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The alignment chart was posted by an aphobic troll, and that’s important

I don’t know how many of you have ever read Ender’s Game (the author is a piece of shit) but there’s a moment fairly early on where Graff tells all the new recruits arriving at the Battle School that they’re all nothing compared to Ender, that he’s the greatest there’s ever been and none of them will ever amount to half of what he is, so they had better bow and scrape and try to be good enough to lick Ender’s boots.

Ender immediately recognizes this as a moment of betrayal, because now all the other boys hate him, which is exactly what Graff intended. Graff built Ender up and insulted everyone else to make it seem as though he was on Ender’s side, with the intention of turning them all against Ender.

There’s a post going around right now of an alignment chart that places gay people and trans women in the ‘evil’ categories while aces, aros, and nonbinary people are in the ‘good’ category. The blog is obviously a troll sockpuppet account. When people point that out, there’s been a ton of backlash saying that it doesn’t matter because the post is still awful.

It DOES matter. 

Because the person who posted this is Graff. They’re intentionally shouting from the rooftops that aces, aros, and nb people are great and gay men, lesbians, and trans women are evil not because they believe it, but because their intention is to focus the anger of the latter group directly onto the former group. 

It was absolutely homophobic and transmisogynistic to post that shit. But the goal was so CLEARLY to do something openly bigoted and disgusting and then give those who were angry (as they should have been) the perfect target for their fury. 

In a month or so, this alignment chart is probably going to be on some masterpost of why aspec people are bigots and shouldn’t be allowed in the lgbt community. It’ll be right there next to other troll posts like the ‘let’s make our own slur’ post and so many others.

I was inspired by @lazulisong‘s utter brilliance.

The moment Takeshi learned of Yuuri’s ginormous crush on Victor Nikiforov, he lifted Yuuri’s sweatshirt, took a big handful of belly, and shouted loud enough to wake Yuuri’s dead grandmother, “Keep dreaming, round boy! Victor would never want a tubbo like you!”

Oh, but if only Takeshi knew that Victor Nikiforov not only wants a tubbo like Yuuri but that he cried when Yuuri announced that it was time to drop the weight in preparation for the new season. Cried actual tears. The kind of tears usually reserved for deaths in the family or losing everything in a fire. The kind he shed when he thought Yuuri was breaking up with him. Bitter, heart-wrenching tears that leave him red-faced and heaving, then stumbling around hours later, wrung completely dry.

To be fair, Victor cries like that about literally everything—Yuuri landing a quad, surprise candlelight dinners, children in oversized parkas, murals that feature the color cerulean, dogs in movies (not just when they die, but when they’re there at all), the fourth ringtone on his new phone, daffodils, the word ‘sorbet’, and aerosol deodorant—but what Takeshi doesn’t know won’t prove him right, so.

“Maybe you can postpone it another week,” Victor mumbles into the kitchen table, where he fell into a chair and just sort of… deflated everywhere. He’s lying on top of the newspaper. Yuuri really wants to read it.

“You told Yurio he should’ve started training two weeks ago.”

Victor gives a despondent shrug. “He should’ve. Instead he’s been spending all his time Skyping with that degenerate.”

“You love Otabek. You hugged him and said you were proud to welcome him to the family, then you dumped a bag of condoms in his lap and cried because—and I quote—you were trusting him to take care of your most precious child.” And then a mortified, blushing Yurio slammed the airport shuttle door on Victor’s fingers.

Victor’s bandaged hand lifts and cuts through the air as though it were a tiny boat sailing on a choppy sea. Yuuri isn’t entirely sure what it means, but whatever it is? It’s suitably dramatic. “Yurio’s different.”

“Except not really.” Across the table, Yuuri studies the part in his hair, which looks a little… wider than usual. And sadder. It looks like a frown. He wants to lean forward to touch it, but that would do nothing except set Victor off again, and at the moment there isn’t enough fluid in Victor’s body to sustain him as it is. Instead, he pushes his own glass of orange juice toward him. “Vitya, please, drink something and replenish, would you? I don’t want to even think about what the headlines would say tomorrow if I let you pass out while we’re running this evening.”

At that, Victor lifts his head. Yuuri could skate an entire program based on the sheer betrayal on Victor’s face. “We’re running already? But we can’t! Not yet! I'm—You’re not ready. Another week. I’m putting my foot down, as your coach.”

“You’re a terrible coach,” Yuuri says. “I mean that. I want that on record. I can’t believe I’ve put my career in your hands. Can I fire you?”

“I’m a good husband, though, so it all cancels out,” Victor points out, which, okay, fair point. And he proves it by sliding both of his hands across the table and making grabby motions with his fingers. Well, one hand does. The bandaged one looks like a mummified sock puppet. “Don’t leave meeeeee.”

“I’m not leav—” Yuuri pauses, then rolls his eyes so hard he’s almost positive that he sprains something. “Oh. You were talking to my—”


It comes out on the back of a long, sinuous whine. At Yuuri’s feet, Makkachin stirs, and he places his foot gently on her back and rubs until she settles. “I’m not going to bust my ass twice as hard just so you can manhandle me whenever you want.”

Victor’s head thunks back onto the table between his outstretched arms. “But you’re so soft and squishy, and it’s my favorite, and soon you’re going to be all bony and hard.”

“You’ve never once complained about me being hard,” Yuuri deadpans, then hides his face in his hands, because honestly. Victor cackles dementedly. “Look, I know you like my… well. I appreciate it, but I really need to start training yesterday if we’re going for the gold.”

Victor throws himself off of the table and drapes himself backward over his chair with a groan that honestly deserves an award. “Fine! Fine. Nobody ever told me that so much of being married is making sacrifices.”

It would be so easy for Yuuri to just turn his head and stare at the framed cross-stitch on the microwave that reads Sacrifice is one of the purest and most selfless ways to love someone. Practice it daily. Instead, he nudges the glass of juice a little closer, because, well. Sacrifice.

“Buck up,” Yuuri says cheerfully. “I’ll be back to being squishy before you know it.”

With a grumble, Victor reaches for the glass.

And while no one could ever accuse Yuuri of being the type to hold a grudge, he can’t deny the small, dark part of him that wants to call up Takeshi right this second and crow, “Round Boy got his, you jerk!”

fox emoji review

apple:  a good boy!  i like the gradient on his muzzle and the black tips on his ears.  8/10

google:  the orange outline is a nice touch, i think.  i’m a fan of the eyes, this fox looks clever and ready for anything.  10/10

microsoft:  bad.  looks like an orange wolf.  the thick outline is not good and the curve of the muzzle looks strange when compared to the points of the rest of the emoji.  1/10 because he is still a fox and i still love him

samsung:  soft and dainty!  this is a fox that knows her talents.  she does kind of look like a tanuki because of the round snout, but she’s still great!  9/10

emojipedia:  ehhh… i’m not a fan of the brown, it makes this fox look more like a mouse.  i do like the fur though, it has lots of texture.  3/10

facebook:  a soft and chubby boy!!! i want to give him twenty cuddles a day and feed him and love him.  1000000/10

twitter:  bringing back microsoft’s awkward half-wolf look, but he almost makes it work?  the lack of heavy outline makes it less jarring, i think.  3/10

emojione:  a cute baby!  this little fox is clever and daring, if a bit bland.  6/10

emojidex:  -1/10 because it looks exactly like that taxidermy of the fox sitting on the chair, and i didn’t think that was possible, but somehow the artist managed to turn that taxidermy fox into a horrifying emoji.

prince in training

~3k, rated T

Sterek ficlet inspired by this: “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au

This is kind of Princess-Diaries-ish. I know that’s been done before in this fandom (and thank god it has—it’s awesome), but I couldn’t help myself. Yay for self-indulgence!


Stiles thought the most annoying thing about suddenly being a royal heir to a small eastern European kingdom he’s never heard of would be the hyper-aggressive paparazzi, but he was dead wrong.

The most annoying thing is actually Derek Hale, the guy Stiles’ grandmother hired to teach Stiles how not to screw this up.

“Princes don’t chew with their mouths open, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t shove an entire fistful of curly fries in their mouths, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t wear pink-and-green plaid shirts from Target, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t slouch.”

They don’t slump, either, or yawn or sneeze or cough in public, or fist-pump, or drive beat-up old blue Jeeps, or wear bright colors, or rock out to the radio, or do anything fun.

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Critical Role and Queer Perspective

There’s a little Critical Role analysis I’ve been thinking about that probably won’t fit in my thesis, mostly because it’s too narrow in scope. I wanted to talk about it, though, because it’s been one of the most interesting transitions to watch in terms of how the show thinks about its queer characters.

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Torture in Fiction: Iron Man

One of the establishing films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is now older than I would like to think about and has helped establish the character as a fan favourite and a house hold name.

And like most of the Marvel superhero films it uses torture. Today I’m going to have a look at how the story uses torture and how well it does so.

In case anyone hasn’t seen the movie here’s a little synopsis of the relevant plot details.

The story follows Tony Stark, a wealthy white American genius who makes his living designing and selling weapons. While demonstrating a new type of missile to troops in Afghanistan Stark’s convoy is attacked and he’s kidnapped.

Held to ransom by a pan-Asian terrorist group Stark is ordered to build them weapons. When he refuses he is tortured and when his captors are unsatisfied with his progress they threaten another hostage (a man called Yinsen) with torture as well.

Then (because it’s a superhero story) Stark builds a super-suit, escapes and goes on to become Iron Man.

Once again I’m rating the depiction and use of torture, not the movie itself. I’m trying to take into account realism (regardless of fantasy or sci fi elements), presence of any apologist arguments, stereotypes and the narrative treatment of victims and torturers.

I’m giving it an 8/10

The Good

While it’s certainly not the most harrowing or horrific the torture scenes in Iron Man are among the best I’ve ever seen. The high points are:

1)      Stark is near-drowned and Yinsen is told he’ll have hot coals put in his mouth. Both tortures are portrayed accurately.

2)      Torture doesn’t change the opinions or ideals of either Stark or Yinsen. Despite threats of (and actual) violence they both remain resolutely opposed to their captors.

3)      When under torture and ‘forced’ to agree to manufacture weapons Stark responds very realistically: he lies. He says exactly what he thinks his torturers want to hear as part of a calculated ploy. It buys him a reprieve from torture and time, which he uses to escape.

4)      This is echoed with Yinsen. When the terrorists start to suspect that Stark isn’t building their missiles Yinsen is threatened with torture, accompanied by the demand that he tell them all what Stark is doing. Helpless and restrained, the glowing coal inches from his face Yinsen lies repeatedly and convincingly.

5)      Neither character is portrayed as particularly macho or somehow superhumanly resistant to trauma. While they’re both ‘good guys’ their resistance to torture isn’t connected to their morals. The scenes leave the impression that these two men are just trying to survive.

6)      Torture is shown to have a lasting psychological effect on Stark. He is not portrayed as ‘broken’ but torture changes him. He’s shown being distant from the people he cares about, he’s often angry and occasionally obsessive. In later movies he seems to struggle with addiction.

7)      Torture also has a significant effect on Stark’s outlook on life and it’s very much not in the way his torturers intended. Stark stops making weapons and starts to disrupt terrorist cells and destroy illegal stockpiled weapons. His opposition to the group that held him is entrenched and that’s shown to be partly due to torture.

8)      The scenes are emotive and shocking and there is never the remotest suggestion that any of this is ‘ok’. Torture in this movie is always and completely wrong. That shouldn’t be rare.


The Bad

1)      It’s interesting watching this and thinking about the politics of the time. Stark isn’t waterboarded: in waterboarding the victim is strapped down on their back and a wet cloth is placed over their face, their feet are raised, more water is poured over the cloth and it prevents them from breathing. Stark has his head held in a bucket of water. And yet I can’t help feeling that waterboarding is what the film makers are invoking here. Which means that at a time when the USA was getting bad publicity for waterboarding illegally detained brown men, these film makers chose to show a white American being tortured in a similar way by a group of ambiguously brown Arab-coded men. That does not sit particularly comfortably with me.

2)      The tortures shown are not normal for the region of the world and the people shown. Neither character is subjected to falaka, a staple torture across the Middle East and this region of Asia. Stress positions characteristic of the region are also not used. Instead a very ‘American’ torture is used against Stark and Yinsen is threatened with a scarring torture which is now vanishingly rare.


It’s worth noting that the only people tortured or threatened with torture in this movie are the heroes.

And there is a strong tendency in fiction to show torture as more effective and more justifiable when the victims are ‘bad people’.


Iron Man does a bloody good job handling torture.

The bad points I’ve highlighted indicate a lack of understanding for the region but I think that’s offset by the weight of what’s done well. From the scenes themselves to the effects on the characters.

Too many action heroes seem to shrug off torture as though mental health issues make them lesser. Stark genuinely seems to struggle after his escape and that struggle does not destroy him.

And I love that he not only lies but lies repeatedly and successfully. This is tied to his intelligence but I think it’s played more as a factor of his personality then of intelligence per say. Stark resists by lying because it’s how he personally can best resist.

Whatever the flaws in the rest of the movie, the way Iron Man handles torture is very good indeed.


let me tell you what’s going on in whedons head rn because from his wife’s testimony he’s fucking living in a fantasy world: he has just reached his lowest point. rock bottom. third act is ending on a low point. BUT: he thinks that batgirl if written right will redeem himself to us bitches not bitches though that’s sexist uh uh Mean Women, he’ll write batgirl so fucking good it will retroactively go back in time and make Hillary win the election and all the former detractors will love him for changing the world again. Unfortunately it will suck. it will suck because he is a garbage man who does not think of women as people and as such is basically writing sniveling characterizations of a gender who he already views as just that, characters, in the flash meet n fuck game he thinks he inhabits


request: “hi ! i love your writing so so much, and i was wondering if i could request a george weasley imagine where the reader is muggle-born and someone calls her a mudblood, and she has no idea what it means so she asks george and he gets all defensive ? idk, i just think he’d be really protective and passionate when it comes to that type of stuff. you can take the prompt however you want, though ! thank you so so much, and i love your writing ! 💝” — by @danisnotonfuego

a/n: ah, i love george weasley so much that i should thank you for this request! thank you also for your kind words and i hope you like this imagine. x


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to. namjoon

from. yoongi
our leader that we can can always depend on, out of all the people I’ve met in my life time, you are my most favourite so far. because he is an artist that has been doing music since he was a child, I receive a lot of good influence from him whilst doing activities.

from. Jungkook
a person who finishes what he has to do from his place thats his own, until the end(?). he’s cool hyung that has many things I can learn from. you know acknowledge that I work hard to make music and you kindly teach me this and that

to. jin

from. namjoon
the members hyung, before debut we both went to the cafe and listened to me talk for a long time. even though you like to fool around with dad jokes, Jin hyung is really cool when he’s serious (laughs)

from. jimin
we spend a lot of time playing games together. I remember when we were going to Japan, one hour before departure, we got new mobile games and we were really excited even after arriving (in japan) the skills… I’m on top! (laughs)

to. suga

from. jin
you have a lot of interests… lamb skewers, furniture, general goods.. but when you actually go shopping, you buy nothing but musical equipment. special information that only I, your roommate, knows

from. taehyung
recently you’ve become more interested in japanese and often see you studying hard. and I think your atmosphere or content of what you talk about is more fun compared to the old days

to. jhope

from. yoongi
a good hearted friend who was by my side to give me energy even when I was having a hard time. during our trainee days, when you collapsed, I went to the infirmary with you. you hate when I talk about it but.. I did (laughs)

from. jin
you have the most shoes since your obsessed with shoes and slippers, right. on your birthday I gave you cute shoes and I’m really happy since you decided to wear them when we came to Japan (laughs)

to. jimin

from. jhope
his wide back charm point! and when he sleeps he has a habit of often talking in a sad voice. when he wakes up I ask him “do you have bad dreams” but he says “I don’t remember” (laughs)

from. taehyung
when jimin does a ment in english or japanese he gets really shy. it’s a cute image. recently though, maybe because of his make up (laughs) he looks really handsome.

to. taehyung

from. namjoon
a handsome face and good performances. he has passion to make good songs more than any other person. I hope a lot of people know that there is a side to him like this

from. jungkook
even though we fight sometime, you existence is like a friend that I often bully. I promised to go to jeju island with you but didnt go because of me. let’s plan to go again in the near future

to. jungkook

from. hoseok
fierce member who’s desire to improve in music and dance is two times greater than the average person. even though I think that, sometimes he’s cute thanks to his maknae aegyo. I am able to sleep well at night because when this guy doesn’t ;let me go it takes up all my energy to get away

from. jimin
maknae that has worked hard since he was a child. since he is the same age as my brother, I looked after him, but only until now I’ve realised that he feels like my real brother since he’s cute no matter what he does

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Headcanons for papa saeran

Let’s see~


  • The words “I’m pregnant” are something he takes a looooot of time to proceed with. He never even though about being a parent. Damn, he literally forgot that you may get pregnant if you have sex! 
  • So you’re pregnant. You’re gonna give a birth. To a child. Your child. His child. He’s gonna have a child. Which means. Which means? Means he’s gonna be- … FUCK HE’S GONNA BE A FATH- *faints*
  • He’s in shock. He doesn’t know what to say. His thoughts are racing, like, is it real? Is he gonna be a father? He’s going to be a PARENT. An actual parent. He’ll have to take care of a child. Of a human being. A little, weak human being. He’ll need to protect it. He already has to. He had to protect you before, and now… Now a little child? Will he manage to do that? What if he hurts it? By accident? Or on purpose…? What is he turns out to be like his mother? He doesn’t want to be like this, he’s scared. This child doesn’t deserve this damn excuse of a father-
  • “Saeran. It’ll be okay. You’ll do well. You’re a strong and good person. I believe in you.”
  • Well that’s great because even he doesn’t believe in himself at this point
  • Your words give him a lot of motivation. He trusts you. He still panics, but he wants to do his best. If you say he’ll manage, then there’s no way it’ll be different.
  • During your pregnacy, he’s clearly overprotective. He doesn’t really know how to take care of you, so he just does what he can. He’ll never let you carry heavy things, you won’t even have to go out of the bed. Secretly, he’ll search into all the articles about how he should behave. He’ll try to awkwardly ask Jaehee about it, but no one else. He’ll never listen to his brother nor any other man in the group. If there’s anyone he feels okay with asking for advice, it’s Jaehee.
  • He decides to actually find a job, which is a bit awkward at first. He wants to be as independ as he can and he really thinks that living on your own - like, without Saeyoung around - is a good idea. He wants to start over, find his own way. Make his family safe, because for the first time in his life he actually feels like he has a place he belongs in. He wants to work to make it better.
  • He has a thing for hand-made furniture. He really wants to make a bed for his child and Saeyoung - who secretly watched his search history all along - offers his help. However, they’re both bad at it. But they try. And they learn quickly. So after long time of struggling, they manage to make the damn bed. It looks weird and creaks every time you touch it, but it’s filled with their love~
  • When the time comes, he’s the most nervous being you’d imagine. You literally have to calm him down or he’ll either break something or hurt himself. He tries to be as supportive as possible, but it’s just too much for him. Eventually, Saeyoung has to take him out of the room because he’s yelling at the nurses and it’s clearly not good for you. He’s literally more scared/nervous/emotional than you. Don’t blame him, he’s never gone through this before (?)
  • This little thing… It’s crying, it’s loud… It’s vulnerable… and it caused a lot of pain to you…. He cannot help but stare at the child, just not believing that it’s… it’s actually his child.
  • He’s hyper. Secretly still scared, but happy. Is with you 24/7, literally crushing you two with affection. And he cannot help but compare this little being to the both of you. The hair, the eyes… everything is so similar. How is it even possible? This little human is like a mix of the both of you. It’s as if you two were one person he kinda freaks out at the thought
  • Saeran doesn’t really know how to take care of a little human, but his common sense tells him to keep it away from Saeyoung. Saeyoung is not happy because he wants to play with his nephew/niece. Everyone recalls the photo of Saeyoung “playing” with another little being (Elly). Vanderwood tases Saeyoung and ties him to a chair. Everyone sighs with relief.
  • But seriously, Saeran has no idea what to do. But he listens to everything you say, not being afraid of asking someone else for help as well. His pride means nothing when it comes to you two. He’s careful like the kid is literally made of glass. He quickly remembers what to do and when, but his skills aren’t great to be honest. Putting clothes on the little human is probably the worst. Vanderwood turns out to be quite useful these times. 
  • The kid is probably a bit afraid of him, which makes him panic. Literally, when the child will start to cry, Saeran starts to cry too. Congratulations. You have two panicking kids now. The little one is probably easier to calm down though -_-
  • Every time Saeran does something wrong, he thinks of it for a few days or even longer, filled with regrets even if it was something trivial. He really wants to be a good father, but something inside his head keeps telling him that he’ll be just like his mother. He cannot forgive himself being vulnerable in moments like this. Every time you have to do something because he can’t, he’s already tearing up.
  • So many sleepless nights. Even when it’s your turn to take care of the child or if you let someone else take it for a while, he’s never been so stressed in his whole life. He’s scared of telling you how much it pressures him so he ends up crying alone, as far from everyone as possible. He knows how much you’re going through too so he doesn’t want to add any more troubles. But it’s more than obvious that he’s just not okay at these moments and you’ll, sooner or later, make him talk to you about it.
  • And he really needed this talk. You had to reassure him a lot until he finally calmed down, and you both ended up crying. But in the end, he understood that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you’re here to help him out just like he’s always been here to help you when you needed this.
  • He still does his best. Still makes a lot of mistakes. Just like you do. But you’re never alone and that’s what makes it just simple. It’s still not easy, but you know it’ll be okay.
  • At some point though, he knows everything better than you. He’s surprisingly good at those weird recipes. He knows how to make the kid actually eat its food. He’s patient and quite stubborn, but that’s clearly what your child needs. As soon as he feels more confident in what to do, he makes you rest more since you get tired faster than he does. He can go on for a week without a coffee. But please, make him stop. It’s not healthy.
  • As the child grows up, it’s more attached to Saeran than you. They’re so similar to be honest! Two quiet beings not letting go of each other even for a second. They’ll take naps together, and the day when the Little Version™ is introduced to ice cream will be probably the happiest moment of your lives.
  • Saeran loves to go to various places with thte kid: zoo, aquarium, theatres… He’s never experienced it as a child and even though he wants to give everything he can to his kid, he’ll secretly enjoy it just as if he was the baby here. Please, let him try the cotton candy, whatever it is, it looks like clouds and it’s sweet. He wants it. O-oh, yeah, buy one for the kid too.
  • He feels weird when he has to leave the kid in a school. When the time comes, they’re both just as nervous. Though even if the little one gets over it fairly quickly, you spend the whole day reassuring Saeran that no nothing will eat it there’s no monsters in the school and no the teachers aren’t a part of some cult dammit honey-
  • You actually start to wonder because you’re pretty sure some of your old teachers praised Satan, but that’s a completely different story
  • He’s this kind of parent who will try to not be nosy, but the way he glances at his kid until they spare him some information about what’s up is more than obvious. He’ll try not to ask too many questions, but he won’t feel at ease until he actually hears from them.
  • Incredibly sensitive to any mood changes. Will try to convince the kid to talk to him, but never force them. Wants them to know it’s okay to ask for help, because he himself also needed this lesson a while ago. 
  • Wants the kid to be independent, but cannot refuse if they ask him for help, even if it’s something trivial. If the child is in danger/need/anything, he’ll literally drop everything and run to the rescue.
  • He knows how to cook. Go aside, MC, you’re gonna ruin his ravioli. In this house we eat only homemade food. No chips, no soda, it’s unhealthy don’t be like Saeyoung please. Ice cream? Ice cream is very healthy, fuck off.
  • No, uncle Saeyoung won’t visit us today. Please don’t say this name ever again. Stay away from him. It’s so-called bad influence.
  • No, we’re not gonna get a pup- *the kid shows him a very cute puppy and makes a face even cuter than the puppy’s* …Ooo… kaay… Leeeet… *still not convinced* …it be a puuuuppy…
  • Can’t get over the growing up process. W-wait what do you mean you… you date?! You cannot date! You’re too young for dating!
  • “Dad, I’m 18.”
  • It’s been so little just a while ago… why is it… why is it moving out now?! Why?! It’s been here always! What is he gonna do now?! Why is it leaving?!
  • “MC, we need a second child.”

I have some half-formed thoughts on that last post about Kaneki still being inherently the same character, now that I’ve had a little longer to think about it. I do agree that he still bears the same uncertain, lonely, dismal threads as the original college student we met in the beginning of the series, but when I tried to think of ways that he has changed, Haise immediately came to mind. He was actually fairly assertive and good at making quick decisions. 

He still dealt with feelings of uncertainty, and definitely struggled as a social pariah as a ghoul working for an anti-ghoul organization, but for the most part he was able to lead and teach, protect and move forward, even when his plans were unconventional and people disagreed with him. 

He was even more confident during undercover operations, where he could pretend to be someone else entirely.

Granted, I still see a lot of the same old Kaneki in Haise. Even in his freedom to choose his own path,  the decision to hold onto his past was a heart-wrenching fold to the inevitable.

Haise knew deeply that Kaneki wasn’t going to go away, so he gave in.

It’s horribly sad, and unfortunately I think the thing that keeps Kaneki in this pitiable mindset half the time is that he’s right. Every hand he’s been dealt has been shit, and it’s often not his fault. “This is how it is, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it”. His father died and there was nothing he could do about it. His mother died and there was nothing he could do about it. He was victim to a medical experiment and there was nothing he could do about it. He was tortured, he was beaten into the ground, he was set up to have Eto bash his memories back in, he was set up to kill Arima and inherit his title as the One-Eyed King…

You see, even when he tries to have autonomy, it’s taken away. It’s completely understandable that he has a hard time feeling confident in himself when his history is so rife with relentless loss and feelings of helplessness. 

How does he make a good decision for both himself and others when so often it feels like it doesn’t even matter? 

But I digress. Back to the point I was making before, I think it’s important not to forget how much louder Haise’s confidence was without the weight of his past dragging him down. Even though he’s essentially the same person at his core, having the support of his makeshift family and (at least the illusion of) being able to let his past go gave him the opportunity to rise just a little bit above the mental cage his trauma has built around him. 

So, in terms of hope for Kaneki, Haise shouldn’t be forgotten. Akira’s memory provided that he was still anti-social and weak-willed before she met him, but he wasn’t that way by the time we did. Ishida said once that TG doesn’t necessarily have to end in tragedy, and while Kaneki won’t be “cured” of his mental illnesses in the long-run, Haise is an example of what a person needs to find better mental health: love, connections with fellow beings, and constant attainable goals. 

I think Kaneki is on the right path to find those things. 

Imagine Jagged Stone being the reason and a driving force behind Marinette's Career taking offp

Imagine Jagged Stone getting really tired of people just not getting his style. The clothes that are chosen for him are boring, his new Image Consultant wants to turn him into a ‘XY-wannabe’ (needless to say they didn’t last very long) and his record contract with Bob Ross Music was torn up after a final explosive argument even though he reached number one again.

The only bright spot seems to be the album cover that the cheery middle-school student, Marinette, designed for him. Everything about it was him and she even added a smelly-sticker that had the whole ‘sweat and leather’ thing Rock ‘n’ Roll was about. Also the shades she gave him were pretty sweet. So he figures he’d personally give her some back stage passes to his latest concert as a thank you and maybe to see her again because her facial expressions are hilarious. 

Marinette arrives at the Palace to pick up the tickets and she practically falls over herself thanking him for the tickets. For convenient Plot Shenanigans, her sketchbook falls out of her bag while she’s thanking him and Jagged sees just how much talent Marinette has and where her true passion lies.


Imagine one thing leading to another and Marinette finds herself commissioned for a jacket for Jagged to wear at his next concert.

She makes the jacket and Jagged adores it. He loves it so much, he has to be talked out of making Marinette his personal fashion designer by Penny, his new contractor and Fang (though it’s definitely a close call and it’s only the fact Marinette hasn’t finished high school stops him [Education is important]).

So he does the next best thing. He hires her on a semi-regular basis.

Imagine Jagged and Marinette end up meeting often to discuss styles, colours, textures and general fashion choices.

Imagine Jagged hiring Marinette to make various accessories and clothes for various publicity events. (Though he does take into account of her schooling and doesn’t overwhelm her with commissions.)

Imagine Jagged Stone and Marinette becoming good friends to the point he gives her special behind-the-scenes access to publicity events so she can be inspired and he becomes something of a mentor when dealing with fame and publicity. She talks to him about the odd boy issue (he is no help at all because he just laughs at her) and Chloe being Chloe and how she gets discouraged about her designs occasionally.

Imagine Jagged bragging about the sweet, talented student that made his accessories for an award ceremony to other celebrities and on television. (He wanted her and her family to come too but it was a school night.)

Imagine Marinette wondering where all these commissions from celebrities are coming from and why Jagged looks a bit too pleased with himself every time she brings it up.

Imagine Jagged celebrating loudly when Marinette receives several summer internships from various fashion companies after seeing her talent even though she is so young.

Imagine Marinette’s fashion career taking off through various celebrities and public figures all adoring her designs . It becomes a thing where people begin to brag about having a 'Marinette Special’.

Imagine Jagged encouraging Marinette to push her limits and use her intuition to create the best designs possible for each of her commissions. (All of her customers love her for it.)

Just Imagine that it’s all Jagged Stone’s fault Marinette’s career takes off so early.

Submitted by @my-insanity-is-an-artform

Someone Like You

Summary: Dan is a famous youtuber with millions of subscribers, his channel growing everyday. He’s not your typical channel though; he loves beauty, fashion, and makeup. Girls love him, boys hate him. He’s a teenager who still goes to high school. He gets bullied, but he’s also deaf so he doesn’t hear any of it. He wears hearing aids but turns them off whenever he needs to.

Phil is a punk covered in tattoos. He’s a newly single parent who works hard to keep his son safe. Phil’s not popular, but it’s not like he gets bullied either. He has a couple of friends who support him and that’s good enough.

Dan’s the new kid at his school and they cross paths. They find out their soulmates on Dan’s first day of school, and have different opinions on the whole situation. Will they be able to make it work? Or fall apart?

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 5,610

Trigger Warnings: swearing, Phil’s a bit judgemental towards Dan at the beginning

A/N: Thanks so much to @lexi-love99 for being awesome and betaing this fic!

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Here There Be Gerblins Part 1: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap
  • I’m doing the uncut version.  Pray for me.
  • Travis has his entire character and backstory locked and loaded prior to the pilot.  Justin has come up with the name Taako.  Both of these things are equally ridiculous in completely different ways.
    • BONUS:  Justin: “I’m playing a wizard and his name is spelled T-A-A-K-O.”  Travis: “So like… Tae… Tae-koh?”  Justin:  “Well, I mean, it’s-”  Griffin: “Is your wizard named… are you naming your god damn wizard Taco?”
  • Travis describes Magnus’s stats as “everything’s twenties across the board, plus twenties on all of his skill checks, and he has a magic sword that kills people in one hit” and the fact that this is NOT ACTUALLY THAT FAR OFF FROM CURRENT MAGNUS is absolutely wild
  • Taako was originally an acolyte of Oghma, god of wizardly shit. That tidbit got dusted real fast, probably for the best.
  • Clint actually says that Merle being a good dancer is a character trait in this episode.  In the Legato/Voidfish loop Clint studies interpretive jazz dance at the conservatory.  Good job Clint
  • Motion to make points of inspiration being fucking useless into an IPRE meme even though that doesn’t make any sense.
  • When Clint remarks about his inexperience with D&D Travis actually says, word for word, “I honestly believe that dad is going to be the best one at this game. I mean skill, you gotta roll your dice and not blow it.”  Holy shit does this particular tune change.  Poor Clint and his cursed rolls.
  • Clint describes some no-bakes that Justin made and Griffin says he should be the one DMing the game.  Clint McElroy superhero campaign for next arc confirmed?

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Love Bites

Originally posted by garisanee

(Changkyun smut. Biting/hickey fetish with soft hints of DD/LG kink) 

In the misty, rainy morning, you were awoken by a warm manly hand running up your bare thigh, making your body tingle from your scalp to your toes. Your tired eyes met Changkyun’s brooding, sensual gaze. You knew that look. Surprising him, you giggled. Changkyun smirked at you, his hand travelling further up your body. 

“What’s so funny baby?” 

He asked in a deep, erotic tone. 

“You. I know what you want.” 

You uttered, running your hands through his honey coloured bed hair. Changkyun closed his eyes, soaking in the feeling of your touch. He hummed in pleasure before replying: 

“And what do I want?” 

The man loved to make you talk but you weren’t afraid to say taboo things anymore. You’d been together for almost two years and within that time, he’d played with you to the point where you’d lost all embarrassment. 

“Me. Sex. But it might be a little too early Changkyun.” 

You said with a grin, knowing that wouldn’t change your horny boyfriends mind. 

His hands finally met your breasts and you gasped at the pleasure, the excited feeling spreading between your legs and building your arousal. 

“Baby girl. You know there’s no such thing as too early when it comes to fucking.” 

His choice of words made you giggle even though his finger and thumb had begun to play with your hardening nipples. 

“Oh, we’re fucking this morning are we?” 

You questioned, trying to fight the moans you wanted to let out. Changkyun’s mouth moved to your neck, kissing the sensitive skin before pulling gently on your ear lobe. You couldn’t help it that time, letting out a frustrated groan. 

“We are right now. I want to kiss you and bite you all over so every mother fucker that lays eyes on you knows you’re mine. My sweet, sexy baby girl.” 

He started with nibbling your neck, something he knew would get you in the mood. You couldn’t resist leaning your head to the side so he had better access while you ran your fingertips up his muscular back. As Changkyun tugged on the skin of your neck and collar bone, you could feel the bruises coming to the surface. This wasn’t the first time he’d explored his fetish, his desire to mark you and even though it was a pain to hide, you had to admit you liked it.


You hissed. Changkyun bit around the skin of your nipples, forming red circles on your breasts. Within seconds, he eased the pain by sucking your buds in to his mouth, the warmth made you forget about trail of bruises your boyfriend was leaving behind. He was so good with his tongue, licking your nipples with long, slow strokes and then fast, light cat flicks. You squirmed under his body, whimpering as he pulled on your nipples with his teeth, stretching them and making them blush. By this point, all tiredness had faded. You were so awake, aware of his mouth travelling south, pinching and tugging at the soft skin of your stomach. Though it hurt, your arousal stirred within you, knowing Changkyun was coming to do what he does best. By the time he was between your parted thighs, you were practically begging for some sort of release. The devilish grin on his face was driving you crazy. Your clit was pulsing, aching and crying to be touched and oh boy, did he know what he did to you. 

“Hmm, I don’t think this part was meant for biting.” 

He said seductively, his fingers brushing up your wet slit with a ghostly light touch. You gasped. 

“I think it was made for lot’s of kissing and licking, don’t you think baby?” 

This time his thumb began to rub your sensitive clit in slow,small circles as his dark eyes watched your hands grip your bed sheets. You nodded your head eagerly, wanting so much to feel his tongue between your folds. Practically hearing your heart thump, you watched his attractive face move down and as soon as you felt his talented tongue lick your pussy, your legs began to tremble. 

“Oh, right there.” 

You panted, your hands finding his silky hair and tugging at it. Changkyun grinned, tasting every part of your womanhood, from your hidden pearl to your tight entrance. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ as you closed your eyes, lolling your head back on the pillows. You couldn’t help but buck your hips to meet Changkyun’s tongue, he even had to grab your hips to keep you still. Your pussy was so responsive to Changkyun’s touch; you were completely under his control, the way he liked it to be. Slowly, he inserted a finger inside you, triggering the burning desire to cum. Yes, he’d barely even started but something about how sexy, adventurous and determined to please he was made everything he did 100x more erotic. With another one of his fingers inside you, he curled them upwards and teased your G-spot while he gently sucked on your clitoris, a deadly combination that could only end in a huge…

“Fuck! Fuck don’t stop I’m cumming! Changkyun I…”

The orgasm rocked your body, your legs shaking violently, your palms coated with sweat along with your rapid heart beat. You laid limp on the bed, desperately trying to catch your breath while Changkyun licked up the droplets of cum that trickled down your butt cheeks. Damn, did he look pleased with himself. You wanted to kiss that grin right off his sex god face.

Changkyun’s manhood was hard to fit in your mouth, girthy and rock solid. Somehow, no matter how much you practised, you could never fit all of his length inside your mouth. Never the less, he loved the way you sucked his cock. He couldn’t take his alluring eyes off you, his arms folded behind his head, making the most sexy noises you’d ever heard. Changkyun’s deep groans made it painfully hard to calm your urges; you wanted to pounce on him and ride him until your legs became numb but it was time for his treat. You took him as far as you could go before his cock hit the back of your throat. Changkyun held your head, helping you bob your mouth up and down on his cock. By the sounds that were coming from him, he was one happy guy. 

“Yes baby. You suck my cock so good.”  

He moaned in his deep, lust filled voice.  Being the gentleman he was, he held your hair out the way, needing to see your tongue swirl around his swollen tip, pre cum dribbling down his shaft. As you sucked him and tasted him, you felt like a princess with the way he was telling you how pretty you looked. 

“Jesus christ you look beautiful. Get on your fucking hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you hard and cum in your pretty pussy okay?” 

Your pussy dripped at his dirty talk, excited to feel him fill you to the brim. You knew what he said was no joke. Ready to be taken, you presented yourself to him, arse in the air like a good girl. 

“Yes Changkyun. Please. Fuck me.”

His teeth sunk in to the flesh of your back as he entered you, making you wince in pain. You could feel your back pulse and throb, Changkyun wanted to leave hickeys anywhere that he could; the man was obsessed with making you his. Soon enough, the pain faded away with the hard, dominant thrusts of Changkyun’s cock inside you, building immense pleasure. At first, it was a struggle for him to fit inside you but once your pussy adjusted to his size, Changkyun couldn’t stop himself and you brought yourself back against him, using his cock to fuck yourself. It felt so amazing, other worldly; Changkyun loved to watch your backside jiggle as you moved. He’d bring his hand down on your cheek with a harsh slap that only made you squeal with delight, feeling naughty and vivacious.

“That’s right Princess. Ride my cock just like that. How lucky am I? You’re all mine.” 

Changkyun groaned, taking hold of your hips bringing you back against his cock harder, penetrating you so deeply that it almost hurt. You hoped the neighbours were already at work as you couldn’t silence yourself, the moans and whimpers you made told Changkyun just how much you were enjoying yourself and that was what he lived for, to serve his Queen. Your boyfriend leaned over your back as he fucked you, his lips resting beside your ear. His grunts and groans made your ear tingle and your pussy convulse around him. How can one man be so irresistible? Once more, Changkyun wrapped his lips around your neck, biting and sucking simultaneously to leave big purple marks on your smooth skin. You whined, your walls clenching, your core heating up with the desperate need to orgasm but no, master was having none of that, not yet. 

Changkyun picked you up and carried you to your dressing room. At first, you were confused as to why he was doing it but then suddenly, you got a flash of what was running through the creative man’s mind. 

“Try your best to stay up Princess.” 

He uttered before letting you down on your feet, in front of your huge wall length mirror. Changkyun nudged you forward, making you place your hands on the mirror to stay upright. You knew his motive. He wanted you to look at every single mark on your body. You were gobsmacked. How did you not realise how covered with love bites you were? Changkyun grinned, seeing your surprise in the reflection of the mirror. 

“Poor baby. I’ve gotten a bit carried away haven’t I?” 

Before you could reply, Changkyun lined his cock up with your entrance and shoved himself back inside you. Your hands dropped down the wall as you squealed, leaving finger smudges down the mirror. It was hard to hold yourself up while Changkyun was fucking you so hard, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.  You felt dominated, owned, yet so close with him. When the two of you came together, no matter what you did, no matter how kinky or vanilla it was, you felt safe and protected. Seeing his eyes roll back and his lips part in ecstasy, that familiar desire came back with revenge. This time, Changkyun welcomed it, encouraging you to cum as his fingers travelled down your patterned body and finding your extremely sensitive bud. Within seconds, you were practically screaming, begging for his permission to cum. 

“It’s okay baby girl. I’m close too. Cum on my cock, show me how good I feel inside you.” 

His relentless, powerful thrusts mixed with him playing with your clit sent you far, far over the edge, almost passing out as your second orgasm ruled your body. It was like a dream, hearing him grunting and crying your name as his own orgasm hit. You felt that warmth flood your body. The next thing you knew, you were back in bed, curled up next to him with his strong arms cradling you. 

“Hey sleeping beauty. You passed out for a while there.” 

You raised your eyebrow before checking the clock on your bedside table. It read 11.30 am. Changkyun knew he might have gone too hard for your tired body to take so he held you sweetly, watching his baby girl sleep. He thought you were the cutest, most beautiful girl in the world.

“Well I finally got a lie in.” 

You joked, making him chuckle, his dark chocolate eyes gazing at you in awe. Your body felt sore but it was all worth it. The love bites would fade but the magic chemistry between the two of you would last forever. 

Haikyū!! Youtubers AU #6

Hello again! I am back with part 6 of this series! This segment will focus on no one particular, but rather the entire community as a whole. This will be a headcanon post of the various YouTubers at vidcons, their time spent before vidcons and after parties! I’ll be including some other YouTubers I’ve never did merely for the fun of it!

Once again, the GIFs have nothing to do with the content but here we go. Enjoy ;)

  • Oikawa is always engulfed by his sea of fangirls, he does his best to accept gifts and presents from every one of them, abiding by their requests for selfies or photos. Once, one fan had requested for Oikawa to carry Iwaizumi bridal style; him being him, he gladly accepted. Hajime was a flustering mess and everyone watches amused. He storms off afterwards and Oikawa ends up having to chase after him.
  • Hajime doesn’t know how to handle pushy or overly clingy fans, like at all. Most of the time, his friends have to step in for him. Especially Makki and Mattsun who like vlogging their trips there, these two are known as the YouTube police at events and will do everything in their power to keep people of their fellow community safe from the slightly more obsessive fans. The only reason they do this to begin with is because people like Hajime, Yamaguchi and Kenma are too nice to say no.
  • Tendou also vlogs at events with Ushijima. The duo are always together because well, Tendou will get lost, and Ushi needs to be there to make sure he doesn’t.
  • When him, Makki, Mattsun, Kuroo and Bokuto collide, all five of them do awkward finger guns at each other and strike up a friendly conversation. When they meet, there is only one thing that can be said, puns, lame jokes and shitty pick-up lines.
  • Also, when they had to fly over to London for a fan-meet, the Matsuhana duo crashed Oiiwa’s hotel room to find the couple half naked still asleep in bed. Oikawa groans and covers his face with a pillow, while Iwa simply pulls up the duvet over his head and asks them to fuck off.
  • When the two of them finally do wake up, Tooru vlogs them getting ready. He manages to sneak his hands a few times up Hajime’s shirt when the smaller was getting ready, Iwa is too tired to react and let’s him do what he wants. He can barely open his eyes and fans think it’s adorable. Oikawa films them having breakfast and actually going to the event itself, it’s really sweet because, though it may not have been obvious in that particular video, fans pointed out that Haji is usually the one initiating for the holding of hands.
  • Tendou makes videos of him critiquing the meals supplemented at each event. Sometimes he does group critiques, with his friends Semi, Goshiki or Shirabu. They were slightly smaller YouTubers but still have a big enough fanbase to contribute to their social status. Fans really like this because it’s nice to see the way they interact.
  • Kuroo and Bokuto are also good friends with other YouTubers like Tsukishima, Lev and Hinata. They met at an event when Kuroo had asked Tsukishima for an interview but the younger kindly declined. Eventually, the duo managed to persuade him, Hinata and Lev joined shortly after.
  • Hinata is teased for his height by other YouTubers but fans absolutely adore him for how cute he is. His fans are usually taller than him but he still loves giving everyone hugs.
  • Tsukishima doesn’t usually come for these events, but he’ll make an exception when his best friend, Yamaguchi Tadashi, tags along. The only reason for this is so he can avoid as much social interaction as possible, or rather, Yama helping him actively avoid the fan interaction. He doesn’t hate his fans, he just doesn’t know the appropriate way to act around them seeing as he is a very cynical Youtuber. The same goes for after parties, he doesn’t like being surrounded by rowdy people.
  • His brother Tsukishima Akiteru is also Youtuber. He is currently dating Tanaka Saeko, another popular internet star.
  • Vlogging at after parties are the best sort of content. Why? Because not only do viewers get to see an entire community of YouTubers at once, sometimes they will get really good gossip or interaction between some of them.
  • Everyone is chanting for Iwaizumi to sing and though he refuses at first, he reluctantly does it anyway. Everyone is cheering and whooping because he is killing it with his rendition of “Someone like you” by Adele and “Secret Love Song” by the Little Mix. Most people in his little audience record it on their vlog because having a live performance was just the best possible thing one could ask for from Hajime. He reached every single note perfectly and everyone’s ears are blessed.
  • Tooru has his turn and dedicates the song to Iwaizumi. He sings “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvin Presley and everyone is just cooing at how awfully cheesy the two of them are. Iwa is there muttering quiet “Oh my god”s and everyone is amused at how embarrassed he is, nevertheless, they can’t deny how sweet it was.
  • Also, Tooru is invincible when it comes to drinking games. He hardly gets drunk and possibly has the highest alcohol tolerance among the people. Everyone challenges him to a drinking contest but they can never defeat this great evil.
  • The only person with his standards is Akaashi who also seemingly can’t get drunk.
  • On the rare occasions Tooru does get drunk, he shamelessly hits on Iwa with dirty pick-up lines in the corner of the room. Makki has caught him doing this countless of times with Iwa cornered to a wall a blushing mess at the hot dude flirting with him. Both are too disoriented and intoxicated to know that they are already dating and they Oikawa is always seen whispering something into Iwa’s ear that makes him go cherry red. Five minutes later, Kuroo is usually the one catching them making out on the couch.
  • Oiiwa are dubbed the lovebirds at parties cause they are rarely seen without one another, most of the time it’s because Oikawa is making sure no one hits on his boyfriend or that his boyfriend doesn’t end up too drunk. Hajime is usually on Tooru’s lap for who knows what reason. Bokuto and Kuroo jokes that it’s to help Tooru hide his boner.
  • Tendou, Bokuto, Kuroo, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Hinata, Lev, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Terushima, Sugawara, Akiteru, Saeko, Futakuchi, Koganegawa, Ennoshita, Yahaba, Yamamoto are all loud and rowdy drunks. The place comes a literal hell when this happens.
  • Suga, Enno, Futakuchi, Kunimi and Yahaba are the sass kings, No one can escape their sass. These four can make a diss track from the roasts they make even when their drunk. Do not mess with them is what YouTubers have learnt or you will be publicly humiliated, or forever scarred.
  • People like Kentarou, Ushijima, Daichi and Aone are quietly sitting by the side. Asahi, Kiyoko, Yachi, Yamaguchi, Yakulev, Kenma and Kageyama don’t drink alcohol, Asahi together with Yama, Yaku, Kindaichi and Kenma have their juice. Kiyoko and Yachi have their smoothies while Kags has his milk. Not to mention Iwa is mourning over the loss of an M&N he mistook for a ladybug, Lev is mocking Yaku’s height and Hinata is talking to a wall.
  • Iwa is really different when he gets drunk because he has a really soft character. He giggles over the weirdest of things and rambles on quietly about something that makes no sense. Mattsun filmed him once and he mistook his camera for a dog. He petted the thing, said “Good boy” and stumbled off to look for Oikawa. Mattsun wasn’t drunk yet but he was tipsy and cackling, Makki also saw the entire thing and wouldn’t stop guffawing.
  • Kiyoko and Yachi sitting in a quiet place talking to one another about everyone, they rest there quietly holding hands and resting heads in one another. Sometimes Kiyoko is also seen braiding Yachi’s hair.
  • They don’t record this but everyone is playing spin the bottle and just their luck, cause it lands on Saeko who Kuroo dared to kiss Akiteru, she doesn’t just kiss him, they have a full blown make out session.
  • Mattsun and Makki singing Bohemian Rhapsody, Kuroo, Bokuto and Tendou quickly joining in, Akiteru and Saeko pouring their hearts out into the lyrics, and overall everyone is screaming. Oikawa wishes he is drunk and wants to leave the party with Iwa who now mistook a pillow for a cat. Tsukishima who thought maybe he should attend a party for once regrets his life choices and really wants to leave too but his brother and his girlfriend won’t let him. Kenma tried to sneak away but Kuroo stops him and now he had to endure this utter piece of hell.
  • Suddenly “All star” starts playing over the speakers and everyone is screaming again. Never in anyone’s life have they seen such a impromptu synchronisation of a song caught on camera, courtesy of Terushima.
  • Those who wanted to leave make a dash for it and are never seen for the rest of the night. No one noticed but Kiyoko and Yachi have left a long time ago, so has Kentarou. Tsuki finally escaped from his brother with Yamaguchi and Kenma and Akaashi take this golden opportunity to make a run for it seeing as Kuroo and Bokuto are distracted.
  • Kageyama records the aftermath of their partying and everyone has either collapsed from drinking too much or went back to their hotel rooms. People like Aone, Ushijima, Daichi and Asahi are helping their friends to their rooms while the staff members clean up.
  • When everything has been settled nicely back into place, they call it a night.
  • Oiiwa may or may not have left early to continue from where they left off. Kiyoyachi decided to go out for some supper at a little cafe. Matsuhana, Bokuroo and Ennotana have conked out almost immediately when they hit the sheets. And the rest are either showering or actually living the effects of over-drinking.
  • Kiyoyachi does a lot of late night out vlogs of them exploring the city after their vid-con events. The couple have been together for a very long time and fans love them because their videos are always soft, cheerful and sweet.
  • Ushijima finds Tendou’s camera and merely records a short clip of him saying, “Don’t drink alcohol. The people you have just watched are not the most respectable role models, I’m sad to say even Tendou.”
  • When everyone is prepared to leave the next morning back to their homes, Iwa is more or less covered in very dark lovebites and hickies that he covers with scarves or long sleeved shirts and pants. His friends help shield him from invasive fans but never fail to tease him while they’re at it.
  • They know they don’t really like fans knowing about “that” side of their relationship so everyone is considerate enough to know not to film the couple after their after vid-con parties.
  • Fans wonder why all of them are closer than other YouTubers, it’s simply because almost everyone is that sub-divided community is queer.

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Drabble #5

Nick: It’s Tuesday morning here on the radio 1 breakfast show and I’m here with my guests Harry Styles and his beautiful girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N

Harry: Good Morning

Y/N: Hello

Nick: Now, this was not a scheduled appearance on the radio this morning was it Harry?

Harry: It was not

Nick: Tell the people how you got here, because this started out as a date didn’t it?

Harry: I wouldn’t call it date

Y/N: Heyyy

Harry: *looks at Y/N* I would call it romantic morning ruined by grimmers

Y/N: H got me up early so that we could go out for a nice breakfast before we got to work for the day, and somehow, we ended up near the BBC and now we’re here

Nick: Harry and I planned this Y/N, you’ve been kidnapped, you’re never leaving these studios again

Harry: *chuckles* Geeze Grim, that’s a bit much

Nick: I’m joking, you’re free to leave any time you like Y/N

Y/N: Alright, bye *stands up to leave* *sits back down* I’m kidding, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t know where I am

Nick: Hopeless, should we go to a song now?

Harry: Sure

Nick: Any requests?


Nick: Alright, Harry would you like to introduce it?

Harry: Sure, I’m Harry Styles and this is my song Kiwi

Nick: That was kiwi, and Harry Styles is here, with his wonderful girlfriend Y/N

Harry & Y/N: Hello

Nick: So Y/N, are you having Harry’s baby?

Y/N: No, and I don’t enjoy cheap cigarettes either, nor do I have any intellect

Harry: Don’t put yourself down like that love

Nick: aww isn’t that sweet of you Harold.

Harry: *shrugs & smirks* 

Nick:  Now I figured since your both here we could play a game

Harry: Oh god

Nick: No it’s a good game, I’m going to quiz you on each other, So Y/N you will answer questions about Harry and Harry you will answer questions about Y/N and who ever gets the most right is the winner

Harry: What do we win?

Nick: The love and affection of your partner

Harry: I’ve already got that, I don’t need a quiz to prove it

Nick: Y/N you can go first since Harry is being a child

So, Y/N your first question, what does harry do every night before he goes to bed?

Y/N:*giggles* He sends himself an email with his schedule for the next day, then he has a cup of camomile tea while he gets himself ready for bed, because he’s a middle aged women

Nick: Harry, is that correct?

Harry: Yes, I do, do that

Nick: One point to Y/N, Your turn Harold, Are you ready?

Harry: *Prayer hands* hit me

Nick: How does Y/N take her coffee?

Harry: That’s a trick question, Y/N doesn’t drink coffee, it makes her anxious, she does enjoy a black tea though

Nick: Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah, I can’t drink coffee, but I drink a lot of tea

Nick: Excellent, that means you each have one point, we ready for round 2?

Y/N: Always

Nick: Alright Y/N,  How old was harry when he had his first kiss?

Y/N: Ooh I actually don’t know this, but I’m going to guess like 14

Harry: Good guess

Nick: Another point to Y/N, Harry, you have the same question, how old was Y/N when she had her first kiss

Harry: I don’t have to guess this *shoots glance at Y/N* I was there, she was 18

Nick: Really? That’s quite old

Y/N: Thanks nick

Harry: I don’t think its old

Y/N: Thanks H

Nick: We’re going to go to the news and when we come back we’ll have the deciding round

Nick: You’re listening to the radio one breakfast show on Tuesday morning, it’s 8 o’clock and I’m here with Harry Styles and his girlfriend, and we’re about to finish our quiz to see which one of them will win the love and affection of their partner. This round is the tie breaker, Y/N are you ready?

Y/N: I was born ready Grim

Nick: Alright, it’s a two parter so to get the point you need to get both parts right. Now you’re Australian, what does harry love most about your country and what does he hate?

Y/N: Ok he hates how far away it is and the time difference, he also hates the snakes, not that he’s ever seen one besides at the reptile park which doesn’t count

Harry: It does count! And yes, I hate all of those things,

Nick: And what does he love?

Y/N: Me? I don’t actually know, probably something cliché like the weather or the beaches, or the scenery

Nick: Harry?

Harry: It’s a beautiful place, especially where you grew up, and you, that’s probably the thing I love most

Nick: Awwwwww well done Y/N, you got the point, pressure’s on now Harry

Harry: *Takes breath* Lets do it

Nick: Alright, it’s also a two parter, What was Y/N’s first job and why did she quit?

Harry: She worked at McDonald’s or “Maccas” to use her native tongue, and she quit because her boss made her cry

Nick: Y/N, is that correct?

Y/N: Yeah, my boss was a dick, and I hated smelling like nuggets all the time so I quit

Nick: Well that means it’s a tie! You both know each other very well, you can go back to your breakfast date now, because that’s all we have time for on the show

Harry: Thanks for having us

Nick: Should we leave them with Sign of the Times?

Harry: Yeah!

Nick: You’re listening to radio one and this is Sign of the Times by ….  

Harry: Harry Styles

@youngbouquettragedy you requested something like this a few days ago, and I’ve finally had a chance to write it, so I hope you enjoy it! 

I really enjoy writing these interview scenarios, so please send in requests if you have any! 


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This is a question about the book characters. Who do you prefer as a character and why? Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister?

Bless this question for giving me a reason to talk about all my Jaime Lannister feelings. Yes, the answer is definitely Jaime. I don’t have anything against Jon Snow as a character, but he’s never particularly stood out to me as a favorite the way he seems to for some people. Jon’s, you know…fine? And he gets better as the series progresses. But he’s not really my jam.

Now, Jaime was one of the characters in the series I was most curious about even before I got to his POV. I mean, he’s a pardoned Kingslayer who was allowed back into the Kingsguard on account of his family connections and spent the last decade plus secretly sleeping with his evil sister under the King’s very nose: this is objectively interesting. And I am shallow enough that the part where he did it all while looking fabulous and making witty jokes at other people’s expense also appealed to me. And then, of course, I actually got to his POV sections, and he wound up becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. (Seriously, he’s up there with Miles Vorkosigan, Vlad Taltos, Emma Woodhouse, Isabel Archer, Corwin of Amber, and Shakespeare’s version of Cleopatra. This is not a list I take lightly.)

And the great thing about finally reaching Jaime’s POV and reading about the man behind the legend is that you get to his chapters, and you’re like, wait: this guy is an actual piece of shit. There’s all this dramatic build up about his infamy and his reputation and his place in history as the Kingslayer and you’re all ready for a roadtrip through the psyche of this epic and tragically twisted anti-hero - and then he spends his introduction slinging childish insults at a nice lady’s face and whining about how he only tried to kill Bran because he was tired and horny and it wasn’t really his fault, okay? lay off him already, jeez, Cersei. The bait and switch is fantastic and I love it. Which is not to say that Jaime isn’t still an epic and tragically twisted anti-hero, just that there’s more to it than that. Which is pretty much his character in a nutshell.

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Just so y’alls know Akande “my fist is doom” Ogundimu actually respects omnics and admires them on some level (it’s in his voice lines) and I feel as though he’d consider Orisa “proof” of the point he tries to make about how conflict and suffering can make people, omnics included, better

His motivation is so compelling because on some level you find yourself agreeing with the assessment that rising up from a low point does, in fact, make people better, and the only thing that makes him a villain is the fact that he wants to force conflict and suffering onto others and is willing to harm and kill to achieve his goals

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I'm not even gonna go anon for this, because I'm feeling self-indulgent and brazen: I'm requesting the 411 on some good FFXV boys (whomstever you feel up to writing about) and their reactions to receiving their favorite flowers from their S/O.

YOU GOT IT, DUDE. Thanks to @sonsoflucis for help with the Gladio one <3!!!

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You can’t really find Noctis’s favorite flowers in bouquets; aside from the obvious and elusive sylleblossom, most of his favorites are wildflowers. It reminds him of his youth and the time he spent in Tenebrae, and the deep pinks and purples give him the peace of evening and nighttime. It takes a while for you to figure out what exactly to do, but eventually it hits you: if you can’t bring the flowers to him, then what else to do but take him to the flowers instead? And that’s how it’s settled; you set aside time on a Saturday together for a “surprise field trip,” and it’s entirely worth the way his eyes widen and light up when you reach the botanical gardens. There’s row after row of lupine and foxglove, his absolute favorite, and he barely speaks all throughout, admiring each blossom like every stroke of paint in a museum. You spend hours there together, walking side by side, and he doesn’t have to speak in order to thank you. All he has to do is slide his fingers between yours.

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