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Stuff My Mom Has Told Me During Hamilton (Act 2)
  • What'd I Miss: "Where'd his accent go?"
  • "That's Thomas Jefferson mom."
  • "No that's Lafayette."
  • "Same actor. Different character."
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "Why can't the debates be like this?"
  • Take A Break: "....where the fuck is Peggy?!"
  • Say No To This: "That God damn note what in the shit?!"
  • The Room Where It Happens: "So is Burr like, the person who tries too hard to be cool? Also there was three so what does he mean he arranged the seating?"
  • Schuyler Defeated: "Why do half these songs start the same?"
  • Cabinet Battle #2: "Fourth wall break!"
  • "What?"
  • "They mentioned Lafeyette! Fourth wall break!"
  • "Mom, same actor, different character. Lafayette and Thomas knew each other."
  • "Not important."
  • Washington On Your Side: "I've never been so ready to drop kick someone."
  • *Casually scoots away*
  • One Last Time: "Alex has such daddy issues..."
  • I Know Him: "I had actually forgotten about the King..."
  • "How?"
  • "I don't know! I thought he died!"
  • The Adams Administration: "This song is so short."
  • "It's not the full bit."
  • "What?"
  • *plays full one*
  • "Alex has a lot of anger issues."
  • We Know: "Wait - why do Jefferson and Alex hate each other so much? Is that sexual tension?"
  • "Mom..."
  • Hurricane: "You know I was in a hurricane once..."
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "Wait why do the three sound shocked? They already knew! They read it as if they hadn't!"
  • Burn: "Hello tears I forgot about you..."
  • Blow Us All Away: "I forgot they had kids...wait wasn't he just nine?"
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): "My God...you ever try and take a gun to fight someone and I may just kill you."
  • "That is /not/ the point of this song."
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *she just refuses to stop hugging me*
  • "Mom...please..."
  • "Shhh let me show my love..."
  • "Mom your tears are in my hair!"
  • The Election Of 1800: "What the shit?! Stop having depressing songs then a fun one!"
  • "Please let go of me..."
  • Your Obedient Servant: "This is so passive aggressive..."
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: "This sounds so cute but...it's so sad?"
  • "Have you learned nothing throughout this?"
  • "...I want to hate it. I can't."
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "He...does know when people get older they need glasses right? Glasses don't mean murder. Otherwise you and your four eyes would be killing every day!"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: "That's Washington! I recognize that voice! It's so deep and sexy!"
  • "Mom this is an emotional song."
  • "I know! That voice deserves more action!"
  • "Mom..."
shades of wrong

Summary: In which you’re sure you’ll hate Park Jimin with every fiber of your being for the rest of your existence, even after he is assigned your tutor for History of Magic.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU 
Word Count: 17,321
Author’s Note: This got insanely long, and I apologize but also not really. Inspired by @jeonbegins + her really dope HP Slytherin Jimin AU edit. I also had a little conversation with @minsvga about this and she helped me figured out the basic idea for what this story has become; and @chokemejimin has asked to be tagged in my HP work so here you go my dear!!!


No matter how hard you try, it seems as if you are always bested by Park Jimin in every aspect of life: from Quidditch to school to class popularity.

And you absolutely despise him for it.

Granted, it’s probably because he’s always simply excelled in everything while you could only manage the minimum requirement for things outside of the sport you’ve grown to be so passionate about—but that’s only deepened your dislike for the boy. It’s been like this since the pair of you were children, a rivalry already planted between you even before you knew what the term meant. Truthfully, it was pretty much written in the stars that you would develop some deep-rooted grudge against Jimin, for he was organized into Slytherin while you were put in the fiery red and gold of Gryffindor.

Beyond the clashing Houses that have officially formed your backgrounds, it doesn’t help that the boy has seemed to uphold a particular interest in doing whatever he could to see you fidget or watch you squirm or just catch you at your worst moments—although you humor yourself on the idea that these unfortunate incidents occur to you because of Park Jimin’s constant hovering. It’s a habit that’s grown since the first week of your admission into Hogwarts, in which your big mouth scored you your first detention with the infamous Professor Snape.

It’s a moment that marks the beginning of an unspoken battle between the pair of you—in which you would constantly attempt to prove yourself better than Park Jimin and Park Jimin doing everything he could to make sure you could never have that victory. During the first two years of school, this would mean beating you on every exam, knowing the answers to every question and teasing you for not knowing. Professors putting Jimin on a pedestal, marking him up as the ‘ideal student’ and unknowingly intensifying the dagger of hatred you wished to plunge deeper and deeper into his chest.

When you are twelve, you are told that there is certainly no way for you to truly despise of something (or someone)—for you are young and naive and not entirely capable to understand what it means to hate something with every fiber of your being.

But they’re wrong.

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BTS if they had a daughter


He would be a very loving father. If he had a daughter he would spoil her and buy her a lot of pink outfits and toys.He will also make sure she eats well. As she gets older he might be a little over protective with her and will try to be with her every second of the day. He will be the type of dad to tell embarrassing jokes in front of her friends on purpose. His daughter will be very girly and sweet she might develop Jin’s eating habits.


I think he will be a little awkward if he ever had a daughter. He was always bad with girls so it might be a challenge for him. I see his daughter most likely ending up being a tomboy and being into sports as she gets older due to Jungkook’s influence on her. She will most likely try to pick on Jimin’s kid if he has one.


Jimin will love his baby girl to the moon and back. He might be awkward at first but as soon as he holds her he is attached. When she gets old enough he will teach her how to dance. I see his daughter being a ballerina at first but she might want to try something new and go into hip-hop


I honestly pray for this child. Namjoon will be a very clumsy dad but he will do any and everything to protect his little girl. As a baby she will laugh at how clumsy he is but as she gets older she might develop his clumsy habits. Namjoon will most likely teach her about rap music and she might become a rapper herself as well as having Namjoon’s IQ.


Hobi will spoil his daughter to death. He will always try to make her laugh every second of the day. He will hate to see his little princess sad. As she gets older she will develop his spirit and desire to make others laugh. She will be an excellent dancer as well as being hyper just like him.


Yoongi will most likely try to make his daughter sleep most of the day if she already doesn’t do that. He will be the laid back type of dad as long as she wasn’t making too much noise everything is fine. He will have a hard time trying to express his love but deep down inside he loves his little girl more than anything. She will most likely have his lazy nature as well as being a musician and might secretly become a rapper without him knowing.


OMG!! If Tae had a daughter he will be so clingy towards her and wouldn’t want to let her go. He will always make her laugh with anything that he does. As she gets older she will be loving and clingy just like Tae she might want to be a dancer rather than a singer.


Ewan McGregor for Rhapsody Magazine (May 2016) by Jason Bell

“We were always professional friends anyway, Danny [Boyle] and I. We didn’t hang out together outside the work we made—I think Danny’s a very private man, and I don’t think that’s so unusual with actors and directors. But I’ve missed him and the way he runs the set. He’s certainly gotten some of the best work out of me that I’ve ever done. It’s been a sort of wasted time. I’ve always considered it a shame.”

So how come nobody seems to talk about how in FusionFall, Dexter transferred his computer into a curvy, android body with wide hips just as he was getting older in-game lore.

I mean look at this.

Why does no one bring this up?

Batboys With a Tall S/O

Request from anon: Wow could I have headcanons of the boys with a tall so…..I’m like taller then all of them (6'1 ish, or so)
I’m 5/11 so could you please do headcanons for the bat boys with a tall S/O as well

AN: I don’t know the struggles of being tall so if this is inaccurate me please correct me.  Also thanks to anons and @bon-travail98 for helping


  • We can all agree that Jaybird is mostly the tallest batboy
  • He doesn’t really think its a problem that you’re tall.  He kinda thinks it’s cute
  • Even if you’re tall Jason still feels the need to protect you
  • Kisses are cute between you two
  • He lifts you up even though you’re basically the same height
  • Sometimes you get looks for already being so tall and it makes you self conscious
  • If Jason hears that someone is making comments about you height they better be ready to catch those hands
  • One time someone said “Wow you’re tall for a girl.”
  • You bet Jason did something
  • His name is, Jason Catch These Hands Todd
  • He’s just always makes sure that people don’t talk about you cause he thinks you’re the living embodiment of a goddess and everyone should see it too
  • This boy will worship you and your height
  • Like you feeling insecure, oh there goes Dick worshipping you and explaining why he loves it
  • Someone asks about you being tall, there’s Dick defending you and making you feel better
  • You don’t wear heels so you’re not taller than him
  • He doesn’t understand why it matters that you’re taller
  • So then he goes out and buys you heels even if he knows you wouldn’t wear them
  • He just wants you to be confident
  • Plus it wouldn’t bother him if you were taller
  • But like the cuddling is real
  • Sometimes you two flip the roles of big/small spoon
  • It really just matters on who’s feeling what
  • You’re either taller than him or about the same height
  • It’s not just you who’s insecure in the relationship
  • Tim’s one of the “shortest” out of the batboys.  And his S/O is taller
  • So when he feels insecure you always cuddle and wrap yourself around him
  • Mostly that makes him feel better
  • You’re the person who’s always getting stuff out of the top shelf
  • Poor Timmers is an armrest.  Not that he minds
  • Cuddling involves you being the big spoon most of the time
  • Sometimes you pick him up to mock him.  He’s fine with it
  • Did I mention that you’re the big spoon?
  • Oh man Damian.  My smol child
  • People really got on you for dating him
  • Even your friends said that he was too short
  • To you, the difference is something that REALLY makes you insecure
  • Damian being Damian, he never really noticed how tall you were until someone pointed it out
  • And then it made you feel bad
  • Which made Damian fight them
  • He kinda thought you were his height?
  • He insists on being the big spoon and you let him
  • But man oh man does he get taller
  • When you’re older you don’t feel as bad about your height
  • Then you’re like the same height
  • He’s still the big spoon though

Reasons I think Fablehaven is a grossly underappreciated series

I’ve been a huge fan of this series ever since my parents bought me the books about 8 years ago or so, but sadly, in the light of the final novels for the Harry Potter series making their debut, other fantasy novels were lost to the wind in the tidal wave of fame HP received. So I’m just going to make a big appreciation post for one of the greatest novel series of all time (in my opinion - and I’m going to keep it as spoiler free as possible). If you read this series, or heard of it, you might understand what I talk about, and you are now my friend.

Here’s a list of things that, as a writer, I appreciate:

  • The story context. The idea of a preserve for magical creatures is just baller, okay? Tell me that doesn’t sound epic.
  • The protagonists. Not only are there two main protagonists, who share the attention of the plotline equally, but they are also SIBLINGS. The brother, Seth, is a bit of a troublemaker, and is the catalyst for a lot of crazy interactions (though he rarely takes things too far if he can help it). He’s got high levels of sass, and his lines are some of the best I’ve ever seen in writing. He’s enjoyable, but also knows when it’s time to cut the crap. Since he’s rarely serious, that makes the impact all the greater when he DOES get his act together. Kendra, the older sister by one year, is a stickler for keeping to the rules, but will often cave in and follow her brother around at the promise of a little fun, even though most of the time she’s making sure he just doesn’t hurt himself. While more sensitive than her brother in some cases, she’s often the stronger of the two, in that she gets. Sh*t. DONE. It is so rare for me to find novels and written works that have protagonists who are also close siblings and maintain their relationship as brother and sister realistically throughout the series, and their personalities bounce off of each other SO WELL. They’re easy to follow, but still intelligent. A good balance that respects the characters as well as the reader for not dumbing down their speech when unnecessary.
  • The writing. The style is beautiful, it absolutely paints pictures in your head. Which is great, since actual illustrations are hardly ever present in the book - only 2-3 full-page images per book that aren’t the small titlecards to the chapter at the top of the page, which only serve the purpose of showing the location of the current chapter. A lot of care and attention went into the writing of these novels - the pacing is perfect to keep you absorbed and not bore you, but also not too fast so as to be throwing things at you when you need a break from the insanity. And trust me. There will be insanity.
  • The Fables. They’re not technically called ‘Fables’ in the books, it’s just easier for me to call them that - in reality, I’m referring to EVERY SINGLE FANTASTICAL CREATURE. Not just the classics - demons, dragons, fairies, centaurs - but also the incredible variety and the sheer scale of it all. Fablehaven incorporates legends from all over the world, it truly gives you the feeling that there is magic everywhere, to the point where you almost can’t escape it. I swear to god, I started checking everywhere to look for magical animals when I was done reading these novels, and I was sixteen when I finished them - these books are that good, people. Egyptian/African mythological creatures? Got ‘em. Native American legends? Those too. Australian terrors? Yep. Nordic mythical creatures? Absolutely. Outlandish and surreal new monsters you haven’t thought of? Definitely. You want it? Fablehaven probably has it.
  • The risk. There is no pussyfooting around with this series. They establish right away in the very first book that literally anything can kill you. ANYTHING. Clay golem = deadly as hell. Water nymphs = oh their goal in life is to kill you because it’s ‘funny’. Fairies = mess with them, they will wreck your shit. Cursed plants = have been known to leave no survivors. Floating balloon-like bulbs = yeah those are filled with an extremely acidic gas that will fill the air instantly and melt you like butter if they pop, which can happen if you so much as touch them. The sense of danger being everywhere is very potent, and keeps you on edge for something to go down all the time.
  • The villains. Oh, there’s no way in hell I’m telling you who the villains are. Because you will never see it coming when you find out. Half of the series, you don’t even know who the villains are, and sometimes you even question which is morally right or wrong. Which makes it all the more disturbing when you find out who. But I will tell you this. The villains are some of the most bone-chilling I’ve ever read about, and this is coming from a second-year college student. This isn’t Scooby Doo, kiddies. The author doesn’t BS around and treats it as real life, and by god does it work.
  • The plot twists. Once again, I ain’t telling you jack. You have to find out for yourself. The writers and editors for these books were geniuses. Only when you hit the plot twists and the bombs are dropped on you do you realize that they were being hinted to at all.
  • THE MOTHERF%$#ING DRAGONS. DUDE. Fablehaven has one of the BEST. THE BEST. INTERPRETATION OF DRAGONS I’VE EVER SEEN. Dragons aren’t just beasts to be slain, or ridden like steeds - the dragons are magical beings of incredible power, revered and allowed to live freely in secret magical preserves. Not because they’re hunted, oh no. Because if they were allowed to be released into the world, they would cause massive chaos when attacked by humans who don’t understand them. The dragons are NOT to be trifled with - in fact, if you tried to ride one, they would kill you on the spot. To put a skeleton of one on display is practically blasphemous, so trophy hunters beware. And since their powers vary by species and individual, they aren’t just stereotypical firebreathers. There’s dragons who can turn into human form, there’s dragons who are made entirely of poison to the point where being in the same room as them would be instant death, dragons who can do nothing but turn invisible, even a six-legged Quetzalcoatl-like dragon who breathes a gas that forces people to tell the truth. Just. Mother. F*&^ing. DRAGONS.
  • The Fairy Trader. If you’re not even slightly amused by the fact that the magical preserve owners purchase and trade fairies with an Indiana Jones-type guy whose job is to travel the world and capture rare fairies to swap like Pokemon cards, our friendship is in jeopardy.
  • The drama. The moments when shit starts to get real, I can guarantee you will never forget. I can recall every moment from every book when things started getting heavy and dangerous, practically by heart. I draw a lot of inspiration from them, too. And harkening back to the variety of magical creatures that I mentioned before, that gives me a LOT of great source material from around the world.

And these are just some of the things! I can’t tell you any more of the things I want to gush about because they would be spoilers. But if this post doesn’t at least poke at your interest, well, I enjoyed writing it anyway.

#that boob shelf is where he stores kittens ok


It was so ridiculous I had to.

How about omega!Takeda who wants to have cubs of his own badly, but cannot get pregnant no matter what he does? His heats start getting irregular because he’s older. Even the fertility pills he takes don’t work. He blames himself and his age for it. 

Suga got pregnant easily outside heat and he’s about to have twins. When Takeda’s heat does come and alpha!Ukai is there to help him, the pregnancy stick still mocks with a negative result.

He’s starting to give up hope, which is so not like him, because he’s stubborn and determined always. Ukai starts worrying about him and doesn’t know how to comfort him. 

When Ukai makes love to Takeda that night, he does it because he really wants to show to the omega that he loves him, not because of the urgency to knock up Takeda, like what their sex has been lately.

Ukai wipes the tears from Takeda’s eyes when the omega asks why the alpha is still with him when Ukai can look for a better omega who is younger and has more chance of getting pregnant. Ukai just kisses him and tells him that he loves Takeda no matter what and besides they were practically the parents of those karasuno brats. They held each other tightly that night, while Ukai kisses Takeda’s tears away.

When Suga finally gives birth, they visit Daichi and Suga. Takeda immediately falls in love with the twins. They were an interesting pair, since one of them was an alpha and the other was an omega. It’s rare for twins to have different gender, if the other is an alpha, the other twin is too usually. They weren’t identical either.The alpha twin has Daichi’s face but she has Suga’s moles. The omega twin looks exactly like Suga when Suga was a baby, except there were no moles on his face.

Takeda stays almost the entire day in Suga and Daichi’s house to help them with the twins. Initially, Ukai was scared that visiting Suga and Daichi might make his omega upset and sad, but he seems genuinely happy holding the twins in his arms.

On their way home, Takeda becomes depressingly silent. Ukai doesn’t even bother asking why because he knows. That night, when Takeda is curled against Ukai, the alpha can smell his fear and anxiety, which is different from the smell the omega usually gives off when he’s upset about not having a cub. Ukai pulls him closer and asks him what’s wrong. When his omega doesn’t answer immediately, his worry spikes up, until Takeda blurts out that he wants to adopt. 

Takeda’s fear grows stronger, and he starts shaking. After all, most alphas do not like adopting. They refused to accept an outsider in their pack, especially a cub that did not come from their seed. But Ukai kisses his forehead soothingly and tells him that they will look for an adoption agency together.

They adopt a little girl who coos and laughs when she sees Takeda, and pulls and plays with Ukai’s hair. They immediately fell in love with her. 

About the Purple Men

Thanks to the Custom Nights DLC for Sister Location, there is now two confirmed purple men.

This is William Afton, according to the Silver Eyes book. He is the one responsible for the business part of Fredbear, and the murders.

This is Micheal Afton. He is the son of William, and Springtrap, according the ending cutscene after you beat Golden Freddy Mode on Very Hard of Custom Nights. You may notice that both have the white pupils, which are the same as the light gray/silver of the eyes inside of Springtrap.

This is believed to be William’s Daughter, and Micheal’s younger sister.

I think that this is supposed to be the younger brother of Micheal and Baby.

Now, I believe that William managed to murder, hide, and get away with every single murder. He has his MO, which ends up being the 5 kids murdered everytime. The only ones he isn’t responsible for is the Bite of ‘83 kid and his daughter. That Micheal did not commit any murders, not after he accidentally killed his youngest sibling. However, he paid for the price for them anyways. He became Springtrap. This can be assumed by the the cutscene where Micheal throws up Ennard. The memory of Baby saying “You won’t die” is repeated until he stands up. He is haunting his own body. After trying to free the spirits of the children at the pizzeria, they mistake him for William, and he runs to safety in the Spring Lock suit. Only, he doesn’t know how to use it like his father, add in the rain, and he is crushed inside.

Originally posted by the-only-real-crush40-fan

This can explain the “Bad Ending” of FNaF 3. Because the real killer hasn’t been killed, the souls cannot be free. It can also explain the “Good Ending” because the kids might not even be able to tell the difference. A purple man, one who may or may not have killed them, is dead. They never check the body inside the suit. Or that one of the children is his brother, who believes that Micheal is the one who killed him. Meaning that the rest of the children’s souls are freed, even though their killer is not dead. It is a bit selfish for the Crying Child if that one ends up being true.

It can also explain the picture in the newspaper at the end of FNaF 3. Even though the pizzeria has been burned to the ground, Springtrap is still alive. Micheal has already shown that he is not able to die. This is also backed up by the line, “But something is wrong with me, I should be dead. But I’m not.” It can also be explained by the murdered children. Who knows how long they have been dead? When were they murdered? It’s never really specified. But we can tell that it has been a while. So that means that their souls wanted revenge long enough to stay inside the animatronics. Same thing with Baby, who is haunted by the daughter of Afton. Even though she has been scooped multiple times, her soul is still in Baby. I’m assuming that Micheal wants to find his father with all of his being, that that is his reason to live on in Springtrap. This could also be why he attacks you in FNaF 3. It’s possible that you play as William, and he’s trying to get rid of you.

The line of “I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be.” can mean two things.

1. William went into hiding after he told Micheal, his only living son, that he had been always watching his children from underground. That that’s where his sister is. He wants to find his sister and “put her back together, just like you wanted me to.”.

2. Micheal had overheard his father talking to someone/thing about the underground storage unit and Micheal went to find it, to find his sister.

Now that he has, what he thinks, saved his sister, he’s going to find his father. Meaning for a new game? I don’t know. Hopefully the movie will explain more.

Note: It is also possible that Baby, at first, didn’t know that Micheal, or Eggs, was her brother. If this is true, then it just begs the questions of how long has she been in the Circus Baby animatronic? It is also possible that she did manage to recognize him, which is why Ennard decided to take over on Night 4. She didn’t want her older brother to be scooped, like she has been so many times. Because of her new hesitation, Ennard imitated her voice so that the plan could go through.

Another possibility is that she is jealous of her older brother. Why does he get to live while the Crying Child and Baby are ‘dead’? This could be the reason for her attitude change on Night 4. She wants to scoop him so she can be a normal person again. So that all of them are some form of deceased.

anonymous asked:

Hoagie does slim out when he gets older, he was way skinnier when he was Hank in Operation K.I.S.S.

first thing: that wasnt an age-changing machine, it just changed what people look like physically, the hamster that got buff wasnt actually gonna naturally grow up to be buff. it wasnt in any way natural, it was induced by technology, and like i said, wasnt actually changing his age

second thing:

third thing:

fourth thing:

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VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: does Kelly still hide behind Grey's arm sometimes? When they get older? (by concious or not) Or does he kinda just. Grow out of it instead when he starts exercising? //o//)?


He does it out of habit TBH, he doesn’t necessarily hold his arm anymore but he’d step behind him when he’s feeling a bit uneasy around other people.

Kelly might tug on his sweater sometimes SHGKSG

Hello, I am loving this blog, May I ask for the boy’s reactions to being first time father’s if it’s alright

Yes yes yes! I was hoping for an ask like this! Thank you!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He is so amazed that you two could create something so beautiful.
  • Humans are such incredible creatures.
  • You’re created life! He’s so proud of you!
  • You two have begun a legacy. It is absolutely beautiful.
  • …Or at least, that’s what he thinks until he is up at three in the morning because it won’t stop crying.
  • Luckily, the man knows exactly what to do with a baby!
  • He takes wonderful care of the baby, and soon it is back to sleep.
  • He proudly admits that he did plenty of research while he was waiting for the baby to be born.
  • This baby is in safe hands.

Rantarou Amami

  • The nervous but prepared dad. 
  • There was a set due date, of course, and you distinctly remember waking up at 12:01 AM because Amami couldn’t wait a second longer to get you to the hospital! He was so excited!
  • He brings books for you, snacks for you, phone chargers, laptop charges, a laptop, and anything else you could possibly need to make your entire hospital experience more comfortable.
  • Luckily, the baby does in fact come out that day!
  • You tell him to wait outside.
  • He does not want to!
  • He holds your hand tightly, and you squeeze the hell out of his hand.
  • He wants to see the baby though!
  • So he walks over and-
  • Amami has now passed out.
  • Back at home, he is a clingy parent.
  • He loves the baby! 
  • So cute! So soft!
  • He is more than willing to let you relax while he does the work, he’s so proud of you, and he loves spending time with the baby! 
  • Constantly holding the baby.
  • He was not holding the baby five seconds ago! You only looked away for five seconds! When did he go get that baby?!
  • Amami go put that back!

Ouma Kokichi

  • He wants to teach it a SWEAR.
  • He wants to teach the baby how to say FUCK.
  • You tell him no. He is extremely disappointed.
  • But he still teaches the baby a whole lot!
  • He holds its little hands and makes it stand up for a little bit every day so it can be tall when it grows up…unlike some…
  • The baby learns everything fast because Ouma is constantly teaching it!
  • He loves the baby so much. 
  • He won’t hold it though.
  • What if he drops it?! What if it breaks?!
  • No, holding the baby is your job…
  • But he gets to play with it!
  • But you have to change diapers.
  • But he gets to play! With! The! Baby!!!
  • Yay!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Even more scared to hold the baby than Ouma!
  • He will DEFINITELY drop it. He promises. No baby holding for Saihara.
  • But!
  • That does not stop you from holding the baby RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE.
  • It grabs his nose and he just melts.
  • He will only hold it if you are there and he is sitting down.
  • Secretly tries to teach it lots of things to impress you.
  • You have to remind him that the baby is NOT allowed to watch crime shows! No crime shows for the baby!
  • He cannot name the baby Baskerville! No! Bad Saihara!
  • Eventually he falls asleep with the baby on his chest and that is absolutely adorable. You have to take the baby though. It needs to go to bed.
  • And he wakes up THE SECOND IT IS MOVED.
  • Just to be safe.

Kaito Momota

  • He will DANCE with this baby and PLAY with this baby all the time.
  • But he’s really proud of you for working so hard for the baby!
  • He has so many name ideas!
  • He laughs for a solid two hours at his own joke.
  • The joke??
  • Let’s name the baby Uranus.
  • *cue laugh track*
  • He hops right on the dad joke train. 
  • He needs to teach this baby how to walk, because the second he does, it can start training to be an astronaut.
  • And when it gets older?
  • He has the entire space-themed future of this child planned out.
  • Can he give her a space name??
  • Maybe.


  • How do you baby?????
  • He does a LOT of research.
  • It is DURING this research that he realizes that maybe you two can’t actually make a baby?
  • He can’t do that.
  • So…Adoption?
  • Yes!
  • And when you finally do adopt a baby…
  • He is so careful with the baby, he sometimes underestimates his strength sometimes!
  • He’s so careful, so gentle, and he will NOT touch the baby’s head.
  • That is much too risky!
  • He’s better doing the grunt work, like preparing the formula, changing the diapers, babyproofing the house, and lots and lots and LOTS of research!
  • He’s confident in his knowledge, but…
  • Not so much in his skills.
  • But you’ve never seen anybody calm a crying baby quite as fast. What a talent!
  • Despite all that research, he is CONSTANTLY asking you simple questions.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He can 100% hold that entire baby in one hand. And he does.
  • He loves it so much!
  • He constantly reads to it, even if it doesn’t quite understand yet.
  • Your house is full of children’s books!
  • Bug stories! Yay!
  • He is also all too quick to get the baby used to carefully handling bugs.
  • Almost made a VERY BIG MISTAKE when he forgot about BABY GRIP, but his caterpillar was fine in the end.
  • Shoes??
  • Does the baby really need shoes?? No.
  • He’s such a loving dad, you find it adorable.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’s not that much bigger than the baby…
  • Don’t mention that to him though!
  • He’s super willing to hold the baby.
  • He’s not even high enough up off the ground that anything could happen if he dropped it…
  • Don’t mention that to him either.
  • He knows you must be REALLY tired, and you’ve worked REALLY hard, so how about you just lay down in bed and he’ll take care of you both??
  • Sounds like a plan to him.
  • The busy dad!
  • The stay-at-home dad!
  • The dad on the go!
  • The soccer dad!
  • The dad with the van!
  • This is him. He is the van dad, and goddammit he is going to take this child and all their friends to tennis practice as soon as he figures out how to get a van and how to reach the pedals.
  • On second thought…
  • Maybe not the van dad.
A Very Hufflepuff Love

Pairing: Hufflepuff!Reader x Newton Artemis Fido Scamander;

A/N: The prompting was made by y’all beautiful people and can be found here.

In the series: Ravenclaw!Reader x Newt || Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt;

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Warnings: fluff, like a lot;

Originally posted by potterxmalfoy

  • It is Confirmed™ that you made his acquaintance on the Hogwarts Express on the first day of your first year;
  • Exchanging uniforms and scarves and such whenever it was laundry day and the House Elves were really cramming up chores;
    • Except for the skirt in your case and the trousers in his;
  • A lot of time spent in both the Common Room and the library;
  • Forgotten Herbology homework hastily written up during breakfast;
  • Fussing over plants’ health and wellbeing in the Common Room;
    • Taking care of them by the House Elves’ side;
  • A lot of house pride between the two of you;
  • You’re actually bonding weirdly fast, seeing as the both of you are quite shy;
  • You’d be in the same year and legitimately always hanging with the other;
  • You’re sitting with the other one in every single class you have;
  • Sharing ideas and dreams over a Butterbeer or a handful of Honeydukes’ Sherbet Lemons;
  • The two of you are constantly daydreaming about traveling to places and seeing the world;
    • There are a few people from other houses telling you that you might want to stop working so hard or having that big a dream;
    • If one of you can’t find any reply to those people, the other would immediately get the other’s back without insulting the student who addressed you;
  • Since your Common Room is just by the Kitchens, you obviously know exactly what’s going to be for breakfast, dinner or lunch and you make sure to let the other know if there’ll be something that disagrees with their culinary preferences;
  • Holidays are Your Thing™;
  • Newt is totally the one to get things off of the high shelf for you;
    • Is there a book too high in the Library? “Newt!!”;
    • “Y/N, why don’t you just Accio it, for Helga’s sake?”;
    • “That’d be boring, seeing you and your unnatural tallness is much more entertaining”;
  • Gentle solo snowball fights;
  • Ferociously teaming up against others during snowball fights;
  • It’s actually during one of these fights that your first kiss happens;
    • You’d be hiding from passing members from the other team to catch your breath;
    • You would be the one to hear them closing in;
    • So you’d grab Newt and pin him against a tree’s trunk;
    • Then he’d nervously start babbling and you really didn’t want the guys to hear y’all;
  • there was obviously no other reason to what you were gonna do
  • You just smash your lips across his and he actually shivers, trying to tell himself that it’s the cold and totally not the fact that he wants to kiss you back so badly that he finally gives in;
    • And he sort of just pulls you back just when you were pulling away;
    • And you obviously kiss back and the next thing you know, you hear the click of a camera and giggling right near you, so you both pull away only to witness an amused Leta Lestrange holding a camera and a bewitched, moving picture in her hands;
  • “’Bout damn time, you dorks!”;
  • The school doesn’t catch on to your relationship for a while;
    • Mainly because y’all were spending an unhealthy uncommon amount of time with the other even when your relationship was platonic;
  • And you’re not really all about that PDA;
  • Although he does get borderline possessive when he sees a Hufflepuff a year older aggressively hitting on you, despite your obvious attempts to get him away from you;
    • So he just slides by until he’s by your side, slipping a hand in the back pocket of your jeans and kissing your cheek, greeting you with a “Is everything alright, dear?”;
    • To which you’d respond with a “Quite.” And give him a quick peck;
  • And the Douche Dude would just awkwardly get lost, leaving y’all giggling and you muttering a thanks against Newt’s lips.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! That brings the A Very Hogwarts Love headcanon-series to an end (yes, I figured out the name only on the last work in the series); I’ll leave the links for the others below.

Ravenclaw!Reader x Newt || Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt;

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Void Coran was undeniably a great moment this season. I mean I have a couple questions lol. Do male Alteans grow mustaches naturally at an early age? Was it an effect from the void that caused his child/toddler forms to have mustaches? And baby Coran, why does his hair look like his mustache? Is the mustache sentient? Does it travel to his upper lip as he gets older? What ever the reason, this was hilarious to see.

midorikumo  asked:

Hey, nice blog you have here ! Anyway, would be okay telling us some of your headcanons concerning Musashi and Agon from ES21 ? Thank you !

<3 I just love ES21 requests


• When he does get older and fits into his looks, he’s only the tiniest bit upset that he can’t get a little miffed when people get his age wrong cause he knows he’s aging. But only the slightest bit, otherwise he’s pretty happy he suits his age.

• Not the best man to cuddle in bed. He sleeps like a log, but before he falls asleep would be your best bet to wrap your arms around this hunk of snoring. Oh yeah, get one of those sleep numbers if you don’t want to constantly wake up to snoring.

• He’s on the lower end of cooking skill. Not burn-water bad, but he can’t make anything fancier than egg, rice, side dish. 

• Will sometimes come up to you and just rub his scruff on your cheek. Just for the sake of messing with you.


• clips that fucking wig back on after the last game if u know what im talking about

• how the fuck does he get girls

• Once he starts devoting himself to football, his teammates actually find it easier to tolerate him. He still messes around with girls though and Ikkyu wants to know his ways.

• Has the worst fashion taste for stay-at-home clothes. He dresses fine when he goes out, but for some reason his pj’s, like his stay-at-home-and-i-dont-plan-on-seeing-the-light-of-day-today clothes are so mismatched and ugly. Normal people wear tshirts and sweatpants right? Nah, this boy is in a fucking hawaiin shirt, some rilakumma slippers, and hot pink sweatpants with “car babe” written on the back of his butt. No one has seen this outfit on him outside of his family. Like if a girl comes to his place he has a set of “home clothes” ready to go. Cause he KNOWS it looks bad, but it feels great to him so he doesn’t plan on changing it when he’s alone y’know?

• You know you’re on the ride-or-die list with him once he’s let you exist on the same plane as him when he’s wearing that ugly ass ensemble.

zatvnna  asked:

give me your honest opinion. out of all the batboys who would have the most selfies on their ig account?

listen i know that i already did the batboys social media but i need to go into details about how i think they’d take selfies so thank you so much for this. also tbh it’d be between dick and steph for the most selfies, which no one is complaining about.

Dick Grayson: perfect lighting, perfect angles, perfect everything, 10/10 gleaming smile all the time he is so good. usually he’s in awful brightly colored workout clothes and like has a smoothie in one hand and you can see a bowl of half eaten cereal on the counter sometimes. his captions are always lowkey motivational and if ur having a rough day in gotham, you just remember that selfie of dick grayson and how he said we’re all as bright and fiery as the sun (even though it never comes out in gotham) 

Jason Todd: blurry, but still good. an aesthetic blurry. takes a lot of mirror selfies like post-mission so he has on a bloody, ripped shirt and is giving this shit eating grin to the camera. also will take pictures of the skyline or cutting the lights off from Wayne Enterprises so it just says ass and then captions it ‘a sign from above’ tbh his captions are always snarky as fuck like ‘spilled some ketchup, clumsy me’ or ‘wow, sure was packed in whole foods today.’ also has one selfie where its just a close up of his neck totally covered in hickies and it just says ‘you should see the other guy’ 

Tim Drake: hasn’t quite found his aesthetic but pls he is trying. takes a lot of ‘omw to a meeting there’s monster in this starbucks cup and also my will to live’ some shitpost twitter account made a meme out of two of his selfies, one of which he was looking fly as fuck in his suit and tie and another where he was in his star trek spock hoodie and some batman pajama pants while pulling the vulcan salute then captioned it ‘get yourself a man who can do both ;)’ it’s tim’s favorite and he has it saved on his phone 

Damian Wayne: honestly, his pictures are so aesthetically pleasing? He’ll do a lot of skyscraper pics and the city at night, and people are always like ‘how do you get such cool angles???’ bitch he’s sittin right up there with all the other birds of course he has good angles. damian has a lot of selfies with his pets, and he literally looks like a model in all of them like he claims to think selfies are ‘idiotic and vapid’ and yet boy knows just the right filter. also this is just me but i feel like the artist side of damian would be really into makeup as he gets older and he does some fierce shit with eyeliner. if dick’s the selfie king then damian’s the grumpy selfie prince who did not claim said title (he totally claimed it) 

Stephanie Brown: so fucking fierce. will take a selfie with cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man or a bloody nose and black eye, it doesn’t matter. she’ll still look good,she’s stephanie brown. also a big fan of ‘squad pics’ and will get everyone together for a picture god damn it. her twitter banner is her and the rest of the wayne’s in squad poses, she and cass are doing a handshake, dick is on the floor with his leg straight up in the air. jason is in the back with the double peace sign and sunglasses on, tim is doing the prayer pose, damian is rolling his eyes but still makes sure he’s in the frame, and alfred is pointing at bruce who’s back is facing them. stephanie brown is #Queen 

Cassandra Cain: doesnt take selfies, makes art. she’s never in the frame fully, sometimes it’s just a blurry pic of her eyes, sometimes it’s her well defined back, other times it’s a cat she saw in the street and wanted to make Art. Cass is on some top tier aesthetic, no one can take a ‘Cass’ pic bc that’s just her brand. her favorite picture is one of her and jason and it’s a close up of both their smiles. she has a busted lip and he’s missing a tooth and it’s just captioned ‘will bite if provoked’ she’s everyone’s favorite account. 

What if when Mob gets a little older, say high-school age, he does become a traveler of sorts. He can’t travel to different countries because he’s too young and doesn’t have the financial means to, but day trips to historic castles, shrines, gardens, and other interesting places are within his means. The day before he’ll pack some snacks, a sketchbook and pencils, maybe some extra spending money, and a map or directions on how to get where he wants to go and back.

While he’s there Mob will spend time listening to the spirits talk about the history of the area or interesting events that they witnessed. If he sees something unique - be it a flower, structure, or scenery - he’ll pull out his sketchbook and draw whatever piqued his interest. The people whom he allows to look through his sketchbook always comment that he’s getting much better at his drawings.

On occasion Teru or Ritsu will join Mob on his trips. Teru saved up and bought a camera so he can take pictures of wherever he goes. He uses the best photos to fill a small scrap book that, once done, he plans to give to Mob as a gift. Ritsu doesn’t accompany Mob as much as Teru due to his studies, but when he does catch an odd break from all the work he does like to spend time with his big brother.