he didnt have his ring on

thoughts on Aaron bc i think he has a lot of potential as a character also im emo

  • he hates andrew
  • he hates that he took away the chance to reconcile with tilda
  • he hates he never got to confront her like he dreamed of doing
  • he hates that he couldnt save himself
  • he hates that andrew so often turns to violence. it takes him back to days he wants to forget.
  • he doesn’t hate andrew. he’s just so angry. all the time. andrew changed his life so he’s the easiest to hate
    • its complicated, though, because half of the hate is for himself. because he wasn’t there. he doesn’t understand. he feels like andrew is light years away, at times. 
  • sometimes he catches himself thinking of Tilda again. these are the worst days, when he tries to rationalize what she did to him. he can’t help it. she was his mother.
  • he knows his remarks hurt nicky and remind him of the unwelcoming home he grew up in
  • he doesn’t mean it. he only means to hurt nicky enough to push him away. family has been a source of pain for him as long as he can remember.
  • nicky is just so bright and persistent and he can’t stand it. he feels hollow and broken and he wants nicky to just leave him be, he wants his entire family to disappear and leave him be, but he made a deal. 
  • he loves katelyn because it seems like none of his impurity can touch her
    • she smiles and he feels he can too, and it won’t feel fake this time
    • when she holds his hand he doesnt see scars on his knuckles or the racquet that killed drake, he sees the ring he wants to give her on graduation
  • he wants to be a doctor because he spent so much time patching himself up, covering up bruises from home by telling people that exy is just a rough sport
  • he knows the signs of hiding hurt and he wants to help people so they don’t have to do that
    • him and katelyn’s first child is adopted. a little girl came in with a broken arm and fear in her eyes and a father who didnt let her speak.
    • aaron thought he knew anger before, but that day? he felt like he would gladly kill a man. again. 
    • that little girl smiles so much now and looks at aaron like he hung the moon and stars. he makes blueberry pancakes for her every saturday.
  • he works in the ER/trauma ward as a surgeon. he deals with some of the worst injuries but he loves what he does because he gives people another chance
  • he volunteers in the attached rehab center. he attends addicts anonymous meetings there as a guest speaker. 
    • there’s a boy there who mustve been the same age aaron was when he started, the lonely dead look in his eyes haunted aaron after the first meeting he saw him in
    • he’s in recovery and babysits aaron’s daughter now and loves her like a little sister
  • at nicky’s wedding he doesn’t make a speech, no huge fancy present. he walks up to nicky, he says “i’m sorry, and i’m glad you’re happy”
    • nicky cries
    • its the first time erik smiles at him
  • he doesnt give andrew presents, but he knows the cats birthdays and sends really obnoxious toys for them
  • him and katelyn have two boys with bright blond hair. they smile so much, and them with their daughter is always his phone background.
    • they go on play dates with matt and dan’s kids. their daughters are connected at the hip (aaron’s daughter gets the guts to ask her out in high school. they’re married when they graduate college).
  • the boy from the AA meetings comes over for holidays, is the kids honorary big brother, and goes to palmetto state university not to be a fox, but just to get his degree.
  • aaron and katelyn grow old together
  • he never  bothered hoping for any of this. he thought he deserved every hit his mother dished out, everything life threw it at him. but he grew up, he fell in love, he found a family in the foxes and made one of his own soon after.
56 things about James Potter

Since it is the birthday of the biggest nerd to ever exist, here are 56 facts to represent 56 years since the birth of our favorite stag 

  1. he has so much nervous energy, he constantly is shaking his leg during class or flipping his quill through his fingers 
  2. every photograph of him from before age 11 has his hair slicked to the side (thanks to copious amounts of Sleekeazy) and to this day just the scent of his fathers potion makes him gag
  3. in fourth year he decided that he looked better without glasses and for two months walked around hogwarts essentially blind. sirius was his guide. 
  4. in fourth year james broke his ankle tripping down stairs. 
  5. james refuses to say that not wearing glasses and breaking his ankle were related in anyway whatsoever 
  6. he constantly cracks his knuckles. 
  7. when james was young, he made a friend with a muggle child at the park. he really, really wanted them to go to hogwarts together so he kept on trying to teach them magic 
  8. it didn’t succeed and on the day before james left for hogwarts he went to the park and said goodbye 
  9. he cried for hours after
  10. he snores like a freight-train 
  11. his handwriting is incredibly messy, in part because his hand cant keep up with his mind, but mainly because he thinks his sloppy handwriting looks cool 
  12. he tucks his hand into his fists when he punches 
  13. bc of this he’s broken his thumbs more times than he can count so hes gotten really good at basic healing spells 
  14. but his thumbs still look a bit wonky regardless 
  15. he has random freckles on his collarbone, left knee and on the back of both of his hands
  16. each year he thinks of a new ‘cool’ catchphrase that he thinks will 100% catch on 
  17. it literally never does 
  18. the summer before 6th year he and sirius constantly hung around near muggle shops to learn about muggle fashion 
  19. sirius wanted to piss of his family, james wanted to impress lily 
  20. he had a lisp up until he was ten. he had a hard time with his ‘th’ sounds. 
  21. in fifth year he announced he wasn’t going to cut his hair until either…
  22. A. the gryffindors lost a quidditch match 
  23. or B. they won the house cup 
  24. the gryffindors never lost a match, and so his hair ended up resembling that of a lions mane (he liked to pretend he was a real-life mascot for the team instead of a 15 year old with wild, ungroomed hair) 
  25. when they won the house cup it was sirius who cut it off
  26. which was a bad decision bc sirius was drunk and delirious (both from winning and from getting a bludger to the head) 
  27. it ended up with james having fifty more cowlicks than he already had and patches of hair altogether missing from his scalp 
  28. he, of course, wore this haircut with pride bc it meant that gryffindor had won the bloody cup 
  29. he lowkey slept with his stuffed lion until he was 13 
  30. even then he always had him under his bed up until harry was born, he then passed down the raggedy old thing to him 
  31. he doesnt trust horses tbh their eyes are too human-like for him to feel comfortable around them 
  32. he has a small gap between his two front teeth. you cant notice it from far away, but up close you can tell he definitely has one 
  33. sirius and james pretty much shared a bed the first three years at hogwarts. sirius had really bad night terrors, and james had always wanted a younger brother to protect so it worked out well 
  34. he proposed to lily after a battle. they had lost ten people in under two hours. he didnt have a ring, but it didnt matter 
  35. the next day he “properly” proposed in their flat (it was really james’ and sirius’ flat but lily essentially lived there now). he gave her his mother’s engagement ring. he transfigured the diamond to take the shape of a lily
  36. in second year sirius bet that james couldnt live off of a diet of strictly chocolate frogs. 
  37. james took the challenge but ended up in the hospital wing a month and a half later with scurvy 
  38. from second year on he would always consciously change the pitch of his voice whenever he knew lily was in ear shot 
  39. it was only in the beginning of 7th year when she got drunk in the head common room with him did his tone accidentally slip back to normal 
  40. this is also the night he had his first kiss with lily, because she realized what he had been doing all this time and how ridiculous it was and how ridiculous he was and how ridiculously in love she was with him. 
  41. james would always throw the invisibility cloak over himself in the ultimate game of peek-a-boo with harry 
  42. it was great until harry started to become mobile and pull the cloak over himself, ending up in a four hour search for an infant who had fallen asleep under a sheet of invisibility 
  43. his shoes are ALWAYS untied 
  44. when he starts talking about something he feels passionately about, his voice automatically gets louder and louder until he either finishes his point or his throat goes hoarse 
  45. james’ first word was “uh-oh” 
  46. he is obsessed with qudditch. he would have practices at night because he thought other teams would spy on them and practices would last 6 hours or more. like he honestly made oliver wood look like a casual fan 
  47. before 6th year he and sirius got tattoos. 
  48. james got antlers smack dab in the middle of his back, while sirius got dog prints leading down his lower back 
  49. they were both 10000% sober and not at all drunk nope not at all 
  50. they didnt realize they actually had tattoos until a few days later when they were practicing quidditch in the potter’s backyard. they had both taken off their shirts to bc it was august and hot and ‘oh my god, padfoot you’ve got a tramp stamp’
  51. james was really short up until the summer before fourth year when he shot up like a foot in a half 
  52. it took him until he was 18 to actually get used to his height and not trip over his own gangly limbs 
  53. 6th year was the official “james potter is convinced he is john lennon” year. lily never admitted it but john lennon had always been her favorite beatle. 
  54. he never seems to get cold?? it would be the middle of winter and he would be in hogsmeade with a light-weight robe on while everyone else had on like four layers of wool. 
  55. he had a really bad habit of flipping his wand in his hand. most of the time it was fine, but one time he accidentally set a first year’s uniform on fire. 
  56. james died with bloody knuckles, he may not have had his wand but he refused to die without a fight. 


Getting married to your best friend had always been your dream ever since you were little.

Today that was becoming a reality as you were to soon be wed to harry styles.

You and harry had know each other since birth and you fell in love at 18

You have been with his though thick and thin.

Through everything you had stood by his side.

You got along with the boys and his family as he did your’s and you couldn’t be happier when they accepted him

When you were 20 harry asked you to marry him

Now 2 years later you are in your dressing room getting ready to walk down the Isle to officially be harry’s.

“Stay still love” your mother said as she did your hair while harry’s mother did your makeup

“I cant belive my baby brother has finnaly found the love of his life. Im so happy its you” harry’s sister gemma said as she let atear fall causing both your mother and harry’s mother to cry

“Come one guys, your gonna make me cry!” You said feeling the water works come

“Right cant have you crying on your big day!” Your mother said as she finished your hair

“Done. Now for the dress!” Harry’s mother said helping you out of the chair

Walking over to your dress you smiled at the beautiful detailed lace fishtail gown.

“Its so pretty! Your gonna look amazing in it!” Gemmas little girl’s said

You had given gemma the right to be your maid of honor and her twin girls to be the flower girl’s wich she agreed to

Getting into your dress you sighed and stood infront of the full body length mirrior

Feeling a tear slip down your face a hand grabbed it

“Whats wrong?” Harry’s mother asked as she stood with you

“Are you not happy that your getting married?” Your mother asked as she stood on the other side of you with a confused look

“No. No. Im just really happy that i get to marry someone i love.” You said smiling

“Harry’s going to fall over when he see’s your beauty walk down the Isle” gemma said as she smiled taking a photo of you and your mother’s

A knock at the door was heard and soon your fathers came in along with your brother’s, and zayn, liam, louis and niall.

Harry’s band members had always been apart of your life so you both invited them to the wedding even though the band broke up a while ago

“Wow!” Louis said as he came to you and kissed your cheek and hugged you

You and harry always had a soecial bond with louis so you made him the best man of the wedding

You smiled at him as the others came to you giving you hugs and compliments

“Let’s get this started ay?” Zayn said as he smiled at you

You nodded and soon you began your way down to the doors leading to the backyard (more of a forest) where you would officially become Mrs styles

The boys and girls went ahead and got there selves ready and then went gemma’s girls and your brother’s little boy with the rings

“Ready?” You father asked as you looked at him and linked your arms together

“Ready as ill ever be!” You said smiling causing him to smile

The music began to play signeling you to start walking

As you walked through everyone stood up, you could see your family’s and friend’s all smiling and crying

And then your focus met harry’s.

All you could see was the love of your life, his beautiful figure had a black tux on and his hair styled the way you liked it.

 all your nerves and worries suddenly went out the door as you made it to the end of the walk way.

“Love you” you father said as he kissed your cheek and placed your hand in harry’s

“You look beautiful” harry whispered to you

“You dont look to bad yourself” you grinned at harry causing him to smirk

“Ladies and gentleman today we ar-” you zoned the priest out and looked at harry as he looked at you

You smiled at him causing him to smlie back with his dimpled smile you loved

“Now for the vow’s. Y/n, would you like to go first?” The priest asked you smiled and nodded

“We all know im not good at this so bear with me” you said causing everyone including harry to laugh

Taking a breath you smiled at harry

“You are my best friend. I love you with all my heart and stand here before all of our friends and family, sharing the happiest day of my life. I want nothing more than to share my future with you – my triumphs and my challenges, my joys and my sorrows. Together, I know we can accomplish the life we both dream of living. I promise to love you as much as I love my credit card and not hold your poor fashion sense against you. I will only show you my new clothes during commercial breaks and promise to keep you in the latest Cub fashions. From this day forward, I will make sure your lucky shirt is washed for every game day, and will have plenty of potato chips on hand. I will love you for richer or poorer, as long as our credit limit stays high.
I, y/n, take you, harry, to be my awful wedded husband, to have and to scold, from this day fast forwarded for better but not worse, for richer, and poorer, forget sickness only in health, to loathe and to cherish, till suspicious death do we part.”

Everyone laughed and cried at your spech/vow and you could see your father and harrys laughing along with harry

“Y/f/n y/l/n, from this day forward I promise to be worth it. Worth the time. Worth the trip. Worth the energy. Worth the embarrassment. Worth your love. I promise that you will always count. You will always come first, and of course, if you don’t for whatever reason, I will buy you some shoes. From the moment you entered my world, you have filled it with life, colour and energy like never before … like kool-aid in a mud puddle … or a cupcake in a salad … or a rose garden in a junk yard. You are my rose, y/f/n y/l/n, and I promise to devote my life to being your dirt.
I, harry, promise to count every penny that comes into our grasp, and account for it using two-column ledgers and everything your accountant has done previously. I promise to love you, y/n, unconditionally, in sickness and in health, till death do us part, even when you feel the need to accessorize with $400 shoes.”

Harry’s speach/vow caused you to laugh and cry along with everyome else

“The ring’s” the priest said as your brothers son handed you the ring’s having harry shake his hair in a pat

Sliding the rings on each other you smiled happily with wide grins on your faces

“I now pronouce you husband and wife, you may jow kis-” the priest didnt even get to finish his sentence before harry had you dipped and your lips attached to his

This of course made everyone laugh and cheer as loud as they could

Steadying you on your feet harry smiled at you as he grabbed your hand and you made your way out the door and into the car

Arriving at the venue harry helped you out the car and held your hand in his as you were cheered and flowers were thrown on you as you made your way to the seats

As everyone got seated your family along with harry’s stood up and gave a small speach and then sang a song causing you and harry to groan and laugh

After the emotional speach from your parent’s and gemma, louis stood up to the stage along with the rest of the boy’s

“Hello?” Niall said into the mike causing everyone to laugh

“Ah its working…ah…okay so we would like to make a speach or toast whatever you prefer to the newly married couple” niall said holding his glass up as he said

Liam stepped up to the mike as they all looked lost causing you and harry to laugh

“We are the groomsmen and best man of the bride and groom. We are here today to celebrate the love that pur two best friend’s share” liam started out causing you to smile

“I met harry in high school. He got an A. I got a D. It was great.” Louis said causing everyone to laugh

“Ive had an amazing bond with harry and y/n and ive known them all my life. Ive watched them grow and learn. I mean I’ve even watched harry constantly practice in the mirror of how he was going to ask y/n out.” One again you laughed a little to loudly as what louis said

“I’ve known y/n and harry for 5 years now and let me tell you it absolutely horror when they are together” zayn Said making everyone laugh including you and harry

“Weve know known harry and y/n for about 6 or 7 years now?” Niall asked as he looked at you and harry causing you to nod

“I wouldn’t know seeing as its been torture having them around all those years.” Niall said causing you to laugh

“All and all though. We’re exstreamly proud at how far the couple have come in life.” Liam said

“I mean they got married before any of us so that’s and achievement” louis butted in causing you to laugh

“Were greatful for having you both be two of our very best mate’s and were so pleased to be a part or not only your wedding night but your life. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better woman to be a part of all our lives and are greatful for her advice when we dont know how to deal with our own women.” Liam said causing everyone to laugh

“We love you t/n!!” They all yeleld making you smile and blow them a kiss

“And as for harry its been great having you mate.” They said with no emotion and went to walk off the stage

“Hey!” Harry said with fakr hurt causing everyone to laugh

“Nah were joking hazza. We love you with all out heart and its been amazing to have you apart of not onky our lives but the band. Speaking of ehich i think we have one alst song to sing right?” Louis asked causing harry to mod amd kisss you and walk on stage

“Woah, were do i start hey” harry said as he stood in front of the mike causing everyone to laugh

“Let me just say that i am truly thankful for you all in being a a part of mine and my wife’s, y/n, journey and thank you for being a part of our wedding night. Y/n, baby i want to say thank you for making me the happiest man alive and for putting up with all my crap. I realize that I’ve never really shown my love to you so im going to do it tonight in the only way i know how and that’s through song. Please give it up for my mates and for my beautiful wife!” Harry said causing everyone to cheer

“This song is called 18 and its dedicated to the love of my life, y/n.”

( https://youtu.be/VRpzJabYlQQ )

Throughout the whole song harry’s eyes never left your’s as he sung to you with so much love and passion

At the end of the song you were in tears, happy tears. Clapping you ran to harry and kissed him causing him to wrap his arms around you and kiss you back smiling

“I love you” harry said grinning at you

“I love you too” you said smiling and scrunching your nose as he kissed it causing him to laugh.

Throughout the whole night Laugher and cheer was shared along with passion and love and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

but like imagine Draco buying you a ring at a really young age, and you two had known each other for years and one day he was like “I want to carry a ring that reminds me of Y/N.” so he got a common phase that you always said carved into the ring and a small heart. He never wears it though he kinda just keeps it in his pocket and one day he’s at your house and you’re ding his laundry and he forgets to take it out, so as you’re ging through the pockets you find the ring and get confused because the engraving was something you had always said in sixth year so you just kinda blow it off because he was a weird kid, but you start to think maybe there was a girl in his life and he didnt tell you, which confuses you a lot and you just kinda get upset and set the ring on the small end table in the landry room adn so youre just lking at the ring and once youre done you grab the ring and leave the room, closing the door going to find Draco, and it doesnt take you long because he comes up to you and asks you if you found something in his pockets and you look down at your hand and open it do the ring is between your index and middle finger.

“You mean this one?”

He’d look at you and smile before sticking out his hand, “Yeah, can I have it, it means a lot to me.” You’d shake your head, “Who’s it for? I mean, obviously it’s for a girl, it cant fit your fat fingers.” you’d laugh at your own joke and he’d roll his eyes and just mutter something and then look down.

“It’s for no one, I just got it too small. Plus, there isnt a girl.” he quickly add at the end because there was a girl, you were the girl. He loved you deeply but didnt want to tell you.

“Yeah, okay.” you’d laugh and hand it to him. He’d look at the small ring before stopping you from walking away. He’d get down on one knee, and he’d be freaking the fuck out bc he was about to propose and he’d never taken you on a date so it’s weird but he looks up at you, your eyebrows knitted together and he’d just sit there and say

“Look, I love you, so so so much. I know we never dated but I’m so in love with you. If you think I’m going too fast, I’ll take you on a couple dates and stuff, please.” he basically begged, you smiled softly. “Yes I’ll marry you, you big dork. But you have to take me on a date.” You’d smile and his face would just get so bright and a huge smile would form on his face and he’d just nod and get up and hug you, before kissing your cheek.

“Why is that the phrase I said all the time?” you’d ask and his face would go red, “Because it’s from sixth year.” and you’d smile and hug him.

anonymous asked:

Hux is sentenced to 6 years in first order prison for fraud. Well connected among the smuggling ring Ren is widely feared as hes known for his toxic temper alongside his heavily tattooed well muscled body. Rumours have spread that (the usually aloof) ren has noticed a delectable red haired newbie nd wants him as a prison wife in exchange for protection. Hux will have to warm ren's bed and Provide ren with some emotional warmth that he desperately craves. Naturally they both catch feels


Hux doesn’t get violent unless he has to; his sharp mouth is enough to defend himself but he needs to keep his reputation. Cue him seeing Kylo Ren from across the dinner hall one morning, bartering hell out of another inmate for something he said. Kylo fights with everything he has, throwing all of his strength into his punches. He knows how to fight; his enemy’s weakspots, his reflexes almost uncanny.

Hux licks his lips. He simply must have him.

And, oh, how strange. They’re somehow transferred into the same cell and get acquainted to negotiate the terms of their agreement. Kylo will fight Hux’s battles for him and, in return, Hux will be Kylo’s whore and do whatever he wants for him in bed.

But after their arrangement goes on for a few months, what will Hux do when Kylo’s request for their evening is to cuddle in bed?

karamel couple issues

so we all know that this kara’s first time and her first relationship. and from what we’ve seen its probably Mon El’s too. Yea we’ve heard about him being a player and slept with a lot of woman. But!…. it was never showed except for eve and their almost office sex. so its safe to say that Mon El was never been in any  real intimate relationship before too

the obstacle right now with karamel is their both new to the relationship itself. not just in their relationship but the whole experienced having a real relationship. they’re both virgin when it comes to being an intimate couple. what kara and mon el lacks, is understanding and their both too headstrong and stubborn. is that abusive? no not at all. they’re two people who are trying to figure it out, they trying to find their footing in the relationship. kara was never in a relationship, she was never intimate with anyone. she never had a boyfriend. so right there everything is new and shiny to her. her expectation is high. sh expects her boyfriend to side her all the time. mean while mon el he’s definitely never been in any relationship. i don’t fault him for that and its not his fault. he grew up in a planet that arranged marriage is present, and a planet of partiers. i mean now i totally understand why the people of daxam are a hedonist. 

so both of them being “virgin” it made them clueless how is this relationship going to work how they’re going to make it work. they cant communicate with each other cause they don’t know for now. kara is super head strong she expect things to go her way. she doesn’t know how to listen. she have high expectation. meanwhile mon el is to stubborn. he cant follow rules and at the same time he cant listen too. so both of them have hearing problem like seriously. mon el cant keep their secret. i mean some people view it as a dick move. but can we give him some slack though. the guy is very happy and he cant contain it. He is very proud that he’s finally with kara. right there its showing you that he’s in this relationship for real, like this si not just some fling to him.. and yeah theres him being a little bit disrespectful to daddy danvers. he’s disrespectful for a good reason. he’s not just doing that just to be an ass. he’s trying to protect kara and her family. isn’t it a little dumb of them specially j’onn just to trust daddy danvers like that> jfc he can read mind but it still didn’t occur to him to do that. nice going their writers. yea we add to mon el flaws him being protective. but why would you condone him for that. theres nothing wrong fro someone you love to be protective of you. its an instinct. every human is like that i guess in this situation alien is too.

but at the end of the day. what counts is they both learned. specially with mon el.  mon el being clueless about relationship ask winn for advice and you can see he was moved by it. he finally get it he finally listen. he overdid it cause he thought thats what he supposed to do for the woman he loves. but it came to realization to him. that he doesn’t have to try harder cause kara is kara. so we got that couch ending scene. were he was going to try to make a small talk and probably apologize too. nut the moment he sees kara face . he just gave in. he died a little bit inside to see kara like this. so he decided to not talk instead to ask her what she wants. thats a sign of someone who is not abusive at all. so he offer what he can do. and you see the surprise in his face. thats all she wants was him to just be there just to hug her. and he happily complied. he finally realized that this is it. this is all he needs to do. she asks if he could wake up with him and of course he would love that. until that phone ring.  he almost told her not to answer it but he didnt finished it but instead bit his lip. he listen to her again so when she said “we get up”  he became a supportive boyfriend and said “we do”

so you see the growth in their relationship specially the growth within mon el. he finally understand kara and what she needs. so now he knows better, and hell do better from now on. cause enow he knows he doesn’t have to try hard because thats not what they need. what they need is to step back and try to listen to each other

Relationship is you argue sometimes have some disagreement then you meet in the middle compromise then learn from your mistake then you work it out and then do it anymore. relationship is where you make mistake and its were you grow as person and as lover. no one is perfect and no one can be perfect and thats a fact. but what matter is what and how you learn from it

The line story earlier reminded me of something that happened this past xmas. My store sells fake xmas trees but we don’t have much room on the sales floor, and they’re too heavy for most customers to move alone. So we keep them in the back (one of the rare times something is actually in the back!) and managers roll them on carts to the front as requested. Most people grab the handouts with the sku on them we provide for customers to bring to the cashier instead of hauling a whole tree through the queue. Not this guy, though.

This guy asked for his tree, but never got in line. He hovered by the registers instead. So when I got up there with his tree, he expected me to open a new register just for him. But this was peak season. If I was going to open a new register, which I did, I was going to serve the next in line because the line was growing and people had already been waiting much longer than he had.

So I told him that he needed to wait in line even if his product had been in the back. He was furious and said he’d been waiting all this time for me (about 5 mins?) so I should just ring him up now. He puffed himself up and tried to stare me down.

I said, “Sir, I cannot let you cut in front of all these people. You’re going to have to stand in line just like they have.” He stayed still and kept staring at me for a long moment, but I just calmly kept eye contact and waited. I look young for my age, so I guess he thought he could intimidate me by staring? But when I didnt budge, he finally turned his back and hissed, “You’re such a bitch!!!!”

I just said, “thanks!” And called the next in line to my register. :’D

sylvia headcanons
  • sylvia is latina (this is Fact™)
  • her natural hair is very long & thick black curls!! when she got to high school she started bleaching it 
  • a l w a y s sporting gold hoops, and will definitely hand them off to evie before throwing hands
  • curves curves curves she is so beautiful
  • she loves knee highs, she will always find a way to work them into her outfit
  • you know for a fact she’d be all over this fishnet trend
  • loves wearing boys jackets, whether they be friends or whoever shes seeing, she loves them hanging loosely off her shoulders
  • pretty tall but still wears heels to intimidate boys xoxo
  • always smells like vanilla
  • she smokes, but more for the aesthetic than actually the desire to
  • always always chewing/popping her gum, she’d do it purposely to get under dallas’s skin
  • absolutely the life of the party- dancing on tables, finding boys for her friends, outdrinking all the boys,,,
  • sylvia takes No Shit, she is 100% herself and makes n o apologies

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I wasnt joking about that Abomination!AU.

Long short story, something went wrong in mision after battling a tough akuma, Chat took the shot for Ladybug, resulting into this mutant. But Ladybug’s healing powers didnt work and the ring is not titling. When trying to detransform, it not only hurts a lot for Adrien and Plagg (like the skin is ripped) but apparently Plagg is melting too. So Adrien decides for both of them to be transformed until fixing this cursing. Of course Ladybug is mortified and blames herself of this, while Chat is….Chat, so he is pretty cool about it, saying he will scare the akumas easily now. But he is not having a good time because it hurts. Also he is like melting too and his powers are more dangerous.

Imagine Doctor Strange helping you with your studies:

Who would have thought that Stephen Strange would make time for you and take away a few hours from his bussy schedule just to assist you on your learing process. From what you’ve heard about him, and as sugessted by his proud and arrogant stance, and overconfident voice ringing in your ears he certainly didnt seem like the one to offer you supprt. Yet there he was. Being somehow soft and caring, shining a new light onto his famed persona. He indeed was strange as suggested by his last name, but you didnt mind for he was genuinely sharing all his secrets with you, all his advice and techniques and answering every single question you had. And you listened as his smooth voice echoed trough your head as the words were rolling of his tongue. Soon enough he himself became a subject of your studies, the target to your obsession. You wanted to be just like him. Strong, confident and the best at what he does.. or so you taught. Deep down, hidden beneath a pit of secrets, you knew you didn’t want to be like him. You wanted to be a part of him. You loved how he spoke about his job and for once you wanted to be tresured and as perecious to someone as his work was to him. Little did you know that the passion you had for medicine wasnt the only thing you two had in common. But you were certainly about to find out.

anonymous asked:

didnt we go through tony having a new ring a few years ago and people thought he had married kerry. you just know sr will have olitz married in the 100th episode and it will be a nightmare and fitz will be like mellie having his "hooch" and that will reinforce how perfect woodentop is for liv. when sr has the hots for somebody nothing gets in the way of what she wants :(

I do not think 100 would be good for Olitz at all (would love to be wrong).
And Tony is wearing a different ring in RL now than at the start of Scandal

Marriage Dreams- RFA+MC

Sorry for the delay, the whole election thing was very stressful (even though i dont live in America) but here it is i hope its what you wanted :)


-  poor bean was so worried
-  he kept private messaging seven asking if you were married
-  seven didnt give a direct answer of course
-  making yoosung a huge ball of worry
-  he practised conversations the night before
-  he debated whether to make notes
-  at the party you laughed i his face when he asked if you were married
-  *cue cute blushy yoosung*


-  momma was hung up about work
-  so having nightmares was a regular
-  but this one actually got her thinking about it all day
-  when she thought about it she realised she didnt even know your sexuality
-  when she saw you though she instantly looked for the ring on your finger
-  noticing you have a lot of rings it resorted in asking
-  you just giggled and assured her you werent married
-  so you walked around the party, showing off baehee


-  instantly believed you were married
-  “how could she lead me on?”
-  acted like it was evidence
-  ranted at jaehee about it, and she just sat there acting like  she knew what he was going on about
-  finally shook it off
-  “I will have to sweep her off her feet, her husband wont know what hit him”
-  made a big deal out of it when he met you
“um..zen, im not married lololol” making zen want to curl up and die


-  eh it was just a dream
-  he knows everything about you 
-  it made him a bit uneasy at first but he knew he had nothing to worry about
-  he text you about the dream
-  lowkey worried adding a cheeky “lololol” onto the end
-  you answered him with the same “lololol” not really settling his suspicions
-  he  shook it off when he saw you at the party
-  “what was i worried about? I know everything about this woman”

daddy Jumin-

-  shrugged it off
-  had more important things to worry about
-  but when he got to the party and saw you acting very chummy with a guy he didnt know he thought back to the dream 
-  hung around jaehee, watching you carefully
-  as soon as the guy walked away he walked over
-  asking who it was repeatedly until you gave a straight answer
- turns out it was one of the guests
“why? who did you think it was?”
-  “Nobody, lets go and get drinks”

The Fish Paste Incident

I’ve had a lot of people ask me to yes, explain what my ‘fish paste’ revenge incident was, missing when i replied and explained, so here it is in all its glory:

Gather around children for i have a tale to tell.

In my mid 20’s i dated a complete asshole. I was young and naive and didnt realise he was emotionally abusive until i was able to look back and see it after the fact. Anyway, dickhead* informed me he would be going to New York on a conference for 2 weeks. I wasnt to ring or text him because of ‘work’. So 2 days into his trip i am looking through facebook and see a photo where his boss has tagged him in a photo… “congratulations to Dickhead* and secretary* on their engagement”. Yup, dickhead had been playing me along when he in fact already had a (prettier, thinner, richer) girlfriend. So i cry, i stew, for 24 hours i’m a mess. And then i get evil. I knew where he kept his spare key. I grab a jar of fish paste. Its kind of like a very cheap patè in a small jar. Its the kind of thing you always have at the back of the cupboard in case you run out of sandwich fillings, and its quite nice spread on toast as a hangover cure. So here i am, standing with a jar of 47p Sardine & Tomato fish paste and an idea comes to mind.

The middle of the night i go to his place. I’m dressed all in black like some sort of fat ninja. I let myself in, take a butter knife from the kitchen, and methodically spread the liquidised sardines over the underside of all of his rugs. I lay them back down again, give them a good stomp so that they well and truly stick to the carpets underneath, then turn the thermostat to 30°C, shut all the window vents, and make my escape.

Dickhead* returns from his trip and i act obilivious. In fact i turn into the needy and clingy girlfriend, bombarding him with texts to see him the minute his plane landed. Saying i really missed him. Telling him he meant so much to me. At times i gagged as i was texting him the saccarine drivel it was so sweet. Anyway, needless to say he called things off with me. Telling me i was too needy and he had other problems to deal with (presumably his place smelling like the slop bucket on a fishing trawler).

I never heard from him again. But i did have to smile when i drove past his place about 3 weeks later and saw a flooring company parked outside replacing his carpets.

So children, the moral of my story? Revenge does not have to cost the earth. Mine was 47p.

Sunday Stumped Day - Post 6

It’s another Sunday Stumped Day.

Sometimes we straight out get stumped.  So each week on Sunday we’ll post of a list of 10-20 asks that we need your help on.

If you have an answer to any of these shoot us a message/ask/reply with the Post number and the Fic number and we’ll add it and give you a shout out with our thanks.   Any links you can provide will also be super helpful.


Post 1 , Post 2 , Post 3, Post 4, and Post 5 can be found here - and there are still fics we need your help with.

77.  hungergamesgurrl said:

Do you know the name of this one fic where Katniss goes to Peeta’s house or something and he’s either Finnick’s best friend or cousin or brother and mags is there and all of them but Katniss speaks Spanish and I think at one point Katniss mentions that she wishes she paid more attention in Spanish class to understand what Peeta was saying to mags 

FOUND!  It is  The Kitty Ranch by Diana_Flynn.  Thanks, @ sunsetsrmydreams.

78.  entropytheg said:

I started reading a fic and I lost the link to it and don’t remember the name. It was a fic where Katniss and Peeta have a baby and they name her Willow Rose. Annie and her son Finn live in district 12 and Johanna is married to a guy named George and they have a son named Aran. It’s a pretty long fic. Like 53 chapters I think.

FOUND!  This one is There are Still Much Worse Games to Play: Part II of our Journey! by  panskiss123.  Thanks to  @sunsetsrmydreams, @ pip117, and @b-boop5.

79.  megan-x-x-x said: 

There are two fics i deparetly want to find again and im hoping you can help. The first one is where Peeta is going to ask Katniss to marry him but his brother suddenly calls because he got into an (accident?) and was at hospital.  Near the end katniss tells peeta she found the engagement ring in his pocket and he thought she was telling him she didnt want to marry him but she did. Everyone disliked her for getting peeta depressed but the the end they kiss in the rain and get engaged.

80.  liahnel said:

There was a festival. Peeta wanted to ask Katniss to it. Gale was jealous of Peeta because of Katniss. Gale and his buddies faced off against Peeta and his brothers at the event. Peeta’s mom was trying to get him to be with a town girl. Help! Please!

FOUND!  It is  I knew this would have happened anyway by  abk1973.  Thanks @b-boop5 and @icbiwf.

81.  liabelen10 said:

Do you know a story where Katniss and peeta were best friends and then they got together and met gale and they’re all best friends but Katniss and peeta get reaped and after the reaping gale visits Katniss and tells her she has to come back and when she does she should be with him. Sorry about the rambling but I’m a rambly person ; )

82.  accio-peeta said:

Hello, I’m looking for a fic, (could possibly be a tumblr drabble) which takes place in District 12 after the war. Effie has a boutique in which Katniss tried on wedding dresses but got upset because she didn’t like how they all showed off her scars.

FOUND! untitled ficlet - meadowlark27/ @the-peeta-pocket (*Thanks, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, for finding this one!)

83.  everlarkalwaysandforever said:

Hi! Im looking for this fic where K and P were forced to get married and they were forced to consummate their marriage. There’s a part where they get a note in the morning after saying “One more time. Just to make sure” or something like that and P remembers it was all pretend and then jerks off and just finishes inside K just to get it over with I think? And then they share a house and K is folding clothes and P talks to her about what happened? I searched your masterlist but it wasn’t there :(

84.  lanarmand asked:

Do you know a fic where k and p break up and k moves to brazil (i think) and when she comes back her and p run into each other in a bar?

FOUND!  Could it be  Homecoming by  delsicle?  They do run into each other at the convenience store and not a bar though.  Thanks,  @cinnamonrollleia.

85.  schreavers-shivering said to everlarkficquestions:

Are there more stories like misshoneywell’s Never Like This? And also like misshoneywell’s drabble on Peeta impregnating another girl where he was very much in love with Katniss. I’m hoping to hear from you soon and thank you for your efforts  😍😍😍

Worry is Calling - HPfanonezillion

86.  eetawithoneleg said to everlarkficquestions:

Anything similar to the fic “Unlocking The Universe”?

87.  confusedandcrazygirlwhoiscool said to everlarkficquestions:

Do you know any other fics like I’m Not Him where Katniss is threatened by Peeta, but Peeta is just really nice?

88. lschew asked:

I am looking for a fic where Katniss and Peeta slowly become friends after the war, fall in love and remain chaste until their wedding night?

So any of these ringing a bell?  Let us know!

things i will never get over:
  • yuuri can pole dance
  • and breakdance
  • ^^^all that while drunk off his ass
  • Viktor is a lying liar who told Yuuri that no one knows his true eros when really everyone who was at that banquet fucking knows
  • No wonder Michele thinks Yuuri’s a closet pervert
  • Sara has absolutely no shame in admiring and admitting that she thinks Yuuri is sexy as hell [i love that little sara we get in the background of the pole dancing pictures]
  • Mila was also admiring and taking pics/videos of Yuuri poledancing [x]
  • Yuri has all of the banquet pics (ALL OF THEM) saved on his phone
  • Viktor’s GPF picture folder only contains drunken yuuris
  • Viktor has pictures and videos of Yuuri being his sexy drunken self on his phone
  • he probably watched them occasionally during the months before he took up being Yuuri’s coach
  • he probably paused/stopped watching those videos ever since he started up as Yuuri’s coach, bc now the real thing is here and he’s somehow CUTER
  • yuuri and viktor are now eNGAGED
  • phichit’s immediate reaction to the rings is MARRIAGE instead of ENGAGEMENT [LMFAO PHIChIT SAME,,,]
  • the entire narrative is now changed bc of that one fucking scene
  • suddenly every scene in the previous episodes are either 10000x funnier or 100000000x sadder (viktor crying bc yuuri didnt want to sleep with him,,,, im sorry viktor)
  • viktor watching yuuri perform his FS Stammi Vicino (without the actual music, mind you) and heading straight to Japan is now suddenly less whimsical and impulsive, and more “he thinks this is a reminder of Yuuri’s request to have him as a coach, and immediately hauls ass to get to Japan bc he doesnt want to lose this one chance (like he did when the banquet ended and Yuuri didnt ever speak to him again)”
  • This isn’t Viktor in love, not yet. This is Viktor seeing the potential for something GREAT and EXCITING, something that will actually make him HAPPY, which is what he really, really needs after the boredom he’s started feeling after winning 5 times consecutively in the GPFs
  • i’m not over episode 10
  • i will never be over episode 10
  • if episode 11 manages to top this i will eat my foot and defenestrate myself,,,
ML Drabbles: Perfect Part 4

The beginning here

part 2 here

part 3 here

Chat noir was sprinting as fast as he could from rooftop to rooftop. The farther away he was from his house the better. 

His father had gone to far this time. He couldn’t let this happen, his only chance at freedom was being torn away from him. He was going to be all alone again.

His classmates, his friends, he wasn’t going to be able to see any of them. His dad tolerated his friends coming over back when he was in school, but that was going to change. This would be his father’s next step, eventually taking away all of his freedom. 

The Blond hero suddenly noticed he was moving too fast as he noticed he was approaching a billboard. By last second cat-like reflexes, the cat hero managed shift his approach just enough to avoid the billboard. But the shift through off his landing, causing him to hit the roof and roll a few feet.

Chat noir quickly got up and dusted himself off. Destroying one billboard got him into this mess, accidentally destroying another one would only make things worse.

And just as luck would have it, it was yet another of his father’s precious billboards. This one was from an older photo shoot. It was from the fall line his father had produced, it was one of his better photos. He even remembered that it was taken the week his father allowed him to go to school. To say it brought bittersweet memories would be an understatement. Adrien realized that no matter how far he ran, his father was always there, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Adrien grabbed his ring and took it off of his finger, transforming back into his civilian self. His black kwami popped out of the ring, confused by his chosen’s actions.

“If you wanted to change back, you could have just transformed back on your own. No need to take off the ring. You should know that.” The cat kwami pointed out.

“Plagg.” Adrien muttered, looking down at his feet. “You will need to find a new chat noir.”

“Oh come on, no need to be so melodramatic. I might have almost believed you were… Adrien?”

Plagg looked at the boy for a second, trying to figure out if this was some kind of sick joke, but he felt his heart seize up when he noticed tears dropping from his cheeks.

“Adrien… you don’t have to…”

Adrien put the ring in the cat kwami’s hands before he spoke up.

“I won’t be able to be chat noir. My father all but declared war on Chat, and is pulling me out of school. It is going to be impossible for me to be chat noir, with me being monitored all of the time.” Adrien explained, wiping the tears off his face and looking his kwami in the eyes.

“You have escaped before Adrien, it won’t be that much different. You will just be homeschooled. You aren’t getting locked in prison.”

Adrien punched the billboard next to him, causing the billboard to move a bit, but still stand.

“You don’t know how bad my father can be. When he sets his mind to something, there is no possible way to avoid his will. I know that better then anyone.” 

Plagg could hear the defeat in Adrien’s voice. It pained the cat to hear his chosen sound like this. It was time he spoke up.

“Stand up to him Adrien! You have to speak up for yourself. Your father has been making you do things all of your life. Tell him that you want to keep going to school. Tell him he is acting ridiculous. You have to take back your life!”

“You don’t think I haven’t tried!” Adrien roared, his eyes looked like a tiger ready to maul a baby gazelle. He was furious. “I have tried to so many times. But each time I get knocked back into the mold he made for me. There is no fighting, there is no discussing. It is always, “Smile and be the perfect child!” there is never a way around it.”

In a dark room, a window suddenly opened slowly, letting in the evening light into the pitch black room. The light woke the lying butterflies, causing them to flutter around the room. In the center of the now moonlit room stood a man dark purple dress shirt with a black vest, a light pink butterfly-shaped bow with a purple button in the center, and black dress pants. Over the majority of his face, he wore a silver mask. He also had a dark indigo cane with a round stone with black lines within a cylinder on top. 

The dark emotions in the evening sky were incredible. He could feel the frustrations and anxiety of a young torn blond teen.

“It seems that there is a saddened teen. Torn asunder by the standards of a tough parent. There are only so much a child can take. Perhaps some compassion from Hawkmoth will help steer you right.” The man said as he stuck out his hand, which a white butterfly landed on. The masked villain turned the white butterfly and sinister akuma. “Go my akuma, find the source of this immense emotional distress. And bring him under my power so that he can bring me the miraculous.”

The now black butterfly flew out the window. Leaving hawkmoth gazing out the window. Normally he would be able to get more information about the person with the negative emotion, it was as if there was a force nearby keeping the teen’s identity under wraps. It didn’t matter much to him though. He would find out all he needed to know once the akuma made contact.

“Adrien, you need to calm down. You can fight your dad on this. You aren’t a doll, you are a human being.” Plagg stated.

Adrien glanced at his kwami and sighed. He crouched down and sat on the ground. There was no point fighting it, he didnt have the power to change his father’s mind. It isn’t like telling his dad that he was chat noir would fix it. If anything, it would probably make it worse.

“You can’t let this get you down. You have to be… oh no.” Plagg muttered as he felt a sinister presence coming close. “Adrien, you need to transform.”

Adrien looked up at the cat before looking away. He didnt want to transform for once. He just wanted to just sit there, let his sadness take him. He never really got to express his emotions as Adrien. His father would call it a sign of weakness.

“Put on the damn ring Adrien!” Plagg ordered, desperation in the cat’s voice.

The sudden command shook Adrien from his wallowing in sadness. Plagg never ordered anything, except for cheese.

Adrien made himself stand as he suddenly felt a chill in his spine. Something was coming, he didn’t know what it was but he knew Plagg was nervous and that couldn’t be good.

“Plagg, give me the ring.” 

Plagg quickly passed the ring to Adrien, Adrien just missed it and saw it rolling across the roof. He quickly dove for it, and got the ring in his hands. Thats when he saw a black butterfly a few feet away. Adrien knew right away that it was an akuma. He felt his heart pound nervously. The akuma flapped closer to the teen, Adrien pushed back and felt himself crab walk as fast as he could until he was at the edge of the roof. He was trapped and there was no time to put on the ring. 

Plagg charged at the akuma only to be dodged by the black butterfly who seemed disinterested in the cat creature. Plagg had charge to fast and tried his best to slow down, even though he was doing his best to turn around quickly, he knew he wasn’t fast enough to stop the akuma.

“Stay back!” Adrien shouted. The akuma ignored his words as it slowly got closer. He fumbled to get the ring on his finger. But it was too late the Akuma was just about to touch his miraculous.

“Oh no you don’t.” A familiar voice exclaimed. A ladybug print yo-yo swooped by, snagging the akuma before it made contact with Adrien. Adrien looked and noticed his savior as she landed on the rooftop. It was his partner, Ladybug.

“That can’t be! How could she have gotten there before I did?” Hawkmoth shouted in disbelief. Sending another one to that location would be a waste now that she was there. He missed out on a potential akumatized person that might have been able to best her.

“Next time ladybug. I will get you and that pesky cat.” His growled as his skylight window closed.

Ladybug quickly purified and released the butterfly. “Fly away little butterfly.”

“Ladybug?”Adrien spoke in surprise and relief. “What are you doing here?”

The Blunette heroine looked at Adrien with concern. She could see his black cat kwami.

“Is this your Kwami Chat?” Ladybug questioned, changing the subject. She was still coming to terms with how Adrien and Chat noir were one in the same. It was still quite a shock, but she promised herself to deal with it after Adrien/Chat noir was back to his old self.

“The name is Plagg. You really have great timing. No surprise he is head over heels for you.” The cat kwami teased, trying to make light of his chosen’s near Akumatization.

“Plagg!” Adrien wanted to swat his kwami for saying that.

Ladybug lightly blushed at the comment, it was kind of nice knowing that he also had a thing for her. Or at the very least, part of her.

“Very nice to meet you Plagg. But this begs the question, why aren’t you transformed right now?” 

Adrien looked at his kwami and sighed. She was right, even if the Akuma was taken care of, there is no way he was risking another one tonight. Adrien quickly transformed into his hero identity.

“I didn’t know you were so fond of this look My lady.” Chat noir flirted, although not as fully committed to it as usual, more of a halfhearted comment.

Ladybug placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Please tell me what brought you here tonight.” 

Chat noir looked into her blue bell eyes filled with worry for him, he knew he couldn’t resist her. He would tell her everything. After all, she was the only one who could understand.

Part 5 will be coming soon

thoughts on this chapter?
let me know if you want more

Can we please talk about how long Dwalin lived. So according to the appendixes he died in FA 91 which makes him like hella old, 340 in fact. He lived longer than any other in Thorin’s Company.

But also he wasn’t even born when Smaug took Erebor, he was born 2 years later.

He was only 27 at the Battle of Azanulbizar- Kili and Fili were considered young at 77 and 82. DWALIN WAS 27 AND HE WENT INTO BATTLE. One that saw the death of his king no less.

But then, he went on a hopeless quest because of Thorin, his battle brother and King, who he would have sworn to protect- only to fail when Thorin died, and the for Fii and Kili to die as well, he would have massively blamed himself for that, unable to protect those he had sworn an oath to. (And this is purely speculation- but there is a good chance that he would have helped train Fili and Kili being a close family friend as well as being from a noble family that was close to the royal family. also, you know, a weapons master and shit. so he would have felt as if he had failed as their teacher as well)

And then for him to live under Dain II who was definitely not his king, only for his brother to go on a stupid quest to attempt to recolonize Moria just 48 years after the BOtFA. (Also he lost Ori to this as well, and although this is only my head canon, Dwalin and Ori were totally in love with each other and when Ori went with Balin to Moria… Also Oin went with them as well. And died.) 

But when Gimli went through Moria, he didnt know of the fate of those inside. Dwalin would have had to wait until Gimli had returned from the events of the War of the Ring to tell him of the fate of his brother (and husband), which would of been more than 30 years. (And I’m sure that Dwalin would have pieced it together, I mean he’s not stupid but actually hearing definitively…)

But then he out lives like everybody- I mean apart from Gimli (who departed Arda with Legolas in FA 120 for the Undying lands). I mean he lost so much and in such a short amount of time only for him to go screw it I’m gonna out live everybody just to spite them.

But he would have been so fucking lonely and I have way to many feelings about Dwalin

anonymous asked:

Any chance for an extension on the super sweet run down you did for holster and his sisters about his huge bi crush on ransom? Like about what happens when they do get together and there's so much teasing! Or just like how rans and holster actually get the to getting together point !! Or maybe what about ransoms family? Like what if there was a mass birkholtz and oluransi family thing for graduation and all the siblings bind and concoct a master plan ?!? 😊😊


Keep reading

“I love you Y/N. And...” (Jack Barakat Imagine)

~Request: hey :) can you do me a jack barakat imagine where we are 4 years together and he wants to ask me if i want to marry him? with fluff and maybe smut? sorry if its weird ._. but thank you <3~

Warning: HELLA fluff, and smut

“FUUUCK Im so done” You groaned and fell onto your bed. Your boyfriend of four years joined you and flopped onto the bed face first. You went on tour with him and you both just made it home. Tour was always exhausting but this time specifically. No reason though. Nothing was off about the tour… except Jack. He was a bit off recently and you could tell he has had something important on his mind. Every time you asked he found an excuse to not tell you. You weren’t worried about him breaking up with you. He has been as loving and seemingly happy as ever, but you knew something was bothering him. Your thoughts of what was on his mind were interrupted by a sudden weight on your body. “Jack” You half yelled half groaned and half laughed. Jack decided to roll on top of you. You were used to his shenanigans but they never failed to make you laugh. “Get off me!” You yelled and tried pushing him off, but he wouldnt budge. He started to tickle you in your sides and blow raspberries on your neck. You screamed of laughter and he got off a bit, only to roll you onto your back and keep tickling you. “Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!!!” You yelled in between laughs. Jack finally stopped and kissed you. “Sorry babe” “Youre not sorry” you yelled laughing. Jack pretended to be offended, pouting at you. You giggled and kissed him. He kissed you back and you both ended up in a 2 hour makeout session, which wasnt a rare occurrence for you two

~A couple days later~

You had just arrived home from work, a bit early. Jack asked if you could come home a bit early because he “had something planned” You knew why. It was the 11 year anniversary of when you first met. You remembered it as if it were yesterday. 

 You were new at Towson High School, and Jack was in your 3rd period. He sat next to you, and you kept catching him looking. Halfway through the class, you overheard he and his friend, who later introduced himself as Rian, talking about you. “What if she thinks Im weird” The lanky boy said to the other. “You are weird, but in a good way. Youll regret it later. Talk to her.” His friend said. You knew they were talking about you. “Fine.. If she thinks Im weird you owe me pizza to pay for my embarrassment” The lanky boy said. You continued reading, as if you werent listening, and you felt a light tap on your shoulder. You looked up at the lanky boy. “Hi. Im Jack. Im in a band” He said jokingly trying to be cool. Who knew 7 years of being his best friend, he would then cheesily ask you to be his girlfriend on stage at one of his band’s shows, and 4 years later, youd be the happiest girl in the world?

You smiled and unlocked the door, walking into yours and Jacks house. You closed the door and turned around to see Jack, big smile on his face and all dressed up nice, but he looked nervous. You could tell. “You look nice” You complimented, walking up to him and hugging him. He hugged you back and smiled “Come on. Were gonna go do something. No need to dress all fancy just lets go” He grabbed your hand excitedly and pulled you out the door. “Cant I go pee first? Whats the rush?” You asked as he dragged you to the car. “Pee at the restaurant. Theres no time to explain!!” Jack yelled playfully, earning a laugh from you.

He pulled up to a nice little restaurant you guys like to go to. Its also where you went on your second date (Your first date was in like Iowa or something, since he asked you on a date on tour, it was a break day) Jack practically dragged you in and you both sat down at your usual table, a secluded two person table by the window. You guys ordered the usual (whatever you want) and after dinner he took you to the park across the street. You both always liked that park. Nobody was there at night, and there was this gorgeous gazebo with pretty lights in the center. You and Jack often went and just talked about everything there; music, animals, life, tours, how much you loved eachother, how you and Jack were probably going to bang later, and more. Jack was really nervous, you could tell by how sweaty his palm was while he held your hand on the way to the gazebo. When you got there you finally brought it up. “Jack-” “Before you say anything theres something I need to get off my chest right now. Im too excited to keep it waiting any longer” Jack interrupted you, suddenly very serious. “Uhh alright” You nodded, standing in the middle of the middle of the gazebo. Jack took a deep breath, and began to speak. “Y/N.. The first time I met you, I knew you were different. I tend to be a silly flirt, even in high school, but you. I was so nervous. I knew you were something else, something that was going to be a big part of my life, but I didnt know you would end up meaning so fucking much to me. Every moment you are with me is a moment I treasure, and every moment Im not with you is so shitty, but knowing youre mine either way makes it worth it… but just being your boyfriend isnt enough..” Your heart started to pound out of your chest, starting to put the pieces together. Jack continued “Ive always been kinda silly and careless about things, unsure and generally chill with stuff, but I dont think Ive ever been more sure about this… I love you Y/N and..” He kneeled down in front of you, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a tiny box. Your eyes widened as he opened the little box, showing two rings. One just metal, for him, and a beautiful sapphire ring for you. “Will you marry me?” He asked, with a nervous smile on his face and large puppy dog eyes. Tears started to form in your eyes and you nodded. Jack grinned like an idiot, closed the box, stood up and hugged you tight, spinning you around. You giggled like crazy and kissed him when he put you down. You sat there and kissed him for what seemed like forever when it was only for a couple minutes.

You and Jack got home, rings on your fingers and holding hands the whole drive home. He opened the door for you and smacked your ass as you got out. (He usually did that) and led you in the house. When you opened the door and turned the light on, you nearly had a heart attack when all of your friends were in your house, screaming “Congratulations!!” You stepped back in surprise and started to laugh it off. “Y/N!!!” both Alex and Zack yelled, running over and hugging you tight. “You guys are getting married this is so great we knew he was going to we planned this whole party he texted us saying we said yes so thank god you said yes or this would have been really awkward” Zack blurted out. You just laughed it off. That night you all drank, your girl friends fangirled over your engagement ring, the boys played beer pong, and everything in between, including Jack getting really drunk and bragging to all his friends how he was going to bang you later. You didnt mind though, as that was a common occurance (more often from Alex bragging about Lisa though). As the night came to a close, most everyone left, some people slept in the livingroom, and you went up to go to sleep. You werent awake when Jack came to bed

You woke up the next morning, Jack was spooning you, drool all over his pillow. You giggled a bit and went to get up, but Jack wouldnt allow that, as he pulled you back into bed. “Where you goin?” He asked sleepily. You kept trying to get up, but he wouldnt let go. You finally gave up and laid back down. He snuggled into you and started kissing your neck. You told him to stop but he wouldnt, and you were glad he didnt. You liked it. You made it obvious when you shivered at the feeling of his teeth brushing against your neck gently. Jack raised an eyebrow at your shiver, and continued, sitting up a bit and starting to run his hand up your shirt, drawing little circles on your tummy with his finger. You giggled a bit at his tough, he sat up a bit, propping his head on his elbow. He leaned in and started to kiss you gently, running his hands to your bra (you didnt bother getting into pjs when you went to sleep) and squeezing gently. You sighed into the kiss, which gave him the opportunity to stick his tongue in your mouth and explore. As your tongues wrestled he climbed onto you and put both his hands in your shirt, you could feel the bulge in his pants pressed against your thigh. Your face turned bright red and you smiled into the kiss, grinding your hips up against him, in turn making him blush too. You pulled on his shirt up and he took the hint, sitting up and taking it off, which gave you the opportunity to take yours off as well. You didnt have the time to unhook your bra, but Jack saw you were going to, so he helped you out. He ducked down and kissed from your chin, down your neck, to your collarbone and down your chest to your breasts, taking one nipple in his mouth and the other in his hand. You sighed and held back a moan, reaching down towards his pants. You slid your fingers under the hem of his sweatpants and rubbed his hard-on through his boxers. You could hear his breath hitch. He looked up and smiled at you before moving to your other breast, feeling it needed attention as well. Jack couldnt take it anymore and he pulled his pants and boxers down, then pulled off your pants but left your panties on (he liked playing with them) He rolled over so now you were on top. He grabbed your butt and squeezed gently, making you jump a bit. “Youre adorable” Jack said softly and started nibbling on your earlobe. You sighed and grinded against his cock, the only thing between was the soft fabric of your panties. Jack stopped biting your ear and grabbed your shoulders, gently pushing you down towards his dick. You knew what he wanted and happily obliged. When your face reached his pelvis you took his shaft and pumped slowly. “You can do better than that babe” Jack chuckled. You started to pump faster, teasing him by kissing the tip gently. “Better?” you seductively asked. Jack didnt even bother responding. You bent back down and put the tip in your mouth, sucking gently. Jack started to moan softly, getting louder when you start bobbing up and down, til he tangled his hands in your hair and started pushing you down, forcing more of him into you. You picked up the pace and he sighed “Fuck, Y/N” he pulled you off of him gently. You smiled at him, the taste of precum on your tongue. He rolled you over and got into the same position you were just in. “Why are you so hot Y/N?” Jack said and kissed yours stomach, trailing down to your damp panties. He kisses your wet cunt through your panties, licking a bit. He started kissing down your left thigh, and back up your right. He pulled away and pulled your panties off, throwing them onto the floor. “Ready?” He asked with a wink. You responded with “Do your worst!” And Jack leaned down and pressed his tongue into your pussy, licking up and down. You put your legs on his shoulders and started to breathe heavy. You let out a sharp gasp when he unexpectedly sticks his finger into you, then two. “Jack” You moan out, tangling your hands in his hair like he did to you. He sucked on your clit and pumped his fingers in and out, using his other hand to jerk off. “Jack!” You yelled out “Just fuck me! Fuck me now!!” You yelled out. Jack smirked and took his fingers out. He crawled back on top of you, sucking your precum off his fingers. He smiled down at you and reached over to the drawer of his nightstand, pulling out a condom and unwrapping it. You watched him unwrap it, looking at the ring on his hand. This man was yours now, and this was your first time having sex with him as one. He slipped the condom onto his dick and held himself over you. He kissed you roughly and dug into you. You moaned into his mouth and moved your hands to his back, digging your nails into his back. Jack growled into the kiss and started to breathe heavily. He buried his face in your neck and began to ram into faster and rougher. You tried to say “deeper” but it was inaudible. Luckily he understood what you said and started fucking you harder. You moaned loudly, the warm knot in your stomach growing. “Y/N” Jack growled into your neck, fucking you harder. You yelled out “Jack I think Im gonna..” “Not yet” Jack said between breaths. “Hold it” He kept thrusting, licking and sucking on your neck.  He hit your g-spot, causing you to scream out, but you still kept yourself from reaching your climax. Jacks thrusts became sloppy, and he began moaning more. You knew he was about to hit his climax too, so you let go and you both came at the same. Jack moaned loudly into your neck and you yelled out. Jack slowed down and pulled out, rolling over to your side. You both lay there, catching your breath. Jack looked over at you, eyes averting up and down your body. “God, i fucking love you” He breathily said. You smiled like an idiot at him. “I love you too.” Suddenly you heard a knock on the door. You heard Rians voice “Hey guys we kinda heard all that so… were all gonna go home. Congrats” You and Jack both laughed and heard the front door close a moment later. You rolled over to Jack so you were both face to face. “Round two?” You asked with a wink. Jack grinned “Lets do it”

(sorry this was kinda long. Hope you liked it c;)