he does have mud on his clothes and face

the assignment part 1

Calum imagine-

so the imagine was too long so I’ll be posting it up in two parts

It was another boring Tuesday for you, your daily routine being set into motion. Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and catch a bus to school. You sighed as you ran your hands through you hair in attempts to try and untangle your messy strands, it was just Tuesday anyway, you rolled your eyes who were you trying to impress?. It was just another day packed full of AP classes. Soon as you walked through those big double doors leading to your hell you let out a loud groan as you saw him, Calum Hood the schools bad boy, you hated him… Well more like he hated you while you drooled over his muscles….tattoos and his dyed hair. He was leaning against his locker, his muscles bulging out of his tank top. He was the kinda of guy your parents told you to stay away from, he was even in a band with three of his other friends. Michael, a dyed blondie who had tattoos, piercings and played the guitar, he was the definition of a cheeky little shit. Luke was the shy one but as soon as he spoke you could feel his cockiness from miles away,but he had the voice of an angel and he played the guitar like a god. Ashton was the leader, he played drums and had all the girls falling at his feet, you didn’t even hesitate to think he might have an STD with the amount of girls all over him. But Calum was the worst and he made your skin crawl and what sucked most was that your locker was next to his. You quietly sneaked behind him towards your locker while he was talking to Luke, hoping to not be noticed but as soon as you put your combination into your locker he turned his body and lent over towards you. “Oh Y/N I see you got some new glasses looking sexy as always babe” he smirked at you. Hearing his words you nervously fiddled with you new glasses, your parents picked the thickest nerdiest glasses they could find for you and in honestly they didn’t help the whole nerdy persona you had going on. “Oh shut up Calum” you groaned taking your books and hurrying to your new class, bumping and knocking into people who got in your way “see you later babe” Calum called out to you as you ran faster. Once in class you politely said hi to your English teacher Mr. Harris as you sat down in your usual seat at the back room. You immediately took out your note book and pencil case and set it on your desk only to be startled by an eerily familiar voice “hey Y/N baby can I borrow a pen” Calum whispered while the teacher started to call out the roll “Calum what are you doing here!” I hissed “well I don’t know about you but I’m here for AP English” he smirked stretching his hand out for a pen. “Oh….” I mumbled a blush rising to my cheeks while digging around for a pen in my pencil case, then passing him one. ‘Why was Calum even here-’  you thought  ‘-didn’t he get like F’s and D’s’. Well you never saw you just kinda assumed. Brushing off the thought of him sitting behind you, and his eyes burning holes into your back which was ridiculously hard but you managed .  The class dragged on as usual with you taking notes. The only annoying thing other than Mr Harris’s voice was Calum constantly poking you in your back. “Okay guys I have decided that we are going to be doing a class project in groups of two people each, okay?-” queue everyone’s sighs “-about your favorite musicians or bands. It’s short one okay, it’s a essay with 6,000 words over the time span of 4 months but I will be choosing partners” more sighs rang out in the class room “Elizabeth with Jensen, Jessica with Ashton-” you zoned out waiting for your name to be called “- and Y/N with Calum” you looked at your teacher shocked did he really just do that. Calum then lent over and whispered in your ear “guess we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together then babe” goose bumps raising on your neck. Ugh this was gonna be a long 4 months.

1st month-

“Calum stop gluing things to me” you yelled hitting Calum in the chest. You two were currently sitting on the floor gluing pictures to a poster board. You guys had decided to do your essay/poster board on blink 182, but Calum had gotten bored and decided to glue pieces of paper on your clothes “come on loosen up-” he joked taking off your glasses and putting them on his head “-wow your blind as hell” he laughed moving his hand back and forth in front of his face. “Yeah I know” you laughed grabbing them off him and putting them back on your head “oh does the stick in the mud have a humor” he joked, you just nodded your head giggling. “Maybe your not so bad?” 

“Maybe” you stated leaning your head on his shoulder, when you felt him tense you thought you shouldn’t have done it but when he relaxed and pulled you closer you knew it was okay.

2nd month-

“Calum stop!!” You screamed between giggles, once again Calum had gotten bored but his tactics had changed from gluing things to you too tickling you, you rather the glue. “Never Y/N-” he screamed over your giggles tickling you harder “-not till you agree to take a break”. You were giggling so hard you thought you’d pee yourself “okay okay, we can take a break” you screamed making him stop tickling you. You laid there panting trying to catch your breath as you thought about the position you guys were in. You were laying on the floor with him straddling your waist and holding both your hands to the floor, not to mention his face was really close to yours. Your stomach flipped as he lent forward  enough to just have his lips ghosting over yours, you where both staring into each others eyes as Calum started to lean in closer his lips just grazing yours when, someone started knocking on the door snapping both of you out of your trance and out of each others arms. Your mum opened the door only to see both of you panting with flushed cheeks “um I’m sorry but I was just wondering if Calum was staying for dinner” she questioned looking between you with a raised eye brow “Yeah my parents will be cool with it” he smiled charmingly at your mum, causing you to roll your eyes. Once your mum had left the room you threw a pillow at his face a small thud sounded as it hit his face “ass” he hissed back.

to be continued…..


County Road 10 isn’t too long a drive from the mansion, but it feels like hours. SC refuses to speak to Detective Bryan, keeping a vice-like grip on the radio in his hands. He just can’t fathom why Chem would walk right into the river, knowing he can’t swim. Was it an episode? Was it a suicide attempt?

Was it a suicide success?

SC glances out the window, unease etched into his features. He’s only 27, but stress—among other things—has aged him beyond his years. He’s thin, he’s tired, and he’s weak in more ways than one. Never before has he felt so afraid, and even worse, alone.

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