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Raymond Reddington in 4x13

A study in Hopper

In episode 8 of Season 1 we get to know a bit more about the backstory of Jim Hopper: who he was before moving back to Hawkins, how losing everything - his daughter, his marriage, his family - meant losing himself and turning into the man we see when we first meet him in the story: broken, unconcerned about anything or anyone, and suffering from anxiety. After finding Will’s (fake) body in the lake and having to tell Joyce about the death of his son, it’s like he re-experiences what he had to go through when his daughter died. He is so shaken that the day after he calls his ex wife, he wants to make sure that she knows he doesn’t regret anything they had tried to build together. Wrong decision, calling her. He knows that after what had happened she tried to build a new life, a new family. He understands. It hurts, though, hearing the sound of a baby in the background. Not Sarah. She is gone. She is someone he will never have back. At the end of season 1 Hopper saves Will - literally - by brining him back to life by performing CPR, and he saves Joyce, too - more metaphorically - by helping her bring her son back home and helping her heart and mind find some final peace. He stands behind Joyce while she is crying and holding the breathing mask to Will’s face. He stands behind Joyce while she holds on to his arm and lets him support her weight, her battle, her relief. And in that moment Hopper feels something he hasn’t felt in a while: he feels like he belongs.

When we meet Hopper again in Season 2, his life has taken an unexpected turn. Now he has someone to take care of and look after. And he is not sure if he will be strong enough to go through that again and survive it without falling back into the deep, dark hole he let himself reach right after Sarah died. He wants to be strong enough, for her, but having Eleven home feels too much like having a bit of Sarah back, and that is the scariest thing he has ever felt since moving back to Hawkins. He makes her the kind of breakfast he knows she will like, he reads to her, he tries to measure up to the expectations he himself set as his carer. (Not dad, it’s still too soon for him, he thinks back then). Then he looses his temper, he raises his voice. He makes mistakes. He fails and that destroys him in a way that he hasn’t experienced in a very long time. By the end of Season 2, Jim Hopper’s growth has come full circle: he has learned from his errors, and he apologies. He wants what he has with this little girl more than he has ever wanted anything in the past five years, so he tells himself he will give everything he has to make it work, to make it perfect. What he thought he would never have again, what his ex wife was able to build after Sarah, he has it now. Jim and Jane Hopper. Family.

By Season 3 or Season 4, I would like to see the resolution come full circle: there is only one thing that Hopper wants as much as he wants to be a good father to Jane, and maybe he is not fully aware of it, or maybe he is and he is just letting it happen naturally, giving the other person the space she needs and deserves.

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ok so i'm looking at ur anons and any member of 5sos should be allowed to take a break whenever they please from social media! like u know what mental/physical health/etc always comes first and sometimes people just need a break!! they don't owe us an explanation and if a break of social media is what someone wants then they should be allowed to just do it. looking at them from under a microscope and judging them for every little thing doesn't help either. sorry for ranting lmao

exactly!! like when did Some of Us™ start acting so entitled like these guys owed us anything. who cares if any of them are off social media for a bit?? if that’s what he chooses to make himself a better person or if that’s juST WHAT HE FUCKIN WANTS then we need to respect that. they could all set their phones on fire tomorrow and never get new ones and we should still be behind them. if u ain’t gonna be behind that then u gotta stop acting like ur a huge stan bc it’s just fuckin annoying lmao. drink a capri sun and grow tf up

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Your Trashesty, I have an idea: Mick finds out Len is gay, and this makes him wonder how he should treat his friend now that he knows. But he doesn't want to ask Len outright--partly because he knows it's rude, partly because it would be weird, and though Len likes to hear himself talk, he doesn't like answering questions. So Mick decides to kidnap the Flash, who he figures is also gay for a number of reasons, to make him answer all of his questions. Cue Mick actually liking Barry. (1/2)

And then Mick wants to set them up because he thinks the Flash and Len would be good together and they both like guys right?


I love this so much. What did kidnapping Barry do? What questions could he have possibly answered? And Barry is so confused because why did Mick just assume he was gay too?


Someone continue this so I can cry pls

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Hi :) so my friend's been telling me this weird theory: Harry's hanging out with lots of celebrities, when Zayn doesn't, so I don't know why she thinks that if Harry is friends with so many people and Zayn is not, Zayn is not a good person, I mean she thinks she's not a good friend (weird, ha?), and she assumed this about Liam and Louis too.I just wanted to know your opinion on it? Do you really think that Zayn doesn't hang out with celebs just bcause he's not friendly?

i don’t understand your friend’s line of thinking at all. what does being a nice person have to do with having celebrity friends? lmao. just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they have to hang out with other famous people ??? and zayn’s talked about how he doesn’t even consider himself a celeb and that the whole concept is weird to him in general.

but the hilarious thing about this is that it’s not even completely true? if your friend needs an example, tell her about how zayn’s hung out with justin bieber.

and whenever zayn has interacted with celebs, i’ve only heard good things. + he frequently hangs out with naughty boy and that presents opportunities for zayn to hang out with other musicians/”celebs” and whatnot, like emeli sandé. and remember when he went to the asian awards??? good times.

overall, zayn is just more of a private person. while on break he spends most of his time with family and friends from home, away from the cameras. and he’s been known to bring his friends on tour with him (like danny and ant) and he’s stated how he’d like to bring his sister along so she can see the world. definitely seems like something a horrible person would do, right?

AND he does stuff for charity in his free time solely out of the goodness of his heart. such an asshole, i know.

apparently pete wentz stated that zayn is his fav member of 1d. and when morgan spurlock was asked “harry or liam?” he answered with “zayn” (this was the guy that did ‘this is us’ and therefore i assume he spent a decent amount of time with the boys)

and celebs actually want to work with zayn !!! prob ‘cause zayn is a known piece of shit. OBVS

luke pasqualino has no problem playing zayn - prob cuz he LOVES portraying assholes on screen.

here are some other instances of zayn not being nice and not hanging out with celebs.

when asked their fav member 

and matt lewis mr. neville longbottom himself…… likes ……….zayn !??!?!!! but harry is the one with all the famous friends !!!!!! this just makes no sense

basically, it’s dumb to compare what harry does to what zayn does ‘cause they’re both very different people. for example, if harry wants to have his birthday party with a bunch of famous people then that’s cool !!! if zayn wants to have his birthday party with his family then that’s cool too !!!!!! and it definitely doesn’t mean that zayn isn’t a NICE PERSON. so, yeah, hopefully  your friend will change her tune.

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OK so he wasn't aware of 1: the trope 2: Tara in BTVS's death 3: The forum drama What kind of executive doesn't do their research and keep up-to-date with what their staff are doing in regards to the show?! Honestly so unprofessional!

lmao he was definitely aware of all of it, we know he was at least aware of the trope because javi told us they talked about it, jason is just lying to make himself look less guilty