he didnt even help him clean up

dougie poynter is so underappreciated?? he hit the lowest bar one can (thought about ending his life and actually took the first step) but he decided he needed help, so he talked to his best friends, signed up to rehab, came out clean as one can, toured south america, went back home, moved in with his friend and his friend’s fianceé bc he even tho he was better, he didnt trust himself enough to go home just yet. he got rid of toxic people around him, that were in for buz and party, started to read a lot, moved to a new place - starting a new chapter in his life, leaving all that behind, still writes music, is always improving as musician, is taking a step to help protect the enviroment, goes on Tudor tours with his family, has been clean for almost 5 years and can still crack some terrible jokes about boobs and reptiles just like when he was 16.
it gets better and you dont have to lose yourself.