he didnt won


Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

So I was listening to the radio and the guy on the radio said that there was a contest on the website to nominate your favorite teacher to receive a basket of chocolate covered fruit and I’m pretty sure he was talking about like high school teachers and the like but

Just for fun I signed up my history professor bc he’s amazing and I was like “What the hell it’ll be cool if he gets it” and guess who apparently got a basket of chocolate covered fruit w a card saying that I signed him up for a contest bc he’s my favorite professor

He gave me a card and a copy of one of his favorite books to thank me y'all this man is so sweet I almost cried

all i do as bastion is hang out in corners shooting at anything that comes my way. 

is…is there anything else to bastion? 

I killed a Reaper trying to sneak up on me twice. 

His fatal flaw was that he kept saying “repositioning” right fucking behind me, in my robot ears. 


At least you didn’t have to win three times in a row(〃・ω・〃)

Okay, but the amount of issues these brothers, Ji Won and Anthony, have with talking openly about how they feel is just. Mindboggling. Heartbreaking.

Me in comp: hey whats up team

Some guy: you sound like a girl why is your name keithkogane

Me: oh uh it’s cause hes this character from a show..

The guy: oh so is he like from an anime? He sounds like hes from an anime.

@people who ask why Bobby gets a Solo: He.is.the.winner.of.smtm3.and.should’ve.got.a.solo.two.years.ago. 🙃