he does other funny stuff in the video i couldn't stop laughing

The Video - Requested (Ashton)

Hey this was requested by Anon (one where y/n is lukes older sister and shes on tour with the guys but whenever she’s asked to come along to sound checks and interviews and stuff she says no because she’s scared of the fans and has anxiety and ashton comes one night into her bunk and cuddles and tries to make her feel better?) its isnt 100% what you asked for because i changed it up a little but i hope you still like it. ENJOY ALL!!!!

‘(Y/N) please come to sound check, I hate leaving you in on your own’ Luke begs as he lingers in the door, ready to leave. But you laugh trying to act normally.

‘Luke, I’m fine. I don’t want to come’ you tell him, but you tell he takes offence and huffs leaving without a good bye. You feel bad so you send him a text apologising for it sounding so nasty, he forgave you pretty quickly. You decide to go for a walk, leaving the bus and walking about five minutes before seeing a group of fans, there are about eight of them and as you get closer they split half coming over to you, the other half walking away and watching.

‘Hey (Y/N), could we get a picture?’ one girl asks,

‘With me, I think it’s my brother you came for’ you joke and the four girls laugh as they pose with you. You chat with them for a couple of minutes and before leaving they hand over a A4 piece of paper FULL of twitter names and a couple of phone numbers, they ask you to give it to the boys and you agree. As you begin to continue walking you hear one girl shout behind you.

‘Your Luke’s sister you should be supporting him, not using him for his fame’ you turn to see one of the girls in the group you didn’t speak to laughing with her friends as she glared at you.

‘I support Luke 100%, and if you did you wouldn’t be shouting thing to his sister in the street’ you tell her walking away and heading back to the bus not in the mood for a walk any more. The fans are horrible to you, well some of you, others are lovely. As you enter the bus you let out a frustrated growl thinking you were alone, but that wasn’t true, just as your about to flop onto the sofa you see something move in the Courbet of your eye, you jump slightly looking in the direction only to see Ashton standing there frowning.

‘Hey, is everything okay?’ He asks

'Jesus Ash you nearly gave me a heart attack, why aren’t you at sound check?’ You ask avoiding his question

'Calum wanted his phone charger and I’m not needed at the moment so I came and got it’ he explains you nod, and sit down on the sofa. Ashton comes and sits next to you, turning and crossing his legs in the sofa so he is looking at you so you shift so you’re facing him too and way in him eye brows raised as you wait for him to speak.

'Talk to me’ is all he says and you shake your head frowning. 'Come on (Y/N), I know you want to be strong and not bother us with your stuff but we complain to you all the time. Just tell me what’s wrong’ he tells you and you watch him for a moment until deciding you can trust Ashton to not tell Luke.

'The fans hate me, they think I’m only on your with you guys because I was to share Luke’s fame, its horrible Ash and I don’t understand it. Mali-Koa doesn’t get hate, everyone loves her. Sometimes I just want to tell them how much I have given to support Luke but don’t want to sound like I was praise for it. But Ash I have given my life up so Luke could be here and I don’t mind because he’s my baby brother but it’s shit that al I get for it is hate.’ You stop looking down at your fingers; Ashton’s fingers lightly touch your chin moving your head so you’re looking at him.

'Ignore it, I know it’s hard but your amazing (Y/N), we know how much you have given and we are all so grateful. Look if the fans don’t want to accept you that are their problem. Because you are beautiful, funny, kind, loving, a little crazy at times but you really are amazing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all these amazing places because of a couple of girls’ he tells you, his eyes never leaving yours. You feel like you having a moment until his phone starts to ring and he has to get back to sound check.

While he is gone you can’t help bit keep thinking about everything he does. You have always kind of liked Ashton, he is the same age as you so it’s always helped but you always pick it aside. He is Luke’s best friend and he would never want you. You decide to look through twitter, it’s been about an hour since Ashton left and the boys still aren’t back. You see that there is a new video on the boys twitter and open it.

'Hi, hope everyone is doing well! We are just at sound check but we have something on our mind and we need to talk to you guys’ Ashton’s begins

'Earlier today we found out that someone very important to us is getting a lot of hate’ you watch Calum explain and your belly drops, you know it’s about you and you want to scream in augur at yourself for believing Ashton would keep your secret.

'My sister is amazing, and I really mean it when I say we wouldn’t be here without her. (y/N) actually talked me into starting to do YouTube videos and then when I told her about Calum and Michael she encouraged me to ask them about a band, she said the worst that could happen is that they say no. But not only that but because I’m not legally an adult I’m not actually allowed to be on your without a responsible adult which I’m sure most of you know because that’s why my mum was always with us, but two months ago my gran became very ill and my mum needed to be with her butters was no one else to be my responsible adult so we actually had a couple of serious meeting about cancelling the tour but then my amazing big sister quit her job that she has worked so so hard to get and she left her friends and out family at home to come with me so that we could still tour.’ Luke explains to the camera becoming very emotional to the point where he is nearly crying and Calum runs his back, comforting him.

'Some people have been horrible to her and she felt like she couldn’t tell us because people would say she’s attention seeking but she isn’t and we needed to know because honestly she hasn’t been herself lately and now we know why’ Michael continues for Luke as he seems like he can’t talk much more.

'We need people to stop, we love you guys but it’s not fair. No one should get hate messages especially not (Y/N)’ Calum tells the camera still running Luke’s back.

'She is an amazing person and none of us would be here right now if it wasn’t for her. So please, please stop’ Ashton begs the camera.

'Bye’ they all say not in union, bloody idiots can never speak at the same time no matter how hard they try. You close the video and although it was sweet you were still a fury at Ashton for betraying your trust. Your about to match over to the sound check to talk to Ashton when the bus door swings open, Luke comes rushing in and before you have chance to stop him his arms are around you tightly, like he can’t let go.

‘I am so sorry, this is my entire fault. I love you (Y/N), I understand if you want to go home. I hate that this is my entire fault.’ Luke tells you still holding you in his arms; you push him back gently and shake your head at him.

‘Luke this isn’t your fault, I wanted to do this for you. Don’t blame yourself. I honestly don’t mind, you know me never one to complain’ you smirk as he laughs, he always comments on how much you complain so the joke lightens the mood. Calum and Michael give you huge hugs to but Ashton doesn’t, he nods towards the door none of the other noticing as they got on with their own stuff. You walk out of the bus and turn to face Ashton.

‘I can’t believe you, I trusted you, what gave you the right to tell Luke’ you yell at him.

‘You can’t be mad at me, I had to do it, it was horrible to see you so down and knowing what was making you feel that way and not doing anything would have hurt even more’ he tells you not raising his voice at all.

‘I thought I could trust you, do you not think if I wanted Luke to know I would have told him. You had no right. That was my business not your Ashton’

‘You know, I don’t care if you mad at me. I did what I had to do; making the video and making you hate me will all have been worth it if you get a little less hate.’ He tells you and his words are so kind, so caring you can’t argue with him instead you stare at him augur and annoyance in your glare but also thankfulness, because maybe him going against you has actually helped.

‘I, still mad at you’ you mutter as you go to walk past him, but his hand grabs your arm turning you slightly and his lips press against yours, it was so quick you didn’t have time to think it though but before you knew it your lips were moving along with him, one of your hands in his hair. But you soon think through what you’re doing and pull away rushing inside. For the rest of the night you avoid Ashton at all costs. You’re in your bunk snuggled under your covers, and you hear your curtain being pulled back, you go to turn but as you do you are stuck in place as a body presses against yours, its warm and one arm moves over your waist holding you close, when you see the hands you know its Ashton. His lips touch your neck softly.

‘I like you’ he tells you, you smile and feel him smile as his lips are still on your neck.

‘Same’ is all you mutter as you close your eyes hoping for a good night sleep while in Ashton’s arms. 

Taking Requests

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