he doesn't know that this man lying before him

framby  asked:

Hey hey hey friend, I have another idea! :) you know this video about a man that is still on painkiller and doesn't recognize his wife but thinks he hits jackpot with her? What about something like that but with Derek as the man on painkiller? maybe he could've digest a little too much wolfbanes?


Since we all need the fluff anyway

Stiles is not exactly worried.

He knows what happened, he knows that Derek has been a magnificent idiot and put too much wolfsbane in his drink.


But now, he is waiting for his idiot to wake up so he can give him a stern lecture about responsible drinking - his father would be so proud - before taking him home.

For now, Derek is lying on a bed in the back of Deaton’s clinic, and Stiles is thumbing his way through a book Kira recommended.

The moment Derek starts stirring, though, Stiles is on his feet, coming to stand next to him.

“Hey,” he says softly. Derek smacks his lips and winces.

“Ow,” he groans pitifully, and Stiles reaches to brush his hair out of his face.

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