he didnt even see it coming

*mon-el hiding his feelings about kara*

*kara hiding her feelings about mon-el*
the anti’s: *silence* … *crickets* … *not a damn word being said about it*

*kara rejects mon-el, so he tries to move on*

*the entire time he was with eve, he talked about kara, proving he’s not really over her*

FINALLY some more pottertalia.:D (I had lots of time to doodle but little time to actually finish stuff…be patient I swear more qality things are going to come. ;u;)

Based on the idea that Matthew was at first scared of flying
(being muggleborn didnt help either.) and gilbert help him learning to fly….. turned out Matthew became quite good at it and become the best beater Hufflepuff had in decades.XD (see him now in his early teens before he get some muscle on himself. Gilbert jaw will drop when matthew come back after their 6 year summer.) 

hope you will like it.:3

p.s: I like the idea of Matthew giving Gilbert a muggle camera too. (he would be fascinated by it probably and like the fact that for once the people in it have the politeness to stand still even if its a bit creepy.) 

You know what fucks me up is that v and rika were the only two people Jumin could open up to and felt like they understood him, even his father didnt understand him completely I think?

So like in mystic messenger he is lonely in general till ofc you come along on his route and you see just how bad the struggle had been till now.

But in sevens route V dies, rika is alive but not the person they thought she was, and so Jumin lost those only two people who understood him, he lost that one person, his childhood friend who understood his troubles. And he doesn’t have you, in his route you were the one he could go to and open up to the most in the end, since V was on his own mission most of the time anyway.

So now he doesn’t have anyone but Elizabeth the 3rd which we all know only could so much for him and honestly it wasn’t enough even he knew that

And his father but again not really

I know there’s rfa but like he’s still not opened up yet to them, it was you, rika and v who would look at him like a person and through all of the wealth and etc

And im you only do it on his route otherwise with seven idk

I’m worried about Jumin after sevens route man like losing your childhood friend and the other that you accepted as dead is alive but not completely there? And he’s dealing with it on his own?? T_T the man needs more special people in his life, even if he doesn’t wind up with mc, wish he would just be open with the rest of rfa like he was with V


Niel: Sans give her the tail back.

Sans: How’d that come of…

Niel: Sans.

Sans: No really I didnt even pull hard enough.

Niel: SANS!

Sequel to this probably eue


HAha but as you can see Nols body can be taken apart easily~

Underlust Sans ; Niel © @nsfwshamecave

Nol © ME

To preface this, I work in a college academic advising center at the phone center. The center I work in is very understaffed and a lot of the time I’m working alone. And at the advising center we have two types of advisors, the regulars that work in that campus regularly and the supplementals, which are advisors from other campuses that come in irregularly for appointments to the campus I work at. The biggest difference is that supplementals don’t have phones in their temporary offices, so they can’t do phone appointments.

So the story starts that this woman calls about her phone appointment,. She sounded quite irritated but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt thinking “okay, the advisor must’ve forgot and she was calling in because he didnt call her.” I check to see when she is scheduled. She was calling 3 hours early and the advisor wasnt even in his office yet. Not only that but she was scheduled for a phone appointment with a supplemental, but I passed that off as possibly an agreement the two made through email. It wasn’t but thats for later. I inform her of this and she gives me a snotty “/fine I’ll call later./” before I could correct her and tell her that the advisor would call her she hangs up. This will be a habit that I soo discover she had.

A few hours later she calls again. This time she was calling 10 minutes early, but I figured what the hell and told her to give me a moment to get in contact with the advisor to see if he could talk to her early(which is a thing that a few advisors do if you ask for it nicely). He was still out of the office on his break so I go to inform her that he wasn’t available but I can collect her phone number to call her when he did get there. Turns out she couldn’t wait the two minutes onhold so she hung up.

“Oh well. Her loss.” I thought. So I logged back into the queue and guess who’s the first caller. Its this asshole again. So I pick up where I left off and in a very calm polite tone inform her that the advisor wasn’t here but I can collect her phone number so he can call her later. Before I could finish my sentence she launches into this long tangent on how awful we are, how she doesnt want her appointment anymore, and how she was going to send a complaint to the deans office that the advisor was being ablist towards her because she was wheelchair bound and by that point I put her on mute and went to my supervisor. A complaint like that is a pretty serious one, even if said complaint was filed by someone in a situation wherein the disability was completely unknown to everyone but her and we were being as accomidating as we could be given the fact that she called in very early and was scheduled by someone who didnt know what they were doing.

So they hung up before my supervisor got there. I told the advisor who had recently returned and was talking with the regular advisors about borrowing their phone for that very appointment that the person cancelled. He was relieved because while he did have to ask his coworkers to help him get a class schedule that accomidated to her, it was really difficult to get a phone that called out. But wait this isn’t the end of this womans short scourge on our phone line.

So my supervisor, not liking how that phone call turned out, and the possible reprecussions it would have to the advisor, she called that woman herself. My poor supervisor had to go through the same shouting I endured, apparently the woman notibly gojng on anothwr tangent as well as saying “I’m not stupid” over and over again, even if my supervisor was nothing but polite to her
Eventually my supervisor talked her down and worked something out. And sadly that kind old supplemental advisor still had to talk to her. I will always wonder what happened that day to get enough bees in her bonnet to bully some phone jockey.

everyone in the show aknowledges that john “moved on” from sherlock using romantic terminology but honestly like ….mycroft is even like. why do you need to see him. sherlock has to ask about him. its been two years and some months. they only even knew each other for a year and a half. sherlock could have just? come back and never spoken to john again? he could have moved back into baker street and let john find out in the papers? he didnt need to come back to john at ALL? HE LITERALLY JUST LOVES HIM



ok so literally no one asked but !!!

my headcanon for why benny buys two different newspapers:

  • so he gets the daily news and the post 
  • (he also gets a milky way and his boss’s second coffee. the first bit is relevant later)
  • i firmly believe that benny doesnt even like the daily news (or milky ways for that matter)
  • he enters the store one day and hes really only there because he has a crush on usnavi. he doesnt need anything and didnt think through a reason as to why he’d show up there
  • that’s all fine until usnavi goes “so what do you need?” 
  • and benny just grabs a candy bar and the first newspaper he sees as though thats what he came here for
  • usnavi remembers his order the next time benny comes in and it becomes his usual
  • benny learns to love milky ways
  • he still only reads the post though. he actually kinda hates the daily news.

Lucien sighed, even if Klaus didnt realize you were his weak spot… the one thing that could be used to plan his demise, and with him, his line, Lucien could see it.

and he wouldent let some girl get in the way of his survival.

it was easy to track you. he would just come behind you, snap your neck.

then you turned around.

and he stopped.

one look at you and he was hooked, one look and he melted, one look and he was wrapped around your finer, just like Klaus.

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Hey cloud Connie, what does steven do In there when we're not watching?

“you know…it’s funny really. i haven’t seen Steven in a long while and i was really starting to get worried…oh if only i could leave the room and hug him if i was able….

but last night he actually came back! …sadly not for me. i watched him come in from afar. i was in from my cloud cabin, that i built of course :^) i could hear him crying and yelling something about his mother issues again? i couldnt really hear everything. it did get unusually dark and stormy for a while though…even when he left. i thought my feelings for him have corrupted the room for a moment…but it didnt last forever so that was a relief .

as heartbroken as i was… it was nice to see him happy”

“i hope he comes back to play with me again soon…i miss those days being alone and blissful with him…”

Shawn Mendes-Trampled

Word count: 1393
Warning: N/A
Summary: You go visit Shawn at a concert and get attacked by fans after the show. You end up in the hospital and it leaves your boyfriend utterly upset and he voices his anger.
~ ~ ~

Shawn has his back to you in his dressing room as he talks to the sound operater of the arena. During today’s concert, a part of the arena lost sound.

Shawn has one hand on his hip and his other has his fingers fiddling with the ear bud in his right ear.
He didnt even notice you open the squeaking door and come in.
Obviously others did though, it was their job to be alert and keep Shawn safe.
But they just look, see what your doing, and smile silently as they continue their work.

You softly place your bag on the ground and then start running up to the muscular back that belonged to your boyfriend.

You let out a “roar” as you leap and wrap your arms and legs around Shawn.
He had a delayed reaction with his frightened jump and places a hand over his heart as he breaths when he instantly realised it was you.
You laugh and so do many others.

Shawn places his hands just behind your knees to keep you more secure on his back as he starts heading out of his dressing room.
“Im going to see Andrew” Shawn tells his employees as he leaves, so they know where he’ll be.
He then jumps up to get you to a more comfortable spot on his back.
“Giddy up” You smile and reach a hand down to slap his bum playfully.
“Neigh” he says enthusiastically and does dramatic steps down the abandoned bare hall.
You giggle and it makes him smile.
Shawn lowers himself so you can get off easier.
You slid off his back and land with a light thump on your feet.
He kept a grasp on your hand and turned around to face you.
“I just got to book some arenas with Andrew for future shows. I shouldn’t be long. Do you want to come with me?” He asks, his hazel gaze softened for you.
“I was actually gonna ask you what you want from Starbucks. I was going to walk there and come back” you respond.
“Here” Shawn says and digs in his back pocket, “Take my car. It will be quicker and easier” he says and hands you the keys to his black Chevrolet camaro.
“The usual?” You ask, referring to his drink.
“Oh” Shawn says and digs in his pocket again, forgetting you asked him what he wanted.
He pulls out a $20 bill and extends it to you.
You wave it off, “No, I got it”.
“I got it” he insists.
“Shawn” you say.
He looks at you when you won’t take it. Then he stuffs it in your pant pocket.
“Im not using it” you say firmly.
“I guess you can use it for the next set of drinks then” he smiles.
You roll your eyes and Shawn leans over to kiss your cheek.
“See you in a bit. Just walk in” he tells you and opens the door leading to his manager.
“Will do. Have fun” you smile.
He makes a playful sour face and then enters the room, leaving you to get on with your ‘journey’.
[Outside, back of Arena]

“I can escort you, y/n” John, Shawn’s body guard, insisted.
“Oh, Im good John. Thanks though” you reply politely.
“Are you sure? The crowd is thick and loud” John says.
“Im sure. Thanks. Want anything from Starbucks?” You ask.
“You’re sweet but Im good, thank you” John answered.
You nod and then carry on to the VIP parking lot.

From a distance, their were hundreds and hundred of fans behind fences with police guarding it. They screamed and shouted your name and asked where Shawn was.
You wave and smile as you make your way to Shawn’s car parked inbetween two big white SUV’s.

You beep the car to an unlock and hop into the fancy new leather interior. It was such a expensive beautiful car.
[At Starbucks]
Driving to Starbucks was a bit interesting, some fans tried chasing the car but traffic was too heavy for them to continue.
Thank goodness because unfortunately you didnt have the time to talk to them tonight. You had to get your order and get back to Shawn at the arena.

“1 iced green tea, grande please and the same size for a iced passion tea, and a blueberry muffin please” you tell the order machine in drive thru.
The lady tells you your total and you pull up to pickup.

With your tray of drinks, you begin your way back to the huge arena.
You pull into the parking lot and park the car in the same spot Shawn originally had it.
You get out with the tray of drinks and place it on the top of the car before you grab the paper bag with the muffin within.

With the car locked, you walk through the parking lot with full hands.

The surge of loud screams from the fans echoes. And suddenly get louder with a humongous crash which has you jump and look back.
The huge metal fences, keeping the fans back had fallen.
A huge flood of girls were now charging at you.
“Oh shit” you mumble in disbelief.

You drop what’s in your hands, knowing it’s not worth your life, and run towards the entrance that would soon be closed off.
You hear officers radioing the guards and staff inside about the breech over the ear bleeding screams.

You run and run and run, but fall when the toe of your shoe caught the edge of a pothole on the lot and you fell with a twisted ankle.
“Y/N!!” John boomed and rushed towards you.

Some girls ran over you and fell on top of you from abruptly stopping from running so fast.
John managed to pull them off you and tried dragging you out of the mess. As he did so, you felt your hair being pulled and your limbs being tugged at.
Once in the arena, you were rushed to the on site clinic.
You sat up on the doctor’s table, your left leg up and exposed as the doctor wrapped a tensor bandage over your swollen ankle.
While the male doc did that, a nurse cleaned some cuts and scratches on your skin with cotton and peroxide.

“Where’s Y/N?!” You hear Shawn ask frantically as he entered the hall.

Shawn bursts through the door.
He has a small look of relief to see you not to broken but he was still upset you got hurt in general.
He comes up to the table and places his warm palm on the side of your face.
“Are you okay?” He asks sadly.
“I’ll live, Shawn” you assure, not taking this incident sourly.
“You’re not okay, y/n” he says.
“No really, Shawn. Im okay. It’s just a sprain and some cuts and bruises” you add.
“Its unacceptable. They shouldn’t have broken the barriers like that” He said.
“They were excited to see you. Its understandable” You tell him.
“Guards and police officers, even smaller fans were trampled! It’s not okay” he says and drops his hand, turning to the door and leaving.

[Via Facebook Livestream]
“Hey guys, it’s me” Shawn said softly into the lens of his macbook.
His face led everyone to see he would be speaking of a serious topic.
“Tonight’s show was amazing. Incredible, indescribable. But after the show was a different story” he said.
“Security guards of mine and of the town were trampled. Police officers and smaller fans were also trampled. And Y/N is injured too due to tonight’s silly actions” Shawn continued, “I will come out after the shows to greet you all but Im not always available right away. You need to be patient and calm. What happened tonight cant happen again. You guys are better than that. Its not safe”.
He then forces a small smile for positivity, “But I still love you with all my heart and cant wait to see you guys. Have a good night my army”.
He then blows a kiss to the laptop and ends the Livestream, now planning to tend to you.

BTS everyday problems
  • Jin: dont forget to brush your teeth taehyung namjoon didnt i tell u to not touch anything
  • Taehyung: but mom jungkook stole my toys
  • Jimin: what but he got me kookie are you breaking up with me
  • Jungkook: MOM jimin is sexually harrassing me again *screams loudly*
  • Jin: okay kids dont panic somebody go wake up yoongi jhope u do that namjoon sit in between jungkook and jimin in the car taehyung im coming to brush your teeth now
  • Jimin: kookie cant u see i love u please love me too were not even real family members so its not illegal
  • Hoseok: yoongi wake up my lil sunshine
  • Yoongi: *face of death*
  • Yoongi: im awake since hours
  • Taehyung: but jin i can do it myself
  • Jin: *brushes taes teeth* u cant do anything alone
  • Rapmon: mom Jimin isnt listening to me
  • Jungkook: dont touch me jimIN MOM say something
  • Yoongi: u all shut the fuck up now
  • Hoseok: aww thats my sunshine i missed u tonight
  • Yoongi: *glares and watches the situation*
  • Yoongi: where are my shoe-
  • Yoongi: *trips over mario plush*
  • Yoongi: MOOOOOM how often do i have to tell u PUT UR MARIO THE FUCK AWAY
  • Jin: yoongi dear dont use these ugly words go wash up here are so many germs okay namjoon jimin taehyung jungkook go sit down in the van
  • Jimin: *sits down next to jungkook*
  • Jungkook: u ok kid
  • Jungkook: *pulls out phone and starts listening to music*
  • Rapmon: mom i broke the seatbelt
  • Jimin: *kisses jungkooks neck*
  • Jungkook: mooom jimin wont stop
  • Jungkook: *glares at jimin*
  • Hoseok: *carries Yoongi to the van and sits down with him on his lap*
  • Yoongi: put me down THIS instant
  • Hoseok: but your foot is hurting
  • Hoseok: *turns to the others*
  • Hoseok: kookie stop sacrificing jimin to satan
  • Jungkook: oh yes, how can i sacrifice him to myself
  • Jimin: it only means u love me
  • Jin: now come tae everyone is waiting for u
  • Taehyung: but seokjin why do we have to go out
  • Jin: because we have a variety show today
  • Jin: *pushes tae next to drivers seat*
  • Jin: why do i have to deal with all of u
  • Jin: *closes door and looks at the van*
  • Jin: if im fast enough will i be able to run away now

(for @a-simple-note‘s mermaid au) 

okay but lets be real, ray cant swim for the life of him.

the closest thing to a body of water back in the new york was a swimming pool, fucker didnt even go in for a dive, too busy playing on his ds to see sweet sweet water ready for someone to go inside 

i mean come on, guy went to the beach in a hoodie and some khakis probably, complete with a backpack that obviously not filled to the brim with “fun beachtime toys!!” 

probably was like, “im just gonna dip my feet in the water huhuhu” as he proceeded to sit on the rocks, feet in the water and of course, his legendary ds propped up to his face. probably thought it was daring to even have to ds above water, quietly freaking out about how much trouble he’d get in if he dropped it

to be honest michael had already probably seen him once or twice on his escapades, squinting at him and wondering why the dumbass was even at the beach. he was like the daily attraction, or could have been one, if any other merms swam up to the coast to check on him. disgusted and confused as to why he was there, they probably had competitions to see if anyone could peel his face off the screen. 

until, yknow, gavin shows up, this idiot decides to jump him. he’s seen many humans before, knew that he shouldnt interact, but he just couldnt help himself. this guy probably didn’t even know he was there. the only thing ray could do was hold his ds high above water to hope that lives, while he on the other hand accepted and embraced death as he plunged into the water. gavin most likely freaked, tried to prop him out of the water as soon as he realized he couldnt swim. proceeded to ask why he was even here and ray couldnt answer, he was already freaking out because 1) holy fuck he could have died and 2) holy shit wait is this guy some type of mermaid what the fuck, is this a dream

edit: he says he wears those arm tubes for “ironic purposes” but we all know. they all know

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The thing is the ppl defending him are not naive, and this is what drives me mad. These are the same ppl writing long ass essays abt simon or taylor swifts teams. They know how it works. They know its him. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they just dont wanna admit the saint of a boy they defended so bravely through all these years is a snake. And dont even try to compare his team to louis' - the mess they do only hurts L - or z's, bc he didnt come @ anyone personally. 🐍

wowowowow ok honestly this is so tru and i hadnt really thought of it like this before

you’re so right that the most outspoken & defensive harries are usually larries or just generally the people who (think they) see through the media/pr facade but really imho they’ve been double-duped:

they think they see through the media’s portrayal of harry and therefore view him as this angel who’s humble, doesnt care about the fame, just wants to be viewed as a person etc etc but i think THAT in and of itself is a ruse that they’ve fallen for, if that makes sense? 

i dont deny that (earlier) media portrayals of harry were (and still are to some extent) very gross and clearly not reflective of who he is and im also not necessarily saying harry is like a bad person who’s intentionally deceiving everyone with his cherubic image… BUT that doesnt mean that harry’s this innocent dude who doesn’t play into the fame game at all, ya know? like people can’t see the fact that he is a celebrity looking out for himself, his image, his money, his success. and that’s tru of all celebs but i think what people like us are trying to vocalize is that the way he and his team have gone about that (particularly in the last year or so) is NOT cool because of how it treats his bandmates, because of how it’s now playing into the frontman harry image that has existed for years. 

like we can discourse™ all day about whether he helped cultivate the image of him as the standout member or whether that was a simon/media creation or whatever, whether he likes or dislikes that image, etc. but that doesn’t matter now because the bottom line is that harry and his team are knowingly, intentionally and purposefully LEVERAGING that existing Harry Styles™-fuck-the-other-members-of-1D image (regardless of how ‘true’ that image is) for harry’s INDIVIDUAL gain. that’s why media articles about anything solo harry shit on the rest of the boys. that’s why he went on a yacht with a kardashian to very publicly sign a contract by himself. that’s why his public channels (i.e. twitter, insta) are silent and cryptic and god forbid he say or post anything positive or ANYTHING AT ALL REALLY about his bandmates. whatever the evolution of the lone wolf, frontman harry styles image was, it is now being encouraged, courted and emphasized and if you think harry just has his hands tied behind his back with nothing to do with any of this well then… idk what to tell you because that’s obtuse

reasons why i hate my brother
  • he’s 9
  • he screams a lot
  • his screams are a tad short of being ultrasound
  • that means theyre really high pitched
  • he hates losing
  • every time a sounds comes out of my pc/phone/whatever he comes rushing to see
  • even tho i didnt call him
  • he wont do a chore
  • its really hard to get him to do anything
  • to be continued
Dmmd drabble
  • "Haaah N-Noiz don't" Aoba pleaded as he dug his nails into the pillow he was holding, his back arching into Noiz's chest as he felt him bite his hair, a feeling of pleasure coursing down his entire body heating him up from the inside
  • "Hmm?" Noiz raised an eyebrow as he saw his lover's response, he had told him tha the feeling in his hair had significantly dulled and that he didnt feel any pain anymore. But to think that the strongest sensation Aoba would feel through his hair was pleasure surpassed even Noiz's wildest dreams.
  • Wanting to know for sure he took a lock of hair biting just the tips to hear his lover cry out again.
  • Grinning, Noiz kept biting, seeing his lover moan and writhe from just that.
  • "N-Noiz not just that.."h. Aaaah Noiz.... no more. Nhaah" He felt Aoba tense up under him as he cried out in ecstasy.
  • "Aoba. . Did you just... come?"
  • Aoba buried his face into the pillow out of embarrassment.
  • Noiz just chuckled, kissing him on the cheek" Guess that gives me a lot more ideas for what we can do ..."
  • "Noiz you pervert"
'Stressed out' Part 3 Nate Maloley Au

“Yes Nate, you can unzip me” i turn around and give him access to my back.

His hands come up and grip my arms lightly. He starts massaging by my biceps and slowly moves to the base of my neck and i visibly relax under his hands.

“Your too tense lil mama, you really need to relax.” he whispers in my ear and his hot breath on my neck sends shivers down my spine as he kisses the spot behind my ear.

His hand stops massaging and i wine his name like a toddler. He chuckles and says “dont worry baby, this isn’t the end.” his smirk is evident on his face.

He starts to unzip my dress and i realize he hasn’t even rolled my joint yet. “Wernt you supposed to be rolling me something?” i ask him with a playful attitude.

“Ah yes! I am getting to that. Thats why it didnt take me so long to come back. You see everytime i roll when the squad is over you always stare at me and lick your lips. I dont even think you realize you do it but i thought i would give you a little treat and roll in front of you.” he has a big grin on his face and i realise he just getting a ego boost as i just stand here in my bra and thong looking at him stunned.

I watch him when he rolls, thats true. Its how I’ve become so good. Ive goten all my tips and tricks from watching him roll. But do i really lick my lips? At this point it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve wanted to fuck him since the day i met him in the club, but i would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

I turn around in front of him and instruct him to unclasp my bra and he does. I walk toward the tub with my back still towards him and shimmy out of my thong sexually before sinking down into the hot water. I sit back against the back of the tub and look at Nate and laugh because he looks like he just saw a ghost.

“Stop staring at me and roll my joint so you can get in with me.” i tell him as i lean back in the water till only my head is out.

Nate turns around and proceeds to roll. I don’t watch him as much as i normally would because the jets and the hot water have me hypnotized.

After a few minutes of daydreaming Nate is calling my name to get my attention. “Don’t fall asleep on me baby, sit up.” he says and taps my shoulder. I do as he says and he pulls the towel from around his waist and slips in the tub behind me. I stay facing forward hiding the blush on my checks.

Nate pulls me back into his chest and i lay my head back on his shoulder and look up at him. He really is beautiful.

He places the joint in my mouth and holds up a lighter. “Inhale.” he instructs as he puts the flame to it.

I take my first hit too big and i cough, Nate patting my back to sooth me. I catch my breath and take another hit. Having more control over this one i do a French inhale and pass it to Nate. “That was hot lil mama but mine is better.” he says and does a French inhale. I watch him closely as he does a few more smoke tricks and passes it back to me.

We continue like this for a few more minutes trying to see who can do better tricks and of course Nate wins because he has lungs of steal. His arms are wrapped tightly around my waist and i am leaning back in his chest. We are both laughing at a stupid joke that i said.

Nate sets the joint in the ashtray putting it out as he does. “I think you’ve had enough of that. Your jokes are horrible.” he says laughing at me.

“So y/n tell me what possessed you to seduce me tonight.?” he asked me, bringing his hands up to my neck massaging like he was before. His hands distract me and i forget he even asked me a question.

“Are you going to answer my question?” he brings his hands down and places them flat on my stomach dragging them to my sides and squeezing gently. The feeling goes straight to my core and i squeeze my thighs together.

“I think its more like you are seducing me Maloley.”

“Maybe i am but you started it may i say.”

He continues messaging my sides and theigs, placing small kisses on my shoulder as he does. Distracting me once again i remember his question from earlier. Gaining some confidence i answer it.

“Im tired of sleeping with guys who don’t even care if i finish or not. I remember you once told me if i needed someone who could satisfy me to call you and well i did.” i tell him

Nate grabs my knees and spreads my legs. He pulls his legs up so i cant move mine. He kisses the spot behind my ear and says. “Let me show you how a real man can make you feel.”

The hot water hits my core and i shiver from the intense feeling. Nates hand come up to cup my breast and he rolls my nipples between his fingers. My head falls back against his chest i moan loudly. Finally getting some sort of relief.

He continues his assault on my nipples with one hand and brings the other slowly down my body to my center. He circles me with his finger. Ignoring the spot i need him to pay attention to the most.

When his rough fingers come in contact with my clit and rub harshly it doesn’t take Nate long to have me shaking under his touch.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” Nate breaths in my ear not once stoping the pleasure on my clit. “Yes Nate!” i moan loudly and just as im about to cum his hand is removed and my orgasm is ruined.

Cliff hanger😏
Part 4 up next. Sorry its so long lol

part 4 http://maloleyxkush.tumblr.com/post/140731936895/stressed-out-part-4-nate-maloley-au