he does not keep them in check

If you ever just wanna feel a lil emo, take a second to remember that nakhun (one of the eliminated mydol trainees) still makes sure to keep up with vixx’s activities and supports them any way he can.

he bought tickets to elysium, watches their v app streams, requests their songs, “do well taekwoon and wonshik hehe 😆”, tweeting mvs, and again, even more tweets abt lr, you can absolutely bet he listened to vixx n kpop too


how frequently does eva talks to chris? only when she needs to ask him something or? did they ever talked about how he kept his word to her and didn’t told anyone about them? how does this hooking up at parties works exactly? who goes after who? what do they talk about? how often does eva checks his instagram? do they have feelings for each other or this is pure physical? is this friends with benefits? why is he still around? is eva different to him than other girls he hooks up at the parties? i need answers.

For someone who says he can relate to Mineta’s perversion, Horikoshi Kouhei sure does take Damn Good Care of his female characters and I am so glad he pretty much Never sexualizes them and he Never lets Mineta get away with his shenanigans

God bless Horikoshi Kouhei

When bangtan receives voodoo dolls
  • Namjoon: Writes deep messages on the doll and the doll ends up feeling touched.
  • Yoongi: Writes his own name on it and makes it sleep. Won't hurt anyone but keeps a marker and a set of pins nearby just in case.
  • Taehyung: Doodles on the face then sleeps with it as a legit toy doll.
  • Jin: Thinks the doll is a good idea and buys 6 more so that he can keep the rest of them in check.
  • Jimin: Also buys 6 more to give the dolls/members back massages everday. He'll cuddle with them too.
  • Jungkook: "lmao does it even work" Proceeds to twist the arm and squish it up and down. Jimin strangely feels very attacked at this moment in time in the other room.
  • Hoseok: Burns it immediately. Like burn the witch, cuz hell no.

Aaanndd my mother told me to “calm down” because “yes, he’s a piece of crap, but he can’t actually DO anything” after all, since Congress will keep Trump in line.

I told her that the system of checks and balances is not much comfort to me now that the majority of them think the same way he does, and that he will appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice. She sighed in the way that she does when I’m being over-dramatic.

Oh, and when I said I was worried about Pence persecuting LGBT folks, she told me not to broadcast that I’m in a same-sex relationship, because it’s nobody’s business, and it’s not like either of us “look gay.”

She also suggested I stop being so open about my relationship and other “adult issues” around my 10-year-old daughter (whom she told not to discuss Mommy’s “friend” anywhere but at home).

That’s what it’s like for me as a 45-year-old woman, talking to my mother who heartily dislikes Trump.

I don’t even want to imagine the conversations younger people are having with their Trump-supporter relatives.

this is four right? scrap or keep working on??

Chat watches Ladybug’s hands in fascination as she moves them almost subconsciously. It’s a repetitive pattern, but it doesn’t have the same meaning for him that it does for her. “What are you doing?” he asks when it’s been almost fifteen minutes, and really, everyone should be impressed that he even lasted this long. Curiosity killed the cat and all that. Killed the Chat. Either or.

“Knitting,” Ladybug replies automatically.

Chat frowns and looks back to her hands. Nope, no yarn or needles have magically appeared in her hands since he last checked. “You’re…”

“I’m pretending to knit,” she snaps. She closes her eyes and spreads her fingers apart, taking a deep breath. She caught him a little off guard, but he decides to wait for her to say something first. He doesn’t want to make anything worse.

“I knit when I’m stressed,” she says slowly before opening her eyes. “And I can’t knit because we’re on patrol so I’m pretending to knit.”

Chat nods slowly. That makes sense. A sort of fidget. A way to keep herself distracted. A constant, rhythmic motion that she can do without even thinking. “You knit?”

Ladybug turns to look at him. “Yes?”

He holds up his hands. “I just didn’t think you would knit. I don’t think about people knitting unless they’re like…grandmothers in rocking chairs.”

“Well you can add me to the list.” Chat notices her fingers are twitching, like she needs to go back to fake knitting.

“Do you have a rocking chair?” he asks.

She rolls her eyes. “No, I do not have a rocking chair. I have a desk chair. I spin while I knit, I do not rock.”

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No but now all I can think about is Hopper trying to act like he doesn’t care, keeping his distance from the Byers but checking up on them every day

Watching Will to make sure the bullies aren’t still tormenting him

Trying to keep an eye on Jonathan, to make sure the boy doesn’t get into trouble again because of Nancy, he knows the feeling to damn well 

Not wanting to admit to himself that he cares about this family more than he could ever imagine he would, especially after Sarah

But he needs to stay away, to keep them safe, he won’t let the government lay a hand on them if it is the last thing he does.

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Could you please do the "personality trait they are most atracted to" for Bokuto and Kuroo if you don't mind?

Of course I can!

Bokuto: fun-loving and affectionate - he needs that person always up for a good time, able  to pull him along to be kept entertained or okay with getting pulled along by him; and while affectionate isn’t a must, it would work for the best because he’s extremely affectionate himself, and so would simply be able to understand them a bit better, and wouldn’t be worried about holding himself in check

Kuroo: intelligent and caring as much as he could work out with the seductive femme fatale type, when it comes down to it, he needs a kind-hearted s/o - someone who sees the good in life and isn’t cynical, someone accepting; however, he does need the intelligence, he’s pretty smart himself so he’ll need someone who can keep up with him

I think one of the funniest things in TFA is how fucking done Megatron is with Starscream. But like, genuinely done, and not “desperately trying to pretend like I don’t care but getting weirdly angry”-done. 

I love that they check Starscream’s spark chamber right away after Megatron gets his revenge and they see that he is definitely dead, but then he keeps reappearing and that montage of Megatron killing him happens, and not once does Megatron show confusion or surprise. He is so not threatened by this guy that he doesn’t even question how the hell he’s still alive and attacking after all of this.

I just love this so much, Megatron doesn’t even give a shit. How done do you have to be with somebody that them rising from the dead doesn’t impress you. It’s hilarious and I love it. 

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YOOO MY GRUNT MY DUDE I've been wondering what would that Trainer Red be like around his crush? Is he a blushy dork? Does he stare at them like love struck linloone?

Red is really good at keeping his emotions in check, mostly on account that they all froze to death on Mount Silver. He’ll kind of admire them from a distance and drop very sweet compliments to them that makes THEM blush. But sometimes Red catches himself staring at their adorableness and his cheeks will feel a little pinker.

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"You love marshmallows, and you sorta look like an oversized livin' marshmallow; does that mean you taste like a marshmallow, too?"

marshadow insists that, through his own trial-and-error, he has deemed himself devoid of any marshmallow flavor. he assures @dailymeloetta that he will keep them posted on any updates to his findings (he is flattered he looks like his favorite food though!)

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DOMO HAPPY NEW YEAR~ long time no see *tackles you* May I request a scenario with Rin's wife who is pregnant with twins only his wife has a mild health issue such as hypertension/high blood pressure which endangers a safe pregnancy trial and at first she is determined and and at all afraid but only towards the end of the pregnancy does she become depressed and frightened like "what if I loose the babies" or "I'm sorry it's all my fault" and Rin is just trying to keep her and himself together

Happy New Year! And here’s your request! Enjoy!


Just as the news about her pregnancy made them both feel very happy, the fact that she also had hypertension kept them from celebrating further. The doctor provided some medicines and tips on how she could get her condition in check because she might lose the baby if she didn’t took caution of her own health. 

Of course, Rin had been there to take care of her. He always does his best to provide her everything that she needs, while keeping her health in check. So far, it’d became well until she started breaking down during the 7th month. He was surprised to see her crying and he immediately did his best to calm her down as he remembered the doctor mentioning that stress is also bad for her. 

“I’m just scared. What if I lose them? I don’t want to lose them, Rin,” She sobbed as he hugged her close. He sighed and rubbed her back gently. 

“We’re not gonna lose them, ____. Don’t think of that, you’ll be fine.” 

“How can you be so sure?” She pulled away slightly and saw that he was smilnig. With that smile, she knew that he’s right, and that she’s gonna be okay. How can she even doubt herself when he was actually in her life?

“Because, I’m here with you,” He whispered and kissed her forehead. She was pulled to his chest again and she smiled as well, because she knew that he’s right. 

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both saeyoung and jumin have access to CCTV, right? and since they can see MC through it...how long does it take for those dirty thoughts to set in, and how quickly would they act on them?

Damn right! (❤ω❤) ((Don’t forget to check for updates on V’s route! (X))) Ya I know I’m shameless XD

♞ 707

He keeps his cool for a long, long, looooong time (눈_눈) Seven’s pretty persistent about it, but he swallows hard when he spots the curve of MC’s waist as she takes of her sweater, the fabric rolling up. He forces himself to blink. Not happening. His eyes goes dry (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) He won’t get anything done, abandoning his desk in favour of spending greater part of the evening under very cold shower (─‿‿─)♡ 

♗ Jumin

More out of the boredom than worry he checks the log to see MC’s puzzled expression, as she looks around. There’s no sound, but judging there’s not much to do in his penthouse she must be looking for Elizabeth. Jumin’s about to turn the screen off, when MC’s drops on her knees, her spine curving delightfully as she peeks under the couch  (❤ω❤) The cat leisurely, sways its tail from the spot on Jumin’s desk – hard to miss, however he hopes she won’t spot it.

Jumin sits back enjoying the view as MC’s spine curves deliciously, when she bends down to check under the table, just to make sure ( =ω=)..nyaa

things I am still learning:

if someone misses you, they’ll find excuses to call you; not excuses as to why they couldn’t.

do not check up on people who are toxic to you. it doesn’t matter how they’re doing. don’t let their flames burn you long after you’ve put them out.

not everything lasts forever. don’t expect things to stay the same. change is good, even if at first it doesn’t seem like it.

let yourself love him. try to forget that he could break your heart with just a few short breaths. it’s okay if he does. act like he could never hurt you. if he doesn’t, keep him around. you deserve someone to talk to.

spending a night alone won’t kill you. spending a weekend alone won’t kill you. you’ll be okay, relax.

if something means enough to you, do it and accept the consequence later. if you still don’t do it, you really didn’t want it that badly anyways.

you will get over it. even if it seems like you’ll never stop crying at night, eventually you won’t remember how it felt to feel so empty. you’ll know a different sadness, but it will be new. you’ll survive each and every one of your sadnesses.

—  a.m

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Hi asdfghjks, it's been ages but it's open again..yay! Ok so how about some fairytales AUs? Oh and are there any new fluff fics? Love your blog ,keep up the great work *blows kisses*

Heya ^ - ^ Check out the angel/demon!au , fantasy!au ,  werewolf!au , vampire!au and supernatural!au tags for previously recommended fics! 

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any fics about reincarnation in the way you described it, but if i stumble across one, you will find it on this blog! ^.^

  • mythical magical fantastic stuff

✄ revolt of the #cyberwarriors Jeongguk’s just a regular university student with too many essays and not enough time to complete them all. Little does he know, he’s the key to saving Cyberspace.


✄ These Tides Fall Over (shades of blue and you) “You can’t expect me to let my royal savior die in the middle of the library.“In which Taehyung calls Jeongguk “Prince Eric” every chance he gets, and Jeongguk suffers.

Urban fantasy!au with Mermaid!Taehyung, Human!Jungkook

✄ I Will Always Be There For You One night, Jungkook mysteriously disappears. Worried, the other members search for him. They find him the next day, but strange and distant. Everything that Jungkook once knew is no more when he is turned into a vampire - in a world where tensions between vampires and humans are soaring. In his struggle to do what he believes is right, he suffers when he feels he has to choose between his bonds of brotherhood, friendship, and love. Vampire AU. It’s technically set in the ‘real world’ but an alternate version where vampires exist.

Vampire!au set in the ‘real world’

✄ Silvermoon Starlight Sometimes, dreams have a stronger meaning than Taehyung might think.

Werewolf! and Vampire!au, Shapeshifters and other supernatural elements

✄ beneath the skin Falling in love with someone is a lot easier when you aren’t constantly at each other’s throats.

Vampire!Taehyung, Non-human!Jungkook, #everyone is a badass

✄ Faces in the Night Taehyung is struggling to keep himself alive and he needs a savior. Jungkook thinks he can be that savior.

Vampire!Jungkook, Artist!Taehyung and MAJOR trigger warnings: check the tags!!

Check the tags before reading! 

✄ Admin Amanda

So Kanan wakes up in the bacta tank, sees that stormtroopers have got his crewmates surrounded and are preparing to execute them, and what does he do?

Force-wave to shatter the tank, check. Call lightsaber to hand, check.

Take a moment to tie the hair back, check.

Okay, looks like we’re good to go, time for lightsaber acrobatics and slaughter.

Jinyoung  Dating Profile

Day 4 Jinyoung
No matter what, Profiles will be out ^_^ 
hope you guys like it, its clear you guys enjoyed the sex profiles more :P
~Ahgase Omma

Ideal type
Ambitious, motivative and passionate, she needs to be a driven person in whatever she does. not someone who lazes around. someone who he can turn to with his pessimistic views and not be brought down by them. she doesn’t need to be out going, or even load and be the centre of attention, he would rather curl up with her to the side of a party sipping drinks and laughing all night. GOT7 mature couple. she wouldn’t become the Omma of the group, but she would keep check that jinyoung is eating well, someone has to look after the boy who looks after everyone else. she would casual with the other members. he would prefer an academic type, she doesn’t need to be reading 24/7 but some interest would be preferred.

How would they act with their crush
He would look after her slightly, but for him this would seem any different to how he treats his member, but he would make a point that he doesn’t treat other girls this way. he would have more and more in depth talks with her. he would seat across the table or next to her, during this stage he would be very defensive towards other guys, and any signal from you towards another guy would discourage him a lot.

he would keep inviting her to more frequent group outings, then he would ask her to coffee just the two of them, which wouldn’t seem to weird as they are close, but right from the start he would lay all his cards down, and give you the chance to carry on the coffee outing as friend or more.

First Date
a quiet setting, perhaps coffee date, or a nature hike, somewhere you can talk and talk, but still not be so confined like having a dinner date. he would ask lots of questions and take the chance to get to know you much better. 

First Kiss
very reserved, soft quick kiss on the lips, probably at the hike destination, it would be super soft, and just as you think its going to be a long kiss he pulls away, his hands cupping your face gently.

Regular Dates
Book stores constantly, even if she doesn’t like to read much, the cafe after would be a great chance for him to describe a book to her to peek her interest enough to read it. dorm dates where he cooks and doesn’t allow anyone into the living room because thats the best spot to watch movies, but they all still walk around like no big deal.

Very rare in public
Public couple- possibly holding hands, but not much more, he wants to stay profession, and in his profession singleness is key, even thought he’s not forgetting about you, he wouldn’t want to feel like he’s rubbing it into the fans faces.
Private public couple- holding hands and maybe even back hugs when he gets tired.
Private- all the hands! Jinyoung is very proud of his body, even though he doesn’t show it off (but thats the point). so he would constantly have her in a cuddle or relaxing on him as he plays with her fingers or hair. 

Casual gifts- general food and drink things, something random you both decide that he gets from every trip abroad (something small that every country would have) flowers.
Special gifts- jewellery (earring, necklace charms for bracelets) letter he wrote when he was away. couple jumpers, 

Pet Names
Y/N, Jagi, Yobo, Sweetie, darling. but mostly your name, because he just loves hearing it.

in front of the others- so chilled and not caring what the others are doing, unless it leaves a mess, he would be quiet, speaking to you in a whisper, only talking loudly to talk to the others, most likely to correct them or start up some playful debate. he would have the corner set and you resting against him, in a world of your own. 
Privately- serious talks were your both cuddled up, him playing with your hair, because it helps his de-stress. or it would be quiet with both of you doing your own thing just enjoying being next to each other.

Next Steps
Moving in- 2.5 year minimum
Sex- 10 months minimum
Parents- 6 months minimum
Marriage- 5 years minimum

Meals 24/7 because he’s convinced you never eat even though you do. all those poorly (but still well done) selfies, and probably photos of the boys being goofs. being looked after, whether you like it or not. knowing the truth and origins behind he’s tantrums withs jackson. encouraging him to continue because jackson gets so annoyed. those random (slightly sexy/suggestive) messages he sends you. him having a room to himself, him calling you making sure your ok, and telling you that he wished he could have called sooner. trips to busan with him telling you everything and taking to the famous cherry blossom festival there. him talking you to ‘overland’ to see the tulip festival, because he’s a soft sentential type. him constantly turning into a fool whenever he sees kinds under 5yrs old

the usual busy schedule, and feeling like you don’t get to see him when YOU would like. FaceTiming but it never quite working. when he gets into his perfectionist mindset, and you try to convince him otherwise but he’s being too stubborn. his short temper (thankful that he can control). the bad sighing habit he has when he’s annoyed. he’s amazing attention to detail getting you in sticky situations all the time. him convincing himself that he has to work himself to the bone 24/7.

Gifs are not my own

(*Cracks knuckles* You asked for it by not putting anyone down missy- I’ll do my main nine- which is usually ‘ten’ but I’m not including Ilyse yet cause Idk her well enough yet.)

Reianna: As you know refuses to cry in front of anybody, but if it’s impossible for even her to keep her emotions in check Rei will tuck her entire face under the chin of whoever is comforting her- nuzzling into their neck. (Even people smaller than her- *coughs* Dolan/Lynna). She does this so they can’t see her face while she cries.

Caiden: Collects the feathers of the Valkyries he cares about. (Rei, Jaides, Enric, Evelynn, etc). When they begin molting in the spring, he’ll go crazy collecting the “prettiest” feathers that drop off of them. He has a box that he keeps in his chambers where he keeps them all, except Rei’s and Enric’s whose he keeps tied to his belts. 

Darsha: Is uncomfortable with harming and upsetting children. He prefers not to be around infants and toddlers (besides Rei) since they all get so vividly scared of him when he’s present. Leave him in a room with a crying child and he’ll be the most tense and awkward wrath demon known to man kind. 

Dolan: Can’t swim. He never learned to and never cared to. XD When Rei and the others go swimming he sits on the coast or edge of the water with maybe a foot in or two- but that’s as far as you’ll get him. 

Azraele: Is afraid of lightning, ever since his “incident”. In particularly brutal thunder storms he holes himself in his chambers, maybe with a potion to knock his ass out, or blocks out all the windows and reads by candle light. Out in the open during a storm, he can end up frozen in place unless prodded by Rei or the others to move to safety. It’s one reason why he doesn’t enjoy  fighting alongside Jaides or Favian.

Jaides: Prefers to sleep outdoors due to his past. He’s perfectly happy sleeping in a good ol’ tree than on a fluffy mattress. The only times he does is when Rei asks him to come sleep with her/them (depending on who’s in the giant cuddle fest; usually Caiden). He happily complies with her request, though it takes him ages to fall asleep because he gets a wee bit claustrophobic. 

Jhalyn: Enjoys their head/tail, or ears being pet. XD They usually act pretty aloof, distancing themselves from the rest of the group, but there are certain times where they enjoy a good amount of quality time, especially if it includes scritches- though they’ll never admit that.

Adaline: Steals Dolan’s pipe every once in a while if she’s super stressed/frustrated. At first she’s super sneaky about nabbing it for a sec then putting it back before he notices, but after a while she grows lazy and just swipes it from his bag even in front of him. (Dolan never really comments on it, as long as she puts it back afterwards.)   

Varic: Attracts weird animals when he’s present. It has nothing to do with his past life being an Elf or anything, they’re just drawn to him. So every once in a while you’ll see him hovering on his stomach playing with small animals and letting them crawl all over him. 

( @thunderlightandfire )