he does have a point somehow though

Work Harder #1

“Lance, what were you thinking?” Shiro questioned him. His arms were shaking as he stepped towards the smaller boy. “You could have gotten one of us killed!" 

Lance shivered under the harsh glare of the elder, "I understand that but the Galra were surrounding Keith and if I didn’t go there he would have die-”

 "He would have been fine!“ Pidge interrupted. They crossed their arms and pointed at Lance with a furious stare that rivaled Shiro’s. "Keith was perfectly fine on his own! He’s capable of defending himself and obeying orders, unlike you.”

 Lance frowned, “Okay, I get that but-”

Pidge shook her head, “Obviously not.” She sighed. She turned around, “Maybe you could actually do something right for once?”

“It’s not my fault.” The moment Lance had opened his mouth and said those words he regretted it.

Pidge blew up. “Of course it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that you’re not strong enough. It’s not your fault that you’re too stupid to actually analyze and see what the outcome might be. It’s not your fault that every mistake that happens in this team is somehow related to you. It’s not your fault that we probably would have defeated Zarkon months ago if you weren’t involved. It definitely isn’t your fault that you’re the most useless paladin on this team. Why did blue even chose you to pilot her? You’re the worst paladin ever!” 

Lance stopped. He couldn’t move. 

“Pidge that was too much,” Lance heard Keith say to the smallest of the group.

Hunk nodded his head, “ I agree with Keith.”

Shiro shook his head, “She does have a point though. Please take things seriously, Lance.”

Keith sighed. If you can’t beat ‘em agree with them to some extent, “I guess.”

Hunk frowned, “No, he-”

“It’s okay, Hunk,” He heard Lance speak out. Lance gave a small sad smile. He turned to his ‘team mates’, “It’s all true.”

Lance turned away to walk back to his room.

No one chased after him. Maybe if one of them did, none of the following events would have happened.

Jughead & Reader: The Jacket

Summary: When Betty bails on Jughead after he’s given the Serpent jacket, you step up and try to figure out what’s going on with your best friend. The feelings you’ve had for him are hard to hide when you spend the night alone with him.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Waves - Dean Lewis

Betty Cooper burst into the student lounge Monday morning looking more panicked than you had ever seen her. Her normally well-kept, slicked back hair was frizzy and out of place. She looked like she hadn’t sleep in days. 

“What’s going on?” You asked her as she paced back and forth behind the couch. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, making you and Kevin, who was sitting by your side, nervous.

She turned to the two of you. “It’s Jughead,” she started. 

Immediately you felt more alert at the sound of your best friend’s name. You sat up straight and gave Betty your full attention. “What about him?”

Betty shook her head. “He’s going… dark. He’s becoming a Serpent.”

Your eyes widened. “What? You’re not serious.”

“I was just at FP’s trailer with him and while we were…” She looked around nervously and decided to not continue. “The serpents came and knocked on the door. They offered him a jacket. The same kind of jacket all the Serpents wear.”

Kevin looked at you and Betty in surprise. “Would Jughead really do that?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Betty, I know Jughead better than anyone.” She gave you a slight glare because she was always jealous of your friendship with Jughead. “He’s not just going to turn to the group that almost pulled his family apart.”

“Well you weren’t there,” Betty said in a little bit of a snotty tone. “I saw it. He’s going to the dark side.” She sat on the chair opposite you and Kevin and crossed her arms. “I can’t even look at him. It makes me so angry that he would do that. That he would just turn on us.”

You didn’t reply. You just sat quietly as Betty and Kevin talked about Jughead’s “dark” future. Could he really be a Serpent?

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Pokemon Go with EXO

A/N: I’m trying a bit of a different format with this one–lemme know if you guys like/hate it lol


~never would want to go outside to play pokemon go so you’d always have to drag him outside 

~BUT once you got him outside he would turn into the legend27 and somehow manage to catch a bunch of ridiculously rare pokemon without even trying?

~definitely on team valor and would always brag about how much better his team is than yours (and you couldnt even argue because he’d just beat you in a battle)


~always dragging you outside to play with him even if it was straight up storming

~”jongdae theres a LITERAL storm watch going on right now”

~”okay but theres a gym like three streets down though”

~he’d try his best but literally would only catch rattatas which would be followed by a really loud “WAAAEEEEEE”




~he would be so impossible to play with because hes so gOOD????

~which would be frustrating because he doesnt even take the game seriously he just plays casually but somehow has all the best pokemon?

~and he would always laugh at you when you caught ANOTHER caterpie like okay thanks for nothing 


~he wouldn’t actually care about the game at all whatsoever but because you were so into it he definitely would be too

~would try really hard to get good pokemon and would choose whichever team you were on

~honestly just rly cute about the whole thing and would buy you matching tshirts with your team name on it




~”baobei why does this dog have stripes what do i do with him?”

~”yixing you literally just got growlithe how???”

~would name them all cute names like “max” and “pumpkin”


~team mystic fer sure

~not really into it, doesn’t really understand the point of it but humors you nonetheless

~fast forward to a week later and somehow he has like twenty charmanders and is the leader of his team

~still doesn’t QUITE care enough and ends up deleting the app even though he was like one of the best


~this aNGEL is too pure and sweet and just loves playing this game with you and would definitely call you his pikachu

~which isn’t even romantic???

~but shh let him call you that he loves that you love this game and he loves playing it with you

~keeps playing it even after you get rid of it even though he still isn’t quite sure how to even evolve his pokemon


~not really super into the game himself but enjoys watching you wander around aimlessly so he’d definitely accompany you to search for pokemon

~probably has like five hundred pidgeys 

~but he refuses to get rid of them because “they have feelings too, jagi”

~he names half of them lyrics from EXO songs and the other half super immature and inappropriate names and then giGGLES like crazy when he shows you


~team valor team valor team vaLOR

~caught a geodude once so he thinks he’s basically the best thing to happen to pokemon go

~despite the fact that you beat him every time you two battle

~his favorite and most powerful pokemon are named after his members

~which is super endearing but don’t tell him that because he’ll get all defensive and say its not a big deal

~(its a big deal)

Let’s talk about Silver some more

All right, @spanishgalleons,  I promised a reply, here it is, after watching that episode again. 

You said:

I would argue that Flint has never truly accepted all the parts of his past at any given time. It’s kind of the whole tragedy of his character. He twists his truth to fit his aims because it’s the only way he can survive. To me, in contrast, Silver at this point is a person who has accepted his past. I don’t think it’s an attitude he can carry on and I certainly think it’s something he has now learned from Flint. And I think he has been blindly working quite hard all season not to become him.

I think we have to make a distinction between your past as something that shapes you and as something that defines you. Both Flint and Silver are shaped by their past (an undeniable truth for every single human being that has ever existed, safe for the occasional amnesiac), but while Flint lets himself be entirely defined by it, Silver tries very hard not to let his past define him. Which is an admirable goal in itself, but I would argue that Silver is taking the whole thing a step too far by pretending that his past is not relevant to who he is.

Flint has been consumed by his past, that’s his tragedy: the fact that he hasn’t found a way to leave it behind. For Silver, his refusal to address his past - even in a conversation with someone he considers a trusted friend, someone who has confided in him and kindly asks him to do the same - is an avoidance that is equally tragic. It’s not born from acceptance, it’s born from denial. Flint is caught in the past because he has nothing to live for in the present, Silver is caught in the present because he cannot stand to look at the past. 

Of all the characters in this show, I think that Charles Vane and Max come closest to accepting their past by admitting that it shaped them, and accepting that it partly motivates them, but refusing to let it define them. When Max says to Grandma Guthrie, “What does it matter?” that’s a different thing because we, as the audience, already know the important things. We don’t expect Max to reveal her backstory to a stranger - it’s a rational choice for her not to disclose the details and extent of her suffering to a woman she’s just met. But as the audience, we’ve been there with her for some of her defining moments, and we’ve been told about others in an earlier episode. The entire situation is completely different than Silver’s refusal to reciprocate in a situation that is all about mutual trust between two people. 

Flint has revealed his past to Silver because Silver has asked. We can safely assume that Silver is the only person that Flint has ever willingly told this story. And Silver refuses to do the same. That’s not the behavior of a man who has accepted his past - it’s the behavior of a man who is scared of what he sees when he looks at it. 

And here’s the beautiful thing Flint says when they first start fencing: 

“Your opponent’s wrist is from whence the attack is born, but it’s its past tense, from which it cannot separate itself. The end of he blade by the time it arrives is its present tense, which also cannot be denied.”

If that doesn’t sum up the problem that Silver is facing here, it don’t know what does. Silver says that he has given up on trying to find any kind of coherence in his past. He’s refusing to attach meaning to it. But this lack of meaning - this lack of identity - leads to a dangerous void that only Silver’s present can fill. He lives in the moment because there’s nothing else, but that behavior is no less damaging than Flint’s inability to let go of his war.. 

As for Silver trying not to turn into Flint - well, he has quite obviously failed in that, and I think that on top of that, he’s pretty much in denial about it. Between the two of them, I think that Silver has an even greater capacity to delude himself. I think he’s fooling himself constantly about his share of responsibility in a lot of things. It’s been made pretty obvious in this episode, with Hands pointing out how Silver was perfectly fine with putting his men at risk, the exact same way Flint has put his men at risk in the past. But where Flint has done it in a way that is actually justitfiable, as somehow serving the greater good (even though we know that’s not why he does it), Silver doesn’t have that justification: his reasons are entirely selfish, caused by this lack of meaning in his past that is directly responsible for his current fear of losing everything he has won. As Madi points out, as Flint points out. Silver is entirely driven by fear.

That isn’t a man who is at peace with who he is. 

Very early on in their fencing training, Flint points out that Silver is “insinuating himself into other people’s stories”. That’s what happens when you have no own to tell, either for lack of glory (I think it’s entire possible that Silver has always been a bit of a pretender, and feels this constant need to hide his own unworthiness and perecived inadequacy), or because your story is so tragic and traumatic that you can’t bear to tell it. In any case, I think it’s pretty clear that what Silver is doing to cope is not a healthy and mature thing to do. 

OH, I forgot to reminisce about a good thing yesterday! The one part I really love from that Ellen interview:

Louis cannot RESIST, this felt like a snippet of the endless commentary on Harry that Louis is always holding back…

You know something is a favored story for them when it includes hand motions. Look at how happy Louis is demonstrating the legs, he’s loving thisssss

I bet they’ve been through this many times before. Liam is like “yeah, good one”, Niall still thinks it’s beyond hilarious but Louis is really invested in the analysis and telling of the story. God, I bet they laughed but this flooring mishap must have killed Louis a bit, right?? This is a man who enjoys kicking water bottles out of way so Harry doesn’t trip over them.

Louis has ENDLESS commentary about this, ajsdfjjk, second watch through… time for Louis to go in depth

ZOOMED IN ON HIS POINTING IS EVEN WORSE!!  He’s like “wait wait this is my favorite bit!!” Whyyy does he make even Harry falling seem like the most brilliant thing. That he did well somehow, he looks so proud! He loves him so much, it’s incredible.

Thought: Altean Lance AU where the first thing he sees is Hunk peering at the cryopods, trying to figure out what and who happens to be in them, while Pidge messes around with the controls (and not actually affecting much, because Allura’s not awake yet), Keith, still in his Marmoran armour (there’s no way he’d just been a rank and file Galran soldier), is watching with narrowed eyes and suddenly having a Bad Feeling, and Shiro is herding pilots like they’re cats.

Hunk and Lance actually hit it off right away. As Allura and Coran start waking up, Hunk’s telling Lance about how they found the Yellow Lion on Earth, and no, they’re Human, what’s an Altea - oh, yeah, and Keith’s with them, don’t worry about him-

Except, Allura, Lance and Coran do worry about Keith. Keith ends up pinned on the floor by an Allura who’s still reeling from the loss of her planet and people and this Galran is in breathing space of her BROTHER

Shiro ends up being the one to calm everyone down. Because Hunk is now panicking and Pidge isn’t being helpful because she’s torn between not wanting things to deteriorate but also she doesn’t exactly like the fact that they’re working with a Galra, even if he says he’s on their side. Lance is staring at everyone, feeling sort of shaken up and betrayed because that’s a Galran oh quiznak that’s a Galran on the Castle and he hadn’t even noticed

And then it turns out that Keith is, somehow, able to explain to the Alteans present that half the reason he’s here is that he has the Blue Lion. In his ship. Which is parked not far away, thank you.

Keith, who the others point out helped them in their firefight against the Galran cruiser while leaving Earth.

Allura deigns to accept - read: tolerate - Keith’s presence on the Castle, but she does continue to keep a close eye on him, and Lance starts. Poking at the guy. Because seriously, things are bad and all, but Lance just doesn’t have the negative energy to stay mad and angry like Allura does. Even though some of the things he says in what becomes known as their ‘rivalry’ can tend on the ‘oh, uh, that was a bit harsh’ side. 

(Because in this version, if Lance isn’t on Earth, the Blue Lion doesn’t respond. Therefore to fix this gaping plot hole, Hunk ends up finding the Yellow Lion instead, through somewhat more complicated circumstances. The Blade of Marmora already knew where Blue was canonically, so here they still do, even if she’s not on Earth. And Keith, being the hot-head he is… probably took more action than most of them would have appreciated.

And for a rough idea as to what Keith’s ship here looks like: 

That’s the size of Rolo and Nyma’s cargo/smuggling ship. I’d say Keith’s is a bit like that, given he’d want to appear unimportant to anyone just doing a general scan. And he probably didn’t plan ahead what he was going to do with it.

The ship stays in one of the Castle’s hangars, just because there’s no point wasting a good ship, even when all of Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk and Keith still (never mind if Allura likes it or not) get a Lion.)

EXO THEORY Pt. 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent

Part 2 - It’s all a dream.. | Part 3 - MAMA 2016 | Part 4 - Baekhyun | Part 5 - KoKoBop and the XiuHo Connection |  Part 5.5 - ECLIPSE?!

So I’ve been watching the new EXO mv’s and some of their old ones and I’m trying to piece together what kind of story there is here? To me, after watching Monster particularly, it seems like Baekhyun’s a traitor. I know there’s a bit of ambiguity in the ending of the mv, but I have my theories about that. First of all though, I need to talk about Kyungsoo, because I think his role is even bigger than Baek’s tbh.

For this, I’m gonna be assuming the order of the mvs goes as such:

MAMA/History/What is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Wolf/Growl - Monster - Sing For You 

Now.. as to why I think Kyungsoo is the most important character in this story. Well, a lot of this comes from hints in Pathcodes, Lucky One and Monster. Personally, I think that Kyungsoo has an omnipresence that allows him to watch and communicate with the other members. Particularly watching the members seems to be an important role in many of Soo’s scenes in mvs.

In this scene in his Pathcode teaser he looks through this view hole and sees flashes of all the previous 9 members scenes from their own Pathcodes.

In Monster I think this image/scene can have one of two meanings: either the cameras that Soo is sat upon are a reference to his own all seeing eyes, or he’s out of sight from the ‘red forces’ described in the opening narrative of MAMA. IMO, I think both are equally relevant to Kyungsoo’s position in the overall storyline. I am more inclined to believe that, as he’s sat on top of them, that they are representing his omnipresence more strongly than the red forces.

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feelmyroarrrr  asked:

Congrats! Headcanon on aos bones and his fondness of the ease of access the skirted uniform provides! 😉

Thank you!

Oh my god, my mind went to the dirtiest of places and the imagery was so fucking vivid.

  • Leonard McCoy thinks the Starfleet uniforms are ridiculous. They are essentially designed so that you need hypermobility in your joints in order to zip them up, and he’s not a real fan of high waisted pants - for whatever reason, he’s always found high waisted pants are the kind that get uncomfortably close to your testicles, and he likes the boys to have a little more freedom.
  • Do not get him started on the idiot medical uniforms. The pullover pointy pinafore from hell pisses him off no end. Chapel has had to help pull him out of the goddamn thing at least three times in the last two weeks and he doesn’t think they’re any more sanitary than the regular uniform.
  • The most of his ire is reserved for the level of stupidity that was present when the women’s uniforms were designed. They are so goddamn short that his staff can’t even squat without showing off what god gave her. When he finally follows the chain of distribution back to the uniform designer to make his complaints, the response is to send a box of ‘underwear covers’ that are essentially a second pair of knickers in division colours for the ladies to wear under their dresses, like that somehow will help.
  • He writes a strongly worded memo to Starfleet Medical HQ about the impracticality of the goddamn uniforms, and the Enterprise nurses are the first to pilot a pants uniform while on duty in MedBay.
  • Leonard loves the pants uniforms while his staff is on-duty. Everyone looks the same, and comfortable. If he could just get rid of the pullover pointy fucking pinafore, he’d have everything he wanted in the world.
  • The uniform change does point something out to him though. He’d become completely desensitized to how fucking sexy the dresses were. He becomes so used to seeing his staff all in pants that when he ventures out of MedBay and into a sea of crewmen in their dresses, he’s distracted by how short they are.
  • He alternates wondering how he ever worked with that much delicious thigh on display all the time. He doesn’t remember having to work with a permanent semi, but maybe that’s why he hates the high waisted pants so much? Because he was constantly and perpetually aroused?
  • It’s not until a night after too much bourbon in the officer’s lounge that he realizes what a real treasure the dress uniform is. As you moan against his shoulder, he’s able to flip the skirt and pull down your knickers in a split second before driving home into you. It’s the most arousing and public thing he’s ever done.
  • You spend the next few months teasing him about his public sex kink, and ‘accidentally’ losing your ‘panty covers’ where he can find them, just so you can christen another area of the ship.
(Eren x Reader) I'd Cut My Strings For You

Eren arose with the sun on a day most spectacularly bright and warm. It correlated well with the middle of spring, for flowers opened greatly for their incoming energy source. For a few moments he made believe that the star only rose for him, as if to assure him something wonderful for today. But he knew it was harmful to pretend for too long.

After dressing and freshening up he made his way to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast before leaving. Unfortunately the refrigerator door was abruptly shut as he opened it. He turned to his side and found his aunt with her hand on the door.

“Not happening, punk. On a budget this week.”

“We’ve been on budget weeks got three straight months now-”

He fell to the grimey floor, and even before he landed be tasted the blood in his mouth. He knew better than to get up or to even think about striking back. Instead he briskly left the house, ignoring her jabs at his character.  The door slammed behind him due to his displacement one last time, for it fell from the rusty hinges. It looked appropriate with the exterior (and interior) squalor.

He decided to try to see if longtime friends Mikasa or Armin were busy, and more, see if he could crash at any of their places for the night later on. Worse comes to worse he was no stranger to sleeping in playgrounds, or even forsaking slumber. He had to cross the city to get to where they lived, and he dreaded the walk. Only more people to give him nasty looks. It’s not as if they ever bothered to wonder why he was sporadically busted and bruised; they were complacent in silently judging him. His hunger pangs grew painful, so he stopped at a fruit stand. The farmer had an apple bushel. Only wanting to purchase one, he was terribly disappointed when he found he didn’t even have enough money for a single piece of fruit. Angrily he walked away.

“Can I help you?” He warmly asked the next customer.

“Yes please, may I get six?”

He gladly bagged her produce while she kept an eye on the boy who was just in front of her. After paying she darted over, ending up right behind him. She was unsure of how to approach him, but she tapped on his shoulder when they were isolated from others, being on the beginning of a dirt road. As he turned she held an apple to him. He stared at her, rather confused.

“Take it,” she said, “I have plenty.”

“Um… No.” He said awkwardly. She frowned.

“And why not? I know you wanted one before when you were in line, I was behind you.”

“Look, I’m no charity case, so don’t treat me like one. And you shouldn’t be following me.”

“I’m not treating you like a charity case, I’m treating you like a human being. Is that, and the concept of thank you foreign?”

“What makes you think I can trust your food?! You could have laced them with something!”

“I wished I laced them with Prozac because God are you depressing!”

“Just go away!”

“An apple a day keeps me away, you know.”

Eren was quite taken aback. He was certain his rude behavior would have warded her off instantly, but instead she insisted again he take the fruit. Only to quiet her, he took it and began eating. He couldn’t externalize the gratitude both he and his stomach felt. She smiled at him, watching him eat, and he quickly became uncomfortable.

“What are you looking at?”

“Your face. It’s so handsome, who hurt it?”

He must have bruised his cheek from the incident earlier that morning. He lightly grazed the injury and it stung, causing an inaudible groan.

“It’s none of your business! Why do you keep bothering me, you freak?!”

“I’m a freak?” She asked, though rather than angry or hurt, she sounded as if this wasn’t any news to her, “Fair enough. Remember, you can’t say ‘freak’ without 'free’.”

Eren was now utterly puzzled. The eating ceased with his mouth agape. Who was this odd stranger, and what was her agenda? He could not see what she could gain other than self satisfaction from her deed, but if she was still dealing with him at this point, it could not have been just that. Taking an apple within her own mouth, she gave him the bag and started walking away before he could properly protest.

“What a weirdo… What the hell does she mean by 'free’? Goddamn freak.”

He continued about his day, but somehow against his wishes, he ended up back at his house by nightfall. All of his fruit was eaten by now, but it satiated him enough throughout the day. The door hadn’t been fixed, though it wasn’t as if he expected it to be. He had the displeasure of finding his aunt in the living room, languidly swaying upon the couch, drowning in booze and television.

“Hey! You little shit, where were ya all day? And what the hell did you do to the door?!”

“If you bothered to have anything fixed around here, it wouldn’t be such a ghetto nightmare.”

“Don’t get smart with me, asshole. Get over here now!”

“No!” He started for the stairs, but her hollar froze him in his tracks. The boy started to turn to face her, but he was attacked again much like in the morning. Only this time, instead of striking him once, she continued to beat him, and only got more ballistic when he tried to cover himself.

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that!” She also kicked his shins, resulting in him on the floor, curling into a ball.

He dared not retaliate, though he was more than able to. Actually he spent so many hours outside, away, that he would just go around, often either running, or some form of exercise in order to stay as healthy as he could. For an eighteen year old he had a fairly respectable build. His muscular body gained multiple new contusions before his abuser passed out next to him. It took him a few good minutes, but he managed to get up and into his bedroom. He didn’t bother undressing, choosing to plop on the small bed that took up about half of his bedroom. Before laying down he grabbed a frame from his nightstand. The picture was of himself and his mother from over ten years ago. With it held to his heart, he silently cried himself to sleep again.

The next day was more eventful than the previous.  Like before he stumbled out of the house without breakfast and made for his friends. He took the usual route, but there seemed to be a festival going on at the moment, and it was large enough to be a few streets long. Eren disliked simply walking beside other people, let alone surfing through a crowd of them. Without vendors or signs, he had no idea what the festival was really about. In the center of the street, inside of a crowd circle, numerous people danced in truly odd fashions, and it seemed they were throwing paint at one another while doing so. He was going to allow them to continue and be on his way, but a bomb of green paint hit his face.

“What the hell-you?!”

“No way! It’s good to see you again!”

The girl that had given him the apples yesterday was standing beside him, coated with more paint than the Sistine chapel. Eren was incredibly angry, for this outfit was his last good one, and now it was ruined. He didn’t bother to hide it from her, either. His face was steaming and deeply frowning, but little did she notice, for she hugged him tightly. He squirmed out of it.

“Why did you hit me? Are you stupid!”

“That’s the whole point here! If you’re around and uncolored, we have to fix that.”

“Who’s "we”?“

"Us,” she gestured with a stretched arm panoramically, “the stringless. We’re not tied up to anything or anyone, so we have fun. And the only way to be without strings is to cut them, so some are free while others are tangled. For today, so long as no harm comes of it, we rent out the streets and do whatever our spirits tell us. Come on!”

She yanked him all the way to the center of the chaotic freestyle choreography. He tried to resist, but she was much stronger than she appeared. When she finally let his wrist go, she also let herself go, dancing to and fro, laughing as purple paint exploded from the top of her head. She grabbed Eren’s hands and gyrated him until he was in an unprompted rythym. His turquoise irises gleamed his uncomfortable state. They then flickered with a bit of anger when he was slapped with blue on the stomach.

“Here,” she handed him a filled balloon, “anybody here can get it. Who’s it gonna be?”

Her smile was masked by red paint. Eren, for a moment, looked a bit shocked and guilty. But then it melted into confusion when she started laughing and cheering.

“Now you’re getting it!”

Beside himself, Eren continued to dance until his legs grew weary. She was also tiring, so they opted to leave. When they reached a bench within a city park and sat, they realized just how much paint they were covered in. They laughed at how ridiculous they must have looked.

“You seemed to enjoy yourself today, grumpy.”

“I actually kinda did have fun. That was… Pretty new.”

He looked away awkwardly, not knowing what or how to converse with her. He only ever talked to Mikasa and Armin, and he knew them for over a decade, so there was little that every really needed to be said. But this girl was completely new. And completely different from what he was used to.

“Hey, I don’t remember your name.” He confessed.

“Oh, damn! How rude am I? I made you eat and dance with me without really introducing myself! I’m _______ _______.” She held out her hand and he shook it.

“Eren Jaeger.”

“Are you German?”

“Pretty much. My mom and dad always lived in the United States, but both of their parents were German immigrants.”

“That’s pretty cool. I don’t even have a clue what I am. My parents never really gave me a straight answer… Hey, I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying you. If you want me to leave you alone-”

“No, no, it’s okay. Actually, I should be apologizing. You’ve been nothing but nice to me and I’ve been nothing but a jerk in return. I guess I just lash out at people.”

“I figured it was displacement, that’s why I continued bothering you. What the hell has you so angry? Talking about it might help.”

He wasn’t about to spill his life story to this acquiantance. She was surely to either become disgusted or pity him like a helpless fool. Plus, what was complaining going to do, anyway? He was still going to go home to that wicked woman, likely get beaten again for something arbitrary, and go hungry. Over the years he adapted to the vicious lifestyle, but he still realized it was wrong, and outsiders would only judge him.

“It’s not what busted your face up, isn’t it?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just rude sometimes, I guess.”

“Well, honestly I don’t believe you, but it’s not my place to press you for anything.”

“Thank you.”

“May I offer some advice to you, Eren?” She stood and he nodded.

“If these strings holding you back don’t sever first, you’ll choke.”

She began walking away. Eren followed her and grabbed her shoulder.

“Hey, wait, are you busy today?”

“Not really, why?”

“Do you want to… I don’t know…”

“You want to waste each other’s time?”

“Uh… That’s one way to say it. But yeah, I guess. Want to?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

She stuck her arm out until they were arm in arm at the elbows. Even coated in paint, she wanted to be classy. The day consisted of walking, talking, flower picking (mostly her), star gazing, and a few meals her and there, courtesy of ________. Eren didn’t expect to have such a good time, or to ask her to do it again with him the next day. More surprising was this continued for almost a month.

He was home by the time she was passed out every night, and left in the morning before she awoke. Despite his new budding friendship, he didn’t forsake his other friends, but they were able to sense a remarkable change within him. His entire demeanor sent from that of an agitated wolverine to that of happiness and serenity, almost. He smiled and laughed much more in the past few weeks than he did with many years of friendship. Armin determined to himself and Mikasa that he met somebody and was courting her. Mikasa agreed with half of that, and interjected that though he may be infatuated with somebody, he wouldn’t be able to date her. At least without mentioning it to them first.

And yet another night was spent together. But this evening was different from their other meetings. Within an abandoned tower, beside an inactive bell, the two young adults sat, drinking. Eren admittedly stayed away from alcohol for the most part, but an adventurous side of him erupted and he decided to drink with her.

“Okay, let’s play truth or truth. It’s truth or dare, but this one is good for getting to know each other better.”

“Don’t we already know each other?” He hiccuped.

“We do, but there’s always more. You can start, just ask anything.”

“Okay… Why are you so goddamn weird? Okay, that sounded mean. Just… Why are you so… Free?”

“I told you, I’ve got no strings. I used to, obviously. My parents could count. They weren’t abusive or anything, but they certainly didn’t love me. They provided financially, but I can’t recall a single time they ever supported me, or said they loved me. So I left when I was sixteen, lived in my highschool while also working, and I just moved in to my new apartment. A nice one, too. Ever since I left, I was terribly happy. Not a thing that bothered me before did or does. I don’t care if they don’t miss me, because I don’t miss them.”

“Shit, _______. I had no idea it was like that.”

“It’s nowhere near a sob story. Okay, my turn.”

They both took big swigs before playing again.

“I remember you once said you lived with your aunt, but also talked about your parents before. Can I ask what happened?”

Eren was extraordinarily wasted, for no inhibitions even prevented him from telling the truth.

“They were crushed to death in our house after an earthquake. I didn’t see my dad, he was inside, but I find my mom many crushed under a beam. Me and my sister, or friend, I should say, tried to get it off, but our young bodies couldn’t do much.”

She sat next to him now, watching quiet tears stain his face. He continued on,

“My mother was the greatest. She was beautiful, fun, kind…. And so warm. I see her whenever I pass a mirror and I lose it. She was my absolute best friend. Hell, obviously she was the first woman I ever loved. I never said goodbye or got to prepare for it. Miss her so much every day, and it hurts so bad.”

He went to wipe his tears with his hand, but before he could, she took it in her own and kissed it, then wiped away his tears. She didn’t really know what to say, and felt even the nicest gesture would hurt his fragile state.

“It’s my turn.” He sniffled, “Why do you bother with me!”

“At the very first moments, I just wanted to see that you were fed. Then you looked at my with your eyes, and…. That was it. I don’t know what I felt or saw, but I knew I had to be around you. They told me a magnificent tale of which I remember nothing about. And I’m trying to find that story… Okay, me again… Eren, what are your strings?”

“Really, the strings again?”

“Yes! What’s holding you back?”

“Holding me back from what?”

“From being happy… From being free. Eren, I’ve spent many days with you, and though I’m eccentric, I’m not an idiot. I didn’t catch on at first, but I know what your aunt is doing to you. And it’s absolutely not okay. There’s no way you can live there and live a healthy life.”

“It’s not like I can exactly leave, I live there. And friends don’t want a couch bum.”

“You wouldn’t be a bum if you moved in with me.”

His eyes widened in shock, and he was sure his drunken state made him hallucinate for a second.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am. You can move in, get a job, actually eat decent meals. And… You’ll be both safe and free. You have to sever those strings.”

“________, I’d love to, but I just can’t-”

“And why not?!” She snapped, becoming an angry drunk.

“I just… I just can’t, okay?! I can’t up and leave like you did! It may have worked out for you, but we’re different people.”

“That’s absolute bullshit, Eren! I know you want to get out of there, and I’m giving you a chance!”

“It’s not that simple!”

“It is! Just go!”

“She can just stop me from leaving-”

“No she can’t! You’re an adult now, she has no power over your unless you give it to her!!”


Eren was sobbing hysterically, even worse than when his mother died. He was on the floor on his side, remembering everything he endured with vivid detail.

“No, no, no…. You didn’t just…” Tears burned her (e/c) eyes, “You didn’t just tell me that, Eren… You didn’t just tell me that… You didn’t just tell me that!!!” She cried as she held him.

Like any other given night, he cried himself to sleep, but in the morning woke up with a terrible headache. The bright sun was an unwelcome sight, very unmuch like _______ was. She held his head in her lap and gently combed her fingers through his hair, soothing the pain.

“What happened last night?”

“We got shitfaced, laughed, cried, then you passed out. I stayed up and dodged a hangover. In your drunken state you confessed your love for me.”

“Ah, shit, I didn’t mean to- hey, I did not! You’re just tricking me!”

“Fair enough, but do you like me?”

“No, not really.” He stuttered a bit and his ears reddened, and _______ noticed.

“I know his favorite food is pizza… Let’s see.”

“Eren, say you hate pizza.”

“Okay… I hate pizza.”

Again, red.

“Well, I now know how to tell when you’re lying, and you definitely do like me. Which is good, because I reciprocate your feelings, and then some-”

She was cut off by the sweet and unexpected sensation of Eren kissing her. Naturally she kissed back, but then pulled away.

“Eren, last night, I offered for you to move in with me, and it still stands, on one condition.”

She stood, her back facing him, “I know more about you than you realize. A lot more. And we both know what your strings are. If you can cut them for me, that will be the last pain you’ll ever have to endure.”

She left him there, and he was a bit dumbfounded. He knew he was hopelessly in love with her, even if they only knew each other for a month. They spent all day every day together, so it felt much longer. He sighed as he thought for a bit, until he realized what she meant and what he needed to do.

The only reasons he had to go back to his old house was to retrieve the picture of him and his mother, and to tell his aunt he was leaving, for he had nothing there. The first portion of his visit was easy; it was safe who made the second half horrible.

“What the fuck gives you the idea you can leave?! I own you!”

“You don’t! I’ve dealt with your shit for almost ten years! And it took me that long to realize I was better than what you made me out to be, that I deserved better!”

“Better, BETTER!” She was in his face. “What makes you think you’re so entitled?! You’re just a stupid, useless whore! MY WHORE! YOU ARE SO LOW THAT YOU ARE MY WHORE!”

She pounced on him, punching, kicking and biting all at once, specifically trying to damage his head. He felt himself falling in again. She continued hurting him, but he felt a familiar and unwelcome sensation below his waist, and heard his zipper. He snapped.

He can’t recall exactly what happened, but it ended with her unconscious, and him, for the most part, unscathed. Grabbing the picture he left the house, never to return. And it was remarkably different, just how he felt. He didn’t feel dread, disdain, or anger. The sun was friendly and the skies were magnificent. The children running around, playing, were beautiful. His smile was genuine.

Like he thought, the winds of fate blew ________ in his way, and he embraced her like he was a soldier finally coming home for that end of war kiss. She smiled, and find his eyes anew.

“Eren, you did it, didn’t you?!” She grabbed his collar, kissing him again.

“I’d cut my strings for you.” He smiled, “I know this will sound crazy, but I love you so fucking much. I want to move in with you, marry you, and impregnate you, I don’t care about the order, just as long as it’s all done as soon as possible.”

“I can get down with that.” She smiled, taking his hand to lead him to their apartment. He swept her off of her feet, opting to carry her ask the way. Again they kissed.

“I love you, ________. You saved me.”

“No, Eren, you saved yourself. You cut your strings for me.”

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So that Songbook podcast is the one where D first said B was his roommate back in Jan(?). Now we know it was done before Hedwig last year, in NYC, which had to be sometime in Sept. So D made that move like way before we heard it. Which makes me curious if D knew when it was going to air, or if he thought/hoped it'd air sooner than it did. Or if it was gonna be sooner but got held back. Or if it would've made any difference at all if did any earlier. Idk. Just made me wonder.

I had assumed when it was released (January 10)  that it was from December of last year but you are correct. When Darren talked about how he does not generally wear nail polish (yet he was wearing it at fake christmas, and all of the PR stans screamed he did his nails for the holiday, refusing to see the truth but I digress), he mentioned that he would be wearing nail polish again soon for Hedwig, which started back in October, so doing the math, you are likely correct and he recorded it back in September.  Likely post Elsie when his tolerance for that women was at an all time low after the excessive b-day festivities.

And if that is correct, it seems Darren had been quite eager for some time to point the arrow at Ben living in that house.  And I would venture to guess that he did not think the podcast would be held for so long.  But on timing, clearly I can only speculate.  But he was likely hopeful that it would air earlier so people would start questioning why a successful 29 year old actor, his 31 one year old gf with extremely wealthy parents, would invite a 3rd person into their home who also happens to be a successful musician and producer who can more than afford a place of his own. OR if he wanted a roommate, not move in with a couple as that is an incredibly awkward dynamic.

Because once again, prior to the podcast, the PR stans ignored the blatant signs including Ben having his arm wrapped around her at iHeart while Daren blissfully ignored them  or him posting pics from the master bedroom, wearing her coat and her commenting that he missed her (again how people see either of these acts as normal blows my mind).  

I would argue though that Darren tried to point him out even earlier than this.  Looking back, the first attempt I noticed was prior to her 30th b-day when this was posted by his friend, Alexander De Leon when they were in Italy:

This was posted the day before the 30th b-day party that appears to have been thrown by her actual bf Ben and that D did not attend. I did an earlier post about this (x).  Seems to me a pretty blatant attempt to draw attention to that party.

But back to the podcast.  The sad thing. The podcast totally shook the PR believers. They were scared and started questioning and we saw a ton of increased traffic here with people asking actual insightful questions and starting to doubt the PR narrative. Yet somehow, here we sit 8 months later, and they seemingly have forgotten it all. Even V Day when she was in LA entertaining her platonic roomie in her lingerie while D was filming in Vancouver. Forgotten.

So in answer to your question, would it have even mattered if it aired earlier? Probably not. 

So I guess my question is, what does D have to do for people to actually listen?  I really though the house crumbled when he told this story (and it should be pointed out that in context the story made no sense. Ben is not American and there is no reason to mention him in a podcast entitled American Songbook). But apparently his fans have very short term memory. And unfortunately, people believe what they want and until an official, overt, undeniable statement is made by D, they will continue to believe in the fantasy PR has handed them.

anonymous asked:

I enjoyed your rankings very much, would you mind doing one for their kindness and also for their fashion sense XD?

Thanks! Okay, sure! Though I think, for kindness especially, my answers will be entirely subjective, but I’ll give it a go! 

(Disclaimer: This got long, so if you read it all, then you get—nothing in return. 😂  But thanks for doing so!)

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mockingjays-daughter  asked:

Hey. First I love your writing. Second I have a prompt for you if u have the time. Idk if u prefer vague or not but the time team gets separated during a mission and it's in the middle of a battle(to be chosen by you) and Lucy ends up getting knocked out and when Wyatt finds her he panics thinking she's dead and starts crying and admits that he loves her and she can't leave him and she wakes up and they kiss once back at mason. This would be pre relationship/ start of relationship.

Anon said: Lucy get’s severly hurt in a mission and Wyatt blames himself and freaks out for it.

 Anon – this prompt came in soon thereafter yours did, and I figured they were so close that I could combine them. HOWEVER, as I was writing, I had a second idea, which was much more vague than this prompt called for, and so I think I’ll write another one for you that fits yours a bit more and this one much less. SO WATCH THIS SPACE.

mockingjays-daughter, you’re a legend and your praise gives me life and inspiration. and about the vague thing; i actually don’t really mind at all. the more specific you are the more likely i am to write something you had already pictured and want to see. if its vague i’ll just do what i want which might be very different to what you intended. so really its up to you! 

SO I feel like this point needs some explanation. I decided against a love confession in the battle, bc when I was writing it I was thinking that this would be set pretty soon after the season 1 finale, and in my personal opinion (that, while I understand others might not agree with, I unfortunately project into my writing), I just don’t think they’re in love yet. YET. I truly do think that’s where they’re heading, though, and I think Lucy is a little more in it than Wyatt.

I wrote the scene three or four times, and in the end I decided that a confession just didn’t fit in with the way I’d been writing them, my understanding of their feelings, and in the scene in general. I snuck it in a little bit at the end (which felt much more natural to me), so I hope that’s enough? I’m really sorry about it though, bc it was in the prompt and I probably should have just sucked it up and done it, but …

Also this is vaguely inspired by that snippet in the promo for the show. Enjoy!

high on the sunlit violence read on ao3! 

 Lucy keeps an eye on the clock the whole time they’re in the room. They’ve not been tied up, and the official word is that they’re not prisoners, but it sure feels like they are (and Wyatt says they won’t even know how fucked they truly are until its already too late).

They’d been found in the early hours of the morning, and put in the room they’re currently in at 4:37am. It’s now 6:52, and there’s less than an hour until the base is bombed.

Wyatt and Rufus know its today, but they don’t know that it will be so soon, and she can’t even warn them because there’s a mirror in this room and she’s seen enough T.V. to know she shouldn’t trust that no-ones listening. And maybe it’d save a lot of lives today, but the Allies can’t win the war without the U.S., so she’ll keep her mouth shut.

Her leg is bouncing and it simultaneously feels like time has slowed to passing like the syrup of honey, and like even with the Lifeboat she will never be able to stop time from getting to the point it will.

Rufus’s anxiety is feeding off of hers, until he seems almost more panicked than she does. Wyatt, somehow, is keeping calm, though that may be because he’s been in situations like this before (though never exactly like this before; Pearl Harbor becomes of the most famous surprise attacks in history, and with good reason).

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A Rather Clever Mouse (Darkiplier x Reader)

Originally posted by lum1natrix

This is the last chapter for this mini-series! I really hope you all have enjoyed reading it just as much as I have writing it, despite this final chapter being a tad late. Forgive me! But nonethess, the curtains open and you are still in the basement after a few days, a plan brewing in your mind… 

Part One Part Two 

Requests are open, but for only a little bit longer dearies!

Tags: @kourt-kay @twizzlersnizzler @bananakid42 if you want to be added to this list, message me :)

Warnings: Swearing



     Light. It was sparse, but you remembered anticipating each sunrise and sunset. The small window in the basement gifted you with some touch of nature, you could watch the tangerine rays shine into the room as the giant yellow orb would ascend or descend. Noon hardly granted you anything, just a faint ray, yet those marvelous times of day were one of the few things you had. Nonetheless, it was something he couldn’t control- and knowing that, well, you relished in that fact. One could look at is as a curse, how you would get a glimpse of the world outside of this dismal basement; you looked at is as motivation. The hope that one day you’d be able to feel the sun on your skin again with a heart as light as a feather, no worries nor chains holding you back. A freedom that you were determined to have once more.

     However, you knew it wouldn’t be easy- if anything, it would be the opposite. It would be quite difficult to gain that feeling you so desired, and while Mark would find your stubbornness amusing and irrational, you knew it would come in handy to achieve this goal.

     That beast would starve you. He’d make you go days without even a crumb of food, he did have some mercy and kept your supply of water fresh. For the first day or so, you strongly fought him on everything- you weren’t sure what it would achieve, but you didn’t want to comply so easily either. Only you realized that in doing so, he would make everything worse. He withheld food- and even water for a while- and would execute his own form of punishment, to say the least, he left the proof on your skin. Decorated with splotches of purple hues, your body still ached with even the smallest, simplest of movements. So instead, you begrudgingly complied if only to spare yourself of more pain. Yet, he kept trying to break your mind and to your dismay, you knew if you did get out of this, this experience would make an ugly stain in your mind- one that would haunt you and your dreams. That didn’t sway you though, you would need help, yes, but you would continue with your life.

     You wouldn’t let him ruin it. You weren’t only going to escape this Hell hole, you would thrive once you were out.

     The day was growing old, its youthful sun receded into the darkness of night. It shined a beautiful mural on the wall to your left, painted with a bold orange, it seemed to fill the room with hope and peace. Maybe that was why you loved this time of day so much, that even in horrendous conditions, it brought about such marvelous and pure feelings. And without a doubt, it motivated you beyond belief; you awaited the day that you would see the sunset in person again. A heavy breath left your lungs, one you didn’t know you were holding in, and you gathered all your courage. You had to try tonight. You just had to, you refused to spend another day here.

     The only thing you had to count the days, which- with today- added up to twelve, was the consistency of Dark’s visits. There was none the first day, except for that devious deception of his, but the following days he would visit you. It started off with one and gradually went up to three: one in the morning, another sometime in what you believe is the afternoon and the final one after the sunset. With this one coming to an end, you expected his visit to be soon. Until then, you had all the time you needed to come up with some sort of escape. Thankfully, he decided to remove your restrains. But unfortunately, he upped the security around the room. You would hear about four or five things unlock before he entered the basement, you may need luck to somehow get past that. There was hardly anything down here you could use, it was primarily empty aside from a few holiday decorations and props that Mark had used in some of his videos.

     If anything was holding you back, it was Mark. The possibility that he would return, find you left and practically made sure he wouldn’t be able to contact you, it made a guilty pang resonate in your heart. You loved him. He was everything you could ask for in a relationship, he was sweet, playful, loving, romantic, funny, charming, and everything else you loved about him. There was always a few little things you guys didn’t agree on but other than that, well, to say the least he always made you happy. That’s all that matters, right? And so, this whole incident left you with such contradicting emotions.

     You hated Dark. No matter what he would say to sway your mind, no matter how long he kept you here, no matter how many bruises he left on your skin, that would never change. He took away everything you had, even going so far as to take your freedom away from you. He took Mark from you, in fact, he probably believed he was ‘better’ for you than Mark- which couldn’t be further from the truth. You hated Dark, yet, you loved Mark. See the problem?

     That was why it was so hard to leave. You knew you had to though and you knew you wanted to; everything he took from you, you wanted back back. Sadly, you knew the one thing you desired most, was the one thing you wouldn’t be able to have. You’d have your freedom, you’d have your life back, but you wouldn’t have Mark. You knew you had to accept that though, if Mark does beat the beast, you hoped that someway somehow you two would find each other again.

     Until you reached that point however, you needed a plan.

     It took you a while to figure out a plan that would give you a fair chance. While you wished you would be able to escape while he would be sleeping, the locks on the door were simply impossible without grabbing his keys. If you were sly enough, you would try to pickpocket him and snatch the keys. However, you are not that sly. So, that option was out. You could try to break the window, but looking over the window again, you realized it would be a tad too small for you to crawl out of. Ergo, you soon realized that option was out as well. What was left? Possibly the last and most daring option you could think of. The idea was to somehow knock Dark out, grab the keys and leave. If your prediction would prove true, then Mark’s car keys would be in his drawer. And from your latest experience of running away from him, you thought driving would be far more efficient

     That would be your plan, though you’d have to search for something heavy enough to knock him out with quickly, and by default, giving you more time to escape. You scavenged the basement and gathered the courage and strength you needed for this plan.

     It was late, the sun had receded into the distance as the blue night began its own painting in the sky; your little window of hope- that was both figurative and literal- hardly gifted you any light at this time. The moon’s young light sufficed, however; maybe this little light would prove to be beneficial in your plan.

     The creaking of the down knob sent chills down your spine and adrenaline through your bloodstream. You were terrified, but you were ready. You sat against a box holding miscellaneous holiday decorations, your weapon behind your back. Awaiting his entrance, you took a deep breath.  

     He descended down the stairs, the whites of his eyes contrasting against the darkness- that ever present devious glint in those dark brown orbs stared into your own. Confidence radiated off him, if it were light, then the room would be way more illuminated than you’ve ever seen- it would be blinding. He loosened his tie as his feet carried him over to you, Dark stood above you with his usual smirk plastered on his expression- soon enough, you would knock that mocking smirk off his face. A hand reached down to your sitting form and took your chin in his hand, forcing you to look up at him. “Sorry I’m late, sweetheart. Had some… business to take care of, loose ends you know?”

     You didn’t know. Nor did you want to. You averted your eyes, but didn’t pull away. Instead, you needed him to get closer to quickly execute your plan, “Mar- Dark, I think I may be getting sick. I haven’t been well since you last left… I’m not really sure why either. I almost got sick and I just-”

     “What?” He had let you go. His voice, much to your surprise, wasn’t harsh. It was gruff and a bit aggressive, possibly by default, but it was primarily laced with confusion. A lingering thought did enter his mind though, you were behaving better and maybe the basement conditions weren’t the safest or cleanest place to keep you. Albeit, that was part of the point, wasn’t it?

     “Well, I was just wondering, do you think you could maybe grab me a pill-”

     “No,” He wasn’t sure why, but he still felt too suspicious of you to give you anything of that sort just yet.

     “Or, could  you maybe check to see if I have a fever?” Your sweet hues looked up into his, pleading, and while you couldn’t see his expression crack, he ended up kneeling down in front of you. He raised his hand and set it, oddly gently, onto your forehead. He allowed it to linger, as if he was trying to figure it out himself. You watched him do so, eyes followed his own.

     “You don’t seem to have one,” He concluded as his gaze met your own.

    Despite the pit in your stomach that grew at the idea, you had the thought to bring him just a little closer by most mischievous means. “Your eyes…. They’ve grown darker, haven’t they? It’s rather… well, intriguing.”

     His brows furrowed, what were you planning? “I suppose,” His eyes searched your own for any ill will but found none and instead, he found a longing gaze that brought about temptation in his mind. Temptation that quite frankly, he liked the idea of. His hand shifted from your forehead to your cheek, thumb tracing circles into your skin.

     Despite your rouse being a faux sickness, it was slowly becoming true as this plan was turning down a path you never thought it would. But, you would play it to the best of your abilities. Lips parted slightly as your gaze shifted between his eyes and lips, deliberately planting a growing seed in his mind. In a dangerously sweet voice, you mumbled, “Dark.., I, uh…”

     He merely nods and began to lean in closer.

     Your heart was racing, it felt like lightening was surging under your skin.

     Gazes were locked, your grip tightened.

     His eyes shut.

     And that was his mistake. In a swift movement, the Santa statue made contact with his head. He collapsed, his body fell heavy onto yours and your sat frozen, almost waiting to see if he would move and choke the life out of your for such a stunt.

     Yet, there was nothing.

     In that moment, you began to feel almost everything at once. You were free. Any ounce of pain that previously held in its grip was relieved by the adrenaline pulsing through you. You stood up and pushed his body off of yours before kneeling down and reaching into his pockets. The first two pockets of his came up with nothing, the third gave you the glorious keys your were hoping for. You were elated! You really won the war and as soon as you get into that car, the tires will go up in flames with how fast you’re going to drive away from this Hell. How fast you’re going to drive away from this demon that took over your dear and lovely Mark. And he wouldn’t be able to find you, you’d make sure of that.

     Although, you knew you just had to check in case he was messing with you. Hesitantly, you reached down to feel for his pulse. He was still alive. Good, if Dark wakes up, he’ll probably be pissed and seek you out; you almost laughed at that idea. But if he wakes up and Mark is back, then you’ll find him. You may be lost in the wind once you leave this house but Mark, Mark would stay here. It was a lovely situation for you to be in, you were on top for once. And you weren’t going to blow it.

     Quickly, you raced out, unlocked the plentiful locks that decorated the door and ran over to the counter. You searched the drawers and soon found your desired prize; the car keys. Your feet led you to the front door, you tossed the keys that took away your freedom off into the distance; where he hopefully wouldn’t find them. You pulled out the saving grace and unlocked the car, jumped in, and put the petal to the metal. And just like that, you were gone.

     You were gone. You were free. This nirvana came over you and you found yourself unable to stop laughing or smiling, it worked! It actually worked! You had your doubts, Hell, you thought you may hit him and he wouldn’t even be hurt, but no, no, you did it! You escaped!

    You weren’t sure how long you had been driving but you saw the sun rising over the distance and you had to stop. You pulled over and got out, the sun graced the sky with the all familiar orange, this time though, you felt the soothing rays on your skin. You let out a breath you never realized you were keeping in, your body relaxed and so did your mind. Soon, a soft smile spread across your lips, “I told you I would escape.” Your eyes shut as the feeling of relief flooded over you. The birds sang and a gentle breeze would come every now and again. You could hear the cars in the distance and chuckled to yourself as your orbs opened once more. But now, they had a fierce glimmer to them, “You wanted your game of cat and mouse, Dark? You have it. Try and find me now, you son of a bitch!” Your determined declaration was shouted out into the city and to the desert, with one final look, you hopped into the front seat, blasted the radio and you were back on the road. If he was still going to try and find you, you wished him luck. Because it was not going to be easy- especially without his car.

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i'm starting to think that the hales actually have a soft spot for stiles. like in season 1, peter had /so/ many chances of killing him but he didn't. cora, with all her snark, still liked stiles. jackson, despite his douchebaggery, i think cared for him too. and derek, well, derek is definitely in love with stiles. i can't help but think that if laura were alive, she would have liked him a lot too.

Hey anon, so I had to start this reply over three or four times because the idea of this sort of settles… uncomfortably for me? Just… if the whole Hale family instinctively loves Stiles or are drawn to him somehow, does that make what Stiles and Derek have somehow… less? Like, Derek just loves Stiles because all the Hales do, not because they’re so good for each other?

So that’s my immediate concern with this line of thought. (It also sounds like a plot point in an amazing Sterek fic though tbh –– with Stiles wondering this exact question, wondering it Derek’s feelings for him are real.)

Because –– let me backtrack on this theory a little bit –– what if the reason the Hales feel this sort of immediate affinity toward Stiles is because he was always meant to be the next Hale Alpha? It’s down in their bones, this intangible thing: that Stiles is trustworthy. That he’s meant for them in some way.


Now, like I said, I don’t honestly know how I feel about this theory. It hits close to ship squicky areas for one thing, and I think it threatens to take away from everything Sterek’s relationship is and the slow earned trust between them. (But if a fic really explored that, how Derek’s trust and love of Stiles is so much more than pack instinct, it could also be really beautiful.)

I’ve also theorized elsewhere that Peter sees himself in Stiles (a younger, less tainted him) and that’s the reason for his early interest. And Cora… well, the behind the scenes reason for their shared time pretty much explains that. I do think Laura and Stiles would get along really well though, because I tend to imagine they’d have a lot in common, personality-wise, and would immediately recognize each other as someone who loves Derek deeply and would fight the world to look after him.

Technology-impaired MC

Sorry, it’s been a little while since I posted anything. My original goal was to post at least three things a week, and now I have officially moved more than halfway across the country so I will have much more time from here on out (now that I am mostly unpacked). I was in some serious need for humor since I’m in the process of getting everyone’s bad ends and right now being mean to Seven is bringing me pain. Now that I’ve successfully rambled y’all’s ears off…here’s RFA + V/Saeran’s reaction to a technologically incompetent MC.

Requests are open.~


  • thinks it’s cute
  • not that he’s a tech genius himself
  • when he first found out he had to pause for a moment and just…look at you
  • “Did you just ask me…how to tripter??
  • you’re blushing
  • “I don’t know how it works but I want to see your tripter bot selfies
  • omg so cute
  • he’s muffling laughter as he shows you how to set up an account
  • “You know I can send you all those selfies myself…”
  • can’t resist laughing when you mumble something about not knowing how to save pictures on your phone


  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about technology - especially computers
  • LOLOL helps with that
  • so when you ask him how to connect your laptop to the internet
  • he’s rattling off the wifi name and password and not even thinking about it
  • “Uhm…I meant…in general…”
  • what
  • “MC you don’t know how to get internet on your computer???”
  • how have you survived??
  • he suddenly feels Very Manly™ being able to teach you something
  • “Don’t worry, Superman Yoosung to the rescue!”


  • her job requires her to understand technology
  • especially since Mr. Han doesn’t
  • but she’s not really fazed
  • you asked her while blushing to help you figure out how to turn the coffee machine on
  • there was literally no sarcasm in her voice as she showed you
  • it’s literally just a button that says on/off how did she not tease you
  • honestly she finds it kind of endearing
  • you are never nervous to ask her for help again no matter how ridiculous it seemed
  • though mostly Jaehee made sure to handle most technology-related tasks from now on
  • for which you are super grateful


  • same
  • just…same
  • this boy had to have a freaking engineer help him replace his SIM card
  • and doesn’t know how to use a vending machine
  • so there is no judgment
  • …however, there’s also no asking him for help
  • the poor engineer is basically on call at this point
  • Jaehee has to help you both poor overworked girl she does not deserve this tbh
  • RFA enjoys teasing you both
  • you two don’t mind though you can’t be good at everything


  • he finds it absolutely adorable
  • teases you all the time about it
  • purposely asks you to do things he knows you have no idea how to do
  • you’re stubborn and insist you can figure it out you never do
  • and then he “rescues” you
  • at least he’s tech genius enough for the both of you
  • you do like to try to learn from him
  • but somehow it never sticks
  • “Honestly I’m surprised you manage to use the messenger with no problem” ofc he’s smirking as he says this
  • “Well, to be fair, I’ve never figured out how to update my status on there…” oh that explains so much


  • he used to be fairly technologically competent
  • but his impaired vision kind of mitigates that now
  • he finds it cute when you ask him how to do really simple things though
  • like how to use Netflix or upload pictures on a computer
  • “You are adorable, did you know that?”
  • but it’s never said with condescension
  • he’s always willing to help and even writes down instructions so you can use things when he’s not there to help
  • not that you can read them omg his handwriting is so bad
  • “Uhm…if I type these up…will you show me how to print them?”
  • he has to read them to you as you type and walks you through the process it’s so cute


  • shocked tbh
  • there are still people who don’t understand technology?
  • well…he didn’t learn until get out from under his mother’s thumb so he guesses it makes sense
  • he’s always torn between annoyance and amusement when you ask for help
  • he usually settles on amusement
  • defends you when Saeyoung teases you even though he’s thinking the same thing tbh
  • tries to teach you the basics so you can handle things on your own
  • gives up fairly quickly
  • can’t believe how quickly the information seems to leak out of your brain
  • loves feeling like the hero for once tho tbh
(Translation) Relacion Dulce vol 1

relación dulce vol.1 お酒のチカラで知るカレの新たな一面 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Takahiro Mizushima

Get this CD from Amazon

Summary: Yuma Fukawasa is your boyfriend, but you’re keeping it a secret from everyone. One day, you and your colleagues/friends go drinking and one of the guys flirt with you, which leads to your boyfriend getting jealous. After another drinking session, he finally expresses his worries in a drunken state, which leads to arguing.

T/N: Masochists for the win.

This is one of my fave CDs. He’s also slightly tsundere-ish (in an adorable way) which is a plus.

I am not fluent in Japanese, so as usual, lots of liberties are taken and thus this is probably not an accurate translation. It’s more like a long summary. Parts that I’m not sure of are marked by (?). Do tell me if I’ve got any mistakes, though.

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anonymous asked:

Who's taller Keith or lance + cute height head canons please??

Okay so I”m pretty sure Lance is taller than Keith… 

(yeah, slightly). Alright cool.. Warning my headcanons are usually very sporadic and centered around a single event. I don’t think I’ve ever done them around like… a prompt? (also have never been in a relationship so uh…) so sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, anon. Did my best!

  • Lance is very prideful about the fact that he’s taller than Keith. It’s the one thing that Lance is “better at” than Keith. that attitude probably comes from his attempted rivalry at the garrison, constantly being compared/being told everyone should be like keith, etc.
    • so when Keith has to look up/lean up/tiptoe to kiss lance, lance always smiles because yes i’m taller and also ohmygod keith looks adorable doing that
    • sometimes keith notices and loves it because damn lance’s smile —> will probably end up kissing lance’s jawline, smiling as well
  • I saw this one post about Keith’s hips being higher than lances, so longer legs.. which means when he sits down, his legs kinda awkwardly do the thing where they don’t… fit (? Sorry I don’t know what I’m talking about –> I’m short and have short legs lol)
  • Keith likes to walk up behind lance and hug him and rest his head on lance’s shoulder. perfect spot for cuddling, neck kissing
    • Also once they’re comfortable with their relationship, they probably sit like this everywhere… (although when they’re sitting, lance probably has his chin on keith’s shoulder instead?)
  • keith’s hands are the perfect length to rest at lance’s hips
  • slow dancing
  • Lance’s arms just wrap around keith and it’s very comforting. they hug a lot. keith will bury his face in lance’s neck/shoulder, lance has his arms around keith and probably resting his head against keith’s
  • keith might have a habit of sitting on counters and tables and stuff… when that happens, lance probably teases his about his height (despite the fact that they’re pretty close together in height) before pecking him on the lips
  • if Keith is annoyed with lance (kinda often, not seriously though), he does the pointing finger in the chest thing (I don’t know how to describe it). all the other paladins find it pretty amusing.
  • lance leans over keith a lot… ends up with them lying down together somehow, you know? But like on the couch or leaning against the counter or whatever.. lance just likes to lean forward over keith. they end up rested against whatever

S U M M A R Y : “ Just tell me… Say anything. Anything hurts less than the quiet. Just tell me… Say anything… ” A relationship with silences which causes Dean to question it 

G E N R E : Angst 

Originally posted by jongdabae

The night had been lively for you and your boyfriend, Kwon Hyuk also known as the R&B singer Dean in the world of music.

Dean had taken you out for a lovely dinner where, he had even went all out to buy almost everything you liked and to take you to your favorite restaurant that the two of you went to when being together for a year

Funny thing is, tonight wasn’t the anniversary for you two being together for 4 years now.. No no, Dean only planned this event because he thought it would break through to you, someway or somehow. To be honest, everyone could see that you and Dean were having rocky situations that only became worst by the moment, causing distances to form between the two of you but in Dean’s point of view he had wanted to close that gap… The gap of distance and hold you in his arms like the good times.

“So Y/N…. How does the food taste? I made sure the chief made it perfectly for you.” Dean spoke excitedly, though his eyes said different from his tone - betraying him to sum it up, “Hmmm….”

Only a hum… A hum. It’s a hum so I can get her talking soon, right?” Dean thought to himself, feeling as if cracked you a little but he had been way far from doing so in reality terms

“You look amazing tonight.” He flashes his smile at you - in hopes you would smile and say ‘thank you’ but nothing… The whole night had only been Dean talking to himself.

Traveling back home was indeed tense, the atmosphere causing Dean to feel his spine tingle as well with his stomach turning in ways he hadn’t felt before - or at least never with you like the way it felt now. “You can’t let this go on forever.. It’s been months and shouldn’t go on forever, right? So try again.” The voice in his head tries encouraging the black haired boy who had been gripping and un-gripping the wheel of car - knuckles turning white as snow each time he tried to think of something to say, something to actually make you reply instead of giving the same facial expression that read; Just stop talking.

Dean had to be honest… Each time he looked at you, he questioned whether or not you had turned off you emotions - becoming an empty human shell with nothing but an cold heart who could careless about his kind one that loved everything about you. No matter what he did, you gave him those cold, doll like eyes that showed you had nothing to offer in return.

Were you broken or was he the one that had been broken for worrying about you, over thinking this maybe? No… You were the broken one. At the end, Dean hadn’t spoken a word in fear a fight could happen within the car - though of course it wouldn’t - and cause a car accident. 

When returning home, Dean had flicked on the lights while walking deeper into the shared apartment that held good memories and bad ones as well.

You walk inside as well, closing the door and slipping off the coat Dean had brought you. Placing the coat inside the closet containing other coats, shoes and a few traveling bags that weren’t able to fit in bedroom closet

The sounds of your heels click through the whole apartment as for Dean was busy pouring him a drink to calm whatever nerves that been gathering together in his body. 1 drink, 2 drinks, 3 drinks and more could have been his goal for tonight but once his eyes found your beautiful shape figure - he had wanted to touch you, to feel your skin against his hot skin but at last it was always the distance from letting him - making him actually wanting to work this out before deciding anything he would regret 

“Y/N, can we please talk.” He asked softly while you grabbed a wine glass and had soon began to head for the large rack of wines placed neatly by years 

“Y/N… Please. I think we should talk for once. This whole game of not talking has gone way too far. Our friends are getting worried about this whole relationship nowadays.” Dean admitted, “Do you hear me?” His hand waves into your sight of view

Still nothing… 

Dean didn’t know what to do. Keep the relationship and pretend your secrets didn’t affect him or he could walk out just to make you realize that you are giving up something that no one else would give you like him but deep down he knew if he left, Dean would only feel like he had made a choice that he would forever look back in and regret because he cared that much for you and had been willing to try anything to get you back to when you both fell in love with each other

Silences roams the atmosphere, causing such an unpleasant vibe to surface… 

Say something Kwon Hyuk! Tell her how you feel!” That inner voice comes back. Standing, his mouth had opened and closed like a fish until he finally just gave in - to stop trying to come off as gentle with his words and hide his true emotions.

“How long are you going to keep this up? Does is amuse you or something… Because I’m tired of this, tired of the secrets you keep,” He spoke aloud “Is this relationship some joke to you?” 

All these questions were thrown to you but you only lifted up the large glass of wine and placed it against your lips, ravishing the favor while glancing at Dean once or twice.

A large, dragged out sign had left Dean… “What should I say? What should I say?” He thought to himself “Stop trying to be kind! You are still trying to not hurt her with your words!! She barely has feelings so you might as well tell her everything without sugarcoating it! ” There went that inner voice in his head again

“Y/N… We have this time and space between us for some revelation and you don’t care to discuss it, do you?” 

Dean had basically called you, mostly implying that you have been keeping secrets which is probably why the relationship is becoming weaken, “I have noting to discuss with you..” You snapped, feeling as if he had overstepped his place with you. His eyes becomes smaller, mostly glaring at you before shaking his head.

Dean would admit, he had been thinking that you’ve been unfaithful but just wouldn’t come clean due to the fear of something or maybe you just didn’t want to say at all… To keep Dean guessing.

“I would rather be black and blue than know you are withdrawing from this relationship.” Those words had caused you to think, to think really hard and at the fact you’ve already withdrawn way before he even knew that this relationship of ‘love’ was heading deep down into the ground

“You pick physical pain over mental? Is that what I’m understanding?” You spoke once more before placing the wine near your lips and drinking slowly. Placing the glass down, before you could speak, Dean had beat you to it;

“Y/N just tell me. Say something, anything, because right now I can’t stand this this! I can’t stand not knowing how you feel anymore, not knowing if I’m the whole cause of you being like this.” Dean’s voice rose in anger or maybe it was sadness but whatever it was that made him talk louder than ever was something you couldn’t just push away or change the topic with so easily like you would normally do

As you hadn’t said a word, Dean couldn’t help but realize that being told that the relationship isn’t working out from you would hurt less than just being left uncertain. 

Always going back and forth to try and assume that you keeping secrets were for the better cause or maybe not, no one knows anymore. The relationship was a broken mess that neither Dean or you could handle anymore to be complete real about it

All he wanted was an answer…. Just one simple answer but you choose to remain silent, to not give Dean the pleasure of knowing the sins you’ve done when he was away. It would make matters worst, you assumed, it would only cause him more pain but hadn’t your actions now cause him pain already?

To you, no. It had zero pain to give him because keeping secrets away from him was for the better but to Dean…. Oh Dean had saw it as something like a life or death choice, You just kept playing with emotions over and over again. It was never amusing, you think, its always for the better to secrets from the ones you love - something you once heard from TV but hiding secrets from loved one only jacked up shit which made everything come crumbling down withing minutes. Hell! It was more like seconds if you really thought about the whole things without being stubborn and think TV words were actually the truth

“Doesn’t it weight you down?”

“And what would weight me down? I simply know nothing of what you speak of?” A classy tone is what you had given him, almost making it sound like you weren’t taking this whole thing serious which let’s be truthfully.. You weren’t really taking any of this whole thing serious.

It would only be something small. Nothing to really worry about since Dean had always came crawling back, wanting to be with you though you never exposed the words he had wanted to hear. Whether you told or not, you could tell Dean would do almost anything to keep you.

No other person could receive that same love Dean had given to you

“Stop acting like you don’t know…” Dean’s voice had become more stronger, more clear and demanding of your actions but before you could say anything smart back;

“Y/N I -”

A/N : This probably is short and I’m sorry but I plan to add more details to part 2 instead due to the fact I want to make this series better than my jjk series 2 part. I hope you enjoy and follow the series of The Quiet. Thank you <3