he does everything so well


YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.

no offence but i am literally in love with yoongi and all of his little mannerisms and the way he speaks and smiles and literally everything he has to say is so important and i love listening to him so much he’s so kind and thoughtful and cute and he’s so talented and gifted in what he does and you can tell he’s so genuinely passionate and driven and dedicated and he really loves everything he does and he does it all so well and i’m really really really in love with him


↳ hi
↳ this is 🐳🍇
↳ I was just going to sleep but I saw kookie’s channel and couldn’t pass it up
↳ In today’s chicago concert ending mention
↳ we live far away, but we will always be together
↳ (Jungkook) did his mention to me and to tell him if it’s right, while practicing he he kept asking ‘does it make sense?’
↳ so he did his speech excellently as expected. I think that if Kookie is passionate enough he can do everything well
↳ anyway, it’s great because he’s speaking english too
↳ he practiced the sentence like a hundred times (english)
↳ askin me whether that sentence makes sense or nor (english)
↳ impressive. he does everything so well (english)
↳  well bye, goodnight!
↳ gnight (english)
↳ 🌛

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

[TRANS] Jungkook+RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- hey
- guess who?
- this is jk☺
- noooooo i havent eaten
- chicken or pizza 🍕
- pick a side
- or run and hide
- … for diet
- g2g guys 😂😂😂
- I’m hungry but
- I’m now going to sleep
- Bye~~~

- he practiced the sentence like a hundred times
- askin me whether that sentence makes sense or net
- impressive. he does everything so well

Note; Words beginning in lowercase are words that he said in English.
Trans cr; @tamimou / @ btschannel

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How would the members of Monsta x act around someone they have a crush on? (Thanks!!)

Shownu is incredibly subtle with his affections, it’s just in his nature. He is the kind of person who will never really flirt or drop hints the way others would, but instead he’d become more more caring and attentive towards you. He’ll notice that it’s cold out and you don’t have a jacket, so he’ll wordlessly hand you his. He’ll move while you two are walking so he’s closest to the road in case an accident was to happen. When you’re going out with the group and you guys need to order, he’ll turn to you first and ask what you want to get before he even thinks about what he wants. He’s like a guardian angel, and it becomes noticeable to everyone else that he dotes on you. 

Wonho, with all his good looks and charms, becomes a bit shy around the person he likes, but he also becomes really motivated to show them his best side. Likes if you lock eyes while no one else is looking, Wonho can barely hold back a smile and the blush in his cheeks but at the same time everything he does he hopes he does it well so you’ll think he’s cool. Like if there’s reason for you to need help, he’ll volunteer himself first and even if you don’t ask for help, he’ll lean over and be like “do you want me to carry that?” or “if we do it together it’ll be faster!”. He also starts doing things for you, like offering to pay for food or fixing your hair from your face, and after he does it - he gets super flustered. 

Kihyun likes to be dramatic with just about anything that he does, but when he likes someone that becomes a bit more diluted. Kihyun’s feelings for you kind of make him nervous to be the way he usually is around you, he doesn’t want to seem to be pushing it. But he doesn’t distance himself either, he kind of just tones it down and slowly, opens up more emotionally. He asks if he can spend more alone time with you, and you notice that his loud personality when he’s with a group becomes a bit more quiet. He’s the same silly, smart, and great guy but he starts to trust you with things that he doesn’t tell a lot of people. To put it shortly, Kihyun shows his most genuine side to you when he likes you. 

Hyungwon will actually put in effort to bicker with you if he likes you. You’ll both be on each others cases about the silliest of things, but what’s amusing is that Hyungwon doesn’t just give up and roll over after you say something to him - he actually responds. And it’s all fun and games, you both laugh about it and it’s never anything serious or hurtful, but to make jokes with one and other you really have to know the person. And Hyungwon obviously wants to know more about you, that’s why his play arguing with you is actually a sign of how much more invested he is in you than he is in other people, hmm I wonder why?

Minhyuk just wants to make you laugh. He wants to be the reason you’re happy, and he tries so so so hard to do this when he has a crush on you because whats more important to him than you reciprocating his feelings is you feeling comfortable with having him around. He’ll make jokes about things he knows you find funny, he’ll do impersonations of your favorite singers, he’ll even willingly embarrass himself if it makes you giggle and if he’s usually making jokes for everyone - it becomes obvious he has a specific target in mind from now on (you. it’s you). 

Jooheon becomes very, and I mean very, confused. With crushes, he worries too much about “do they like me back?” instead of “liking someone makes me really happy.” which is normal, but it makes him act a little strange around you. Some days he’s the same oblivious goofball, other days he’s cold and pretends to act uninterested. In reality, he just can’t tell if he’s doing enough flirting - too much or too little - or is he even doing anything at all? His crushes are always obvious to his members because he starts doing things he’s never done before, and in the end he always turns to them for advice. He also writes a lot of lyrics about you, it’s kinda cute. 

Changkyun/IM comes off as someone who is pretty forward with their feelings. I’m not saying he’d pull a drama like confession where he grabs your hand and is like “never let go” in front of everyone or something - but I think he makes steps to show you how he feels and they show his intentions well. Like he’ll put his arm around your shoulder casually and be like “let’s take a photo together” or he compliments you on whatever you’re wearing or working on. He’s pretty simple, but it’s refreshing because he doesn’t beat around the bush and really if someone teases him like Minhyuk goes “Don’t you really like them?” Changkyun would proudly go “Yeah, I really like them.” 


> hi*
> this is 🐳🍇*
> I was going to sleep, but I can’t ignore Kookie’s CH+ (he talked about learning the word “specific”)
> During today’s Chicago concert ending-ment
> We live far far away, but we will always be together*
> While practicing for the ment, he kept asking how its suppose to be said
> while practicing for the ending-ment, he kept asking if he was saying it right and if it made sense..
> Anyways, he sounded really cool when speaking English like that
> he practiced the sentence like a hundred times*
> askin me whether that sentence makes sense or net*
> impressive. he does everything so well*
> Then byebye goodnight!
> gnight*
> 🌜

trans: jhope-shi

* = typed in English


Aaron checking on his wedding engagement ring (。♥‿♥。)

#it’s like touching his engagement ring is a stress relief for aaron #he touches it when he feels stressed hurt or scared #when he touches the ring he feels like he can breath again and he can get through this situation #it’s like Robert is right there with him #you’re not alone anymore remember! #I AM SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS

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I discovered your blog recently and I've been loving your theories, especially ones involving Haggar -god I love her and love seeing others be interested in her too- and I just wanna add my two cents on all the theories on why she and probably Zarkon aren't fond of Lotor. Galra clearly have no place for the weak, and while Lotor is probably very powerful physically, he could potentially have the worst weakness that his father and Haggar detest, emotional vulnerability. Back in the pilot (1)

Zarkon had one of his men killed due to him valuing the lives of his crew and others. In season one, not once did he or Haggar raise their voice, speaking in a very monotone and emotionally repressed manner. It’s only in season 2 where he started screaming, and it’s made very clear that it’s not like him at all, showcasing his unhealthy obsession. Hagger didn’t raise her voice until she saw that Allura had magic, another moment of weakness shown in our villains. If Lotor is anything like (2)

the original, then he’s very emotional, and is motivated by emotions. Maybe that’s what puts a wedge between them, and him potentially having a very honourable sense of empathy towards others, a trait they clearly detest. For all we know it’s because they themselves were just like him before they turned. (end).

So picking up from here with the idea of Lotor being Lance’s counterpart, I have to think about the idea that Lance’s thing, in an integral way where any antagonistic counterpart of him would probably have to follow that model, is…

Lance is fascinated by people and how they tick, and he’s very emotionally open.

With Zarkon, as well, and (seemingly) Haggar- there’s this implication that they used to be closer to their heroic counterparts, a very similar person, but they lost that somehow.

It’d be fair to assume if Lotor is Lance’s counterpart, than he was once more similar to Lance- but shifted in a different direction.

If I’m right on this read… it’d be very likely that Lotor, like Lance, was a compassionate, open person who deteriorated away from that- quite possibly actively by Zarkon and Haggar’s influence. By having his feelings disparaged or ignored or tread on- over and over and over again.

(I’m reminded of a screenshot from 80s Voltron that depicted an exchange between Zarkon and Lotor, and Lotor accused Zarkon of disregarding his feelings, to which Zarkon fires back “Stop whining, you have no feelings!”)

So it’s possible that Lotor at this point is someone who remains fascinated by people- but in a purely self-satisfied manner. He wants to know how other people tick, what’s driving them- so he can exploit it, so he can mess with it- and at the same time vehemently resists other people finding him out because in his impression any time someone figures out what he cares about they’ll use that to hurt him.

But even then, Lotor’s strength- his real aptitude- would be interpersonal. Talking to people, compelling people, encouraging them or manipulating them- a game Zarkon, with his dominance and bluntness, would see as completely superfluous. Would see as useless.

Which could well drive another angle of similarity between Lance and Lotor- if Lotor is also hungry to prove himself, is hungry to feel recognized- and unlike Lance, he’s had the perfect environment to fester spite and envy so he does everything to win people over and may quite well be driven to fire off a “who’s a useless little joke now?” whether he’s directing that actually at Zarkon, or projecting that resentment onto whoever else because he still wants Zarkon’s approval. 


Jungkook was talking with us in full english. I was so shook this guy was serious when he said im learning english. Im so so proud of him! The fact that he wanted to learn english just to communicate with us makes me so emotional im sobbing ;(

After jungkook left the chat namjoon joined just to talk abt jungkooks ment during the concert. He praised him and my namkook feelings just hit me straight into my heart. These two always look up to each other. They always praise each other. I just cant ;( even namjoon said i want to be jungkook bc he does everything so well during the iheart interview. I just had to write about this.

Mad Intimidation-Jaehyun

Request(s): “Hi! Can I have a jaehyun scenario where you’re intimidated by him but admire him bc he does everything well so that leads to you not being able to talk to him but you’re friends with the rest of the members so he gets confused/hurt and confronts you” and “Jaehyun scenarios based on NCT 127’s Mad City? Thank you so much <333”

Note: I decided to combine these two requests just because whenever I saw these in my inbox, I kept thinking about them at the same time and i thought they could sort of go together. If you want them more separated, let me know!

Song: NCT 127-Mad City and Stay-Blackpink

“I can’t believe you woke me up for food at this hour.”

“I can’t believe you’re complaining!”

You stretched your neck to glare up at the taller boy next to you. He simply chuckled at your attempt at looking mean and took the bags of food from you.

“C’mon. The guys are waiting for us.”

“Let’s go then my bunny, Doyoungie~”

“Don’t call me that!”’

You pat his butt quickly and ran off towards his and the other NCT member’s practice room. You ignored his yells and giggled at your own sudden enthusiasm to see the other boys. It had been a while since they were all so busy with their own work. You decided to leave the warmth of your bed and visit them. Well, you were actually dragged from your bed by your best friend Doyoung. You still couldn’t figure out how he knew where you hid your spare key, no matter how much you had changed the position of it. You gave up telling him to stay out of your apartment anyway since he had been too busy lately to come over. You knew he would keep his word about visiting you whenever he had free time, but you didn’t know that included late at night when you were trying to hide from your daily responsibilities under your warm blanket.

You reached the practice room door and waited for Doyoung to catch up to you. Once he was standing behind you, you pushed the door open. You were immediately greeted by the older members of NCT (Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, WinWin, Taeil, (and Johnny, Kun, and Hansol (:)) sitting in a circle talking to each other. You skipped up to the first person to stand up, which happened to be Johnny. You jumped into his waiting arms. You two always greeted each other with a big hug and since the cold was becoming even more apparent, you made sure to receive a huge bear hug from him. This resulted in a line of the other members standing up and waiting to hug you while Doyoung arranged the food for everyone. You were finally pulling out from your hug with Hansol when you saw Jaehyun standing up from the corner of your eye. He took two steps towards you two, a small, dimpled smile growing on his face.

Please tell me he’s not waiting on a hug….I can’t hug him!

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Jaehyun. Everything he did to you was always perfection. He could dance, sing, and look perfect during it all. You also found out recently from the most recent season of NCT Life that he could cook. It was maddening how perfect he was! It was also intimidating. You weren’t extremely shy. You had to be at least a bit sociable to be Doyoung’s bestfriend. Somehow though, Jaehyun had managed to always bring out the quiet side of you and you weren’t used to it. It was too different and a bit scary. You told Doyoung and Johnny of this newfound trouble and they simply declared it as a heart of stone getting crushed by the crush himself. You brushed off their fake deepness and just took it as you being a normal being with eyes and a brain that understood a handsome, talented guy when they saw one.

Once Jaehyun stood in front of you, his bangs sweaty bangs hanging in his eyes, you did your best to give him a hug, which just turned into a very awkward side hug. You weren’t even sure if you touched him, you might’ve just let your arm hover behind his back. You quickly pulled out of it and jumped around the circle of hungry boys to sit in between Doyoung and Johnny. You missed the disappointed look from Jaehyun as you began eating. He too soon sat down. As you joked around with the other members and ate, you could sense Jaehyun staring at you. It was as if he was making it a point to have eye contact with you. You simply brushed it off and continued to joke around with the other members. Whenever you gave the other members more attention, it seemed like Jaehyun tried even harder to get you to look his way. It was growing tiring and made you even more anxious being around him so after a while you faked tiredness and told the boys that you would head off for the night.

(Ok, I’m gonna finish in a bullet list type format now. Sorry bbs!)

  • Ok so you were doing fake yawns over and over until TaeYong was considerate enough to ask if you were tired
  • Doyoung obviously didn’t ask since he already knew you were just uncomfortable bc if Jaehyun
  • Since you kept texting him on the low
  • Yet little did you know Jaehyun was also texting him when he wasn’t looking at you
  • To complain about you ignoring him
  • But it really was wasn’t your fault
  • You just became. A nervous mess at the young man since he was the definition of perfect for you
  • But yeah you were all ready to leave even though you weren’t tired
  • So doyoung, being a good friend :)
  • Asked you if you wanted to stay for a few minutes more to hear a small sneak peek of one song from their new album
  • You agreed since you were still a fan
  • (And someone might have mentioned that it was Jaehyun favorite one)
  • So you there you were, in the recording studio
  • Just you doyoung and Jaehyun
  • About to hear a bit of the song
  • When doyoung suddenly got a call from Johnny (his partner in crime) to come back to the practice room
  • So before you knew it you were stuck in a room alone with Jaehyun
  • Literally stuck bc they locked the door on you guys
  • “oh, y/A, the lock is broken! We’ll find the handyman! Stay put and listen to the song”
  • Wow, sm is one of the largest entertainment companies yet they can’t fix a door???
  • Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind
  • He did seem pissed though
  • You didn’t know what to do as he sat there finding the song to play it
  • So you just sat there awkwardly
  • Seeming kind of disinterested in what he was saying about the song
  • Which made him even more mad
  • Which made you see how hot he was even when angry as hell
  • You wanted to comfort him though
  • But you were too nervous to say much
  • So you pulled out your phone to text doyoung for some pointers
  • Only to receive a few random laughing faces and a firm lmao you better do something bc we’re not opening the door until you do!
  • And while you were texting
  • Jaehyun just angrily clicked the song
  • Startling you
  • He just stared a hole into your head while you tried to calm your nerves
  • Which was hard since the song itself was very sensual
  • To sensual to be alone in the same room as Jaehyun
  • You starting fidgeting and halfway through the short Chorus you stood up, trying to find a way to open the door
  • Which caused Jaehyun to immediately stop the song
  • And stride towards you, pulling you away from the door
  • He pulled you by your arm, almost bringing you to collide with his chest
  • Luckily you caught yourself before that could happen
  • You just stared at him unsure of what to do or say
  • So you waited while he breathed harshly, finally letting go of your arm
  • He paced around the small recording studio
  • You finally spoke up
  • Asking him what was wrong
  • He stopped pacing and turned back towards you
  • He finally began talking
  • His voice was low and at a normal volume
  • But you had never heard somehow sound so mad
  • Not even doyoung when you call him a bunny
  • He was ranting about how you didn’t seem to like him and it was almost as if you looked down on him and how you never seemed to acknowledge him like you did everyone else
  • Then the rant somehow lead to him voicing his feelings for you
  • And how badly he wanted to be close to you
  • And how cute and great the thinks you are
  • But can’t admit to you until you became closer
  • Even though he somehow just did
  • As he finished he seemed to quickly reflect on speaking so harshly to you and almost embarrassed at his outburst
  • You could understand why
  • But not because it was irrational
  • But because it wasn’t true
  • You admired him so much
  • And you told him that quickly
  • Bc this was a once in a lifetime chance
  • Someone as amazing and talented as Jaehyun liked you too and wanted your attention
  • And doyoung would kill you if you didn’t respond honestly
  • So you took and deep breath and began your own little shy rant about how much he meant to you and how nervous you became around him because of how incredible and talented he was
  • And how handsome and good looking he was
  • And how you didn’t hate him
  • But you were intimidated bc you didn’t feel as worthy to be in his presence
  • Or be his friend
  • Or significant other, even if you thought about it all the time
  • You didn’t mean to say that last part
  • Once you realized your slip up you grew silent and anxious again
  • Making Jaehyun realize how much he also liked you too
  • He hugged you to try and erase your embarrassment
  • Which really made it worse on your end but oh well
  • Jaehyun was hugging you!
  • He also began telling you how perfect you were and how you shouldn’t be intimidated by him
  • He even told you something super embarrassing about himself to prove that he was just a normal guy that you could be close to
  • Like how he forgets some of the English he learned in America sometimes so he just says “dude or bro” a lot in a sentence and hopes Mark doesn’t notice
  • And you laugh
  • A lot
  • He’s embarrassed but he admires how cute you’re being while you laugh
  • When you notice him staring you grow shy again
  • But he simply cups your face and kisses you softly
  • To let you know that even if you had to work on being comfortable around him
  • He would always be there to show that he wanted to be close to you
  • and to comfort and hold you if you ever got nervous around him or anything else again
  • And when you two finally text doyoung to tell him you’re dating now
  • He “fixes” the lock
  • And you two run out and chase him to punish him
  • Together :)

hi i love taeyong with all of my heart he is the light of my life and his happiness means the world to me

Artemi “Blackhawks Magazine” Interview Transcription

I was asked to either post pictures of/transcribe the Artemi Panarin interview in Blackhawks Magazine; I opted to transcribe it so you can actually read it!  I was afraid the pictures would be unclear.

Artemi Panarin came to Chicago from far away and has made it in a big way.  The Russian rocket became an instant fit with the Blackhawks, endearing himself to fans and teammates.  Panarin is still learning to speak English, but here, through an interpreter, he conveys how advanced he is at life and hockey.

You are a star in Chicago after only a few months.  Based on what you’ve accomplished so far with the Blackhawks, are you a star back home?

I don’t feel that I am a star in Chicago.  I would like to be, but not yet.  There are a lot of stars with the Blackhawks.  I am an OK player.  I’ve been good at times.

All right.  Now that you’re an OK player in Chicago, do they follow you back in Russia?

I come from a very small town.  Korkino.  Friends and family followed me when I played in Russia for a few years, and yes, now they can maybe watch some of the Blackhawks games if they are on television.  They would have to get up early in the morning.  In Russia, a lot of people follow the Russian players who are over here.

Do you ever get homesick? 

I miss family and friends, of course.  My mother and father do not live together; they are separated.  I am very close to my grandfather and grandmother.  My grandfather taught me a lot about how to play.  He played once, not at the highest levels.  Maybe they will come to Chicago for the playoffs.  I basically left home when I was 10 to pursue hockey.  So I have been by myself for a while.  No problem.  Sometimes it is good to be alone.  Sometimes it is good to have solitude.  That gives me time to go over things, to think things over.  I live by myself, but I’ve met some good people, including of course my teammates.

Do you cook for yourself?

Oh, no.  Oatmeal in the morning for breakfast.  But for lunch or dinner, I usually go out to eat.

You certainly look like you’re happy in a completely new environment, whether you’re playing hockey or off the ice.

I try to have fun all day, every day.  Chicago is very nice.  Lots of nice people, lots of nice restaurants.  There is one not far from the United Center.  Red Square.  I can go there and pretty much order for myself, whatever I feel like.

What are your impressions of the Blackhawks and Chicago since you arrived last summer?

I came here with high expectations.  I heard so many good things about the city and the Blackhawks.  So I was expecting this to be a place where I would like to play hockey, and I have not been disappointed.

Let’s talk about that.  Stan Bowman, the vice president and general manager of the Blackhawks, says he and his staff began taking a long, hard look at you just over a year ago.  But so did a half-dozen other NHL teams.  Why did you pick the Blackhawks?

I heard about the way they play and saw some of how they play.  They play a nice style, the way I like to play.  Skate, play smart.  I like smart.  I like to play with the puck.  So do they.  Good hockey.  What I thought it would be like is what it is like now.

Bowman said a couple of his scouts, Mats Hallin and Ryan Stewart, were instrumental in the process, plus Barry Smith, the Blackhawks director of player development, who had coached in St. Petersburg before you played there.

Yes, we talked quite a bit.  They were very positive that the Blackhawks and Chichago would be right for me.

You certainly didn’t pick the Blackhawks because of money.  Bowman signed you to a two-year contract at the maximum entry-level salary ($925,000), which is all you could have gotten anywhere in the NHL.  He also said if you had stayed with St. Petersburg of the Kontinental Hockey League, you could be making three times that.

No, it was not about the money.  I thought it was time for me to see if I could make the NHL.

You were not drafted by any NHL team.  Was it because you were thought to be too small?

Too small?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  But here I am. (Smiling.)

According to Bowman, your contract included a clause that if you weren’t on the Blackhawks roster by December, you would be free to return to Russia.  There would be no minor leagues for you.

Yes, but I was confident that I could make it in the NHL.  I could have gone back to Russia if I didn’t make it, but I wasn’t really thinking about that.

Recently, you lost your frequent interpreter, Viktor Tikhonov, who was picked up on waivers by the Arizona Coyotes.

A good man.  He helped me a lot with the language and with getting used to being in Chicago.  He’s a good player, too.  I hope he does well with his new team.  Also, I have become friendly with a good family in Chicago, Andrew Aksyonov and his wife, Yulia.  They picked me up at the airport when I got here and I spend time with them.  We are good friends.

You’ve obviously hit it off with Patrick Kane, your linemate, on and off the ice.  You’re taking English lessons on Skype, but Patrick says he thinks you actually understand what he’s talking about a lot of times.

(Laughs.)  There are some sayings, some expressions, that I have picked up in the locker room, being around him and the other guys.  I don’t think I will say them all here.  But we do have a way of communicating.  Or maybe we’re just pretending that we understand each other when we really don’t.  (Laughs again.)

If you were to take Patrick for a classic Russian mean–if you haven’t done so already–what would it be?

Borscht.  Have to have borscht.  Maybe Russian ravioli.  Like dumplings.  Dough on the outside, meat inside.  Good.  I haven’t taken him for Russian dinner yet.  He took me to dinner not long ago.  Italian.  He paid.  I like the food in America.  But not fast food.  I don’t do fast food.

How about American beer?  Hockey players everywhere like beer, right?

Don’t like beer.  Ever.  Don’t drink at all during the season.  Summer, vodka.

What do you think of Patrick as a player?

One of the best in the NHL.  He is great to play with.  We kind of have a mutual understanding of what we’re supposed to be doing on the ice.  And my fellow Russian, Artem Anisimov, our center.  I can’t say anything negative about him either.  He does everything well.  He’s another great player.  So many great players on this team.

But you’re only OK?

I’m OK.

The KHL is generally regarded as the second-best league in hockey.  What’s the difference between the KHL and NHL?

There are a lot of good players in the KHL and good teams.  And there is good support.  When I played in St. Petersburg, the building was full.  But not full like Chicago.  And in the NHL, there are more good players, more good teams than anywhere.  KHL is good quality, but not like NHL.  The game here is faster.

Why do you think the fans in Chicago have taken to you so intensely?  They love you.

Maybe some of them do; I don’t know if they all love me.  But if I get excited, I show it.  Maybe some people like that.  Part of my job is to entertain.  We’re here to have run, right?  The atmosphere for hockey in Chicago, it’s exciting.  Loud.

What other Russian players do you admire?

Pavel Datsyuk, Evgeni Malkin, Alex Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk, who I played with in the KHL.  Now I am friendly with Vladimir Tarasenko, who plays in St. Louis.

Head Coach Joe Quennville, apparently, was the one who nicknamed you “Breadman.”  Do you know why?

Because my name sounds like that restaurant: Panera Bread.  I haven’t eaten there yet.  I have gone there for tea.  Lately the coach is just calling me “Bread.”

How does Coach Q communicate with you?

When I came here, he told me, “Shoot the puck.”  When I don’t play well, I can see the look on his face.  He doesn’t say anything.

With the strong start you had this season, a lot of experts are already touting you as a possible winner of Rookie of the…

(Without interpreter) 24!

Wait a minute.  You just said that without an interpreter.  You understood where I was going with that question.

(With interpreter) I’m 24.  I played a few years in the KHL.  I don’t think of myself as a rookie.  It’s my first season in the NHL, but not my first season.

All the guys say you’re funny and have a great sense of humor.  How is this possible if only one other teammate, Anisimov, can understand Russian?

Me, funny?  Maybe it’s something they see in my face when I’m smiling or laughing.  I laugh at something I say, they think it’s funny, and then maybe they laugh, even though they really don’t know what I’m saying.

Above your locker, you have a religious icon that you often look to and touch.

I am religious.  Orthodox Christian.  My grandfather and grandmother, a lot of it came from them.

You mentioned enjoying solitude on occasion.  Do you think a lot about hockey when you are by yourself?

Sometimes.  If I have a good game, I don’t think too much about it.  If I have a bad game, I think about it.  I am hard on myself.  I am a critic of myself.  I am harder on myself than anybody else is.  Sometimes the mind goes too fast.  You have to clear it.  When things are not going well, like some of the guys told me earlier this year, it is good to just relax.  Sometimes you think you made a bad play.  Then you look at the film, it wasn’t that bad.


Nyet.  Single.

What would you rather do? Go to practice or sit down for an interview?

Practice.  Especially if the interview is a long one.  If the interview is too long, I don’t like that as much as a short one.

Is this interview running too long?

I would prefer going to practice.  This interview, it’s not so short anymore.  It’s going longer than practice.  (Laughs.)

NCT reacts to you getting very ill

(hyungline reaction)

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would be so considerate, he would wrap you up in blankets and make soup for you and keep checking on your every 5 seconds minutes. He’ll keep check of your temperature incase you get a fever, he’ll give you your medicines on time and will feed you all sorts of healthy but bad tasting food. He’ll laugh at you when your cringe at the taste but he knows it’s healthy for you so he’ll make you finish the meals.

Taeil: Taeil would be so upset about your health. He’ll keep asking you how you feel and if you want to go to the doctor. He doesn’t excel a lot in cooking so he asks his mom for soup recipes and makes the worst soup for you. It’s so bad that he ends up ordering some food for you at last. He’d stay next to you all the time, making sure you rest well.

Johnny: Johnny would watch movies with you because you being sick got him a day off from work, he’d make the most out of it. He’ll order pizza and binge watch a comedy series with you. He’ll allow you to rest in his lap as he cuddles you and runs his hands through your hair. He’ll rush to get you necessary medicine and healthy food. He’ll stay up all night and get you water when you need it, help you walk to the bathroom, play your favorite movie and what not.

Yuta: Yuta would ask you what lead you to this condition. ‘Did you drink too many fizzy drinks?’ ‘Did you shower in cold water?’ He blames you for making him miss his work and he is mad at you for being so careless but he softens up seeing you not being able to speak. He gets you food to give you some energy and he feeds you himself, he combs your hair, checks your temperature, makes your your room is warm and helps you sleep when you can’t because of headache.

Ten: Ten would snuggle up next to you and stay there for eternity, he will always be by your side, asking you if you feel better and irritating you by asking too many questions. He’s be very upset because he doesn’t really know how to look after a sick person so he googles it up. He’ll cook for you and surprisingly he does it well. He does everything well and he’s so relieve when you recover.

Hansol: He doesn’t know shit about anything. He’d panic and look up the symptoms of your illness on the internet and get convinced that you are either pregnant or you are going to die. He would cry when he looks at you and it would be just like those hospital scenes from dramas and movies where the male lead regrets all the things he has done. He’s afraid he’ll catch flu from you so he’ll stay away from you, scared for his life.

Taeyong: Taeyong would be the most caring. He would cook you tasty food, give your medicines on time and attend you often. He would literally become a mom. He’ll make an appointment right away and keep nagging like a mom. ‘You never clean your space I always tell you to, now see you’re all sick you dirty brat!’ He would lay next to you watching you all night and get worried when you move during your sleep. ‘omg are you having a bad dream? well good for you you never clean up’ he would be the most caring, he’ll changee the thermostat according to your body temperature, clean off the sweat from your forehead and change your clothes in your sleep so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Doyoung: When he’ll see you all warm and drowsy on your bed he’ll get so concerned. He’ll get so quiet and sad because he can’t see you like that. He’ll make coffee for you and make sure you are relaxed in every way. He’ll probably be mad at you for being so careless but he loves you way too much. He’ll get you an appointment as soon as possible and will stay with you until you fully recover.

Winwin: Winwin will get too worried. He can’t cook, he doesn’t know anything. He’ll go to Taeyong for help and end up writing down tips from Taeyong and still mess up everything. He doesn’t know how to use a thermometer or turn on a stove. But in the end he still takes good care of you by asking Taeyong to make him soup.

Kun: Kun will be the most considerate just like Jaehyun. He’ll cook fancy but healthy meals, take care of you in every way and make sure you are comfortable. He believes that his recipes are more effective than medicines.

in fic and headcanons it’s always basically ‘oh feuilly is so great he does everything and he takes care of himself so well a+ role model WWFD (what would feuilly do)

but I’m just like ‘nah actually he has terrible habits,  this boy is so awful at self care. he’s used to just getting by and needs ‘excuses’ to treat himself so his friends give him blankets and sleepy time herbal tea for christmas’.


Alright but can we talk about Thomas Sanders’ s level of problematic-ness? There isn’t even a place on a scale I mean there’s everything from “Problematic Cinnamon Roll” to “Problematic Fave” to “Highly Problematic Trash Can” and he just???? Doesn’t fit??? He’s like “Angelic Unproblematic Cinnamon Roll Fresh Out of the Oven That is Too Good, Too Pure, Too Wonderful”