seeing his face, totally confident of himself, CAN’T THEY SEE HOW AMAZING HE IS?!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

I mean, this scene is one of my favorite epic scenes ever.

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I love how people find it hard to believe Niall is in fact the most educated out of the boys he just doesn't drink beer & play golf. The guy is friends with Eoghan who's educated af & Bressie who's a mental illness activist. Supported a campaign against domestic abuse. His female friends (Natalia for example) is all about women power. Niall is a sucker for women in power. He doesn't claim himself as a feminism but has strong views on it. For those who pay attention knows this.

niall is woke af and is always trying to better himself and educate himself in so many ways. its very apparent. hes the most outspoken about these subjects as well and thats SUCh a great thing to see. he uses his platform for good and thats amazing. hes extremely smart. 


fanon kaneki: cold, emotionless hardass who would fuck a rock into submission

canon kaneki: is the same lonely, neglected child that they always were, who overworks himself to death for the mere possibility of being loved by someone he loves. literally is his mother. who he unwillingly resents for never being there. what manga are u motherfuckers reading he’s literally represented as a weepy child every time we see inside his head. 

I respect [Thom Yorke] very much. He’s very shy and uncertain and doesn't reveal too much of himself. That’s why it’s quite hard for me to explain what he’s like. I can’t do him justice. But he’s a very special person. When he enters a room he affects the whole atmosphere in a very positive way. I also admire his great loyalty towards his band. He sees himself as a member and writer of Radiohead. His work is based on communication and understanding. He’s very down-to-earth and not egocentric at all.
—  Björk when asked about working with Thom Yorke (1999)

tell me more about jay halstead’s past [22/∞]

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i must tell someone. AU where Tsubomi ask's Teru out and he says yes (he has no idea that mob likes her) and when Mob finds out he gets real sad but doesn't tell anyone and just tries to keep to himself. But Teru wont stop talking about how great Mob is and how hes worried mob's acting weird when he's with Tsubomi and she starts to see to shigeo's from Teru's POV and ends up having a slight crush on Mob with Teru. hence TerMobomi is born (or TsuTeruMob)

omg.. . this is really good i love this….tsuterumob….thats so relevant to my interests im SHOOK this is A GREAT IDEA

  • I honestly love everything about Phil
  • •his sense of humor
  • •the way he can brighten up someone's day within 2 seconds
  • •the weird way he sticks his hands in his pockets
  • •his slightly crooked nose
  • •his toothy smile
  • •his obsession with lions
  • •the way he doesn't swear in his videos because little babies are watching
  • •his motive to put everyone before himself, but also take care of himself
  • •the amount of love in his eyes when he sees a Fan
  • •his hugs look amazing, I want one more than my highschool diploma
  • •his hair
  • •his northern accent
  • •his attempts at an american accent
  • •his awkwardness
  • •the way he attracts crazy but sane people
  • •Everything about his beautiful personality
  • Phil is an all around great person and I hope someday I'll get the chance to meet him
France Headcanons
  • Francis is not as frivolous with promiscuity as everything thinks he is. Yes, he enjoys physical intimacy, but he enjoys the romance aspect of love almost as much, if not more. He won’t jump in to bed with just anybody.
  • He easily falls in love with the idea of falling in love. I think this has lead to a lot of heartbreak for him, and as a result he shies away from love just as much as he is drawn to it. 
  • When he sees someone he’s attracted to, he daydreams about how he would woo/be wooed by them. Sometimes, he’ll dream up an entire relationship around a person before he’s snapped back to reality. 
  • He’s more complex than a simple “flirt”. 
  • He blushes quite easily, he’s just good at hiding it (read: long hair makes a great curtain)
  • He gives himself pep-talks in mirrors when feeling particularly self-conscious.
  • Love is love. He doesn't care what a person identifies as, he just wants to hold their hand. 

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Seeing how Varys was part of Aery's court and knows every inch of the Red Keep and King's Landing by heart, do you think is possible he doesn't know about the hidden wildfire? And if he does know, why hasn't he told anyone or taken care of the problem himself? Is hard to believe that someone with such a great information network wouldn't find out about the wildfire for fifteen years or more, or that he would let stay that way when that any accident could destroy the whole city and his plans...

…Of course, Jaime will be the main responsible if King’s Landing blows up because he knows for sure and didn’t do anything about because of his arrogance and pride and because he enjoys the “poor me, people hate me for saving a whole city” act way too much. Just wondering how can Varys not know about the wildfire, and if he knows, why hasn’t he done anything about it when that could end all his careful planning in just a few seconds.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Varys didn’t know about the wildfire, especially after the Battle of the Blackwater. And you’d expect Varys more than anyone to understand the magnitude of the threat, because wildfire is made and stored with magic. Maybe not much magic, because it was possible before the dragons came back, but enough. He and his little birds know all the tunnels, and even if they can’t walk through the passages where the wildfire is stored, he must have figured out by now that the only people who do go in and out of those areas are the pyromancers. It’s safe to assume he knows that the alchemists were willing and able to defuse the cache that was found more recently underneath the Great Sept, and it wouldn’t have been hard to get Hallyne to spill about why that was so urgent.

Personally, I think Varys will be even more culpable than Jaime, because it’s not quite true that Jaime didn’t do anything about it. He did hunt down and kill the pyromancers. Granted, what he did actually made things worse, because there was nobody around who knew how to disarm it, but he did try to do something. And, to be somewhat fair to Jaime, it’s not clear that he had the information to realize how insufficient that was. The pyromancers are incredibly proprietary. Until the Battle of the Blackwater, I don’t think wildfire had ever even been used by someone who wasn’t a pyromancer (and even then there was one overseeing it), except for Thoros of Myr’s party trick. It wouldn’t have been totally unreasonable for Jaime to think that the wildfire caches couldn’t be set off without the alchemists, or for him not to realize that a) the wildfire would grow more potent with time, rather than less, and b) the pyromancers were, in fact, willing and able to destroy it. The reader knows as much as we do about wildfire because of Tyrion’s behind-the-scenes tour with Hallyne in ACOK, which Jaime didn’t get. The more recent excavation from the sept happened “last year” as of ACOK, presumably during Robert’s progress to Winterfell, since Tyrion had to be told about it as well. From Jaime’s perspective, if there is a public safety hazard posed by Aerys’ wildfire, then the only people he could tell to do something about it were the alchemists, who are the people who purposefully created it.

(Am I searching the wrong keywords or something? Because this seems to be the prevailing view, but I can’t find evidence in the text that Jaime knows the wildfire caches can be set off by accident.)

The hidden wildfire as a story element is great, both as a synecdoche of the political situation as we find it and as a metaphor for how so many important characters live with their various traumas from Robert’s Rebellion. A lot of decisions are made which are justifiable day to day in keeping the short-term peace, but which added up to all these issues just festering until the War of the Five Kings breaks out.

Varys shouldn’t be sitting on this, but this in some ways is how he thinks. He’s playing at least as dangerous a game with Aegon, his hidden dragon, and he’s aided by a lot of often unwitting people like Jaime. “Keep quiet and hope for the best” clearly isn’t a good plan, but it wasn’t totally crazy, given that it did work for 10+ years. And if, as seems likely, the wildfire is sparked by Dany’s dragons, that’s hardly a foreseeable risk until well into the time frame of the series, even to Varys. That doesn’t totally let Jaime off the hook, because the alternative which could be apparent to him - evacuating Kings Landing indefinitely - was the right thing to do. But evacuating Kings Landing because of the wildfire requires telling everyone about the wildfire. That’s not without risk, as it effectively guarantees at least some of it will be found and stolen, but it’s also just a degree of upheaval that he couldn’t bring himself to cause.

And it also is Jaime experiencing the tragic psychology that a lot of characters do. He hits this crisis when he’s young, and he hides it because he’s understandably afraid of the fallout. But then the cover-up becomes this all-consuming commitment which eats up his entire identity and makes a future disaster all but inevitable. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before