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So Felix has been randomly popping into my head, like wtf Felix get out I'm tryna do math, but It occurred to me that most of the people hating characters in ML usually change their mind if they see a well-written back-story. Do you think Fe is perhaps so cold and distant because of his father? He's actually maybe really considerate when others don't realize it, but he's hurting because of the lack of kindness in his own life, so he has a cold exterior to protect himself? You're the Felix expert

this new wave of CGI fans don’t need everything tailored to fit their preferences! i don’t think we should have to fabricate a backstory for felix to win over a disapproving new audience. if people don’t like him and/or can’t be swayed to actually watch the PV properly to understand his character and enjoy him as he is, at this point it’s their loss. 

i understand what you’re saying though, and it’s an interesting thing to theorise about! i feel like felix gets his demeanor directly from his father rather than trying to rebel against that attitude to life, as adrien does, but it’s difficult to tell how deep it runs in him - whether it’s natural or forced, and how easily he’ll bend to having physical and emotional freedom as chat noir. 

i especially wonder exactly what his relationship with his father is. since felix actually got extremely far in production (and wasn’t dumped directly after the PV, as a lot of people seem to think; he was reworked into adrien literally right at the last minute) i imagine it’s the same basic concept as the final show; a rich-but-isolated boy with no mother and a father too busy being a supervillain to give him any attention, but past that is a total mystery! from what i’ve seen marinette’s life was pretty much cookie-cutter-identical to the way it is now (though her room was way cooler before), but we know literally nothing about felix’s civilian situation, except that he’s an avid reader who’s content with his own company and dresses painfully formally.

i guess a good starting point to decipher that would be the likelihood that he’s new at school - explaining why marinette was circling him in the hallway like she’d never seen him before! working back from that brings up a ton of questions. why did felix start school if he doesn’t appear to enjoy being there? was it his choice or his father’s? could he have just recently moved to paris from somewhere else? what was the trigger to switch him away from whatever he did previously? could it be to keep him out of the way while his father plays villain? if that’s so, is it because felix would be a nuisance to avoid, or specifically to keep him out of harm’s way because he’s so precious to PV-gabriel…?

i mean, heck, just that one tiny crack into that world’s canon splits out like a spider web in a million directions! it’s such an interesting thing to analyse and investigate, and i love trying to get into every nook and cranny of it.