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He doesn’t have a what?

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Like… like from the geyser in Piffle or…?


Not pictured: Snake only going for a morning jog to get groceries for him and Otacon. The last thing Hal expected was a bloody forearm wrapped in cling wrap to hand him him milk and eggs after three hours.

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Nightrunner modern au:

in which alec is not an archer, but a painter, seregil is not a thief, but a bartender, they do not meet at a dungeon, but at the subway, and yet their first kiss is still the same.

“It was Alec who brought their lips together. 

Seregil’s first reaction was disbelief. But Alec was insistent, clumsy but determined. It lasted an instant, an eternity, that one awkward kiss, and it spoke silent volumes of bewildered honesty.

The moment that followed was too fragile for words.”

It's just a one night thing - ch2 dluh

Warning: mature content

I’ve been in New York city for a few days now and it’s way too crowded to my liking. Too much noise, cars everywhere and people don’t know how to not be in a hury all the time. I walked into my favorite coffee shop and asked for a hot chocolate milk with a bagel to go. It was quite cold in New York considering we were in the middle of February. “Thank you.” I smiled to the kind lady as she handed me my things. I walked back out and headed to the park but as I turned the corner of a street I ran straight in stranger dropping the bag containing my bagel. Luckily I didn’t spill my drink cause I would’ve been pissed. The stranger bent over grabbing the bag.
“I’m so sorry.” He said as he stood up. He was about to say something until our eyes met. “Oh shit.” We stared at eachother until his friend cleared his throat.
“You okay D?”
“I’m fine.” He reassured his friend without even taking his eyes off mine. “How’s it going Y/N?” He handed my bag back and I quickly took it.
“I’m doing good, how about you?”
“Great.” I could feel the awkwardness between the two of us and I’m sure he felt it too.“
“Well it was nice seeing you.” I walked passed him but he grabbed my frozen hand sending a spark threw my whole body.
“I’m performing tonight, maybe you could come and we could hang out afterwards.” How can someone be this good looking? I thought to what happened a month ago and I felt myself getting horny at the thought of him touching me.
“I’ll think about it.” He gave me a cheeky smiled and reached out for my phone.
“Text me if you do decide to come, i’ll text you the place and time.” He handed me back my phone and I said good bye and watched them walk away.
“Dude what the fuck was that.” His friend teased him. “Who’s that girl and why are you acting so cute with her?”
“Shut up.” Derek said pushing him.

I stayed in my bed under the covers of my bed since the heater broke earlier and the hotel couldn’t fix it till tomorrow. It was freazing cold and they didn’t want to give me another room. I decided to text Derek to tell him I was going to go see him since it was for sure warmer at webster hall than my room. I took a shower and let it dry as I found something to wear. For some reason I wanted to dress cute for Derek which is weird because I never tried to impress anyone. I put on some black jeans and a white t-shirt that showed a little stomach and a denim jacket. I pulled out my necklace from under my shirt and curled my hair before putting my boots and my trench coat to head into the snow. I texted Derek as I approched the place and a huge line of people were waiting outside and freeking their asses.
“Derek!” I heard a female voice yell then all the girl started screaming.
“Wassup everyone.” He waved at them and he ran up to me.
“Derek, you’ll catch a cold.” I said as I saw he was in a t-shirt.
“Don’t worry about me, now come on.” He took my hand making me feel the same thing as I did earlier. We ran inside Webster Hall before one of the girls attacked him. “You looking good mami.” He said as I took my cost off.
“Shut up Derek.” My comment came out more serious than expected making him chuckle.
“So we have the meet and greet first than the show so it’ll probably end by 11.” I followed him down the hallway and into the musician lounge.
“Who’s this hottie.” A guy said making me blush.
“This is Y/N and she’s off limits Kyle.” Oh my god I know who he is, I used to watch him on disney channel. I tried not to say anything and act like I didn’t know who he was. Derek placed his hand on my lower back directing me to a nearby couch.
“Nice seeing you again.” Nate greeted me.
“You too.” I didn’t have a lot of time meeting them since they quickly needed to get ready for the meet and greet.
“You can stay with me at my booth.” Derek offered. “I’ll give you a chair so you don’t have to stand for an hour.”

The meet and greet was so long. Girls were asking Derek to sign their breast and ass which honestly did not make me jealous at all, I just thought it was weird and funny. Derek was actually quite cute with his fans. He looked over at me as he finished hugging his last fan and as soon as he was done talking he came over to see me. “Not too bored yet?”
“I’m good, I’ve been playing some stupid game on my phone.”
“Good cause now that you survived this you get to see me perform.”
“Woopie, I’m so excited.” I joked sarcasticly making him push me a little.

“GIVE IT UP FOR DEREK MOTHERFUCKIN LUH!!” Kdl yelled in the mike causing everyone to yell hesterically. He jumped on stage and started rapping one if his songs which I didn’t know the name of since I’ve never listened to any of his songs. All the girls started freaking out as he took his shirt of, he then looked at me and winked causing me to roll my eyes but laugh. It was now 11pm and Nate didn’t want the show to end and I could just feel the tension with the guards. I looked down at the time and as soon as I put my head down I heard people starting yelling and this time not in excitement. My head quickly shot up and saw that Nate was being tackled by guards and fans jumping on the stage. The only thought I had was that Derek was on the stage a second ago and I can’t see him anymore. I knew better than to jump on stage so I ran towards the exit and made my way backstage using the back entrance. As soon as I joined the guys I could see that shit was bad. Derek was on the floor and my heart skipped a beat.
“What the fuck just happened? Skate and Derek need help!” Kdl stopped me from going on the stage and he pointed to some cops coming on stage. They stopped the chaos and went to see if the two boys were okay. I watched as a paramedic helped Derek sit and I watched him from afar getting his twisted hand wrapped and his cuts cleaned. Derek and I were the only ones left when the paramedic were done, the others went to pack the bus and clean their shit up.
“Are you okay.” He asked as he slowly got up from the chair.“
"You’re seriously asking me if I’m okay? Jesus, Derek, I was the one worried, you were getting beat up.”
“I’m fine.” He tried to hide his pain but he quickly wince when I touched his arm.
“That’s what I thought.” I shook my head and swung his backpack over my shoulder. “Come on tough guy, lets get you to the bus.” He limped a little as we left this shitty place.

We got to the bus and I placed his backpack on the couch inside.
“It was nice seeing you again Derek.” I said. “I’d hug you but I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Wait, you’re not coming at the hotel with us?”
“I need to sleep.”
“Then sleep at our hotel.” I looked at him as if he were crazy, even his friends stopped talking as if not understanding their friend anymore. “You can sleep with me and I can lend you some clothes.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea D.”
“Come on, just one night.” He gave a sad puppy look and I couldn’t say no to him.
“Fine.” I gave up and his smile grew wide.

“I guess we won’t be partying tonight.” Kyle said clearly beat.
“I’m going straight to bed.” Nate said going to his room with a girl that was on the bus.
“Same.” Derek took my hand but I pulled away. “You okay?”
“Ya, I’m just starving so I’m going to go get something to eat.”
“Why don’t you just call room service?”
“You have room service?” He chuckled and nodded his head. “But isn’t expensive?”
“You can take whatever you want mami, I’ll pay.”
“No you won’t.”
“Yes I will.”
“No you won’t.” I argued again. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room. “For once in your life let someone do something nice for you.” He closed the door behing him and looked back at me, I could hear some annoyance in his voice. “Now stop being a bitch and order anything you want.” I raised my eyebrows at him. Dam he’s hot when he acts like that.
I sat on the corner of the bed in defeat and took the menu.

“I’m so full, I think I’m going to burst.” I let myself fall on my back which caused Derek to laugh at me being overdramatic. I flipped on my stomach to see Derek drinking whiskey straight out if the bottle.
“Are you feeling better?”
“I’ll survive.” His black eye was worst than before and he had a couple of bruises on his arms that seemed to hurt.
“What about you?”
“What about me?” I responded confused.
“Last time I saw you were far from being happy, so how are you feeling now?”
“I’ll survive.” I gave him a faint smile. I don’t know why but being around Derek made me feel less lonely. He sat up and pulled me on his lap carefully not to hurt his hand.
“I know it was a one time thing last time and that we weren’t suppose to see eachother again,” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “But I’m happy to see you again.” I lowered my head a little and before I kissed him I said, “Me too.” He pulled me closer to his chest and I groaned as he squeezed my butt. I pulled his shirt up carefully but he still ended up making a painful sound. I pulled away and looked at his bruised and cut chest. I slowly passed my fingers over them as he stared at me intently. I felt pain for him, this must hurt like a bitch.
“It doesn’t feel as bad as it looks.” I stared in his eyes and we started kissing again. His hands travelled my body causing me to roll my hips against his. I moaned in the kiss turning Derek even more on since I felt his bulge grow in his pants. He pulled my shirt off with my help. My hands travelled down his body and I felt him groan in pain. I pulled away quickly.
“I’m so sorry.” I said and started laughing.
“Why are you laughing?”
“I don’t know.” He shook his head smiling.
“Come here.” He gave me a quick kiss before I got off of him and lied down next to him. He cuddled next to me and closed the light. “Good night.”
“Night D.”

A loud knock woke me up from my comfy sleep.
“10 more minutes.” I whined. I felt Dereks arms pull me closer to his chest.
“Derek get the fuck up we need to leave for the next city.” Derek kissed the back of my shoulder, where another one of my tattoo was.
“What does it mean?” He asked ignoring his friend getting angry at him for not getting up.
“It’s the five sacred lines, I got it in Thailand.”
“You went to Thailand?” I turned on my back to face him. “I also went to Cambodia, India, China and Japan.”
“You travelled a lot.” He said sounding impressed.
“Like I said, I dropped out of school.”
“Derek this is the last time I’m wakig you up, if you aren’t down in 10 we’re leaving without you.” He rolled his eyes and got out of bed.
“I’m up!” I also got up and put my clothes back on. “You can keep that.” He said pointing to his shirt I was wearing. “Plus it looks better on you.”
“5 min!” Kdl yelled on the other side of the door.
“Shut the fuck up!” I giggled at his response as I gathered my stuff and put my shoes back on. He grabbed his bag and grabbed my hand as we walked to the main lobby.
“So I guess this is officially it.” I felt my heart tightened as I spoke those words.
“Where are you heading next.” I shrugged.
“Maybe South America or maybe I’ll go back and finish Asia.”
“Be safe.” I smiled at his word and pulled him in a kiss. “I’ll never forget you Luh.” I let go of his hand and took a step back. “Take care.” I looked at him one more time before turning around and leaving.


My husband working on what he does best! Drawing, carving and painting tattoos. Commissioned work #porcelainbjd #artist #fhdolls #bjddoll #tattoo #horse #victorian #carrousel

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Shirtless Gong Yoo is my weakness lmao but i have a question, does he actually have any tattoos?

Kekeke… Gong Yoo’s body is my weakness, lmao… clothed or unclothed >.< 

Oh… Idk… I read some articles saying that they are fake… and some articles that he does have tattoos… >.> But damn…. look at this sexy beauty he had for the promotion of “Big”

I’m Big Enough… 

Me: Oh yeah… this confirms he’s big dow– *ehem* I mean big muscles… ^^

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I’m all for over sharing if it’s to make someone who was being rude to me feel like shit. What does my dad think of all my tattoos? He’s dead. What’re those scars on my legs? I did that shit lmao.

Ereri one shot #1

Eren’s PoV-

I am Eren jager I am 19 years old and a tattoo artist. Today is Saturday, tomorrow I am visiting my mothers grave like all my other Sunday’s. She died a year ago and I visit her whenever I can. In my opinion it’s not enough and it kills me but it’s what is necessary.

I am currently tattooing a rose on a man with blonde hair. He has massive eyebrows and his shoulders are probably broader then a doorway. I am not really interested in his chat today because it is way too close to closing hours. I can barely wait.

I finish the tattoo moderately quickly since roses are my specialty. I stand up and admire my work that has been placed on this mans wrist. And then stand up to get clean film to wrap his wrist in. My knees creak as I walk because of the uncomfortable stool I had been sitting on and the long duration of time it took. Even for a small rose it takes a long time.
“Will my tattoo hurt tomorrow as well?” He says.

Dammit does no one do there research? These are permanent for goodness sake.
“Hurt for a few days more as well.”

I walk back over to him with a sheet of clean film and wrap him up gently because it already looks like he is about to cry and I really don’t want to deal with that. I walk over to the cash register with him following sharing a quick few words about the price and such. When I get to the register I quickly say things about general hygiene and keeping your tattoo clean and looking good. We share a quick glance then he leaves. Just another day in the shop I suppose.
I make my way over to my boss who is in the back probably doing paper work.
“Hey Mr. Pixsis that’s me done for today so I will be going.”
“That’s fine Eren have a nice night.”

Mr.Pixis is a bald man with wrinkles at the side of his eyes and he always wore a badly matching shirt and tie. He has tattoos up his arms of various things like birds and flowers typical tattoo things.

My various tattoos are a large crest with wings in it on my back, a tare in the right side of my rib cage showing a red skinless face, a half sleeve of Tim burtons the nightmare before Christmas, some of Banksy’s work on my arms and a mechanical steam punk style tare in my calf. I also have a nose ring and a few ear piercings. My look has been described as many things but I prefer punk.

After I leave work I go straight home back to my apartment.
My apartment is only a mile or two away so I always walk home, I look around me as I walk seeing passing cars and the occasional bike rider it was 5 o'clock so the roads were just about to get busy from people going home from work. When I reach my apartment I put some pasta and tomato on my stove to eat for my dinner and I begin sketching things in my notepad mainly my mother or flowers. That’s another thing I need to get tomorrow, flowers for mother. I went back through to my kitchen and put my pasta in the bowl along with the tomato sauce. I began eating while searching different up on my iPad. After I ate I took a shower I must have been in there for about 20 minutes thinking about well… Nothing really. I went to bed after my shower because I did not have much left to do that night.

——–next morning——–

I woke up and looked in the mirror my hair was a mess I brushed it and it was still a bit fluffy. I needed to dress up at least half decent for mother. I was ready to go quickly and I didn’t feel like breakfast today so I decided to leave right away. I got on to my motorcycle and put on my cat ear helmet and drove through town over to a small parking lot near the grave yard. There was a small florist across the road so I went there and bought a bouquet of a mixture of red and yellow roses she always liked the colour red and yellow. I walked over to the grave yard it had a big arch for a doorway with metal gates. I walked through the gates towards mother’s grave it was near the back. When I reached it I put the flowers down and picked the old bouquet up to put in the trash can. I saw a man probably three rows of graves away from me. We met eyes for a moment. He had black hair with bangs at the side of his hair. He looked quite short and was wearing a long jacket buttoned up. That wasn’t why I was here though I am being selfish. I talked at mother for a while and then said my goodbyes.
I walked over to a small coffee shop just down the road where I am kind of a regular. I walked inside and the smell of coffee instantly rushed over me it was lovely. I walked over to the counter and talked to one of the waitresses that I am familiar with and ordered my coffee and a cinnamon swirl. I then sat down at a table by the corner of the cafe. I was looking around the place and I noticed the guy from the grave yard sitting across the room he seemed to be staring at something behind me.

I felt incredibly awkward at this moment so I just stared at my coffee.

Levi’s PoV-
My name is Levi Ackerman I am 21 years old and own a local bakery.
My day started off boring I was having a day off from the bakery so I decided to visit my uncle who died around 2 and a half years ago I didn’t really like him that much but I guess I am expected to go see his head stone once in a while. After I got ready and cleaned my apartment from head to toe I got in my car and turned the heating on instantly after a minute of warming up I set off for the graveyard. When I got there I said a quick hello and told uncle Kenny about what’s going on in the world I think thats what you do. After a while of just standing there looking at the scene I saw another man walk in to the grave yard. He was talking to the grave for a moment then he looked up and we met eyes but just for a second. He then turned back to the grave. I suddenly wanted to know more about him like a curious narrator or something stupid like that. He was there for a little while I kind of just spent most of my time observing the man but I decided he was not going to budge in a hurry so I went to a local cafe which I supply with cakes.
After a while of sitting in the cafe with my coffee feeling very comfortable and warm. I then noticed the man from the graveyard come in to the shop I got to see him up close he looked like if a punk were to be a Katy Perry fan.
When a waitress came over to take my order I asked her about him they seemed friendly towards each other.
“Oh the one in the corner?” The waitress said in a curious tone.
I replied with a quick but friendly “Yes who is he?”
“That’s Eren he comes here every Sunday straight from the cemetery.”

After she told me this I instantly thought that I had gone too far it was his business not mine.
I spoke a quiet thank you and she left with my order.

The waitress walked off happily. I guess that was all I could know about him for the moment. I my coffee happily and left the warm comfort of the cafe. I left in my car I was just going to go home after all I had nothing else to do. When I got back home I made some toast and did not do much else. I sat and ate and then my thoughts returned to that boy Eren, I would like to see him again I think.

——Next Sunday——
Eren’s PoV-
Just visited mother again I am so tired of everything being the same I like my job I just don’t like the repetition. I walk in to the local cafe again and say hi to the waitress. I sit in the corner with my tea and cinnamon swirl I am mixing things up today with tea. I look around the place and see that man again in the corner. I call the waitress over and ask about him.
“Hey who is that in the corner?”
“Oh him? That’s Levi Ackerman he supplies this shop with confectionery but we don’t see him a lot round here in fact last week he was asking about you.”

She then sauntered back over to the kitchen window.

I am a bit shocked by this why would he care about this?

I decide to leave the cafe and get back to my work. Mr. Pixis lets me leave on a Sunday morning because he knows I miss mother and he was also an old school friend of hers. I finish my tea and leave I bring my biking helmet to the cafe so all I need to do is slip it on my head and leave. I love my motorcycle because I feel so free while on it, it is like nothing can stop me from doing anything.
When I get back to the shop I get my almost weekly customer sitting in the waiting room Jean he is extremely annoying but he always comes to me for tattoos a guess he knows I am the best.

Levi’s PoV-
When I wake up I have nothing to do so I sit up and quickley check the date. Sunday… Hmm doesn’t Eren go to the cafe on Sunday morning? I guess I’ll go see him. I get in my car and set off I decide I won’t visit uncle Kenny today mainly because I don’t want to se him. Instead I’d rather stalk a stranger. When I get to the cafe I am greeted by one of the waitresses. I sit over at my table. My mind wonders to him.
I decide to ask the waitress another thing
“Why does he have so many tattoos?”
“Oh Eren? He works at a tattoo shop ‘titan tattoos and piercings’ I believe. Why do you ask?” The waitress says.
“No reason.“I say
I sit comfortably and look up titan tattoos and piercings on my phone it is not that far away I guess I will be making a visit there as well. What tattoo should I get?

—– The next day (Monday)—–
Eren’s PoV-
I am stocking up the ink storage in the back thinking about what tattoos I will be making today. I bet there will be three dumb names of partners and a stupid portrait of someone like Johnny Depp. I also think about why tattoo I should get on me next. I hear the bell on the door jingle and I look up and see the man from the cafe ‘Levi Ackerman”. I was surprised by this. I stand up straight and say
“Hello how can I help?”
I bet his car broke down or something like that.
“Hi I would like a tattoo please this is a walk in walk out place right?” I am taken back a bit. His voice is so monotone that and he really doesn’t look like a tattoo person.
“Yes it is. Have you got anything in mind sir?”
“Yes I do actually can I get a bouquet of red and yellow roses tattooed on my shoulder blade please.”
I was surprised to say the least about this request but oh well probably a silly coincidence.
“Of course sir please come with me.”
“Oh. Call me Levi please.”
“Okay Levi”
He sat down on one of the padded dentist type chairs and I opened the ink containers that I would need. I also re cleaned the tattoo machine .
“Would you like me to make a sketch first?”
“Yes please”

I was surprised at his manners it was really cute. I got my sketchbook out and started sketching a picture of a bouquet slightly tilted to the side then I drew a few petals flying away from it. I showed Levi and he just nodded. I like to work with a bit of music on so I thought I would ask Levi. He said it was okay, so I put my CD in the old beaten up player and got to work. “Wow” levi said out of the blue I was a little startled by this.
“What?” I said in a soft tone.
“I am surprised you have good music taste.”
“Uhm thanks?”
I got on with the tattoo I could see that it was hurting him so I decided to help him take his mind off it.
“So what do you work as?”
“I own a bakery.”
I already knew that so I just nodded.
—-one hour later—-
I had just finished Levi’s tattoo and I was very pleased with my work.
I said “okay I am finished now”
I was pleased to have finished the tattoo there was a lot of tension and awkwardness between us while doing it.
“Okay come with me please”.
I wrapped up his shoulder with clean film and took him to the cash register.
“That will be £55 please”.
Levi handed me the money which I put in the register and I watched as he also dug into his wallet and brought out a £5 note and another white pice of paper and put it in a jar labelled ‘tips’. As he walked out I dug in to the tip jar and took it out the white paper I unfurled it and scrawled on it was
Call me - xxxx xxxx xxx (Levi’s number)
and that’s how my knew life began.

One with no more loneliness and vacantly talking to graves.

*breathes into paper bag*

Jared and Jensen signed my Impala’s sun visor and customized it the way I wanted (so rare omg). I could die.

black coffee and black hair

summary: soulmate!au where you and your soulmate share the same tattoo. 

tags: soulmate!au, coffeeshop!au, shy!dan, phan, phan fluff

word count: 5.1k 

trigger warnings: a bit of swearing maybe, murderous fluff

a/n: i don’t know how to end stories sorry. also credit to @alkelester for the title.

Dan was sick of coffee. He gagged at the smell of ground coffee beans, his stomach twisted uncomfortably whenever he happened to drink it. He could barely look at the liquid as it poured out of the coffee machine, and every time he handed the drink to a customer he released the breath he’d been holding. Dan was sick of coffee, and he was sick of working in the coffee shop.
Sure, it was cute; the shop had a rustic feel, with timber furniture and vintage knick-knacks everywhere. And the place was warm. But it smelt like coffee. 

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Barrels and Bandage: My Snk 76 Prediction

Inspired by @hornypepperoni ‘s post

Bert is inside the barrel!? OAO

My thought is, this time Titan Eren chose to keep off the Wall to fight Reiner thus they can avoid being ambushed by Bert in his titan form. However, what if Mr. Monkey Titan use his awesome shot put skill to send Bert to reach Titan Eren? And, What’s inside the other barrels?

I predict the barrels contain chemicals which can turn people into mindless titans. Which may happen in the coming chapter 76.

Beast Titan may throw the barrel contains Bert and those contain the chemicals into Shiganshina, that many SC members will be transformed into mindless titans that their comrades may be forced to slay them.

Beast Titan: I choose you, Bertholdt~!

And, I always think that Eren’s coordinate power is related to Mikasa.

We have seen many re-drawn panels of “Eren carrying Mikasa while using the coordinate power”:

This is chapter 55

This is chapter 67

And here is the newest chapter 75:

And this is Mr. Beast Titan in chapter 70:

It seems his left wrist is covered by titan tissue?

And here is Reiner in chapter 74:

Acknowledgement and citation: @suits-neechan

Reiner suddenly has a bandage on his left wrist? Like the one of Mikasa, which is on her right wrist?

 In Chapter 75, we see Beast Titan does have ability to control his titan army by roaring (like Eren)—-is it the power of coordinate? Why he want Eren’s coordinate power if he can already control mindless titans?

My question is, does the tattoo of the Asian family have something to do with the coordinate power? Is is true that the presence of Mikasa is essential for Eren to utilize the coordinate power?

So, there are still a group of Asians (and perhaps the Ackermans?) living outside the Walls? Are they allies of the “Hometown” people? To seek for “revenge” on the King inside the Walls? 

Is it the reason of Reiner suddenly having bandage (tattoo) on his left  wrist, that the “Hometown” people or himself has allied with the sides of Mr. Beast Titan/Asians/Ackermans?

Read my theory:  Predictions: Mikasa may be/become a Titan Shifter

And about the new SC weapon:

It seems it is a weapon which can cause explosion? To destroy the specific titan harden tissue? To generate strong electric current to interfere titan shifters’ ability?


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anonymous asked:

Hey i really love your blog and theories and i just noticed something in the the second ending song of the anime at the start of the song and in the end there is a painting of people on horses in some symbol in the middel that symbol is also shown in ep six on the piece of cloth that mikasa knited that mikasa mom said its a symbol passed for generations in the manga the symbol on mikasa's hand isn't shown could it mean that mikasa asian side is also important to the warriors? (sorry for bad eng)

Hello Anon~Sorry for my late reply~

Before I create my blog here, I also discussed about this topic with members in the tieba forum (Chinese Snk fandom), some of them have suggested the “coordinate”—-or something belongs to the Asians, is an object which two sides of people striving to obtain it. Here’s the scene shown in the beginning and the ending of the ED2 song:

Hmm…Is it possible the picture is describing the battle between people of “Hometown” and those who are living inside the Walls?

I suspect something related to the Asian family is required to activate the power of the Coordinate. 

~Read more~

Mikasa may be needed for activating the Coordinate Power

And the below paragraphs are from  Barrels and Bandage: My Snk 76 Predictions

We have seen many re-drawn panels of “Eren carrying Mikasa while using the coordinate power”:

This is chapter 55

This is chapter 67

And here is chapter 75:

And this is Mr. Beast Titan in chapter 70:

It seems his left wrist is covered by titan tissue?

And here is Reiner in chapter 74:

Acknowledgement and citation: @suits-neechan

Reiner suddenly has a bandage on his left wrist? Like the one of Mikasa, which is on her right wrist?

In Chapter 75, we see Beast Titan does have ability to control his titan army by roaring (like Eren)—-is it the power of coordinate? Why he want Eren’s coordinate power if he can already control mindless titans?

My question is, does the tattoo of the Asian family have something to do with the coordinate power? Is is true that the presence of Mikasa is essential for Eren to utilize the coordinate power?

So, there are still a group of Asians (and perhaps the Ackermans?) living outside the Walls? Are they allies of the “Hometown” people? To seek for “revenge” on the King inside the Walls?

Is it the reason of Reiner suddenly having bandage (tattoo) on his left  wrist, that the “Hometown” people or himself has allied with the sides of Zeke / Asians / Ackermans?

Recently I’ve written an Ackerman / Asian headcanon story based on my hypotheses, you may take a look on it~XD

Zeke’s Lullaby (Mordred’s Lullaby by Heather Dale)

~An Ultimate Ackertrash Headcanon Story~

Aka Snk Prediction of event since Snk 80


My Snk Crack Theory?

And this the the youtube PMV about Zeke in my headcanon~!