he does love the word boo

Sasuke is usually straightforward

SS shippers seem to think he was lying about his feelings or trying to hide some hidden love for Sakura but that’s just not consistent with his character.

The main thing I’m referring to is this panel:

If Sasuke really loved Sakura, he couldn’t say this so genuinely and without remorse.

Even when he’s trying to kill Naruto, he doesn’t bother to hide the fact that he’s doing so because Naruto is important:

Sasuke rarely lies and when he does, it’s obvious. 

Some faces Sasuke makes when he’s failing to keep up the act include:

Let’s be realistic, that was a brutal rejection and he meant every word of it.

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i know.. he shed his lazy image and became his confident jeonghan?! i'm so proud of him to come out and be so real and out there!! plus i'm also glad that he's keeping this image like he cut his hair shorter and although people still complain.. i'm glad he's focused on himself. plus mansae era was mingyus bc that boi slayed it with that purple/sliver hair although i prefer his black hair - support anon

A part of me feels like Jeonghan will never stop acknowledging how “lazy” (tbh lazy isn’t the right word, he’s just laid back tbh) image because it’s easier to undermine yourself jokingly and I feel like self-deprecating comments is not a new thing among the Seventeen boys. 

But ooooh buddy I LOVE when he does things confidently as well. Seeing MC Jeonghan makes me feel so proud because I remember back in their first concert him and Boo were telling a story and Jeonghan mentioned how when he panics - he blanks. Along with mentioning how anxious he is, I never would have thought he’d go for an MC roll. So seeing him do JUST THAT really speaks of his confidence in himself and my heart flutters for that level of self growth.

Short hair looks great on him, a bob looked great on him, long hair looked great on him - Jeonghan looks great, I can understand having a preference but at the end of the day….it’s just hair and I hope people aren’t too wrapped up in it. I agree, I love that he’s sort of been on this improvement journey rather than sticking where he was comfortable. It’s really nice seeing more of his personality and talents. 

MANSAE ERA REALLY WAS HIS ERA GOOD LORD! That was such a beautiful cut on him. The blue and silver looked gorgeous on his skin as well. His brows were also really nice, I will never fail to tip my hat off to a good pair of brows. But black hair suits him really well. I love those mid-toned browns on him the best but black just has this ambiance about it that really suits him.

Nate Maloley Imagine - Annoyance.

Anon: “Can you do a Nate imagine were you are giving him the silent treatment and he does all these annoying things just to get you to talk to him ✨btw I love your blog #goals ✨”

Hope you like it boo.

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words) and smut.

–Y/N’s POV–

I cross my arms, staring at the tv in front of me. The guy beside me chuckles and pokes my cheek. “You can’t ignore me forever, it was only the last box of doughnuts,” He says, repeatedly poking my cheek.

Continuing to ignore Nate, I remain focused on the tv and act as if he isn’t annoying me. “Baby I didn’t mean to make you mad,” He pouts, sticking out his bottom lip and batting his eyelashes.

“Baby,” he repeats, poking my shoulder. “Baby,” he does it again. “Y/N,” again. “Y/N” again. “Y/N,” he pokes me for a final time before sighing in frustration. “What has a guy gotta’ do to get his girl to talk to him?” He wonders out loud, scratching his head.

I smirk, staring at the tv, and cross my arms stubbornly - letting him know I am not giving in anytime soon. As if a lightbulb had just lit up above his head, he jumps to his feet and rushes out of the room. Minutes later, he returns with his phone in his hand and takes his previous  seat beside me.

“Seven a.m., waking up in the morning.
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs, gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal. Seein’ everything, the time is goin’…”

His phone blurts out the world’s most annoying song, the song I hate with my whole being. I lunge for him, take his phone out of his hand and stop the horrendous song before shoving his phone in my bra. He laughs obnoxiously, pulling me over to straddle his lap. “You think that’s gonna’ stop me?” He scoffs, reaching into my bra to retrieve his phone - despite my silent protest of squeezing my arms around my chest.

I furrow my eyebrows at him and cross my arms, sticking out my bottom lip. He reaches up and caresses my face. “Come on baby, talk to meee,” he drawls, resting the back of his head on the back of the couch.

I remain silent.

He rolls us over, so he’s now on top of me. He kisses my cheek and trails his soft, butterfly kisses down to my chest. “I’m gonna win you over one way or another,” He smirks, looking up at me through his dark lashes.

Nate then proceeds to take off my shirt and trail his lips down to the elastic of my shorts and panties. I try my best to keep my mouth shut as he strips off my bottoms and kisses the very bottom of my stomach. The stubble on his chin tickles my sensitive skin, making me giggle and squirm, but I refuse to speak. “Come on, lil’ mama, it don’t take much.” He mumbles against my skin, caressing my hips.

He spreads my pussy lips and kisses my clit, I squeeze my eyes shut and bite down on my fist. Nate chuckles against me and kisses the nub of nerves again before sucking on it. “Fuck, you got me.” I blurt out, reaching down to bury my hands in his hair.

Pecking my clit once more, he grins and jumps up to his feet. I frown. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I only wanted to get you to talk to me, baby.” He winks before waking off.

I slam my hand down on the couch and chase after him. “Get back here you ass and finish what you started.” I yell, running after him naked.

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Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, and Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? The sweeter the better please and thank you!

> he’s the guy that says “ I don’t need to read books on how to raise a child!” And then the moment his s/o gives birth he faints
> once he gets over the initial “ Oh Fuck Shit”phase he goes Full Dad Mode™
>Like he buys ten of those baby harness things and had his kid on him 24/7
> also he tells people not to baby talk because, quote: “My First Baby by expert dad Cole M. Richards say that baby talking is bad for language development, and we could severely hinder them by not speaking properly” but than ten minutes later he’s cooing like a pigeon
> if he has a son he’ll pick literally the most bland names ever
> “ no jack, were not naming our son bob”
“Why not? It’s a good name. A tough name”
> he cries when his baby takes their first steps. Not just a little bit of mist, oh no, he’s got Niagara Falls coming out of his eyes. He’s blubbering like a baby while taking 1000 photos

> at first he’s super scared to have a baby because he’s afraid he’ll scare the baby with all his robo-parts and scarred face
> he chooses a nature design when decorating the nursery, and boy does he go all out
> there’s shrubbery and flowers painted on the walls, paper maché trees, a slide, a swing, and the crib is built to look like a log. The end result is gorgeous
> buys cute onesies with bad puns on the front
> also has one custom made that says “ my dad is a ninja!” With little dragons on it
> he loves feeding his baby too, and when they can finally eat solid food he throws a party
> FREAKS OUT if he baby’s temperature goes above the usual. If they feel warm at all he rushes them to mercy quicker than you can say “ goo goo ga ga”
> he’s naturally good at diaper changing
> he loves playing peek-a-boo with his baby

> he always comforts the baby in the middle of the night and won’t let his s/o get out of bed ( he knows they need their rest)
> buys 10,000 stuffed animals
> he gives the best piggy back rides ever
> seriously he’s so tall and his shoulders are huge
> (honestly I would die for a piggy back ride from him)
> he takes so many of those stupid baby photos where the baby is dressed up as a duck or a fish or on the beach and keeps them in his wallet until the end of time

I hope you like them!!

SandMan: Sucked at wrestling, but he got a pass because he had a solid gimmick.

Chris Benoit: Wasn’t the best on the mic, but he got a pass because he was great at wrestling.

Zayn, Cesaro, Styles, Nakamura: Aren’t the best on the mic but get a pass for being great at wrestling.

Brock Lesnar: Punches, Knees, suplexes throughout his entire match and doesn’t even cut his own promos, I have no idea why he gets a pass when in the eyes of smarks that should deem him as “not being able to wrestle” and “sucks on the mic”.

John Cena: Great at wrestling, great on the mic, in 2005 everyone turned on him because he was deemed “unbeatable” and the fans didn’t like that at all. He gets injured and amazingly enough he gets cheered more than he gets booed in 2016 when he returned on Memorial Day.

Seth Rollins: Stumbles over his words, no one bats an eye about it but in fact they laugh when he does it. Seth’s mess ups are excused because he is really good at wrestling.

Roman Reigns: He wasn’t that experienced when he first debuted, yet everyone loved him and wanted him to be the face of the company. The Shield broke up and everyone has 20/20 vision all of a sudden because they point out that he isn’t that experience. People begin to turn on Reigns DESPITE improving greatly in the ring and on the mic. He gets heavily booed, people call him racial slurs, people wish injuries upon him and his family. Yet, people claim it ain’t got nothing to do with race. Roman is better than he was when he first debuted yet everyone is still so angry. Roman doesn’t get a pass no matter how hard he tries and at this point WWE doesn’t care which is why they’re not catering to the fans when it comes to Roman.

I’m about to spit some love/life advice. I feel pretty passionately about this so bear with me.

Basically, the thesis statement here is: you should only care about how a person treats you romantically after it’s been established that they have feelings for you.

I’m putting the rest under a cut because this is going to be a long (and hopefully insightful) post. There’s a few fandom references, which have been tagged.

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First time Bones gets to introduce Jim as his husband

It’s one of those nights, one of those times where Jim forgets his cutoff number and ends up on the karaoke stage with a mic in one hand and the third beer too many in the other, and Leonard’s trapped on the other side of the bar by Nyota and her group of equally tall, equally beautiful, equally unimpressed friends.

“Honey, should’ve picked a man who could hold his drink,” one of them says, and Leonard attempts to squeeze past her out of the booth. 

“Yes, well, I’m already married to the damn fool,” he says testily. “Excuse me—”

“Aw, let him have his fun,” Nyota chides lightly. “It’s your first weekend back from the honeymoon.”

Exactly. Kid’s lost whatever reason he had left. D’you know he tried to cannonball into the hotel pool from the fourth—”

“But how deep was ze pool?” Chekov asks interestedly from where he’s squashed in the corner, and Leonard stares down at him in shock. 

“How long have you been there?” he demands, just as he hears a peal of bright, uninhibited laughter from the bar. He looks over in time to see one of the locals, a tall young guy with a brazen smile and clearly not an ounce of wits about him, because his hands

“Excuse me,” Leonard says again, firmly this time, and he pops free from the booth.

The guy’s got a hand resting on Jim’s ass in plain view, and Leonard’s seeing red by the time he storms up to the crime scene, clearing his throat pointedly.

Jim spins clumsily towards him, which removes the offending hand, but not the person it’s attached to. “Bones,” Jim says delightedly, flushed and happy and so damn beautiful that Leonard’s heart lurches and keels to the side. “Bones, hey, this is….this is, ah…” He squints fuzzily at the guy, who’s smiling confusedly at Leonard in a “I sense some kind of shit about to go down” sort of way. “What’s your name again?”

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Her Baby Sister

This is my submission for @cherishthepeanut week, Day 1:  Milestones. It’s set in “Her” verse, so I hope you enjoy it!

When Henry had rolled over for the first time, Regina had grabbed her camcorder and promptly returned him to his stomach, watching with baited breath until he’d done it again. She’d captured it on camera at least three times, her breathless encouragement and Good job, Henry’s  serving as an ecstatic commentary to this milestone that she’d played back over and over again while lying alone in her bed that night.

When it had been Merida’s turn, Roland had been the one who excitedly announced his sister’s accomplishment, prompting both of her parents to run into the family room with phones at the ready.  She’d knelt down beside her daughter, tickling her belly before flipping her over again, much to the girl’s chagrin. Merida had let out a whelp of protest before stubbornly flipping herself onto her back where she was met by the applause and smiles of her family, making her grin and kick her legs in a staccato accompaniment to all of the praise surrounding her.

But she watches in silence from the doorway as her youngest child rolls over for the first time, smiling through tears at the scene playing out in front of her on the living room floor.

“Boo!” Merida exclaims, completely ignorant of her mother’s presence. “You did it!  You rolled over all by yourself!”  

Red, tangled curls bounce as Merida claps her hands, and Regina can’t help but chuckle silently as Boo tries to imitate her big sister, thrusting chubby hands towards each other as a toothless grin spreads across her face.

It’s almost too much.

This is how it should have been. Zelena and I should have grown up together.

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“Taehyung!” Yoongi’s voice echoes in the walls when the young wolf boy runs out of the bathroom without any clothes on. “It’s your bath time, you can’t run away,” he continues, stepping around the corner just in time to see Taehyung sprinting away on all fours through the endless corridor. “No way! Wolves don’t bathe!” the kid screams back at him. “It’s just water! It hasn’t killed you before and it won’t kill you today either,” Yoongi reminds but Taehyung turns a deaf ear to his words. [1/7]

Taehyung looks behind him, checking whether the older male is still following him. He slows down his moving and stops to a squatting position. He stares at Yoongi playfully, letting him come close before running away at full speed again, laughing loudly while doing so. Yoongi sighs: this is hopeless. Sometimes Taehyung acts like a puppy, thinking everything is a game. He loves this overactive child, he really does, but even he has to admit it’s tiring to run after him every other night. [2/7]

“You’ll never catch me!” Taehyung shouts when he suddenly stops. “Boo!” A sudden noise startles Taehyung, and his ears flatten against his head. He growls a little but his expression softens instantly as he recognizes the familiar ghost floating in front of him. “Haha, Jimin! You almost scared me,” Taehyung gives a laugh that sounds almost like a bark. “That’s what ghosts do,” Jimin says, smiling at the beaming boy. “Wanna play?” Taehyung asks, wagging his tail hopefully. [3/7]

“Maybe later. I have a feeling there’s something else you should be doing first,” Jimin hints, raising his eyebrow, but Taehyung shakes his head. “Wolves don’t bathe,” he repeats quietly, not noticing the man approaching them. “Come here, butt monkey!” Yoongi says chucking, catching the naked boy in his arms. Taehyung tries to struggle free but he gives up fast, pressing his head against the vampire’s warm shoulder. [4/7]

“Thanks for the distraction. Nowadays it’s almost as hard to get him to wash himself as to get him to sleep in his own bed,” Yoongi rambles to Jimin when he starts to walk back where he came from. “It’s my pleasure if I can help,” the ghost replies, following the group of two into the bathroom. Yoongi puts Taehyung down, being sure he won’t try to escape anymore, and he is seemingly happy when he notices the water is still warm. [5/7]

At last they’re both sitting in the bathtub, Taehyung before Yoongi, while Jimin tells about his day. “It seems like Hoseok is planning something for Halloween. I saw him carving some pumpkins with Jungkook,” he tells and Yoongi nods his head. “Then I accidentally flew through a wall into one of the bedrooms where Namjoon and Jin were screwing each other’s brains out. If Namjoon has any brains left, that is. He’s a mummy after all…” Jimin mumbles and Yoongi smirks. [6/7]

“I like Namjoon,” Taehyung opens his mouth, and Jimin doesn’t even mind the kid interrupting him. “He always tells me cool stories. Jin is also nice. And so is Jungkook and Hoseok and of course you, Jimin. But I still like Yoongi the most.” Yoongi’s hands that are washing Taehyung’s hair stop their moving. “He takes care of me and he’s the best dad I could ever ask for,” he explains, and Yoongi has to lie he got shampoo in his eyes when Taehyung wonders why he’s suddenly crying. [7/7] – ff anon

D-dude… I teared up… 

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Do you really believe that Ichabbie will be endgame? Do you already think that Ichabod is in love with Abbie though he hasn't accepted/realized it himself?

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

Fox never had a problem at least from what they’ve said in front of the camera. we have no idea what was said BTS with Ichabbie being endgame. This new regime has already said that they love Tom and Nicole and their chemistry, so that’s a bonus. The creators and most of the other producers on the show love the idea, and we already know that Tom no-chill Mison is an Ichabbie shipper so there’s that.

Add to that the overwhelmingly positive fan response/desire for the two to happen coupled with the fact that they made it to #3 out of 64 couples on TV (the only non-canon couple to get that high) is a huge blaring alarm bell to Fox to make it happen. Also, Clifton Campbell doesn’t have any qualms from past experience putting his leads into a relationship so I do think Ichabbie will be endgame. 

Do I think it will happen during S3? I’m not sure. I think the slow burn will be present but I’m on the fence as to whether it will happen next season or not. And if it does, I hope they drag it out 15-16 episodes. Make us salivate over lingering touches, innuendo filled conversations and deep glances. Make us pant after each episode until the end where BAM! Ichabbie kisses and we as a fandom just make incoherent animal noises for a week in celebration. 

I think Crane has been in love with Abbie for a long time. I think he began falling in love with her sometime in Season 1 but refused to accept it. To me, as much of a douchbag as he was this past season and there is no excuse for it all of his intense “I love the Strugglewitch” and “Whispertits means the world to me” and “Abbie, isn’t this lying manipulator the greatest? I can’t live without her” moments were Crane trying to make himself believe he was still as deeply in love with Katrina as he’d always been. 

He needed to make everyone around him, himself included, believe it because he knew he was deeply in love with Abbie and to acknowledge that would, in his eyes, make him a cad and an awful husband. I think the definitive proof of his love for her (to him, not to us as an audience) was Heartless. Whether or not we saw it, you cannot convince me that the succubus didn’t change again into Abbie. That would be the only way she’d get the upper hand on Crane to corner him the way she did.

I have no doubt that he’s (in Tom’s words) completely in love with her. He just needs to come to terms with it. I think the more intriguing question - which to me was partially answered in the finale with the password scene because you do not make a “friend’s” birthday your password. It’s always your boo - is how deep are Abbie’s feelings for Crane? Is she in love with him? How long as she been in love with him? Does she realize it or is she oblivious because she’s so used to burying her feelings? These are the questions I need answered in S3. 

Well… some of them anyway. There are bigger fish to fry. Like meeting Daddy Mills. What happened to the Horseman of War -will he be replaced? What about the other two horsemen? Will we ever get definitive answers on how old the Mills sisters are, their age gap and the actual timeline of events from the moment they saw Moloch to when all of this started taking place? Either way, I’m interested to see how Mr. Campbell handles it all. 

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I can name plenty of things Sasuke may see in Sakura that would make me understand him loving her. But what I challenge SasuSaku fans to do is respond to this post, saying what it is that Sakura sees in Sasuke that has her willing to be by his side forever. What do you think Sakura sees in Sasuke? You first blogger. :3

A lot of things. Frankly I’m too tired to properly rant about it so

  • his strength and bravery that she admires so much
  • the light of his heart, one that she has always seen and that she knows makes him capable of loving people and letting them in
  • his tenderness
  • the strong respect he harbors for her in regards to pretty much everything about her now
  • she can make him happy, and she knows this
  • T H E  G O O D N E S S OF H I S H E A R T
  • his snarky little humor say what you want but this guy can be funny
  • his tenderness
  • his passion, his drive, his absolute determination
  • the way he loves so fiercely
  • the subtle ways that he shows care
  • his tenderness
  • the way he has no filter im sure sakura appreciates that sasuke does not sugarcoat his words but does not aim to be mean to her it is legit critic
  • he values family and love over everything ok
  • he’s both a mix of “i wont let anyone hurt you” and “wow boo that was amazing how you pummeled those bitches” with her so why would she not love that
  • her name rolls perfectly off his tongue (ok im not actually being serious as a reason here but let me have fun)
  • he makes her better and she makes him better and i think it’s pretty clear she knows this by now so
  • did i mention his tenderness???

followers and other ss fans, feel free to add anything i probably missed.

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Cs friends from childhood but secretly loving each other. One night the get drunk and get laid. The morning after they talk about feelings and decide to start a relationship? Extra points if killian brings her breakfast in bed for the hangover.

A gentle tap, tap, tap sounded on Emma’s bedroom window jarred Emma from the book that sat open in her lap. She squinted at the window as a face appeared from the darkness of night, blue eyes flashing with a devilish grin.

Emma laughed as she rose from her bed and opened the window, bracing her arms against the ledge.

“Killian Jones, what are you doing here?”

“Move aside Swan, you think it’s easy to climb a trellis?” Killian said, pretending to lose his grip for a moment. “What will you do if I die?”

Emma laughed as she moved out of the way, allowing Killian to hoist his tall form through the window. He was dressed in his signature black leather jacket, white shirt and worn out blue jeans, his Doc Martens clunked audibly as he landed. He winced, freezing as he await for Emma’s father to ce bursting in.

“They’re out, genius. Or did you not see the missing truck in the drive?”

“Actually, I was busy trying to gouge whether or not intrude on you while you were changing.” Killian said with a smile as he threw himself onto her bed, sending her book on the floor. “No such luck.”

Emma pretended not hear him-even though the very idea of Killian wanting to see her unclothed or half clothed sent her heart racing. But her mind berated her heart for such a foolish feeling. Killian was a playboy-he’d sleep with anything with the desirable parts-and feelings had little to do with sex when it came to him.

Pain struck her. Sometimes she really hated being in love with Killian Jones.

Killian watched as Emma crouched down, picking up the book he had knocked aside. Her long blond hair was down for once instead of that no nonsense ponytail she tended to wear. She was in a black tank top and sleeping shorts that showed off her long creamy white legs.

Killian fought the urge to grab her and throw her down on the bed. She was gorgeous. He wanted to kiss her dumb, strip her bare and love her until dawn.

Killian gave himself a mental shake. Only in his fantasies could he have a girl like Emma. Yes, they were long time best friends since childhood, but she was still out of his reach. She was pure and good-Killian was as dark and tainted as they came.

She had a future far beyond sleepy old Storybrooke. And Killian doubted he’d leave this tiny town. He pushed away the damning thoughts, plastered a smile on his face and reached into his jacket pocket.

“I brought us a little something,” he said as he withdrew a silver flask. “To celebrate.”

Emma gave him a wry smile as she plopped down at the foot of the bed.

“And what are we celebrating?”

Killian grinned as he uncapped the flask and extended it out to her.

“Why, your birthday of course. In a minute you’ll be a full grown woman, Swan; what’s not to celebrate?”

Emma laughed as she took the flask.

“Okay, but first, a toast,” Emma lifted the flask.“To our thirteen year friendship, I couldn’t wish for a better mate.”

Emma took a long swing of the rum, Killian watched her throat tense as it traveled down. His thoughts wandered to a darker place where his teeth and lips played with that throat.

“Here,” Emma said, extending the flask to him.

“Here,here,” Killian said as he took a swing himself.

He needed to get smashed.

A warm hand was caressing her naked back, and it felt amazing. Emma sighed and snuggled against the warm form at her side, her own hand come up to touch a hair coated chest.


Emma opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a naked stomach, flat and muscled, her blanket was barely covering his … stuff. Her gaze went up over the wide hairy chest, to a strong throat, to a beard covered jaw, wide, kissable lips and to….

Oh lord. Killian.

Emma sat up quickly, hugging her blanket to her naked chest.


Both of them.

Emma glanced around and saw her room was a mess. Books were on the floor, their clothes were scattered everywhere.

Killian sighed next to her, his arm looping around her waist and drawing her close. Emma’s face flamed, her heart racing.

“Kil-Killian?"she croaked, poking him gently on the shoulder. His very muscular shoulder.

"Emma,” he sighed, as he buried his face in her side.

“Killian Jones!” Emma smacked his chest.

“Ow!” Killian’s eyes snapped open.

And froze as he saw Emma. He sat up quickly, the blanket slipping a few inches. Emma’s eyes widened.

Oh my.

Killian cursed, drawing the blanket back up to cover himself.

“Emma … How … What happened…?”

“I’d think it was obvious,” Emma said deadpanned.

“Shit,” he said as he smacked his knee.

“You…you’re angry?”

“Of course Im angry! I’m angry at myself! I took advantage of you! I got you drunk and we-bloody hell, don’t cry Emma!”

Emma wiped at her eyes. “I’m sorry but…Killiab Im not sorry it happened. I … I have always liked you more than a friend.”

“What?” Killian said stilling as her words sunk in.

“I’ve always wanted more-want this,” she gestured at the two of them. “But I thought … I thought you’d never see me in that way, or if you did it wouldn’t mean anything to you.”

“Wouldn’t mean any-?! Emma this-bloody hell how dense are you, Swan?”

Killian reached over and placed a searing kiss on her lips so that when he pulled away, her eyes were heavy and her lips were pump.

“I’ve been crazy for you since … Bloody hell, since we were five!” He confessed as he stroked her hair. “I love you, this means everything to me!”

“It does? You do?”

Killian chuckled as he kissed her again.

“Don’t doubt me now,” he said before dropping another kiss on her lips. “How ‘bout some breakfast?”

“Breakfast?” Emma echoed, as though the word were a forgein language.

Killian grinned as he drew her back down to the bed.

“Or we could skip breakfast….”

Cross-Checking Chapter 8

This chapter is here due to @papofglencoe and a shit ton of red wine. Like a shit ton. Apparently, I write well while buzzed. So here it is. Tons of love to everyone reading. I appreciate you more than you know. Please keep chatting me up about the story, I love talking about it. @papofglencoe, boo I owe you some peonies and red wine. There’s also a LOT of dirty language within (even the first sentence…soooo be warned, and it’s under the cut)

Now for Katniss…

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