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Jealous much

(A/N): I decided why the hell not do a poly relationship?

Request:  Can you do an imagine where the reader loves Bucky/Steve, but he has a girlfriend and when the reader decides to move on he gets jealous or something ? ( please make it angst at first and then really fluffy at the end ) thank you 😊

Warnings: jealous super soldiers, swearing

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   You sip at your drink sadly, your spirits had been depleted hours ago and all you wanted to do was go to your room and sleep until Sunday but seeing as how this was Bucky’s 100th birthday that would be rude. So now here you were, drinking all alone in the corner of Tony’s bar as everyone danced and had a fan-fucking-tastic time, or more specifically Bucky and Steve.

   You wanted to growl in annoyance when you looked over at the rugged super soldiers, all tall and thick and- God no, you needed to stop thinking like that. They were your teammates for Christ’s sake and here you were, ogling at them. It’s not like it would ever work out anyways…they had girlfriends and damn good looking ones too. Steve had Sharon, beautiful, slender, badass Sharon and Bucky had some girl named Dot, some cute curly red haired, green eyed innocent little thing and well- you had no one but yourself and a bottle of scotch.

   With a dry chuckle you drink another shot, allowing the burning liquid to soothe your pain.

   You had no right to be jealous, they were never yours to begin with, what made you feel entitled enough to dictate who they dated or fell in love with? The last one sticks to your tongue, making the burning in your throat a million times worse.

   What if Bucky and Steve both fell in love with someone other than you? What if they settled down, finally started a family, and you never got the chance to tell them how much you loved them? Tears begin to pinprick your eyes but you refuse to let them fall, this was a joyous occasion, it was Bucky’s big one hundred for fucks sake, you couldn’t cry now but you could drown your sorrows in your lovely scotch. You take another swig of the burning liquid, allowing it to simmer in your mouth before gliding down your throat, leaving an even more unpleasant burning feeling. You cough a but, trying to rid your throat of the horrid burning when suddenly there’s a hand upon your shoulder, grasping it gently.

   “Heya,” You look back only to come face to face with a stranger- but a rather attractive one at that. “I’m Brent,” You smile to the best of your ability, cringing lightly at yourself.

   “I’m (Y/N),”

   “(Y/N)’s a very pretty name,” You blush a bit. God, you were blushing, how sad are you?

  “Thank you,”

   “So um- I saw you over here drinking scotch alone and I thought maybe you’d like to go dancing with me?” You let your eyes linger on the man, brown hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous jaw and the perfect height; he was like the love child of Steve and Bucky himself and you were more than attracted to him.

   “I can’t promise I won’t step on your feet,” Brent chuckles as he takes your hand in his, gingerly as possible as though you were made of porcelain.

   “A few broken toes is no big deal,” You laugh as you make your way to the dance floor, the intoxicating music slowly starting to get to you. All around people were dancing, some more reserved but for the most part everyone was grinding on each other, having a damn good time and well- you deserved to have a damn good time too. Immediately Brent’s hands settle upon your waist as you slowly begin to move to the best of the music. A little grind here, a little grind there. Before you know it the two of you are practically dry humping and amidst other people as well. It felt so dirty but it felt oh so right too. You bite your lip as you allow yourself to succumb to the moment, to let yourself finally be free of anything other than Brent’s hands upon your waist and the way his cock ever so deliciously-

   “(Y/N).” There was a dangerous growl, low and throaty and more than intimidating. You slowly open your eyes, feeling rather drunk on the music and Brent, and you slowly focus in on the two figures ahead of you, each one with their arms folded over their chest in an almost defensive manner. “(Y/N), can we talk to you? In private-” It was Bucky. It was Bucky and Steve both standing there, staring at you disapprovingly. Oh god- what had you done? What was wrong? Did they somehow did out about your love for them? Or maybe it was something worse?

   A million thoughts start swimming through your mind as you slowly step away from Brent, giving him a soft apology before stepping up to the two super soldiers.

   Their gaze upon you was scary, a dark almost predatory like look to them. You’d seen this look a thousand times before, usually directed at Tony or some enemies but never you. God- to get them to look at you like that meant you had to have done something horrible. Guess you’d be finding out in a few minutes… 

   The elevator ride up to Bucky and Steve’s shared floor was tense, with one soldier on either side of you, making you feel small and rather childlike. There was an almost angry air surrounding the two of them and it scared you more than anything.

   You replayed the last week in your mind, trying to figure out what you had done wrong. You had done all your training sessions, every mission was a success, you had bought Bucky a birthday present; what else was there that you could have messed up? Your throat runs dry as the elevator dings and both soldiers make their way out, thus forcing them out with you.

   “You guys-” your voice is shy and timid at best. “What’s going on? Why are you so angry?” Both Steve and Bucky chuckle, shaking their heads as though they were amused.

   “You really don’t know why were angry?” Bucky’s tone sends shivers down your spine, and not the pleasant kind either.


   “How about the fact you were essentially fucking some stranger right on the dance floor, does that ring a bell?” Steve’s tone is just as dark and it scares you more than anything else.

   “I-I’m sorry, everyone else was doing it, I-I thought it was okay,”

   “All that man was trying to do was get down your pants,” For some reason now is when your nerves return, full force at that too. You went from scared and helpless to confident and angry in only a matter of seconds.

   “And why do you care Rogers? Maybe you should focus less on me and more on that girlfriend of yours,” Steve growls as he suddenly lunges for you, pinning you to the wall behind you.

   “What if I don’t want anyone down these pants, hmm? What if I want you all to myself, ever thought of that?” You gulp as you look at Steve, at the dark look upon his face and the intimidating look in his eyes. “What if Bucky wanted you, what then? What if we both want you but you’re too fucking oblivious to all our attempts?” You look to Bucky who shares the same look with Steve, dark and intimidating.

   His words don’t even set in for a few moments as you play them over and over again in your head, mulling each word, syllable, and vowel meticulously.

   "Wait…you both- you both want me?”

   “Fuck yes,” Bucky growls, his voice lower than you had ever heard. “Wanted you since the moment we laid eyes on you doll,” You squirm withing Steve’s grasp, looking between the two men uncomfortably. It wasn’t exactly nice to be pinned by Steve or to have him and Bucky glaring straight daggers at you.

   “What about Sharon and dot?”

   “No,” Bucky shakes his head. “They don’t count- they’re not you, they’re not as special,” You gulp as Steve’s face looms over you, his rather scary gaze only making your heart rate increase.

   “This isn’t some kind of sick joke?” You whisper timidly, a bit too scared to know the answer. If Bucky and Steve were lying that meant a world of heartache for you but if they said yes that meant a million other things- two personal furnaces to keep you warm at night, more coffee to make in the mornings, more love to share and receive-

   “No, how many times do we have to say that we want you (Y/N)?” Steve’s voice is right beside your ear, sending almost pleasurable sparks up your spine.

   You sigh shakily as his words finally set in, Bucky and Steve wanted you, the two men you’d fallen in love with wanted you just as much as you wanted them. Steve goes to say something else, his lips in a near snarl when you pounce upon him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you hug him tightly. The man must have been thoroughly taken back by your sudden moves but only a moment passes before he’s melting into your embrace, any trace of anger having immediately been wiped from his system.

    “You can get in on this too Bucky,” You mumble from your place in Steve’s neck. There’s an almost disbelieving chuckle and suddenly another pair of arms wrap around you, making the hug that much better. Bucky’s head nuzzles against yours and your unable to stop the happy chuckles that falls from your lips as Bucky sweetly kisses your lips, soothing any nerves or fear you previously had.

   “Save some for me Barnes,” Steve chuckles as Bucky breaks away, licking his lips deliciously. Without a moment to waste Steve kisses you, his lips just as soft and sweet as Bucky’s. at this point you felt high on whatever was in the air right now, lust? Love? Whatever it was you were definitely feeling it but the sudden thump of music floors below you pulls you out if your almost high. You pull away from Steve, much to his dismay.

   “Bucky, what about your party?” Bucky smirks as he takes your hand, gently guiding you out of Steve’s embrace and down a hall.

   “I was thinking we could have a little party Of our own,” The soldier gives you a little flirtatious wink.

   “But what about everyone else and-”

   “What birthday boy wants birthday boy gets, right?” You nod your head, biting your lip. “And I want you naked and on my bed in a minute, you Better be ready for us doll,” Bucky smirks as he gives your ass a light smack as you walk into his bedroom, more like jump into the room due from the almost heart attack Bucky caused you. “One minute doll,” Bucky gives you one last wink as he closes the door, leaving you to get ready for not only him but Steve as well.

   You bite your lip as your fingers tremble to remove your shirt. You didn’t even know what you were to Bucky and Steve, special, you knew that much but that was it, there was nothing else to go on. But one thing was for certain at this point; this was going to be one hell of a night.

~Extended ending~

    Two pairs of arms wrapped around your waist snugly, two warm chest pressed against you, one to your front and one to your back. You hum softly as you nuzzle into the closest body; Steve. His warmth radiated off his body in waves, overtaking the freezing room and keeping you more than warm. Bucky was pressed behind you, his scruffy face nuzzled into your neck, his breath gently hit your skin as he breathed in and out.

   You groan softly as you try to stretch your limbs but with two super soldiers glued to you that was kind of hard.

   “Bucky- Steve,” You poke each man’s cheek in an attempt to wake them up. “Come on, I gotta go make breakfast,”

   “You don’t have to make breakfast,” Bucky whispers into your neck as he pulls you a little closer. Apparently a poke to his cheek had been enough to wake him up unlike Steve who was now burrowing into your chest like a dog or cat of sorts. “You can lay in bed with us for the rest of the day,” You smile softly as Bucky kisses your ear, his lips barely fluttering against your skin.

   “So no coffee or bacon?”

   “There’s that pancake house down the road, once Steve gets his lazy ass up we’ll go there, sound good?” You go to reply when suddenly an equally sleepy voice penetrates the air, making both you and Bucky chuckle softly.

   “I’m awake you ass,” it was times like these, when the three of you could simply be- no worry of the media or the other avengers, no worry about hydra or aliens from other dimensions- that you realized you loved your boys more than anything in the world.

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Dum-E and U start adopting stray robots or technology (like a toaster/Clints game console).

This was cute!! And it isn’t super long, but I hope you like it!

“Stark!” Clint calls, pushing into the kitchen. His pushes his bangs out of his face, still not having cut his hair as what he calls an “Act of Rebellion” after Natasha told him he looked better without them. “You need to get your children in control.”

“Whatever smartass thing Peter said, I stand by it, and whatever Harley stole, I support his endeavors. Also, whatever Riri’s doing, I stand by that too. Listen, Clint, if you wanted a middle-aged mom showdown, you came to the wrong playdate.”

“Okay, not what I meant at all, but… okay. I wasn’t talking about your flesh children.”

“That is probably the most terrifying way to state it,” Tony says, finally looking up from his sadly empty cup of… whatever Natasha put in it. He isn’t sure, but it was brown coloured, so it looked safe. “Are there any children not made of flesh? Or are you late for some cult thing?”

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[R] Drunk BTS

Can you make a reaction where the members of BTS are piss drunk and you have to take care of them??? ~Anon Z

Thank you so much for being my first request. I hope you enjoy it! :D


After you take him home from one rough night at a party, you go and get Jin some water so he doesn’t wake up tomorrow with a major headache/hangover. He asks you to make him something to eat before he goes to bed, apparently what he had at the party wasn’t enough. But you couldn’t say no to his innocent face, so the rest of the night he spent eating. No seriously, he didn’t stop. He passed out on the kitchen table with noodles hanging off his lip as if he fell in a food coma or something. But I’m pretty sure he’s fine.


When the two of you return home, you immediately lead Suga towards the bedroom. As he’s beginning to think you want to have sex with him, you quickly turn around and start treating him like a child. Knowing that he wasn’t getting any tonight, he immediately begins to whine for you. If you were going to treat him like a kid, he was going to act like one. He complained about how his body was aching and pleading for a backrub. Suga kept calling your name and wanting you to cuddle him to sleep, wanting you to also change him into pajamas for him because he couldn’t be bothered to get to his dresser that was literally two feet away. 


J-hope isn’t really one to drink, but when he’s with friends he gets totally wasted. You hated when this happened and if he hadn’t promised to stay sober through the night, you wouldn’t have let him go out. Later on into the night, you get a phone call from him asking if you could pick him up from his friend’s house because he was “scared to drive alone in the dark”. You could already tell he was lying to you because he didn’t sound like himself over the phone. During the car ride home, he tried to make you laugh by making faces and cracking jokes. He knew by doing this, you wouldn’t be too mad at him and of course, he was right.

Rap Monster

He doesn’t like it when you take care of him at all. In fact, he considers this as if you are babying him and don’t think of him as a man. He feels he should be taking care of you, not the other way around. But since he is drunk, his attention span has decreased, and he can’t tell his left from his right, it’s best this way. Plus, he doesn’t dislike this special treatment so much. In all honesty, he enjoys your attention and caring nature. Clearly, he has landed a package deal with you.


It was a Saturday night and since Jimin had the night off he decided to take you out on a date. You two went to this fancy restaurant where you let your man order a bottle of wine for the table. It was a good thing you offer to pay for it because compared to your two glasses, he had most of the bottle. You didn’t complain, he was very stressed about work and you felt bad. Jimin can hold down his alcohol better than most people, so you didn’t mind it too much. But alcohol does, however, make him very horny, especially seeing you wearing something as revealing as you did. He wouldn’t stop making sexual remarks about you and teasing you with his hands. And of course, baby gave just what daddy wanted.


If you though V was annoying before, you haven’t witnessed him drunk. It’s honestly just like keeping an eye on your son. Making sure he doesn’t get himself into any trouble and/or getting hurt is your biggest priority. Because one minute you’re all having a lovely time and the next minute he’s gone. V really wants everyone to be having fun. And having fun means drinking as much as possible and doing stupid shit. He does not know his limits AT ALL. The entire group will have agreed to have you be his babysitter before the night has even begun.


Why are you letting him drink?! He is still a small child, too precious to be tainted in such a way. Jungkook acts even cuter when he’s buzzed. He is capable of talking to anyone when drunk, becoming less shy with each passing second. He often calls you sweet nicknames and calls you beautiful whenever he can, possibly trying to get in your pants. Jungkook can be the life and soul of the party, but he is too kind when drunk, and can bring an unwanted stranger into the circle by accident, who then follows him around for the whole night, making you jealous.

Each muse acts differently in both The Dreamscape and Erotic Illusions, it’s up to you to decide which side of them you enjoy better…

Dream Book

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Tree bros

Tree bros

Connor x Evan

Evan x Connor

This is gonna suck but let’s go

• proposes

Well. So basically it’s there five year anniversary and they both have rings in their pockets. They’re both hella nervous. Evan keeps fidgeting with it and Connor is like ‘oh shit he probably has a ring. He’s bad at hiding things. Fuck I have to ask before he does’ so unexpectedly Connor gets up from his seat and goes to their waiter and hands him the box and asks him to do something with the dessert. When Evan sees the ring on the cake he glares at Connor ‘damn it Connor, why’d you get to ask first?!’ Connor just laughs.

•Shops for groceries

Connor does cause Evan hates the interacting with the cashier part. Connor always forgets the list at home and Evan has to send him it over text. Connor also likes to buy little treats that Evan loves even when they’re not on the list. Evan gets really flustered even though it’s small and just food.

• kills the spiders

THEYRE BOTH FUCKING TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS ARE YOU KIDDING Evan hides behind Connor. He was bitten once and had to stay in the hospital for the weekend for it. He was very disappointed that he didn’t become the next spider man. He was five, and now it’s turned into a huge fear. Connor will take of his shoe, take on look at the beast and wack it.

•Remembers to feed the fish

They don’t have a fish??? They’re boring??? Instead they have a dog cause they’re very therapeutic for the both of them!!! It’s a corgi husky mix and they named her Maple cause they got married under a giant maple tree, where they also carved their names and wedding date into. Oh yeah, basically they have a schedule and they’re both really good at remembering

• initiates duets

BOTH if one of them is in the shower, and the other hears them singing, they will burst into the the bathroom and sing with them

• falls asleep first

It really depends? Usually they fall asleep together. Especially if one of them has a really bad day cause they stay up to comfort the other. But Evan works late every Wednesday so he gets home to a sleeping Connor, gripping onto one of Evans hoodie with Maple on top of him

• plans spontaneous trips

Evan always talked about places he wanted to go when they were in high school and college and after they’re married Connor researches a shit ton. He makes sure that their are always hotels and things they can do that are dog friendly cause Connor knows Evan would want Maple with them. Connor always surprises Evan with a random trip, first London than Egypt then Rome then Baghdad and so on.

• wakes the other up at 3 am and demands pancakes

Usually it’s Connor after he has a dream of him eating a lot of pancakes. It happens a lot. He lives off of chocolate chip banana pancakes. Evan always wonders why he even likes that combo but he’s really good at making them according to Connor so why not? However, twice a year or so, Evan will really crave so strawberry pancakes. It’s usually when they’re out of season so Connor always has a bag of frozen strawberries cause they lay forever??? How???

• sends the other unsolicited nudes

Connor. It’s always when he knows Evan is coming home a little late, and when he’s really in the mood. Evan cause storming in the house and just slams Connor against the wall. Connor loves dominate Evan.

• brags about knowing karate even though they never got past their yellow belt.

Connor. His dad signed him up for lessons and he never really tried so it’s not really bragging but he always says that if someone messes with Evan he’ll use his mad karate skills. When someone actually messes with Evan, Connor gets turned on cause it turns out Evan has a fucking black belt???? What?????

• comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops.

Connor fucking loves bakeries and always gets macaroons. He loves them. However Evan will drag Connor into candy shops for lollipops and jolly ranchers and chocolate.

• blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit

Changing it a bit, Connor will do something dumb and have a really goofy grin on his face and he’ll be like 'babe! Did you see that! Wasn’t I awesome!’ 'Yes Connor, you did it perfectly you dumbass’ 'What? No kiss’ *evan sarcastically blows Connor a kiss then walks away*

• Killed the guy (and who hides the body)

Connor kills the guy cause it’s Connor. Evan hides the body cause 'CONNOR YOU DUMBASS YPU CAN GO TO JAIL FOR THIS I MUST PROTECT YOU FROM THE LAW!’

• wears the lest amount of clothing around the house

At first, Connor wears pans with crop tops, Evan feels like he should start wearing less too. He starts to walk around the house in shorts and crop tops. Connor views this as a competition and starts to wear shorts with no shirts, Evan wears sweaters with no pants, Connor retaliates with short shorts, Evan just wears boxers. Now they’re both just in boxers. Then Evan gets cold and puts a hoodie on in the winter. 'HA I WON!’ 'I WAS COLD YOU DOUCH! TURN THE FUCKING HEAT UP’ Connor chuckles and does as he’s told.

• has random sentimental moments for no reason

Both really. Connor will feel super giddy for some reason and just picks up Evan and swings him in a circle and hugs him. Evan will feel super cuddly and drag Connor to the couch and curls up like a cat on top of him.

anonymous asked:

My town was recently the site of a very large explosion, with multiple injuries and one casualty. I don't live very far from the blast site at all, a couple of blocks. I had plans to be in one of the buildings destroyed but my procrastination meant I was at home. I've really struggled mentally with it but your writing really helps ;-; can I request the RFA (plus the minor trio, maybe?) thinking something has happened to the MC after hearing about an accident and then realizing she's okay??

✿ I am so glad you’re alright! Experiences like that can really mess with you. I hope you enjoy this, and that you’re doing okay!


  • when he hears that the biochem building you have class in just exploded, this man jumps over a table to get out the door.
  • people are yelling at him, telling him to stop, don’t go over there, the police are keeping everybody away and he’s just like
  • fences. cars. barricades. people. he vaults over, ducks under, and shoves through everything like he’s some kind of parkour master.
  • emergency personnel try to stop him and he headbutts one of them in the face
  • he’s staring at this burning building, screaming your name as he desperately fights through the crowd for you when he just hears a single “Yoosung!” from behind
  • he turns and
  • there you are.
  • mussed up, panting, red in the face… but okay.
  • do you guys remember the word “glomp”, because that is what Yoosung does to you, except that’s way too cutesy a word for his literal flying tackle.
  • He just starts sobbing on you, babbling on about how he was so scared and oh my god were you in there, did you crawl out of the burning building like it was a movie
  • did a firefighter pull you out it should have been him
  • you tell him that it was much less exciting than that, you’d just gotten out of class and left when it happened, and he cries more because that’s even worse.
  • you were so close to death he is not going to let you go and, in fact, will punch the grim reaper in the face if he tries to take you.


  • his mind totally goes blank when he enters the chatroom and hears people - in a panic - talking about how there was a gas leak in the library you really like going to and how no one can contact you.
  • he’s bombarded with a flurry of questions - zen, zen, have you heard from them, are they okay - and then he just
  • leaves.
  • and starts running.
  • The director of the production he’s working on shouts after him, and he’s just running.
  • It’s a miracle that he didn’t get into an accident when he got on his motorcycle, because he had no care or concern for the speed limit. he has to find you as soon as possible.
  • the poor emergency personnel cannot answer this rabid, panicked man’s questions, so he then goes to the hospital.
  • the poor hospital staff cannot answer this rabid, panicked man’s questions, though they are pretty sure they do not have you in their care.
  • it’s then that Zen finally picks up his mcfreakin’ phone which he was ignoring the entire time to find that you’re calling him.
  • he picks up, asks you where you are, and when you say “at home” he hangs up and ZOOOOOOOOOOMS ON OVER.
  • like seriously, can tires squeal on a motorcycle. who cares if they can’t. he does so anyway.
  • there are skid marks.
  • Anyway he practically bursts down the door and just hugs you tighter than he’s ever hugged you before.


  • she hasn’t heard from you all day, which is Fine, but then she sees that there was a huge bus collision in the middle of the city and suddenly she is Very Very Much Not Fine
  • but she has to work so
  • so she
  • she send syou  a mes ahe and
  • and k es kepes at it
  • jumin finds her an hour later, staring at a wall, and he carefully asks her what she meant by this garbage, gibberish e-mail that she cc’d everyone
  • and she just
  • just stares vacantly through him.
  • okay even Jumin knows something is wrong.
  • “what’s the matter, jaehee.”
  • “mc hasn’t responded to my texts.”
  • “are you and mc having a fight?”
  • “no.”
  • “then…. why is that a problem…?”
  • and jaehee just shows him the screen with the news article she’s been trying to read and says, like a broken doll, “that’s the bus route mc takes”.
  • jumin immediately gives her the day off work, gives HIMSELF the day off work, and drags her off to find you.
  • the situation might actually be funny if jaehee weren’t emotionally dead and jumin wasn’t getting into the driver’s seat of a car. 
  • luckily driver kim sees what’s happening and stops this disaster, and he just saves the day by - very calmly - helping these morons find you.
  • when they find you at your house, thankfully having slept in instead of going anywhere, jaehee just….. sinks to her knees and clings onto your leg.
  • you’ve never seen her this hollow and torn up and it’s just.
  • she’s crying b/c she’s so happy you’re ok.


  • He’s in a meeting when he glances at his phone to check the time, and he notices a message from Jaehee asking if he’s heard from you in the past hour. Since he’s the literal master of the talking while texting, he gives his presentation on autopilot while he replies.
  • No, I haven’t. Why are you asking?
  • After about an anxious minute (which he fills by discussing sales data), he gets another message that simply says, Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it. Focus on the meeting.
  • ok now that is the thing he wants to think about the least.
  • For a few minutes, he keeps going while - mentally - he’s a million miles away. What could be going on? Is something happening? Did he forget about an appointment or an obligation with you?
  • are you hurt or something?
  • jumin han stops abruptly, staring at the room of businessmen before him, and then says, “sorry, i left the stove on” before leaving.
  • ringadingdi- it goes directly to voicemail.
  • oh god.
  • he calls again, and again, like he’s hoping each time will produce a different result. But no. Directly to voicemail.
  • voicemail. voicemail. voicemail.
  • Finally, he calls Jaehee.
  • being one of the few people who can actually pick up the dang phone, she replies, and tells him that she’s taking care of it, go back to your meeting.
  • taking care of what, he asks, and she dances around the subject before telling him that the store you’d been planning to go to today just, um.
  • it just blew up.
  • The security guards have to tackle Jumin Han to the ground to stop him from accessing a car.
  • this man is a wreck. he is immediately on the computer, scrounging every news article and every picture he can find for a glimpse of you. All the while he’s calling people left and right, being a gigantic pain in the ass as he tries to figure out where you are.
  • Apparently, you were sleeping at home, which Jaehee discovers because she actually went to visit you. She passes the phone over to you, letting you talk to Jumin, and he’s just
  • thank god you’re alright.
  • thank god.
  • you think you can hear him crying a little bit.
  • Jaehee brings you to the C&R offices and this man RUNS OUT OF THE ELEVATOR TO MEET YOU
  • like he SLIDEEEEEEES across the tile floor and scoops you up into a hug. 
  • you spent the rest of the day directly by his side. this man is s p o o k e d.


  • the first thing he does is hack the security cameras to get a better look at the scene of the accident.
  • second thing, he turns on his police radio scanner for details.
  • the third thing he does is pray.
  • he knows that running out there won’t do anything for you or your safety, but he has to know everything, and he has to identify as soon as possible that you are okay.
  • like, he just stops being able to do anything else and hyperfocuses on collecting as much data as possible.
  • he calls hospitals. he calls you. he calls jaehee, as if praying that she’ll be able to find out where you are.
  • when you finally text him, saying that “sorry your phone died and you were in an important meeting” he just
  • he just…….
  • thanks god.
  • and tells you, over the phone, that he loves you so, so much.

list of kumiko suekane art in order of least radiates the urge to bang to most radiates the urge to bang

6. camus

subtle,does not immediately suggest appeal but there is a faint underlying current. i can assume from this that suekane reasonably likes camus but perhaps does not carry too strong a desire

5. odin

odin is a tough one because he is always wearing slutty clothes but this does not go any further than expected.note also the way that his pants are not torn at all unlike all the other damaged art by suekane. i am honestly tempted to put him below camus

4. spring xander

she like really really wants us to look at xanders ass.but despite this,the art comes across a bit rushed to me.the attacking & damaged art are nearly the same pose & he is not as pretty in the face as anyone else suekane draws. less love put into this one.but more ass. a lot of ass

3. frederick

u may be thinking,what makes this image any thirstier than the last three. and indeed unlike spring xander i cannot point to many technical aspects that brings me to my decision.but it is a feeling. truly there are layers to this image of frederick that the human mind cannot explain in mere words

2. laslow

clearly this here is a power bottom. before you get on my case note that suekane has drawn a lot of bl doujins. but the immediately obvious point is his poor demolished shirt.this was clearly a ploy to have laslows stomach out and nothing more. also i dont know whats happening with his foot

1. summer frederick

this almost feels like its cheating to have it in here its so obvious. however here is a tidbit that has not escaped my notice: suekane has gone out of her way to cover fredericks nipples in all of this art. what makes this notable is that,in her doujins she Does draw nipples on men. here is a clear sign of a bl artist, hiding nipples when it is not appropriate to have any showing but unwilling to draw a completely nippleless chest

so thats my deep analysis. like comment and subscribe for more content of me taking an intellectual perspective on sexy anime men

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How do you tell Vincent and Leonard apart?

ah, a lot of folks have trouble telling them apart, but you gotta understand, these are my babies! I can tell them apart blindfolded (and in fact I do tell them apart in the middle of the night all the time, due to fur texture and behavior). So there’s not really any way that I tell them apart, I just can do so because I’ve known them almost their whole lives. But here’s a crash course of how they differ:

Vincent (left)

  • Fur is a deeper black
  • Fewer light markings
  • Light markings are bright white and very contrasted with his black fur
  • Has a white tail tip
  • Has a distinct white marking on his neck and chest
  • No white on his butt (backside of hind legs), not much fluff on butt either
  • Slightly bigger than Leonard
  • Narrower face
  • Shorter fur with a wiry texture
  • Has white underfur, so if you brush him counter to the grain you’ll see bright white fur
  • More pronounced neck flap
  • Longer claws (we’re filing them down, but they just seem to grow faster or wear down less than Leonard’s)
  • Mostly black face with two distinct white marks on the cheeks that make him look like a Canada Goose
  • Small pinprick “eyebrows” that give him a much more severe expression than Leonard
  • A total grumpus
  • Sighs and grumbles a lot
  • Whines when he hears annoying noises or if you’re not giving him enough attention
  • Will sit on you
  • Very stubborn
  • Barks a lot and is very vigilant, very ‘guard dog’
  • Despite his size, his bark is kinda high pitched and always sounds like he’s straining his voice
  • Tends to not pant too much and when he does it’s pretty quiet
  • Lazy tail wagger, tends to only wiggle it or wag it slowly a couple times
  • Likes to curl up into a tight ball like a cat
  • Pretends he doesn’t want attention but does and will stare daggers at you until you come over to pet him
  • Knows the treats are in the pantry and so will repeatedly run over to it at random times just in the off chance you might decide to give him a treat
  • The couch is his, he just lets us sit on it during the day

Leonard (right)

  • Fur is lighter black, almost dark brown
  • Many light markings
  • Light markings are golden tan and blend into his black fur
  • Fully black tail
  • Golden markings all over face, neck, and chest
  • Fluffy white fur on his butt
  • Slightly smaller than Vincent
  • Broader face
  • Longer fur with a soft, fluffy texture
  • Barely any neck flap
  • Face has a lot of golden markings, giving him an overall lighter and easy to spot face
  • Distinct golden markings on top of his head
  • Large golden arch “eyebrows” that make him look confused all the time
  • A big, silly goofball
  • Easily excitable
  • Spins around in a circle when excited but nowhere to run (I call it the Dognado)
  • “Talks” when you first get home or wake up but aren’t giving him enough attention (always the same “phrase” like “Roh-roh-roh”
  • Won’t sit on you (because he can never figure out how, but he’s tried)
  • Will 100% step on your feet
  • Not very stubborn
  • Doesn’t bark that much, usually only when Vincent isn’t there or in extreme situations (stranger way too close to the house or if something is keeping Vincent from barking)
  • Bark is much deeper and more forceful than Vincent’s
  • Pants a lot and very loudly, you may need to turn up the TV if he’s sitting next to you
  • Champion tail wagger, wags so fast you think it’ll fall off
  • Will wag his tail if you so much as look in his direction
  • If you’re walking in the dark in the middle of the night and hear thumping, that’s Leonard and his wagging tail
  • Will sometimes wait outside the bathroom or bedroom for you to come out
  • Will sometimes just sit in the dead center of the room and look around in wonderment
  • If you look at him, make eye contact, or even just give the impression you might pet him, he will run over to you at the speed of sound (and step on your feet)
  • Has a Skylanders pillow that he loves very very much and will lick it whenever he gets excited (he will not play tug of war with it)
  • If he’s very excited, he’ll carry the pillow around with him for easy access
  • Licks everything and everyone all the time

Onto Jungkook, our sweet lil maknae I’m v v excited for this I’m loving this concept (also it’s almost my love’s birthday and I am s o ready for it I have shit planned and ready to go I’m so prepared)

  • Okay but Kook is lowkey the opposite of Jimin when it comes to this
  • Kook is what they call the “sudden strike”
  • Jimin takes his time to get to know everyone, find the best way to do it without causing a scene but Jungkook just cuts straight to the chase
  • Jimin really lures his hits into it, getting them to trust him before he goes for the kill but Kook’s hits never really see him before the night they’re assassinated
  • Okay okay but real quick, picture this
  • Assassin!kook wears the infamous black leather pants and boots

  • Like everyone around him is dressed up in suits and ties but he’s just got a nice shirt on and his favorite leather pants and his worn in boots and no one says anything about it bc he carries himself as if he’s wearing the finest suit ever made

  • He rarely goes to events (he does make sure to come to random ones just so people don't realize that whenever he shows up, someone “disappears”)
  • He normally spends the entire night secretly talking to his hit (he tries his best to make sure not too many people see him talking to them bc less witnesses = less pointed fingers)
  • He always finds a way to get them to leave the event, normally using the line of “let me walk you to your car, you never know what’s out there this late at night”
  • He’s definitely not as social as chim is so when you suddenly appear at one of the dinner parties, he’s not at all surprised bc he sees people come and go all the time
  • He is curious about you though bc you’re talking to one of the richest bank owners in the country so casually and that’s not an easy thing to do so he asks Jimin about you
  • Surprisingly even chim doesn’t really know anything about you, just your name and that you started showing up three weeks ago
  • He had to admit he thought you were pretty cute, you seemed close to his age which was rare in a room full of people who were all 40+
  • He went up to you after the dinner and just started talking to you, trying to use some of chim’s tactics in getting to know you better
  • He may have thrown in a few flirty lines here and there and you may have returned them
  • By the end of the night, he had your number saved and the promise of dinner on Friday
  • He somehow finds himself sneaking out onto date after date after date and the next thing he knows, he’s moving into an apartment with you
  • He does have to eventually tell the boys why he doesn’t stay over at the dorm as often and to his surprise, they’re actually pretty supportive
  • Their only advice is to not get too wrapped up into it bc he is an assassin after all and he has to be able to flee at any sign of someone catching onto their game
  • He can’t do that if he’s too busy being a lovesick puppy but he can’t help it bc you’re just slowly wrapping him around your finger
  • It isn’t until you two have been together for two years that he gets a call from Namjoon at 3 in the morning, your name coming out of the leader’s mouth
  • Kook just honestly feels sick to his stomach and is just like you have to be mistaken like no no n o p e I refuse to accept this
  • Unfortunately the person requested him specifically and they were offering up a lot of money for it  
  • In all the time you two have been together, waking up and falling asleep with each other every single night and day, you don’t know about his secret job and he doesn’t know about yours
  • Little does he know, you’re an assassin from an equally popular group and you’d just gotten a call from your own leader telling you someone was gonna pay a l o t of money to put a hit on Jungkook
  • Neither of you can really decline it without admitting the reason why
  • You’d both broken rule number one of “don’t fall in love” and it was a deadly rule to break
  • You decide it’s best just to leave him, to run, maybe change your hair, definitely change your name and just try to avoid having to assassinate your boyfriend bc not happening
  • Unfortunately, just as you’re packing up your weapons, he comes in to ask something about what movie you’d watch that night and then he just pauses
  • He doesn’t give any type of reaction and you’re just stood there frozen bc not only does he see a knife in your hand, he also sees you packing all of your things
  • He doesn’t make any move before he dives for his drawer (where he keeps his own weapons hidden)
  • You think he’s going for the phone on the nightstand so you immediately just have to grab him and try to hold him down while you’re frantically telling him you can explain
  • He manages to get the drawer open but then you look inside to see his stash of weapons and you’re just like uhm pardon excuse me??
  • You two have to sit down and admit that you’re both assassins and like you’re both lowkey upset the other kept such a huge secret but you also both understand why bc you did it too
  • He gets over it pretty quickly when he sees Namjoon calling him for a status report (kook had been stalling for an entire week and normally he had the job done within 24 hours so joon was h i g h l y suspicious) 
  • He just grabs the spare bag and starts packing bc we gotta go nOW
  • He doesn’t have enough time to actually say goodbye so he just calls Namjoon and gets him to put him on speaker so everyone can hear him explain he’s out
  • Much to lil maknae’s surprise, they all agree to help him and tell him they’ll meet him at the new city they’d call home with different names and hairstyles
  • It honestly warms his heart and he’s just so happy he doesn’t have to choose between you and them anymore and he agrees to send them updates
  • You all move into a different city ready to start a new life
Show Me (Part Three)

This is looks like a long update, but it’s less than 3000 words, but with them “texting” it takes up a lot of room lol. Mind the cut!
If you missed Part One and Two, catch up on the MASTERLIST
Bucky is the cutest flirting, and Steve is already in love with him! Tiny bit NSFW at the end!

Enjoy this update!


– back to school man

<To: Steve>
– how many weeks left?

<From: Steve>
– about six till Christmas break, but I’m not taking the whole month off. Really hitting it hard so I can finish up before the holidays.

–what classes?

<From: Steve>
– stupid ones I missed while playing ball. Political science. An extra math class. Accounting. And like a beginner business course that fell through the cracks somehow. Math is fine but political science is just stupid. Why do I need to know this? I barely passed high school civics

<To: Steve>
– barely passed? I got your all American ass a solid b

<From: Steve>
–my bad.


– girl in my class just asked if women could be successful politicians or if that is a glass ceiling that has yet to be broken

<To: Steve>
– Condoleeza Rice? Senator Clinton? Barbara Mikulski? And if we are reaching… that girl from Alaska. Palin. She really asked that?

<From: Steve>
– the teacher didn’t even have an answer. Just kind of looked at her and kept right on lecturing.
– I forgot how smart you are. Why did you go after art again?

<To: Steve>
– because I’m a free spirit, didn’t want the man to keep me down
–that wasn’t a gay joke. I’m a total bottom. Definitely want the man to keep me down.

<From: Steve>
–I’m dying man, don’t send me that when I’m in class!

<From: Steve>
–bottom huh?

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I Wanted a Soul Mate But All I Got Was This Wang

the soul mate au by myself and kanginfucker

rating: pg-13 for some light swearing
pairing: markson
wordcount: 3200

Mark wakes up on his eighteenth birthday with black lettering across his chest in a pleasant script. It takes him a while to make out the word, extravagantly written with an unnecessary amount of swoops and curls.

It curves beneath his collar bone, just low enough to be almost completely covered by most of his tops, just the points of the spirals that form each letter poking out from underneath the fabric. Some of his lower cut shirts show off the word fully, but he doesn’t wear them much after it appears.

The day it happens, he ignores the stream of birthday wishes and curious questions about his marking (and the puns some of his friends make with the word) in favor of standing in the bathroom, tracing his finger over the patterned lettering for hours until he finally realizes. At the very base, if you remove all the ridiculous décor from each letter, it spells WANG.

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What if pitchit ,victor , and yuri.k lived next door to there crush and they have those windows opposite each other and one day while changing crush forgets to close there window so they can see in -sorry it's long ^-^; -H

Ohoho my~ Don’t worry, darling, the more specific, the better! More under the cut!

-Phichit’s favorite thing to do is leave notes on your window for you to read
-He’s busy a lot of the time, but when he’s not, he likes to see how you react to said notes, and you two talk a lot
-He mostly sits on the windowsill, his legs swung over outside
-like boi ur gonna give me a heart attack whAT IF YOU F A L L
-but he doesn’t care, he has too much fun
-fuckin…….. n e r d
-So one day, he’s off to practice, and he’s writing out his note
-all chipper for a big day, because you promised you’d be free this afternoon and if he got back on time it meant more talking and chilling with you
-He opens his window, and leans out, with the note all ready
-And he sees you and just
- f u c k
-You’re there changing.
-He quickly realizes that you probably forgot to close the window before you started
-his first thought is “damn u look fuckin good.”
-his second runs along the lines of “OH MY GOD I NEED TO WARN THEM”
-But like, see, there’s a pretty decent gap between your houses
-It’s not that prominent, seeing how he can lean over and put a note on your fuckin window
-But like, it’s still pretty easy to miss and fall
-So Phichit is halfway frozen, leaning out with a paper in his hands and staring at you and his leg on his windowsill slips
-”sh IT FU CK, Y/N HEL P-”
-He shouts for you before he knows what he’s doing
-You whirl around, your pants 1/3 their way on you, and you first trigger embarrassment
-Then “oh my go d phICHIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING-”
-You lean out your window and catch him by the shoulders, pushing him up so his leg has it’s balance again, and then with a final shove he’s back in his room
-Before he can even thank you, you shut you window and yank the curtains closed
-He has never been more terrified and embarrassed in his entire life, this boi has his heart hammerin
-So he quickly rewrites his note, leaves a long rambling mess of apologies and thanks for saving his life, and using his selfie stick (fuckin whY DIDNT YOU USE THAT BEFORE YOU SHIT, TRYIN TO BE ALL ROMANTIC AND SHIT….) he carefully tapes it to your window
-Hopefully when he comes back you’ll let him apologize in person
-Is fuckin absolutely flustered throughout the entire day godda mmit….

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mercs as my immortal quotes


My Immortal dramatic reading

My Immortal Fanfic copy


And then…………… suddenly just as I Draco kissed me passionately. Draco climbed on top of me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took of my top and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time. - Chapter 4


Then the gram rumper ran in and fucked me in the bromhole!. - chapter 40


“Abra Kedavra!” he yelled at Snape and Loopin pointing his womb. I took my gun and shot Snape and Loopin a gazillion times and they both started screaming and the camera broke. - Chapter 11


It was…………………….Tom Bombodil!1111 - Chapter 31




I was even upset went to rehearsals with my gothic metal band Bloody Gothic Rose 666. I am the lead singer of it and I play guitar. People say that we sound like a cross between GC, Slipknot and MCR. The other people in the band are B’loody Mary, Vampire, Draco, Ron (although we call him Diabolo now. He has black hair now with blue streaks in it.) and Hargrid. - Chapter 10 


“Yeah but everyone is in love with me! Like Snape and Loopin took a video of me naked. Hargrid says he’s in love with me. Vampire likes me and now even Snaketail is in love with me! I just wanna be with you ok Draco! Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?” - Chapter 14


“Eboby…..Ebony…….” Darth Valer sed evilly in his raspy voice. “Thou havfe failed ur mission. Now I shall kill thou and I shall kill Vampire as well. If thou does not kill him before then I shall kill Draco too!” - Chapter 23


“What the fuck r u doing!” I shooted arngrily. Snoop laughed meanly. He polled down his pants. I gasped- there was a Dork Mark on his you-know-wut!11! - Chapter 30

Miss Pauling:


It was…………………………………………………….Dumblydore! - Chapter 4



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omg thank you so much for your translation for secret pink! i only asked for teba and you gave both!! If it doesn't trouble you the translation for pureslider's yasashii would be nice because I have the hard copy but don't understand a word of it ^^;

Free dj - Yasashii Dokusen Yoku Zenpen parts one and two

Man, you’re really lucky to have an actual physical copy of this lovely book! Did you have the first or second parts, or both? Whatever it is, the beautiful cover art alone is worth the money, am I right? ^^

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Hello, You Beautiful Thing


The soft sound of her breathing filled her ears as a world in the secret section of her mind slowly spilled out on the page in front of her with every stroke of her pencil, not knowing what the picture would be at the end.

It was strange, in a relaxing sort of way, how her art made the outside world disappear just for a moment. It was like meditation but she came out of it with piece of art. Whether or not the art was good after she settled back into reality was a completely different story.

A sense of peace washed over her as she continued to draw the lines and contours of a face she had yet to identify. She ran her tongue over the inside of her teeth as she rubbed her finger gently over a line, smudging it, bringing all the pieces together bit by bit.

Her tongue clicked when there was a distant knocking at the door, the outside slamming back into her. She blinked and looked to the direction of the sound with a slightly dazed stare when another round of knocks filled the room.

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Request:  Can I request an imagine where cas and dean both have a huge crush on the reader and are always fighting over her, reader has enough and gets mad then the rest is up to you? Sorry if its weird lol - tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt

A/N: Ok so I said I wasn’t going to post this, but I felt so guilty that I did anyway. I’m probably going to go back and edit it a whole bunch, since this is 1am and I probably don’t even know what I’m saying right now. So here it is! Let me know what ya think!


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Petyr x Sansa week day 5: greed

She’s greedy, she knows, as she reaches for the last lemon cake at dinner.

Her aunt Lysa frowns at her and tells her that she will grow fat and undesirable if she continues to eat the way she does. So she puts the cake back.

Petyr purses his lips at his wife as she glares at Sansa. She’s sure that hates her, and he has nothing to politically gain, so why did he marry her? Why say those vows when you intend on sneaking into another girl’s bedroom every night and break them? Sansa could hardly judge him for that though. She’s the one who allows him to touch her in those sinful ways. Ever since she decided to give him her maidenhead instead of Lord Tyrion when she learnt of her betrothal, she had willingly let him have intercourse with her nightly. Sometimes, she even went to him like the terrible, greedy girl she is.  

Sansa decides not to eat anymore after her scolding, but watches as her aunt Lysa piles her plate high for the second time that evening. They eat together like this most evenings. “Like a happy family,” Lysa had exclaimed during their first meal together, but Sansa knew that they were no family. Sansa mislikes her aunt, who feels the same without a doubt, she has to act like a mother to her young cousin whom she is soon to be betrothed to, and nightly she fucks the man who is her uncle by law. There is nothing happy nor familial about their situation.

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