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Request/Ask: can you do a fic where post hydra bucky is very self conscious of his arm (not only how it looks but how its hurt so many people) and the reader (his girlfriend) has been constantly trying to show him just how amazing he is and it leads to very cute fluff/love making

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Warnings: SMUT!! (YAS BOO. Does this make up for the angst yesterday?)

A/N: So this probably sucks… I can’t write smut for shit. Let me know how bad this actually is?

Word Count: 594

“Bucky I’m home.”

I set my keys and purse down on the table and hung my coat by the door.


I gasped when I found him sitting alone on the bed, tears staining his cheeks. I was the only person he would ever let see like this. The only person who he would show how broken he was.

I rushed over to him and kneeled in front of him, “Babe… breath. It wasn’t real it was just a nightmare.”

He huffed, “Oh no. This is real as can be. This,” he pointed to his metal arm, “is a very real nightmare.”

I sighed, leaning my head on his knee and looked up at him through my lashes, “Bucky… you know I love you. Every single part of you. I don’t care. You could be made of silver and  look like a tin can but I still wouldn’t care.”

Bucky chuckled softly and then sighed, “No you wouldn’t. You love me. Not this arm. This arm makes me a monster.”

I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them and looking to Bucky, “No I do love you. That arm, it’s part of you. It’ll always be. It didn’t make you do bad things. They did.”

Bucky shrugged, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve hurt so many people with this arm. Killed so many.”

I huffed, “You’ve never hurt me have you?”

Bucky opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off.

“You have never, not once, hurt me. With that hand. Or with your human hand.”

Bucky looked down at me, “But when I have nightmares-”

“You calm down to the sound of my voice. Bucky we talk about this like every other week. You’re not perfect, no. But neither am I. Fuck, I’m far from it, but it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter cause you love me and I love you. We don’t have to pretend with each other. We can just be.”

Bucky leaned down and picked me up, lying me gently on the bed. He placed soft, opened mouth kisses to my neck, moving slowly down to my collarbone,  “I love you.”’

I bit my lip suppressing a moan, “I love you too Bucky. I love you so so so much.”

Soon enough all I could figure out was the feeling of Bucky’s hands running up and down my body. Warm and cold. Flesh and metal. The flesh instantly igniting my skin. The metal cooling and making my skin tingle with pleasure. I closed my eyes letting the overwhelming sensations overcome me.

I was pulled back from this bliss by Bucky’s hands pulling my hips to his. Bucky looked at me with such passion. Such need. Such dessire. Bucky started shaking and I knew that he was about to come. I pulled his face to mine, dominating his mouth as he filled me up and his grip on my hips tightened.

I follow him next, tightening around his length, as he leans forward and kisses the side of my neck leaving red marks along my collarbone, as my legs trembled, having just come down from my high.

Bucky’s hands roam soothingly up and down my body, shushing the last of my moans, as he took me into his arms and dropped me, gently, onto the bed. He wrapped both his arms around me, letting my head rest on his chest.

I hummed contently, “Do you now see why that metal arm is not that bad?”

Bucky chuckled softly, smoothing down my hair, “You know, it’s starting to grow on me.”

Cross-Checking Chapter 8

This chapter is here due to @papofglencoe and a shit ton of red wine. Like a shit ton. Apparently, I write well while buzzed. So here it is. Tons of love to everyone reading. I appreciate you more than you know. Please keep chatting me up about the story, I love talking about it. @papofglencoe, boo I owe you some peonies and red wine. There’s also a LOT of dirty language within (even the first sentence…soooo be warned, and it’s under the cut)

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