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About his wife Carrie from this post:

With Thirdy, however, long story short–he got married. His wife carefully curated several articles worth of convincing players safety research. Then, she presented them matter-of-factly. The tenuous excuses of “superstitions” and “I’ve never been hit before” and “well if ya get a stick to the eyeball were you even paying attention” really couldn’t hold up against the data.

Look, this is a woman who can convince an NHL player to wear personal protective equipment.  I’m pretty sure she can do anything.

you always have his name spilling out of your mouth like a coffee too hot that is burning your tongue and you never come out alive of a relationship and you become a stranger to yourself, you come out as another person, not different but new and now you are a version of yourself even you don’t recognize and how odd is it to look in the mirror and see yourself, yet a complete stranger and tell me how it feels to see the your own face and not know a thing about it
—  does he break you or do you break yourself? // JustScribbledWords



PLEASE only call if you are from North Carolina.

Make sure to give your name and zip code, and you can just say something as simple as “I’m calling to oppose Betsy DeVos’ nomination for secretary of education. I do not think she is qualified and am concerned.”

Here are the numbers:

(919) 856-4630 - does not have a direct voicemail to the Senator if no one answers
(202) 224-6342 - the Senator’s direct office, as well as voicemail. I just called and left a message, so the voicemail isn’t full yet. You can also choose if you want to hear back from him.


Once, Enjolras asked Grantaire why he loves Greek mythology so much.

“Because it shows no one’s perfect, not even the gods themselves. They’re all have their petty revenges, their misdeeds, their flaws. They would be walking hubris, if they weren’t gods themselves. Mythology talks about us more than it talks about metaphysical stuff.”

Yet, there’s one god Grantaire can’t seem to find a flaw to, and that’s Enjolras. He has a whole repertoire of names dedicated to his one fanacism. Apollo. Helios. Prometheus.
It is not love. It’s idolatry. Grantaire worships the idea of Enjolras, the bright spark in the darkness.

But in time, Grantaire does come to term with Enjolras’ flaws. Depth is unveiled, the picture is whole. Grantaire learns who Enjolras is as a person, as a real and flawed human being.

Only then does Grantaire love Enjolras


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I keep having a recurring dream of dancing in a forest clearing. With a man whose hair changes with ever step we take. We dance to a dark song, yet I feel comfort within this faceless man’s arms as he guides me over the leaves. Do you know what it means? I know I have never meet this man, but I feel as if I know him all too well. I can’t find him, for his hair is forever changing and his face is never there. I can’t find him for he has no name. I will find him, for who gives me the feeling he does within that dream, I know, is that man.

ok…for some reason i haven’t seen anyone talk about this but it’s been eating away at me so i’m just gonna…talk about it.

in “ark of taujeer”, coran attempts to win over the red lion. it’s a funny scene bc coran is dressed up in yet another ridiculous outfit (between this and space mall, does he have a huge wardrobe hidden somewhere?), lists off his full name, and the red lion totally ditches him. but?? like?? also??

[image: coran standing in front of the red lion saying “finally, alfor. i will walk in your footsteps!”]

alfor was totally the red paladin, right???

it’s a passing reference and i can get why it was overlooked. i think some people believe it just means alfor was a paladin in general? but let me talk about why it would be so, so good for alfor to be the red paladin.

  • for alfor being a paladin in general: there’s the “father, we must form voltron!” scene that’s been frequently mentioned (paladin allura??), as well as how it makes sense for the leaders of two major species to both be paladins. BUT the ‘yellow armor’ people claim he’s in…isn’t actually paladin armor. i’m pretty sure it’s just a royal outfit.
  • red lion in galra captivity: alfor puts allura in the cryopod, which coran also ends up in at some point, but?? the castle ends up safe and hidden on a distant planet?? alfor seemed to have had a plan (“if all goes well, i will see you again soon”), but he must have separated from the castleship to enact it. it may be that alfor ordered the other paladins to hide their lions (with black remaining locked in the castle and sent away), but he himself was followed by a vengeful zarkon – or perhaps flew in to face him head on – and the red lion failed to escape.
  • drama potential: my guy, just imagine how pissed allura would be if the pilot of her father’s lion ended up being a galra – OH WAIT! it’s not that much a stretch bc she was pretty pissed about keith, huh? allura, of course, has plenty of reasons to be distrustful of a galra on her team, but if that was enflamed by the fact that this particular galra took the place of her father, who was killed by the galra, i think her anger is even more justified.
  • parallels: i’m…pretty sure that after zarkon went off the deep end, alfor became the new leader of voltron. wow, red being second-in-command? why does that sound familiar…
    • bonus black paladin allura potential!! the only decision we really saw alfor make was to scatter the lions instead of standing and fighting – a decision that he (or at least his AI) later admitted was a bad choice and he should have listened to allura. it sounds like the red paladin wasn’t really sure of what to do and somebody else should have been in charge, hmm…?
    • drama + parallel potential: if alfor really did try to face zarkon head on…and coran was still awake to witness it…i can imagine that there might’ve been an exchange such as “get out of there now! zarkon is too powerful!” “this is my chance to put an end to the galra empire! i have to take it!”
  • it’d be fukcing hilarious bro: imagine this character we’ve been built up to believe is a sage and wise and regal king, only to find out that this whole time he’s been a taller and slightly-more-mature keith.

anyway thank you for reading and please consider red paladin alfor from here on out.

MONSTA X as baristas

Hey everyone! I’m super duper sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while, but I have a ton of requests to fill so I’m working on those currently so I can come back stronger than ever! To keep you all sated and satisfied while I’m clearing out my inbox, revamping the theme, and fixing my masterpost, here’s a short lil’ scenario ;))

SHOWNU: he does 300% of the work, yet never recognized as employee of the month. has broken mugs dancing behind the counter when he’s working late shifts. always gets the customers name right on the cup, no matter how crazy the spelling is or how much the customer mumbles. doesn’t make enough money for dealing with his coworkers. 

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KIHYUN: what a little shit. he sings ‘’absentmindedly’’ while he’s working, and claims he doesn’t even notice. but when he started noticing that his tips increased when he sang he did it ‘’accidentally’’ more often. constantly playing pranks on the other employees, but nobody suspects him.

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JOOHEON: only working there to pay for his soundcloud pro account bills, he’ll try to sell you his mixtape along with your coffee. no matter what you order, he makes an americano, and nobody ever teaches him how to make anything else. none of the customers seem to mind.

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MINHYUK: some people think he never stops working because no matter what time they come in to order, he’s behind the counter and his energy level is at 6000%. probably drinks more coffee than he sells. tried to adopt kihyun’s singing for tips trick, but the boss only yells at him and tells him to be quiet. he doesn’t listen. strangely knows personal information about every customer.

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HYUNGWON: sure, he’s been working there for just as long as everyone else, but he’s never completed a full shift. demoted to bus-boy after he fell asleep at the counter for two hours, so now he falls asleep at the dirty tables he’s supposed to clean. is constantly being hit on by customers. on the rare occasion that he’s allowed to work the counter, he draws memes on the cups.

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WONHO: if he is your barista, you will most definitely leave with his number. it’s just a reflex for him at this point to include his number on your receipt. makes absolute bank in tips because when he reaches up to the top shelf for mugs, his abs flash and customers swoon. is lowkey super mad that kihyun is constantly employee of the month. 

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I.M: who?? does he actually have a job here??? the answer is yes, but this boy has managed to avoid ever actually doing any work. he’s definitely never completed a shift before, yet it’s been years and he;s collected every paycheck. he probably doesn’t even know where the cafe is located. still goes to every meeting and always nominates jooheon as employee of the month. demands a raise, gets the raise, still doesn’t come to work.

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I’m about to DM a Pathfinder campaign in a fantasy noir setting and decided to draw up one of the reoccurring NPC’s. Gretchie Lowtop is a private eye detective who comes across the main cast a lot as they take on their own cases. She’s overactive and playful (a little malicious too) but a brilliant mind underneath her childish exterior. During her time in the GSPD she was known as “The Shark of Grand Spear” for her ability to hunt down and take out criminals, all while wearing a wise sharped tooth smile (Rumor still has it that she’s half demon). 


all i could think of with adrien taking constant showers during akuma attacks was that adventure time scene from Flute Spell 

if he had been in the bathroom when volpina abducted him, marinette knows he would have stayed true to his budding romance with ladybug. tikki’s just concerned about how much time marinette’s spending thinking about adrien sans clothing

one of my favorite things that i have seen develop during my time in this fandom is acknowledging that, yes, harry and louis are two of the sappiest fuckers in the entire world, and they probably don’t even have conversations when they’re alone because they spend the whole time sighing dreamily at each other and using sign language to discuss their next super sappy super obvious couples’ tattoos

and yet, at the same time, we’ve also began to acknowledge that harry and louis are PETTY as FUCK and probably have a list of everyone who has ever wronged them carved somewhere dramatic in their house like on the inside of the front door or on the bedposts of their equally dramatic bed, and every time someone new does something they don’t like, harry theatrically lights the person’s picture on fire as he hands louis a dagger that looks just like his tattoo to carve their name on the Don’t Fuck With Us list

People are like “ew lancelot is abusive and gross, fuck you if you ship it”

Like bruh. Lotor isn’t even in the show yet. VLD isnt the exact replica of the old show, clearly they’ve made a lot of changes. What if Lotor is a good guy in this version? What if Lotor wants to destroy his father’s empire but Haggar & Zarkon have yet to know? If i recall, Lotor hates his dad in the original show anyway, why not turn him into a rebel?

In any case, Lotor hasn’t even gotten a second of screen time so like ??? How are you making these assumptions ??? Chill.

Does anyone else think that Murdoc’s been brainwashed? I mean, he sounded sort of like himself when he was doing that interview, but there were just one or two tiny things off that made me curious. Namely, his infatuation with the Beatles. He was kidnapped by a ship called the SS Ringo and imprisoned under Abbey Way Studios. And yet in this interview he is not one bit spiteful, he doesn’t even mention it. Instead he says that Ringo Starr is his favorite living celebrity (though this did have a bit of a snarky context) and also that he prefers the Beatles over The Rolling Stones. Which is A) just a really randomly placed question and B) Odd, considering in one of his times hosting a radio station he admits that the first record he ever bought (stole) was a Rolling Stones record.

Is someone making Murdoc hold his tongue? Or am I crazy? You tell me.

Does this Episode of Powerpuff Girls remind you of anything right now?

Lets summarize this episode “Imaginary Friend”

-The episode involves a kid who has an imaginary friend named Patches who he cant control and causes rampage in Ms. Keane’s Kindergarten

- The PPG were unable to stop Patches physically neither could anybody see his appearance, so they came up with the idea to create their own imaginary friend to stop Patches.

-The Girls were able to get their imaginary friend to reveal his appearance and luckily….

-Their imaginary friend is capable of fighting an unseen entity

-Keane and the students are unable to see the fight going on

- At the end, Patches was defeated and the Girls imaginary friend vanishes, as their job of finishing off the invisible entity was done

Now what does this all remind you of?

You can choose to keep your abusers name

You are absolutely entitled to choose to keep your biological family name if your parents abused you. Whether you still consider them family or not you could have any number of reasons to keep their surname, and as a victim that is your choice.

But Sanji has not made that choice. Sanji has called himself just “Sanji” for 13 years. Sanji has always introduced himself as Sanji. The only time he has ever called himself a Vinsmoke is when lying, canonically lying, about wanting to marry Pudding and be a prince and not caring about the crew. Sanji does not consider himself a Vinsmoke. He may not have outright said this yet but he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of identifying with that name and only “chose” to when one of the most important people in his life was being held hostage and he wanted to persuade his friends to not get involved, thus lied and pretended to be everything that he isn’t to try to turn them away.

This is not interpretation. This is not a headcanon. Sanji canonly hates the Vinsmokes. Sanji canonly has never referred to himself as a Vinsmoke apart from when choosing to give up on all his freedom and pretend to be a cruel nasty prince, which he canonly isn’t, when given no other choice other than to let his loved ones die.

Sanji does not identify in any way with the name Vinsmoke.

Sanji is not a Vinsmoke.

This is canon.

“Sanji doesn’t mind the name, it'a just a name to him he’s alright with being called it” is not a ~valid interpretation~

Stop calling him a fucking Vinsmoke

okay so i’ve recently been sucked into The Librarians fandom (hello everyone!) and im currently rewatching it and something Santa said to Jake stuck with me:

“Santa knows you. Both incarnations of you.”

and since it was brought up to me how they all might be different incarnations from the Arthurian legends what if Jake is actually two different people incarnated into one person? 

I don’t know the legends good enough, yet, to be able to figure out who these two people would be but could anyone see this being a thing? I mean he does kinda of live a double life before he finally in a way merged them both when he started writing in his own name…

so…. anyone have any ideas??

Guys I think I need to tell you about Gilmore and Kima in the college AU because Gilmore and Kima are the best:

- Gilmore tries so fucking hard to pull off his canon persona. However, he is nineteen.
- Kima has 100% as much passion as she does in canon, only instead of channeling it into socially acceptable things like religion and fighting evil, she channels it into a college sketch comedy group.
- Gilmore is in Men’s Naked Shakespeare. He frequently fails to explain that it does not actually involve nudity.
- They are best friends and live on the same floor of the worst building on campus.
- This is Kima’s second year in the building and she is so salty about it. She did her time.
- While showing a horror film to first years, they put a somewhat ridiculous effort into creating Atmosphere, then ruined it because they couldn’t keep themselves from commenting on how unintentionally gay it was.