he does everything so well

when one becomes an apprentice one gets used to the way things are around the office rather quickly


YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.


Hwang Minhyun for Milkis Yo-Hi! Water

[TRANS] Jungkook+RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- hey
- guess who?
- this is jk☺
- noooooo i havent eaten
- chicken or pizza 🍕
- pick a side
- or run and hide
- … for diet
- g2g guys 😂😂😂
- I’m hungry but
- I’m now going to sleep
- Bye~~~

- he practiced the sentence like a hundred times
- askin me whether that sentence makes sense or net
- impressive. he does everything so well

Note; Words beginning in lowercase are words that he said in English.
Trans cr; @tamimou / @ btschannel


↳ hi
↳ this is 🐳🍇
↳ I was just going to sleep but I saw kookie’s channel and couldn’t pass it up
↳ In today’s chicago concert ending mention
↳ we live far away, but we will always be together
↳ (Jungkook) did his mention to me and to tell him if it’s right, while practicing he he kept asking ‘does it make sense?’
↳ so he did his speech excellently as expected. I think that if Kookie is passionate enough he can do everything well
↳ anyway, it’s great because he’s speaking english too
↳ he practiced the sentence like a hundred times (english)
↳ askin me whether that sentence makes sense or nor (english)
↳ impressive. he does everything so well (english)
↳  well bye, goodnight!
↳ gnight (english)
↳ 🌛

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

no offence but i am literally in love with yoongi and all of his little mannerisms and the way he speaks and smiles and literally everything he has to say is so important and i love listening to him so much he’s so kind and thoughtful and cute and he’s so talented and gifted in what he does and you can tell he’s so genuinely passionate and driven and dedicated and he really loves everything he does and he does it all so well and i’m really really really in love with him

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How would the members of Monsta x act around someone they have a crush on? (Thanks!!)

Shownu is incredibly subtle with his affections, it’s just in his nature. He is the kind of person who will never really flirt or drop hints the way others would, but instead he’d become more more caring and attentive towards you. He’ll notice that it’s cold out and you don’t have a jacket, so he’ll wordlessly hand you his. He’ll move while you two are walking so he’s closest to the road in case an accident was to happen. When you’re going out with the group and you guys need to order, he’ll turn to you first and ask what you want to get before he even thinks about what he wants. He’s like a guardian angel, and it becomes noticeable to everyone else that he dotes on you. 

Wonho, with all his good looks and charms, becomes a bit shy around the person he likes, but he also becomes really motivated to show them his best side. Likes if you lock eyes while no one else is looking, Wonho can barely hold back a smile and the blush in his cheeks but at the same time everything he does he hopes he does it well so you’ll think he’s cool. Like if there’s reason for you to need help, he’ll volunteer himself first and even if you don’t ask for help, he’ll lean over and be like “do you want me to carry that?” or “if we do it together it’ll be faster!”. He also starts doing things for you, like offering to pay for food or fixing your hair from your face, and after he does it - he gets super flustered. 

Kihyun likes to be dramatic with just about anything that he does, but when he likes someone that becomes a bit more diluted. Kihyun’s feelings for you kind of make him nervous to be the way he usually is around you, he doesn’t want to seem to be pushing it. But he doesn’t distance himself either, he kind of just tones it down and slowly, opens up more emotionally. He asks if he can spend more alone time with you, and you notice that his loud personality when he’s with a group becomes a bit more quiet. He’s the same silly, smart, and great guy but he starts to trust you with things that he doesn’t tell a lot of people. To put it shortly, Kihyun shows his most genuine side to you when he likes you. 

Hyungwon will actually put in effort to bicker with you if he likes you. You’ll both be on each others cases about the silliest of things, but what’s amusing is that Hyungwon doesn’t just give up and roll over after you say something to him - he actually responds. And it’s all fun and games, you both laugh about it and it’s never anything serious or hurtful, but to make jokes with one and other you really have to know the person. And Hyungwon obviously wants to know more about you, that’s why his play arguing with you is actually a sign of how much more invested he is in you than he is in other people, hmm I wonder why?

Minhyuk just wants to make you laugh. He wants to be the reason you’re happy, and he tries so so so hard to do this when he has a crush on you because whats more important to him than you reciprocating his feelings is you feeling comfortable with having him around. He’ll make jokes about things he knows you find funny, he’ll do impersonations of your favorite singers, he’ll even willingly embarrass himself if it makes you giggle and if he’s usually making jokes for everyone - it becomes obvious he has a specific target in mind from now on (you. it’s you). 

Jooheon becomes very, and I mean very, confused. With crushes, he worries too much about “do they like me back?” instead of “liking someone makes me really happy.” which is normal, but it makes him act a little strange around you. Some days he’s the same oblivious goofball, other days he’s cold and pretends to act uninterested. In reality, he just can’t tell if he’s doing enough flirting - too much or too little - or is he even doing anything at all? His crushes are always obvious to his members because he starts doing things he’s never done before, and in the end he always turns to them for advice. He also writes a lot of lyrics about you, it’s kinda cute. 

Changkyun/IM comes off as someone who is pretty forward with their feelings. I’m not saying he’d pull a drama like confession where he grabs your hand and is like “never let go” in front of everyone or something - but I think he makes steps to show you how he feels and they show his intentions well. Like he’ll put his arm around your shoulder casually and be like “let’s take a photo together” or he compliments you on whatever you’re wearing or working on. He’s pretty simple, but it’s refreshing because he doesn’t beat around the bush and really if someone teases him like Minhyuk goes “Don’t you really like them?” Changkyun would proudly go “Yeah, I really like them.” 

idk bout you🤔🤔🤔🤔but there’s this guy who’s an angel😇😇😇a dance 💃 king👑👑and who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽who is it??!?!?!!😧😧that’s rite👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽its Hoseok!!!! yep Jhope!!! yep Jay!! yep Hobi!!!! I can’t explain😓how this Boi makes me feel💗💗💘he deserves the world 🌎 🌎🌎🌎 the moon 🌙🌙🌙 and the stars💫💫💫💫he’s hardworking 💪🏽he’s encouraging 😝😝😝he’s nothing but the best😌pls I want everyone to luv him❣️❣️❣️as much as yoongi does😻 show him luv💞make him smile😁😁I want to see his eyes sparkle✨✨ his dimples come out and his heart to be full of luv from us💖💖💖💖he puts 110% into everything he does✊🏽✊🏽so we can be full and fed well🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 he never lets us down⬇️✖️⬆️✔️by showing luv💕💝❣️we r telling all the haters to 🔙off💯keep the luv coming so our dance 💃 king👑👑our sunshine ☀️☀️☀️☀️who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽can keep smiling

It’s In The Eyes

Hiding that you’re in love with your best friend can be difficult at the best of times, add in the fact that every time you’re together the internet makes endless gifs of your “heart eyes” and it can be impossible.

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: None! (Well, like one swear word)

A/N: Honestly this was just an excuse to reference their constant love eyes at each other because it’s literally cute af

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bts as dads: jjk

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • fraternal twins: the girl is older by like 7 minutes and she never ever ever lets him live it down bc she’s a jeon of course 
  • little boy: jeon kyungkook, 4 years old; little girl: jeon kae, 4 years old 
  • kook is that dad that insists on doing everything and we all know he does everything well so his kids are gonna grow up being like oooh i wanna be just like daddy!! 
  • if the jeon twins are known for anything it’s their fierce competitive nature and their extreme mischievousness
  • jungkook’s kids are gonna be the biggest handful let me tell you that 
  • they looove to compete w eachother over the smallest of things like 
  • they make bets about probably anything who can eat the most who can run faster who can hide at hide and seek better who’s taller who’s stronger who’s louder who’s sneeze is better who has better hair who’s uncle yoongi’s favorite literally a n y t h i n g
  • but don’t let that fool you they love eachother more than anything they’re so close i mean they do everything together so they’re 100% always looking out for eachother 
  • like even tho they bet on everything they always make sure the other doesn’t get hurt and even tho kyungkook is “younger” he acts as if he’s 3 years older than kae and is a protective bro 
  • like he always makes sure he’s not too rough w her and they always end the day by watching tv and cuddling together and sometimes he even plays w her hair he’s competitive by nature but also extremely childish and loving don’t hurt his twin sister or else 
  • but kae is always also looking out for her baby bro they’re twins they’re built in best friends and they’d do anything for eachother 
  • like she eats the vegetables he doesn’t like and when she cooks w dad she always sneaks him a sweet before dinner and just lil things bc yah they fight but at the end of the day they’re twins and you can’t break that bond 
  • they usually go to eachother for help or to confide in first but when they wanna go to their mommy or daddy, surprisingly enough kyungkook goes to you and kae goes to jungkook 
  • so basically you’ve got a troublemaking mama’s boy with a protective brother complex and daddy’s girl who’s just as troublesome but twice as soft 
  • dear lord help you two
  • these twins were also born for the spotlight
  • by that i mean they love attention 
  • they live for it 
  • they’ll do anything to get yours or jungkook’s attention and once they have it well they’re not letting it go 
  • they also compete for attention pls 
  • if kae gets her daddy to lift her up you better believe kyungkook is right behind her begging for a piggyback ride 
  • or if your little boy asks to cook dinner w you and gets some quality mommy son time you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think your little girl has stomped her foot and pouted her way up to her father to ask him to bake desert w her
  • and do they win every time w you and kook?
  • the answer is yes 
  • also bc they never seen to run out of energy!! ever!! 
  • you guys could have spent the entire day playing games or swimming or something and it’ll be like 5pm and you can still hear them saying daddy again!! one more round pleaaaaaase 
  • and of couuuurse jungkook can’t say no because another thing about the wonder twins: the double puppy eyes 
  • and how can you say no to that?? 
  • so he gives in to anything they want because even if he could win one of them over he’ll never get the other and he’ll always end up caving so he just saves himself the trouble and does or buys whatever they want when they first give him the eyes 
  • so there’s a constant supply of ice cream and toys and games and clothes for the twins bc when don’t they get what they want from kook??
  • and are you even mad about it?? no bc they’re the cutest 
  • and sometimes you get naughty and join in on and then it’s three pairs of cute puppy eyes that he’s in love with staring at him and begging him and honestly you guys don’t even have to try he’d do anything for the three of you anyway

Request: Maybe one where y/n is pregnant and she tells Shawn but he doesn’t take it very well???


Your name: Submit What is this?

- - - -

You have been dating Shawn for 5 months, and he feels like the one. Although you haven’t really been with other people before him, you feel as though this is what love should feel like - nothing more, nothing less. You’re crazy about him; always gushing to your friends and family about how wonderful and loving he is, and all the things that he does for you on the daily. It seems impossible, but he loves you even more. Shawn mainly keeps his thoughts internal though, because it’s more special when it’s more personal.

You never thought anything like this would happen to you, and you had no idea what to do. How do you tell him something like this? 17 years old is too young to have a baby, and he would be a father at 19.

“Y/N?” Shawn says, and you can hear his footsteps coming towards you into the living room from the kitchen. “What are you doing?”

You think that he can tell already what’s playing on your mind even though you haven’t uttered a word yet. Your worried eyes meet his concerned ones and you quickly look away, almost embarrassed about what has happened to you. Unsure of whether or not you are going to start crying, you continue to stare at the floor and Shawn walks softly over to sit next to you.

“What’s up, honey?” Shawn reaches out his hand and puts in gently under your chin to lift your head up to look at him, but you persist to stare intently at the floor. “What’s up?” He repeats, and you can tell just from the tone of his voice that he is now very anxious about what is going on.

Bravely, you decide to slowly look up from the floor and face him. You know that this can’t just go away- you have to face the problem. “I… have something to tell you, Shawn… and I honestly don’t know how you’re going to take it.” You tell him truthfully. He gazes into your eyes, trying to read your mind and understand the situation which makes you slightly uncomfortable.

“It’s okay, Y/N. Just say whatever it is.” Shawn replies, trying to act relaxed but you can see clearly that he is more concerned than ever. It’s his body language. You know him so well, and everything that he does when he’s scared or anxious. Whether it’s before a show or before going out on a date with you - Shawn has tell-tale signs. He plays with the hem of his shirt, praying that he will find a loose thread to tie around his fingers again and again to distract himself from the looming situation. He clenches his jaw to a rhythm that others would hum, trying to be discreet and not let others know he’s doing it. He continually wipes his clammy hands on his jeans so he can once again, not let anyone know he’s feeling the slightest bit of anxiety.

“Ok.” You say and take a deep breath to prepare yourself. It’s no longer bearable to go through all of the possible outcomes for this conversation in your head; you need to find out what the real outcome will be. “I threw up this morning… I don’t know if you noticed or not.” You explain to him.

“You threw up? What? I’m so sorry I didn’t realise, Y/N. Was that when I went out to get Tim Horton’s for us?” Shawn says, sounding extremely guilty.

“Yeah it was. I told you to go out because I felt sick, don’t worry.” You tell him, analysing his face at the same time and wondering when he’s going to realise that this story sounds strange.

Shawn’s phone vibrates in his jean pocket, and he pulls it out to check who has text him. It’s Andrew, messaging him to confirm the flight times for the weekend to start the tour; which you won’t be going to. The amount of school work that you have to do is overwhelming, and your teachers definitely wouldn’t appreciate you having to do school work completely online when on tour, if you do still have the choice to stay home and come to school like usual.

His thumbs rapidly type a response to the text before pressing send and Shawn tucking his phone away again in his pocket once more. He looks around the room a bit, as he’s forgotten what he was doing. “So, where were we?” He queries.

“I was just about to explain something important to you.” You respond cautiously and pause, “About why I was sick today.”

Shawn says nothing, just sits and waits for you to get on with it.

But, you can’t bring yourself to say it as the nerves are too much. Instead, you look down and put your hand gently on your stomach to try and convey the message to him.

“Wait… what?” Shawn speaks loudly, wanting to have misunderstood, “You can’t be.” He shakes his head and doesn’t even try to hide his disappointment. This isn’t happening.

“Shawn…” You shuffle up closer to him and try to comfort him, although you really feel like this situation should be the other way round. “What are you thinking about” You whisper cautiously, scared of his reply, as you know you can’t go through this on your own and you know that it’s what neither of you wanted right now.

He looks like he’s about to cry as he leans over and puts his elbows on his knees, and supports his head with his hands. Your hand harshly gets shoved off of his knee, and you’re left there feeling hopeless. “I have to go, Y/N.” Shawn gets up and heads towards the door faster than you’ve ever seen him move before - and that’s when you break down.

You see no point in attempting to stop him. There’s nothing that you can tell him in this moment that will change the solid facts. You’re pregnant. He’s the father. You both don’t know what to do, and Shawn is angry, or maybe upset and frightened. He’s normally easy to read, but for some reason it’s too hard to read him right now, and that adds to the weight crushing your heart flat. It pains you so much, because he’s the person you love most on this planet. You thought that he felt the same too.

The door swings open with no hesitation, and slams shut even faster. The sound is so unfaltering, it’s so final.

A/N: Idk how I feel about this one guys, but I hope you enjoy!! You can send me requests here.


> hi*
> this is 🐳🍇*
> I was going to sleep, but I can’t ignore Kookie’s CH+ (he talked about learning the word “specific”)
> During today’s Chicago concert ending-ment
> We live far far away, but we will always be together*
> While practicing for the ment, he kept asking how its suppose to be said
> while practicing for the ending-ment, he kept asking if he was saying it right and if it made sense..
> Anyways, he sounded really cool when speaking English like that
> he practiced the sentence like a hundred times*
> askin me whether that sentence makes sense or net*
> impressive. he does everything so well*
> Then byebye goodnight!
> gnight*
> 🌜

trans: jhope-shi

* = typed in English

Among the many things I like about Shouto one of them is the fact that he just kinda… rattles off his life story to Izuku like he deserves some sort of explanation for why he’s such a salty boy and honestly??? 

That gives me life.

Relive ; Bucky Barnes

WARNINGS: angst-y kind of vibes, dying 

summary:  “i died and came back and now i get to relive my last day with you knowing i’m going to die and you know nothing and i can’t prevent this and you have no idea what just happened and your heart is going to be crushed all over again” au

A/N: i hope i distinctly wrote this haha…

Bucky sighed in full vexation as he argued with you again about his new mission. This time the both of you were arguing because you were protesting about the lack of appreciation and love you were receiving from him –as you always hear him hurry out for a new mission, often times completely neglecting a farewell. “You know how my missions are important, Y/N. Steve needs me and I can’t let him down.” He quibbled and you sighed as he utterly was missing the point. “But I need you too. You’ve been blowing me off, totally forgetting that I need constant affection and support too.”

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