he didnt know who

kid said he liked my hair as i was walking past and it took me too long to reply because i didnt know who was talking to me and he said “okay fuck you too” and then walked away 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😋😋😋😋😋🤑🤑😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂


Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner Super Bowl Pre-Party



….vicious nerd fight erupts 

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Hi!! I love the Voltron Family, they are so cute!!! You give me a reason to believe that love is everywhere :) I have this thought that's been bordering me hehe it about Shiro and Keith, we already have a Shiro thinking that Keith was cheating but i want to know how Keith will react if it was the other way hehe. I know haha they are a happy family but I just can't ignore the angst xD

Thank you!! 8D The Voltron Family is just… such a loving family and they want what’s best for their kids :(  Oh damn. #DRAMA again AHHAHAH 

PREVIOUSLY: Shiro accused Keith of cheating

Keith knew that Shiro loved him, his husband made it a point to tell him that every single day. Adopting kids sealed the whole deal for Keith. For the whole week, Shiro’s car was getting fixed, so Keith picked him up at work. Keith texted his husband that he was stuck in traffic and Shiro replied saying it was okay. Keith knew he was late for about two hours, so he rushed out of the car and walked to Shiro’s office. He was about to turn around the corner when he heard Shiro’s voice. 

Shiro: You know I can’t. Stop this.
Woman: Takashi… Come on. I can offer you what you need.

Keith was shocked to hear a woman’s voice so he peeked and saw Shiro pinned on the wall. The woman with him had her hands gripping Shiro’s arms and was too way too close and suddenly the woman kissed Shiro on the lips.

Suddenly Keith’s world stopped. He dropped his phone and his eyes just started to water. Shiro was shocked and so was the woman when they turned their heads towards the intruder.

Shiro: Keith? It’s not—
Keith: *tears just wouldn’t stop falling* How could you do this to me, Takashi?
Shiro: *walks towards Keith* Keith, no it’s…
Keith: *steps back* *shakes his head*

Keith turned around and just walked out. He drove back home while crying. He immediately went up to their bedroom and locked the door. A few minutes later the door unlocked. Keith knew who it was without even looking.

Shiro: Keith… *sits down on the bed with a big distance*
Keith: *back facing Shiro* Tell me honestly, do you want a divorce?
Shiro: *eyes widens in anger* *stands up* Again with the divorce shit? When will you cut that out, Keith?
Keith: *turns around* *stands up* Oh, I don’t know. When you stop lip locking with women?! MAYBE?! 
Shiro: *clenches fist* If only you didn’t walk off you would’ve gotten the whole picture. 
Keith: What’s there to explain Shiro? She kissed you and you didn’t stop her! You and I both know she’s right! She can give you something I can’t. She can give you the pleasure you’ve always craved for that I can’t provide! She’s—
Shiro: *kisses Keith* 
Keith: *shock* *knits his eyebrows in anger* *tries to push Shiro* YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME. YOU CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS TO ME WHEN I’M— *tears started to fall again*
Shiro: *pulls Keith into a hug* I would stop doing it if you stop saying that. 
Keith: *grips Shiro’s button up shirt*
Shiro: *can feel Keith’s warm tears* Loretta. She’s a newly hired doctor and she’s been very open regarding her interest in me. I’ve told her I was married and I have a husband. It didn’t stop her still. Usually it’s just subtle flirting and I would always turn her down. Tonight caught me off guard, too. I didn’t think she’d go that far to actually kissing me. I was shocked and froze right on the spot. *looks down on Keith who was still silently crying* I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. *kisses Keith’s head* I know I should’ve done so much more to stop her before it came to this.
Keith: *broken voice* But she’s right though.
Shiro: *leans back to look at Keith* How many times do I have to tell you? Since day one I knew what I was getting into and I was up for it. I love you so fucking much you have no idea how much it kills me everyday. If I could spend every single second beside you I would. I want—
Keith: *slowly wraps his arms around Shiro’s waist* *tiny voice* Why?
Shiro: Because no matter how many gorgeous women or men throw themselves at me, I’d always choose you. *caresses Keith’s cheek* At the end of the day, you’re the want I want to hold hands with, want to cuddle with, want to watch stupid movies with. *smiles sadly* I… I really wish you could just see how I see you so you’d stop being insecure about us.
Keith: It’s because I can’t do it all—
Shiro: Keith, stop that. I don’t care. I told you. I don’t fucking care. I want you to be comfortable all the time. I don’t care if we don’t for the next 10 years.
Keith: *looks up* Really? *sniffs* You’d do that? For me?
Shiro: *nods* Yes. I really would. If it makes you feel better, we could just stop if you want. *smiles lovingly at Keith* *pushes some of his hair aside so he can see Keith’s watery eyes* *starts wiping his husband’s eyes*
Keith: *chuckles while crying as he shakes his head* I can’t do that to you.
Shiro: Why not?
Keith: *more tears fell as he broke down* *looks up at Shiro helplessly* It’s the only thing k-keeping you from leaving me.
Shiro: *eyebrows furrows in anger* Keith, stop saying that. *hisses* STOP. SAYING. THAT.
Keith: But it’s true, if I don’t…
Shiro: *steps back* Is this how you feel… every time we…
Keith: *turns away and avoids looking at Shiro’s direction*
Shiro: *runs his fingers thru his hair* Oh god. I’m such an idiot. Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve asked you so many times if it’s okay and you said it was and… Keith, please look at me. *pulls Keith towards him* I don’t want you to feel obligated just because I’m not like you.
Keith: *tiny voice* But I’m your husband.
Shiro: *hugs him* Exactly why you shouldn’t feel that way. I’m so so so sorry. No matter what happens I’m not going to leave you. *kisses Keith on the cheek* I’m not going to get tired of you, besides you’re the only one who laughs at my jokes. *chuckles*
Keith: I force myself to laugh at them so you don’t feel bad. *sly smile*
Shiro: Oh my god. *laughs* *hugs Keith tighter* See? What a very caring husband you are. *gives a peck on the lips* My offer is still on btw.
Keith: *smiles* I’ll think about it. But thank you, I might actually just take it.
Shiro: I’m expecting that you might.
Keith: *smiles sadly* You sure about this, Shiro?
Shiro: *beams down at Keith* Hundred percent. Just think about it, please? This is very important.
Keith: *smiles* I will.

Imma tell yall how i simultaneously pissed off 50 art students and the most infamous art teacher in my school.

Basically we have one teacher named Herman. The entire school knows him because hes Big Bad Herman and hes tall af and scary and he has a habit of seeing through everyone and finding your weak spots. He talks loudly and will not hesitate to tell you your stuff fucking sucks if he thinks you didnt have fun or tried hard to make it. Hes the best fucking teacher ive ever had.

And he told us to create a physical experience for our classmates and him.

So i had three layers of bubblewrap. And some construction tape. You know the red tape with the white bars on it that tells you you cant enter somewhere.

And i know no human can resist bubblewrap. And i know my classmates and Herman cannot resist getting past some “do not pass” tape.

So i hammered the bubblewrap into the wall and put tape in front of it. As a challenge to get past it. As a big red sign of “POP THE FUCKING BUBBLEWRAP JUST DO IT”

So Herman asked me what my work was and i told him to try it out. Try and pop the wrap. And he looked at it and reached in his arm and said “the bubblewrap is literally in reach this isnt very hard”

And he grabbed a layer of bubblewrap and squeezed it. Then he grabbed another layer and squeezed it. Then, he just slowly turned around, looked at me and said “you dirty bitch”

Unpoppable bubblewrap, ladies and gentlemen.

When I was your age — about, ooh, a few thousand years ago — I loved a good bedtime story. The Three Little Cyclopes. The Emperor Titan’s New Clothes. Snow White and the Seven Pleiades, eh? All the classics.
—  Poseidon, trying to comfort a young Percy.

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS


so i ‘accidentally’ bought some stuff for my norn

also learned that going into a zone 30 lvls higher than you to take pretty screenshots is painful


do you ever find yourself missing someone you used to have a thing with but you know you shouldnt be missing them bc they just played with your feelings and they probably didnt actually like you


Imagine Tina Goldstein having a huuuge crush on this famous senior back in her Ilvemorny days, but she was too shy to talk to him, he didnt even know who the hell she was. Tina kept it a secret for years, until, said senior in Ilvemorny happened to be her senior Auror at MACUSA and he, hulla, started hitting on her.



Gogo and I were talking about The Lemonade Stand episode and this kinda’ came up.

so my boyfriend and i went to the twenty one pilots show in richmond last night. he likes their music a lot, but just got into them and doesnt know tyler joseph or josh dun. he went to the bathroom and he came back and said hey, whos josh dun? and i was like the drummer in top why??! and he said he had just shook hands with him in the bathroom. i showed him a picture of josh dun and he said no, thats not him. he had a round face, short hair. so i showed him a picture of tyler and he was like thats him!

my boyfriend met tyler in the bathroom at the venue. didnt know who he was. i guess tyler knew that so he said he was playing in a band that night and introduced himself as josh dun.

Cause what if they saw the other die in front of them?

My first ever SNS fanart!! So I just thought that what if back in 661/662, the other was too late to help and they see the other die right in front of them.
this took me 6 hours to draw huhu